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Geography Masters Research Papers

Submissions from 2023 2023.

Comparison of GIS Methods for Estimating the Social Vulnerability in Response to Natural Hazards in the West Part of the City of Tualatin , Alex Troy

Submissions from 2021 2021

A Community of Fear: Emotion and the Hydro-Social Cycle in East Porterville , Michael Egge

Submissions from 2019 2019

Homelessness in Portland, Oregon: An Analysis of Homeless Campsite Spatial Patterns and Spatial Relationships , Krystle N. Harrell

Defining Boundaries: How a City and County Addressed Legalized Recreational Marijuana , Tera Kathleen Hinkley-Bressi

Submissions from 2017 2017

Environmental Justice and GIS: A Comparison of Three GIS Methods for Estimating Vulnerable Population Exposed to Brownfield Pollution in Portland, Oregon , Kyle Goodman

Shifting Wetland Policy and Perception in the Columbia Slough , Ryan Pemberton

Stream Sedimentation Patterns in an Urban Beaver System: Fanno Creek, Oregon , Alexandra Joan Santora

Submissions from 2014 2014

Stream Temperature Management in the Tualatin Watershed: Is it Improving Salmonid Habitat? , Raymond Banks Hennings

Industrial Decline in an Industrial Sanctuary Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District, 1981-2014 , Allison Jones

Rivers of Steel: The Economic Development of Seattle During the Rail Age, 1870-1920 , Neil T. Loehlein

The Risks of the Rose City: Assessing the Social Vulnerability of Communities to Multiple Environmental Hazards in the Portland Metropolitan Area , Daniel R. Logan

The Cost of Hauling Timber: A Comparison of Raster- and Vector- Based Travel-Time Estimates in GIS , Sara M. Loreno

The Cully Park Inter-Tribal Gathering Garden: Place-making Through Indigenous Eco-cultural Reclamation , Randall Morris

Property Tax Rates as an Indicator of Neighborhood Change: An Examination of an Unanticipated Effect of Measure 50 in the City of Portland , Sonia N. Singh

Submissions from 2013 2013

Analyzing the Foodshed: Toward a More Comprehensive Foodshed Analysis , Meara Butler

Top-Down Nationalism in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan , Annie M. Scriven

Submissions from 2012 2012

Myths and Measures: The Cultural Performance of Portland’s Strip Club Identity , Wayne Coffey

Making Lives, Changing a Landscape: An Environmental History of the Tualatin Valley, Washington County, Oregon , Camille A. Cope

Submissions from 2010 2010

Influence of Wetland Landscape Structure on Duck Nest Success at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon , Daniel Robert Craver

Submissions from 2008 2008

Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) Ecology with an Exercise in Remote Sensing Techniques , Elizabeth A. Goralski

Comparing Pixel- and Object-Based Classification Methods for Determining Land-Cover in the Gee Creek Watershed, Washington , Tyler Vick

"Sustainable Development": Critical Concepts in Geography , Tyler Vick

Submissions from 2007 2007

A Geographical Perspective on the Territorial Conflict in the East China Sea: The Implications for International Political Relations between China and Japan , Joel Stewart

An Investigation into Japan's Population: The Current State of Decline , Joel Stewart

Submissions from 2005 2005

Highway Interchanges, Transportation and Land Use: An Exploration of Changes in Transportation Volumes and Land Use Factors within Interchange Catchments , Matthew Hampton

Methods for Correcting Topographically Induced Radiometric Distortion on Landsat Thematic Mapper Images for Land Cover Classification , David Michael Rosen

Submissions from 2002 2002

Feng Shui and Chinese Rituals of Death across the Oregon Landscape , Andrew Ryall Briggs

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