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  1. History & Economics Personal Statement Example 1

    History & Economics Personal Statement Example 1. Is one of the useful lessons of the Great Depression that the European periphery cannot restore its competitiveness whilst fixed to an overvalued currency without inducing a debt deflation trap? A study of economics and history can help illuminate such contemporary challenges.

  2. Economics personal statement examples

    On this page is a collection of economics personal statements, all written by real students. ... Economics degrees can also be combined with other subjects, such as history, politics, or philosophy. Economics graduates might go into careers in various sectors; such as banking, consulting, education, or public policy. ...

  3. 7 Economics Personal Statement Examples

    Examples. Firstly, here is a list of ten economics personal statement examples available online. Also below, there is analysis of what makes a great economics personal statement. + Good evidence of independent study. + Great supercurricular activities discussed.

  4. Personal Statement

    Personal Statement:History and Economics. I have a particular passion for history, and enjoy uncovering and analysing the past, whilst bringing the events to life in my imagination. It amazes me how much we can learn from it. I would like to study history in greater depth and insight, and further develop upon my reasoning, critical, and ...

  5. PDF Personal Statement Sample #1

    Personal Statement When I arrived at Princeton, my understanding of "history" was circumscribed and ... found myself struggling with critical economic d ebates and phenomena, as well as the ways they interacted with political and social movements. While I don't find traditional economic history very engaging, I do wish that I were better ...

  6. Economics Personal Statement Examples

    Economics Personal Statement Advice. The best business economics personal statement examples describe a student's interests, goals, strengths and motivations. It gives the uni a picture of who you are and why you will be successful with them. Beyond undergraduate study, a postgraduate economics personal statement is still essential and covers ...

  7. Economics Masters Personal Statement Sample

    Economics Masters Personal Statement Sample. Written by Hannah Slack. This is an example personal statement for a Masters degree application in Economics. See our guide for advice on writing your own postgraduate personal statement. The notion of financial risk has always fascinated me.

  8. Personal Statement

    History with Economics Personal Statement 1. Answering the question 'why?' has long been of interest to me. Why were Francis I and Henry VIII rivals? Why do interest rates effect the economy? Why did Keynes reject accepted 'Classical' macro-economic theory? It is the answers to these types of questions that have long fuelled my fascination with ...

  9. How to Write an Economics Personal Statement

    After a first draft, it is important for you to get someone to review your Economics personal statement. This can help give you an objective perspective on what others think. Show it to your careers advisor at school, your Economics teacher, your Economics classmates, maybe even parents/siblings that have gone through a similar process.

  10. How to Write your Economics Personal Statement

    Suppose now you have your list of supercurricular activities. You can use these to form the main body of your personal statement. For these activities, as above, group them into particular paragraphs. This grouping could be based on the topic of the supercurricular activities. You could aim for 2-4 activities per paragraph.

  11. Sample Economics Personal Statement (admitted to Oxford, Cambridge, LSE

    The following personal statement is written by an applicant who got accepted to top graduate programs in economics. Variations of this personal statement got accepted at Oxford, Cambridge, and LSE. Read this essay to get inspiration and understand what a top economics school PS should look like. You might also be interested in reading this ...

  12. Undergraduate Personal Statement Example: Economics

    Personal Statement Example: Conclusion. "My commitment to degree-level economics is reflected in my decision to study A-level Law during my gap year. This has developed my essay writing, analytical and critical thinking skills and taught me to apply logic and reasoning to reach decisions.

  13. History Personal Statement

    History Personal Statement example. My enthusiasm for economic history has developed mainly out my present degree course. As part of my Economics and Law degree at Leicester I have been working on a module in international finance, which has included a close examination of the empirical evidence used to support or refute various economic and financial theories.

  14. Successful Personal Statement For History At Oxford

    This Personal Statement for History is a great example of a strong, well-written Statement. The candidate's interest and achievements are clearly shown which is vital to Admissions Tutors. Remember, at Oxford, these Admissions Tutors are often the people who will be teaching you for the next few years, so you need to appeal directly to them.

  15. PDF Advising the Advisers 2018

    Economic History with Economics. Enthusiasm and motivation for the study of the subject Less convincing examples: "I have a strong interest in history, politics and ... 1 = Personal Statement B -Philosophy and Economics 2 = Personal Statement C -International Relations 3 = Personal Statement A -Law. Personal Statement B -Philosophy ...

  16. Successful Personal Statement For Economics At Cambridge

    Successful Personal Statement For Economics At Cambridge. Read through a successful Economics Personal Statement for Cambridge with a full analysis by Oxbridge Tutors. Find out why the Personal Statement helped the candidate to receive a Cambridge offer.

  17. Personal statement

    Personal statements are looked at on a comparative basis and there is a great deal of competition for places at LSE. ... a personal statement which shows an interest mostly in modern international history (the focus of LSE's International History course) is likely to be more competitive than one which shows a significant interest in ancient ...

  18. Successful Personal Statement For Economics & Management At Oxford

    Today, we are looking through an Economics and Managment applicant's Personal Statement that helped secure a place at Oxford University.The Economics and Management Course at Oxford examines issues central to the world we live in: namely how the economy and organisations function, and how resources are allocated and coordinated to achieve the organisation's objectives.

  19. Lucas (1972) a personal view from the wrong side of the subsequent

    Acknowledgement. This paper originated in notes prepared for a round table on "Monetary non-neutrality and stabilization policies 50 years after Lucas' 'expectations' paper" held on October 8 th, 2021, at the Sofia Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought.See Blanchard et al (Citation 2022).An earlier version appeared as University of Western Ontario ...

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