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Unsolicited - verified purchase.

OxbridgeEssays has a rating of 4.25 stars from 24 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. OxbridgeEssays ranks 485th among Essay Writing sites.

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OxbridgeEssays product 0

“Essay writing”

I used the writing services from this company for my master's studies and I must say that I am very pleased with the results. The team was very helpful and knowledgeable about the topic and provided me with the necessary guidance to ensure that my essay was of the highest quality. They also delivered my project on time, which was a great help. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for help with their studies at the university level.

“Not good service”

The final draft of my PhD thesis was still full of spelling mistakes, they have missed up with my original data and I have to redo and adjust most of them again. Costumer service was unreliable.

Reviews (24)

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  • Follow Imran A.

The company doing well by helping each student include me when we fall low in any area of my study they will help me get back on track. Thanks for being there for me great college.

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From the business

Oxbridge Essays are the largest and most trusted provider of 1st class and 2:1 essays and dissertations in the UK. Get in touch for great academic support.

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  • London, LND
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Company Representative

Thumbnail of user henryt43

Recently, I embarked on a journey to Albion to delve into the workings of a highly talked-about UK writing service. Curious about what I discovered? Dive into this latest review to uncover the details!

Deep Dive into Oxbridge Essays Service

Long on my radar, Oxbridge Essays had always piqued my curiosity. Distracted previously, I finally carved out time, brewed a comforting cup of tea, and sat down to explore this notable UK writing entity. It was time to address our readers' burning questions: "Is Oxbridge Essays a scam?" or "Is it legitimate?" Today, I'm here to connect the dots. So, let’s find out in our oxbridgeessays.com review.

Personal Experience with Oxbridge Essays

My venture into Oxbridge Essays started with lofty expectations, given their UK fame. However, the order placement was a hurdle. Navigating their complex system was tedious, demanding in-depth information and multiple steps. After placing my order, I was hopeful and doubtful, particularly considering the hefty price tag.

Receiving the final essay stirred mixed feelings. The writing quality was exceptional, showcasing thorough research and a polished depiction of marketing strategies. Yet, the cost left a noticeable dent. It led me to ponder whether the paid premium reflected the service quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Fast support team
  • Solid writing quality
  • Torturous order form
  • Overpriced services
  • Academic papers only

Types of Services

Unlike other writing companies, OxbridgeEssays is all about academic writing, and they can do more than just take over your essay or thesis. They also handle:

  • Dissertation writing
  • Coursework writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Model exam answers
  • Additional service

Evaluating the Writing Quality

Frankly, the writing standard at OxbridgEessays impressed me. The essay on marketing strategies was well-researched, with each campaign succinctly analyzed, including costs, ROI, and unique aspects. The depth of research was commendable. But was it worth nearly $250? My opinion leans towards no. I prefer writing it myself or finding a more economical alternative if time allows.

Prices and Fees

The pricing is astronomical and completely unclear. I have no idea how the rates are calculated, but the undergraduate essay I got cost 180 GBP or roughly $232. And that’s for 1,000 words on a 14-day deadline. When I tried setting the deadline at 60 or 90 days, the price went down, but that’s completely unrealistic.

With rates that high, I expected outstanding writing. But what did I get?

OxbridgeEssays does not currently offer a permanent oxbridgeessays.com discount code. But sometimes this service gives OxbridgEessays promo code of up to 20% to its customers.

Ordering Process

I hated this part the most as it’s too long and messy. It’s like going through nine circles of hell because that’s the number of steps the order form has. Let’s recap what’s waiting for you once you press the “Order” button on the main page:

  • Choose the writing service you need.
  • Select your academic level.
  • Pick a subject.
  • Identify the paper type.
  • Set the word count and desired grade.
  • Pick the deadline.
  • Specify the title of the project
  • Choose extras.
  • Provide contact info to create an account.

And that’s just the beginning!

Online reputation

OxbridgeEssays reviews show the company has not a good reputation. If you google “oxbridge essays reviews” “oxbridge essays reddit” you’ll see many people complaining about their essay services and these reviews do seem real.

Furthermore, several customers have raised concerns over the pricing structure, deeming it not commensurate with the service quality. This has led to a growing sentiment of mistrust towards the company within the academic community.

oxbridgeessays.com review

Assessing Oxbridge Essays' Reliability

This OxbridgEessays review presents a problem in terms of reliability. The academic paper I received was high quality, showcasing their writing team's expertise. Yet, the exorbitant cost and complex ordering process cast doubt on their overall service quality.

Digging into their online reputation compounded my skepticism. Numerous negative OxbridgeEssays reviews and confusion about their location called their transparency into question. This ambiguity in their digital and physical presence made me hesitant to endorse their services wholeheartedly.

OxbridgeEssays upholds a strict refund policy. As detailed in their Oxbridge Essays customer portal, refunds are generally not available. Exceptions are limited to extreme situations like failing to secure a writer within a 72-hour timeframe or not delivering the requested essay or dissertation. It's important to note that even in these rare cases, the decision to issue a refund lies solely with The Oxbridge Research Group Ltd.

Concluding Thoughts on Oxbridge Essays

In conclusion, my experience with the Oxbridge Essay platform blended highs and lows. While the writing quality was commendable, they faltered in user experience, price clarity, and definitive online reputation. The steep cost and convoluted ordering process are significant setbacks. For those seeking exceptional writing and not minding the expense, Oxbridge Essays might fit the bill. However, exploring other options could be more beneficial for most seeking value and simplicity.

Why is ScamFighter a trusted source of information?

ScamFighter is a safe repository of facts. Formulated by a team of intellectuals and former ghostwriters who have a comprehensive grasp of the industry, ScamFighter is marked with an insider's point of view on academic writing services. Our writing services reviews are detailed and based on an exhaustive list of pre-determined criteria, enabling us to objectively evaluate service quality, reliability, and value. The skill and expertise of our team allow us to spot and highlight hidden details and subtleties that might be overlooked by an untrained eye, thus making our reviews thoughtful and informative. More than that, ScamFighter is guided by fairness and affordability so you can trust us!

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oxbridgeessays reviews


oxbridgeessays review

Short overview

I know that most of my readers are curious as to why I choose some firms over others. This OxbridgeEssays review is the fruit of multiple requests I’ve been getting from students for over two years. For a long time, I ignored them because this firm was popular enough, and I was certain that there were already reviews about it online. To my surprise, everything turned out to be more complicated. OxbridgeEssays started functioning in 2006. According to its own statistics, over this time, it created 320 million academic works — this is truly impressive, and it speaks of significant experience and quality. But despite all these spectacular achievements, there are few actual reviews about this service. Even more surprisingly, a lot of them are negative. I dug deeper and found high prices, unreliable policies, and quality that keeps shifting depending on the writer. If you have ever felt curious about OxbridgeEssays, now is your time to find out everything about it!

  • Experienced writing service
  • Support available 24/7
  • Detailed service use policies
  • Nice-looking website
  • Concerning OxbridgeEssays reviews
  • Rates for essays are impossibly high
  • No refunds and few revisions
  • Unreliable quality and delivery time

GrabMyEssay reviews

  • VIP Support
  • From $14.99 per page

TopEssayWriting reviews

  • PhD Writers on staff: 80%
  • From $12.99 per page

WritingUniverse reviews

  • From $10.99 per page

Website And Its Interface

When I first looked at the website for my OxbridgeEssays review, I felt pleased. It is a well-made platform with a good, unique design and informative content. The workplace of a student and a writer looks organized and highly individual. The color combination is fitting and diverse — any person who’s passing through is going to linger for the simple reason that OxbridgeEssays stands out. Students could start a live chat, switch to an app, and see what services are on offer as well as what guarantees this agency provides.

There are some OxbridgeEssays reviews from the press posted on the site. This is interesting, but unfortunately, not everything is perfect. I saw some content mistakes that made me wonder whether native speakers wrote the text for the main page and for this website in general. Look at this line: “The work you need, when you need it.” It sounds awkward and grammatically incomplete. It could have functioned as a marketing line, but managers used it to explain how clients should place their orders. There are other similar issues. OxbridgeEssays could benefit from some editing.

oxbridgeessays website

Writing Services And Free Samples: What Are Your Options?

Most Oxbridge Essays reviews mentioned getting different services from this company, and I can verify that it’s true.  The list of options is diverse here. Students could order essay writing, editing, proofreading, grading, or even consultation service. This could come in handy when you write your paper but worry about how your professor is going to assess it. These guys could help settle your doubts. There is a serious drawback in their system, though. Orders start from an undergraduate level. If you need high school or a similar level, you won’t find help. You’ll have to overpay to a huge extent.

Another nuance that disappointed me was the lack of samples. As you can tell from the other essay writing service reviews on this site, this is a vital element that helps students find benefits even if they don’t end up paying for an individual essay. OxbridgeEssays offers no samples, even though it has existed for over 15 years. In contrast, much younger agencies develop databases with over 100K free essays on different topics. It’s a shame that OxbridgeEssays doesn’t care.

Policies Regulating Client Experience

The next step in my review was establishing the following: is OxbridgeEssays good at ensuring a safe and pleasing experience for its customers? The answer to this question turned out to be a big no. While their privacy policy is extensive and honest, which is commendable, it has multiple worrying elements. It admits it’ll share your info with third parties for different reasons, such as if it sells itself to someone else, if it has contracts with someone, or for marketing goals. The policy itself provides a list of these third parties, and it’s extensive. It features names like Amazon, so you can imagine how these giants might use your info. It’s not safe.

Another aspect that amazed me was that some OxbridgeEssays reviews were right: there are no refunds in this company. It is outrageous, and I’ve almost never seen such a thing. Even if the quality is abysmal or the paper is late, you won’t receive any compensation. The most this company offers is giving you a 5% discount for every 24 hours of lateness. This is ridiculous. Also, it’s going to keep looking for a writer to take your task for 72 hours before admitting defeat — this is a lot, and it might result in you being late. I hated these policies.

Online Conversations With Operators

Speaking with operators is another crucial aspect of my detailed OxbridgeEssays review. It is easy to use chat feature: at first, you get a robot, but a real person gets involved as soon as you write something. Mostly, I found these guys sweet and helpful. They weren’t always fluent, though, and I had reasons to believe that they might not be native speakers, either. It’s a problem for cases where a student has a question, and their operator keeps misunderstanding it.

oxbridgeessays customer support

Essay Quality: Was It Worth My Money?

Plenty of reviews of OxbridgeEssays voiced their dissatisfaction with these writing services. They mentioned typos, mistakes in content, and failure of a writer to follow instructions properly. I placed an essay for English Literature, asking for 1200 words to be written in 14 days. This is about 4 pages, so my writer had enough time for everything. I paid £310, which is wild — more on it later. My order was accepted, and I began to wait.

To my annoyance, my paper was late. The delay was 18 hours, meaning that I didn’t even get any compensation for it. No best college admission essay writing service should be late like this. I downloaded my essay and started reading it. I felt torn: on the one hand, it had pretty good ideas and sources. My writer was an expert in the subject. But they didn’t understand academic rules, and their grammar was terrible. 272 language problems are way too many, and most of them are serious. The thesis was missing, and the structure of the paragraphs was incorrect. I doubt my paper would get a normal grade.

oxbridgeessays essay quality

Secrets Of Placing An Order And Associated Problems

I didn’t find complaints about order placement in reviews of OxbridgeEssays, but I should have. It has serious issues. These are the steps you’d have to cover:

  • Press “start your project now” . It is a red button that’ll take you to the menu. Choose what type of service you need in it, such as writing, tutoring, editing, etc. Settle on an academic level. Remember that it starts with the undergraduate stage — this is the first issue. Most services cater to more students’ needs. Pick your subject and keep scrolling down.
  • Add more instructions . Point out your subject. Choose the essay type, then a number of words. And then comes my biggest problem. Students should decide what grade they want to receive for this essay. The default is 65-69%, meaning D. If you want a B, you’ll have to pay an insane amount of money. No other agencies toy with quality like this. This is unacceptable.
  • Choose a deadline . Note that you can’t pick weekends. This is another issue I hated. What if I want to read my paper and memorize it in advance?
  • Upload files and pick extra features . Paste instructions or upload relevant files. Then decide if you want additional features like direct contact with a writer, a plagiarism report, or extensive revisions. They all will cost you an entire fortune.
  • Give contact details and pay for essays . Share some personal info and make a payment.
  • Download your essay . It should wait in your inbox. Overall, placing orders at OxbridgeEssays is a lengthy and very expensive process.

oxbridgeessays order

The Part Of OxbridgeEssays.com Review You’re Interested In Most: Prices

OxbridgeEssays is an extremely expensive writing company. It rips its clients off, and no reputation can justify it. Look at this table. These are prices for an undergraduate-level 1-page essay with a C grade. If you want a higher mark, you’ll have to pay way more.

First-time clients receive discounts of up to 15%. This is a generous offer that will make the price lower, but not by much. It won’t change the abysmally high rates. For comparison, any best college essay editing service usually charges around $7 for a page of editing. What OxbridgeEssays asks for isn’t worth it.

oxbridgeessays prices

Speaking With My Writer

By paying a fortune, you might speak with your writer via Zoom before they start their work, after they finish it, or whenever. You could also order a development plan to see how this expert wrote your project. Again, all of this costs crazy amounts of money. I wanted to communicate with my expert at least once. They tried to sound professional, but they made more mistakes in speaking than I expected. They were nice and considerate, I had no other issues with them, but paying for talking is not acceptable. It must be free as I’m already paying for the service.

oxbridgeessays writers

Ordering Revisions In Case Of Bad Quality

In my review of OxbridgeEssays.com, I hoped for an effective revision that could take care of errors. The site promises 10 free days for this, but getting a writer to revise is impossible. They kept arguing, and then managers joined in and began to argue, too. Giving up was easier.

Good Tools For Your Writing

Tools play an important role in writing. As you might know from my dissertation writing services reviews online, they include stuff like a conclusion generator, plagiarism checker, and others. This agency doesn’t offer anything except for blog articles. They are interesting, but there are no tools or samples. It looks like OxbridgeEssays is too greedy to show care for students besides their wallets.

Studying OxbridgeEssays Reviews For More Insights

There aren’t many reviews about OxbridgeEssays. I still found some, and they astonished me. They weren’t positive for the most part.

oxbridgeessays sitejabber

People are upset with the level of service and no refund policy, and rightfully so.

No Oxbridge Essays reviews found.

No real reviews as well. I was surprised as such an old service should have more feedback.

Social Media

There is an active Facebook account and abandoned Twitter one. Regretfully, they don’t have interactions with clients.

Is OxbridgeEssays legit?

This company is real, and it has a lengthy experience in the sphere of academic writing. It follows the rules stated in its policies.

Is OxbridgeEssays safe?

No, this company is not entirely safe. It explains how it uses your data in detail, but this info isn’t reassuring. Numerous third parties could access your personal info, including giants like Amazon.

Is OxbridgeEssays reliable?

Unfortunately, this is not the most reliable agency. It might be late with your orders, and the quality it ensures doesn’t always reach a sufficient level.

Is OxbridgeEssays scam?

No, this writing agency is real and functional. If you pay for it, it’ll either deliver your paper or give you your money back.

Additional Features

Payment methods.

all good, but to expensive for a rather mediocre quality

David Sheldon

The language was too technical and complex. Can you make it less academical or less rigid? Thanks

If you want affordable quality service then you're at the wrong place.

If your writing makes sense you will get more people on your services…You guys need to improve tbh

Hire them at your own risk

Bartosz Bowman

they are liars and thieves. they didn’t offer anything that they promised… using them is one of my worst decisions.

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oxbridgeessays.com review

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oxbridgeessays.com review

OxbridgeEssays Review

Top essay writing services.

OxbridgeEssays is one of the leading online essay writing services that provide students with a range of academic services, such as custom essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, and more. The company has been around for over a decade and has earned a solid reputation for providing high-quality work at attractive prices. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at OxbridgeEssays, what it offers, and how it compares to other essay writing services.

Table of Contents

Introduction to OxbridgeEssays

OxbridgeEssays is a UK-based company that has been providing quality academic writing services since 2008. The company has a team of experienced writers who are experts in their fields and can provide students with a range of services, including custom essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, and more. They also offer editing and proofreading services to help students refine their work.

OxbridgeEssays is a trusted name in academic writing services, with a long track record of delivering quality work on time. The company has an impressive customer satisfaction rate and has been featured in a number of publications, including The Guardian and BBC News.

How good is OxbridgeEssays.com?

OxbridgeEssays is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The company’s writers are experienced professionals who have been carefully vetted and trained to ensure that they provide the highest quality work. The writers are all native English speakers and have advanced degrees in their fields. The company also has an extensive quality assurance process in place to ensure that all work is up to the highest standards.

The company also has a rigorous plagiarism check process in place to ensure that all work is original and free from plagiarism. All work is checked with advanced plagiarism detection software and is guaranteed to be 100% original.

OxbridgeEssays also has a strict privacy policy in place to protect customers’ personal information. The company never shares customer information with third parties and ensures that all personal information is kept secure.

Where is OxbridgeEssays located?

OxbridgeEssays is a UK-based company with offices in London, Manchester, and Cambridge. It boasts a global presence with writers from over 100 countries, which enables the company to cater to students worldwide.

Types of services

OxbridgeEssays offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of students at all levels. The company offers custom essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, and more. They also offer editing and proofreading services to help students refine their work.

The company also provides a range of additional services, such as formatting, referencing, and plagiarism checking. They also offer help with academic research, data analysis, and research design.

How does OxbridgeEssays work?

OxbridgeEssays is a straightforward and easy-to-use service. All you need to do is place an order on the website and provide details about your assignment. You can also specify any additional requirements and the deadline for your order. Once the details have been entered, the order will be assigned to a writer who will work on it until it is completed.

The company offers a range of payment options, including major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. All payments are secure and encrypted.

How much does OxbridgeEssays cost?

The cost of an order depends on the type of assignment, the number of pages, the deadline, and any additional requirements. The company offers competitive rates and discounts for repeat customers.

The company also offers a range of additional services, such as formatting, referencing, and plagiarism checking. These services are charged separately.

OxbridgeEssays provides several guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction. The company guarantees that all work is 100% original and free from plagiarism. Additionally, they ensure that all work will be delivered on time and meet all the specified requirements in the order.

In case of any dissatisfaction, the company offers a money-back guarantee to its customers.

Is OxbridgeEssays real?

OxbridgeEssays is a legitimate company that has been operating since 2008. Over the years, it has built a solid reputation for offering quality work at competitive prices. The company boasts a stringent quality assurance process that guarantees all work meets the highest standards.

Is OxbridgeEssays legit or a scam?

OxbridgeEssays is a reputable company and not a scam. It has been operating for over a decade and has gained a strong reputation for delivering quality work at reasonable prices. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers various guarantees to ensure that customers are pleased with their work.

Is OxbridgeEssays safe?

Proofread and optimize text in third person for Google:

Yes, OxbridgeEssays is a safe and secure service. The company has a strict privacy policy in place to protect customers’ personal information. The company also has a secure payment system in place to ensure that all payments are encrypted and secure.

Customer Support

OxbridgeEssays offers outstanding customer service. The company has a team of dedicated customer support agents available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns that customers may have. The customer service team is friendly, helpful, and capable of assisting with any issues that arise.

How do I contact OxbridgeEssays.com?

OxbridgeEssays can be reached via phone, email, or live chat. Additionally, the company has an online contact form where customers can leave a message, and the customer service team will respond as soon as possible.

Can I get a refund on OxbridgeEssays.com?

OxbridgeEssays provides a money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction with the work. Moreover, the company offers free revisions to ensure customer happiness with the work.

Pros and Cons

OxbridgeEssays.com is a reputable online essay writing service that has been assisting students for over 20 years. With its various services, it can be challenging to determine if it’s the right fit for your needs. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using OxbridgeEssays.com to help you make an informed decision. We will examine the quality of their work, customer service, pricing structure, and more. By the end of our analysis, you should have all the information required to decide if OxbridgeEssays.com is suitable for your needs.

OxbridgeEssays Pros

  • Experienced writers.
  • High-quality work.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Secure payment system.
  • Strict privacy policy.
  • Money-back guarantee.

OxbridgeEssays Cons

  • Limited types of services.
  • Limited range of payment options.

OxbridgeEssays is a reliable and reputable online essay writing service. The company has been around for over a decade and has earned a solid reputation for providing quality work at attractive prices. The company also has a range of guarantees in place to ensure customer satisfaction, such as a money-back guarantee and free revisions. If you are looking for a reliable and professional essay writing service, then OxbridgeEssays is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is oxbridgeessays.com trustworthy, is oxbridgeessays.com reliable, how do i start a oxbridgeessays.com account, how to use oxbridgeessays.com, how long does oxbridgeessays.com take, 3 thoughts on “ oxbridgeessays review ”.

???? HIGH PRAISE ALERT ????It’s always a joy to work with OxbridgeEssays!!????

Thank you OxbridgeEssays for doing all my academic needs.

I can’t thank OxbridgeEssays enough for their top-notch service! Their expert writers helped me achieve my academic goals with ease. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality assistance.

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oxbridgeessays.com review

Looking for an online writing service? If yes, then EssayTigers.com […]

oxbridgeessays.com review

If you are looking for a reliable writing service that […]

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UK Top Writers

Review: Oxbridge Essays

You can't even be sure you're not getting a reused essay when you order from them., company trust, customer service.

We can’t really recommend Oxbridge Essays if you’re looking for an academic writing service . For all their talk of quality, it seems that their essays just aren’t up to scratch. You can’t even be sure you’re not getting a reused essay when you order from them. We recommend you look elsewhere for a writer.

Top Essay Services in UK

Oxbridgeessays.com review.


Oxbridge Essays claim to be the largest leading provider of academic writing services in the UK. They even claim to have been featured in several leading British newspapers for the quality of the services they provide. Are they really as good as they say they are, or do they just talk a big game?

OxbridgeEssays say that they only hire writers with the highest quality degrees. At time of writing they have just under 75 writers, with 20 from the UK. 31 have Masters degrees and 9 have PhDs. This sounds like quite a lot of writers on offer, but think about when it’s the end of term and everybody is rushing to get their assignments in. With only 75 writers on offer, they’re soon sure to feature long waiting times for essays. Rating: 4/5

One of the best ways to know whether you can trust a company is to see if they’re a registered company, Oxbridge Essays certainly are, and they publish their registered number and physical address on their website. However, you also want to know if they can protect your privacy, and they make no guarantees on this that we can see. Rating: 5/5

Oxbridgessays.com promise that you will get an 100% original essay when you order from them, and that you’ll never receive a re-sale of another essay. However, it’s been found upon investigation that low-quality have been occurring with an alarming degree of regularity. Not what you want to see from a company that’s offering the best quality essays around. Rating: 4/5

oxbridgeessays.com price

Depending on what you need and when you need it, prices will vary. In our tests, we priced up a 2:1 standard essay at 1000 word or 2 pages long, to be delivered within ten days. The price came out at £155. You can also buy a development plan for £120, or a similarity scan for £25. There are no discounts on offer. The price for the essay seems somewhat reasonable, but the charging for additional services seems extreme, as some of them could easily be found online for much less, or even for free. Rating: 3/5

You can get in touch with Oxbridge Essays no matter where you are in the ordering process. They have an online form, email address and the option to go to their offices, but no live chat, which is unusual. We tried to find their revision and refunds policy, but it wasn’t readily available. This is a concern, as you want to know that there’s a backup if you’re not happy with what you receive from them. Rating: 3/5

We can’t really recommend Oxbridge Essays if you’re looking for an academic writing service . For all their talk of quality, it seems that their essays just aren’t up to scratch. You can’t even be sure you’re not getting the best essay when you order from them. We recommend you look elsewhere for a writer.

Overall rating: 19/25

7 thoughts on “ review: oxbridge essays ”.

Horrible money grabbing and obnoxious. I regret using their services. Essay came back with a 40% mark. I wish I had read the reviews before I booked them STEER CLEAR of these hoaxers.

Finally a found a place to review the company. A terrible review of their services to follow. I repeatedly ordered a specific standard and each time the work came back lower than before, and they didn’t seem to care less. So they are not offering what they say they will provide, I wouldn’t say the services are terrible but they are most certainly not Oxbridge standard and very overpriced for very average work. I fear they catch a lot of students in limbo, with no where to turn, part of their strategy I am sure.

cheating thieving bastard scum. i can’t wait until essay mills like this are literally exterminated.

The worst service I have ever seen. I have ordered several papers and had to redo each one of them. They are asking for too much money and providing very very very poor service and low low low quality. I wish there could be someone to prevent them from providing such bad service and shut that company down. I wish them all the worst.

Dont trust them! they are cheating students for money! they never offered what they promised. And those papers are sent to students repeatedly. And they shirk responsibility after taking the money! The service was terrible!

I had to edit my essay after delivery as it wasn’t right.

My essay wasn’t as good as was advertised.

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Get started with 11% in savings at SpeedyPaper!


Author: Peter Graham | Updated May 27, 2023

OxbridgeEssays Review

review logo

Service features:

Service rating

Discount from

Refund Policy

Revision Policy

Hey, want to make the most of writting services?

Here's our this month's best picks

logo SpeedyPaper


logo EssayService



Company Overview

Today I am going to tell you about the Oxbridge Essays company. It is a writing service for British students and a part of The Oxbridge Research Group Ltd. The company is headquartered in London. However, if you visit the marked location, you can only find the local library. So it is unlikely that the writers have hidden somewhere behind the bookshelves. The whole situation is a little suspicious. But let me start this Oxbridge Essays review from the beginning.

OxbridgeEssays main page

Prices and Deadlines

Although the website is beautifully designed, I wouldn't say I liked the ordering page. It seems that the company is interested in making a negative impression on all new users. Plus, get ready to experience the culture shock at the local prices. The minimal price per page is £80. It seems to me that it is extremely high.

OxbridgeEssays pricing

This price is relevant for a two-week deadline. But what if you're short on time? According to my observations and many Oxbridge Essays reviews, you can ask for a 6-hour deadline. However, expect the price to rise to £100 or even more. I'm shocked at this pricing policy. Perhaps these guys really hired someone from Oxford or Cambridge? Otherwise, I cannot justify such a high price.

Paper Quality and My Experience Using These Service

Is Oxbridge Essays legit? Probably yes. But when I first saw the order form, I thought it was not a writing service but part of a student's research project. The window for ordering papers looks like a multi-page manuscript with endless notes, options, and lists. It is very uncomfortable. Why don't the site owners change this page at least a little?

OxbridgeEssays order form

Anyway, I chose a 2-page descriptive essay on the History of Art. First, I asked the writer to describe the stages of the birth of the Renaissance and the basic terminology. Then, since this is an important part of the culture, I asked to describe the main creative patterns of Renaissance artists. I also chose an 11-day deadline and APA reference style. In general, I had to spend about 20 minutes filling in each part of the ordering page. This was not the best experience of my life.

So let's discuss the paper quality. My essay was partly good, except for plagiarism and ignoring some of my requirements. In particular, the writer pointed out some painters of the Renaissance but did not write anything about why he or she chose them and how they are connected with the emergence of a whole cultural era. In addition, I did not find clear definitions of the Renaissance and those creative aspects that guided the artists. Some of the paragraphs were unrelated to each other. I got the impression that the writer just found some information on the Internet and decided to add it. Now I'm not surprised why I found so many negative Oxbridge Essays Reddit reviews.

Refund and Revision Policies

One interesting aspect is the lack of a clear refund algorithm or revisions. I found only a small "Dispute Resolution" block. However, you can look at the screenshot and understand that the company used very vague wording without describing a precise algorithm of actions. Is Oxbridge Essays legal? I am not ready to answer this question. But the company is doing everything to destroy student confidence.

OxbridgeEssays Dispute Resolution

Support and Communication

The site has an online chat so that you can contact support agents. The problem is that they are useless. I asked a very simple question about data privacy. I wondered why the writing service claims that it does not transfer user data to anyone, but the site has a list of companies that can access my order details.

OxbridgeEssays customer assistance service

First, the support agent asked me to provide evidence. After uploading screenshots and direct links, I got an amazing response. My support agent advised me to use a one-time password, e-mail, and choose a nickname. But what if I pay for my order with my credit card? Overall, I didn't get an answer to my question. Is Oxbridge Essays legit? I think the answer is obvious.

OxbridgeEssays customer assistance service

This is an overpriced writing service that does not provide the stated level of quality. All you'll find here are marketing gimmicks. How can Oxford or Cambridge graduates make so many mistakes? I am disappointed and think this site does not deserve your attention. You should find another writing service. Don't believe in fake reviews and advertising slogans. Local writers are not ready to work well. I'm not even sure that the so-called experts are native speakers.

1. Is OxbridgeEssays legit?

This company is registered in London, UK. But this fact does not mean that you should unconditionally trust local writers. Be careful as you could lose your time and money.

2. Is OxbridgeEssays reliable?

This company is unreliable because the writers ignore the basic requirements. This is unacceptable, and you should not trust such people. You shouldn't order your papers from here.

3. Is OxbridgeEssays safe?

This is an insecure website as your data may be sent to third parties. In addition, the site contains a list of companies that can access the details of your order.

4. Does OxbridgeEssays work?

This site works, but you are unlikely to be pleased with the quality of the papers. It's best if you choose an alternative writing service and don't risk it. You shouldn't order assignments from here.


Rate and write a review

Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Copyright © 2023 BestPaperWritingServiceReviews.com. All rights reserved.

Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Copyright © 2023 BestPaperWritingServiceReviews.com All rights reserved.

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Oxbridge Essays Review – Can They Deliver Praised English Educational Standards?

Updated 01.10.2021

Based on 10 reviews

To decide what score each company deserves, we compare our team’s grades, academics’ ratings, and individual reviews. Opinions of LetsGradeIt.com team is worth 30% of the total grade. Academics’ ratings comprise 35%, and individual grades account for 35%. In cases when there are no individual reviews posted about a firm, academics have a say by 60%, while our team gets 40%.

All ratings, opinions, and reviews you see on this site do not necessarily reflect the official position of any other company, educational establishment, or employer. These reviews are always subject to revision and change. Please do not hold us to them — visit actual websites to make any decision.


  • free essay samples
  • helpful blog
  • Ph.D. writing services
  • high prices
  • late paper delivery issues
  • Minimum Deadline 6 hours
  • Lowest Price £80
  • Discounts Not Available
  • Payment Methods VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Sage
  • Guarantees Confidentiality, Customer Satisfaction, Native Writers, On-time Delivery, Proofreading, Quality, Revision
  • Types of papers Essay, Thesis, Dissertation, Book report, Book review, Report, PowerPoint presentation, Article critique, Project
  • Number of Samples 10+
  • Number of Categories 1
  • Access Free
  • Originality of Samples Plagiarized
  • Quality of Samples Low

As the English service that claims to have British writers of the highest academic qualification, they do not deliver promised quality as most orders contain fatal grammar mistakes and late delivery problems. Poor grammar, style mistakes, and issues with formatting make it a service that must be avoided. Their prices are high even for the United Kingdom, which is not justified. There are other options online that offer much better writing services. Their academic level claims are false and this company, while being legit, also has plagiarism issues since writers simply copy entire paragraphs from the web and claim that it is normal.

As we started with our Oxbridge Essays review, we knew that it is a well-known British essay writing service that has an office in London and claims to follow high educational standards. Employing graduates from the top UK universities, they do not let you be the one to choose your academic assistant and do so on their own. Placing our order that dealt with English literature, we could not see high writing standards. The same can be said about their delivery times, which has been late for our case and for others who have tried Oxbridge essays. Unfortunately, their sample database contains broken links, yet we still took the time to analyze what we had for our review of OxbridgeEssays. We decided to focus on every aspect to let you see why your money should be spent elsewhere.


User Interface : It is comfortable and has sufficient information regarding how their services work or what kind of guarantees Oxbridge essays offer. It takes some time to learn about their refund system or safety policies but it is all there.

Free Essay Tools

We could not find any free tools for our Oxbridge Essay review and chose their helpful blog instead, which is surprisingly good, representing a much better quality than their writing work. It is even surprising that something has been offered free of charge.


Paper Writing Samples

Oxbridge essays have a limited selection of free essay samples that relate to English Literature. However, the problem is that their links to download full text are broken and cannot be accessed. We asked their support to fix them, yet they have not done a thing 24 hours later. Nevertheless, we decided to analyze their offerings from what we had by checking their writing in terms of plagiarism to determine the quality of existing Oxford essays.


Access : Free.

Samples Originality : Plagiarized.


The number of categories : 1 (only English Literature).

Accuracy of Samples & Categorization : All full essay links are broken.

Samples Quality : Low.

Summary : Unfortunately, we could not access full samples for our Oxbridge Essays review analysis, yet from those paragraphs that we could see, we do not recommend this company. We advise against downloading any of their samples of free college papers online because of poor structure and plagiarism issues.

Chaucer Transformed Every Genre He Used

Category: English Literature

Words: Unknown

Assessment: This particular sample has numerous grammar issues, lacking proper editing. While it implements one source (uses quotations), it still lacks good structure with a strong thesis statement that would explain how exactly Chaucer helped to transform every genre used. Some spelling mistakes as well.


The fact that animation operates primarily within the realm of fantasy and for a child audience, does not mean it is innocent of cultural politics

Assessment: This Oxford essay reminds us of a collection of ideas that are not related or properly referenced. It had to be a discussion with some points being made. What we have here is poor English and a lack of any proper paper structure.


Social novels have their purpose written clearly on them like a motto, and they hold to it perseveringly

Assessment: This paper reads as a single massive sentence. This writer should have incorporated better, shorter sentences that would make more sense. The lack of any background regarding the novels in question is a serious omission, in our opinion. Some minor grammar issues, too.


Available Writing Services

According to Oxbridge essays website, they offer essay writing services, dissertation help, coursework assistance, proofreading, editing, and marking services, which stand for analysis by their expert.

Prices : It is not entirely clear how their prices are composed, yet an undergraduate level writing for our oxbridgeessays.com review was 200 GBP pounds for 1000 words (a one-week deadline). Master’s level coursework editing will cost you 60 British pounds for 1000 words. Speaking of their marking services, they ask for 45 GBP for 1000 words analysis of your undergraduate essay. Oxbridge essays did not have any discounts at the time of this paper writing service review .

Payment Options : Visa, Mastercard, Sage, Maestro.

Delivery Times & Deadlines : They promise to deliver your paper in as little as 6 hours but our order has been delivered 7 hours late. It is also the case with most Oxbridge essays reviews online.

Revision Policy & Refunds : We asked to revise our paper, which has been ignored by their support that told us that they see no problem with it. As for refunds, they are only available if they cannot write your paper or if they cannot find a suitable writer. Numerous oxbridgeessays.com reviews confirm this fact.

Confidentiality & Guarantees : They won’t refund your order in most cases and start acting rude when you ask them for revisions. As for being legit, they keep your information safe.

Writers : Oxbridge essays won’t let you choose your assistant and will match you with a person who is ready to work on your task. They have only two profiles (scroll right or left) that provide basic information about their employees, yet it does not help with your choice.


Papers Quality : Considering their high prices and Ph.D. level writers, we did not receive what they promised. Our paper contained major grammar mistakes with a lack of proper spelling. Asking to proofread or at least edit the paper has been left without due care. Public Oxbridgeessays reviews mention the same issue with their writing quality.

Customer Support : Oxbridge essays were helpful as we placed our order, yet stopped responding, acting rudely when we tried to ask them about revision or even a refund. Not a good attitude for a serious British company.

Overall Impression

It appears that we are not the only people who are ready to complain about Oxbridge essays’ poor quality. They should focus on their refund policy and state it clearly as it came as a surprise when mentioned the issue. In addition to our review, we collected feedback from Sitejabber and Sitepilot, which can be seen below:


We have also noticed this practice of cutting off all contacts and acting irresponsible and rude once a problem has been encountered. Our review team has asked for a revision, yet it did not help much as we were not the ones deciding whether it must be done.

Speaking of Trustpilot, we have this:


We also could not see any proof of their Ph.D. level. Our paper also had serious spelling mistakes.

Is the company legit? Yes, they are registered in the UK. You can visit London’s office and talk to them in person. However, it does not help with refunds or paper revisions.

OxbridgEssays Review - Our Order

We have been matched with our expert in about ten minutes. We could not talk to our helper directly and had to ask their helpdesk for revisions. Our paper has been delivered much later than our specified deadline and our request for improvement has been ignored. When we asked them about their reasoning, we were told that our paper is almost perfect and it will be sufficient to pass our course. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and lack of sorted Bibliography in our paper are quite surprising for a company that claims to have Ph.D. graduates.

Final Verdict : 2 stars / 5. Oxbridge essays’ high prices and lack of clear refund policies make this service relatively unsafe and overly expensive. Broken links and rude support issues have left a bad impression as we composed this review.

Oxbridge Essays Reviews - FAQ

It is not safe to use this company because they ignore refund requests and charge high prices for poor quality work. Some users notice plagiarism issues. Late delivery cases have been noticed with our review.

It is not a scam per se since they have a physical office in London and provide legit academic writing help. Speaking of their shady refund policy, it brings up certain concerns. It is best to avoid this company in our opinion.

We would not call them good since they lack academic writing structure, formatting, and at least college-level writing. Our order has been done poorly and needed an improvement. Some other Oxbridge essay reviews have also complained about their low writing quality and poor styling.


Another terrible essay delivered.

got my first paper here last week. not so bad but theres a lot of room for improvement

I was pleased with the way my work was written, but I was disappointed that they gave me the work latee, although they promised to do it on time

the service is okay, but the prices are very high for students. Please make some discounts if you don’t want to lose customers!

It is good that there are such services, which help students in a difficult time, this is a direct plus, but there is a disadvantage is that you have to spend your money on it. With this service exactly the same, everything is good, but it’s expensive.

Not everything was as perfect as I thought at first. When I reread the paper written by this service, I found a grammatical error, and I corrected it myself.

an essay as an essay… I can’t say it’s wow, but I can’t say it’s too bad either… I think it’s definitely a C.

If it wasn’t for the long delivery, I would have given you high marks, but sorry, you should have delivered my order faster.

The writer provided original ideas and creative approaches to the topic, which I liked, but I was counting on a slightly lower price.

I need help with writing my assignments and paid attention to this service, as the reviews about this service were more or less normal and the price suited me. I received a well-written essay but with a delay. I learned that they cannot be relied upon as a long-term solution for academic success. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you, but I wasn’t entirely happy with this service.

Every comment is being checked by our team. If found proper and real it will be posted.

Check  Terms of Use  and  Privacy Policy  for more information.

Similar Services to Oxbridgeessays.com

Check  Terms of Use  and  Privacy Policy for more information.

2 total items in your box

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Add services to compare features and choose the best one for you.

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oxbridgeessays.com review

It is very time-consuming when you are trying to find the best UK essay writing service online. And that is not because you do have a complicated individual paper, this because not all companies are capable of delivering quality papers in time and for an affordable price. That is why we have created a review of OxBridgeEssays.com academic writing company, and we hope that after reading it you will be sure that this company is capable of delivering academic papers for you or not.

Recent Customers Feedbacks

Kiera : “The website was cool so that’s why I chose this service. But they missed my deadline. Imagine this: they delivered the paper two days later than my deadline. They did not offer to make refund. I had to complain to the support. I got a refund, but it was only partial. This paper came late and I could not use it because the submission date was two days ago. I paid for something useless.”
Phoebe : “I’m still getting spam messages from this service, two months after I used it. My paper was plagiarized. I didn’t check because I don’t use a paid plagiarism detection program. But my professor does and he discovered plagiarism. He returned the paper and made me write a new one.”

Types of Services

OxBridgeEssays team offers a wide range of different academic writing services. They do have a separate service page which you can check to learn more. Services they are offering are subdivided into groups based on the academic level, so you cannot order dissertation help when you are in high school for example. This is created for the student’s comfort. So at this writing service, you can order a dissertation, presentation, essay, coursework, term paper and much more. It all depends on your level.

Prices and Payment Methods

Unfortunately, there are no prices available on the website. To know how much your paper will cost you need to spend the time to set up an order. We have tried to do so but got numerous errors, so you will get a price after the order placement which is not okay. Usually, students want to know how much the paper will cost them at the end. The only thing we can be sure that the price per page depends on the student’s level, quality level, type of paper and deadline.

As for payment options this company accepts Visa, Master Card, and Sage. Paypal, American Express, and Skrill are not available here.

Discounts and Special Offers

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any newcomers or loyal customers discount at this service. We have contacted support and asked for the OFF, but they replied that the service doesn’t provide any discount because it is a cheap one.

Quality of the Paper

We have ordered an essay paper of the university level with a deadline of three days. The paper came in time and at first glance quality was okay. But when we passed it to our editor he said that the paper has a poor working for the university level and will be good for the first year at college.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

OxbridgeEssays.com has a modern design and cool idea behind it. However, the site itself needs a lot of re-work: plenty of information missing, some features are working with errors, and some pages are not assessable.

Customer Support

Customer support at oxbridgeessays.com is available 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday UK time via chat, email, and phone. So if you have questions, you should ask them during business an hour only. Agents are fast, professional, and helpful. They were able to answer all our questions about process, order, payments and other things we needed.

If you are looking for a service that is capable of delivering college papers, maybe OxBridgeEssays.com will be enough for you. Be ready, the service might be quite expensive. Additionally, their support is available only during UK business hours.

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Latest Reviews

“bad experience”.

written by on 25/11/2013

Oxbridge wrote an essay for me which my professor didn't like. They agreed to change it which they did two times but still, the paper was not up to scratch and my professor said I was not serious. I am fighting for a refund now and ant to know if anybody has ever got a refund from them. I ended up with essayi and they did a perfect job and they charged less than oxbridge. I have used oxbridge before but overall, I will rate them 4/10 compared with my experience of essayi which I would score, 9/10.

oxbridgeessays.com review

“Genuine UK Based Company”

written by onlyobaid01 on 01/07/2013

Not trusting online companies, I actually went to their office in person to place my order. I was pleasantly surprised, the office was really big and there must have been about 30 people working there. I met with one of the sales people there who explained everything and then placed my order. Got the work 7 days later exactly as I requested. I have not got my marks for this work back yet, however I did go through it and it seems to be of very good quality. All in all a very good experience.

Leon12345's Response to onlyobaid01's Review

Written on: 08/10/2016

Hilarious. Four Reviews Here. Two Genuine And Two Writren By Oxbridge Essays. Guess Which Are The Genuone Ones. I Would a Recommend Using Ivory Research. Much Better Quelity At A Better Price.

“Perfect, nice people”

written by SPJ121 on 27/06/2013

I ordered an essay in April, 5000 word LLM essay. I asked for Merit level and because I was referred they gave me a special 5% discount on my first order. I got my mark back last week and it was 64%! I have just ordered a dissertation from christian, he gave me 10% off because I was a returning customer. I asked for the same writer so hopefully I will get the same mark. Got the work on time and it was good value. I was very happy with them. definitely recommend them


written by on 19/03/2011


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Top 3 The Best Assignment Writing Services

Oxbridgeessays.com review.

OxbridgeEssays review

OxbridgeEssays.com is not a hard-to-find company. They have invested a lot in marketing, so their ads kept popping up on the Internet. Eventually, we decided to visit their pages and write this OxbridgeEssays.com review. Firstly, we should answer the question that every student probably asks when they open the page – is Oxbridge Essays legit? Does this company belong to the best assignment writing services ?

It depends on how you look at it. The company does deliver all kinds of services when you pay them, which is a plus in this Oxbridge Essays review. However, if you stop to check some of the OxbridgeEssays.com reviews from testimonials (we aren’t talking about the ones on the website), you’ll learn that it’s a rather unpopular service.

The site makes it all seem ideal, but there are even flaws there. OxbridgeEssays has created no prices page for you to look at. You can check the service list, read some average quality samples, and read pages and pages of irrelevant content. If you want to see the prices, you should use the order form.

But, more about it later in this OxbridgeEssays review. Now let’s start with the first part of the OxbridgeEssays review – the services you can buy here.

If you check some OxbridgeEssays reviews, there’s one thing you won’t find – negative comments about services offered. The company offers an array of different services that include writing, proofreading, and editing. On their pages, you can order essays, dissertations, articles, reviews, reports, homework, coursework, and more.

Basically, they offer everything you might need from your first day at high school until your last day as a PhD student. They even offer to write a PhD dissertation or thesis.

The service list at OxbridgeEssays was a pleasant surprise. After we read all those bad Oxbridge Essays reviews, we expected to be disappointed right away. But, the real disappointment came when we got the order from their writers. From that moment, everything went downhill.

Our order for a term paper was delayed for almost an entire day. During that time, we tried to speak to the support agents. They kept asking us to wait and redirecting us to a different agent. Forty minutes later, we got the response that the paper will come in a couple of minutes. It came over 6 hours after that.

This wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part about our experience was the quality. This service has the exact kind of quality that all those Oxbridge Essays reviews talked about – bad. So far, we have never received such a badly formatted term paper. It contained no references, so most of the content was plagiarized. The scanner showed 34% of plagiarism, something that’s highly frowned upon in academic institutions.

As you can assume, we once again reached out to their support. This time, they decided to ignore us and never answered to our queries.

You would expect that a company with such a bad reputation and quality offers good prices to attract more people to buy. That is what most companies like this one do – but not Oxbridge Essays. At this service, we were offered the same high price for any deadline, which was extremely strange. Their system seems to be dysfunctional, but even when we confirmed the order, that’s how much we were charged – £80 per page. This is extravagant, especially since this same price showed for a deadline of 2 and 10 days. The price applied to a term paper with quality standard 2:1.

The company will ask you many things to tell you the price, so we aren’t really sure what affects it. To get to the quote, you’ll have to enter:

  • Number of pages/ words

If you like the price, they’ll ask you to provide paper details and click confirm.

Before the disappointment with the content quality and support, we were a bit frustrated about one more thing – the lack of any kind of discount. You won’t be finding any offers for new or returning customers. There isn’t a single Oxbridge Essays discount code mentioned in customers’ testimonials. Not only is this company one of the highest-priced we’ve seen, but they don’t even have benefits for their loyal customers.

When we saw that they have no discounts and stick to those high prices, we thought – well, maybe the quality is so good that they cannot offer lower rates. But, we thought wrong.

Helpful Extras

If you’d still be willing to give this service a try, you might want to know about their extras. This service doesn’t have the extras like most companies do such as VIP support or plagiarism reports. They only give you the chance to pick the grade you want to get. We picked 2:1, which would go around 60-75% in terms of quality.

Final Thoughts

Based on everything we’ve experienced and shared in this review, we cannot recommend this service to students who want affordable and quality services. They have a nice-looking site and a good service list, but that is it! There have been many downsides from ordering here, the biggest one being that we paid a fortune to get a bad paper.

' src=

I have experienced a low quality work and have to deal with unskilled and rude writers. Even I am surprised that they don’t offer any promotions or customer support.

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oxbridgeessays.com review


  • Oxbridgeessays.com Review


0 Review From Our Community


Oxbridge Essays Reviews: Reliable or Not Reliable?

Oxbridgeessays.com is an academic writing website based out of the UK. The website has a presence in the country and claims to serve many students. But don't get carried away by their achievements; most are made up. Your assignments need to be in safe hands, and Oxbridgeessays.com might not be the one. Before moving on with detailed reviews, take a look at the company profile:

Company Overview

  • Official website: https://www.oxbridgeessays.com/
  • Headquarter: London
  • Serving Countries: UK
  • Services: Essay writing, dissertation writing, coursework writing services, editing and proofreading services, marking services
  • Writer’ strength: NA
  • Payment methods: Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, debit and credit cards
  • Prices: Starts from $192, extremely high priced
  • Rating: 2.8/5 as per ScamFighter.net
  • Revision policies: Not mentioned clearly
  • Delivery time: Claims to deliver solutions in 24 hours
  • Subject-specific experts: No clear information on the website

Student Feedback and Reviews

Oxbridge Essays claims to have served more than 70,000 students and claims to help students obtain suitable grades. But are they believable? Here's what the various reviewing websites have to say:

  • Scamfighter

Oxbridgeessays.com do not hold a good reputation. There are various complaints from students about the services and their transparency. Check some screenshots of reviews from the students collected by Scamfighter.net.

oxbridgeessays.com review

As you can see, there's a huge trust issue among students. They are unwilling to rely on service providers that are not transparent and have a complex ordering process. Scam Fighter has pointed out another problem in the address of the company. Oxbridge Essays claim the below-mentioned address to be their official:

73, Chalton Street

+44207 391 9032

9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday

Scam Fighter tried verifying the address, and they have found a PhD consultancy office in that address when checked on Google.

oxbridgeessays.com review

As per Scam Fighter, Oxbridge Essays maintains a strict refund policy. They are not willing to refund your money under any circumstances. Some exceptional cases where the company might allow some refunds are:

  • If the company fails to assign a writer in 72 hours
  • If they fail to deliver the desired essay or dissertation

The company holds discretionary power to issue a refund even in these cases.

oxbridgeessays.com review

In addition to these, the prices for the services are very high, and the ordering process is too complicated. Finally, the papers carry various mistakes making Oxbridge Essays an unwanted website for academic writing.

  • Britisessays

Britishessays.net rates Oxbridge Essays at 3.2/5. According to Britishessays.net, the services are too expensive, and it is better to do the tasks yourself. Various academic writing websites keep all their services and name of writers transparent. But Oxbridge Essays will not let you get the details of the writers. According to Britishessays.net, not keeping the writer's names at the forefront is not wise. On top of that, the prices are very high, and the results are not worth it.

Britishessays.net do not recommend Oxbridgeessays.com. Their advice is to seek help from any other website and avoid Oxbridge Essays.

  • Bestassignmentservices

The website rates Oxbridge Essays 2.4/10, making it one of the most unwanted academic writing websites. According to Bestassignmentservices.co.uk, Oxbridge Essays is not the ideal website for students seeking help with their assignments. A significant problem pointed out by Best Assignment Services is that Oxbridge Essays do not have any price list. As a result, students find it tough to decide without knowing the prices. You can only gain knowledge of the charges once you fill in the order form.

  • Writingjudge

Writingjudge.com rates Oxbridge Essays at 1.3/5. The website does not approve of Oxbridge Essays. They claim that Oxbridge Essays do not have the right people to handle assignments.

oxbridgeessays.com review

Writingjudge.com also claims that there are no additional benefits attached to the services of Oxbridge Essays, making them unpopular among students. Of course, when you pay such a hefty amount, you will expect some additional benefits, but there is none. Hence, avoid availing of the services of Oxbridge Essays for your assignments.

Is Oxbridgeessays.com the Right Option to Deal with Academic Crisis?

It is one of the most important questions among students. If you have shortlisted Oxbridge Essays for help with your assignments, don’t step forward without knowing the following details:

Is Oxbridgeessays.com legit?

The website is not transparent. You will not find the correct information fast. Moreover, the brand does not have any information on its writers. Hence, it is not safe to say that the website is legit and can be trusted with academic tasks.

Is Oxbridgeessays.com the best assignment help website in the UK?

No, Oxbridge Essays is not the best assignment help website. It is not wise to believe in all their promises. Browse through the website correctly before making any decision. Check the reviews on various websites and know about the website before taking a step.

Is Oxbridgeessays.com reliable?

No, Oxbridge Essays is not a reliable website. The prices are too high, and they do not guarantee any refund even if it's their fault. These are not the signs of a reliable website. Hence, make sure to look into every aspect before moving forward.

Is Oxbridgeessays.com safe?

If you are considering Oxbridge Essays to write your assignment, make sure to check for alternatives. The website does not keep any information transparent. You will be unable to connect with their experts before signing up. Also, you will not get any details of the writers on the website.

Is Oxbridgeessays.com fraud?

If you check the various reviews on the internet, you will understand if the website is fraudulent or not. All reviews suggest that the website is not reliable. The ordering process is complicated, there is no information about the writers, and there are no refund policies. All these suggest the company is unreliable and should not be considered for assignment help.

Cost of assignment at Oxbridgeessays.com

Oxbridge Essays charge too much for writing assignments. The minimum price for academic writing at Oxbridge Essays is $192.

How do I get a refund?

Oxbridge Essays hold discretionary powers when it comes to refunds in special cases. There are no refund policies, as such, at Oxbridgeessays.com.

Academic writing is a significant concern among students. They always look for help from various websites. If you are looking for help, Oxbridgeessays.com will not be the right choice. Refer to the reviews mentioned above, visit the website and understand why you should not avail academic writing services from Oxfordessays.com.

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Oxbridgeessays.com Review


7 Reviews From Our Community

Overall 1/5

Quality 1/5

Support 1/5

Delivery 1/5

  • Reviews (7)

About Oxbridgeessays.com

We are going to put a complete review on Oxbridgeessays.com covering the following aspects:

Bearing in mind the growing standards of education in today's competitive world, students tend to look for professional essay writing services  to submit a quality essay in order to score well. Oxbridgeessays.com  is one such platform which provides the students with great academic help, by assisting them with their complicated essays. The website proudly shows that it holds a good position in the market and also says that it believes that it has never been easier to get the grades you've always wanted. Our world-class academics are ready to help… .

But, when we talk about our academic essays, is Oxbridgeessays.com  really reliable? Does the website really serve what they commit?

To get the answers of all such questions running through your mind lets read the following points:-

Rate this service. Your feedback is valuable for others

Rate your experience with oxbridge essays.

Without checking reviews, I hired a fraudulent website, Oxbridgeessays.com. Such a scammer is this site. I was charged an enormous amount with fake promises. Thus, I advise you to save yourselves from such mishaps through my personal experience. Through this platform, you will not get any academic help, and it is just a waste of time and money.

Not satisfied with Oxbridgeessays.com services???

Similar assignment help site that guarantees you an A grade on your assignments-

Is Oxbridgeessays a legit company? wanting to know before I spend my money!

From reviews, it has been discovered that Oxbridgeessays is not a legit company. More than thousands of students have fallen under the trap of this fraudulent service provider. Thus, it is advisable to ignore such websites completely.

Is Oxbridgeessays site is fake?

Many students have expressed that the Oxbridgeessays website is full of errors. This website has never shown any positive results and whenever clients tried to learn about any services, they were redirected to an error page. Thus, you better know what it can be termed as with such reviews.

Is Oxbridgeessays.com a scam or a legit company?

Oxbridgeessays.com is mentioned as a top scammer with negative remarks. Students never got satisfied with this website as they got trapped under  Scams.  Thus, if you come across this website, never consider them legit and rely for academic help.

Can I cancel an order from oxbridgeessays and book other of the same value?

With frauds like Oxbridgeessays.com, this is not at all possible. Once payment is made, they vanish. In reviews, students have mentioned that they are unreachable after payment has been made. Thus, save yourself from such mishaps and go for genuine help.

Will I get complete money back from oxbridgeessays if I fail in assignments?vv

You can never expect a  refund  policy from tricky services like Oxbridgeessays.com. Once payment is made, you have entirely lost your money with no outcome in hand. Students who have fallen under this trap regret committing such mistakes and cheaters never guarantee and stick with any  moneyback  policy.

Can I hire oxbridgeessays for me throughout the semester?

Yes, but only if you opt for help from legit service providers. But, with top-scammers like Oxbridgeessays.com, you can never rely for guidance throughout the semester. This website completely fails to deliver experts help as per your schedule. Additionally, they lack learning tools, methodologies and resources. Thus, Oxbridgeessays.com is not the right choice to depend for the semester.

All Reviews


Not native writers

It is quite evident from the writing of the oxbridgeessays experts that they are not native individuals. The solution I received from them has inconsistency in the convention of English. By the style of writing, it seems like the writers are from other countries.

Did you find this review helpful? yes No

0 out of 0 people found this review helpful

Fraud website

Oxbridgeessays is a fraud. They charge unnecessarily high for your order and don’t deliver the solution on time. And even if they do, the quality will be poor. Don’t waste your time and money here.

Plagiarized content

While oxbridgeessays has sent me a plagiarism report for my paper which said it is squeaky clean, I wanted to double-check. And guess what? It showed 85% plagiarized content in it. Moreover, the remaining material which was original had no merit in it. I failed.

Fraud company

Oxbridgeessays is a totally a fraud company. The reason I say this is in spite of mentioning their reworks comes at free of cost, they charged me for it. The writers did a terrible work in my paper and on top of that they had the audacity to charge me for it.

Customer support executive was rude

Oxbridgeessays customer support executive was not cooperative at all. I approached them twice as I had to suggest some changes in the paper. But the second time when I reached out, the customer support responded rudely.

Got plagiarized assignment

I needed assistance for my thesis paper. I came across oxbridgeessays and placed my order. And guess what? They handed me a plagiarized paper. It's my thesis paper that they copied from somewhere else. How can anyone be so careless? I am going to take a legal step against them for robbing me.

Scam company do not trust

I got a whopping C- in the geography paper crafted by oxbridgeessays. My professors commented that none of the details used in my document was credible. They also deducted marks due to poor English. All in all, oxbridgeessays met none of my expectations and fulfilled zero requirements.

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    Prices: It is not entirely clear how their prices are composed, yet an undergraduate level writing for our oxbridgeessays.com review was 200 GBP pounds for 1000 words (a one-week deadline). Master's level coursework editing will cost you 60 British pounds for 1000 words. Speaking of their marking services, they ask for 45 GBP for 1000 words ...

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    OxbridgeEssays.com has a modern design and cool idea behind it. However, the site itself needs a lot of re-work: plenty of information missing, some features are working with errors, and some pages are not assessable. Customer Support. Customer support at oxbridgeessays.com is available 9 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday UK time via chat, email ...

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    The OE Blog. Get an insight into the minds of our academics and team of educational creatives here at Oxbridge Essays. From expert guidance and practical advice on essay and dissertation writing, to commentary on current academic affairs, our blog covers all things student-related, with the goal of helping you do better during your time at ...

  14. Oxbridge Essays

    From 4 reviews. 50.0% of users recommend this. Click here if this is your business. 0 Questions | 0 Answers. write a review. ask a question. Overview. Reviews (4) Media Gallery (1)

  15. Oxbridge Essays Reviews

    OxbridgeEssays.com Review. BestAssignmentServices.co.uk June 15, 2022 1. ★☆☆☆☆. 2.4 / 10 points. OxbridgeEssays.com is not a hard-to-find company. They have invested a lot in marketing, so their ads kept popping up on the Internet. Eventually, we decided to visit their pages and write this OxbridgeEssays.com review.

  16. About Us

    We're here to help you get better grades. Oxbridge Essays is a service for students from A-level and International Baccalaureate study all the way through master's and LLM degrees. Our goal is to help you get the grades you need by providing model essays and dissertations, and academic mentoring.

  17. Oxbridgeessays Review- Is Oxbridgeessays Legit or Scam Service?

    Review (0) Oxbridge Essays Reviews: Reliable or Not Reliable? Oxbridgeessays.com is an academic writing website based out of the UK. The website has a presence in the country and claims to serve many students. But don't get carried away by their achievements; most are made up.

  18. Literature review

    Literature reviews can often be tough and time consuming. Why not save your time and get help from our expert academic writers. WhatsApp +44 (0) 207 391 9032 ; Order; Services. Essay Writing Services. Improve your own writing and grades. Dissertation Writing Services. One-to-one help with your entire dissertation. ...

  19. Oxbridge Essays Review- Is OxbridgeEssays reliable in 2023?

    Refund Policy: Yes. Services: Essay, Dissertation, Research paper. Highlights: Oxbridge Essays complaints- 'advertise wrong expert', 'paid reworks', 'unreliable service', and 'wrong syntax skills'. Consequently, Oxbridgeessays has a below rating of 2 stars out of 5 indicating that Oxbridgeessays is not reliable and not worth your money.

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