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How to write a strong DBA research proposal

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Recruitment and Business Development Executive Arione McQueenie, answers the questions she most commonly gets asked about how to write a strong research proposal when applying for the Doctor of Business Administration.

As part of your application to the Doctor of Business Administration at Warwick Business School, you must submit a research proposal which outlines what you are interested in researching as part of the programme. This proposal should centre on a specific problem within your organisation that you are looking to tackle using the practical applied research and organisation interventions you will design as part of the DBA.

One of the most common questions I am asked in my capacity as Recruitment Executive for the DBA is ‘what do I include in my research proposal?’ When considering this question, it is important to remember that although the DBA is an equivalent level to a PhD, the focus of the programme is on applied research rather than theoretical knowledge. Therefore, the proposal does not need to be as in-depth or academic as a PhD proposal. To help you get started with your DBA proposal, below are some FAQ’s, 

What topic should I write about in my DBA research proposal?

A DBA project is motivated by a business problem in search of a solution. Your DBA proposal should outline the problem you intend to investigate and why this is important to you and your business.

Does it have to be a problem facing my business?

Ideally, yes. Your research problem needs to be something you are able to actively design and implement interventions for. This means students will most likely conduct their research within their own business, although in some cases they will consider other organisations in an industry they are interested in (for example, in the case of candidates who work as consultants).

What are the key sections / information to include?

A good DBA proposal should include what you are interested in researching, and how you intend to use the academic insights offered by the programme to tackle your specific issue. Ideally, a good proposal should address the following questions:

  • What is the business problem or opportunity you intend to investigate?
  • Why is this practically and theoretically relevant?
  • What is the domain/literature (e.g. strategy, entrepreneurship etc.) within which your problem is situated?
  • What does this literature discuss about your problem or opportunity and how it can be addressed?
  • Where do you plan to conduct your empirical study and how do you plan to get access to the field site?
  • How do you plan to collect your data (e.g. interviews, observation, surveys, etc.)?
  • How will practitioners benefit from your research?

How long should it be?

Your proposal should be roughly five pages long. This allows us to understand the feasibility of your research as well as allowing better matching with potential supervisors. You should attach the proposal, along with your CV, to your application. We will be unable to assess your application if the research proposal is not attached and this may delay the admissions process.

Any hints & tips?

Get started writing your proposal as soon as possible, as it is always best to give yourself time for edits and rewrites. However, don’t get too caught up in trying to write the perfect proposal, as this only forms a small part of your application. Remember that your problem and ideas to approaching it will probably change throughout the programme; therefore, you don’t have to have all the answers now.

I would also recommend researching our subject groups within WBS. It is important that your research project falls into one of our areas of interest, otherwise we will not have suitable faculty to allocate as your supervisor.

Next Steps:

The DBA only has one intake per year, in October. You can find more information on how to apply via our website.

If you would like to find out more about the programme, or if your question was not answered above, you can email [email protected]

Arione McQueenie Recruitment and Business Development Executive

  • Tel: +44 (0)23 9431 1545
  • WhatsApp: +44 (0)7360 544 612
  • Email: [email protected]
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How to write your research proposal

An integral part of your Global DBA application is your research proposal.

You can use the suggested structure shared below for your Global DBA research proposal. 

Keep in mind, you are free use a different structure as long as you have a clear research problem, research aim, literature review, and research methodology. 

We will be looking at the topic-specific issues you present and evaluating your academic skills whilst reading the proposed topic.  

Suggested proposal structure

Write your research proposal first, and your title last. The title should clearly reflect your research aim; think of a number of research titles and select the best one that describes your study. 

Your title should ideally be between 8 to 16 words.

Summarise the entire study in a single paragraph in a maximum of 250 words including the following: 

  • Opening statement and/or significance of the study 
  • Previous key stream of literature (we do not mean a mini-literature review here. What would you say based on the previous literature considering the overall picture?) 
  • According to the previous literature-related sentences, what is your proposed study? What is the research question? What is the aim of your study? 
  • What is your methodology? 
  • What are the expected outcomes & contributions? 
  • Who can benefit from such a study? 

This section should not exceed 1000 words. You need 4 essential paragraphs, but you can include other descriptions as necessary: 

What is the overall significance of the study? 

What is the key stream of literature (previous studies that are highly relevant to yours – the studies that are very close to your research aim and objectives) 

What are the weaknesses of these studies or what is the topic that no one studies? Also, what are the industry/public sector (depends on your field) related needs? 

What is your research aim according to the previous literature and/or industrial needs? 

This section should not exceed 1000 words. You need to find previous literature from academic and industry-oriented sources. You also need to use APA 7 referencing style. Write this section with subheadings to categorise the content if possible. 

The literature review section has to cover key references that are highly relevant to yours. You should first identify all relevant sources, read, and write them in a narrative fashion. 

Remember, you need to critically evaluate the studies and identify areas that others did not study or where there are weaknesses. 

This section should not exceed 1000 words. Based on the literature review section, you should write your research aim and objectives. 

You should include one research aim and 3-5 research objectives. Research objectives collectively should help you to achieve your research aim. Research aim can be seen as a big goal whereas research objectives can be seen as sub-goals. 

Research objectives should be written in a logical sequence starting from what should be done first or what is more generic, and it should lead to a more specific or towards final goals. 

This section should not exceed 1000 words. The research methodology section needs to cover research philosophy, research approach, and research methods. 

The most important section in the methodology is the research method and you should clearly explain what is your research data (and if possible, explain if you have a strategy to obtain that data), what is your data collection approach, how are you planning to analyse the data? These are some of the questions you need to address. 

We suggest the following source for their research onion model, but you can use other references: 

Saunders, M., Lewis, P., & Thornhill, A. (2015). Research methods for business students. Pearson education (7th edition) . 

This section should not exceed 500 words. Once the study is completed, what are the expected research outcomes (what are you planning to find?) and how are you planning to contribute to the field (how your findings will be useful to the relevant stakeholders?).  

You can use a Gantt chart to show your plan considering the details such as literature review, methodology, data collection and analysis, writing up phases.  

You should only list all the references that you used in your proposal. This is not a bibliography list.  

You should aim to include at least 10 references and you should not include more than 40 references. Please follow APA 7 Referencing Style and write your references in alphabetical order. 

Have a question?

Get in touch with a course adviser who can help you further with submitting a successful research proposal.

Contact us  ❯

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Form and Style Review Home Page

Capstone Form and Style

Walden capstone writing collaborative: introduction to writing the dba doctoral study, introduction to writing the dba doctoral study.

The DBA Rubric and Handbook presents a step-by-step guide to writing each of the sections and subsections of the DBA Docstudy.  This document outlines the expectations for student work.  Reviewing this material should be one of the first steps in beginning the doctoral study writing process.

Next, as students begin preparing to write, they should review the materials related to the DBA Docstudy document and process provided on the Office of Research and Doctoral Services website .  This page contains resources for writing the prospectus, proposal, and final study. In addition, students should download the appropriate template from the Writing Center’s Form and Style DBA Templates page .

To introduce students to writing a DBA Docstudy capstone, here is a description of the main goals and outcomes associated with this process and document:

The goal is to address a specific, defined, and applied business problem

  • Students begin by identifying a problem that exists in the business world, then define a specific business problem within that.
  • The goal of the document is to address the specific business problem in that specific company and in that industry.
  • Subsequent goals of the study are to articulate implications for business practice in the field (how other business leaders, etc., can use the information) AND the implications for social change (who will benefit from the results and how; see more below).

The document addresses a gap—the specific business problem has not been studied before

  • After identifying the problem, students should identify/ensure there is a gap, as one of the goals of the study is to contribute to the scholarship in that area. 
  • It is important to make sure that the topic/problem has not already been addressed by other researchers.
  • The results should make a significant contribution to the student’s chosen area of focus.

The study demonstrates a grounding in related literature and research in the field

  • Another goal of the study is to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the subject areas covered in the literature review.
  • This is why the literature review is lengthy and exhaustive; it is the student’s demonstration that he/she is an expert in these areas, is familiar with all previous relevant research, and can convey this expertise through writing.

The study is built on basic or applied research

  • The study demonstrates knowledge and expertise in the identified research design and interpretation of results.
  • The study shows that the student can convey this expertise through writing.

The document advances social change

  • A final, Walden-specific and important outcome of the study is that results also make a contribution to social change.  Students need to describe who may benefit from the findings of the study and how they may benefit.
  • Previous Page: Introduction to Writing the PhD Dissertation
  • Next Page: Introduction to Writing the DNP Project Study
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6. Corporate social responsibility: what’s the impact of<br />

7. How employee and employer language in communication<br />

8. Precipitous outcome and strategy connection – how<br />

9. How male leadership affects the female workforce<br />

10. Business strategies and globalization<br />

11. How customer behavior affects business strategies<br />

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14. Social media management and customer behavior – the<br />

15. International joint ventures – what are the benefits and<br />

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2. Can corporate governance affect firm performance,<br />

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business and its business political behavior – a comparison of<br />

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customer perception on loyalty?<br />

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17. Effective business strategies in international marketing<br />

18. Acquisitions and mergers – how leadership changes affect<br />

19. Vendor management strategy – how can a firm or<br />

20. What are the key success factors of banking companies<br />

21. Importance of business education in developing key<br />

22. Within a business unit, can effective entrepreneurship be<br />

24. Climate change – how businesses can profit from it<br />

25. Business integrity – a need or an option<br />

26. Emerging economies – the effects of government and<br />

27. Performance and organizational growth - main issues<br />

28. Why and how do suppliers circumvent compliance<br />

29. Importance of logistics in businesses – then, now and<br />

30. Competitive advantage and excellent branding<br />

31. Is there a single approach to business improvement that<br />

32. An analysis of risk reporting in a specific industry<br />

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23. Corporate reputation and CSR – how are they connected?<br />

business relations<br />

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33. Does clear branding provide a real competitive advantage<br />

34. How does the implementation of a CRM in a call center<br />

35. Why do suppliers actively seek to get around compliance<br />

36. Factors influencing business process reengineering in the<br />

38. Does implementing Corporate Social Responsibility<br />

39. Does a successful business need to use integrity in its<br />

40. Why is business performance so varied between similar<br />

41. How can you improve employee retention within the XYZ<br />

42. How does politics affect business relationships and trade<br />

43. Comparison between education systems across the world<br />

44. How do leadership styles affect the success of not for<br />

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46. Different leadership styles and their impact on the<br />

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37. Is there a case for reversing the process of offshoring?<br />

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48. A study into the likely impact of increased automation<br />

49. A study into conflicts generated within multinational<br />

<strong>50</strong>. Does business management need to change significantly<br />

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dba research proposal topics

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Our DBA generates pioneering research, valuable knowledge and leading insights into the rapidly evolving world of modern business. Study a professional doctoral degree that enhances executive and professional practice.

At a glance

  • One of only eleven programmes globally to have gained the prestigious AMBA accreditation
  • Choose from a range of DBA research topics
  • Take part in activities run by our Research Centres
  • Develop your competency to undertake research
  • Gain the advantage of engaging with supervisors right from the beginning and throughout every stage of the programme
  • In-country support for South African students

The DBA programme contributes to the research excellence of Henley Business School and theses produced receive commendations from accrediting bodies and examiners alike. Candidates include prestigious competition winners and the quality of the research is regularly praised as being of the highest quality, by scholars with global reputations in their fields. DBA research students are members of our School structure and are encouraged to take part in the Business School’s research centre activities. By conducting original research in their specialist area, candidates are able to further their careers and build expertise to contribute towards growing competitive advantage and differentiating themselves in the marketplace.

What is a DBA?

The Henley DBA is a part-time professional doctoral degree with an international scope and reputation. The programme is designed to enhance executive and professional practice. This is through the application of sound theory and rigorous research into real and complex issues in business and management.

It enhances the capability to develop and apply knowledge and theory, and a key element of the DBA is a programme of Personal Development in the context of rigorous and relevant research.

The Henley DBA will enable you to:

  • Develop a sound understanding of the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of your chosen area of research into business and management.
  • Have a detailed understanding of applicable techniques for research and advanced academic and management enquiry.
  • Create and interpret knowledge through original research. Enhance both your performance as a reflective practitioner and your professional practice.
  • Develop personal competences to undertake rigorous research at an advanced level. Also, to contribute to theory and practice in business and management.

Who should consider a DBA?

The programme will be of particular benefit to experienced senior executives, consultants, management educators and business school academics.

A DBA from Henley will enhance professional capability and credibility. You will develop networks and provide a firm foundation for further career development, or a major career move. Employers benefit from supporting candidates for the DBA by attracting, developing and retaining key talent and building knowledge for competitive advantage.

DBA and PhDs: Equal but different

The DBA has both rigour and relevance as it contributes to theory and practice in business and management. The DBA typically focuses on research ‘in’ organisations rather than research ‘on’ organisations and is often cross-disciplinary.

Programme Structure Open

The Henley DBA has two distinct stages:

Stage 1 – completion of five compulsory modules:

  • Introduction to Academic Research
  • Introduction to Research Design and Methodology
  • Introduction to Qualitative Techniques
  • Introduction to Quantitative Techniques
  • Completing your Research - Contribution and Impact
  • Personal Development

The first five modules are to be completed within the first 18 months of the programme. Each module has mandatory workshops, normally held on campus in Henley-on-Thames, UK. Whilst the first workshop must be attended in-person, it may be possible to join the other workshops remotely, on request. Each module has a number of assessed assignments.

There are also additional optional modules available via the Graduate School, for example, Advanced Qualitative Methods, Understanding Management and Financial Research, International Business and International Human Resource Management and Long Run Development of International Business Theory. Please note that these modules are subject to change.

Confirmation of Registration – a formal milestone to be completed around Month 18-36 into the DBA.

  • Further developing own research area
  • Personal Action Research Project
  • Doctoral thesis (including a viva voce examination).

Support and Supervision

Core support.

The overall academic content and quality of your programme will be led by the Director of the DBA Programme. The Doctoral Programme Team will support you throughout the process through to graduation.

In joining, you will gain access to the Henley Business School library which has extensive facilities for undertaking research. This includes journals, textbooks, newspapers and online resources, plus previous doctoral theses and research articles. In addition to the physical Libraries at the Greenlands and Whiteknights campuses, you will also be able to access the Online Library via the Business School website. You will have full-text access to thousands of journal articles, company financial data and market research reports.


Throughout the research process, you will have support and guidance from two supervisors. They will guide you through the research process to submission of the thesis for examination at the viva.

Research Topics Open

There are a number of DBA research topics across the various academic disciplines at Henley Business School. These have been organised by research areas. Only proposals that align with one of the categories below will be considered.

Research areas

  • Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting
  • Finance (ICMA Centre)
  • Management (International Business and Strategy)
  • Management (Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour)
  • Management (Marketing and Reputation)
  • Real Estate & Planning

When writing your research proposal, please indicate at the top of the proposal to which topic/faculty member (where applicable) your research outline corresponds, and include your name .

Fees & funding Open

2024/2025 dba fees.

*10% discount for University of Reading alumni for Year 1 and Year 2

**10% discount for applicants with full exemption from taught element (including Henley MSc Business and Management Research graduates) for Year 1 and Year 2.

Applicants may be eligible to apply for funding/student loans:

Doctoral loans – Doctoral and Researcher College (reading.ac.uk)

Student Finance GOV.UK (or please check information in your country of residence)

How to apply Open

Entry requirements.

If you are seeking to enter the DBA programme, you'll normally be expected to hold a Masters degree in the broad area of business or management, together with at least five years' relevant experience.

To apply for the Henley DBA please complete the online application form and provide the required documents. You will need to include one business reference and one academic reference. You will also need to provide a Research Proposal detailing your DBA research topic (2000-3000 words). You should consult the Research Proposal Notes document before writing the Research Proposal and must select a topic from one of the areas shown on the Academic Areas page, as these are the areas of expertise within the Business School.

Please indicate on your Research Proposal under which topic/faculty member (where applicable) your research falls (and include your name) . Topics not listed on the Academic Areas webpages will not be considered.

Alumni Talk Open

Please click on the DBA alumni clips below to further understand why undertaking a DBA at Henley Business School may be right for you and your career.

Dr Sharon Varney

Director of organisational consulting and research practice.

Dr Sharon Varney is a specialist in developing people and organisations. She works at a strategic level and engages at a very human level. Her doctoral research applied complexity theory to explore organisational change and its leadership. Sharon now uses that research to help leaders discover emerging organisational patterns in the midst of change.

Dr Kathryn Hall Newton

“As a branding strategist, I now have a unique point of difference in the marketplace. I am able to add value to branding strategy and marketing research because I have gained leading edge academic insight and rigour through the DBA program which I can combine with my traditional brand management work experience.”

Dr Ben Van Den Assem

Consultant and researcher.

“The DBA has opened up different avenues to explore given my theoretical and practical experience…which positions me well for my next consultancy piece.”

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or by phone.

Visit the South African support office website for Henley's UK DBA.

For the South African support office, please contact Professor Danie Petzer by email.

“My Henley experience has been such an incredible one, right through from the admission process to my current DBA stage. The learning curve has been smooth due to the awesome learning support. ”
“Pursuing a DBA with Henley Business School is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has provided me with invaluable knowledge, skills, and connections, supported by an in-depth personal development journey. ”
“My DBA experience was extraordinary, in terms of the learning whilst opening up my world to vast opportunities that allowed me to have a real impact in my career while aligning my passion with purpose.”

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Digital Commons @ George Fox University


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Analyzing the Effect of Sponsorship Disclosure on Social Media Influencer Contribution to Engagement in the Test and Measurement Industry , Todd B. Baker

Moral Virtues: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of National Culture on Integrity , Andrew I. Ellestad

The Barriers to Active and Experiential Learning in Accounting Education , Elizabeth Holbrook

Phenomenological Study of African American Female Partners in Top U.S. Corporate Law Firms , Tony Kelly

Career Shock and Voluntary Turnover Intention among Current Employees in the Public Sector , Charlena Miller

Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy, and the Perceived Employability of Traditional Undergraduate Business Students in a Private Midwest Educational Institution , Michele Ryan

Effect of Black- or White-Sounding Name and Impact of Intergroup Contact with Black Individuals on Auditor Judgments , Vanessa J. Tijerina

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Young Adults Who Save for Retirement: A Grounded Theory Study of the Decision-Making Process , Chad Greenwood

How do People Justify not Paying their Taxes? A Study on Moral Disengagement and Tax Evasion , Grace M. Hufff

Identity Work in Aspiring Big 4 Accounting Practice Leaders: Narratives of Personal Reinvention , Michael H. Kinnen

The Impact of Workplace Mentoring on Meaningful Work for People With Workplace Anxiety in the Insurance Industry , Susan L. Nelson

The Impact of Digital Marketing Tactics on the Recruitment of Domestic First-Generation College Students in the Southwest United States , Noelle Seybert

Exploring the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Workplace Violence , Jared W. Snow

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Onboarding Autism Employees in Technology Industry , Heung-For Cheng

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Practices on Brand Trust and Purchase Intention in the Wine Industry , Sarah L. Cooley

A New Model of Opportunity Recognition: Linking Individual Agency, Entrepreneurial Action, and the Innovation Process , Eva M. Fast

Financial Literacy and Behavior in Credit Unions: An Exploration of Member Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior in the Credit Union Model , Peter R. Fisher

Predicting the Financial Vulnerability of U.S. Public Charities: A Test of the Tuckman-Chang Model , Alesha L. Graves

The Strategic Response of Nonprofits to Institutional Pressures: An Intellectual Capital , Mario L. Hicks

Ethical Attitudes of Accounting Faculty and Public Accountants , James Karan

An Analysis of the Impact of an Influencer's Perceived Trustworthiness and Content Quality on Their Follower's Travel Intent , Josh C. McNair

Remote Working and Open Offices: A Phenomenological Study of the Factors Impacting Employee Productivity , Frank Murphy

Rural Coopetition: A Consumer Perspective of Marketing Activities Involving SMEs , Cassandra A. Ritzen

Consumer Behavior and Ad-Evoked Effects in Native Ads: The Role of Congruence and Brand Familiarity , Steven Rydin

The Influence of Type of Implicit EWOM on Purchase Intention , Michael H. Starr

U.S. Marine Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars Diagnosed with PTSD: Perceived Employment Barriers Faced by Marines with PTSD Upon Discharge , Marlon G. Ware

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

The Relationship Among Generational Cohorts, Tenure, Job Categories, and Employee Readiness for Organizational Change in a Healthcare Environment: A Quantitative Study , Jerry S. K. Adatsi

Electronic Health Records: Influencing Performance at Critical Access Hospitals , John Bennett

Millennial Students’ Awareness of Retirement Issues, Their Retirement Preparedness and Future Expectations , Krzysztof P. Bryniuk

Assessing the Impact of Transition from Rules-based to Principles-based Accounting in the Recognition of Revenue: A Study of Public Companies listed in the Russell 3000 Index that Elected the Full Retrospective Method of Accounting , Foday Y. Deen-Conteh

The Impact of Buyer Needs on Perceived Trade Show Effectiveness , RJ Fryan

Self-Determination Theory and Pharmaceutical Salespeople: Does Motivational Orientation of U.S.-Based Pharmaceutical Salespeople Influence Sales Performance? , Brandon Gilbert

A Cord of Three: A Phenomenological Study of Linkages in Interdenominational Interactions in Northwest Wyoming as Informed Through Network and Social Exchange Theories , Timothy N. Gray

Management Succession in a Two-Family-Owned Business: A Case Study , Dwight D. Ham

Factors Motivating Leaders to Volunteer: An Examination of Volunteer Leadership in Long-term Post-Acute Care , Christian Allen Mason

Happiness at Work: A Phenomenological Investigation of Clinic Managers , Jorge Melendez

Can Trait Emotional Intelligence Variables of Well-Being, Self-Control, Emotionality, and Sociability Individually or Collectively Predict a Software Development Engineer's Creativity? , Mwoyondishe Jonathan Mvududu

Job Satisfaction Among Faculty Members at CCCU Institutions , Heather C. Vaccaro

Sticker Price Elasticity as Predictor of Tuition Reset Success: A Quantitative Approach , Robert F. Van Cleef

A Narrative Analysis of Virtue Ethics Among Accounting Professors , Gibran N. Zogbi

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Leading Change: Examining the Relationships between Leadership Style, Organizational Culture and Change Readiness in Christian Universities of the State of Oregon , Dale Seipp Jr.

Doctorum Reciproco: Multi-Generational Professionals and Their Sentimentality Towards Reciprocity , Sal Villegas

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Dissertations from 2013 2013

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Dissertations from 2012 2012

Exploring the background and motivations of social entrepreneurs , Timothy A. Lucas

Dissertations from 2011 2011

Organizational culture and brand : A grounded theory assessment of employees' enablement to live the brand at a best place to work , Tyler Laird Magee

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Business Administration Dissertation Topics (29 Examples) For Research

Mark May 28, 2020 Jun 5, 2020 Business , Business Administration No Comments

The field of business administration is different and encompasses the mannerism of different institutions. The field covers everything from human resources to financial accounting to managing customer services and marketing and promotions. As the field has emerged with time, it offers researchers with areas for research. We have prepared a list of some of the […]

business administration dissertation topics

The field of business administration is different and encompasses the mannerism of different institutions. The field covers everything from human resources to financial accounting to managing customer services and marketing and promotions. As the field has emerged with time, it offers researchers areas for research.

We have prepared a list of some of the most interesting business administration dissertation topics. You can select any business administration dissertation topic or research topics on business administration according to your area of interest. Our team of professional writers can help in developing proposals on your selected research topics on business administration, project topics on business administration, and research topics on business administration.

A list Of Business Administration Dissertation Topics

An analysis of the business management practices in the global world reviewing the opportunities and challenges.

Examining the development initiatives in the context of micro-enterprise performance and sustainability.

Evaluation of the entrepreneurial skills and growth of SMEs: a comparative analysis.

An analysis of the research agenda on open innovation and entrepreneurship: a co-word analysis.

A literature review on different innovative business models and their impact.

Studying the determinants of innovative performance in the service industry.

Evaluation of the impact of marketing innovation on the competitiveness of enterprises in the context of the food industry.

An analysis of the effect of business partnership and innovation management to business performance.

A review of the literature on digitalisation, innovation, and sustainable practices – past achievements and future promises.

Studying and comparing the proposed themes and potential ideas for business plan.

A study of the relationship between business and sustainability.

Exploring the concepts of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility conducting a bibliometric analysis.

Examining the themes of entrepreneurship discourse.

An analysis of the importance of sustainability innovation in the context of small businesses.

A study of the confronting gap between motivation and capacity.

Studying the relevance of advancing technology and artificial intelligence in a business context.

Analysing the cloud computing research by studying the themes, frameworks, and methods.

To study the product-service systems business models for circular supply chains.

Identifying human resource management factors in international mergers and acquisitions.

Exploring the impact of high-performance human resources practices on in-role and innovative job performance.

An evaluation of the ethical dilemma related to employee recruitment outsourcing.

Studying the impact of e-recruitment of effectiveness of HR departments in multinational corporations.

A study on digitalisation and its influence on business model innovation.

Examining the branding in the digital age based on innovation and responsibility.

Analysing the impact of digitalisation on the speed of internationalisation.

Studying the effects of modern office technology on management practices.

An analysis of the current and future technologies on relationship marketing.

Exploring the macroeconomic factors that influence business practices.

A content analysis of the strategic management studies in the last 10 years.

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  • Key literature resources identification.
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Best (DBA) Doctor of Business Administration Thesis Topics

3 characteristics of good & interesting  dba thesis  topics .

When selecting a topic for a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) research thesis project , it's important to choose a topic that exhibits certain characteristics to ensure it's an interesting topic that is both quality and relevant. Here are three key characteristics of a good DBA thesis project topic:

01. Significance and Novelty: Interesting topics should address a significant problem or research gap in the field. It should contribute to existing knowledge and provide novel insights or solutions to the challenges faced in business administration. The topic should be relevant to the current trends and advancements in research and align with the needs and interests of organizations and researchers in the field.

02. Practical Relevance and Applicability: A good DBA topic should have practical relevance and applicability in real-world scenarios. It should address issues or concerns that DBAs encounter in their professional roles. By focusing on practical aspects, the research findings and outcomes can directly benefit organizations, users, or the broader DBA community. The topic should have the potential to offer practical recommendations, guidelines, or solutions that can be implemented in administrative environments.

03. Research Depth and Scope:  Great topics should allow for in-depth research and analysis. It should provide opportunities to explore the topic from various perspectives, such as theoretical, technical, or empirical. The topic should be broad enough to encompass multiple research dimensions, allowing the researcher to delve into specific sub-topics, methodologies, or comparative analyses. It should also be manageable within the scope and timeframe of a thesis project, ensuring that the research objectives can be accomplished effectively.

Key considerations to avoid when developing your topic for a DBA thesis

Choosing a topic for a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) thesis is a pivotal step in a scholar's academic journey, requiring careful consideration and strategic planning. While identifying a compelling and relevant research question is crucial, it's equally important to be aware of common pitfalls that can hinder the process. It is good to understand the essential aspects to avoid when developing a DBA thesis topic, aiming to guide future researchers toward a successful and impactful research endeavor.

  • Overly Broad or Vague Topics: Selecting a topic that is too broad can lead to a lack of focus and make the research process overwhelming. It's important to narrow down the topic to a specific issue or question that can be thoroughly explored within the scope of a DBA program.
  • Ignoring Feasibility and Data Availability: A common mistake is choosing a topic without considering the feasibility of conducting the research or the availability of necessary data. Ensuring access to relevant data sources and resources is crucial for a successful thesis.
  • Overlooking Practical Implications: A DBA thesis should not only contribute to academic knowledge but also have practical applications in the business world. Avoid topics that lack relevance to current business practices or fail to address real-world problems.
  • Disregarding Personal Interest and Expertise: Engagement and motivation are key to sustaining the long-term commitment required for a DBA thesis. Avoid selecting a topic solely based on trends or external advice if it doesn't align with personal interests or areas of expertise.
  • Neglecting Scope and Scalability: A well-defined scope is critical for a manageable and coherent thesis. Avoid topics that are too ambitious or cannot be adequately addressed within the constraints of the program.

By steering clear of these pitfalls, DBA candidates can refine their research topics to ensure they are focused, feasible, ethically sound, and aligned with both academic and practical objectives. This strategic approach not only facilitates a smoother research process but also enhances the potential impact and relevance of the final thesis within the business community.

Our experts have the capability and expertise to assist scholars like you in generating a good thesis topic for their Doctor of Business Administration research. We have vast creativity and professionalism. You can be sure that you will have a well-developed DBA thesis project research topic after working with us. We do not stop there; we also offer research writing help. You are assured that the ideas we give you will be 100% plagiarism-free because they are written from scratch. We have strict policies concerning the privacy of the information you give us. Only you and the writer assigned to help you can access it. Unlike many untrustworthy companies that resell your copy to other scholars, with us you will have original work. Order our DBA thesis topics writing help   cheaply from us.

DBA Dissertation Topics for Outstanding Doctoral Level Papers

The purpose of a DBA dissertation is to make a significant contribution to both academic scholarship and managerial practice. It involves conducting rigorous research using various methodologies, such as case studies , surveys, experiments, or mixed-method approaches, to analyze a specific issue or phenomenon in-depth. The dissertation should provide insights that can inform decision-making, strategy formulation, or organizational change within the business context.

A DBA dissertation topic often emerges from the candidate's research interests, expertise, and industry relevance. These topics can cover a wide range of areas within business administration, such as strategic management, organizational behavior, leadership, marketing, finance, operations management, or entrepreneurship . The selected topic should align with the candidate's career goals and enable them to contribute meaningfully to their field of expertise. Overall, a dissertation topic represents a significant research endeavor aimed at generating practical insights, advancing managerial knowledge, and enhancing organizational performance. It showcases the candidate's ability to apply rigorous research methods and academic rigor to address real-world challenges, making a valuable contribution to both academia and the business community. Indeed, the process of selecting DBA dissertation topics can be both challenging and rewarding and so, by following these steps and principles, you can navigate this journey with confidence and emerge with a topic that not only aligns with your interests but also contributes significantly to the field of business administration.

An Interesting Topic Helps One Write a Great DBA Dissertation

We know that you have made a lot of effort to go the extra mile by enrolling in a Doctor of Business Administration course. We understand that you desire to get extensive skills in managerial roles. However, you might have gotten stuck now that you need to do a dissertation project to accomplish your course. You can obtain assistance with the latest DBA topic ideas from our firm. We aim to partner with you in your success, by enabling you to create the best topic for your project. We have vast skills in developing research topic ideas for scholars undertaking DBA courses. Our doctoral-level dissertation research professionals have vast experience and knowledge in DBA. We only assign your order to professionals who have undertaken DBA courses and have experience in writing quality DBA research paper topic ideas. We know that you can develop a great research idea by yourself but you may have limited time to do so. This is especially true if you are working and at the same time undertaking your course. You don’t have to worry thou. All you need to do is to post to us “I need help with creating the best dissertation topic ideas in DBA” and you shall get an immediate response. Our experts will give you the customized research aid that you need. We guarantee you that you will be glad that you decided to partner with our research writers.

How to Avoid Struggling with Dissertation Topics: Students Guide

The journey of selecting a DBA dissertation topic doesn't have to be a most complicated exercise or experience. By taking the time to reflect on your own passions, examining the existing literature, and collaborating with advisors and peers, you can refine your focus and ensure that your chosen topic is both meaningful and research-worthy. As you focus into your chosen area of study, always remember to stay updated with the latest developments and trends. Researching, consulting experts like ourselves or subscribing to academic journals will keep you well-informed and open up new avenues for exploration in your research. 

Additionally, don't underestimate the power of seeking professional opinion and guidance from experts in your field. This is where the insights and suggestions of our DBA writers & tutors help you shape your research direction and make it more impactful.

Also, remain flexible throughout the process. It's okay to adjust your topic as you study deeper into your research and gain a better understanding of the gaps of your chosen field. 

A list of DBA Dissertation Topics in Education, Leadership & Strategy; 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) offers professionals an excellent opportunity to contribute to their fields through rigorous research. Choosing a dissertation topic is a critical step in this journey, as it not only defines the scope of one's research but also aligns with personal interests and future career objectives. The year 2024 brings new challenges and opportunities in the realms of education, leadership, and strategy, making these fields ripe for exploration.

Below is a selected list of DBA dissertation project topics designed to spark innovative research and provide insights into complex issues facing today's business leaders and educators. Whether the focus is on the integration of technology in education, the dynamics of leadership in turbulent times, or the strategic maneuvers of global businesses, each topic offers a pathway to significant academic and practical contributions.

  • Analyzing the impact of digital transformation on the operational and educational strategies of higher education institutions.
  • Comparative study on the outcomes of students in online learning versus traditional classroom settings.
  • Exploring the relationship between leadership styles in academic institutions and their effects on faculty morale and student success.
  • Assessment of sustainability initiatives within business school curricula and their influence on student and community engagement.
  • Evaluating the impact of experiential learning on developing entrepreneurial skills in business students.
  • Investigating strategies for enhancing diversity and inclusion at the executive level across different industries.
  • Examining the role of transformational leadership in leveraging technology to boost employee productivity.
  • Case study analysis of effective leadership during global business disruptions and crises.
  • Researching the effects of ethical leadership on corporate governance and social responsibility practices.
  • Impact assessment of leadership development programs on career progression and leadership style evolution.
  • Evaluating corporate strategies aimed at combating climate change and their business outcomes.
  • Exploring strategic decision-making in agile organizations and its impact on maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Long-term effects of mergers and acquisitions on innovation and organizational culture.
  • Analyzing the challenges and opportunities for multinational companies in emerging markets of Africa and Asia.
  • Effectiveness of AI and machine learning in developing digital marketing strategies targeting consumer behavior.

 DBA Research Topics: Interesting Business Topics 2024

Latest dba topics & sample research ideas to consider.

Here are some latest and most recent samples of (Doctor of Business Administration) research topics for DBA 2024 and beyond, to consider for a postgraduate thesis or research project. You may consider these as well as useful  samples when searching for  DBA research proposal topics online. It is important to seek approval for your topic before settling on any.

  • The Role of Data Analytics in Enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategies: A Comparative Study in the Retail Industry:  This research topic investigates how data analytics techniques, such as predictive modeling, machine learning, and sentiment analysis, can be leveraged to optimize customer relationship management strategies in the retail sector. The study aims to identify the most effective data-driven approaches for enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability, comparing different CRM practices and their outcomes.
  • Investigating the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Financial Performance: A Longitudinal Analysis of Global Companies:  This DBA research title explores the relationship between corporate social responsibility initiatives and financial performance across a diverse sample of global companies. By analyzing financial data and CSR metrics over an extended period, the study aims to provide insights into the long-term impact of CSR on various financial indicators, such as profitability, shareholder value, and risk management.
  • Examining the Influence of Leadership Styles on Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance: A Cross-Industry Analysis: This is one of the research topics for a  DBA  project in 2024 that investigates the relationship between leadership styles (e.g., transformational, transactional, laissez-faire) and their impact on employee engagement and organizational performance. By analyzing survey data and performance metrics across different industries, the study aims to identify the most effective leadership styles that foster employee motivation, commitment, and productivity.
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Strategies in Emerging Markets: A Case Study of the E-commerce Industry in Southeast Asia: This DBA topic examines the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies in driving customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion rates within the rapidly growing e-commerce market of Southeast Asia. By conducting interviews and analyzing marketing data, the study aims to identify the key success factors, challenges, and best practices for implementing digital marketing campaigns in emerging markets.
  • I nvestigating the Role of Innovation in Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Comparative Analysis of Manufacturing Companies : This is one of the interesting business topics that explores how innovative practices and technologies can contribute to achieving sustainability objectives within manufacturing supply chains. By conducting case studies and analyzing supply chain data, the study aims to identify innovative approaches, such as green logistics, circular economy principles, and eco-design, that can enhance environmental performance while maintaining operational efficiency and profitability.

DBA topics often focus on interdisciplinary aspects, combining insights from various fields such as management , economics, marketing , finance, organizational behavior , and innovation. The research may explore both theoretical frameworks and practical applications, aiming to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world business challenges.

The Best Ways Scholars can Defend their DBA Research Topics

Defending a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) research topic effectively is a crucial step for scholars. This defense not only demonstrates the relevance and rigor of the proposed research but also ensures the feasibility and potential impact of the study. Here are some strategies scholars can employ to robustly defend their DBA research project topics:

  • Demonstrate Relevance: Clearly link your research topic to current business trends and theoretical gaps in academic literature.
  • Show Feasibility: Detail the availability of necessary resources and the appropriateness of your chosen research methodology.
  • Highlight Originality: Emphasize the innovative aspects and significant contributions your research will make to the field of business administration.
  • Establish Personal Competence: Showcase your relevant background, skills, and the supportive network of mentors and advisors aiding your research.
  • Present Potential Impact: Discuss the practical implementations and academic enhancements that your research aims to provide.
  • Prepare for Objections: Identify potential criticisms of your research and prepare adaptive, well-reasoned responses.
  • Use Clear and Confident Communication: Ensure clarity and confidence in your presentation to effectively communicate your research proposal.
  • Engage the Audience: Foster an interactive discussion and maintain professionalism to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your research topic.

By employing these strategies, DBA candidates can effectively defend their research topics, showcasing their preparedness to undertake significant academic work that contributes valuable knowledge and practical insights to the field of business administration.

The research process typically involves a systematic review of relevant literature , the development of research questions or hypotheses, choice of the right research methodology, data collection, and DBA project data analysis , and the formulation of conclusions and recommendations. DBA research often emphasizes the application of research findings in practical settings, aiming to create actionable insights that can drive organizational improvement, innovation, and strategic decision-making. DBA research topics are often driven by the desire to address gaps in existing knowledge, challenge conventional wisdom, and propose innovative solutions to complex business problems. The research outcomes may be published in academic journals, presented at conferences, and shared with industry practitioners to stimulate further discussion, debate, and practical application.

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Sample Doctorate in Business Administration Research Topics –Areas

Doctorate in business administration research topics in leadership:.

Leadership is integral to every organization, driving its direction, culture, and results. Here are seven in-depth examples of research topics in leadership:

  • Transformational Leadership and Employee Performance: Explore the correlation between transformational leadership styles and the levels of employee productivity and satisfaction. This could involve measuring the impact of inspirational motivation, idealized influence, and individualized consideration on workforce performance.
  • Leadership in Diverse Workplaces: Assess the specific challenges and strategies employed by leaders managing multicultural teams. The research could consider various diversity factors such as ethnicity, gender, age, and professional background.
  • Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility: Examine how leaders who prioritize ethics influence their organization's commitment to sustainable business practices. The research could study companies known for ethical leadership and their CSR initiatives.
  • Leadership and Organizational Change: This topic could investigate the role of leadership in facilitating change, overcoming resistance, and achieving successful transformations in organizations.
  • The Impact of Leadership Styles on Organizational Culture: Research how different leadership styles shape organizational culture, affecting aspects like collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement.
  • Leadership and Employee Retention : Consider how leadership behaviors and policies influence employee turnover rates, focusing on elements like communication, recognition, and career progression opportunities.
  • Women in Leadership Roles and Corporate Performance: Analyze the impact of female leadership on corporate performance, possibly studying variables such as financial results, employee satisfaction, and innovation levels.

Sample DBA Research Topic Ideas in Strategy

Strategy forms the roadmap for business sustainability and growth. Here are seven detailed examples of research topics in strategy:

  • Corporate Strategy and Competitive Advantage: Investigate the relationship between an organization's corporate strategy and its ability to maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Innovation Strategies and Business Performance: Assess the extent to which innovation-driven strategies contribute to business performance improvements. This could involve examining different types of innovation, like product, process, and organizational innovation.
  • Strategic Planning in SMEs: Analyze the role of strategic planning in the survival, growth, and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. The research could also examine barriers to strategic planning in SMEs.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy and Market Success: Study companies that have implemented Blue Ocean strategies, creating new market spaces, and evaluate their success rates.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy: Evaluate the effectiveness of M&As as a strategic growth choice, including its impact on financial performance and market position.
  • Sustainability Strategies and Corporate Reputation: Research how the adoption of sustainability strategies influences a company's reputation and brand image.
  • Digital Transformation Strategies in Traditional Industries: Analyze the strategies used by traditional industries to adapt to the digital era and their subsequent market performance.

Examples of DBA Topics for Education Research

Business education equips future business leaders with the necessary skills to excel. Here are seven in-depth examples of research topics in business education:

  • E-Learning and Business Education: Evaluate the impact of e-learning on the effectiveness and accessibility of business education. This could also involve comparing e-learning outcomes with traditional classroom-based learning.
  • The Role of Business Simulations in Business Education: Examine the effectiveness of business simulations as a pedagogical tool in enhancing understanding of business concepts and theories.
  • The Influence of Business Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions: Study how business education, particularly courses on entrepreneurship, affects students' intentions to start their own businesses.
  • Curriculum Development in Business Education: Analyze the evolution of business education curricula in response to the changing business environment, particularly the digital revolution and increased emphasis on sustainability.
  • International Business Education and Cultural Intelligence: Assess how international business education programs contribute to developing cultural intelligence among students, a crucial skill in today's globalized world.
  • Business Education and Ethics: Investigate how business ethics is taught in business schools and its impact on students' moral decision-making.
  • Work-Integrated Learning in Business Education: Evaluate the benefits and challenges of integrating practical work experiences, like internships and cooperative education, into business curriculums.

Doctorate in Business Administration Topics in Project Management:

Project management is crucial for delivering organizational objectives. Here are seven detailed examples of research topics in project management :

  • Agile Project Management and Product Quality: Assess the impact of Agile methodologies on product quality and customer satisfaction. This could involve comparing Agile projects with those using traditional project management methodologies.
  • Project Management in Virtual Teams: Investigate the challenges and best practices of managing projects where team members are geographically dispersed.
  • The Role of Risk Management in Project Success: Examine how effective risk management contributes to project success, focusing on aspects like risk identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) and Organizational Effectiveness: Analyze the role of the PMO in enhancing project success rates and overall organizational effectiveness.
  • Green Project Management and Sustainability: Research the adoption and effectiveness of green project management practices in promoting environmental sustainability.
  • The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Project Management Success: Study how project managers' emotional intelligence influences project outcomes, including team morale, stakeholder satisfaction, and project results.
  • Project Management Methodologies in IT Projects: Evaluate the effectiveness of different project management methodologies, like Waterfall and Scrum, in the context of IT projects.

Pursuing a DBA offers a valuable opportunity to deepen your understanding of complex business issues. By selecting a relevant, impactful research topic, you'll contribute to your field's knowledge and bolster your professional credibility. By helping you choose a relevant, impactful topic, we set the foundation for your research success. 

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  1. Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics

    dba research proposal topics

  2. Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics

    dba research proposal topics

  3. (PDF) DBA Research Proposal Version Seven (1)

    dba research proposal topics

  4. DBA Research Proposal Sample by PhD Thesis Online

    dba research proposal topics

  5. Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics

    dba research proposal topics

  6. Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics

    dba research proposal topics


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  6. Proposal 101: What Is A Research Topic?


  1. How to write a strong DBA research proposal

    Your proposal should be roughly five pages long. This allows us to understand the feasibility of your research as well as allowing better matching with potential supervisors. You should attach the proposal, along with your CV, to your application. We will be unable to assess your application if the research proposal is not attached and this may ...

  2. PDF The Salford DBA Guidance on Writing a DBA Research Proposal

    What is a DBA proposal? A DBA proposal is an outline of your proposed research that is designed to: Formulate and define a clear, interesting research question; this may take the form of a hypothesis to be tested, or an open-ended enquiry related to your work base. Establish the relevance and value of the proposed research question in the ...

  3. PDF A Guide to Writing your Doctor of Business Administration Research Proposal

    constructing your proposal. What you write in your proposal is provisional and in outline form, presented with the aim of giving the reader a view of the potential of the proposed research. The Purpose of the Research Proposal . Your research proposal for the DBA has a number of important jobs to do, and these are summarised here.

  4. 5 Topics For A DBA Dissertation

    Here are five hot topics to consider for a DBA dissertation. 1. Global Business Politics. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. As more businesses explore international opportunities, the need to adapt to a global marketplace is pressing. It is not merely a question of understanding different markets, but it is necessary to look at ...

  5. The DBA Dissertation Guidebook: The steps toward writing your DBA

    The foreseen time-frame for writing a DBA dissertation. is four years, but it all depends on different variables; (1) time dedicated to the project; (2) time for the researc h. needed; (3) ab ...

  6. Global DBA

    You can use the suggested structure shared below for your Global DBA research proposal. Keep in mind, you are free use a different structure as long as you have a clear research problem, research aim, literature review, and research methodology. We will be looking at the topic-specific issues you present and evaluating your academic skills ...

  7. PDF Methods and Tools for Completing Doctor of Business Administration (DBA

    Figure 1-2: The funnel-shaped design of the research question Figure 1-3: Simplified design for a three-step DBA thesis Figure 1-4: Evaluation process for DBA thesis projects Figure 1-5: The three-step method for the DBA project Figure 2-1: Example of a Boolean search Figure 2-2: Example of open data application from the French Government

  8. PDF Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation Manual

    DBA research focuses on solving the problems in the industry/organizations innovatively and relevance to the needs of the organization. In this manual, some basic guidelines are discussed in order to provide better understanding about ... Initial proposal of the proposed topic: Approach the potential supervisor; 1) From UTM IBS 2) From Industry ...

  9. Introduction to Writing the DBA Doctoral Study

    Next, as students begin preparing to write, they should review the materials related to the DBA Docstudy document and process provided on the Office of Research and Doctoral Services website. This page contains resources for writing the prospectus, proposal, and final study.

  10. PDF Exploring Possibilities for DBA Research April 2011

    For example, the research skills base and data access possibilities may be much more limited for a DBA researcher compared to leading research drawn on in the DBA literature review, the latter may involve teams of extremely experienced researchers with complementary skills, significant grant support, and excellent data access possibilities.

  11. Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics

    Within a business unit, can effective entrepreneurship be<br />. 24. Climate change - how businesses can profit from it<br />. 25. Business integrity - a need or an option<br />. 26. Emerging economies - the effects of government and<br />. 27. Performance and organizational growth - main issues<br />.

  12. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

    You will also need to provide a Research Proposal detailing your DBA research topic (2000-3000 words). You should consult the Research Proposal Notes document before writing the Research Proposal and must select a topic from one of the areas shown on the Academic Areas page, as these are the areas of expertise within the Business School.

  13. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

    Theses/Dissertations from 2023. PDF. Analyzing the Effect of Sponsorship Disclosure on Social Media Influencer Contribution to Engagement in the Test and Measurement Industry, Todd B. Baker. PDF. Moral Virtues: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of National Culture on Integrity, Andrew I. Ellestad. PDF. The Barriers to Active and Experiential ...

  14. PhDs in Business & Management: Five Hot Research Topics

    Here, course leaders identify five of the most in-demand areas of business research. 1. Managing technology & innovation. "Management of innovation and technology is of particular importance right now," says Sabatier. "Questions about R&D, strategy and business models, and innovation are very important both from a theoretical and ...

  15. (PDF) DBA Research Proposal Version Seven (1)

    Original Research Article The study aimed to achieve two main objectives. First, it sought to assess the effect of COVID-19 on the social wellbeing of people of Teso sub-region.

  16. Business Administration Dissertation Topics (29 Examples) For Research

    A list Of Business Administration Dissertation Topics. An analysis of the business management practices in the global world reviewing the opportunities and challenges. Examining the development initiatives in the context of micro-enterprise performance and sustainability. Evaluation of the entrepreneurial skills and growth of SMEs: a ...

  17. DBA Research Topics For Dissertations & Thesis Projects

    Latest DBA Topics & Sample Research Ideas to Consider. Here are some latest and most recent samples of (Doctor of Business Administration) research topics for DBA 2024 and beyond, to consider for a postgraduate thesis or research project. You may consider these as well as useful samples when searching for DBA research proposal topics online. It ...

  18. PDF Research Proposal DBA Guidelines 2021

    The research proposal should be written in a fluent text (essay format) of approx. 1500 words and it should contain ca. 15 references to academic literature (Management or business reviews, practitioners' journals, academic papers, etc.). Please highlight the following key points in your research proposal: Your personal objectives.

  19. PDF DBA Research Proposal

    The research proposal is a crucial part of the selection process, however, the content and direction may change over time as you begin the research process. Indeed, this is often expected of thesis research. Contact Details: DBA Programme Manager: Dr Sarah Carr Otago Business School University of Otago PO Box 56 Dunedin 9054 New Zealand Tel ...

  20. PDF Exploring Possibilities for DBA Research

    go into Google on your PC. Click "more" on top bar. Click "scholar". Click "advanced scholar search". Enter "Saudi" and "women" where it says "with all of the words" and enter "medical profession" where it says "with the exact phrase". Click "search scholar". This brings up 103,000 hits at time of writing.

  21. Jumpstart your DBA journey with a Vlerick-proposed research project

    The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme is an opportunity for senior professionals to make an academic contribution to business and society - and gain a PhD in Business Administration from KU Leuven and Ghent University. If you have your own research topic to bring to the programme - that's fantastic.

  22. Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics

    Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics by PhD Thesis Online - Issuu. Best 50 DBA Research Proposal Topics. DBA RESEARCH PROPOSAL TOPICS. 1. An update on global business performance teams within ...

  23. 40 questions with answers in DBA

    2) Add tbuli dropwise, let stir at -78 for 1 hr. 3) Transfer the lithiated ligand via cannula to a second flask holding DBA dissolved in either toluene or 50/50 ether-pentane at -78C (second flask ...