1. Project Scope Management and Its Improtance in 2024

    case study on project scope management

  2. What is Project Scope Management and Why is it Important?

    case study on project scope management

  3. 30 Professional Project Scope Examples (& Templates)

    case study on project scope management

  4. Top 15 Project Management Case Studies with Examples

    case study on project scope management

  5. Project Scope Management Process Overview

    case study on project scope management

  6. What Is A Scope Management Plan And How To Create One?

    case study on project scope management


  1. What is Project Scope Management? Scope of Project, Definition, Importance and Example

  2. Project Scope Management

  3. Project Scope Management Overview

  4. Project Scope Statement: How to Create it on Example

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  1. Against all odds, a case study on scope and stakeholder management

    What was supposed to be an 18-month project became a 4-year effort. This case study focuses on scope, stakeholder and procurement management, highlights risk management (or the absence of it), and addresses all of the PMBOK® Guide knowledge areas including professional responsibility.

  2. Effectively Communicating Project Scope to Stakeholders: A Case Study

    Conclusion: The case study highlights the significance of effective communication and proactive scope management in project success. By implementing a structured approach to defining project scope ...

  3. Project Scope Management

    Project Scope Management. Book Editor(s): Dragan Z. Milosevic, Dragan Z. Milosevic. Search for more papers by this author. Peerasit Patanakul, ... Case Studies in Project, Program, and Organizational Project Management. Related; Information; Close Figure Viewer. Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure.

  4. Project scope management: Plan, template, and guide

    Effective project scope management involves several key steps: initiating, planning, defining, verifying, and controlling the project scope. By adhering to these steps, project managers can create a detailed project scope management plan that outlines how the scope will be defined, validated, and controlled throughout the project lifecycle.

  5. Project scope management through multiple perspectives: A critical

    Project scope management is a main function in project management process. Moreover, it is a critical function because any changes or modifications in scop ... Case Stud. Proj. Program, Organ. Proj. Manag. ... 54 - 60, 1997. Google Scholar 3. T. Williams, " Identifying Success Factors in Construction Projects: A Case Study," PAPERS, vol ...

  6. Mastering Project Scope Management: Best Practices

    Case Study: Successful Project Scope Management in a Business Company: XYZ Corporation. Project: Implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. Overview. ... Note: This is a fictional case study created for illustrative purposes. The company name, project, and details are not based on any specific real-world example. ...

  7. What Is Project Scope Management? An Overview

    Oct. 01, 2020. Author: Global Knowledge. Project Scope Management is a defined process for completing a temporary project. It is an essential element for the function of any team, ensuring maximum efficiency, eliminating unnecessary or redundant work, and keeping a team on the same page every step of the way. Project scope will also help manage ...

  8. What Is Project Scope? Scope Management Steps, Tips & Tools

    To manage the scope of the project, you have to do five things: 1. Define the Project Scope. Defining the scope of a project consists of identifying the work that'll be performed. To do so, you must first outline the main goals and objectives of the project and think about the activities required to achieve them.

  9. How Project Scope Management Can Save You Time

    1. Realistic timelines . One PwC study of more than 10,600 projects found that only 2.5% of companies complete their projects 100% successfully. The rest miss their original budget or deadline (or both!). Managing project scope will prevent you and your team from blowing past your original end date.

  10. The Essence of Scope Management in PMP Principles & Case Study

    Case Study: Navigating Project Success through Exemplary Scope Management. Background: Company XYZ, a leading tech firm, embarked on a mission to develop a cutting-edge software solution to meet ...

  11. Project Scope Management: Definition, Importance, Benefits, and ...

    Yad Senapathy, PMP May 16, 2023. Project Scope Management encompasses the process of defining, planning, monitoring, and regulating the scope of a project. It involves identifying the scope of the project, determining the deliverables, and establishing the parameters within which the project is slated to be completed.

  12. 4.4 Project Scope Management

    4.4.3 Case Study 4.1: WBS of Grocery LLC's M-Commerce Project Based on the Project Charter we developed in Chapter 3 as well as the requirements and the scope detailed in this chapter for Grocery LLC's M-Commerce Project, we can create a WBS for the mobile application as below [5] .

  13. Project Scope Management

    Planning and controlling the project scope is crucial to the success of the project. Without it, the project can easily go off track. The primary purpose of project scope management is to ensure that the required work (and only the required work) is performed to complete the project successfully. If changes in the work requirements are made, they must be controlled—that is, the scope must be ...

  14. Managing Scope Changes

    The two most commonly used methods for scope change control are: allowing continuous scope changes to occur but under the guidance of the configuration management process, and clustering all scope changes together to be accomplished later as an enhancement project. There are risks and rewards in each of these methods. The decision of when to ...

  15. Keeping the Project on Course: A Scope Management Case Study

    This case study showcases the importance of a well-defined scope and a proactive approach to scope management. By establishing a change control process, conducting impact assessments, and ...

  16. A Beginner's Guide to Scope Management

    1. Create a scope management plan. A scope management plan, typically a component of the project management plan, states how the project's scope will be defined, tracked, and controlled ...

  17. Project Scope Management

    Project Scope Management. Book Editor(s): Dragan Z. Milosevic. Search for more papers by this author. Peerasit Patanakul. ... Case Studies in Project, Program, and Organizational Project Management. Related; Information; Close Figure Viewer. Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure.

  18. Exploring Project Management Case Studies: Easy Guide

    Project management is a crucial discipline that involves the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities. Its primary goal is to meet specific project requirements by carefully planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects within defined constraints. These constraints typically include factors such as ...

  19. [PDF] Project Scope Management

    Managing the scope of a project is the most important function of a project manager. The project may be in any sphere of industrial or non-industrial activity, manufacturing or service environment, private or public enterprise, government or non-government undertaking. Effective scope management of a project also ensures the successful management of other key project management areas ...

  20. Project Management Case Studies And Lessons Learned Stakeholder Scope

    Project Management Case Studies And Lessons Learned Stakeholder Scope Knowledge Schedule Resource And Team Management Stakeholder-led Project Management 2016-09-22 Louise M. Worsley If stakeholders matter on projects, then they must make a difference to the way we plan, structure, and execute projects. This book provides a stakeholder-centric

  21. Project Management Case Studies and Lessons Learned

    Project managers who lead globally dispersed teams face unique challenges in managing project stakeholders, scope, knowledge sharing, schedules, resources, and above all team execution in a global business environment. Finding timely solutions to challenging events becomes more difficult in a global project environment. This book presents more than 80 case studies designed to help project ...

  22. Project Scope Management Case Study

    Project Scope Management Case Study (from NSW Department of Education and Training (DET)) The construction of Sydney House- an example of scope creep. The Bennelong Point Tram Depot, present on the site at the time, was demolished in 1958, and formal construction of the Opera House began in March, 1959. The project was built in three stages.

  23. Project Management Case Studies

    Title: Project management: case studies/Harold Kerzner, Ph.D. Other titles: Project management (Case studies) ... The Management Reserve 461 14 MANAGING SCOPE CHANGES 465 Denver International Airport 467 15 WA GE AND SALARY ADMINI STRATION 50 7 Photolite Corporation (A) 509 ...

  24. Top 20 Project Management Case Studies [With Examples]

    The Opera House stands as a symbol of perseverance and successful project management in the face of humankind. 2. The Airbus A380 Project. The Airbus A380 Project is a project management case study showcasing the challenges encountered during developing and producing the world's largest commercial aircraft.

  25. How to Create and Present a Project Timeline

    We can also use project management software or collaboration tools that allow team members to access and update the timeline quickly. This ensures that everyone always has the most up-to-date information. Case Study: Organizing a Charity Event with a Two-Phase Timeline Case study of a project timeline creation

  26. Construction Safety Risk Assessment of High-Pile Wharf: A Case Study in

    The complexity of the wharf components and the harshness of the offshore construction environment increase the safety risk of hazards, which has highlighted the importance and urgency of safety risk management in high-pile wharf constructions. This paper established a visualized digital construction safety risk model for high-pile wharf based on a so-called FAHP method (the combination of ...

  27. Advancing the entrepreneurship ecosystem of India: A qualitative study

    Using social cognitive theory as a guide, this research seeks to explain the perceptions of current and aspiring Indian entrepreneurs. A multiple case study approach using 19 interviews with intellectuals provided qualitative data to conduct a cross-case analysis of the two groups with the qualitative analysis software NVivo. Rare insights from current and aspiring opportunity-motivated ...