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Fictionpress Alternatives: Sites Like Fictionpress You Should Try

writing websites like fictionpress

Table of Contents

In the vast realm of the internet, numerous platforms have given birth to a thriving community of passionate writers and fervent readers. Among these platforms, fictionpress stands out as a haven for budding authors to share their literary creations with the world. Sites like fictionpress have increasingly gained popularity, offering an opportunity for writers to showcase their talent, receive feedback, and connect with like-minded individuals. These online platforms have revolutionized the way individuals consume and produce fiction, fostering a supportive environment where aspiring writers can explore their creativity, refine their skills, and embark on exhilarating journeys of self-expression.

The Best Fictionpress Alternatives That Work In 2024

1. Wattpad: Wattpad is a popular online platform where aspiring writers can share their work with a large community of readers. It offers a wide range of genres, including fiction, fantasy, romance, and more.

2. Archive of Our Own (AO3): AO3 is a site dedicated to fanfiction and original works. It hosts a vast collection of fan-created stories based on various books, movies, TV shows, and more.

3. Inkitt: Inkitt is an online platform where writers can share their stories and receive feedback from a global community of readers. It also offers opportunities for writers to publish and monetize their work.

4. Royal Road: Royal Road is known for hosting web novels, often in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and litRPG. It offers a user-friendly reading experience with options to bookmark favorite stories, provide feedback, and engage with authors and other readers.

5. Quotev: Quotev is a platform that allows users to write and share stories, poetry, quizzes, and other interactive content. It has a vibrant community where readers can connect with authors and participate in various writing challenges and competitions.

6. Swoonreads: Swoonreads is a unique platform that focuses on young adult romance novels. It allows writers to publish their manuscripts, and the community of readers rates and comments on the stories, helping determine which ones get published.

7. Smashwords: Smashwords is an e-book publishing and distribution platform where independent authors can publish and sell their works. It offers diverse and extensive categories, allowing readers to discover original stories and support emerging writers.

8. JukePop: JukePop is a platform specifically tailored for serialized fiction. Writers can publish their stories in installments, and readers can follow along, providing feedback and voting for their favorites, which may lead to publication opportunities.

9. Penana: Penana is an online platform that focuses on collaborative storytelling. Writers can collaborate with others to create stories, share their work, and receive feedback from the community, making it a great site for writers interested in collaborative writing projects.

10. Movellas: Movellas is a writing and reading site where users can share their stories, fanfiction, and poetry. It offers a supportive community where writers can receive feedback, participate in writing competitions, and connect with fellow authors.

In conclusion, sites like FictionPress play a crucial role in providing a platform for aspiring writers to showcase their creativity and connect with a wider audience. These platforms offer valuable opportunities for both new and experienced writers to receive feedback, improve their skills, and gain recognition for their work. Additionally, FictionPress fosters a sense of community among writers, allowing them to engage with like-minded individuals and learn from each other’s experiences. The availability and accessibility of these websites contribute to the democratization of literature, breaking down barriers in the publishing industry and giving everyone a chance to share their stories. As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that sites similar to FictionPress will expand their reach and continue to serve as a valuable resource for literary enthusiasts worldwide.

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writing websites like fictionpress

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writing websites like fictionpress

November 2023

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Top 10 Competitors

The top 10 sites like in november 2023 are ranked by their affinity to in terms of keyword traffic, audience targeting, and market overlap.

writing websites like fictionpress

Similarity Score

writing websites like fictionpress

fanstory has been helping writers of all skill levels since the year 2000. you can get feedback for your writing, enter writing contests, and be a part of an online writing community.

# 1,055,137

writing websites like fictionpress

established in 2000, is the online community for writers of all interests and skill levels. our community breeds creative writing by writers interacting.

writing websites like fictionpress

east of the web: short stories, ebooks, interactive

writing websites like fictionpress

world's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.

writing websites like fictionpress

tv tropes, the all-devouring pop-culture wiki, catalogs and cross-references recurrent plot devices, archetypes, and tropes in all forms of media.

writing websites like fictionpress

# 19,616,798

writing websites like fictionpress

fancy something unusual and unpredictable? funny or sexy? no problem. use our unique mood and emotion search to find great books with exactly the flavour you've asked for.

writing websites like fictionpress

an archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works

writing websites like fictionpress's top 5 competitors in November 2023 are:,,,, and more.

According to Similarweb data of monthly visits,’s top competitor in November 2023 is with -- visits. 2nd most similar site is, with 41.1K visits in November 2023, and closing off the top 3 is with 1.8M. ranks as the 4th most similar website to and ranks fifth. and received 61.8K visits and -- visits in November 2023, respectively. The other five competitors in the top 10 list are (77.6M visits in November 2023), (23.5M visits in November 2023), (7K visits in November 2023), (117.1K visits in November 2023), and (292M visits in November 2023).

writing websites like fictionpress

Get the Details Sites Like Fictionpress

writing websites like fictionpress

Visit Fictionpress for best deals.

FictionPress is an online platform for writers to share their original works of fiction with a global audience. The platform was founded in 1998 and has since become a popular destination for established and aspiring writers.

FictionPress allows writers to upload their stories, ranging from short to full-length novels, and share them with readers worldwide. The platform also provides tools for writers to connect with other writers, get feedback on their work, and improve their writing skills. One of the key benefits of FictionPress is its community of writers and readers. The platform allows writers to connect with like-minded individuals and get feedback on their work, which can be invaluable in helping them improve their craft.

FictionPress is also a great platform for writers looking to build their audience and establish themselves as writers. By sharing their work on the platform, writers can reach a global audience and potentially attract the attention of literary agents or publishers.

Overall, FictionPress is a valuable resource for writers and readers, providing a platform for creativity and community-building in fiction writing. You can visit more sites like FictionPress to help you greatly broaden your choices.

writing websites like fictionpress

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writing websites like fictionpress

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writing websites like fictionpress

Popular Sites Like List

writing websites like fictionpress

Know an alternate online store even better than Sites Like Fictionpress?

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Latest Reviews

writing websites like fictionpress

Top 7 Alternatives to FictionPress for Reading and Writing Fanfiction

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-23 01:33:11

Are you a fan of FictionPress and looking for similar websites to explore? Look no further! In this article, we will be discussing a list of websites that offer similar features as FictionPress. From fanfiction to original stories, these websites have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a place to explore new stories or just need to get your creative juices flowing, these websites have something for you. So, let's dive in and find out which websites are similar to FictionPress.

writing websites like fictionpress


FictionPress is an online platform for writers to share their original works of fiction, including stories, novels, and fan fiction. It also allows readers to discover and read stories from a variety of genres.

  • Share stories and other written works
  • Discover stories from a variety of genres
  • Connect with other writers and readers
  • Create and join writing groups
  • Receive critique and feedback from the community

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 FictionPress Alternatives
  • 3.1 FictionPress vs FanFiction
  • 3.2 FictionPress vs Wattpad
  • 4 FictionPress History
  • 5 FictionPress Status
  • 7 Further Links

FictionPress Alternatives

writing websites like fictionpress

Both have an online library of user-created stories, both allow users to comment and discuss stories, both have a mobile app for users to read stories on the go, both have a rating system for stories.

Wattpad has a larger selection of stories, FictionPress does not allow users to write stories, Wattpad allows users to make book covers for their stories, FictionPress does not have a mobile app.

writing websites like fictionpress

Archive of Our Own

Both have an online library of user-created stories, both allow users to comment and discuss stories, both have a rating system for stories.

Archive of Our Own has a larger selection of stories, FictionPress does not allow users to write stories, Archive of Our Own allows users to make book covers for their stories, FictionPress does not have a mobile app.

writing websites like fictionpress has a larger selection of stories, FictionPress does not allow users to write stories, allows users to make book covers for their stories, FictionPress does not have a mobile app.

writing websites like fictionpress


FictionMania has a smaller selection of stories, FictionPress does not allow users to write stories, FictionMania allows users to make book covers for their stories, FictionPress does not have a mobile app.

writing websites like fictionpress

Storybird has a smaller selection of stories, FictionPress does not allow users to write stories, Storybird does not allow users to make book covers for their stories, FictionPress does not have a mobile app.

writing websites like fictionpress

Figment has a smaller selection of stories, FictionPress does not allow users to write stories, Figment does not allow users to make book covers for their stories, FictionPress does not have a mobile app.

FictionPress Head-To-Head

FictionPress is an online platform that offers a wide range of writing and reading options for authors and readers alike. It is one of the largest fan fiction sites on the web, with over 5 million stories hosted. However, there are many other websites that offer similar services, so it can be hard to know which one is best for you. In this head-to-head comparison, we'll take a look at FictionPress in comparison to several other popular writing and reading communities. We'll analyze their features and functionality, as well as the types of content available on each site. By the end of this comparison, you should have a better idea of which website will suit your needs best.

FictionPress and FanFiction are two popular online sites for readers and writers of fan fiction. Both sites offer a wide variety of genres, from fantasy to horror, with stories ranging from short pieces to full-length novels. Both sites also allow authors to receive feedback from readers on their works. One key difference between the two websites is that FictionPress allows authors to publish original works as well as fan fiction, while FanFiction only allows fan fiction. Another key difference is that FictionPress offers authors a more comprehensive suite of tools for creating and managing their stories, such as an easy-to-use editor, a dashboard for tracking reviews and comments, and automated alerts when new stories are published or reviewed. In terms of reader experience, both sites have strong search capabilities so users can find the stories they want quickly and easily. Additionally, both sites offer multi-language support so readers from all over the world can enjoy stories in their native language. Finally, both FictionPress and FanFiction let users rate stories based on how much they enjoyed them - making it easy for readers to find quality works.

FictionPress and Wattpad are both online communities dedicated to helping authors share their stories with the world. Both platforms have a wide selection of genres, including fantasy, romance, horror, science fiction, and more. FictionPress focuses on original works of fiction written by its members. It also offers a variety of tools to help writers create and format their stories. Additionally, FictionPress provides resources like writing tips and reviews from other authors for feedback. Wattpad is a global platform for discovering and sharing stories. In addition to its own library of stories from around the world, it has tools like outlining and plotting that can help writers plan out their ideas before they start writing. It also has tools such as reading lists and comments from readers to help authors get feedback on their work. FictionPress is great for those who want an organized platform with extensive support for formatting and story development. Wattpad is ideal for those who want a larger audience as well as access to helpful writing tools like outlining and reader comments.

History of FictionPress

FictionPress was created in 2002 as a platform for creators to share fanfiction, original stories, and poems. It has since grown to become a popular destination for authors to share their work with a wide audience, with over 850,000 works published on the website. It has also become a destination for readers to discover new authors and works of fiction.

FictionPress Status

The FictionPress website on online and reachable (last checked on 2024-01-04 01:00:19 ).

This list of similar sites is the best thing since sliced bread!

I'm so relieved I found this list, I was getting tired of browsing FictionPress!

Now I can finally explore some new sites that are similar to FictionPress!

Further Links

Trending sites.

writing websites like fictionpress

Top Sites in Fiction

writing websites like fictionpress

Top Sites in Writing

writing websites like fictionpress

Top Sites in Short Stories

writing websites like fictionpress

Top Sites in Authors

writing websites like fictionpress

Top Sites in Books

writing websites like fictionpress

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Blog • Perfecting your Craft

Last updated on Feb 07, 2023

The 50+ Best Writing Websites of 2024

The Internet is full of writing websites and blogs to help people reach their creative goals . If you’ve always dreamt of writing your own book, but don’t know how to get there — or if you’re in the process of writing, but feel unsure about what to do next — then it’s your lucky day! Here we have all the best writing websites of 2024 in one single place for your convenience. They’re also organized by category, and alphabetically within each of those categories, to make each one easier to find. Enjoy!

Best writing websites for writing craft and inspiration

writing websites

1. Almost an Author

Offering up new content every day, Almost an Author covers a grand scope of writing topics. From genre-specific advice to emotional support on your writing journey, there's tons of useful info here for beginner and veteran writers alike.

2. Association of Writer & Writing Programs

Having just marked their 50th anniversary, AWP is one of the premier authorities on writing. The AWP website provides resources and ample opportunities for authors, teachers, and students at every point in their career. Here you’ll be able to find information about writing programs, career options, and conferences all over the world. Keep in mind, though, that access to some of these features is restricted to members only.

3. Creativity Portal

This is a wonderful hub for creative resources that has been around for a whopping nineteen years! Here you can find writing prompts , creative coaching, printable writing templates, and interviews with authors that will help nourish the right side of your brain.

4. Daily Writing Tips

As the name suggests, this site offers daily writing tips ranging from open-ended prompts and exercises to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. It also covers all writing levels and professions, so it doesn't matter how far along you are in your writing career — DWT is sure to help you out.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a master’s degree, you can get your own "DIY MFA" right here! This site (founded by Gabriela Pereira ) aims to cover everything you would learn in a graduate program, while giving you the freedom to choose your own areas of concentration and allocate your time as you please. 

6. Electric Literature

While not exactly a craft-focused website — so no straight-up writing advice or prompts — this nonprofit digital publisher showcases literature-related essays, criticism, and recommended readings. If you're looking to brush up on both literary theory and recent literary trends, Electric Lit is the place for you.

7. Fiction University

This virtual university, run by award-winning author Janice Hardy, contains tons of advice and concrete examples to help authors build a strong writing foundation. It's full of blog posts by professionals who share their own processes and techniques, providing tips not just on what you should do as a writer, but on how  to make it happen.

8. Helping Writers Become Authors

Longtime author K.M. Weiland offers writing advice that ranges from outlining and structuring to characterization and dialogue — plus all the little details in between. She updates her blog faithfully with topical posts that would pique any writer's (or non-writer's) interest.

9. Insecure Writer's Support Group

Writing is intimidating for everyone , whether you're a multi-published author or you're just starting out. That's why getting support, guidance, and motivation throughout the process is vital! On IWSG, you'll discover a wealth of information on writing, publishing, marketing, and anything else you might need to ultimately overcome your insecurities.

10. Literary Hub

LitHub boasts a superb selection of content for all things literary. Here you can get all the latest book-related news, posts on design and the craft, your daily dose of fiction, and sparkling reviews of new works. One of this site's best features is its section on literature in translation — a great resource for those who want to read books and authors from around the world.

11. LitReactor

The LitReactor blog consists of writing classes, workshops, and a myriad of posts on writing and books ( some of which are even written by us! ). There’s also an online magazine that includes interviews, criticism and analysis, and seasonally appropriate reads and recommendations.

12. LitRejections

An unfortunate occupational hazard of with writing is rejection. This is where a site like LitRejections comes into play! It offers personal stories to help discouraged writers persevere through rejection, and maintain hope and motivation as they move forward in their careers.

13. Live Write Thrive

In this website by professional writer and editor C.S. Lakin, you’ll find plenty of nuanced writing anecdotes and tips. Lakin also supplies annotated critiques that can help you prep your book for publication.

14. NaNoWriMo

Besides serving as the official information hub for NaNoWriMo , this site also lends constant support for those struggling to "win" National Novel Writing Month. Make sure to check out the NaNoWriMo forums, which are chock-full of other people's personal writing tips and strategies to get you through November — and every other month of the year — as a writer.

15. Now Novel

This comprehensive website, founded by author Bridget McNulty , is a go-to for just about every writing-related question you might have. Here you'll also find advice, courses, and even an author dashboard where you can keep track of your own writing progress.

16. Positive Writer

If you often feel uncertain about your creative abilities, this is the site for you. Bryan Hutchinson created Positive Writer to encourage and inspire all those who want to write, no matter how much experience or confidence they have.

17. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid offers a fantastic manuscript editing software that analyzes your writing and creates reports for you to learn from! This tool also includes a thesaurus, grammar checks, style suggestions, and more — you can learn all about it on the ProWritingAid blog, or in our review of the app !

18. She Writes

A well-established writing website with a feminist bent, She Writes is "the largest online community and content site for women writers... all around the world." The site features thoughtful posts and resources to help writers on their journeys, as well as a personal She Writes blog page for every user who signs up.

19. Well-Storied

Here you can find recent articles, workbooks, tutorials, and fascinating discussions on writing. Kristine Kieffer has an extensive archive of posts as well, where you can procure information on just about any topic related to books and writing.

20. The Write Practice

Fulfilling the promise of their name, every single post on this site emphasizes putting theory into practice! There's simply no better way to become a writer than by creating a routine, and that’s exactly what The Write Practice helps facilitate.

21. Writer’s Digest

Writer's Digest is one of the most encyclopedic writing websites out there — after all, the print magazine has been around for almost a century now! Here you’ll find genre and vocation-organized articles, events and competitions, webinars, templates, tutorials, and so much more.

22. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed features articles by authors and industry professionals, focused specifically on the craft and business of fiction writing.

23. The Writing Cooperative

Plain and simple, this is a group of people who want to help each other become better writers. On Writing Cooperative, you will find articles that cover just about every aspect of the writing life. They also have monthly writing challenges to keep you incentivized, and there’s even a space where you can submit your own article to the blog!


This is an absolutely all-inclusive community for writers . It’s open to all levels and provides a creative, supportive environment for all members, as well as portfolios to store and display their writing. Like most writing websites, it also includes a plethora of writing tools , contests, and rewards.

25. Catapult: Don’t Write Alone

Don’t Write Alone is a blog written by the Catapult team dedicated to helping writers grow their skills. As a publisher and magazine founded in 2005, Catapult has seen a lot of works and now they’re spilling all the details. From interviews, to craft essays, to writer lifestyle essays, Catapult covers it all.

26. Kirkus Review’s Writers’ Center

Kirkus Review is known for its prestigious $50,000 dollar annual prize and its bi-monthly issues where they critique hundreds of recently published books. But, did you know they also have a section of their website devoted to helping emerging writers grow their skills and navigate the publishing industry? They’re always up to date on the latest trends — if they aren’t creating new trends themselves.

27. Writers Write

An invaluable resource for creative writers, business writers, or bloggers, Writers Write offers over 1400 articles, courses, and workbooks to help you take your writing practice to the next level. Alongside their educational content, they offer book reviews, trivia on famous authors, and prompts. Sign up for their inspirational newsletters for regular hits of motivation that will keep you writing.

28. The Narrative Arc

Beginning as a home to Andie R. Cranford’s writing journey, The Narrative Arc is now a treasure trove of practical tips and prompts to inspire your creativity. Breakdowns of popular books are particularly handy for the budding author — but whether exploring writing for the first time or tightening the bolts on your Franken-novel, the site's ideas on craft are elegant and inspiring.

Best writing websites in the publishing industry

writing websites

29. Agent Query

This database allows authors to perform in-depth searches for literary agents . You can narrow your search by genre and keywords, view agents’ full profiles, and see if they are currently accepting queries — all for free!

30. The Creative Penn

Besides being a bestselling author on various topics, Joanna Penn is also a leading voice in self-publishing . On her punnily named site, you’ll find abundant information related to writing, self-publishing, marketing, and everything else you mind need to make a living as a writer.

31. Digital Pubbing

Digital Pubbing provides industry news, interviews with indie authors, and resources for learning all about ebooks and the publishing industry. In accordance with the name, this is the perfect site for any author hoping to absorb some serious digital knowledge.

32. The Independent Publishing Magazine

We know it might seem like we're repeating ourselves, but this website really is all about publishing (both independent and traditional, despite what the name indicates). Whatever info you need about self-publishing, trad pub, or hybrid publishing , you’ll definitely be able to find it here.

33. Publishers Weekly

And if you have a specific question about the publishing world, you’ll most likely find the answer here. This weekly magazine is packed full of news, reviews, announcements, and many other resources on the industry. It has been dubbed as "the Bible of the book business" and with its extensive archive, it’s easy to see why.

34. Publishing Perspectives

Publishing Perspectives is another leading source of publishing info, specializing in industry news and topical articles. Aimed at publishers, agents , and authors alike, it features a variety of posts that cover book fairs, distribution, education, and much more.

35. Query Shark

Not sure where your query letter is up to snuff? Query Shark offers the opportunity to have your query critiqued, and to read detailed query critiques of other authors' letters, so you can get the best possible results for your book. Be warned, though, that this sharp-toothed feedback isn't for the weak of heart.

36. Writer Beware

This amazingly thorough site compiles information on schemes and scams that affect authors , especially those run through email and the Internet. It’s sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, but obviously applies to authors everywhere. If you're a fresh-faced author trying to get published, definitely check it out — it could save you from losing thousands of dollars in an elaborate scam.

37. The Darling Axe

When the industry professionals at The Darling Axe aren’t working on manuscripts, they flock to the internet to share their hot takes on the publishing industry. They also host writing contests throughout the year to build a writing community and give unpublished authors the chance to get feedback from professionals.

Best writing websites for marketing and design

writing websites

38. David Gaughran

An experienced author of historical adventures, short stories, and popular books for writers , David Gaughran is one of the definitive writing experts out there. His eponymous blog contains plenty of info on marketing and self-publishing, plus workshops to help aspiring authors. And similar to Writer Beware, he's the noble opposition of online publishing scams and scammers — so if you're frustrated by these issues, you'll discover a blissfully sympathetic voice on his blog.

39. Kikolani

Focused specifically on marketing, Kikolani offers tips and strategies for bloggers who want to grow their presence and attract more readers. Here you’ll find information on brand development , social media, customer retention, and other useful tips that you can put to good use as a blogger. (If you're just getting started, though, we'd recommend this course .)

40. Kindlepreneur

Dave Chesson is — in his own words — a “digital marketing nut.” His blog has all the information you could ever need about Kindle book publishing , how to write to market, increasing your rankings on Amazon, and lots more practical tips and advice.

41. Storiad

Storiad is a marketing platform that helps authors and publishers sell books. Go here for essential information on writing apps , databases, tools, and budgeting to help you run your own publishing campaign from start to finish.

42. Writers & Artists

Part of the distinguished Bloomsbury, Writers & Artists has quite a few articles on writing and the self-publishing process. They also offer editorial services and events on many different topics, like genre-specific writing courses and how to get connected with agents .

43. Your Writer Platform

Naturally, this site is dedicated to building your very own writer platform. There are tons of tips, resources, tools, how-tos, and even individual consulting services to help you build the platform that works best for you and your marketing needs.

Best writing blogs by industry professionals

writing websites

44. Goins, Writer

Bestselling author Jeff Goins created this blog to share his thoughts on writing and to inspire others to chase their creative dreams. He's especially good at breaking complex topics down into digestible bits — new writers, go here for your primers.

45. Jane Friedman

With copious experience in the publishing industry, Jane Friedman offers online classes and articles on the entire process of book publishing. She's a real goldmine of business knowledge, so keep her in mind for when you're ready to publish your book.

46. Nail Your Novel

As a bestselling former ghostwriter who now publishes under her own name, Roz Morris provides advice about writing, self-publishing, and of course, ghostwriting . If you're interested in becoming a ghostwriter, be sure to check out her courses!

47. Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford is a former literary agent who posts all about the inner workings of publishing, as well and information on agents and self-publishing. He also does consultations, edits, and critiques . 

48. Rachelle Gardner

Skillful agent Rachelle Gardner has negotiated over 200 contracts with over twenty publishers and helped more than 100 authors fulfill their dreams of publishing. On her blog, she offers writing, publishing, and social media coaching, along with general writing and publishing tips.

49. Kris Writes

For regular insights from a New York Times bestselling author, look no further than Kristine Kathryn Rusch's blog. On Mondays, she posts free short stories for authors to find inspiration in, and Wednesdays she posts in her “Business Musings” collection where she breaks down news from the publishing industry and offers her inside opinions. 

50. The Marginalian  

Maria Popova describes her site as “a record of my own becoming as a person — intellectually, creatively, spiritually, poetically — drawn from my extended marginalia on the search for meaning across literature, science, art, philosophy, and the various other tendrils of human thought and feeling.” She sends out a Sunday newsletter with thoughtful deconstruction of the week’s best liberal arts goings-on to help broaden her readers’ appreciation of the creative world.

51. John August

For all the screenwriters out there, John August co-hosts a weekly podcast with fellow screenwriter Craig Mazin discussing both the craft and business of screenwriting while breaking down popular movies. To help screenwriters really get a feel for the process of working with a studio, John has posted multiple versions of scripts from different stages in the production process on films and series he’s written, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Big Fish , and Chernobyl .

What are some of your favorite writing websites? Let us know in the comments below!

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15 writing websites and online resources to help you write your own story

Just like any craft or task, having the right tools for the job can make writing your own story or short story much easier. There are myriad writing online resources and websites out there to help with every aspect of story writing, from story title ideas and plot development to editing. We’ve picked a few of our favorite websites to help you get started, improve your writing, develop your characters, and learn how to edit your work. Ultimately, we want to help you become a more confident and productive writer. But remember, in addition to writing tools, reading more books is the best way to improve your writing because it exposes you to a wide range of writing styles, vocabulary, and language structures.

Resources for getting started

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of an aspiring author more than the blank page. The endlessly flashing cursor. Even when your head is full to the brim with plot twists and characters, getting it all down on paper in a coherent form is another thing altogether. Luckily, this is a common first hurdle for lots of writers, so hundreds of tools and apps have sprung up—dedicated to helping you gather your thoughts and start writing.

Get Started

1. Evernote

This bookmarking tool is a great way to collect moments of inspiration and ideas for your story together in one place, where they can be filed and organized, ready to be put to good use. It might be a ‘how to’ article you want to read, a quote that reminds you of one of your characters, or an image that would be the perfect setting for your next scene. Inspiration strikes in the most unexpected of places, but as Evernote is available on pretty much every platform, you can collect notes wherever you are. You can choose to have one notebook that you throw everything into, or you can set up separate notebooks to help you organize your thoughts and ideas as you go. If you’re working on a novel, why not set up separate notebooks for each character or each chapter?

2. NaNoWriMo

November is a special time of year for writers. If you are struggling to get started writing your own story, then joining NaNoWriMo is the perfect opportunity. Confident that anyone can write a novel in just 30 days, NaNoWriMo provides tools, advice, and resources throughout November to help writers do just that. Be spurred on by the hundreds of writers around the world who join across social media and NaNoWriMo forums to cheer each other on and share learnings from their own experiences. All you need to start is a draft title for your book.

3. The Time is Now

Check out this section of Poets & Writers Magazine online to get weekly writing prompts—poetry on Tuesdays, fiction on Wednesdays, and creative nonfiction on Thursdays. It’s a great resource to help you build a daily writing practice, get new ideas, and improve your craft. Most prompts are inspired by specific books, so you can also grow your reading list!

4. Underlined

Formerly known as Figment , Underlined is a website that provides story starters, writing inspiration, and advice from published authors . You can also join a community of aspiring writers, share excerpts of your work, and provide feedback to each other—all valuable parts of the creative life.

Sites for improving your writing

Whether this is your first attempt at writing your own story or you have a few books behind you always, there are always new things to learn and more ways to improve your writing.

5. 750 Words

As with any skill, the best way to improve your writing is practice, practice, practice. Story writing websites like 750 Words or Writer’s Digest’s Creative Writing Prompts , provide daily nudges to get your creative juices flowing. By just writing without an agenda and without judgment, you’ll make writing every day a regular productive habit and steadily build your confidence.

6. Helping Writers Become Authors

The Helping Writers Become Authors podcast recourse hosted by award-winning author, K.M. Weiland, offers practical tips and advice on story writing from structure and plot to character identity and honing your craft as a writer.

7. Grammar Girl

Get to grips with the quirks of language and the rules of good grammar with this entertaining and hugely useful podcast. Popular Grammar Girl episodes include “Affect Versus Effect” and “Active Voice & Passive Voice.”

Resources for developing your characters

We’re betting you have more than one favorite character from more than one book. Characters like Elizabeth Bennett, Albus Dumbledore, and Bilbo Baggins live on in reader’s minds long after they’ve turned the final page. Your characters should become like old friends, that you know inside and out, to add depth and humanity to your story.

8. Writer’s Digest – Character Development Sheets

Subscribing to the Writer’s Digest mailing list gets you access to this free worksheet designed to flesh out each of your characters. Working through a series of questions, you’ll develop their key hopes, fears, and skills, their personality quirks, how they might act in different situations, and how all of this will be revealed to the reader throughout your story.

9. The Write Practice – Characterization 101

This free course from The Write Practice guides you through seven key steps to creating memorable characters, covering important character archetypes, character motivations, how not to introduce a character to your story, and much more.

Resources for editing, reviewing, (and repeating it)

In addition to proofreading for spelling, language, and grammar errors, two other forms of editing should form part of your review process. Developmental editing, which is editing for the structure, flow, and consistency of your story, and substantive editing, which is concerned with clarity, accuracy, and reader comprehension.

When your manuscript or first draft is complete, let it sit a while before reviewing. It also helps to have a second and third set of eyes on your work. Even better, if budget allows, employing the skills of a professional editor can give your story the polished finish it deserves.

10. Grammarly

Available as a Google Chrome extension, Grammarly works across your web pages as you write to help you catch common writing errors. It will highlight and fix grammar, punctuation, and contextual spelling mistakes. The premium version can also suggest alternative vocabulary choices.

Remember not to rely on online spell checks alone to proofread your work. Always give your text a thorough sense check yourself, too.

11. Hemingway Editor

As the name suggests, Hemingway Editor is an online editing tool and website that will help make your writing clearer, bolder, and more direct—just like the author it’s named after. Simply copy and paste your text into the tool to check for overly complex sentences, overuse of adverbs, and the passive voice. It will also highlight instances where a shorter word could serve the same purpose.

Every writer needs a good editor, and the Reedsy website only works with the best. Their hand-picked, experienced, professional editors can review your story development, structure, consistency, and style, helping to perfect and polish your manuscript. Reedsy also offers a tool to easily  write and format a book , the same way a professional typesetter would.

Resources for promoting your writing

13. wattpad.

Use this storytelling platform to connect with writers and readers around the world, build an audience, and even get discovered. On Wattpad , you start by sharing a story, and then if you build a big enough fan base, you may have a chance to work with entertainment companies and publishers looking to feature your work.

On this writing and reading hub, you’ll find stories, articles, and inspiration that are curated to your taste, written by people like us. Want to share your own writing, photos, or videos? You can do that on Medium —and potentially earn money. The platform lets you see how your stories are performing and what kinds of readers like your writing, plus it offers tips for starting a newsletter, submitting to publications, and curating your work.

15. FictionPress

If you’re interested in getting feedback on your own work—and browsing an archive of self-published short stories, fiction, and poetry—see what’s happening at FictionPress (a sister site to FanFiction ). You can upload your own writing for free and let other people review it. Sometimes all you need is a little motivation and support from like-minded writers to keep you on track toward your writing goals.

From collecting inspiration to the final finishing touches, there’s a whole world of tools , websites, support, and advice out there to help you with every stage of writing your own story and making your own book. But, when it comes down to it, the thing that will make the most difference is you. You have all the tools you need. Now write!

Novels , Reedsy

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13 Most Popular Fanfiction Websites You’ll Browse Endlessly

Fanfiction websites are a great tool for budding writers to easily showcase their talent to a large audience at once, share their creativity, and get reviews from like-minded people. Penlighten gives you a list of 13 most popular fanfiction websites.

13 Most Popular Fanfiction Websites

“I myself used to write Star Wars fan fiction when I was younger. I think writing fan fiction is a good way for new writers to learn to tell a story.”

Fanfiction is basically fiction written by fans or, to put it in a better way, admirers of the original work. Fanfiction writers include much of the same characters and also sometimes choose to add new ones, if they want to. Fanfiction stories often reflect the writer’s view (in this case, the view of the reader of the original work) as to what should have happened in that particular story. Fanfiction also encourages “crossovers”, when writers choose to combine the elements of different stories in one single fictional creation.

There are several websites dedicated solely for fanfiction, and are a great platform for writers of any age to publish their content online. What makes these websites very popular is that most of them are free, and the process of uploading content is fairly simple, and writers get reviews from other fans, which encourages them to keep writing.

If you’re looking to read some really good fanfiction, or are a writer searching for the perfect fanfiction website to publish your work, you’re on the right page. Here’s a list of the 13 most popular fanfiction websites, including generic fanfiction websites, as well as subject-specific ones.

Start browsing : Harry Potter Fanfiction Naruto Fic/ TONFA All right Naruto fans, listen up! This website is purely Naruto-centric, and has a large archive of Naruto fanfiction. Enjoy a wide choice of fanfiction, and submit your own if you have any good ideas.

Fanfiction is fun to read, and not very difficult to write once you have the idea in your head―you already know the characters, the original plot, and the writing style of the author. If you’re writing fanfiction for the first time, here’s a little advice for you.

  • Check your grammar and spellings thoroughly before you submit any story. If there’s one thing that genuine fanfiction-lovers hate, it’s a poorly-written story. Though the essence of the content is important, correct grammar and good spellings are important too!
  • Don’t include explicit content in your story. Many websites cater to audiences of different ages, including children, and if your story has inappropriate content, it may be rejected by your chosen fanfiction website.
  • Make sure you read all the rules and guidelines specified by the website before posting your story, mainly about copyrights and other related issues.
  • Decide the plot of the story beforehand. Your story shouldn’t confuse the reader with a complicated plot. Be really clear about what you want to write, and prepare a rough draft for yourself so that you can read it and decide if you need any changes.
  • Don’t expect to get paid! Fanfiction websites are a great platform for you to showcase your writing skills, but that’s it. Don’t expect to get paid for posting any work of fanfiction on a particular website.

If you want to become a professional writer, you’ve got to start somewhere, so why not start with this? Writing fanfiction is a great way to get started on improving your writing skills. We hope the aforementioned list helps you find great stories to read, as well as an audience who eagerly reads your work! Best of luck, and we hope to read your stories on these websites soon!

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7 Wattpad Alternatives That Readers and Writers Should Consider Using

Wattpad isn't the only platform of its kind. These alternatives let you read engaging stories, as well as share your own.

If you love consuming stories online or sharing them yourself, you've probably heard of Wattpad. Wattpad is an open community that offers space for both aspiring and established writers. It's not without its faults, though.

If you're looking for other sites like Wattpad, here are some alternatives that you shouldn't overlook.

What Is Wattpad?

Wattpad provides a space for readers and writers. It's a community that connects everyone through stories.

Many people think of Wattpad as ''that site with all the fanfiction,'' and that's true. Many of the communities Wattpad hosts revolve around different fandoms and the stories they wish to tell with well-known characters.

The site boasts 90 million readers, and thousands of stories get uploaded or expanded daily. No matter the path you choose to take as a writer, Wattpad allows you to monetize your work on the platform. You can publish your story in the genre of your choosing, and insert ads into your posts to gain revenue.

As a reader, Wattpad's catalog allows you to browse through millions of ebooks in every genre you can imagine. You can follow your favorite writers and get notifications when they publish something.

Wattpad is not the only available platform for writers and readers, though. Over the years, many sites have popped up that match or even surpass Wattpad. Let's look at some of them and what they offer.

Download: Wattpad for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Like Wattpad, Penana is incredibly diverse in terms of available genres and subgenres. You can find stories on anything you can think of—or, you can write them.

The platform gives you three options to choose from if you wish to write: Story Mode, Contest Mode, and Blog Mode. With the first, you can write story chapters and share them with the community. The second lets you start a writing contest on whichever topic you choose and turn other users into active participants in your writing. And the last allows you to craft a personal blog.

The platform will also display how long it will take you to read a certain story, as well as its rating and how many times it has been read. This way, it lets you know what you're getting into before you even start reading.

Download:  Penana for Android  |  iOS  (Free)

Sweek is another platform that caters to writers and readers. It allows you to write and share stories, or simply read them.

The platform lets you share your work and helps you establish a fanbase, which you can then use to get feedback.

What's more, the Sweek platform can help get your book published by the Sweek publishing house. You'll get help every step of the publishing process, and it's all for free. Once your ebook is published, Sweek will sell it on social media and on its webshop.

But if you're set on having it printed as a paperback, Sweek can do that, too. Your work will get distributed to some well-established bookshops, and you get a percentage of the sales.

Download : Sweek for  Android  |  iOS  (Free)

3. is known as one of the most popular fanfiction sites, as the site boasts over 12 million registered users.

The site itself looks very bare-bones, but it gets the job done. It may not be as sleek and modern-looking as other sites, but it's easy to find what you're looking for, and in the end, that's what matters.

The platform offers distinct categories you can browse, like Comics, Anime, and TV Shows. It also has a Crossover category, which consists of stories that combine characters and plotlines from different movies, TV shows, and books. may not be as well-known as Wattpad, but it's still worth exploring.

Download: for  Android  |  iOS  (Free)

Booksie offers an established community of readers and writers that you are free to join. According to the site, it has ''tens of thousands of writers'' and ''tens of millions of readers.''

If you're a writer, you can publish your writings, establish a fan base, and interact with fans through comments. You can track how many people read your work, as well as get feedback and ratings.

If you're not interested in sharing your work, you can still enjoy what other people write. The platform allows you to get updates from your favorite writers, as well as interact with them.

5. Movellas

Movellas is a free website that offers an array of ebooks that primarily cater to teenagers. The reading and writing platform houses thousands of stories written by and geared towards young people and the young adult (YA) genre.

Just keep in mind that while you don't need an account to read stories on the site, you'll have to sign up if you want to write and share your work.

Related: Little Known Places to Download Unique Free Ebooks

The Movellas platform lets you follow any writer that interests you and keep up with their work. You can also give feedback on everything you read. A great perk to the platform is that it lets you download stories, so you can still enjoy it when you go offline. Movellas also offers audio stories if you're not in the mood for reading.

Download:  Movellas for Android  |  iOS  (Free)

Medium often gets marketed as the YouTube of writing. It's a platform that helps you get paid for your work. It's excellent for sharing nonfiction and opinion pieces in the form of articles. However, you can write about anything you want.

Related: How to Get Started With Medium: A Beginner's Guide

Unlike the other platforms on this list, Medium isn't free. It asks that you pay $5/month to read an unlimited number of articles. Some of the revenue generated from the subscription cost goes to the writers on the platform.

Download:  Medium for  Android  |  iOS  (Free, subscription available)

7. Tap by Wattpad

It might seem a bit odd to introduce a Wattpad creation as a Wattpad alternative, but it still serves as a viable platform for reading and writing stories of many genres.

Tap is an app that offers a very unique reading experience. Stories take the form of back and forth text messages. The chat-like immersive experience makes you feel like you're a part of the story. It almost seems as if you're peering into someone's personal life by going through their private chats.

If you wish to write your own stories on Tap, all you have to do is adhere to the text-style format.

Download:  Tap for Android  |  iOS  (Free, in-app purchases available)

There's More Out There Than Just Wattpad

Wattpad came out in 2008 and has come a long way since then. But in that time, many similar platforms have emerged.

Whether you're looking for a place to share your thoughts and ideas, or you're looking to read others' stories, you can find it on every one of the above platforms. Don't limit yourself to only Wattpad.


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    Tweets by FictionPress. World's largest short story, fiction, and poetry archive and community where writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.

  12. The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2021

    Blogging Freelancing Marketing Motivation and Productivity Newsletters Podcasts Publishing Writing Communities Writing and Editing Many of the websites are tried-and-true favorites featured in our previous lists, but this year we're thrilled to include 37 newcomers you recommended, along with two new categories: Black voices and newsletters!

  13. 15 Writing Websites & Online Resources │Blurb Blog

    4. Underlined. Formerly known as Figment, Underlined is a website that provides story starters, writing inspiration, and advice from published authors. You can also join a community of aspiring writers, share excerpts of your work, and provide feedback to each other—all valuable parts of the creative life.

  14. Is there a Wattpad for adults? : r/writing

    The average age of Wattpad users is 20. Teens are most active on the site. The majority of the content is fan fiction, romance, and sci-fi. The quality is overwhelmingly bad. Yes, I know: there's good stuff, too; there have been success stories; and established authors sometimes post their work there to grow readership.

  15. r/writing on Reddit: Is Fiction Press still the best site or is there

    I don't read a ton of webnovels/serials, but I doubt FictionPress are still anywhere near the top of the game. I think Wattpad, Royal Road, and AO3 are the biggest players these days. Where the 'best' place is for your work is going to depend on what you're writing. Octicimator • Author •. I use Wordpress for mine.

  16. publishing

    Fictionpress is a popular website that allows anyone to upload stories, read those stories, and comment. As the site is wide open, the quality of comments varies wildly, along with the quality of stories. Earlier in my life, I frequented the site, but I eventually left, as I wanted more constructive feedback than I tended to get there.

  17. Best Writing Websites for Fiction, Nonfiction, and Bloggers

    1. Wattpad Wattpad is the largest online reading platform. It's like the YouTube of writing; it allows writers and authors to share their work worldwide for free, and attract millions of followers and readers.

  18. 15 Best Websites and Apps for Writers to Post: 2021 Update

    But they all don't represent the entire universe of literature. So let's take a look into 15 of the most interesting and creative writing platforms, both old and new in the latest update of 2021. 1. FanStory. FanStory is a website that offers some cash prizes for contests and short fiction related contests.

  19. Who are your favorite writers on : r/writing

    redplumgirl Author and Painter • 10 yr. ago. Honestly, Fictionpress reading interface drives me kind of nuts. I tolerated it for a while because it was like but it truly bothers me. I tend to look for stories off Wattpad or sometimes off Webfiction Guide. lovefein • 10 yr. ago.

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    Maybe you blog or interact with fans and fellow writers on sites like (as our YA client Sarah Maas did for years before publishing her first book, Throne of Glass). I know this implies new burdens on writers, but we think of our authors as partners, and with so much content out there, we need to know how we can work together to ...

  21. 13 Most Popular Fanfiction Websites You'll Browse Endlessly

    Start browsing: Quotev The best part about Quotev is that it isn't just a fanfiction website, but it is also a platform for writers to post their original stories, poems, and even quizzes which they might have created. For fanfiction too, this site is great.

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    There are more than 10 alternatives to Wattpad for a variety of platforms, including Web-based, Android, iPhone, Android Tablet and iPad apps. The best Wattpad alternative is Belletristica, which is free. Other great apps like Wattpad are Miraquill, Neovel, and Bhooks. Wattpad alternatives are mainly Social Networks but may also ...

  23. 7 Wattpad Alternatives That Readers and Writers Should Consider Using

    7. Tap by Wattpad. It might seem a bit odd to introduce a Wattpad creation as a Wattpad alternative, but it still serves as a viable platform for reading and writing stories of many genres. Tap is an app that offers a very unique reading experience. Stories take the form of back and forth text messages.