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A Memorable Day in My Life [100, 120, 150, 200-250 Words]

A Memorable Day in My Life: W all have at least one memorable day in our life. In this article, you are going to learn how to write a paragraph or an essay on ‘a most memorable day in my life’. Here you’ll get to read 4 paragraphs on this topic (100, 120, 150, 200-250 Words). These paragraphs will be helpful for the students from class 1 to class 12. So, let’s begin.

Table of Contents

A Memorable Day in My Life: 100 Words

During the summer vacation, I visited Mussoorie with my parents. I had never been to Mussoorie before. So it was a new experience for me. Everywhere there was a great hustle and bustle. The weather was very pleasant. Mussoorie is Rightly called the ‘Queen of Hills’. It transports one into a heaven of joy.

My parents took me to Lal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie. Lal Tibba provides a mesmerizing view of Himalayan mountain peaks. I was mesmerized to see beautiful scenery and high mountains. We also visited Happy Valley, Kempty Falls and Mussoorie lake. Visiting Mussoorie was the most memorable incident in my life.

Memorable Day of My Life

Memorable Day of My Life: 120 Words

Last month, our school arranged a trip to the Taj Mahal, Agra. The beauty of the Taj Mahal seemed to have no parallel.  It is made of white marble on the bank of the river Yamuna. The garden in front of it has tall cypress trees, colourful flowers, and rows of mountains. Many precious gems and stones are seen set on the tomb.

I found in the Taj Mahal the artistic and cultural heritage of India. Every stone of this building tells the story of the true love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. The white marble structure unrolled before me a new world of beauty. It is, indeed, matchless in beauty and grandeur. That’s why it is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. I was greatly charmed by its beauty. I felt breathless for a white. It was undoubtedly the most memorable day of my life.

Memorable Day of My Life

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Most Memorable Day of My Life: 150 Words

A memorable incident is an incident which leaves an everlasting impression on our minds. The most memorable incident of my life is when I got an opportunity to exhibit my talent on stage in front of a huge audience. I always dreamt of becoming a singer. As a kid, I used my toothbrush as the mike and treated my dolls as my audience.

I was enrolled in a vocal training course in an eminent singer’s singing class and from there, based on my performance I was selected to display my skills at the Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Initially, I was a bit nervous, but got over it soon when I heard the tune. My performance was well received and the audience acclaimed me with their applauds and kept yelling “once more”. The incident made me feel on top of the world.

Most Memorable Day of My Life

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Memorable Day of My Life Essay: 200-250 Words

A moment which is sweet lasts long in our memory. I distinctly remember the day. My H. S. examination was over and I was having a relaxed time. One day, after spending the afternoon with my friends, I returned home.

My parents were waiting for me. Sister also came running. She was carrying a big envelope in her hand. They all seemed to be very excited and their faces bore reflections of animated joy. My sister shouted that there was a good news for me in the envelope and she would not tell unless she got a heavy bakshis.

After much cajoling, I could get the letter. Lo and behold! It was the admission letter from the I.I.T, Kharagpur. My joy then knew no bounds, I did quite well in the joint entrance examination. But to get selected finally in the highly competitive all-India test was something none could be sure of. In fact, I was a little tense to know the result.

Parents blessed me for my success. Neighbours also came. They all congratulated me again and again. I was lost in golden dreams. At last, I was going to join an institution of international fame! It was the happiest and most memorable day in my life because my future career got a definite direction that day. But that happy day taught me a lesson, too. I made up my mind to work hard in order to be successful in my career.

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write an essay on a day to remember

My favourite Store is like Restaurant

write an essay on a day to remember

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write an essay on a day to remember

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write an essay on a day to remember

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A Day to Remember – Personal Story

A Day to Remember – Personal Story

The student recounts their first day of middle school, which was the first day of 6th grade. They were nervous but excited about the new experiences, including the larger campus, new schedule, and meeting new people. The day started with meeting the advisory teacher and receiving planners and schedules. Throughout the day, they attended different classes with different teachers, including math, science, English, history, art, and gym. They participated in various activities such as playing a name game, writing a journal, making a comic strip, and learning how to open PE locks. The student concludes that the first day of middle school will always be a memorable experience for them.

A day that will forever stand out in my mind is the initial day of middle school, marking the beginning of 6th grade. I experienced a blend of nervousness and excitement. Everything was unfamiliar – from the campus to the schedule and even the people. Nevertheless, that particular day remains firmly imprinted in my memory. It signified the commencement of 6th Grade, an event I eagerly anticipated throughout summer break. The momentous occasion unfolded as soon as I disembarked from the school bus and laid eyes on the expansive campus, which dwarfed my elementary school by threefold.

At first, I was unsure of where to go, but then an announcement was made instructing all sixth graders to report to the MPR. I knew exactly where that was because our orientation for 6th grade had taken place there. In the MPR, we were introduced to our advisory teacher, Ms. Willinger. During advisory, she provided us with our planners, schedules, and other necessary items. I had never before used a planner to write down my homework or experienced having to attend seven different classes in a day and having classes with different students. It was all very unfamiliar to me.

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First, I went to Mrs. Decker’s math class for my first period. The only familiar face in the class was her. At the start of the class, she gave us a worksheet to complete, which aimed to help her become more acquainted with us. Later on, she permitted us to take it home and include our photo in it. Our last task for the day involved playing a game called “the name game.” In this activity, we formed a circle and each person took turns sharing an adjective that began with the same letter as their names.

The class played a game, but didn’t finish on the first day, so we continued on the second day. Then, we had second period with Mr. Huffman for science. Mr. Huffman discussed the rules and the topics we would be learning in the first semester, including platetectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes. I was eagerly looking forward to learning about all these fascinating subjects.

Next, it was nutrition which was similar to recess but lacking the equipment for play. Hence, I strolled around the school with newfound companions. Following that, I had English during my third period with Mrs. Troe and history during my fourth period with Mr. Flukiger. During English class, we completed a journal entry and recorded the quote of the week. In history class, Mr. Flukiger distributed index cards and instructed us to write about our hobbies and interests, allowing him to know us better. Finally, it was time for lunch.

During the last two periods of the day, I had Art with Mrs. Erwin and Gym with Mrs. Jordan. In art class, we were assigned to create a comic strip depicting our first day of school, which turned out to be enjoyable. Moving on to P.E., Mrs. Jordan explained how to purchase our P.E. clothes and operate our P.E. locks. Afterward, we had the opportunity to play outside despite the scorching heat. Eventually, the bell rang, marking the end of the first day of school.

All in all, my first day of middle school is an unforgettable experience that will always be etched in my memory.

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50, 250 & 400 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

Photo of author

Table of Contents


The experiences we have in life are a mix of positive and bad. Almost everyone has something unforgettable in their lives. There are two types of bad ones: good ones and bad ones. No matter how long we live, this experience will never be forgotten. The event can also change our lives forever. There must be at least one memorable day or event in every person’s life that they can never forget. It is one of the memories I will never be able to forget in my life too.

50 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

 There are some days that remain in our minds forever, whether they are happy or sad. The day I left the city where I was born will always be etched in my memory. A new city was assigned to my father. The day I had to leave my house was a very sad day for me.

Leaving my friends for the last time was a very painful experience. It was very hard to say goodbye to everyone along the way. This was my last time seeing these surroundings, and I felt sad. My lunch was the only thing I ate that day. It was very hard for me to find words to describe how much I cried and begged my parents not to leave. I still feel sad when I remember that day.

250 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

Sunny and hot weather greeted us that day. My mother called me inside to eat something while I was lying on my back in the front yard. I heard my mother gently call out, “Come, take a bite of this sandwich or two,” as she gently beckoned me to take a bite.

In general, I was a bit of an uncontrollable child when I was growing up, or perhaps you could say naughty. My response was to pretend that I wasn’t aware of what she said. She just said: “Okay, then.” as she is a clever mother. You’ll need to buy bread, I think. The way she said it this time wasn’t so gentle. Due to my failure to respond when I was called, I received this punishment.

Thus, I hurriedly went inside. Unfortunately, it was too late. My mother already had the money in her hands. Her grin spread across her face as she said: “Better now than later when you get hungry…” I began to frown, saying: “Hayi, hayi, hayi, mama!” This means: “No, no, no, mama!”.

The wonderful grin on my mother’s face turned into a huge, horrible frown! Her voice was the most horrendous I’ve ever heard. The way she spoke to me sounded like a lion roaring at its prey: “Amanda, don’t test or I will…”.

In fact, I ran out of the door before she could finish her sentence. I was crossing the street in a hurry when a car slammed into me out of nowhere. The driver asked with concern. “Are you all right?” the driver asked concernedly. The car hit me like a bull tackling a matador in a bullfight, and I’m not sure if those were his exact words.

It had taken me a long time to realize what had happened because I had run like a horse all the way home. This incident has never been brought up with my mother. I found it strange that all my mother noticed was that I wasn’t hungry anymore. The only thing she said was: “Did you eat from this bread, little one? It made us both laugh. My memories of this day will last a lifetime.

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400 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

It was a happy childhood for me, thanks to my loving parents and the big brown house my parents lived in. A big brown house and two loving parents made me a happy child. I used to spend hours playing hide-and-seek or tagging with my friends in my backyard during the summer. As children, we would pretend to be explorers searching for old treasures or knights battling evil dragons to save princesses.

A brown and white trim was also seen on the house next door. We felt like we were in an enchanted forest with its huge trees shading our backyard. The snow that accumulated at the edge of our yards in the winter would be used to make snowmen. In the end, we made angels by piling all our clothes on top of one another instead of making snowmen out of them.

Laughter echoed off the walls as I ran up and down the stairs. I used to play this game with my sister. Running up and down the stairs was a game we would take turns playing. It was a race between the bottom and top to see who could catch the other. Getting caught meant going up and down again.

During our daily activities, we never paid attention to how much energy we used or how it affected our hearts, lungs, and muscles. It just seemed like fun to us. When he was a boy, my dad used to tell me stories. Sitting there and listening to him tell me stories from his childhood, I would hear stories about my dad as a boy.

Whenever he talked about fishing with his friends, he’d tell me about it. At times, they caught something, but at other times, they had nothing to show for their efforts. Whenever he spoke too much at school, he got into trouble, and if the teacher saw him chewing gum in class, he got into even more trouble.

The stories he told always made me laugh. His life had never been better. One of the most memorable days of my life. His life was at its best during that time. It will always be a memorable day for me. Looking up at him from the front row, I was in the front row. When he said, “This is the best day of my whole life,” he looked directly at me.


A moment cannot be relived in the past. Remembering these days helps us make those moments alive for us and keep them alive in our minds.

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  • Essay on Memorable Day of My Life

500 Words Essay On Memorable Day of My Life

We have different types of days in our lives, some are ordinary while some are special. There are some days that get etched in our memories forever. Likewise, I also have a memorable day of my life that is very dear to me. The memories of this day are engraved in my heart and will remain so forever.

memorable day of my life

My Birthday- Memorable Day of My Life

My tenth birthday is the most memorable day of my life. It is a day I can never forget and I consider it to be the best birthday yet. The day started just like any other normal day. However, as it kept progressing, a lot of exciting things began to happen.

I woke up very early on my birthday because I had to dress up in casual clothes for school . The day before, all my candies were ready that I would distribute in the classroom.

My mother prepared my favourite breakfast and gave me a big chocolate bar for lunch as well. I went to school and the whole class sang for me and congratulated me. It was the turn to distribute sweets.

My best friend and I went to all the teachers to distribute toffees and we had a great time there. Moreover, it was an incredible feeling. My friends were all singing for me and eager to come to my birthday party later in the evening.

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My Birthday Party

The birthday at my school was memorable but the birthday party at my home made the day even more memorable. Also, my mother invited all my friends from school and the colony to the party.

I received so many presents and we played a lot of games. We played games like musical chairs, tag, egg-and-spoon races, and more. There were so many songs playing so everyone did a special dance too.

The highlight of my birthday party was definitely my huge birthday cake. As I love superheroes, my mother got the cake customized with the superhero theme. It was very tasty too and in my favourite flavour.

I spent a lot of time with my family and friends that day. Everyone liked the return gifts as well and went home with a big smile on their faces.

Conclusion of Essay on Memorable Day of My Life

Therefore, my tenth birthday is the most memorable day of my life. It has given me so many happy memories that will remain with me forever. That day makes me feel blessed and lucky to have all those things in my life.

FAQ on Essay on Memorable Day of My Life

Question 1: What is the meaning of a memorable day?

Answer 1:   When we say memorable, we refer to something that we cannot forget easily or something that left us excited. A memorable day is a day that one can recall easily as it is engraved in the memory.

Question 2: What can be an example of a memorable day?

Answer 2: Some people consider their birthday to be the most memorable day. While some consider it a family trip too. Similarly, some people may find their school picnic or fete to be the most memorable day.

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How to write stories about yourself (a.k.a. memoir/personal essays), by moss geren, writing specialist, march 20, 2024.

write an essay on a day to remember

              There are so many assignments I see coming through where students get to write about their own lif e — sometimes the professors call it a memoir, a personal essay, a mosaic essay, or whatnot. Basically, you’re writing about yourself and things you’ve been through. Here are some tips about personal essays for people new to personal writing. First, choose a topic that you’re okay sharing with the class. Then, ask yourself questions, but remember that it’s okay not to remember everything. And after you’ve written your first draft, break up those paragraphs.

              It’s important to choose a topic that interests you in any kind of writing; it will make the paper easier to write, and it will make the paper more enjoyable to read. However, you should think about your own comfort level as you decide what is interesting in your own life. If you feel hesitant sharing a story with your friends, it might be better to write about it for yourself, not for a class. It’s okay to not share the juiciest story you have. Choose something that you don’t mind people discussing.

              After you’ve chosen something interesting in your life that you’re okay sharing with a class, the next step is asking yourself questions. Specifically, what are the details of the memory or memories you chose? Use imagery. How did the moment look, sound, feel, smell, or taste? If someone laughed, ask yourself how they laughed. Was the laugh deep and authentic or was it anxious and forced? If you were swimming in a lake with friends, was the water warm or cold? Was the lake clear or foggy? Were there fish? What kinds of fish? Was the ground all mucky and muddy under your feet? Did you think the mud was gross or did you think the squish was satisfying? You want the reader to feel like they’re there in the moment with you, and you can do that by capturing what details you can remember.

              But what if you can’t remember? There aren’t usually sources in this personal kind of story because it’s about your own life. This isn’t journalism. You aren’t stating the facts of the matter like it’s going to be in a newspaper. Memoirs and other personal stories involve remembering what details you can; however, it’s okay if you can’t remember someone’s name, what they were wearing, what order events happened, etc. It’s more about sharing an adventure, an emotion, and how you experienced the moment then getting everything factually accurate. It aims for the truth, but human memory is messy. Plus, it’s hard to remember everything. If you can’t remember exactly what your brother said when he dropped your ice cream cake on your seventh birthday, that’s okay. Capture the essence of what he said on the page the best you can. You are sharing a memory, your memory, not documenting an event for the news.

              Another tip I like to mention is —  personal essays aren’t five-paragraph essays like most students are used to. If there’s dialogue (A.K.A. someone speaking), you should start a new paragraph each time a new person speaks. A paragraph can even be one sentence in this kind of writing.

“Like this,” Moss said.

Think about how paragraphs look in books; they don’t generally have too many long paragraphs like how your normal essay or textbook is structured. So, if you’re finding that one of your paragraphs is a page long or even half a page long, break it up some. That will make your story more easily digestible.

            These are the most common tips I give students working on personal essays when they visit the DSC Writing Center. There is so much more I could share, but that might fill a couple of books if I tried. Come to our Writing Center if you ever need help brainstorming a memoir topic, figuring out dialogue, or doing anything communication related. I would love to hear your story. And remember! Choose a topic you don’t mind discussing publicly, ask yourself questions about sensory details, remember that you don’t have to remember everything, and break up your paragraphs like you’d see in a book.


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A serene getaway: exploring the beauty of beaches.

Round and around the tuk tuk drives through the serpentine steep road and on either side of the road a breathtaking vista is a treat to many eyes. Turquoise water, golden sand, palm trees contributing to the greenery along with astounding tall buildings, the landscape...

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A Life-changing Encounter: Personal Experience

I chose to write about my most memorable experience essay as I have what to say. So, my most memorable experience was when I rode the world’s tallest swing ride. A swing ride is a huge swing and carousel that sways your seat outward. This...

Childhood Memories: a Treasure Trove of Life's Sweetest Moments

When recalling my childhood memories, there are many stories. Some of them makes me happy but some of them are not good ones. In my childhood memories essay I will try to retel some of these childhood memories.  Memories and experiences are a vital component...

My First Day at Campus: Reflections on an Unforgettable Experience

My entry into a university after I had completed my school education was an important event in my life. I still vividly remember my first day in college, never could I think that I would see my last semester on campus, but here I am. Time...

My 15th Birthday that I Will Never Forget!

Today is my birthday! I’m finally turning 15, I grab my crutches and head downstairs. “Good morning Zara, Happy Birthday!” “Thank you, mum.”  Today I must go to physical therapy again and I’m not looking forward to it, but at least this will be the...

Unexpected Trip to a Tropical Garden at Seychelles

On the 6th day of our holiday, we woke up to a typical day in the tropical Seychelles with high humidity and 28 degrees Celsius, the average daily temperature for a country so close to the Equator. Our accommodation in Anse Boileau was surrounded by...

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