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Advertising Vocabulary & Pronunciation

This lesson focuses on essential advertising vocabulary. There is also an audio so you can listen to how the words are pronounced. At the bottom of the page, is some practice exercises to learn how to use these words correctly. Advertising is a common topic in both IELTS speaking and writing task 2, so you must learn all the basic vocabulary to be able to talk and write on this topic.

This lesson contains a lot of vocabulary. Take your time to learn the words and practice your pronunciation. There is an audio under each table for pronunciation practice.

Forms of the word:

  • advertise (vb)
  • advertising (v+ing)
  • advertisement (n) (there are two different pronunciation – UK and USA)

Main Types of Advertisements:

main types of advertising

Other Types of Advertisements:

advertising word list

More Types of Advertising:

more types of adverts

Practice Exercises with Advertising Vocabulary

Use the vocabulary above to complete the sentences. Words may be used more than once.

  • I think I prefer …………….. because they are really good fun to watch and often have a catchy tune or song to go with them.
  • Last night, I was just sitting down to my favourite series on TV when the phone rang. It was another …………. I find them really annoying.
  • Personally, I think that …………………… in movies is the most effective because you aren’t even aware that you are being targeted by a company while you’re watching.
  • I think ………………… are a great way to advertise because they are so entertaining but I guess they must be very costly to put on, particularly at peak viewing time.
  • There’s nothing more annoying than trying to work online and getting bothered by ………………
  • I hardly ever pay attention to adverts in the ………………….. because they aren’t usually very attractive but whenever I flick through a ……………., I’m constantly drawn towards their beautiful, glossy ads.
  • I find telesales quite ……………….. because they call your home to sell you something. I think it’s an invasion of privacy.
  • eye-catching = appealing, attractive
  • subtle = not obvious
  • flick through a magazine = look at the pages quickly
  • to target an audience = to aim for a group of people
  • catchy tune = an appealing melody
  • peak viewing time = a time when the majority of people are watching
  • glossy = shiny
  • specific market  = particular group of people
  • specific interest group = particular group of people with the same interests
  • persuasive = it convinces us to do something or think something
  • memorable = it stays in our minds for a long time
  • intrusive = causing annoyance, uninvited
  • invasion of privacy = when your privacy has been invaded (entered) without permission
  • up-to-date = current
  • customer database = list or record of customers

Listen to Audio

  • TV commercials
  • covert advertising
  • newspaper / magazine


  • Writing Task 2: Ideas about Companies Promoting in Schools
  • Media and Advertising Essay Questions

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Hi Liz. Thanks a lot for your contribution to our success in IELTS. Personally I find your web page an useful ressource, I will base my writing and speaking practice on your site! Muchas gracias

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You’re welcome. Good luck in your test !!

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Thank you for your dedication and effort Mrs. LiZ🌹 &we hope to see you back on the channel soon 🙂

Thanks. I hope to be back on Youtube soon, but it will depend on my health.

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Get well soon, dear; the content on the website helped me get 7 bands in IELTS academics, and I am now preparing for IELTS’s general test.

Band 7 is great. Very well done 🙂 See this page before you start preparation for GT IELTS:

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I have to say:” It is really helpful for me. Thank you!”

I’m glad it’ useful 🙂

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Y ou are just amazing

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i Wanna say thank you. this lessons are very helpfull

I’m glad you find them useful 🙂

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i can not understand anything in this page. how can i found all the vedio?is there have any vedio which do not have in the YouTube mam…

This website contains pages and pages, in fact hundreds of pages of tips, practice lessons, model answers, topics, vocabulary etc. Go to the HOME page to learn how to use this website to prepare for your IELTS test.

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hi Liz.How are you? I wanna say thank you.I appreciate your work.Thank you again

You’re welcome 🙂

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hi LIZ, your lessons are wonderful, excellent and terrific. your IELTS Lessons are the most helpful I have ever seen. Thank you.

I’m glad you are enjoying my website 🙂

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Hi! Liz I appreciate you for encouraging me to enjoy the 200 pages of free lessons, tips, model answers, topics etc. this is really enjoyable website that well-experienced and qualified English teacher facilitated us to benefit from it.

best wishes,

Abdukadir Osman Mohamed

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thankyou liz

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Thank you, Liz. I guess you have done so huge work. This is very-very helpful for preparation!

I’m glad it’s useful for you 🙂

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Thank you Miss Liz!!! I made used of your vocabulary lessons and videos in speaking section.. Got my desired band scores today and I’m so overwhelmed.. Thank you for helping us through your website! 💙💙🇵🇭

Glad to hear your good news! Well done 🙂

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These lessons were very helpful for me.Thank you very much dear Liz.

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Thank you so much from the deep of my heart liz ❤. You do a lot for us. I’m just following your lessons in order with making notes of each lesson .I’m experiencing a real ilets coaching classroom here. You are amazing .God send you to help 🙂 us . Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥

Good luck with your test preparation 🙂

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Dear Liz, You know I had to rewrite you this letter so many times I lost counting, I thought to myself, I had to make your day through this simple one like you beautifully made ours. I heard this quote once that says ” A good deed brightens a dark world “, And thanks to you, I know how to paraphrase but I want to start from the ending, dark, gloomy, blue with other words, scary. Now let’s go to the word Brighten, I believe in this quote it’s more than just lighten, here it refers to rejoice, cheer, and according to that saying, that’s just what a one good deed does to the world, so how about hundreds of them. And yet, they’ve all been done by one person, You. You lovely angel, you simply made our world a better place to live, most of us here had no clue what IELTS tests are about, we were terrified of it, and failing, yeah! that’s exactly what we were afraid of, especially, that it costs money, and somehow, out of nowhere, you showed up and said: ” it is all right, you can make it ” and I do thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you so much

Sincerely your student who really appreciates you.

Your message brings a huge smile to my face. I’m so glad you found my site and feel more comfortable with the IELTS test. It was my dream to reach people around the world and provide support. You have shown me that my dream is happening. I wish you lots of luck in your test – fingers crossed for you 🙂

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Yes your are amazing IELTS instructor . After finding your site I also find myself more comfortable especially in academic writing task 1 .Good job !

I’m glad I could paint a smile in your lovely face, Thank you 🙂

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Nice way to learn English free of cost. Thank you.

Best Regards Sajib Das

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Hi Liz,I am back here for renewing my score ..thanks for your speaking test will be tomorrow.

Good luck!!

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Thank you mam🙏

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Madam, I would like to request you to check my writing because in our territory we do not have an IELTS teacher. I just follow your blog and your youtube video for my IELTS preparation which is exceedingly crucial for me. It is my humble request if you please check my writing and give me a suggestion that how much score I can get by writing this type of essay. Essay question- Nowadays, many people have to work a long time, and they feel more stressful than before. -What is the reason? -What can employers do to make their life easier?

At present, lots of people spending huge time in their workplace and observing that it is more frustrating and stressful than before. In my opinion, I agree that working a long time is very painful, and it also makes our personal life measurable.

Every person needs to work to maintain their family and mitigate their needs. Because of that, they do jobs. But here they work a long period of time which makes them feel boring. As a result, after returning home they seem to be disturbed, and sometimes they do rough behave with their family. Also, they do not find so much time to do other works, such as exercising, spending time with kids and other related things of personal life.

I think employers can do several things to make their employee more comfortable and less stressful. For instance, they can shorten their working time. Furthermore, if they introduce ‘braking system’. When they do exercise or playing any kind of game. I think it would help them to decline their stress. Consequently, giving mandatory leave after a certain period of time is also effective. As a result, they can spend some quality time with their family.

To sum up, it is necessary to understand by the authority that whether their employee feels stressful or not. By taking the necessary steps employers can make their life easier. Though work is essential for every person, a stressful working environment is even more meaningful for jobholders. It has also increased companies growth which is the main goal for everyone.

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I hope you are doing good. 🙂

This is a writer and user of your website from India. I am and preparing for the IELTS exam and targetting it sometime soon.

I have seen more often than not your material is factually also correct. However, in covert advertising you have mentioned “James Bond drives a BMW”. Actually its Aston Martin. Just to lighten the mood of everyone here.

Regards, Rahul

Actually James Bond changed the car he drove a number of times. See this page: 🙂

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Hi Miss Liz, I tried to answer the writing task 2 about advertisement I would like to ask if you can assess my work thanks. 🙂 Here is my work:

The effect of fast-food restaurants and companies’ promotion at school to children well-being have a crucial focal point in this essay, which was always debatable, has now become more controversial. It can be agreed strongly upon the fact that this matter has some convincing arguments, despite the contentions about it. This is essay will discuss how promoting companies such as fast food restaurants encourage a poor diet and how children/ students benefit from these kinds of school sponsorship advertisement by companies related to fast-food restaurants and thus will lead to a reasoned conclusion. At the outset, there are numerous reasons why sponsored adverts from fast-food restaurant at school have some negative aspects to children, but the most alarming one lies in the fact that promotion of companies like fast-food restaurants at school encourages a poor diet on students, and this can be a contributing factor for the children to consume food with high salt and sugar content that can be harmful to their health. For instance, research in this area invariably shows that children who tend to eat fast-food meals have higher rate of being obese and worst-case scenario having an early diagnosed of diabetes. For this reason, the adverse impacts of companies who gave a sponsorship advertisement at school should not be ignored. Nevertheless, some people tend to believe that advertisement coming from fast-food establishments and companies in schools can be addressed with some positive facets as well. However, the most predominant one stems from the fact that children benefit from these kinds of school company-sponsored advertisement, which is not only beneficial but also necessary. As an illustration, findings of some studies reveal that 80% of children benefit from the additional resources and facilities that schools can afford due to the funding from the companies provided the schools promote their products and services to school children. Therefore, the importance of sponsored adverts by companies to school children is undeniable. After analyzing the above discussion, it can be concluded that the impact of promoting companies such as fast-food restaurants to school children well-being is significant, although the given negative effects should not be overlooked.

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Hi, Miss Liz! Lord bless you! Your website is so helpful, Could you give your followers how to increse speaking skills? As you know most of your visitors of your site are from Non English speaking countries. With regards Yusuf

See all free lessons and tips on this page:

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God bless you, Miss Liz. I merely voice my appreciation. A teacher recommended me to improve my writing skill extract the collocations and structures from magazines or websites (The Guardian…). However, after a while, I felt it is so boring and time-consuming. Please give me a method to enrich my vocabulary in all specific IELTS Topics. Regards

Did you consider my Ideas E-book? It contains useful vocabulary and ideas for over 150 common essay topics. It’s at a discount right now, but the discount will end on Tuesday next week. Visit my store:

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Hi Liz, your lessons are really very beneficial for me, i just felt that you are teaching me in front of mine . keep it up for your students

I’m glad they are useful 🙂

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Hi Liz, Immensely grateful to this rewarding issues . Thanks a million.

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hello mem, thank you so much for giving sound advice to us.

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Hey Liz, thanks so much I asked my teacher for a good website to study and be ready for IELTS and she just mentioned this, I am so glad of being here , it was useful

Take your time to learn from all my free lessons and tips.

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Wohoo I got one wrong

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First I didn’t realize what could be the answers, I thought I’ve to writer Advertisement in other forms like -ad, advertise etc,. Then I stopped and read carefully, then I got 4 correct answers. Its really tough -IELTS.

It’s tough. But with the right practice and deeper understanding of requirements, it is possible to conquer.

' src=

Liz ,I got only 2 correct answers.

These are practice lessons to help you learn and develop. This is not about scoring high the first time. Use my site to learn. Use my site to build awareness of your own strengths and also of the areas you need to develop.

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Hi Liz This website is wonderful and you are too.

I’m glad my lessons are useful 🙂

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Hi Liz, Thanks a lot!! It is really helpful.

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Hi Liz. This is one of the best and most helpful websitea I have ever seen. Thanks a lot for supporting candidates

I’m glad it’s useful 🙂

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James Bond drives an Aston Martin 🙂

And a BMW in later movies. But I prefer the Aston Martin 🙂

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Hello, Liz. IELTS, British or American accents, which is better?

IELTS means International English Language Testing System – this means you can have either accent.

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Hi Liz. Today i saw your website. It is great platform for Ielts preparation. Please reply me with some simple techniques for good bands. I shall be very thankful to you. Thanks

Please use the RED MENU BAR to open the section of the test you want to learn. Also read the HOME page for instructions.

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Thanks for your helpful effort.

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I would like to thank you for your efforts and very instructive videos. Could you please help me in differentiating between “Yes/No/Not Given” and “True/False/Not Given” questions ? i’m often confused between “False”/”No” and NOT GIVEN.

Thank you in avance !

There is no difference in how you tackle them. Some questions are YNNG and some are TFNNG. YNNG are usually about the writer’s opinion. TFNG are about information given in the passage. But, as I said, you approach them in exactly the same way.

' src=

That’s the good idea 🙂

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Hi Eliza, hope u are doing good, do u have Skype lessons ?

Sorry, I don’t offer that service.

No problem dear, you are really so smart in English, I think I need at least 50 years to be an expert like you, there is more than 1 000 000 000 new words, how can my brain keep all of them >_< IELTS is a Horror movie for me

Be careful aiming for lots of new words. It is usually better to review the words you already know and make sure you use them correctly. You should aim for accuracy when you use language, rather than aiming to impress. Each word you use incorrectly will lower your score – so limit yourself and don’t try to learn it all. Be strategic in how you approach IELTS. Build on your strengths and be careful of the areas where you struggle 🙂

Thank you for the advices, Actually this applies to the Writing Section, but in the Reading section: the greater the knowledge of the new words, the greater the understanding of the text, in the reading section they play a game (paraphrases game!) in the Question a word and in the answer a paraphrases

That is correct. Unless you have a good understanding of synonyms, you will struggle with reading. The problem is that you can’t predict the topic for reading. The topics are very random, unless you are doing GT – they are often similar for GT reading. To actually increase your knowledge of a language takes time – there is no quick fix. To enlarge your English, you can read BBC news, online magazines etc. See the Useful Websites Page of this website and you’ll find links.

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Thank you for all your viewpoints. I am really indebted.

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I was overhelmed when i was watched your video and i have improved in ielts

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Dear Liz, I would like to express my most heartfeflt gratitude for all of your help and work you have done over the past years. Regards Amritpal Singh Dahry

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Hiiii liz.i just wanted to say thank you so much for your great and helpful website😊😊

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Dear Liz It is the first time i am using your website. I can see that it is very useful. Thank you for that. I appreciate. Hope i will get my high score on IELTS. Cheers, your user

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its a great plateform to improve ielts skills, and i would definitely recommend this website to my friends.

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Thank you so much for all support you are giving Liz.

You are the best IELTS lecturer I’ve ever met ☺

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Thank you very much for this wonderful information.

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this is my first time here and really appreciate your hardworking , hope to approach my ilets target soon with you , thank you very much Liz .

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Hello Liz, As far as I know, and as it’s mentioned on your website, in Speaking part I can use any accent (British or American). Is it considered as a mistake if most of my speaking will be with an American accent but some of the words will be accidentally pronounced with a British accent or if I’ll use British equivalent of an American word? Same about Writing part. What if some words I will write as per American English rules and some as per British English rules (e.g. labour – labor, authorised – authorized)? Being a foreigner sometimes it’s difficult to memorize which word is used in American English and which in British English, that’s why I came up with this question…

For speaking, it’s fine to have a mixed accent. For writing, you must choose either US spelling or UK spelling. You can’t mix them.

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Dear liz, This is the first time using your website and i feel so great to using it its very useful for me to improving my band score….

Glad it’s useful. Read the instructions on the HOME page to learn how to use this site for your IELTS preparation.

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Liz your idea is totally different and mesmerising from else ❤❤

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Would it have been correct if I answered “telemarketer” instead of “cold call” at number 2? It seems to be grammatically correct and the person making the call is called a telemarketer (derived from the category/type of Advertising the point refers too). I work in advertising and in my country (South Africa), we mostly refer to those phone calls as another “telemarketer call”. Or should we rather strictly follow the text as given? I though it might be a “trick” question. Thanks Hernus

A “cold call” is NOT a person. A cold call is an action where someone calls you randomly trying to sell you something on the phone.

' src=

Your service towards humanity is ideal. God Bless you Liz…! You are the best ILETS tutor. -Parth Panchal (Bonny)

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Thank You very much LIz.

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Thank you for providing such detailed information. It was really helpful and I did learn a lot. Although I see a factual error in the “Covert advertising” section. James Bond actually drives an Aston Martin not a BMW.

I would really appreciate if you will be able to correct it.

Thank you very much.

In the later movies, he drives a BMW:

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Thank You for useful tips and info here. I would like to improve my writing skills and vocab as well to score good band for my IELTS. Much appreciated if you can guide me. Thank You

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My wife has a medical condition due to a stroke , she had around 6 years back. She is still unable to speak fluently and takes more than the usual time to understand and respond. Is there any exemption or help is available for her in IELTS exam, particularly in Listening and Speaking tests?

You will need to ask IELTS directly about this. I’m sure that something can be organised to facilitate your wife with a medical certificate. But you will need to speak directly with IELTS.

' src=

There are various patterns for disabled or people with special needs in the IELTS module so you have to find it via IELTS website or by contacting any center for further information.

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Hi Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge for us

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good work madam liz

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Thanks Liz mem to share your valuable knowledge with us. 🙏🙏 I always adore you as you help plethora of people like me,god bless you. God gives you 101 years of life very happily😀😀😀😀.

Thank you for your kind comments 🙂

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Madam your work is very brilliant and very supportive to all the ielts students and for me too. THANKS A LOT .

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Hello Liz , I find your lessons very useful . Can I get feedback from you for my writing task 2 essay because I am finding it difficult to evaluate it myself. Thank you.

Sorry I don’t offer that service.

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I am so happy that I found really good teacher in my life , Your pedagogy is too good. May you live long and keep delivering lecture .

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Dear Liz, Thank you very much. Would you please guide me to find a reliable common phrasal verbs resource? Thanks again

See this page:

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dear teacher.. i felt like i am sitting in front of a dedicated teacher who wants to make sure her students are getting the best result from her .. nicely done.. really easy to go through all the 4 modules ..

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How do you do? Firstly I am sorry Liz. I want to take ielts 8.0 or 9.0 score but I don’t have ielts moduls. do you help me and give me reading,writing,speaking,listening and vacabulary moduls from 0 to 9 score?? before thanks.

There are 300 pages of free tips, exercises and model answers on this website – start reviewing the pages. Click on the test section on the red bar at the top of the website.

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Thank you Mrs. Liz , your website is very useful , I paid 3,000 SR for British Council Center in KSA to gain knowledge about exam , I disappointed to paying it , Because I have a website like yours ,, Thank you again

I’m glad you found my site 🙂

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Hi Dear Liz. I have to much difficulty in reading section please guide me regarding reading. thnx in advance

See all my reading tips and lessons on this page:

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Hi Liz. I have one qustion. Which task i should start with first in writing section???

You can start with any task you want. I recommend you practise both ways and then decide which one you prefer to use in your test.

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wow! really outstanding! I really improve my self frim your site. Thank you very much.

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Can I write my all listening and reading answers in capital letters? Moreover, can I write s in bracket if I am not sure about answer with purals or singular?

Can you guide me on this?

You can write all your answers in capital letters for listening and reading – I recommend it. You NEVER use brackets for your answers. Your are being tested in the ability to listen for plurals.

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thank you mam

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Hi, I’m Mohamed Ibrahim, thank you for your usual help and support, may I have a link for all your IELTS videos?

See my IELTS Liz youtube channel

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Hi ..! i am really thankful and hope you will be keep on sharing the same.

Regards Sam

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Hello Liz My name is Miraziz I am from Uzbekistan I study English I want to take IELTS certificate but my English level Intermediate my teachers sai: you should prepare firstly Pre IELTS course so I woul like to prepare sef-study. What books should I use for Pre IELTS? Could you give advice me please? I want to thank you in advance!

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thank uuuuuuuu very much

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liz…..thankuu my cutepie for wonderful help…….some people say that we should not advised anyone because it may shrink our value or respect…..but i advised u to enable the feature of ielts writing checker in our website……

I don’t know what a writing checker is. I’ve tried a number of online sites which offer writing that can automatically be checked for accuracy – noe of them are very good. The majority of mistakes are missed.

' src=

Hey Liz, I just want to ask about writing tast 1, I read recent ielts exam mostly there are bar charts questions so I have to do only bar charts or all you have mentioned in your website.

Bar charts are common but you can get any type of task 1 in IELTS. It is your choice is you want to take a chance on your future. See my writing task 1 page:

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Sorry Ms Liz. I can not download or print the exercies from your site!!

Most of my materials are to be used online.

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Hi Liz I am preparing for my IELTS exam which will be taken on the 25th of march. I am not really a fan of essay writing. i do not know how to start, what to write in the body and how to conclude, Also i have problem with reading fast and understanding the passage. Will appreciate it if you help me out.

Thank You. Hope to hear from you soon.

The main pages of my site as accessed through the red bar at the top of the pages. Here is the main page for writing task 2: and for reading:

' src=

still one problem why I can’t copy from the website.. bcs sometimes i need to save words and use them to revise and practice writing tasks

Sorry, most of my lessons are for use online only.

' src=

I want to know is there any syllabus for speaking test or is there any particular number of speaking cue cards that we can consider for exam? Or examiner can ask anything?

The examiner has a number of cur cards to choose from. In order to prepare for your test, always prepare current topics. You can find these because students post their topics on this website. See this page: . You can find a list of common topics and also topic currently being used. Also check this page:

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Hello Liz , Your lessons are realy helpful, i wish i would have referred them bit earliar. I need your some last tips on speaking and today is my speaking test and i hav not been able to prepare for ths, so please could u help me out with some of them as i m too much nevous and have last one more hour to leave for exam. Your ideas wud b helpful please reply

See this page for last minute tips (Speaking tips are at the bottom of the page): Good luck!

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Hey Liz, I am bit confused regarding coping my answers on answer sheet. My tutor asked me to write all the answers in capital letters to avoid any mistakes. My exam is on 21st January and I need some last moment tips and do tell me what can I do more in these 2 days.

Many students choose to write all their answers in capital letters for listening and reading. It’s fine to do that. Here are some last minute tips for each part of the test: . Also read this page to make sure you understand all aspects of the test: . The main pages of this website are accessed through the red bar at the top of the website – check them out!

' src=

Your blog has helped me to prepare adequately. Is it mandatory to show examiner the usage of all tenses during speaking test ? I am need to score 7 bands, fyi.

Regards Sushant

You should show a range – it isn’t always possible to use all tenses that exist in English. Aim to give a past tense, a future form and a second conditional as minimum.

' src=

What is a second conditional ? Please tell something more about it.

If I had time, I would …. / If I was independent, I would …. This structure is second conditional.

' src=

Hi I want know that if I want to postpone my ielts test can I do

You need to contact your local test center and ask them.

' src=

hello.i’m hesham from egypt :] i want to learn englis and get an IELTS certificat ,but i’m very very fear from this language. i find difficult when i was listening. i wanna helm me to beat my fears ,thank you :]

See this page for listening:

' src=

Dear Liz, I had taken the IELTS Academic exam on the 10th of December, I got a 6.5 for Speaking (I need a 7). I always do so well when I was practicing, but when it comes to the real exam, I’ll be so nervous until I’m thought block. I am so sad and disappointed because this is my 4th time taking the exam. What can I do to overcome this situation?

Thanks Liz and have a great day. 🙂

Usually practice will help you overcome this problem but in your case it isn’t working. Have you prepared all common topics enough? You should have prepared so many ideas for topics that when the examiner asks a question, your mind is full of ideas rather than nerves. See this lesson on the following page about practising and developing at home: . Also review all the topics on the link given. You can also prepare ideas for writing task 2 because the topics can be similar to speaking part 3: . Also review all current topics used in the test for the last few months: . The test is only 14 mins in length so you need to prepare yourself with ideas and language to showcase your English in these few minutes. Also develop more vocabulary:

' src=

Hi Liz, first at all I would like to thank you for all your time wasted in order to help us. Well, I´ve been studying English by myself for about 8 months and I would like that you could give me some advice about how to improve my speaking skill…

This website is for IELTS skills rather than improving your English. To improve your IELTS speaking skills, see this page: . I hope to have another website for English language development in the future – if students will find it useful.

' src=

Hi Liz. i really need help regarding my ielts exam. can i ask you some question please?

' src=

Thanks Liz so much, you’re the best teacher!!!

' src=

I am really loved your lessons , videos , tips . WORDS cannot be ENOUGH to tell or express my feeling… . Thank you so much for helping us the way YOU do. AND I have a problem is that HOW can I practice the speaking part? because i do NOT have a PARTNER to practice with him or her.

Watch the video lesson on this page and then read all other tips:

' src=

thanks LIZ, Its very helpful

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Dear Teacher , Thank You very Much , for teaching me on your video tutorial, I am really love your pronunciation and conversation , let me learn and tell me the direction for the preparation ielts test I am really wish your helping,

' src=

Dear teacher Thank you for all helpful ,i want ask about this sentence “these are aimed at a specific market and interest group” are present aimed past

“are aimed” passive

' src=

I love your teaching program; I have learnt a lot from your website and videos. Thank so much for your lessons.

' src=

Hello Liz.Which one i should practice first: your tests or Cambridge books? I ask because i wanna learn you prepared these tests and vocabulary exercises from Cambridge books or you made yourself.I will appreciate if you answer me

I do not have tests, I have practice exercises to develop skills. Therefore, try one full practice test from the Cambridge book and then do some exercises to improve.

' src=

Hello, I would like to know if I use the same sentences you have written here at my ielts exam, is it ok with the examiner or not? will I lose score by using exact sentences from books or websites like yours? Thank you, Memphis

It’s never a good idea to memorise sentences. Because the memorised sentences will be 100% correct but your own sentences will contain mistakes. The examiner will notice the difference. As a result, you will be marked down. You can use ideas and vocabulary but not sentences or chunks of language. See this page:

' src=

hi.i found ur videos on telegram and these were very usefull for regularly follow ur tips and teaches.thank u. morteza from iran

' src=

How to check my English level to get IELTS band score 6??

Pay to get your essay corrected and ask for an evaluation on your English as well as your IELTS:

' src=

Hlo mam, I am so thankful for all your tips and samples they all are very helpful to uplift my English level. but the only problem I am stuck in speaking. Provide me some tips to get nice band score in this test.

See my main speaking page: . You can find all main pages through the red bar at the top of the site.

' src=

Hi, Liz Amina Anwar , incidentally I open this site due to vocabulary but it not a website its a city of knowledge for the students. I also started IELTS and I have difficulty in vocabulary but now I have not any problem regarding vocabulary .

I’m really glad you are enjoying my blog 🙂

' src=

thanks alot..Mrs Liz your website is v. useful


' src=

i just wanted to copy and paste all your materials but they are copyright protected. why it is so? you are giving the best but yet wants to make limited access on it…why mam?

The copy protection is to protect my work. Some pages are downloadable and some are not. But at least 300 pages are all free.

' src=

Hi Liz ma’am, Your listening materials are very catchy and educative…really beneficial to the whole student community. Thanks to ur blog.

' src=

Thank you for this website mam. I love it and I enjoyed it mam.

' src=

Hello Mam, I need help in writing task 2 general module. I require band 8 in writing. I have attempted twice and both the time my score was 7. Can you please advice on how to go proceed to improve my scores.

My recommendation is to get one ( or all) of my advanced writing task 2 lessons: . There are two reasons why students don’t get the band score they need. One reason is that they make too many mistakes in their grammar and vocabulary. That means you must always aim for accuracy and not attempt to impress the examiner. The other reason is not understanding what the examiner is looking for and the techniques requires by IELTS – in this case, my advanced lessons are the key. For writing task 1, you need to read more about the band scores and what is important in your report: Make sure you spend time learning how to write overviews. Go through all posts on this page:

' src=

Liz is one of the best who know how to transfer knowledge from one to another. best regards.

' src=

hello mam i am getting 6-6.5 in speaking , but i need 7. Actually i am lacking to implement vocabulary in my speaking please give me some tips to cover up this problem

' src=

hlo mam i am raaz from india i want to improve my writing can u help me

See my advanced lessons:

' src=

Dear mam, I seen some of your you tube video’s all are very helpfull i do practice more but im not getting appropriate score once i give exam from general and i got the score overall 5, now i planning to go for acamedic and required score is overall 7 each. please advice me how i can get score and how i do practice , how many hours i should spent for study. just need your help.

thanks & regards Ramveer

To get band 7, you will need a higher level of English. Tips help with the test but if your level of English is too low, you will not get band 7. Work on your English before aiming for band 7.

' src=

this is best way to learn ielts… thank you so much be happy always

' src=

Hi Liz I have Gone through Your Presentation That is Very Clear Understanding i am going joint through you web site & U tube Presentation Thank You Very much appear Volentierly I appreciate U God Bless U

' src=

hello mam, im naaz,, how should i start my preaeration for ielts general writing.. im poor at writing, not underestanding, how to start and wer to start, plz guide me..

' src=

Hi Liz I hope you be healthy. I want to take an ielts test, but my writing is not good. So, I need someone to check my essays and correct my mistakes. Would you check my essays if I send by email? If you can, please write your email.

See this page:

' src=

Very Good Teacher. May you live long!!!!!!

' src=

Hi I am fathima applying for phd psychology at uk and i need to score individually band score 7 and overall 7.5.could you please send me a good tips for scoring this mark and do u have any ielts book (pdf).please send me to my email. Many thanks in advance fathima

The only advanced lessons I have are for writing task 2: All the best Liz

' src=

Dear mam, i am very poor in English grammar.i wrote two times IELTS my score w-6,s-6.5,l-6.5,r-6.5 How can i improve my English. i need band 7 all module.Thank You. Vikas

' src=

I am weak at listening. How can I improve listening?

' src=

Plz help in my speaking bcz i am week in grammer but my fluency good

' src=

hi mam my name is sham ,i am getting less score in listening section of the IELTS exam ,i am confusing in listening so i need some tips ,just i watch your some videos about IELTS listening section that videos are very very helpful for IELTS listening,I am very impressed after watch this videos but i need help how can i practice ,please give instruction how can i improve my listening skills

' src=

hlo mam, i am varinderdeep singh mam please give me tips of reading

' src=

Everything amazing.

' src=

Dear Ms. Liz , you are unbelievably helpful to everyone who aspire to have a higher score in ielts test. i took the test for the 3rd time and i still cannot get a score of 7 in speaking. that is my only problem and i am already afraid of sittin again to retake my test. any advise? i have difficulty in composing my ideas.

' src=

Haha I’ve been only studing the English for 1 year and got the 7 score in speaking even thought my vocabulary wasn’t so rich and precise(but I got less than 5.5 in the rest moduels thought).I would recomend you to watch more TV shows and try just reapit after them in the same time.And another fact tot speack fluently is to learn the banal worlds by heart and deeply so that you may use then in any world struckture that tears off from your mind.

But who am I to teach =)

everyone can be a teacher to someone. if your tips were effective to you why can’t I try it, right? thanks anyway to your tips. noted, i will try it.

' src=

I just wanted to drop in after having dropped in months ago to say thanks. Most importantly, I managed to achieve an overall of band 9 finally (needed an 8 across all categories but kept managing a ruddy 7.5 countless times for writing). I loved your website, your lovely friendly profile picture (simple things matter eh!), and even the forums full of questions by other students that calmed my anxiety. I now pass your site on to many students who I also teach to help them across the line for IELTS 🙂

Big Hugs, Lils

Band 9! That’s fantastic!! Congratulations on a top result. All your hard work and determination was worth it. Think about sharing your results and any tips with other students on this page: I wish you lots of luck in the future !! All the best Liz 🙂

' src=

Hi I need your help, i have more grammar mistake when i am writing task 1/2.

' src=

Congratulations for scoring so well. Band 9 seems a lot of hard work. I would like some tips from you as i have less than a month for my IELTS and i need a band 8 or 7.5 for my admission and scholarship. would you like to help .

Regards, Sehar

At present the only advanced lessons I have are for writing task 2: All the best Liz

' src=

dear Liz… thank you very much for your support i have a questions please,, what if i write: ( In conclusion, i would say that social network media……) plz comment on” i would say”….

thank you in advance

It’s informal and not recommended for essay writing. All the best Liz

' src=

I think you are wonderful , I have written my IELTS two times with speaking 7, writing 6.5, Reading 5.5. It was a surprise to me because I was thinking that I will get band 7 on all but going through your teachings, I knew why I failed. I am going to write another IELTS on 12th December, hoping that I will do well as my aim is to get band 8 on the three.

Here’s a link to how to improve your reading score: . For advanced writing task 2 lessons see my online lessons: . However, also consider spending time reviewing your English. To get band score 8, the majority of your sentences for speaking and writing need to be complex and error free. Good luck! Liz

' src=

You are really number one among all IELTS videos in Youtube! Thank you so much and high appreciation to your support to all of us!

Thanks. I really appreciate your comments and support 🙂 Liz

' src=

Hi Liz, Although, I’m going to take Toefl IBT exam, but I really like your job. It’s amazing even for IBT practice and I could find a lot of necessary information. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Arman

' src=

Hi Liz My name is khusan.I watch all of your video lesson on the youtube or this is very helpful for preparing IELTS.I started preparing IELTS a month ago and i need some advices about how to prepare IELTS.i hope you could help me to prepare IELTS.I don’t really know my level.but i have two month to prepare IELTS. i’d like to pass IELTS exam on december……I will wait a reply!!

your sensible Khusan

Please see my video with preparation tips on the home page. All the best Liz

' src=

I think that your files and lessons are fantastic Liz. Thank you very much for all your efforts. I’m so thankful.

You’re welcome. I’m glad the lessons are useful 🙂 Liz

' src=

Hello mam. First of all i would like to thank you for making such an awesome videos. last month i took my exam got a very good score. IELTS:-7.5 L-8,R-7.5,W-7,S-6.5; it wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Really from the bottom of my heart….THANK YOU.

' src=

Mr. Mohammed it’s my pleasure to write to you. please, I’m planning to get my test in two months, but I’m kind of lost. could you help me please and give me some advice. thanks anyway.

Read all questions and answers on this page to start learning IELTS: . Then work through lessons and tips on the individual skills pages. Liz

' src=

Hy Ma’am,

I have been following your website and youtube lessons for quite some time I know and find them immensely helpful, so, a BIG THANKS for all your efforts! However, I am struggling and infact, I am quite afraid of the speaking test since this is my first attempt. I can’t find someone to talk to. I am recording my voice and checking my speech for errors that you have mentioned. Is there any other method by which I can improve my speaking and at least get a band score 7 in speaking?

Last thing I would like to ask, which pronunciation will the IELTS Examiner judge me for, like US and U.K have different pronunciations for same words so which one of them should I practice? I will be appearing on the 8th of October and I am applying for U.S.A .

Thanks, Ansur.

Please see my video about how to improve your speaking at home. It’s on the main speaking page. IELTS is an international test so all accents are accepted. All the best Liz

' src=

Thank you for sharing everything you’ve got. I took my exam last August, and unfortunately I didn’t achieved the band score that I needed. I even enrolled to an IELTS review center, but I find this site more helpful. I hope I can reach my desired score the next time I will take it. *sad face*

It is common for students to take the test more than once. The first time, they discover more about the pressures of the test, the format and also about their own weaknesses. After that, you should make a list of things you really need to improve – specific things. Once you are improved and more confident, book the test again. Don’t forget you can also buy individual writing task 2 lessons if you need more help from my writing course – there’s a link in the right hand side column. Good luck! Liz

' src=

Today I have seen writing task 2, it’s really very good. Anyone can easily understand. Thanks for your efforts.

Cheers, Raj

' src=

hi Liz, Today i have found your blog and I’m so glad to see you here. I am sure i can get some important tips on how i can get my goal band on IELTS . Also, i read your followers comments its really help me a lots how to prepare myself before taking the exam hence I have similarities errors with them firstly reading ,secondly writing essay. Once again let me express my feelings how great full I am, really appreciated your efforts. I’ll continue visiting your site every now and then.

I’m glad to know you find my site useful. You can learn a lot from both lessons and other people’s comments. All the best Liz

' src=

hi liz….,i am weak in vocabulary and trying to improve my vocabulary so i am practising the vocabs which u have wrote on your website but i wanna asked u that do i need more to practise more such as to prefer more books for vocab or not???,is your vocabulary is sufficient for our ielts exams?

You should always prepare as much as you can. Get as many topic vocabulary books as possible. Just look around online to find one you like. Liz

' src=

heer says: march 21,2016 at 1.44pm hi mam, i am a poor in english so i did not reach my gole,i wrote three time ielts test two time academic and after 3 years i wrote general test w-5,s-4.5,r-5,l-5.everytime i score 5 bands.i need some help to you because this time i need overall 6 or 6.5 score in ielts how can i improve my english could you please send me a good tips for scoring this marks and do u have any ielts book ,please send me to my email.i shell be thankfull to you.

' src=

Hi Liz, I find your writing tips and vocabulary lists really useful and want to print them out and carry them with me so I can go through them when time is available e.g. on the bus , waiting for someone etc. However, it seems printing ur materials is disallowed. I understand this is copyright protection, but it is rather impractical if I need to copy everything out by hand since it is not just a word or two but pages and pages and pages. Could I ask if there is a way to print them out for my own reference? Thank you.

The pages with lots of vocabulary usually have downloadable pdf files. Take a look. But not all of them because I haven’t had time to complete them. All the best Liz

' src=

Hello ma’am, I have been seeking help from your lessons and i have found them very useful. You are easy to understand and you explain it well. I really like your lessons and i am thankful to you for guiding use with your valuable knowledge.

I am feeling difficulty in accumulating new words. How can i increase vocabulary ?

Keep smiling

Start making a word list. To learn words, you need to use them. This means practice putting them into sentences when you answer questions, practice spelling them and practice using them in writing. Also start reading more. The more you see words in context, the more you will remember. Don’t forget that you should not aim to learn 20 words in one day but rather learn 5 words very very well. Liz

' src=

I’d really like to thank and grateful to you for the efforts you put down to help us. I am appearing for IELTS next month Oct24. I was googling about IELTS speaking tips and found your blog. It is nicely written and structured. But i would like to get help in speaking section because i always rush through whatever topics were given to me and complete in just 1-2min. It would be of great help if you give some tips to expand my speaking time.

Thanks & Regards, Shabaz.

Firstly, there are NO questions in part 2. There are guidelines for the content of your talk. You should use your 1 min to think about what you will talk about and what extra information you will add. You can add information about people, past experience, future hopes, buildings, streets, activities, weather, food etc. You can add any information to your talk to make it more interesting and to show the examiner the range of your language. Ever time you speak is a chance to show your English. See my speaking page for more tips. All the best Liz

' src=

I am from Sri Lanka.As I see this very good site for learn IELTS. I want to know how can I plan my IELTS exam. This my story . I took IELTS in last month and I only able to get overall 5 (L 5.5 W 5 R5 S 5).So I need to get 6 for all brand.Now I am confusing how I can improve my English and where I have to start it.If you can give some your idea it would be a great help for me thx

Please see my home page to watch the IELTS Preparation video. Developing English is something you must plan for yourself. MY blog is about IELTS rather than English. Liz

' src=

Hello miss liz… Thank you for this great opportunity to learn with your lessons.

I will be taking my academic ukvi exam on sept 26. I am bothered because its my first time to takr the struggling with speaking and reading…and sometimes i cant finish my reading aand writing in time..what should i do? Thank you in advance.

You will find lots of tips about improving your score and techniques for answering questions on the main pages for each section on this blog. All the best Liz

' src=

Thank you very much for your efforts.. i am so happy cuz i found like this website that has a lot of information.

' src=

hi.. i have download\watch all of your videos which are updated on youtube. first of all i tell you big,very big thank you for your such a nice effort. i have already taken a date which is 24.oct and i am not confident about my IELTS band score. in the past i give IELTS exam and i got a 5.5 overall band score. it’s time i’m very nervous and day by day my nervousness was increased and i can’t even think about it. plzz tell me or guide me what should i do..

Spend some time planning how you will use your time to prepare before your test. Review each types of question for all skills. Review all model answers. Think about techniques. Also start writing a word list of paraphrases from the practice listening and reading lessons on this blog. Take your time. Liz

' src=

Hi, it’s me fawzia From Bangladesh. Today i have found your site and felt that i need your help ti improve my English skill so I am your new student. Please accept my request and help me. Today I have seen your video where found that at first need to check English Level.Would you please tell me how can I check out my English level. I want to sit for IELTS exam within next October,2015. Please suggest me

All my free lessons are contained on this blog. There is a lot of free tips and materials to help you. I am not able to help or tutor individual students. All the best Liz

' src=

Fawzia if you want we can practice together . My skype id is muhammed_shamsuddin

' src=

I appeared in the IELTS General from IDP in June, where I got 5.5 bands, now I booked again in October from British, Let me know how should I prepared to get 7.5 in each, Please reply fast as I am loosing my level of confidence day by day.

You must review all information pages for each section, review band score information, review model answers and also techniques. Then you must review your English language. To get band 7, you should have few errors in vocabulary and grammar. Take your next test when your practice test scores are at the band score you require. All the best Liz

' src=

Hi, I am glad to visit your site here. In fact, I was wandering to find an appropriate way to lead to a successful destination to IELTS. And I got you here. I’m dated on Sept.26.2015 but yet, I don’t have sufficient materials to have a better preparation. Actually, I realize that I am remarkably weak on vocabulary for writing tasks and speaking on the other hand. I would be obliged to get your hearings regarding the issue. Thank you, Your Frequent visitor

You definitely need a good range of vocabulary and to understand collocations as well. There are books, “Vocabulary for IELTS” as well as some other books, which you can get. All the best Liz

' src=

Hi Liz today the first time I”ve visted your wibsite I think it”s realy useful for me thinks alot

' src=

My english is not to much good , Can i prepare for ielts in one month ,

If your English is not good, you should wait until your level is better to do IELTS. If you want band score 6, you should have only some errors in English with enough language to talk about most topics. If you want band 7, you should make few errors and have a very good range of language for all topics. Liz

' src=

Hi Liz, Huma here.i gave my ielts exam on july 2015 and got 6 bands at that time i was following your site also joined acadamy. although my requirement is 7 bands in academic,like time i decided to just follow you because regular classes are not useful in my opinion. kindly give me some suggestions i actually feel blank this time. and i must say you are Great………..Excellent job!

The problem is your level of English. You have too many errors for band 7. Work on your English to build more accuracy before you book another test. All the best Liz

' src=

Dear Mam, i am your great fan it is good to see that you are helping the Allah’s Creature without taking any pinny May Almighty Allah protect you and give you a long life. Mam i want to share you some personal information please how it’s possible? thanks

' src=

Liz, you are amazing. I have never experienced a great and a sincer teacher like you. Publishing and sharing your knowledge without any cupidity is marvellous becuase this is effectively going to help all of us to get higher band score. I am struggling with the words to admire your efforts and contribution that is the very focused and to the point for IELTS. You are great and world would hardly find people like you who are really dedicated and stunning. Wish you all the best.

Thanks for your support. I’m glad my blog is useful 🙂 Liz

' src=

I am manoj giri from Nepal. I would like to know little about, is grammar important, if yes what actually in grammar do i need to learn. Can you kindly suggest me please..

Grammar is 25% of your marks for speaking and writing and plays a role in listening and reading. You just need to learn tenses, sentence structures, articles, plurals etc. Visit a grammar website and start learning. You’ll find a link to one in the IELTS Extra Section on the Useful Website Page. Liz

Thanks a lot for your kind information. I will start learning grammar right from now..

' src=

Thank you liz for all efforts.

' src=

In exercise sentence no. 3, does the answer ‘covert advertisements’ match with ‘is the most effective’ gramatically?

Sorry, it was a typo. I’ve altered it. Thanks Liz

' src=

Since last week I am going through all your lessons. Very useful! the way you explain is so amazing! I feel that you are just teaching in front of me.

I have learnt many points, too easy. Great!

Cheers, Ragel

' src=

Thanks a lot Liz. I learnt a lot from your site. I like your videos much. You present lessons in an attractive manner. I specially appreciate the effort you make on the vocabulary part. Thanks once again!!

Thanks so much for your support. For you, I’ll post another vocabulary lesson today about Crime and Punishment 🙂 All the best Liz

' src=

hello liz, i have a problem in writing essays,i always can’t finish on time.Any help

Most students can’t finish on time for two reasons: 1. they make lots of mistakes while they write and spend time fixing them 2. they change their ideas and need to think of ideas and get stuck. For both reasons, the solution is planning. If you have each paragraph and all supporting points, the writing will come easier and faster. Also practice is necessary. Liz

' src=

Your videos are really helpful. Thank you Liz

' src=

where is the videos?on youtube or on this website?

Videos are ob both this blog and my youtube channel. Please see the relevant section to find the videos (speaking, writing etc). Liz

' src=

Thank you in advance Was very helpful

' src=

Just I watch your some videos about IELTS listening section. I am very happy to say that your videos very very helpful for IELTS tips and tricks. But I’ve a problem that I ‘ve no partner to practice . please give instruction how can I improve my skills.

You don’t need a partner to develop listening skills. If you are talking about speaking, then please see my speaking page and you will find a video lesson about improving your speaking at home. All the best Liz

' src=

I am much impressed because of you …… I have no words to express my feeling liz…. That you are teaching us without any cost would that you were my best friend …… God bless you

I’m really pleased the lessons are useful 🙂

' src=

Thank you very much, Liz! I love your lessons. I’m sharing them with my friends, too.

u r the best teacher

' src=

A big thank you to you Liz. I am preparing for ielts examination in next 3 months. It is very useful website. Thanks again. Vu Hoang Van (Vietnam)

I’m really glad the lessons are helpful. You can learn a lot in 3 months 🙂 Liz

' src=

Hi Liz, That is what I was thinking because I did not find any link asking for money to explain the issue further in detail….great work Liz. God bless you

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vocabulary for advertising essay

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vocabulary for advertising essay

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IELTS Topics: Advertising [With Speaking and Writing Sample Answers]

Posted by David S. Wills | Sep 7, 2020 | IELTS Tips | 0

IELTS Topics: Advertising [With Speaking and Writing Sample Answers]

Advertising is a fact of life for almost all humans in the twenty-first century. As such, it is also a possible IELTS topic . In this exam, you might find questions about advertising in any part – speaking, writing, listening, or reading.

Today, I am going to explain a little about advertising and IELTS . I will talk about how it could arise in the exam and what you should do to give a great answer. I will also cover some aspects of IELTS vocabulary.

Advertising Vocabulary for IELTS Students

First of all, let’s look at some useful words and phrases that might help you in your next IELTS exam. These are all related to the topic of advertising.

Here is a PPT of vocabulary related to the IELTS topic of advertising. I made this a few years ago when I was teaching IELTS in China.

Advertisement vs Advert vs Ad

Because advertisements are so common in daily life, we tend to shorten the word to make it easier to say and spell. Instead of “advertisement,” we usually say “advert” or “ad.” The meaning is the same in each case, but they are shorter and easier to use.

However, remember that for IELTS writing you should use a more formal kind of English and this means using the longer form of words. Thus, you would be better avoiding “ad” and saying “advertisement” instead.

An Important Note on Pronunciation

The word “advertisement” is pronounced differently in British and American English. In British English, we place emphasis on the second syllable, but in America they say it with an emphasis on the first. You can read more about it at the Cambridge Dictionary website .

One final note on vocabulary: The word “ad” is short for “advertisement” but “add” means to put things together, such as numbers. Also, “ad” is a noun” while “add” is a verb. These words are pronounced the same but spelled differently. Do not confuse these in your IELTS writing test!

  • Just add the milk to the flour and then mix them together. You can add the egg later.
  • I say a funny ad on TV earlier today. A gorilla was playing the drums!

vocabulary for advertising essay

IELTS Speaking

In the IELTS speaking test, you might be asked about advertisements. This could occur in any of the three parts. For part one, it would be a pretty straightforward question about your experiences or opinions. For example:

Q: Have you ever bought something because you saw it advertised on TV or the internet? A: Yeah, sure. I think most people have. Off the top of my head, I can think of a miniature tripod that I saw online last year. I looked up some reviews and then bought it, but I wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for the ad.

In part two, you would be asked to describe an advertisement . There are various possible cue cards but this is one that you might encounter:

Describe an advertisement you like. You should say: – what type of advertisement it is – what product it advertises – when you first saw it and explain why you like it and think that this advertisement is effective.

You can watch this advert and then look at my sample band 9 answer below.

Sample Answer

Like most people, I have seen countless adverts in my life and many of them have stuck in my mind, but the one that I can think of now is for John West’s canned salmon. It was a TV commercial that I saw a long time ago and it was really funny so I always remembered it.

The premise of the commercial was highlighting the efforts that fishermen go to in order to bring back salmon for their customers. However, instead of showing this in a serious light the company opted to depict a fisherman comically fighting a bear! The fight is choreographed so that it is clearly fake, as though the bear understands Kungfu. In the end, the fisherman beats the bear and steals its salmon.

I really like this advert for the same reason I like many others: because they are so funny that they are memorable. I think this is a very effective method of advertising. Traditionally, companies show off the quality of the product but nowadays there is so much competition that it is better just to get your brand into people’s minds. Even if the commercial has nothing to do with the product, it could still boost sales.

Notes on my Sample Answer

This is a pretty straightforward answer and it took me 01:20 to read it, which would be fine for IELTS. There is no particularly difficult vocabulary here except the word “choreographed.” However, this word was only important for my answer and would not necessarily help you with yours.

I have switched back and forth between “commercial” and “advert(isement)” in order to vary my language but please note that they are not always interchangeable. Make sure that you only use “commercial” for TV adverts.

IELTS Essays about Advertisement

Of course, the topic of advertisements could also appear in IELTS writing. There are many possibilities for this but I think that the ethics of advertising would be the most likely to arise. This means that you would be asked about advertising to children or issues like false advertising. (These topics could also occur in IELTS speaking part 3.)

Here is an example question:

Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

This is a pretty simple task. You have to talk about two perspectives:

You also need to give your opinion and make it clear throughout the essay.

Here is my sample answer to this question:

Sample Band 9 Answer

Since the early twentieth century, advertising has held tremendous sway over people’s lives. Some people think that it persuades us to buy things, but others claim that it has lost its effectiveness. This essay will look at both views but ultimately conclude that advertising is still as powerful as ever.

To begin with, people argue that advertising has lost its impact because it is so prevalent, and there is certainly some basis for thinking this. It is hard to deny that most people nowadays are aware of advertising and that many of them make efforts to avoid it. When using websites or apps, it is so common to see adverts littering the page that the average person can basically ignore them, which obviously diminishes their power to some extent.

However, it should be clear that the advertisers are aware of this and constantly innovate in order to attract attention. Although people are now aware of them, adverts still have a strong influence over what people buy because the people who create them are incredibly gifted at implanting subtle messages. Data harvesting by search engines and social media sites has also made advertising much more targeted, allowing companies to pitch products to specific demographics rather than attempting to show their product to the greatest number of people. This means that even people who avoid adverts are likely to be influenced after seeing one. Advertising is a science that is developing quickly and will continue to dictate our shopping habits for years to come.

In conclusion, people are generally more aware of advertising than they used to be and many try to avoid it, but that does not mean that it has lost its power. Adverts still exert influence over our lives because they are more intelligently designed than they used to be.

Advertising Essays – Sample #2

advertisements and ielts

Here is another IELTS writing task 2 question about advertising. This one is really interesting so I wanted to include it here:

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

While our first example was very straightforward, I find that this one is much more challenging. It has some subtleties that people might overlook. We can come to a better understanding by paraphrasing it:

To what extent do you agree that people buy things because of advertising?

My personal opinion is that people buy things partially because of effective advertising. I do not believe that it is purely because of this, but I think I could write a good essay that leans towards agreement.

Remember: You can give a strong opinion, a weak opinion, or a balanced opinion . Just be consistent throughout your essay!

As globalization sweeps the world in the twenty-first century, people appear to have become more materialistic. Expensive consumer goods produced by companies like Apple and Nike are sold in all corners of the globe, and for many people they are must-have items. Some people believe that this is all down to advertising rather than actual necessity. This essay will argue in support of that position.

It should be abundantly clear that many of the popular consumer goods that dominate markets around the world are not items of objective importance, but rather ones of purely superficial appeal. People need things like food and clothing, as well as some items that enable them to work or travel, but certain products are just luxury items. Take, for example, the iPhone. There are countless other devices on the market that can fulfill the main functions of an iPhone without the jaw-dropping price tag. However, in almost every country, people want to own one of these status symbols. The reason is simply that it has been marketed well, and owning one makes a person look successful and wealthy.

If the real needs of society were reflected in sales, rather than the popularity of certain luxury items, our economies would look very different. Fashionable brands would not be as wealthy as ones making affordable, simple products. Yet it is those items that are carefully advertised on TV, on the internet, and at sports events, which captivate people and cause them to make unwise purchases or form irrational brand loyalties. Look at how Apple overtook Microsoft, or how Nike easily outsells any humble, local shoemaker.

In conclusion, it is clear that sales are dictated not by a product’s necessity, but rather by its appeal to consumers, and this appeal is created through slick advertising campaigns.

Advertising in IELTS Reading and Listening

It is pretty difficult to predict the sort of material you would encounter for these parts of the exam because the possibilities are nearly endless. However, you can prepare by going on news websites (like the BBC ) to read or listen to articles about adverts. This will help you learn new vocabulary, perfect your spelling or pronunciation, and get ideas to use in your own IELTS answers.

About The Author

David S. Wills

David S. Wills

David S. Wills is the author of Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the 'Weird Cult' and the founder/editor of Beatdom literary journal. He lives and works in rural Cambodia and loves to travel. He has worked as an IELTS tutor since 2010, has completed both TEFL and CELTA courses, and has a certificate from Cambridge for Teaching Writing. David has worked in many different countries, and for several years designed a writing course for the University of Worcester. In 2018, he wrote the popular IELTS handbook, Grammar for IELTS Writing and he has since written two other books about IELTS. His other IELTS website is called IELTS Teaching.

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Advertisement Vocabulary IELTS 2022: Vocabulary & Pronunciation Exercises IELTS

  • Updated On March 8, 2024
  • Published In IELTS Preparation 💻

If you want to give the IELTS exam, then strengthening your vocabulary is the first step. A good vocabulary will help you achieve high scores in the writing and speaking sections. Every year IDP comes up with the latest topics to prepare its questions. Advertisement is one of the latest category and this blog will help you build your vocabulary.

Table of Contents

Advertisement Vocabulary IELTS

List of Advertisement Vocabulary IELTS

Below is the list of advertising-related vocabulary that can help you frame your answers better and get a good IELTS band score.

Billboards : These are huge signboards often placed on roads or at stadiums to advertise brands. 

Example: Sabreena saw her favourite celebrity advertising her favourite smartphone on a billboard just outside Arizona.

TV Commercials : Short films on TVs that are advertising a product. It is one of the most persuasive forms of advertising. 

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Advertisement Vocabulary IELTS 2022: Vocabulary & Pronunciation Exercises IELTS

Example: Rohan got his first job as an actor in Apple’s TV commercial.

Magazine Ads : Putting up small posts on a magazine to advertise a particular product. These ads are very specific and only target a particular population. 

Example: Vogue magazines fashion ads are some of the most eye-catching ads out there.

Advertisement Vocabulary IELTS 2022: Vocabulary & Pronunciation Exercises IELTS

Radio Advertising : This type of advertising focuses only on a specific group in the target audience – the people who listen to radio stations. 

Example: Given how people hardly ever not connect their car’s Bluetooth to their own phones, radio advertising is almost dead in today’s world.

Email Advertising : Advertising your product or service by sending direct emails to your prospective customer is email advertising. It is one of the widely used and one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising today. However, the chances of your mailer ending up in junk mail are also high, as people receive over 100 email ads every day. 

Example: Samsung came up with a new feature in its Galaxy J8 smartphone and took to email advertising to sell it to its customer base.

Flyers : They are small leaflets printed and handed out to customers in person. Although very effective, they are costly and often difficult to execute. 

Example: Rita is working on making some flyers for informing people about the end-of-season sale in her store in the Central Market.

Internet Pop-Ups : These small advertisements can often be spotted on many blogs and other social media platforms. Although attention-grabbing, they can sometimes annoy the customer. 

Example: Raj strongly expressed his dislike towards new-age advertising tools like internet pop-ups in the meeting.

Tantalising : Something that creates excitement by subtle teasing. 

Example: Advertisers go bold and make use of tantalising visuals to entice their consumers.

Classified Ads : These ads are displayed in newspapers. They are hardly used these days for selling products and services. 

Example: Sumita’s family wanted her to find a suitable groom, so they put out a matrimonial ad in the classified ads section of ABC Times.

Cold Calling : Here, salespersons reach out to their first-time customers through telemarketing or door-to-door visits. This way of advertising is called cold calling. 

Example: With churning out huge sales figures, Raman has established himself as the king of cold calling in his office.

Jingle : The music that often accompanies any commercial. This can be simply a tune or even a full-fledged song with lyrics. 

Example: In a survey conducted by Advanced School of Advertising, a team of 4 young advertisers found out that people are more likely to buy a product if they like the jingle of the advert.

Bombard : To attack someone continuously. 

Example: Smitha complained to the customer care network about being bombarded with sales calls throughout the day.

Brand Awareness : To acquaint a customer with a brand, its product, and its core values. 

Example: Almost all advertisements on social media aim to increase brand awareness rather than make a sale.

Product Placement : The appearance of a particular product or a brand in TV or films to give exposure to it. 

Example: Many brands become sponsors for films in the hopes of getting substantial product placement that will raise brand awareness and the aspiration to buy.

Buying Power : It refers to the financial capacity of a person to buy something. 

Example: The first step of making an advertising strategy is to research the prospective audience’s buying power to be then able to create ads that appeal to them.

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Sample Questions on Advertisement Vocabulary

Before you get on to learning new words for your IELTS preparation, here are some of the types of questions on advertising that you should keep in mind.

IELTS Speaking Section

  • Do you remember any advertisements from when you were younger?
  • Do you often buy the things that you see in an advert?
  • What do you think about the idea of celebrities in advertisements?
  • Are there advertisements in your country these days?
  • Why do you think the number of advertisements has increased so much now?
  • What are some of the places where you often see advertisements?
  • What do you feel after looking at most advertisements?

Describe an advertisement that you recently saw.

You should talk about:

  • What product or service was being advertised
  • Where did you see this advertisement
  • How was the service or product being advertised
  • How did you feel about the advert
  • Do you think how things are advertised today will change in the future?
  • How do you think advertisements are different now from what they used to be a few years ago?
  • Is it unethical to advertise to younger age groups like children?

Also Read: IELTS Vocabulary List to Describe Personality

  • Some people say that advertisements make us buy things we don’t really need. Some others say that advertisements tell us about many new products that can improve our daily lives. 

Which viewpoint here do you agree with? Give relevant examples and reasons.

  • Some of the methods used in advertisements today are unethical and unacceptable. To what extent do you agree with this viewpoint?
  • Some people are of the view that people buy products based on their needs and advertising is not needed. To what extent do you agree with this viewpoint?

These are some of the possible questions related to media and advertising that can help you learn better about this theme often asked in IELTS.

Advertisement Vocabulary IELTS 2022: Vocabulary & Pronunciation Exercises IELTS

The list of advertising vocabulary covers many topics like types of ads, the topic of advertising, ways of advertising, and more that can greatly help an IELTS exam aspirant. So, ensure to keep practising them and using them to form sample answers to some of the most common types of questions asked from advertising topics in the IELTS exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best vocabulary resource for ielts.

The best vocabulary resource for IELTS is to read all kinds of sample answers to the commonly asked questions in the exam. One great way to start is by visiting the Leap Scholar IELTS library and  reading  the best band scoring answers on many common themes.

What are some of the common topics for the IELTS speaking test?

ome of the most common topics of IELTS speaking involve: Talking about your family, city, birthplace, vacation, job and academics, advertisements, global warming, news, gifts, favourite movies and music, childhood memories, and the likes.

Is it possible to prepare for an IELTS band 7 and above at home?

Yes, scoring over a band 7 by preparing at home for the IELTS exam. These days, many online resources are available to help you level up your IELTS preparation and ensure that you get a good band score. However, students should also  practice  self-discipline to prepare for everything and not leave anything out.

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  • Describe a useful object in your home that you can’t live without
  • Describe a good advertisement that you think is useful
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  • Describe a sportsperson that you admire
  • Describe something that you picked up that was thrown by someone else
  • Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways
  • Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with

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IELTS speaking vocabulary about advertising

Ielts speaking part 1.

Examiner: Do you remember any adverts you saw when you were younger?

Lena: Oh certainly! I remember a dollhouse that was featured for quite some time on television but I also remember commercials for adult products like bath soap or beer. I can’t really say what was so memorable about these commercials – perhaps the imagery or the jingle , but years later I most definitely remember them.

Examiner: Do you often buy things after seeing an advert?

Sonya: Sometimes I do, yes. If I believe that a product satisfies a particular need I have, then I may purchase it. Sometimes, in the case of food, the products displayed are so tantalizing that you may try the product just to see if it lives up to its hype .

Examiner: Do you like it when celebrities advertise products?

Sandeep: No, actually I don’t. I think celebrity endorsements cheapen the celebrity and insult the public’s intelligence. It’s fairly obvious that the celebrity is advertising the product only to earn a large amount of money and quite frankly, even if he or she does use the product, that does not automatically mean the product is right for me or will make me more similar to the celebrity.

What is even worse than celebrity endorsements is when you see product placements in movies. There have been times when a soft drink was so prominently displayed on the screen that it was laughable. These types of ads repel me rather than attract me.

IELTS speaking part 2 (sample cue card)

Describe an advert you saw recently. You should say:

  • What the product/ service was
  • Where you saw it
  • How was the product/ advertised
  • And how you felt about it

Leyla: To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of television although it is on in my house rather often. Lately, I have repeatedly heard adverts for a brand of cheese available in my country. I say I ”heard” them because it was the music that has stuck out in my mind. The commercial uses a folk song throughout the commercial that I find rather grating .

It’s the kind of jingle – and commercial that makes me want to change the channel immediately!!! However, I think that this kind of advertising is very effective; if you like the song then you may be more inclined to purchase the product. If though you are like me and don’t like the song, then the ad is still successful because it has gotten my attention!

Examiner: Do you think advertising will change in the future?

Shahla: I think advertising is probably one of the fastest changing industries today. It must always adapt and find new ways of getting the attention of potential customers without turning them off. I think several years ago we could have in no way imagined how important Youtube or Facebook would be for advertisers so I believe in the future we will see more changes as more apps and sites become popular.

Examiner: How is advertising different now in relation to the past?

Minnie: Advertising in the past relied more heavily on print, like magazines, newspapers and billboards . I can’t recall the last time I noticed a billboard while driving. Radio too is less important and maybe a great medium for local products and services. I believe TV ads remain very popular but advertising on the internet has really taken over. We are bombarded with so many adverts online that I don’t think we even notice them anymore.

Examiner: Some people think it is unethical to advertise to children. Do you agree?

Rana: Apparently, in some countries children are a very powerful market with considerable buying power ! So, it only makes sense that advertisers would want to advertise to them. However, this must be done extremely carefully. In my country there are laws forbidding advertisers from advertising toys when cartoons are playing.

In my husband’s country though it is a free-for-all where commercials during Saturday morning cartoons promote toys, unhealthy snacks, theme parks – anything and everything that a child could – and undoubtedly does- ask for! Children are very impressionable so yes, it does seem unethical although with such financial strength I can understand why advertisers are tempted.

Vocabulary list for advertising topic:

  • Commercials: an advert on tv or radio
  • Imagery:  visual images
  • Tantalizing:  something that creates desire and excitement
  • Live up to its hype:  when something is as good as you expected it to be
  • Product placement:  a practice in movies or tv shows when a product or its brand name appear on screen visibly in order to gain exposure
  • Celebrity endorsement:  when a famous person advertises a product by saying he or she uses it
  • Grating:  describes sounds that are annoying
  • Inclined to purchase:  likely to buy
  • Potential customers:  people who might possibly buy your product
  • Turn someone off:  to make someone uninterested in something
  • Pop-ups:  advertisements that suddenly appear on a computer or device screen.
  • Subconscious:  the part of the brain that sees, hears or remembers things that you do not actively remember
  • Subliminal:  describes something that can influence the subconscious mind without the conscious mind realizing it
  • Billboards:  a large outdoor board, usually alongside large roads, used to display an ad
  • Flyer:  a small paper advertising a product, business or event
  • Website traffic:  the internet users who visit a website
  • Brand awareness:  when customers recognize or remember a brand and its qualities
  • Jingle:  music that accompanies commercials
  • Telemarketing:  the marketing of good or services over the phone
  • Bombard:  attack continuously
  • Buying power:  the money someone has to buy things
  • Free-for-all:  a situation with no rules, limits or restrictions
  • Impressionable:  describes a person who is easily influenced

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Advertising Vocabulary -

Advertising Vocabulary

Advertising is a crucial part of the business world, and effective advertising can help a company reach its target audience and drive sales. However, advertising can be complex and nuanced, and there are many terms and concepts that are specific to the industry.

In this blog, we’ll explore some essential advertising vocabulary that will help you understand the advertising world and improve your advertising efforts.

List of Advertising Vocabulary

Branding is the process of creating a unique name, design, or symbol that identifies and differentiates a product or service from others in the marketplace.

A campaign is a series of coordinated advertising efforts that are designed to achieve a specific marketing goal, such as increasing sales or brand awareness.

Copy refers to the text of an advertisement, including headlines, slogans, and body copy.

Creative refers to the design and visuals of an advertisement, including the images, graphics, and layout.


Demographics refer to the characteristics of a specific group of people, such as age, gender, income, and education level. Understanding your target demographic is essential for effective advertising.


Impressions refer to the number of times an advertisement is viewed by a potential customer. This can include views on social media, website visits, and traditional media, such as television and radio.

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services. It encompasses a range of activities, including market research, advertising, and branding.

Media refers to the channels through which advertising is distributed, including television, radio, print, and digital platforms.

Reach refers to the total number of people who are exposed to an advertisement. This can include both unique views and repeat views.

Target audience:

The target audience is the specific group of people that an advertisement is designed to reach. Understanding your target audience is essential for creating effective advertising campaigns.

Call to action:

A call to action is a prompt that encourages the viewer to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or visiting a website.


Conversion refers to the act of a potential customer taking a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service, in response to an advertisement.

Frequency refers to the number of times a potential customer is exposed to an advertisement. High frequency can help increase the likelihood of conversion, but too much frequency can lead to viewer fatigue and decreased effectiveness.

ROI stands for Return on Investment, and refers to the financial gains that a company receives from its advertising efforts.

Unique Selling Proposition:

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the unique benefit or advantage that a product or service offers compared to its competitors. This is often highlighted in advertising to differentiate the product and make it more appealing to potential customers.

Advertising is a complex and nuanced field, but understanding these essential advertising vocabulary terms can help you communicate more effectively with advertising professionals, improve your advertising efforts, and achieve greater success in the business world.

Download  Words Coach: English Vocabulary Builder

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Advertising Vocabulary for English Learners

Advertising Industry Vocabulary Sheet for English for Specific Purposes Classes

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Here is a group of words and expressions that are often used in the advertising business. This vocabulary can be used in English for specific purposes classes as a starting point to help build vocabulary. 

Teachers are often not equipped with the exact English terminology required in very specific trade sectors. For this reason, core vocabulary sheets go a long way in helping teachers provide adequate materials for students with English for Specific Purposes needs. This vocabulary will also help English learners interested in building vocabulary in this profession.

Notice that many of these expressions are made up of two or three words. These might either be compound nouns, in which two nouns are combined to make a single word:

news agency - Let's contact a news agency for more information. sales incentive - We're offering a sales incentive at the end of the month. target group - Young teenagers are our target group for this advertising campaign.

Other vocabulary on this sheet are collocations. Collocations are words that usually belong together. Often this is an adjective + noun combination such as:

Our average circulation is about 20,000 copies. We've had a lot of luck with comparative advertising.

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Advertising Vocabulary – Business English with Games and Definitions

Table of Contents

⬤ What is advertising vocabulary in business English?

⬤ how to learn advertising vocabulary in business english, ⬤ word list of advertising vocabulary in business english, ⬤ memory cards exercise about advertising vocabulary, ⬤ vocabulary test about advertising vocabulary, ⬤ writing test about advertising vocabulary, ⬤ memory cards to test your knowledge about advertising vocabulary.

Advertising vocabulary is the vocabulary about the activities of generating advertisements for commercial products or services. In this way companies can promote a product or a service. Advertising is a way of communication to motivate potential buyers to buy commercial products or services. It is a way of persuading people to buy something.

You can learn advertising vocabulary with definitions, phrases and expressions easily here for free. We also provide you with many vocabulary games, memory cards, tests, puzzles and exercises. First, please study the word list of advertising vocabulary below. Your device does not support HTML5. Sorry.

  • ad : advertisement
  • advertisement : a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting or publicizing something
  • advertising agency : a company that helps with planning advertisements.
  • AIDA : Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • advertising agency : a firm that creates ads for other companies
  • advertising budget :  the amount of money that a company spend on advertising
  • eye-catcher : attracting attention of a person
  • promote : advertising and publicity to increase sales
  • benefit : advantage, profit, gain
  • billboard : a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements
  • broadsheet : a large piece of paper with information on it
  • campaign : plan of action
  • generic advertising : Advertising for a entire sector
  • circulation : amount of copies of newspapers/magazines sold over a period of time
  • classified ads : Small advertisement that are divided into categories for newspapers or magazines
  • commercial : Advertisement on radio or television.
  • brand awareness : knowing a particular brand
  • brand loyalty : continuing to buy from the same brand
  • coupon : Part of a printed advertisement to be used to order goods or samples.
  • direct mail : Advertisement sent by post to customers.
  • editing : Reviewing or rewriting advertisement for publication
  • mass media : leading means of communication
  • keywords : a word or concept to indicate the content
  • launch : begin an action to introduce something
  • mailshot : posting advertising material to possible customers
  • target : objective, goal
  • features : particular characteristics of a product
  • commercial break :  the short period when ads are shown on TV
  • commercial channel : TV channels of advertisement
  • hoarding : billboard
  • hype : excessive or intensive publicity or promotion
  • jingle : Catchy verse, slogan or tune
  • poster : big sheet of paper used for advertising
  • prime time : the time that most audience is expected
  • roadside signs : big panels used for outdoor advertising
  • slot : particular time in a broadcasting schedule
  • soundbite : Short extract from a recorded interview
  • tabloid : half-size newspaper with many headlines and photos
  • U.S.P. : Unique Selling Proposition
  • press release :  something written to share and publish
  • sales page :  a page particularly used to promote a product or service
  • social media : websites or apps that allow users to create and share content
  • spam email :  unwanted, promotional email
  • word of mouth :  recommendations made by individuals
  • publicity : notice or attention given by the media
  • brand awareness : being familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a brand 
  • target audience : the group that the campaign is for
  • misprint  : print incorrectly
  • call to action : encouraging someone to take a particular action
  • celebrity endorsement : having a well-known person to promote a product
  • to go viral :  to become extremely popular on Internet
  • junk mail :  unwanted promotional emails and letters
  • to launch a product : introducing a new product
  • mailing list :  a list of contacts used to send information and advertisements
  • niche product :  a product that is targeted at a specific group of people
  • to place an advert :  to put an advertisement somewhere

Read the definition on the memory card below and then guess the meaning of it. To check your answer click on the card to see the answer.

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The following is a vocabulary test about advertising. In this vocabulary exercise read the definition and select the corresponding option from the list. Every correct answer will add 10 points to your score.

Below is an online vocabulary writing test about advertising. Read the definition of the word. Then type the word or phrase into the input box.

This is a memory cards exercise to check your knowledge about advertising vocabulary. Firstly, click on a card to flip it and then guess the meaning of it.


External resource links: You can jump to business English category page to find extra activities and games in this website by clicking here . However, there are some external links that may help you. You can click here to read about business English or here to listen podcasts about business English. You can also see some nice videos on Youtube here .

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vocabulary for advertising essay

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IELTS Advertising Vocabulary and Meaning

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  • Updated on  
  • Jun 12, 2023

IELTS Advertising Vocabulary

If you are appearing for IELTS Exam this year then you have to improve your IELTS Vocabulary first. In this English proficiency exam , your speaking, listening, and writing of the English language will be tested. In the speaking and writing section of the exam, you will be asked to speak about various topics like politics, festivals, about you, advertising and so on. In this blog, we have mentioned some popular words related to IELTS advertising vocabulary with their meaning.

This Blog Includes:

Importance of ielts advertising vocabulary, how to improve ielts advertising vocabulary , examples of advertising vocabulary in ielts.

Advertising vocabulary is an important component of the IELTS exam because of some reasons: 

  • It tests your ability to understand and use language related to marketing and advertising.
  • A good understanding of advertising vocabulary is also important for everyday life as we are constantly exposed to various forms of advertising in our daily lives. 
  • Knowing the meaning and usage of advertising vocabulary words will enable you to better understand advertisements and make informed decisions as a consumer.

Must Read: Business and Money IELTS Vocabulary: Words and Meaning

Here are some tips on how to improve your advertising vocabulary:

  • Read Advertising Materials: To get a better understanding of advertising vocabulary, read advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and online.
  • Watch Commercials : Commercials are a great source of advertising vocabulary. Watch TV commercials or look up ads on youtube. 
  • Use Flashcards: Create flashcards with advertising vocabulary words and their definitions. Review them regularly to reinforce vocabulary in your understanding. 
  • Practice Writing: Write short advertisements or product descriptions using the advertising vocabulary words. 
  • Take Practice Tests: Take practice tests that focus on advertising vocabulary to assess your knowledge and identify areas that need improvement.

Also Read: IELTS Animal Rights Vocabulary

Here are some common words in the IELTS advertising vocabulary with their meaning.

Understanding advertising vocabulary is important for IELTS preparation. Improving this vocabulary will help candidates to answer advertising-related questions in speaking and writing questions.

To improve your understanding of advertising vocabulary, read advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and online, watch commercials, use flashcards, and practice writing short advertisements.

(1) Call to action (CTA) (2) Conversion Rate (3) Ad Spend  (4) Brand Image These are some popular words related to advertising topics. 

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vocabulary for advertising essay

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Advertising Vocabulary -

Advertising Vocabulary

Advertising is a crucial part of the business world, and effective advertising can help a company reach its target audience and drive sales. However, advertising can be complex and nuanced, and there are many terms and concepts that are specific to the industry.

In this blog, we’ll explore some essential advertising vocabulary that will help you understand the advertising world and improve your advertising efforts .

List of Advertising Vocabulary

Branding: Branding is the process of creating a unique name, design, or symbol that identifies and differentiates a product or service from others in the marketplace.

Campaign: A campaign is a series of coordinated advertising efforts that are designed to achieve a specific marketing goal, such as increasing sales or brand awareness.

Copy: Copy refers to the text of an advertisement, including headlines, slogans, and body copy.

Creative: Creative refers to the design and visuals of an advertisement, including the images, graphics, and layout.

Demographics: Demographics refer to the characteristics of a specific group of people, such as age, gender, income, and education level. Understanding your target demographic is essential for effective advertising.

Impressions: Impressions refer to the number of times an advertisement is viewed by a potential customer. This can include views on social media, website visits, and traditional media, such as television and radio.

Marketing: Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services. It encompasses a range of activities, including market research, advertising, and branding.

Media: Media refers to the channels through which advertising is distributed, including television, radio, print, and digital platforms.

Reach: Reach refers to the total number of people who are exposed to an advertisement. This can include both unique views and repeat views.

Target audience: The target audience is the specific group of people that an advertisement is designed to reach. Understanding your target audience is essential for creating effective advertising campaigns.

Call to action: A call to action is a prompt that encourages the viewer to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or visiting a website.

Conversion: Conversion refers to the act of a potential customer taking a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service, in response to an advertisement.

Frequency: Frequency refers to the number of times a potential customer is exposed to an advertisement. High frequency can help increase the likelihood of conversion, but too much frequency can lead to viewer fatigue and decreased effectiveness.

ROI: ROI stands for Return on Investment, and refers to the financial gains that a company receives from its advertising efforts.

Unique Selling Proposition: The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the unique benefit or advantage that a product or service offers compared to its competitors. This is often highlighted in advertising to differentiate the product and make it more appealing to potential customers.

Advertising is a complex and nuanced field, but understanding these essential advertising vocabulary terms can help you communicate more effectively with advertising professionals, improve your advertising efforts, and achieve greater success in the business world.

Download  Vocab Quiz: English Vocabulary Builder

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IELTS Speaking

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IELTS Advertising Vocabulary

February 12, 2016 By PeterT

Topic Vocabulary >> Lesson 20: Advertising

You may be asked questions about advertising in your country. Read the following IELTS-style questions and answers below and pay attention to the phrases in bold . Use the ‘Definitions’ section at the bottom of the page to check the meaning of any phrases you don’t understand.

Part 1-style questions

Examiner: Are there any TV channels in your country that don’t have adverts? Loraine: No … they’re all commercial channels and show adverts all day long … too many really … and there’s also a lot of product placement going on … especially in soap operas where they place an item just behind the actors.
Examiner: Do you enjoy watching adverts on TV? Karin: No … not really … I hate commercial breaks during a film … it really spoils the flow … and during prime time viewing they seem to squeeze even more ads in than usual … celebrity endorsements also get on my nerves … everyone knows they’re only doing it because they’re getting paid.
Examiner: What are the best ways for ordinary people to advertise something they want to sell in your country? Marianne: The simplest way is to place an advert in something like the classified ads section of a local paper … or there’s the Internet of course … there are lots of sites like eBay where you can buy and sell  things online.

Part 2-style task

Describe an advert you once saw that was very effective.  You should say

  • where this advert appeared
  • when you saw it
  • what it was advertising

and say why you thought it was so effective.

Max: OK … well this was about 4 years ago … I was looking for some software to create videos … one day I got an email from a mailing list I’d signed up to … there was a link in it to a press release … a company had written something about a new product that was similar to what I was looking for … at the end of the press release there was a link to the sales page … I hadn’t heard of the company but I was interested and clicked the link to the ad …. what caught my attention immediately were the number of testimonials from people who had bought the software … I think testimonials are like the online equivalent of word of mouth  advertising and are really persuasive … anyway … when I got to the bottom of the page there was a great big call to action  button inviting me to buy … I was totally persuaded and ended up making a purchase … what made it so effective I think was the power of those testimonials … they’d been written by people very much like me … they’d had a need and the software had obviously turned out to be just what they were looking for … when you think that this was a newish company they wouldn’t have had any brand awareness at all  … they probably wouldn’t have had much of a budget for advertising … obviously you wouldn’t advertise a product like this through the mass media on TV … they probably didn’t even have an advertising agency to support them …and yet they’d managed to create a great deal of brand loyalty from previous customers … I think that was really effective.

Part 3-style questions

Examiner: What is it that makes an advert effective? Spencer: Well … when a company launches a product  they have to consider the Internet … especially how it can be used to spread the word on social media … so in this context a video that goes viral is probably the most effective type of advert you could make.
Examiner: What are the advantages to companies of advertising on the Internet rather than TV? Stelios: I’d imagine the main advantage is you can reach your target audience much more effectively … if you bring out a niche product for example … or you have a tight advertising budget … you can advertise on particular sites that the people you want to reach visit … that’s not something you can do on TV.
Examiner: What things do advertising companies do that might give it a bad name? Raol: For me the most irritating is cold calling … we must get two or three of these every day at work … then there’s junk mail that gets posted through the letterbox … and of course the online equivalent of this … spam emails … I think it’s this kind of advertising that tends to annoy people.


  • advertising agency : a company that creates adverts for other companies
  • advertising budget : the amount of money a company decides to spend on advertising
  • brand awareness : how well people know a particular brand
  • brand loyalty : the degree to which people continue to buy from the same brand or company
  • buy and sell : often used to refer to the buying and selling of items between individuals
  • call to action : something that encourages someone to take a particular action, such as making a purchase or clicking a link on a website
  • celebrity endorsement : to have a well-known person promote a product
  • classified ads : small advertisements often put in a newspaper or magazine by individuals
  • to cold call : to call someone with the aim of selling something without them asking you to do so
  • commercial break : the short period during TV programmes when advertisements are shown
  • commercial channel : TV channels that make money from showing advertisements
  • to go viral : to quickly become extremely popular on the Internet through social media
  • junk mail : unwanted promotional leaflets and letters
  • to launch a product : to introduce a new product
  • mailing list : a list of names and contact details used by a company to send information and advertisements
  • mass media : large media outlets like TV, newspapers and magazines
  • niche product : a product that is aimed at a distinct group of people
  • to place an advert : to put an advert somewhere
  • press release : something written by a company for newspapers and magazines and websites to share and publish
  • prime time : the time during the viewing schedule when most people watch TV or listen to a broadcast
  • product placement : to advertise a product by using it as a prop in a TV show or film
  • sales page : a page specifically used to promote a product or service
  • to show adverts : to display adverts on TV
  • social media : websites that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.
  • spam email : unwanted, promotional email
  • target audience : the people a company want to sell their product or service to
  • word of mouth : recommendations made by individuals to other individuals about a product of service

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Table of Contents

Collaboration, information literacy, writing process, textual analysis – how to analyze ads.

  • © 2023 by Jennifer Janechek - IBM Quantum

Advertising executives and marketing experts more than likely hope that we remain oblivious to the underlying messages that ads contain and that we perceive their work purely from entertainment and consumerist perspectives rather than for the purpose of critical assessment.

But to critically examine the techniques and appeals advertisers use to lure us into supporting certain products, services, claims, or even individuals is an opportunity to hone our analytical skills—skills that enable us to be informed readers of texts and knowledgeable consumers of persuasion. To begin, let’s consider specific words and phrases that can be used in ad analysis:

  • Nostalgia: Advertisements for Coca-Cola, summer vacation destinations, or even political candidates can stir up sentiments or memories of “the good old days.” In a commercial, for example, the use of black and white film and/or flashbacks—illustrated by clothes, music, and/or historical events—can invite a specific audience to reflect on the past and evoke a sense of nostalgia.
  • Merchants of “cool”: According to PBS, merchants of “cool” are “creators and sellers of popular culture who have made teenagers the hottest consumer demographic in America.”[1]  Such merchants may include Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Hot Topic, and Aéropostale. Each relies on the tween and teen markets to keep its empire in business and markets its definition of “cool” as the coolest when it comes to youth culture.
  • The myth of the “ideal you”: Today, in many cases, advertisers still sell their products in a way that invites us to be the “best” versions of ourselves. Cultural stereotypes substantiate this idea of the “best” self, which exists only in the shared imagination of the advertiser and audience.

Analyzing Ads: Socioeconomic Status

To what social class do you belong? How do you know? Can others tell by how you talk, dress, and act? By how much money you have? By your level of education? By your occupation? Despite the presumed cultural ideal of social equality in America, key markers such as income and education are often used for social classification.

Advertisers for many goods and services often frame their rhetorical appeals—their strategies of persuasion—in terms of audiences who are presumed to belong to a particular, often loosely defined, social class. Frequently, these appeals rely on stereotypical qualities associated with various socioeconomic classes. For example, an advertisement for an expensive women’s pant suit may appear in a magazine like Vogue (generally regarded as appealing to an upper-middle-class or upper-class audience) and may feature a svelte, glamorous model unlikely to grace the pages of a flyer for Walmart (generally regarded as appealing to a lower-middle-class or working-class audience). Rhetorical appeals can work on many socioeconomic levels. A relatively expensive perfume like Chanel N° 5 may appeal to members of the lower-middle or working class as a symbol of upward mobility. When analyzing an ad, you might pay close attention to how the ad appeals to you based upon assumptions regarding your socioeconomic status: What rhetorical moves (e.g., tone, composition, dialogue) enact those appeals?

Take, for example, Honda’s “Impossible Dream” commercial:

What might you say about the movement in this commercial? The music? The changes in the model? How does these factors reflect certain assumptions about socioeconomic status, and what do they make you think buying a Honda-brand vehicle will do for a consumer?

Blue Collar versus White Collar

If we are analyzing an advertisement in which a model is working in a construction area digging a ditch, we might discuss the concept of blue-collar work.

Take, for example, this Cheetos ad:

Who is the audience of this commercial? What is the advertiser trying to say about Cheetos: i.e., what will the consumer get from eating Cheetos? What might you say about the ad’s incorporation of construction workers—their movement, their attitudes, etc.? How does the voice of the Cheetos tiger affect the commercial’s message?

On the other hand, if we are analyzing an advertisement in which a professional is depicted in what looks to be a high-powered office, we might discuss the concept of white-collar work. Advertising executives may have chosen those models and work settings in order to speak to a specific audience. That is, issues of socioeconomic status—including income, education, technical skill, dress, race, and gender—may be at play in creating images and scenarios that specific audiences will believe to be realistic in representing a version of reality. Keep in mind that socioeconomic status is a somewhat complex and controversial issue in American society today, particularly with regard to definitions of class levels. If you feel that an advertisement is capitalizing upon socioeconomic stereotypes, why do you think the advertiser has done this? Contrariwise, if an advertisement is resisting stereotypes, what do you think the advertiser is trying to accomplish?

A Checklist for Analyzing Socioeconomic Status in Print Advertisements

  • Who appears to be the target audience for the advertisement?
  • What seems to be the general tone of the advertisement? Serious? Playful? Satiric?
  • Do you notice any other appeals to stereotypes regarding education or income levels (e.g., the “corporate elite,” the “nouveau riche,” or the “literary elite,” who may or may not earn high incomes but wield “power” by virtue of educational or literary achievements)?
  • How would you characterize the overall appearance of the models in the ad? If applicable, how would you characterize their clothing? To what social class would you connect each model’s attire? Are brand names evident (e.g., Ralph Lauren, Ecco)? Are the models well-groomed or scruffy? Healthy or unhealthy? Thin and fit or heavy and out of shape? Do the models’ qualities suggest they are from a particular social class? If so, how? Is the advertiser relying on stereotypical characterizations, then? Why do you think the advertiser chose to portray them in these ways?
  • What would you guess the average income is of the individuals featured in the ad and/or of the audience to which the ad appeals?
  • Do you notice any particular political appeals that may be related to class? With what social class would you associate these appeals and why?
  • Does the ad appeal to any stereotypes based on gender or race?  On what evidence do you ground your assumption?  (Refer to the checklists in “Analyzing Ads: Gender” and “Analyzing Ads: Race” for more specific questions on analyzing gender and race in advertisements.)
  • If possible, what do you infer to be the highest degree of education that the individuals featured in the ad hold? Also in terms of level of education, who do you believe is the intended audience?
  • What is the setting for the advertisement? An elegant spa? A pizza parlor?
  • If text appears in the ad, what level of language is used, and for what purpose? Slang? Other informal language? Technical jargon? Standard American English? Dialect? With what class do you associate the use of this level of language? What is the effect of language use in this advertisement?
  • Are symbols, metaphors, hyperbole, allusions, and/or other forms of figurative language used? If so, what is the effect? Does the use of figurative language evoke appeals to class in any way?
  • What appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos do you find? Are these appeals related to class issues? Do you notice the use of any logical fallacies related to class issues (e.g., ad hominem, the slippery slope)? How effective are they?
  • In what ways does the advertisement appeal to class? Is the goal of the ad to encourage consumers to spend for the purpose of obtaining, or acquiring the appearance of, a higher socioeconomic status? (Examples of such strategy might be ads for a BMW or a Porsche that suggest the consumer would be more likely to attract members of the opposite sex if he or she were to purchase the advertised car.) Or, does the ad urge individuals to pursue an elite status (e.g., an American Express credit card) that will provide the illusion of upward class mobility.

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The Elements of Style - The DNA of Powerful Writing


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Academic Writing – How to Write for the Academic Community

vocabulary for advertising essay

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vocabulary for advertising essay

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Advertising Vocabulary

Advertising  refers to the act of creating public messages to promote a product or service. Below are some vocabulary terms related to advertising.

to advertise To advertise means to give public information about something in order to make people want to buy it.

advertisement An advertisement is a public announcement about something created to make people want to purchase it.

ad American abbreviation for “advertisement.”

advert British abbreviation for “advertisement.”

advertising Advertising refers to the act of creating advertisements.

television advertising Advertising done on television is called television advertising . The short videos advertising a product or service are called television commercials .

radio advertising Advertising done on the radio is called radio advertising .

online advertising Advertising done on the internet is called online advertising .

print advertising Advertising done in magazines and newspapers is called print advertising . The advertisements are called magazine ads and newspaper ads.

outdoor advertising Outdoor advertising is advertising that reaches consumers outside of their homes.

billboard A billboard is a large outdoor sign usually located next to a busy road. Billboard advertising is a common form of outdoor advertising.

product placement Product placement occurs when a company pays to have their product shown in a movie or television show.

to endorse To endorse means to publicly recommend a product or service. People who endorse products are often famous people who are paid for their recommendations.

endorsement Public approval or support of a product or service.

viral marketing Viral marketing occurs when a company creates something and encourages people to pass the message to others, usually by using email or other forms of internet communication.

word-of-mouth advertising Word-of-mouth advertising occurs when customers tell other people about a product (or service) because they like it.

advertising agency An advertising agency is a company that creates advertisements for other businesses.

advertising budget An advertising budget is the amount of money that a company has to spend on advertising.

advertising campaign An advertising campaign is a group of advertisements that have the same idea or theme.

brand A brand is the name a company gives a product to differentiate it from competitor’s products.

brand awareness Knowledge that a brand exists is called brand awareness . If a lot of people know about the existence of a brand, the brand has high brand awareness. If not many people know about the brand, the brand has low brand awareness.

brand image Brand image  refers to the ideas and beliefs that people have about a brand.

target audience The target audience of an advertisement is the group of people that the ad was intended for.

slogan A slogan is a short phrase a company creates to associate with a brand or product.

tagline Taglines are similar to slogans. They are both short phrases companies create to represent a brand or product. A tagline is different from a slogan because taglines are more permanent. Taglines are not associated with only one particular advertising campaign. They refer to an idea or message about the brand that doesn’t change. no longer supports Internet Explorer.

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Nhật Thành Phan

vocabulary for advertising essay

Account Rubbish , lues gters

Trần Nguyễn Anh Duy

Who is this book for? Many students have no ideas or opinions about IETLS writing topics. Even if your grammar is perfect, you will not get a high IELTS score if you do not know what to write. This book is for students who want to go into the writing exam feeling confident that they have excellent ideas, opinions and vocabulary for as many topics as possible How do you get an IELTS score of 7 or higher? The key to a high score is not grammar, it is not your use of words like "moreover" or "in addition", and it is not your use of phrases like "this is controversial issue nowadays". To get a high score you need to use good "topic language" (words and phrases that are related to the question topic). You need good ideas in order to answer the question well. How should you prepare for IELTS writing task 2? There is an enormous amount of advice on my website Here is a summary of what I suggest:-Spend more time preparing than testing When you test yourself, you find out what your level is, but you do not learn anything new. You will not improve if you only write test essays. Before writing an essay, study the topic and prepare your ideas, opinions and vocabulary.-Steal my ideas If you only use the vocabulary that you already know, you will not learn anything new, and you will not improve. Practise linking my topic ideas together to write "perfect essays". See the website for examples of how to do this.-Use this book together with the website The website contains lessons and videos that show you how to use the ideas from this book. You can speak to me there if you have any questions. Ideas for IELTS topics

sapoan ahmad

Essay will provide you to get scolarship

chengyin li

Dr. Vinay Kumar

Advertising has become so integral part of our life & society that we cannot imagine any event, newspaper, magazine, TV serial, Cinema etc. without advertising. Advertising is a vital marketing tool as well as powerful communication medium. Television is the form of media which has the most reach. The basic objective of any advertisement is to stimulate sales, direct or indirect by trying to make tall claims about product performance. The degree of impact of advertising on adults may be problematic but the outcome is devastating for children.


Monika Zalnieriute , Emma Boyland , Elizabeth Handsley

Shahram Rabiee

Muhammad Ashraf

Dr Ramesh Kumar Miryala

Booksknot ebooks

Dinh Quoc Nguyen

xuân liễn nguyễn

Furqan Majeed

Indus Foundation International Journals UGC Approved

Seyedeh Hamideh Hosseinizadeh

Arhlene Flowers

Ruchi Sharma , Bharati IMSR Journal , Vinod Marketing

Mihaela Andreea

Pascale Quester

Farhana Begum

Raies Hamid

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rashad Yazdanifard , Lim Che En

Publisher UGC Approved

mohammad inam khan

Abbas Dadras

George Amoako

sunita Kumar

michael polonsky

American Academy of …

Kelty Logan , Shu-Chuan Chu , Terry Daugherty

Ritwajit Das

Hina Nawazish

Stephen Kline

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Sophie Treneman

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Vivica Kraak

Advertising Research: The Internet, Consumer Behavior, and Strategy

Michael R Hyman

Conceicao Costa

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Advertising Vocabulary

Here are twenty terms often used in the world of advertising.

vocabulary for advertising essay

I’ve seen many students struggling to discuss this topic for some reason. Remember, in your own country/culture, you are still likely surrounded by advertising. Practice talking about it using these phrases:

100% Score Increase Guarantee with our Insider Method Are you ready to move past IELTS and move forward with your life vision? Find out why our strategies are the most powerful in the IELTS world. When you use our Insider Method you avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKES that most students make on IELTS. Click here to get a score increase on IELTS. It’s 100% guaranteed.  
  • Catchy jingle – The cute/cool song that is in all the ads for a certain product/brand/service.
  • Slogan – The short phrase or sentence that is in all the ads for a certain product/brand/service.
  • Drowning in ads – As in, “ My news feed is drowning in ads lately .” This means there are too many ads.
  • Flooded with spam – As in, “ My inbox is flooded with spam .” This means there is too much junk mail in your email.
  • Target market – The people an advert is aimed at
  • Astronomical price – Really expensive

Now it’s your turn!

As I noted earlier, practice using this vocabulary to describe advertising on the street, online and in other media. Try to describe advertising in your own country/city, as well as in the place you are currently living.

What do you think of today’s lesson?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!

vocabulary for advertising essay

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vocabulary for advertising essay

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Model Essay for IELTS - Advertising

This essay for IELTS is on the subject of  advertising .

There are various types of questions you can get in the IELTS writing test and you'll see samples of them all over the following pages, but this one is an  agree / disagree  essay.

In these types of essays, you are presented with one opinion. Take a look at the opinion here in the question:

Some of the methods used in advertising are unethical and unacceptable in today’s society.

To what extent do you agree with this view?

Advertising Essay for IELTS

So your options are:

In the answer below, the writer agrees 100% with the opinion.

As you can see, the writers opinion is made clear in the thesis statement (the last sentence of the introduction).

Model Essay for IELTS

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

Essay for IELTS Model Answer

The world that we live in today is dominated by advertising. Adverts are on television, on the World Wide Web, in the street and even on our mobile phones. However, many of the strategies used to sell a product or service can be considered immoral or unacceptable.

To begin with, the fact that we cannot escape from advertising is a significant cause for complaint. Constant images and signs wherever we look can be very intrusive and irritating at times. Take for example advertising on the mobile phone. With the latest technology mobile companies are now able to send advertising messages via SMS to consumers' phones whenever they choose. Although we expect adverts in numerous situations, it now seems that there are very few places we can actually avoid them.

A further aspect of advertising that I would consider unethical is the way that it encourages people to buy products they may not need or cannot afford. Children and young people in particular are influenced by adverts showing the latest toys, clothing or music and this can put enormous pressure on the parents to buy these products.

In addition, the advertising of tobacco products and alcohol has long been a controversial issue, but cigarette adverts have only recently been banned in many countries. It is quite possible that alcohol adverts encourage excessive consumption and underage drinking, yet restrictions have not been placed on this type of advertising in the same way as smoking. 

It is certainly true to say that advertising is an everyday feature of our lives. Therefore, people are constantly being encouraged to buy products or services that might be too expensive, unnecessary or even unhealthy. In conclusion, many aspects of advertising do appear to be morally wrong and are not acceptable in today's society.

(296 words)

This essay for IELTS is well organized as there are five clear paragraphs, each containing ideas that are relevant, well expressed, and related to the topic. 

Focusing on the language and structures in particular, the essay starts with an appropriate introductory sentence. Linking words are used accurately ( However, In addition, Therefore ).

Phrases that signal opinions are evident ( A further aspect of advertising that I would consider unethical . ..) backed up by reasons (... encourages people to buy products they may not need or cannot afford ) and examples ( Children and young people in particular, are influenced by adverts ).

In general, many other useful phrases are used, indicating a good control of language ( It is quite possible ...  Many people consider . ..  It is certainly true to say .. .).

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Multinational Organisations and Culture Essay: Improve you score for IELTS Essay writing by studying model essays. This Essay is about the extent to which working for a multinational organisation help you to understand other cultures.

vocabulary for advertising essay

Scientific Research Essay: Who should be responsible for its funding?

Scientific research essay model answer for Task 2 of the test. For this essay, you need to discuss whether the funding and controlling of scientific research should be the responsibility of the government or private organizations.

vocabulary for advertising essay

IELTS Vegetarianism Essay: Should we all be vegetarian to be healthy?

Vegetarianism Essay for IELTS: In this vegetarianism essay, the candidate disagrees with the statement, and is thus arguing that everyone does not need to be a vegetarian.

vocabulary for advertising essay

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vocabulary for advertising essay

Technology Development Essay: Are earlier developments the best?

This technology development essay shows you a complex IELTS essay question that is easily misunderstood. There are tips on how to approach IELTS essay questions

vocabulary for advertising essay

IELTS Sample Essay: Is alternative medicine ineffective & dangerous?

IELTS sample essay about alternative and conventional medicine - this shows you how to present a well-balanced argument. When you are asked whether you agree (or disagree), you can look at both sides of the argument if you want.

vocabulary for advertising essay

Ban Smoking in Public Places Essay: Should the government ban it?

Ban smoking in public places essay: The sample answer shows you how you can present the opposing argument first, that is not your opinion, and then present your opinion in the following paragraph.

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Internet vs Newspaper Essay: Which will be the best source of news?

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vocabulary for advertising essay

Examinations Essay: Formal Examinations or Continual Assessment?

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Sample IELTS Writing: Is spending on the Arts a waste of money?

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vocabulary for advertising essay

Human Cloning Essay: Should we be scared of cloning humans?

Human cloning essay - this is on the topic of cloning humans to use their body parts. You are asked if you agree with human cloning to use their body parts, and what reservations (concerns) you have.

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    To begin, let's consider specific words and phrases that can be used in ad analysis: Nostalgia: Advertisements for Coca-Cola, summer vacation destinations, or even political candidates can stir up sentiments or memories of "the good old days.". In a commercial, for example, the use of black and white film and/or flashbacks—illustrated ...

  17. Advertising Vocabulary

    Advertising refers to the act of creating public messages to promote a product or service.Below are some vocabulary terms related to advertising. to advertise To advertise means to give public information about something in order to make people want to buy it.. advertisement An advertisement is a public announcement about something created to make people want to purchase it.


    IELTS VOCABULARY advertising budget "below-the-line" advertising direct mail billboards in-store promotions telemarketing sponsoring events advertising entices children to drink and smoke marketing campaigns to shape preferences to promote junk food on television to impose restrictions on the marketing of tobacco and alcohol to ban adverts to hook children food promotion conventional ...

  19. Advertising Vocabulary

    1: ad: abbr. advertisement - advert abbr. 2: advertisement: n. item of publicity for a product or service, in magazine, on TV etc 3: advertising agency: n. company specialising in producing and placing advertisements for clients 4: AIDA: abbr. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - the objective of all advertisements 5: benefit: n. advantage of a product or service, usually derived from its ...

  20. IELTS Video Lesson: 7+ IELTS Part 3 Advertising Vocabulary

    Using this vocabulary on test day will definitely impress the examiner in Speaking Part 3!. On our YouTube channel, I've provided a lot of lessons geared toward informal vocabulary. For many students, informal slang and idioms are harder to learn than academic, formal vocabulary. This is due to the fact that so-called high-level vocabulary can be found in textbooks, and there are countless ...

  21. Student Sample Essay: Advertising

    Also, you need to make your opinion clearer. The essay question asks if you agree or disagree but it is not clear what your opinion is. For this essay, I would delete the last sentence of the introduction and then make your opinion on the issue clearer in the conclusion. For example: "On balance, although advertising is necessary, it is clear ...

  22. Essay for IELTS: Are some advertising methods unethical?

    2. Disagree 100%. 3. Partly agree. In the answer below, the writer agrees 100% with the opinion. As you can see, the writers opinion is made clear in the thesis statement (the last sentence of the introduction). All the body paragraphs then explain why the writer disagrees. In other words, it discusses the negative aspects of advertising.