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125 Social Justice Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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Social justice is a crucial aspect of our society that addresses issues of equality and fairness in various aspects of life, including education, employment, healthcare, and criminal justice. Writing an essay on social justice can be a powerful way to raise awareness about these important issues and spark meaningful discussions.

If you're struggling to come up with a topic for your social justice essay, we've got you covered. Here are 125 social justice essay topic ideas and examples to help you get started:

The impact of systemic racism on communities of color

Gender inequality in the workplace

The criminalization of poverty

LGBTQ+ rights and discrimination

Access to healthcare for marginalized communities

Police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement

Environmental justice and climate change

Disability rights and accessibility

Income inequality and the wealth gap

Indigenous rights and land sovereignty

Immigration and refugee rights

Mental health stigma and access to care

Education equity and the school-to-prison pipeline

Reproductive rights and access to healthcare

The impact of colonialism on global social justice issues

Human trafficking and modern slavery

Workers' rights and fair labor practices

Access to clean water and sanitation

Disability rights in the workplace

The criminal justice system and mass incarceration

LGBTQ+ rights in the military

Access to affordable housing and homelessness

Food insecurity and poverty

Gender-based violence and domestic abuse

The impact of globalization on social justice issues

Disability rights in education

Indigenous rights in the criminal justice system

LGBTQ+ rights in sports

Access to mental health care for marginalized communities

The intersection of race and gender in social justice issues

The impact of social media on social justice movements

Disability rights and technology accessibility

Environmental racism and pollution in marginalized communities

Gender inequality in STEM fields

The impact of gentrification on low-income communities

LGBTQ+ rights in healthcare

Access to reproductive healthcare for marginalized communities

The impact of colonialism on indigenous communities

Disability rights and transportation accessibility

The criminalization of homelessness

Gender inequality in the arts and entertainment industry

The impact of climate change on marginalized communities

LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace

Access to affordable childcare for working families

Disability rights and voting accessibility

The impact of racism on mental health outcomes

Gender-based violence in the military

The intersection of race and class in social justice issues

Access to affordable higher education for low-income students

Disability rights in the criminal justice system

The impact of ableism on healthcare accessibility

Gender inequality in political representation

The criminalization of drug addiction

LGBTQ+ rights in the legal system

Access to clean energy for marginalized communities

Disability rights and inclusive recreation

Economic inequality and social mobility

Indigenous rights in the education system

LGBTQ+ rights in the foster care system

Access to mental health care for veterans

The impact of poverty on educational outcomes

Disability rights and employment discrimination

Gender inequality in the tech industry

The criminalization of sex work

LGBTQ+ rights in the criminal justice system

Access to affordable public transportation for low-income communities

Environmental justice and urban planning

Disability rights and independent living

Gender-based violence in the workplace

The impact of racism on healthcare disparities

LGBTQ+ rights in the education system

Access to affordable childcare for single parents

Disability rights and emergency preparedness

Indigenous rights in the healthcare system

The criminalization of mental illness

Gender inequality in the legal system

The impact of ableism on social inclusion

Access to affordable housing for seniors

Disability rights and social security benefits

The impact of sexism on reproductive rights

Gender inequality in the criminal justice system

Access to affordable healthcare for undocumented immigrants

Disability rights and inclusive education

Economic inequality and access to financial resources

Indigenous rights in the legal system

These are just a few examples of social justice topics that you can explore in your essay. Remember to choose a topic that you are passionate about and that aligns with your values and beliefs. Social justice essays have the power to educate, inspire, and create positive change in our society, so don't be afraid to dive in and start writing. Good luck!

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220 Social Justice Essay Topics

220 Social Justice Essay Topics: Ideas To Get You Started

Are you looking for ideal social justice essay topics? These are some of the best topics that you can use. You can find some interesting, controversial, and persuasive topics here. Always give your best when doing any of these essays to ensure you pass perfectly.

It is important to do thorough research when doing these kinds of essays. Also, remember to choose a topic of something that interests you most. Your passion should be a driver when doing these social justice essays.

How To Write A Social Justice Essay

Writing a social justice essay is just like any other type of essay. First, you will need to find an ideal topic, after that check with your professor to see whether they will approve it. With any essay, project, thesis, or dissertation that you do. It is significant to follow the right procedure and get the right approval. If you do so, your writing will be as good, as ones which are written by professional scholarship essay writers .

Title Page : The essay will need a title page that gives details about the topic, your identity, the course unit, due date, and a short brief of the topic that you want to undertake. In some cases, you might need an abstract that gives a great overview of what the essay is all about. Introduction : The introduction part should give a great briefing of what the essay will be all about. That’s where you give a great introduction on what to expect in the essay. You will need to have done a great literature review to ensure that you have the right facts in place. However, try to be brief as much as possible. Body : The body is the main part. In this, you will need to dig deep into the topic and provide the right facts and research on the specific topic. It is really important to jot down all the important information first, then start elaborating them one by one. This will help to ensure you don’t miss a point at all. You need to justify or nullify your facts well in the body part. Conclusion : This is where you provide a summary of the whole essay. It should also be brief and ensure that when someone reads it, they get to understand the main essence of the essay perfectly. It is indispensable to also have all the right facts. Reference Page : This is where you cite all the resources that you used in your research. Just ensure you cite all the resources that you used. This is as critical as any other part of the essay.Argumentative Social Justice Essay Topics

Are you looking for the best argumentative social justice essay topics? You can start with these! They are ideal and will make you feel satisfied as you do your research.

  • The consequences of deprivation of health care.
  • Which are the major labor laws that are similar in most countries?
  • The societal view of domestic violence towards men.
  • How recovering addicts deal with social injustices.
  • The major forms of social injustices.
  • How does racism affect people globally?
  • Convicts punishment after serving time in prison.
  • Do you think it is right to use traditional medicines in the current world?
  • The evolution of different languages.
  • Which are the weirdest burial customs worldwide?
  • The major gender roles practiced globally.
  • The evolution of kitchen and eating utensils.
  • The various totems around the world.
  • How are refugees handled in different parts of the world?
  • The major factors behind illegal immigration.

Persuasive Social Justice Essay

Social justice topics can seem a bit complex. However, with the right data at hand, you will manage to do your essay perfectly without fail. Here are some of the best essays you can start with.

  • Black lives matter in relation to social justice.
  • The major social justice issues facing the elderly.
  • Social justice in the education system.
  • The major agendas about social justice.
  • The Christian teaching on social justice.
  • The relation between social justice and gay rights.
  • The relation between prosperity and social justice.
  • The ethical issues facing social justice worldwide.
  • The social justice issues in the health care setting.
  • The philosophy of social justice worldwide.
  • The importance of human rights and social justice.
  • The role of higher education in promoting social justice.
  • The role of education in society.
  • The various social justice and advocacy support principles.
  • The relation between the free market and social justice.

Relevant Social Justice Research Topics

Are you looking for the most ideal social justice research topics? You can use any of these. They are vital whether you are in high school, college or university.

  • The ethics behind different product pricing in the market.
  • The social justice orientation in the current world.
  • The impact of the Vietnam War on the creation of social justice.
  • The relation between poverty and social justice.
  • The race relations and social justice problems.
  • The major cycles of social justice.
  • The importance of social justice globally
  • Why is education a right for each child?
  • The major issues about social justice activism.
  • The relation between sustainable development and social justice.
  • The impact of diversity on social justice.
  • How can a corporate policy affect staff’s health?
  • The reason that leads to employee riots.
  • The connection between globalization, and increase in substance abuse.
  • The effect of obesity on one’s social life.

Current Social Justice Topics To Write About

When doing any kind of research, always be ready to find some contradicting information that can easily mislead you. Hence, you will need to have different sources of information.

  • The negative impact of societal beauty standards.
  • The existence of peace without war.
  • The relation between the increase in social media and suicide rates.
  • Can the church and the state separate?
  • Is issuing green cards a privilege or necessity?
  • Will gun control laws reduce mass shootings?
  • Is reverse discrimination a reality or just a myth?
  • Should vaccination of any disease be mandatory?
  • The major diseases that require vaccination globally.
  • Who is greatly affected during war and terrorism?
  • Can social media help to reduce illiteracy?
  • The best child abuse prevention strategies.
  • The dating violence experienced in university and college.
  • The influence of TV on infant child development.
  • How do discrimination policies help to reduce it?

Good Social Justice Paper

In society, there are different kinds of people. Hence, achieving social justice can be a bit strenuous. This is why there is a need for the different key players in society to play their parts perfectly.

  • Discrimination in sports.
  • How can the educational system be made more flexible to accommodate the evolving world?
  • Discrimination against the various genders.
  • The negative impact of bullying in teenagers.
  • How social media promotes bullying?
  • How does school uniforms help to wipe out different students’ identity?
  • Is the wearing of school uniform a good norm?
  • Will free education for everyone become a worldwide reality?
  • The major social issues in social justice.
  • The importance of social justice and inclusion in education.
  • The importance of social justice for all.
  • The effects of information technology on social justice.
  • The relation between social justice and child abuse
  • How can social justice policies be used to prevent different forms of abuse?
  • Justice versus social justice.

In-Depth Social Justice Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for the best topics that will require you to do in-depth research? These topics will suit your preference. Remember to draft the important points well before doing the final version.

  • The relation between social justice and equity.
  • The relation between social justice and environmental justice.
  • The importance of social justice to social work.
  • The major differences in social justice.
  • Is it true that social justice is not achieved by income?
  • The relation between social justice and social injustice.
  • The social determinants of justice.
  • The relation between equality and social justice.
  • The impact of social justice on gender equality.
  • The problem of social injustice in the world.
  • The relation of mental illness and social justice.
  • The importance of the elderly community.
  • The major concerns of social injustices.
  • The relation between government and social life.
  • The negative effects of social justice

Best Injustice Topics For Essay

Are you looking for the best injustice topics for your essay? Here are some of the best! They are all amazing and will suit your preference.

  • The relation between racial bias and injustice.
  • The role of education on critical literacy.
  • The influence of racism and wrongful conviction in the justice system.
  • Racial profiling issues in society.
  • The relation between police brutality and racism.
  • How racial segregation in schools affects students.
  • The violence against women.
  • The disparity between different genders in sports.
  • How discrimination has a role in humanity.
  • Discrimination against African Americans by some policemen.
  • An analysis of racial tension in society.
  • The various consequences of bullying behavior.
  • The influence of rank and hierarchy in the workplace.
  • Injustice issues in society.
  • The relation between racism and race prejudice.

Advanced Injustice Essay Ideas

These injustice essay topics are diverse. You can use books, documentaries, films, and other sources to get the required data. Just ensure you do your best.

  • How to recognize abuse signs.
  • The relation between poverty and injustice in different parts of the world.
  • Evaluate economic justice.
  • Evaluate the injustices that happen in prisons.
  • The various injustices portrayed in the book,” to kill a mockingbird”.
  • The controversy of gun control.
  • The history of racism globally.
  • Evaluate racism in the modern world.
  • The ethical implication of human trafficking.
  • Evaluate discrimination in relation to equal employment opportunities.
  • The various injustice in the education system.
  • he importance of cultural awareness.
  • Evaluate how justice is delayed is justice denied.
  • The negative impact of human trafficking.
  • The negative impact of slavery.

Social Justice Topics Ideas

Are you wondering what is social justice essay? Well, it is an essay that dwells on societal issues and how best to deal with them in favor of the whole.

  • Should abortion be legal or illegal?
  • The major causes of drug use.
  • The relation between hunger and food insecurity.
  • Which countries have high obesity rates than others?
  • The influence of tourism on cultural heritage sites.
  • The positives and negatives of structural racism.
  • The subtle forms of everyday racism.
  • How does racism manifest itself in any native language?
  • The different types of social segmentation.
  • How does cultural appropriation become harmful?
  • How racial prejudice is eminent in the movie industry.
  • The difference of discrimination in rich and developing countries.
  • How is social media used to fight racism?
  • How does modern television portray minorities?
  • Do you think nationalism leads to racism?

Good Social Justice Topics

If you want to attain top grades, you can use any of these good social justice topics to do it. However, you need to work hand in hand with your teacher or professor to ensure you are following the right format.

  • The major reasons that drive people to immigrate illegally.
  • The importance of diversity to society.
  • The ways that can lead to someone being stateless.
  • The common prejudices faced by refugees.
  • Are human rights limits during any crisis justified?
  • How dictatorship can ensure human rights are respected.
  • Should access to the internet be a fundamental human right?
  • How can satire become harmful?
  • How do governments secure freedom of speech?
  • To which rights should prisoners have access?
  • How do NGOs help to ensure human rights in war-stricken countries?
  • Is combating climate change a human rights issue?
  • The major differences between civil and human rights.
  • Should undocumented migrants be deported when found?
  • Should schools teach students to be patriotic?

Social Justice Writing Prompts

These are some of the best social justice writing prompts that you can use. There are many injustices in the world, and you can easily be sad over everything that happens. Do any of these topics and understand why.

  • The major consequences of voter fraud.
  • How police presence in schools helps to curb violence.
  • The importance of reducing medical costs.
  • How can different religions live together peacefully?
  • Should financial literacy be a compulsory subject in high school?
  • Is fake news a severe problem?
  • How does digital presence influence real life?
  • The dependence of people on social media.
  • Do online networks promote stalking?
  • Evaluate censorship on social media sites.
  • How social media affects us mentally.
  • The importance of data safety.
  • Do you think the internet reduces our lifespan?
  • How marginalized groups benefit from social media
  • How do social media influence our interactions with other people?

Social Justice Topics

At times people perform brutality willingly or unwillingly in society. Then try any of these topics and see whether you can change people’s perceptions in different cases.

  • The negative effects of police force brutality.
  • The implications of wrongful convictions.
  • White privilege in today’s media
  • Do current policies protect citizens in different countries against discrimination?
  • The effect of TV and radio on toddlers.
  • The negative implications of funding war and terrorism.
  • The strategies put in place to address social injustices against children.
  • The various issues that pertain to literacy and illiteracy.
  • The various social justice issues were ignored by various generations.
  • The social justice topics that can be addressed in schools.
  • The existence of peace education.
  • How does illiteracy impact society?
  • The social justice practices that should be addressed in schools.
  • How increasing the minimum wage can help to cope with inflation.
  • What causes the pay gap between different genders

Current Social Issues

We are all social beings. However, at times it may become hard to be good to everyone. This is because of the different behaviors people have. Try any of these topics and see what to do!

  • The impact of third world debt on the global economy.
  • The health care policies for female employees.
  • The role of sustainability in economic development
  • The impact of globalization on the economy.
  • Should maternity leave be paid or unpaid?
  • The implication of replacing women when they go for maternity leave.
  • The various mental health issues about the changing economy.
  • How can the raging student debt crisis be handled in the whole world?
  • The role of social injustices in the economy.
  • How should gender equality be portrayed, incorporated?
  • The best way to increase productivity in the workplace.
  • The major ethical issues in society.
  • The major social media trends influence.
  • Do you think YouTube is sometimes used to spread propaganda?
  • How do Twitter hashtags skew the political discourse?

Social Issues Topics List

These are some of the best social issues topics list. You can’t miss finding an ideal topic from these. Just do your best in all that you do.

  • The effect of speaking out in online communities
  • In social media, how important are likes?
  • Evaluate the gendered experience on the internet.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of social media networks.
  • The best way to make yourself heard is on social media.
  • The worst substances to be addicted to.
  • How can banning tobacco advertising reduce smoking?
  • The best steps for a person to take when they can’t afford medicine.
  • The importance of dignity.
  • The major pro-life movements.
  • With the current strategies, do you think the physically impaired are considered even in infrastructure building?
  • Do you think the physically impaired have a voice in various governments globally?
  • The importance of vaccinating children.
  • The impact of gender on one’s health.
  • The negative effects of malnourishment.

Social Justice Issue Topics

Do you have a list of social problems? Well, they are spread out globally. That’s why it can be vital to do some social change topics that will help you to get a better understanding. Indulge in this social causes list.

  • Do you think people deny human-made climate change?
  • Evaluate what a sustainable diet is like.
  • Give reasons why sociologists should study the environment.
  • The role of packaging in marketing, and the environment.
  • How does global warming affect the environment?
  • The effects of a deteriorating environment on labor conditions.
  • The most significant achievement of environmental activists.
  • Do you think volunteer work should substitute military service?
  • The best way to protect animals.
  • The best modes to donate to social justice initiatives.

Social Justice Essay Help Needed?

Are you in need of some essay help? We have a group of essay writers that can provide reliable and high-quality essays for you. If you want to do it on your own, try to do proper research and proofread before submitting. However, if you don’t want to work on it, just buy an essay online from our professional team. Our writing helpers are native ENL to ensure that the final essay is perfect. As a student, you won’t need to worry anymore.

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Exploring Social Justice Issues Through PBL

The open-ended work in project-based learning can help students explore issues that matter to them.

Student illustration depicting justice for Ahmaud Arbery

My objective, as an educator, is always to enable students to discover themselves—and, in doing so, help them gain the knowledge, skills, and courage to understand and improve the human condition. I believe that almost all social problems can be traced to a lack of education and empathy, and that 21st-century educators must work to combat ignorance and injustice.

With this objective in mind, I recently designed a project focusing on racial and social justice called “Light Up the Darkness.” During the school year, my students studied history and literature through the lens of injustice. They learned about topics ranging from medieval feudalism as a system of oppression to the work of Charles Dickens as a literary protest against economic injustice. In the spring, we brought these themes together, diving deep into student passions through project-based learning.

Then, along with the lockdown for Covid-19, came the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. If students hadn’t previously felt an urgent reason to care about racial and social justice, they did now.

Laying the Groundwork

I decided to give my students options: work independently or with a partner. They could study race, gender identity, Islamophobia, sexism, class struggle, immigration, homelessness, or mass incarceration; they could also propose any other topic related to oppression and inequity. We spent the first week exploring issues and resources and discussing ideas.

Then students chose topics, articles, poems, songs, documentaries, and books. Some students chose fiction: The Hate U Give , Speak , Internment , and Dear Martin were popular. Most chose nonfiction: Just Mercy , The 57 Bus , and Stamped were the top choices. They read newspaper articles and watched TED Talks and Vice News reports, as well as many powerful documentaries, including True Justice  and Girl Rising . They read “ The New Colossus ” and listened to Tupac .

As they learned, they talked. They talked with friends and classmates, with me and their families, and with community members. Some attended protests. What might have been a trivial “What did you learn in school today?” turned into a powerful discourse on injustice and the human condition.

Learning From Masters

“Light Up the Darkness” has four key products: a two-voice poem, persuasive art, a book project, and an argumentative essay.

Two-voice poems:  Some students were already familiar with two-voice poems, but as an introduction we watched a Common Grounds slam poem performed by Amina Iro and Hannah Halpern and read “ Two Women ,” a poem by an anonymous woman caught in political chaos in Chile in the 1970s. Students gained a deeper understanding of experiential angles and ideological nuances.

Student artwork depicting social justice concept

Persuasive art:  Next, students worked on propaganda art, which we defined as work meant to be persuasive and influential; it’s biased but not necessarily misleading. They analyzed works by Shepard Fairey and other historical and contemporary grassroots artists. Their work took many forms, but the consistent theme was social justice. Some students created persuasive infographics or protest posters, but most created fine art that focuses on action. This ranged from ending mass incarceration to empowering young women. Some students used current movements and events, while others relied on their newfound critical understanding of history.

Open-ended book project:  Later, students completed an open-ended book project, with a menu of options available to guide their creativity. Some wrote and performed raps, others baked cakes; some took photos at protests, and others created intricate Lego builds. I wanted students to feel free to authentically express their learning, specifically around their book choice. By this point, students were taking complete ownership of the project.

Argumentative essay:  The final product was a 1,000-plus-word argumentative essay with a thesis, citations, counter-argument, and rebuttal. Rigorous writing assignments can be challenging for young teens, but as I worked with each student on their essays, I witnessed something amazing: Their sense of justice and empathy, along with their new knowledge, skills, and courage, was on full display.

Student artwork depicting social justice concept

Now, with the tables turned, it was my time to learn, and I did. One essay used research to show that mass incarceration was not the result of a spike in criminality but instead the product of systemic racism. Another showed that even the most well-intended “colorblindness” does nothing to expedite our progress toward racial justice.

This project had a beginning, but it never truly ended. My students and their families told me that they didn’t think this type of learning was possible at school. They said the work felt raw and relevant.

What did I learn? I learned that justice is a transgenerational struggle. I learned that silent classrooms are compliant classrooms. I learned about the importance of allowing students to confront racial and social injustice. I learned that young people continue to offer unwavering hope.

social justice essay topics

Social Justice Essay Topics: 75 Most Inspirational Ideas

social injustice argumentative essay topics

In today's ever-evolving world, conversations surrounding social justice have become increasingly vital, igniting passion and prompting action among individuals of all ages. For students, exploring topics related to social justice deepens their understanding of societal issues and empowers them to advocate for change in their communities and beyond. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, presenting diverse social justice essay topics tailored to engage and challenge students of varying interests and backgrounds. From examining systemic inequalities to exploring the intersections of identity and privilege, these thought-provoking topics invite students to critically analyze and articulate their perspectives on pressing social justice issues of our time.

How to Choose a Social Justice Essay Topic?

First things first, students using our sociology essay writing service obtain a turnkey-ready document with a topic already selected and explored in a written form. If you want to complete the task on your own, consider the following steps when selecting a social justice essay topic:

  • Identify Your Interests

Reflect on social justice issues that resonate with you personally. Consider topics related to race, gender, class, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental justice, or other areas of concern.

  • Research Current Events

Stay informed about current events and social justice movements. Explore news articles, documentaries, and scholarly publications to identify timely and relevant topics for your essay.

  • Evaluate Your Knowledge

Assess your existing knowledge and expertise in different areas of social justice. Choose a topic you feel passionate about and confident discussing while also being open to learning and researching new perspectives.

  • Consider Audience Impact

Think about your audience and the potential impact of your essay. Choose a topic that is thought-provoking and relevant, capturing the attention of your readers and inspiring meaningful dialogue.

  • Explore Intersectionality

Recognize the interconnectedness of social justice issues and explore topics that intersect with multiple identities and experiences. Consider how race, gender, class, sexuality, and other factors intersect to shape individuals' lived experiences.

  • Seek Diverse Perspectives

Engage with various sources and viewpoints to comprehensively understand your chosen topic. Consider incorporating perspectives from marginalized communities and amplifying voices often marginalized or silenced.

  • Brainstorm Ideas

Generate a list of potential essay topics and narrow down your options based on relevance, feasibility, and personal interest. Discuss your ideas with peers, mentors, or instructors for feedback and guidance.

  • Align with Learning Objectives

If your essay is for an academic assignment, ensure that your chosen topic aligns with the learning objectives and requirements. Clarify any guidelines or expectations with your instructor before proceeding.

  • Stay Ethical

When addressing sensitive social justice topics, approach your essay with empathy, sensitivity, and integrity. Respect the dignity and experiences of individuals and communities affected by the issues you discuss.

  • Stay Open to Revision

Remain flexible and open to revising your topic as you conduct research and refine your understanding. Be willing to adapt your essay topic based on new insights and developments in social justice.

social injustice argumentative essay topics

Top 10 Social Justice Essay Topics

  • The importance of empathy in social justice movements.
  • Addressing systemic racism.
  • Challenging stereotypes and discrimination.
  • LGBTQ+ rights, inclusivity, and acceptance.
  • Economic justice and the wealth gap.
  • Environmental justice and protecting vulnerable communities.
  • Ensuring accessibility and accommodation for disabled people.
  • Criminal justice reform.
  • Indigenous rights, sovereignty, and cultural preservation.
  • Immigration and refugee rights.

Best Social Justice Essay Topics in 2024

Interesting Social Justice Essay Topics

  • The impact of economic disparity on social opportunity.
  • Addressing bias in law enforcement practices.
  • Achieving pay equality across genders.
  • Breaking down barriers to education.
  • Advancing rights for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Equity in environmental protection.
  • Humanizing immigration policies.
  • Ensuring inclusion for people with disabilities.
  • Reforming the criminal justice system.
  • Solving the crisis of homelessness.
  • Fighting discrimination in the workplace.
  • Access to affordable healthcare for all.
  • Bridging the digital divide: internet access as a human right.
  • Indigenous rights and land sovereignty.
  • Tackling food insecurity and hunger in our communities.

Good Social Justice Essay Topics

  • The importance of supporting marginalized communities.
  • Youth activism and its impact on social change.
  • Addressing mental health stigma.
  • Social media's role in raising awareness.
  • Understanding and addressing cultural appropriation.
  • Ensuring access to clean water as a human right.
  • Closing the gender wealth gap through economic empowerment.
  • Recognizing intersecting forms of injustice.
  • Examining the impact of gentrification on communities.
  • Ensuring fair treatment in the gig economy.
  • Examining environmental injustice.
  • Healing communities through restorative justice.
  • Supporting refugee integration.
  • Protecting voting rights and combating voter suppression.
  • Strategies to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.

Simple Social Justice Essay Topics

  • Achieving wage equality regardless of gender.
  • Ensuring accountability in law enforcement practices.
  • Providing affordable housing options for everyone.
  • Debating healthcare accessibility for all citizens.
  • Closing the education gap for marginalized groups.
  • Addressing pollution disparities in poorer areas.
  • Examining racial bias within the legal system.
  • Promoting fair treatment of workers.
  • Humanizing immigration policies for migrants.
  • Building inclusive communities for people with disabilities.
  • Eradicating hunger locally and globally.
  • Advancing LGBTQ+ rights worldwide.
  • Understanding and addressing wealth disparity.
  • Implementing restorative justice approaches.
  • Securing housing as a fundamental human right.

Research Questions About Social Justice

  • How does socioeconomic status impact access to justice?
  • What are the effects of racial profiling on marginalized communities?
  • How can educational institutions promote social justice?
  • What are the barriers to healthcare access for underserved populations?
  • How does media representation influence perceptions of social justice issues?
  • What are the root causes of gender inequality in the workplace?
  • How can environmental policies be made more equitable for all communities?
  • What role does systemic discrimination play in the criminal justice system?
  • How do immigration policies affect the rights of migrant workers?
  • What are the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing public services?
  • How does food insecurity intersect with other social justice issues?
  • What strategies can be implemented to address LGBTQ+ discrimination in society?
  • What factors contribute to income inequality within societies?
  • How effective are restorative justice practices in resolving conflicts?
  • What interventions are most successful in combating homelessness and housing insecurity?
  • How do cultural biases impact the administration of justice in diverse societies?
  • What are the effects of gentrification on the displacement of marginalized communities?
  • How do historical injustices continue to influence contemporary social inequalities?
  • What are the implications of globalization on labor rights and fair wages?
  • How can community-based initiatives contribute to social justice outcomes at the grassroots level?

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116 Social Justice Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on social justice, 🔎 easy social justice research paper topics, 🎓 most interesting social justice research titles, 💡 simple social justice essay ideas, ❓ social justice research questions.

  • The Environment and Social Justice
  • Social Justice and Equality in America
  • Social Justice, Education, and Critical Pedagogy
  • Racial Discrimination as a Social Justice Issue
  • Ethics and Social Justice in Mental Health System
  • Social Justice and Civil Rights
  • Criminal and Social Justice
  • Gun Violence as the Social Justice Issue The aim of the paper is to describe the issue of gun violence, analyze the reasons for the problem and propose a possible solution.
  • Advocating for Social Justice Nurses should continue advocating for social justice and suggest strategies to fix the system, making the system genuinely fair.
  • Teacher’s Reflection, Liberal Arts and Social Justice The use of reflection by a teacher in the process of writing and thinking enables him/her to reflect on how effective a lesson is.
  • The Social Justice and Nutrition in a Family This paper provides a wider understanding of the practical application of social justice and how the social determinants of health can be used in the description of the family.
  • The Principle of Social Justice in World Religions This essay examines the principle of social justice as the subject of a comparative study among the three schools of thought: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism .
  • Working for Social Justice Instances of social inequality are common in the current century. This paper discusses the different authors who address the topic of social justice.
  • Gender Equity and Social Justice in Schoolchildren Gender inequality can easily be identified in schools by observing how students tend to micro-interact and aggregate in particular activities or groups.
  • Social Justice Protests Regarding Abortions This study aims to understand abortion rights and how they were significant in women’s equality. Roe v. Rode was a case that challenged the rule about abortion.
  • Creative Voices as Social Justice Advocates Poetic language presents information in a way that enables readers to relate the message to their personal experiences and make informed decisions.
  • Engineering Ethics Education for Social Justice The incident at Morales is a case that provides the reader and the viewers with a moral problem that is arguably confronted at work and home.
  • Individual Responsibilities on Definirion of Social Justice Issues Considering divergent opinions from reviews concerning the non-precision or non-existence of the definition of social justice.
  • General Definitions of Social Justice It is essential to provide several general definitions of social justice that will allow us to fully understand and appreciate this concept.
  • Criminal and Social Justice Intersection: Annotated Bibliography The annotated bibliography of the sources where the criminal and social justice intersection relations are researched.
  • How to Promote Social Justice in Nursing Social justice plays an instrumental role in nursing by ensuring that inequalities do not deprive marginalized groups of access to quality healthcare services.
  • Social Justice and Barriers in Healthcare One of the most important social justice topics that relate not only to nursing in particular but to healthcare in general, is affordable healthcare.
  • The Concept of Social Justice in Nursing Social justice in nursing relates to human rights and equality in the nursing practice and addresses inequalities arising from race, gender, age, religion, etc.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Its Contribution to Social Justice This paper focuses on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discussing its coverage in scholarly literature, implications for the public, and discussions in Congress.
  • Autonomy and Social Justice for African American and Latino Populations These study objectives are formulated so that the findings will promote autonomy and social justice among the study population.
  • Social Justice: American Arab, Jewish American, and Africans Jewish Americans have many variations of cultural features depending on the degree of involvement in religion.
  • Exploration of Social Justice Aspects One can state that the government should play a significant role in support for families with children while ensuring child welfare measures being taken are fair.
  • The Climate of Social Justice, Racism, COVID-19, and Other Issues The paper argues ideas of music, culture and society are contended to be inseparably connected, which can be clarified through the space of ethnomusicology.
  • Social Justice in Britain’s Workforce Although racism has been outlawed as a social vice, nonetheless, racial discrimination is still one of the major ethical dilemmas in the modern workplace.
  • Female Genital Cutting and Social Justice A female genital cutting is a form of female circumcision extremely detrimental to the natural function of the female body.
  • Social Justice and Sustainable Business Practices Corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies are gradually acquiring legal effects as they are integrated into elements such as supply chain contracts and labor law.
  • The Black Lives Matter Movement as the Call for Social Justice: Analyzing Available Sources of Information A range of sources shed light on the movement The Black Lives Matter, its goals, and the accomplishments that it has achieved so far. This paper analyses some of them.
  • American Policing and Social Justice Social justice is a phenomenon that reflects the economic, political, legal, and moral conditions of life and the development of society.
  • Catholic Moral Teaching on Charity and Social Justice This paper discusses why Catholic moral teaching is so concerned with charity and social justice and how it can influence the rate of immorality that goes on in this world.
  • Social Justice to Maintain Democracy in Australia This essay will look into the impact of social justice concepts in maintaining democracy in Australian society.
  • Reconciliation, Australian Aborigines, and Social Justice The objective of the paper is to discuss the relevance of the policy of reconciliation and relevance of the policy of reconciliation to social justice for Australian Aborigines.
  • Narrative for Advancing a Social Justice Agenda Gender parity in education is changing, but gender inequality continues to exist in favor for boys in Los Angles.
  • Social Justice and Books: Educational Aspects Sherman Alexie’s quote is quite harsh, but true: young adult fiction should not become milder or sweeter just because some of the critics see is as too daunting.
  • Getting Involved in Advocacy Practice for Social Justice Analyzing the main factors influencing the willingness of people to get involved in advocacy efforts is the key to figuring out how to boost the activity of the workers.
  • Social Justice and Pregnant Addicted Mothers When a pregnant mother is addicted to alcohol and drug, she may end up causing irreparable damage to the unborn child.
  • The Social Justice Concept Definition In this article, it is argued that the concept of social justice represents entanglements between policy arenas of social welfare and crime control.
  • Social Justice Towards War Veterans
  • Freedom, Capitalism, and Institutions for Delivering Social Justice
  • Social Justice, Utilitarianism, and Indigenous Australians
  • Public Health and Social Justice in the Age of Chadwick
  • Social Justice, Free Market Style
  • Self-Ownership and Social Justice among Libertarians
  • Special Education, Social Justice, and Effective Learning
  • Old and New Testament Views on Social Justice Religion
  • Criminal Justice, Social Justice, and Morality
  • Social Justice Reformers and the Progressive Era
  • How Social Justice Is Taught in Elementary School?
  • Social Justice Orientation and Multicultural Environment
  • Hispanic Social Justice Issue
  • Social Justice and the LGBT Community
  • The Social Justice Issue in the United States
  • 19th Century Jihads and Social Justice, Security, and Prosperity
  • Human Morality and Social Justice
  • Justice and the Moral Code of Social Justice
  • Social Justice and the Performing Arts in Appalachia
  • Technology and the Advancement of Social Justice
  • Ottawa Charter Social Justice Principles
  • Relationship Between Education and Social Justice
  • Legal and Social Justice for Hispanics and Women
  • Criminal and Social Justice Issues
  • Natural Resources, Economic Rents, and Social Justice in Contemporary Africa
  • Social Justice and Adult Education
  • Health and Social Justice Issues in Saharan Country
  • Social Justice Movement and Social Work
  • Residential Segregation and Social Justice
  • Social Justice Towards Students with Disabilities
  • Racial Discrimination, the Complete Opposite of Social Justice
  • Parental Participation for Social Justice in Education
  • Social Justice and Its Impact on the United States
  • The Vietnam War and Its Impact on the Creation of Social Justice
  • Social Justice Historic Marxist Classical Writers Believe
  • How the Congressional Black Caucus Uses Social Media to Address Social Justice Issues
  • Social Justice and Injustice in Kenya
  • Race, Medicine, and Social Justice: Pharmacogenetics, Diversity, and the Case of Bid
  • Social Justice and the Canadian Correctional System
  • The Biblical Prophets’ Teachings on the Love of God in Social Justice
  • Social Justice: The Role of Higher Education, Criminality and Race
  • Multicultural Education and Social Justice Education
  • Globalization and Social Justice in OECD Countries
  • Social Justice and Special Needs Students
  • Income Disparity and Social Justice Based on Graph
  • Social Justice and Different Views of Natural Law among XIX Century Economics
  • Producing and Practicing Social Justice in Education
  • What Does Teaching for Social Justice Mean for Teacher?
  • Nations and Social Classes as the Greatest Barriers to Social Justice
  • Anthropology and Social Justice Convergence
  • What Does Social Justice Mean?
  • Are Consultation and Social Justice Advocacy Similar?
  • What Are the Principles of Social Justice and Inclusion?
  • Does Perceiving the Poor as Warm and the Rich as Cold Enhance Perceived Social Justice?
  • What Has Limited the Impact of UK Disability Equality Law on Social Justice?
  • How Does the Film “Lord of the Flies” Relate to Social Justice?
  • Why Are Diversity and Inclusion Important for Social Justice?
  • How Can Social Justice Be Achieved in Our Society Today?
  • What Is the Most Important Issue in Social Justice?
  • Does Social Justice Highlight the Relationship Between Social Welfare and Crime Control?
  • What Is Needed to Achieve Social Justice?
  • Is Social Justice Just About Equality?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Equality and Social Justice?
  • Is Social Justice a Reasonable Relationship Between the Individual and Society?
  • What Is the Main Focus of Social Justice?
  • How Does Social Justice Impact Society?
  • What Is the Role of Social Justice in Social Work?
  • Is Inclusion a Part of Social Justice?
  • How Can We Promote Social Justice in the Community?
  • Who Is Responsible for Social Justice and Why?
  • How Can Social Justice Be Maintained in the Society?
  • What Would Happen to the World Without Social Justice?
  • Does Social Justice Apply to Everyone?
  • What Is the Golden Rule of Social Justice?
  • Are Human Rights Based on the Concept of Social Justice?

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social injustice argumentative essay topics

Social Issues Topics: Exploring the Challenges Shaping Our World

social injustice argumentative essay topics

Did you know that social issues are not just distant problems affecting others? They are deeply intertwined with our lives and have a profound impact on our daily experiences, shaping the very fabric of our society. From systemic inequality to environmental degradation, these issues have the power to shape the course of history and determine the well-being of generations to come. Get ready to dive into the fascinating realm of social issues topics! In this article, we'll explore their complexities, understand why they matter, learn how to write compelling essays about them and discover a captivating list of the most important social issues examples of our time. This thought-provoking journey will challenge our beliefs and inspire us to take meaningful action for a better future. So, let's dive in and get started!

What Are Social Issues

Social issues are the threads that intricately weave through the fabric of our society, demanding our attention, empathy, and action. They are the challenges and complexities that affect individuals, communities, and even entire nations, often leaving a profound impact on people's lives. These issues stem from the interconnectedness of our world, where various factors like politics, economics, culture, and individual experiences intersect, creating a tapestry of social problems that need to be addressed.

Social Issues Topics

Social issues encompass a wide range of concerns, encompassing everything from poverty and inequality to gender discrimination, environmental degradation, and access to healthcare and education. They represent the barriers that prevent individuals from thriving, the disparities that hinder progress, and the injustices that undermine equality and human rights.

Take poverty, for example. It is not merely a lack of financial resources; it is a pervasive condition that robs individuals of their dignity, opportunities, and hope for a better future. Poverty intertwines with education, as limited access to quality education perpetuates the cycle of disadvantage. It intersects with healthcare, as inadequate medical services disproportionately affect the most vulnerable members of society. And it connects with inequality as wealth disparities widen and prevents social mobility.

As per our essay writing service , to address social issues today, it is crucial to recognize that they are not isolated problems. They are intertwined and interdependent, requiring holistic solutions that encompass multiple dimensions. It takes collective efforts from individuals, communities, governments, and organizations to foster change. Raising awareness, advocating for policy reforms, and promoting equality are essential steps toward ensuring that marginalized groups benefit and creating a more just and equitable society.

What If Your Words Could Ignite a Social Movement?

Order your social issue essay and spark the change you want to see!

Understanding the Importance of Social Issues in Today's World

Social issues are not abstract concepts confined to textbooks or news headlines. They are pressing challenges that affect real people and demand our attention. By actively engaging with these issues, we have the opportunity to shape a more equitable and compassionate world for ourselves and future generations.

The importance of social issues in developing countries lies in their impact on human rights, well-being, and social progress. By addressing these issues, we strive to build inclusive societies where everyone has equal opportunities and can live a dignified life. It is not only a matter of justice and compassion but also essential for sustainable development and peaceful coexistence.

Moreover, social issues highlight the power of collective action and advocacy. They remind us that we have a shared responsibility to stand up for what is right and work towards positive change. Thanks to the advancements in technology and communication, it is now easier than ever to raise awareness, mobilize communities, and bring about transformative social movements. Social media platforms have become powerful tools for amplifying marginalized voices and shedding light on systemic injustices.

How to Write an Essay About Social Issues

So you've got an assignment on social issues essay topics, huh? Don't worry; we've got your back! Writing about social issues may seem like a tough nut to crack, but trust us; it's a crucial part of academic writing. Social issues are basically problems that affect a whole bunch of people in society. We're talking about everything from politics and economics to education and health and so much more. But hey, no need to stress! Our custom writing experts are here to give you some awesome tips to help you rock that essay and make it super interesting. Let's dive in, shall we?

Social Issues Topics

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Let's begin by taking the first step, my friend! It's all about choosing a topic for research papers that resonates with your heart and feels like a natural fit for your mind. When you opt for a subject that genuinely sparks your personal interest, the research and essay writing process, complete with the proper format of academic paper , will become a delightful adventure.

Engage in brainstorming sessions to generate ideas and conduct thorough investigations to gather factual information. Now, here's a nifty trick: if the chosen issue seems a bit overwhelming with its multiple dimensions, no worries! Just narrow down your focus to a specific aspect. For example, if you're tackling poverty, you can zoom in on the causes, the consequences, or even strategies to alleviate it. The world is your oyster, so let's get cracking!

Support Your Opinion with Examples

When you're writing a research paper about examples of social issues, it's really important to include research and data that support your position. This helps the reader understand why your perspective is necessary and what evidence you have to back it up. For instance, if you're discussing the impact of poverty, you can provide statistics on the number of people in need, how poverty and health problems affect education, and the connection between poverty and crime. Including these kinds of details, just like in economics essay topics , will make your essay more persuasive and engaging.

Keep It Simple

Ensuring your essay is simple and easy to understand is crucial. Instead of using complex words, opt for simpler alternatives that convey the same meaning effectively. By keeping your essay readable, you make it more engaging and easier for the reader to follow. Avoid employing jargon or technical terms that might confuse your audience. Instead, use plain language and take the time to explain any intricate terms or concepts, making the essay accessible to all readers. Following these guidelines on how to write an essay on social issues will help you effectively communicate your ideas and engage your audience.

Revise and Edit

Before you submit your essay, it's important to take a few steps to ensure its quality. Start by checking its structure, making sure it flows smoothly and logically. Verify that your arguments are well-supported and presented in a cohesive manner. Give your essay a thorough review to catch any spelling or grammar mistakes. Additionally, pay attention to formatting, ensuring consistency throughout the entire piece. It can be beneficial to have someone else read your essay and provide feedback as well. Taking these precautions will help you present polished and well-crafted topics for essays .

Social Issues Essay Example

For students seeking a practical example of a well-structured and insightful social issues essay, the pursuit of global citizenship stands as a compelling topic to explore. Through this example, you can gain inspiration and guidance for your own social issues essays, understanding how to construct a compelling argument and convey the importance of promoting positive change in society.

social injustice argumentative essay topics

5 Social Issues of Today

Today's society is facing a multitude of social issues that have a significant impact on people's lives. Here is a list of some of the most pressing social issues that affect people worldwide:

  • Climate change and global warming : The effects of climate change are already being felt around the world, with rising sea levels, more frequent natural disasters, and changes in weather patterns. The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and other human activities are contributing to this issue, and it is essential that we take action to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Income inequality : The gap between the rich and the poor is widening, with the wealthiest 1% of the world's population owning more than half of the world's wealth. This inequality can lead to social unrest, and it is important that we address this issue by promoting fair wages, progressive taxation, and other policies that support economic equality.
  • War : Armed conflicts continue to plague different regions around the world, resulting in significant humanitarian crises. Wars not only cause immense suffering, displacement, and loss of life but also have far-reaching consequences on infrastructure, economies, and social stability.
  • Gender equality : Despite progress in recent years, gender inequality remains a significant issue in many parts of the world. Women still face discrimination in the workplace, unequal pay, and limited access to education and healthcare. It is crucial that we continue to work towards gender equality and empower women to achieve their full potential.
  • Mental health issues and addiction : Mental health issues and addiction are becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. The stigma surrounding mental health can prevent people from seeking help, and it is important that we raise awareness and provide access to affordable and effective treatment options.

Social Issues Essay Topics

Are you feeling stuck while searching for fascinating subjects or a comprehensive list of social issues that can also serve as perfect dissertation topics ? We understand the challenge you're facing, but don't worry! Selecting the right topic is crucial for crafting an exceptional essay and earning your degree from a reputable American college or university. To ignite your creativity, we've compiled a comprehensive list of captivating social issues for you to explore. Get ready to dive in and discover that perfect idea for your next academic project!

Social Issues Topics

👀 Interesting Social Issues Essay Topics

  • Income inequality and its impact on modern society.
  • The role of social media in shaping public opinion and activism.
  • Mental health stigma and its effects on individuals and communities.
  • The challenges faced by refugees and their integration into new societies.
  • The impact of technology on interpersonal relationships.
  • Gender inequality and the fight for gender equity.
  • The effects of climate change on vulnerable communities.
  • The basic ethical principles of genetic engineering and human enhancement.
  • The impact of globalization on cultural identity.
  • The role of education in reducing poverty and social inequality.
  • The criminal justice system and its approach to rehabilitation versus punishment.
  • The implications of automation and artificial intelligence on employment.
  • The impact of media portrayal on body image and self-esteem.
  • The effects of racial discrimination and strategies for achieving racial equality.
  • The challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism in contemporary society.

đŸŽČ Peace and War Topics

  • Causes and origins of the Russia-Ukraine war: Explore the underlying factors that led to the outbreak of the conflict, such as historical, political, and ethnic tensions.
  • International response to the Russia-Ukraine war: Analyze the reactions and actions taken by various countries, regional organizations, and global institutions in response to the conflict.
  • The conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the challenge of achieving lasting peace.
  • The Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan: Historical context, current status, and potential solutions.
  • The ongoing tensions in the Korean Peninsula: Assessing the prospects for peace and denuclearization.
  • The Syrian Civil War and its Regional and global implications.
  • The Israel-Palestine conflict: Historical background, current dynamics, and prospects for peace.
  • The war in Afghanistan: Challenges, consequences, and prospects for stability.
  • The conflict in South Sudan and the impact on regional security.
  • The war on terror: Assessing the effectiveness of counterterrorism strategies and the implications for civil liberties.

🔬 Social Science Topics

  • The impact of microaggressions on marginalized communities and its implications for mental health.
  • Exploring the social and cultural factors that influence body image dissatisfaction among different ethnic groups.
  • The role of social capital in fostering community resilience and disaster preparedness.
  • Investigating the relationship between cultural heritage preservation and sustainable development.
  • Analyzing the influence of social networks on political participation and civic engagement.
  • Exploring the social implications of virtual reality technology on empathy and perspective-taking.
  • Investigating the role of humor and laughter in social interactions and psychological well-being.
  • Analyzing the effects of eco-anxiety on environmental attitudes and behavior.
  • The impact of social media accounts activism on social movements and policy change.
  • Exploring the cultural and societal implications of the sharing economy and collaborative consumption.

🏙 Migration and Immigration Topics

  • The experiences and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ migrants and refugees.
  • Analyzing the role of migrant remittances in economic development and poverty reduction in sending countries.
  • Exploring the impact of immigration policies on family dynamics and the well-being of immigrant families.
  • Investigating the role of social networks in facilitating successful integration of immigrants into host societies.
  • The effects of climate change-induced migration and its implications for global governance and social justice.
  • Analyzing the influence of cultural identity preservation among second-generation immigrants.
  • The impact of labor migration on gender roles and dynamics within migrant communities.
  • Exploring the role of language acquisition and proficiency in the social integration of immigrants.
  • Investigating the intersections of migration, health, and access to healthcare services.
  • Analyzing the economic, social, and cultural contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs to host countries.

🌳 Environmental Social Issues Essay Topics

  • The intersection of environmental justice and social equity: Analyzing the disproportionate impacts of environmental degradation on marginalized communities.
  • The role of indigenous knowledge and practices in sustainable resource management.
  • The impact of consumerism and overconsumption on the environment and social well-being.
  • Exploring the social and economic implications of climate-induced migration and displacement.
  • The influence of environmental education and awareness on individual and collective environmental behaviors.
  • Analyzing the relationship between environmental degradation and public health, focusing on air and water pollution.
  • The role of corporate social responsibility in promoting environmental sustainability and addressing social concerns.
  • Investigating the social implications of plastic waste and exploring strategies for reducing single-use plastics.
  • The impact of urbanization on ecosystems and the social well-being of urban communities.
  • Analyzing the social dimensions of renewable energy transitions and the equitable distribution of benefits.

💖 LGBT Topic Ideas

  • The historical evolution of LGBT rights movements: From Stonewall to present-day advocacy.
  • Exploring the experiences and challenges faced by transgender individuals in healthcare systems.
  • Analyzing the representation of LGBT characters in media and its impact on social perceptions.
  • The intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality in the LGBT community.
  • Investigating the effects of conversion therapy on the mental health and well-being of LGBT individuals.
  • Exploring the experiences of LGBT youth in educational settings and the impact of supportive environments.
  • The role of LGBT support organizations and community centers in fostering social inclusion and well-being.
  • Analyzing the impact of religious beliefs and attitudes on the acceptance of same-sex marriage.
  • Exploring the experiences and challenges of older LGBT adults and the importance of inclusive care and support systems.
  • The impact of policies and legislation on LGBT rights and equality, both nationally and internationally.

🏛 Social Justice Essay Topics

  • Exploring the concept of reparations for historical injustices and its role in achieving social justice.
  • The impact of language and communication barriers on access to justice for marginalized communities.
  • Analyzing the social justice implications of algorithmic bias in artificial intelligence systems.
  • Examining the role of art and creative expression in advancing social justice movements.
  • The intersection of disability rights and social justice: Challenges and advancements.
  • Exploring the impact of gentrification on communities and strategies for promoting equitable development.
  • Analyzing the role of restorative justice in addressing harm within educational institutions.
  • The impact of colonialism on indigenous communities and the pursuit of social justice.
  • The role of community organizing in promoting grassroots social justice initiatives.
  • Examining the social justice implications of mass incarceration and advocating for criminal justice reform.

🔗 Discrimination and Prejudice Topics

  • The effects of racial profiling on marginalized communities and its implications for social justice.
  • Analyzing the psychological mechanisms underlying implicit bias and its impact on decision-making processes.
  • The intersectionality of discrimination: Exploring how multiple forms of discrimination (race, gender, sexuality, etc.) intersect and compound.
  • Discrimination and prejudice in the workplace: Examining challenges and strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Exploring the effects of religious discrimination on individuals and communities.
  • The impact of ageism on older adults and strategies for combating age-related discrimination.
  • Analyzing the social and psychological consequences of fat shaming and weight-based discrimination.
  • Discrimination against individuals with disabilities and the importance of accessibility and inclusive practices.
  • The role of the media in perpetuating stereotypes and its influence on discrimination.
  • Examining the effects of prejudice and discrimination on mental health and well-being.

đŸ”Ș Violence Topics 

  • The role of violence in sports: Examining the impact of aggression and its consequences in athletic competitions.
  • Violence against healthcare workers: Analyzing the prevalence, causes, and strategies for ensuring safety in healthcare settings.
  • The impact of violence on refugee and displaced populations: Exploring the challenges and interventions for addressing violence in these contexts.
  • Violence in the digital realm: Investigating online harassment, cyberbullying, and the psychological effects on victims.
  • The relationship between animal cruelty and violence towards humans: Exploring the link and implications for social well-being.
  • The effects of violence in video games: Analyzing the debate and research surrounding its potential influence on real-life aggression.
  • The role of violence in hazing rituals and initiation ceremonies: Understanding the dynamics and potential harm caused.
  • Exploring violence in marginalized communities: Addressing the underlying factors and strategies for promoting community safety.
  • Silent Suffering: Unmasking the Reality of Domestic Violence
  • Violence in the workplace: Examining the impact of bullying, harassment, and assault on employees and organizational well-being.

đŸ‘©â€đŸŠŻ Humanity Topics

  • The power of empathy and compassion in fostering understanding and social harmony.
  • Exploring the ethics of artificial intelligence and its impact on human dignity and autonomy.
  • The role of forgiveness in healing personal and societal wounds.
  • Analyzing the concept of human rights and its universality across different cultures and contexts.
  • The pursuit of global citizenship and its potential for promoting peace and cooperation.
  • Exploring the intersection of technology and humanity: Examining the benefits and challenges of the digital age.
  • The impact of cultural diversity on societal progress and innovation.
  • Analyzing the concept of altruism and its role in creating a more compassionate world.
  • The importance of intergenerational connections and the wisdom of older generations in shaping our future.
  • Examining the concept of identity and the balance between individuality and collective belonging.

Wrapping Up

Social issues are like a cosmic web, connecting countless lives worldwide. This article has been your guide, exploring their intricacies and significance while equipping you to create a powerful social issues essay. Remember, every essay has the power to inspire change.

And here's a little nugget of wisdom: some of the most remarkable social movements in history were sparked by a single person's words on paper. Yes, you heard that right! So, my friend, now you know how to start an essay , so get ready to unleash the power of your pen and leave your mark on the world. Together, we can be the catalysts for a brighter tomorrow!

Are You Ready to Challenge the Status Quo?

Order your eye-opening social issue essay now and ignite a revolution!

Adam Jason

is an expert in nursing and healthcare, with a strong background in history, law, and literature. Holding advanced degrees in nursing and public health, his analytical approach and comprehensive knowledge help students navigate complex topics. On EssayPro blog, Adam provides insightful articles on everything from historical analysis to the intricacies of healthcare policies. In his downtime, he enjoys historical documentaries and volunteering at local clinics.

social injustice argumentative essay topics

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50 Social Justice Topics | Best Essay Writing Ideas

social justice topics

The phrase social justice may sound simple, but it covers a pretty diverse scope of issues affecting our society. These include religion, income equality, race, sexual orientation, and gender, among many others. Since these are issues we encounter every day, you will, on countless times in your student life, get assigned a social justice project. Note, this is regardless of what course you may be taking. Therefore, it’s wise to equip yourself with a selection of great social justice topics, and also know how to go about the writing process beforehand. Fortunately, you happen to be at the right place. Check out the roundup of great social justice research topics, as well as a few tips to guide you through the process below.

A List of Social Justice Topics

The key to writing an exemplary social justice research paper is equipping with a list of good social justice topics you are both interested in and that have plenty of information sources. On that note, check out the list below

General Social Justice Topic Ideas

  • What impact does diversity have on social justice?
  • Define social justice
  • How a corporate policy can affect the staff’s mental health
  • What is your take on fundraisers? Are they real charities or money laundering projects?
  • Explain the background and reasons that often lead to employee riots
  • What should immigrating foreigners expect? A better life or condemnation?
  • Explain the connection between globalization and the increase in substance abuse rates
  • Describe the political side of most modern wars.
  • Obesity as an obstacle to one’s social life
  • Increasing unemployment as the direct consequence of economic recessions
  • The impact of global warming on small island nations such as the Maldives
  • History and the progression of the idea in Western political thought
  • Globalization on international hospitality and tourism and how it impacts the local population
  • Non-governmental organizations, are they positive activists of change?
  • LGBTQ + pride movement
  • Describe the negative impact of societal beauty standards
  • What is the extent of abuse and neglect in orphanages, care homes, and orphanages

Good Social Justice Debate Topics

  • Can peace exist without war?
  • Define the relationship between social media and the increased cases of suicide
  • Reverse discrimination- a myth or reality?
  • A world of peace- is it real, or is it just a far-fetched fantasy?
  • Is the issuing of green cards a privilege or a necessity?
  • Should we perceive it as sex work or paid rape?
  • The church and the state- is it possible for them to remain separate?
  • Will gun control laws help reduce mass shootings?
  • Is consent a valid concept in the porn industry?
  • Building a wall between the US and Mexico? Logical or racist?
  • The immunization debate; should vaccination be mandatory?

Social Justice Speech Topics

  • Who pays the price of war and terrorism?
  • Talk about white privilege in the media
  • Can social media help society overcome the problem of illiteracy?
  • Talk about child abuse prevention strategies in the US
  • The societal impact on teenage smoking
  • Dating violence among university and college students
  • The effect of TV on infant child development
  • The issue of discrimination; do existing policies adequately protect citizens?
  • Problems brought about by illiteracy
  • Economic issues in developing countries and their link to the US economy
  • Address discrimination in sports

Social Justice Topics in Education

  • Why is peace education rare than shooting classes
  • Describe the mistreatment or abuse of autistic kids in elementary schools
  • Should our educational system be flexible enough to accommodate the evolving world, or is it a much wiser idea to retain the old standards?
  • Discrimination against the female gender or non-citizens in our education system
  • The impact of illiteracy on our community today
  • The impact of bullying and anxiety development in teenagers
  • Social media as the new form of bullying
  • How accessible is our educational system, the poor, migrant works, refugees, and other minority groups?
  • Mandatory uniform as a means to wipe out student identity
  • Can social media help our society overcome the problem of illiteracy?
  • Free education for everyone, will it ever become a reality

Thoughts On Social Justice Essay Writing

Writing an essay on social justice is not only a regular part of your student life but is meant to train you into a functioning adult in society. Writing on different social justice research topics will also help you keep up with the trends and changes taking place in our society. Therefore, to write the perfect social justice essay ensure you

Choose Social Justice Topics Wisely

When it comes to writing on social justice, it’s wise to choose a topic relevant to the community at that time. For instance, all social justice topics on our list directly impact society today. Therefore, choosing to write on any of them will cause controversy because not everyone has the same opinion as you. Hence, your audience, in this case, your professor, will be curious to see how you handle a particular social justice issue.

But other than being relevant, good social justice topics usually have plenty of research material. So apart from choosing a topic related to 2023, make sure whatever you opt to write about won’t leave you all drained.

Invest in Research

Social justice topics such as bullying in school usually have plenty of press. In that breath, you want to make your essay on social justice as unique and as memorable as possible. Therefore, instead of writing what everyone knows, go the extra mile in doing your research. For instance, if your social justice topic of choice is bullying, choose to address the psychological part of it, instead of the regular effects most students do.

Support Your Stance with Examples

As noted earlier, social justice mainly focuses on issues that affect our everyday lives. It is all about things that take place in our community regularly. Therefore, read the relevant college essay examples to help your audience relate to the social justice topic you’ve chosen to write about on a personal level. For instance, if you are talking about climate change, use examples that will hit close to home, such as increased energy costs. This way, your audience understands just how critical climate change is and why they should take action!

Keep your social justice essay very simple. Once you are done, revise and edit it to confirm that it is flawless. To make sure you submit a plagiarism-free paper and excellent grades, we advise you to hire our essay writers .

It’s your lucky day! Use promo “ custom20 ” – we’ve prepared a 20% discount off your social justice writing assignment from the best academic writers!

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The Most Impressive Social Issues Topics for Essay or Paper

Updated 18 Jun 2024

If you want to write an effective and engaging controversial essay, you definitely need to take into consideration the best social issue topics or  satire topics . We are all members of the society and community where we live, and the events and trends of this year have affected every one of us. This is why you may frequently find yourself faced with the task of writing about social topics in an academic paper, to show your understanding and awareness of the different social issues of today.

Writing research papers and essays or creating presentations is one of many steps to train you to be a functioning adult in your community. Because of this, you need to make an effort to be aware of current changes and trends. Some teens are so caught up in the digital world of online gaming and media that they don’t really pay attention to issues around them. Writing an assignment about current social topics in 2023 is a chance to open one’s eyes and increase one’s knowledge.

Social Issues Topics

How to Write an Essay on Social Issues

Your professor or teacher will ask you to look for interesting social issues essay topics or problem solution essay topics for your upcoming assignment as part of your course work. Such assignments allow teens and young adults to express their opinions about the trendiest topics of 2023. Your classroom is a safe environment where you can discuss your thoughts without being judged; this is a chance you shouldn’t waste.

To write a perfect essay, follow these steps:

  • Choose Your Topic Wisely.

Choosing a relevant 2023 social problem topic will pay off. It should cause some controversy and keep your audience interested. You could also easily research it to find enough evidence and proof to support your ideas. Check with your teacher or professor to ensure your topic is acceptable for 2023 and that it can be discussed at school or college.

To help you find a relevant topic, try searching trending hashtags of 2023 on media platforms or check your daily newspaper for news. Pay attention to international news as well. This is a good way to understand what is going on in different parts of the world and how it affects Americans living in the States.

Some relevant global social problems include income inequality (poverty), corruption, the rise in authoritarianism (erosion of democratic values), criminality, unsustainable development, and bullying in schools.

  • Spend Time on Research

You should always look for academically proven and reliable sources that you can cite in your essay. Listing your opinions without sufficient logical support from outside sources is unacceptable.

Some students simply rely on the media for examples to include in their tasks. It is risky because the world of the media industry is affected by political influence and can be biased. It is recommended to rely on academically approved sources to find relevant examples.

  • Support Your Opinion with Examples

Stay attentive to find relevant examples. Since you are discussing a current social topic, relevant examples are often readily available. Use examples to support your opinion and explain it. They can help make your point relatable and easier to understand.

However, some students simply rely on the media for examples to include in their papers. It is risky because politics often influence the media industry and can be biased. You must rely primarily on academically approved sources for relevant examples.

  • Keep It Simple

Your essay is a chance to express your opinion and say what you believe about a current social issue or situation. That is why you must ensure you have used the right words to express your point of view. Use simple and relevant words to explain what you mean to avoid confusing your audience.

  • Revise and Edit

Before submitting your assignment, you need must ensure it is flawless and error-free. Complete spelling and grammar checks to review your paper for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes — or give it to us, as we can do essay revisions for you. Writing errors could alter the meaning of your paper and confuse your readers.

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What Are the Social Issues of Today? Top 12 Issues

As we live through the global pandemic, natural disasters worldwide, conversion to safe energy sources, and COVID-19 challenges, the list of relevant social issues in 2023 have also changed. Here are the top 12 social issues with relevant topics that you may consider for your essay:

  • COVID-19 & Global Pandemic . Without a doubt, almost every sector of modern life has been affected by the global pandemic restrictions and the rules of social distancing. Even though countries seem to return to normal life, logistics and international trading still need to be enhanced. As an example of social topics dealing with this issue, consider writing about how the COVID-19 crisis affected a company or the entire industry.
  • The Black Lives Matter Social Movement . It is hard to find anything that has marked the last two years regarding social importance. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has captured the entire world because the issues of racial prejudice are relevant as ever. Regarding possible topics, you can compare the BLM movement with the student protests in the 1970s or the Montgomery Bus Station protest.
  • Green Energy Conversion. This social issue is mostly related to environmental problems, yet global conferences are dedicated to finding safe ways to convert all available energy to safe methods. Consider writing about the latest innovations in the solar energy sector and talk about wind turbines if you are majoring in Electrical Engineering. At the same time, you can write about school education and educating youngsters about our environment.
  • The Presence of the U.S. Military Troops in Afghanistan . It is a sensitive social issue in the United States, as President Biden has announced that troops leaving Afghanistan in 2021. This social topic is quite important as it is not only a political issue but also a matter of national security.
  • The Challenges of Remote Education. As we are making it through yet another year of distance learning with Skype and Zoom solutions for video conferences, the challenges of modern learning are evident. Consider writing about how the student habits and attitudes have changed in 2023 and think about what pros and cons of this issue you can explore.
  • Arctic Pole Environmental Situation . The Arctic Pole Ice Shield is a social issue that became apparent as explorers and scientists from all fields of science started to reveal updated information. Regardless of your college course, you can approach this social issue through the prism of environmental protection, political bias, economics, marketing, and even the logistics that are also present in this sector.
  • Global Pandemic & Vaccination . The subject of vaccination might be among the most discussed social issues today, yet it does not make it to the list of immediate issues because of the political games at play. For example, you can write about unequal distributions of vaccines to certain countries and investigate how politics manipulate this sensitive matter.
  • Travel Restrictions . As the warm times are coming closer, most people think about traveling. Consider some business trips even if you are not up for leisure. Though the list of restrictions is changing all the time, and the number of countries that accept tourists without any limits is constantly growing compared to 2022, this issue is still discussed in 2023, which makes it a relevant social issue. Consider writing about new safety regulations and researching how COVID-19 has affected our travel routines and rules.
  • Global Unemployment Peak . According to various statistics, the unemployment peak in April 2021 reached over 12.7% in the United States. The same thing will happen all over the world in 2023. You can write about the reasons for such a situation and discuss the presence of freelance specialists and people working remotely as an option.
  • Supply Chain Diversification in Post COVID-19 Society . Undoubtedly, the most affected sector is the field of supply chain distribution. Diversification has become an issue since people who are limited in funds or face certain healthcare issues need proper help. You can choose an issue in your local community or write about why such a situation became possible.
  • Increasing Political Polarization . Just remember to stay respectful as you write about politics. Regardless of your preferences and beliefs, it is hard to ignore an increasing political polarization, representing another social issue in 2023. You can consider writing about Russia and its external politics, India and the distribution of vaccines, or the United States with the latest political changes and innovations.
  • Healthcare Bias in Modern Society . Unfortunately, this social problem became even more apparent in 2023 as the vaccinated people received more social rights. Still, only some people all over the world can become vaccinated. At the same time, one should consider writing about other illnesses and healthcare specialists that are not precisely related to respiratory diseases. Consider it as one of the starting points as you write about healthcare bias social issues.

Of course, you may also consider the problem of evolving employee benefits or how people receive various labor compensation or become fired for no reason. Meanwhile, think about the media sector and the challenges of actors and musicians who are currently left without the means to represent their art. Choose something that inspires you and explain why it is important.

List of Social Issues for Essay Writing in 2023

Finding relevant subjects or interesting presentation topics for academic assignments is quite challenging. You must ensure you’ve picked an adequate topic to submit a high-quality essay. You must submit flawless, excellently written essays if you want a degree from a reputable American college or university. Here is a comprehensive list of social issues to browse for ideas on your next academic project.

Need more writing assistance?

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Social Justice Essay Topics:

  • Is ageism the new racism?
  • Deprivation of health care: Dealing with consequences.
  • Are convicts still punished after serving time?
  • Are labor laws fair?
  • How is society viewing domestic violence towards men?
  • Discrimination against pregnant women.
  • Fat shaming in the job market.
  • Overcoming poverty-based discrimination in our society.
  • Do recovering addicts deal with social injustice?
  • Are Arabs and Middle Easterners subject to discrimination?

Pornography Essay Topics:

  • How to deal with pornography addiction.
  • Dealing with child pornography.
  • Is consent really valid in the porn industry?
  • Do pornstars suffer from society shaming?
  • Why do pornstars commit suicide?
  • Dealing with leaked personal pornography videos.
  • The pressure in the porn industry.
  • Pornstars who crossed over to other industries.
  • Does watching porn damage family life?
  • How to know that you are addicted to porn?
Read also: 200+  Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Social Science Topics:

  • Advertisements from a Social Science perspective.
  • African American stereotypes.
  • Social aspects of feminism.
  • Polygamy in the US.
  • A world without leadership.
  • Organizational behavior and Social Sciences.
  • Current problems and future trends of Social Sciences.
  • Religion and Social Sciences in the modern world.
  • Can Social Science be the way to understand society?
  • Have gender roles changed in the US?

Migration and Immigration Topics:

  • How did the Irish Diaspora change life in the United States?
  • Refugees across the world.
  • Building a wall between Mexico and the US.
  • Palestinian refugees in Jordan.
  • Forced migration.
  • History of Australian immigration.
  • Deportation of refugees and illegal immigrants.
  • What are the factors behind illegal immigration?
  • Egyptian illegal immigrants in Italy.
  • How can immigrants integrate into American society?

Racism Essay Topics:

  • The civil rights movement: a long struggle for freedom.
  • Racism in America: decades of failed reforms and police brutality.
  • Systemic racism in America: racial discrimination, inequality, and injustice.
  • Unconscious racism: the psychology behind implicit racial bias and discrimination.
  • The impact of racism and racial violence on mental health.
  • Racism in literature and art: teaching children about social justice.
  • The impact of racism on the future of modern society.
  • Racism: the origins, causes, effects, and consequences.
  • The social and economic impacts of racial segregation in America.
  • The economic and psychological impacts of racism in the workplace.

LGBT Topic Ideas:

  • The economic, social, and cultural factors influencing the LGBT community.
  • LGBT pride: diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Marriage and family: the challenges and impacts of same-sex marriage.
  • Mental health in the LGBT community: key challenges and concerns.
  • The global divorce rates of same-sex couples vs. heterosexual couples.
  • LGBT in schools: the impacts of homophobic bullying and discrimination.
  • Gender roles in society: changing views and implications for families.
  • The religious and cultural barriers to LGBT equality and inclusion.
  • LGBT and social media: the sociological impact of social platforms.
  • Same-sex couples and the psychological influence on their children.

Essay Examples Relevant to LGBT

  • Same-sex Marriage

Peace and War Topics:

  • Children of war.
  • How do the economics of war affect society?
  • Who paid the price for the War on Terrorism?
  • Ethnic cleansing.
  • Is society paying enough attention to peace education?
  • Role of women in war.
  • How did the war in Syria affect other countries?
  • War crimes across the world.
  • Historical account of the genocide in Armenia.
  • Role of media in wartime.

Discrimination and Prejudice Topics:

  • Common stereotypes in American society.
  • Racial profiling and its effects.
  • What is discrimination in sports?
  • Reverse discrimination.
  • Hate speech on social media.
  • Segregation in the US.
  • White privilege in the media.
  • Discrimination in the Middle East.
  • Sex discrimination in the workplace.
  • Discrimination against gay people.

Feminism Essay Topics:

  • Domestic violence and challenges to feminism in the 21st century
  • The #Metoo movement and its global impact on gender equity
  • The four waves of feminism: a history of the movements
  • Women’s empowerment: gender equality and women’s rights in modern society
  • Feminism throughout history: the most significant feminist movements and ideologies
  • Men in contemporary feminist movements: understanding their roles and responsibilities
  • The controversial issues of feminism in contemporary women’s rights movements
  • The negative impact and perception of modern feminism on society
  • Women’s career development: the role and impact of gender stereotypes
  • The status of women in ancient civilizations vs. modern society

Abortion Essay Topics:

  • Legalizing abortion: the effect on the birth rate and marriage
  • The social, psychological, and psychomedical effects of legal abortion
  • The moral, legal, and social aspects of pregnancy termination
  • Abortion across different cultures: the history of attitudes and practices
  • The effects of religious beliefs on abortion and contraception use
  • Should men have a voice in the abortion debate?
  • Life after abortion: the psychological effects and mental health controversy
  • The social and psychological impact of an abortion ban
  • Birth control and abortion: women’s fight for reproductive rights
  • Teen pregnancy and abortion: health concerns and parental consent

Cultural Property:

  • Ownership of stolen antiques.
  • Should museums in Europe return ancient artifacts home?
  • Stealing cultural heritage: Examples in history.
  • Protection of cultural heritage in times of war and peace.
  • Art looted in wartime.
  • The cultural heritage of indigenous people.
  • The difference between the Western and the Eastern cultures.
  • Selling copied artifacts.
  • Cultural heritage in Asia.
  • What is the importance of preserving cultural heritage?

Illiteracy Essay Topics:

  • Digital illiteracy.
  • 5 Problems related to illiteracy.
  • Illiteracy in the US.
  • Emotional illiteracy and its effect on family life.
  • How can financial illiteracy harm you?
  • Adult illiteracy and how to overcome it.
  • Can social media help overcome the problem of illiteracy?
  • Poverty and illiteracy.
  • How can literacy change people’s lives? 3 amazing examples.
  • Women illiteracy in African countries.

Violence Topics:

  • The effect of political turmoil on domestic violence.
  • Ethnic profiling and violence.
  • Movies and violence.
  • Promoting rape culture.
  • Dealing with social media bullying.
  • Aggression in children.
  • Abuse in the world of sports.
  • Child abuse prevention.
  • Gun control in the US.
  • Gangs and violence in Miami.

Humanity Topics:

  • Humanity through the ages: a brief history of human evolution
  • Human development: the evolution of physical, cognitive, and behavioral change
  • Humanity’s journey into the future: sustainability and existential risk prevention
  • The meaning of humanity: the role of religion in society
  • The effects of negative human behavior on the natural environment
  • The humanity of humans: how humane are we, really?
  • Acts of kindness and humane actions.
  • The human nature of violence: aggressive behavior in human evolution
  • Social movements in the modern society: a human rights perspective
  • Cultural diversity: key differences and similarities in human values

Consumption and Development Topics:

  • Overconsumption in America.
  • The culture of consumption.
  • The power of buyers in different industries.
  • Water consumption in Africa.
  • History of sustainable development in the US.
  • Consumption of alcohol.
  • Sustainable consumption of meat and fish: Its effect on the environment.
  • Children and consumption of fast food.
  • The dynamics of consumption in the US market.
  • How can businesses influence consumption trends?
Didn't find ideas? Read: 150+ Best Sociology Topics

Writing a good essay is a great way to guarantee the best grades. If you can’t finish your writing assignment independently, you can always get help from expert writers who can complete your task on your behalf. Don’t worry if you don’t have great writing skills; you could always hire a professional to do my assignment on time. It takes just minutes to place your order, and you will receive an original, authentic essay about the latest topics. You can even hire an essay writer to revise your draft. Seek professional feedback to improve the quality of your writing.

Writing an interesting essay about a trendy topic allows you to display your knowledge of the world. Browse different subjects and pick one that will impress your readers.

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  • Importance of Math in the Field of Criminal Justice The work of police officers and other personnel in criminal justice requires proof and accuracy in determining the cause and effects of a crime.
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice If one is to discuss the issue with the senior management of the organization in which the crime occurred, there is a high chance that the issue will not be taken as seriously due to […]
  • Love and Justice Love and justice are intertwined and this essay will explain the Christian understanding of love and justice. It is worth noting that love and justice are important virtues in human life and as such should […]
  • Justice and Vengeance: What Is the Difference? The difference between these two deeds is that justice is administered according to the society’s law, but with a vengeance, one tends to take the law into their own hands, and rage controls those deeds […]
  • Indian Criminal Justice System Reforms In as much as some human rights activists often complain of the violation of the rights by the justice system, India’s criminal system has faced significant changes since colonial times to the present.
  • Peace and Justice Revolving around a prominent hotel in Kigali, George features Don Cheadle as the manager of the hotel and a representative of the majority Hutus, the wealthy tribe that enjoys majority of the country’s resources.
  • Theories of Justice: Utilitarian theory With utilitarian theory being one of the theories of justice, the need to know how the theory offers justice to people, how it determines the conduct between individuals and the challenges the theory is facing […]
  • Retributive Justice vs. Rehabilitation of Criminals The aim of the criminal justice system is to convert an offender into a law-abiding citizen, and thus rehabilitation is the best approach in various ways.
  • Application of Probability and Statistics in Criminal Justice In criminal justice system, the assessment of the evidence adduced by witnesses determines the innocence or the guilt of the accused.
  • Guardians and Justice in Plato’s “The Republic” The books begin with the discussion of the ideal city and more importantly, the concept of justice. As a result, justice of the soul and the individual is achieved.
  • Justice Favors the Rich Michael Vick’s case displayed just how long the legal system had take long to act on high-profile persons as it would to the rest of the population.
  • Social Values: Freedom and Justice It is evident that freedom and justice are mutually exclusive, as “the theory of justice signifies its implications in regards to freedom as a key ingredient to happiness”.
  • Relation Between Justice and Inequality The structure of institutions needs to be changed in that everyone can relate hence creating a rift in the judgment delivered between the rich and the poor is unproductive.
  • A Critique of John Rawls’ Theory of Justice These principles are the principles of social justice; they provide a way of assigning duties and privileges in the basic institutions of society and they define the appropriate distribution of the benefits and burdens of […]
  • The Philosophical Problems Behind Annette Bayer’s Article ‘the Need For More Than Justice’ Whereas males take moral decisions according to the idea of justice, women are ruled by the sense of trust and caring. The problem of care is considered by many feminist philosophers and is the characteristic […]
  • Justice in “Latin Night at the Pawnshop” by Espada One of them is justice, which is indicated by the setting, the imagery, the symbolism, and the effective simile. The juxtaposition of the time and the place highlights the injustice experienced by the former.
  • Justice as Fairness By John Rawls The question of justice will mostly arise when the interests of individuals are self-centered and none of them is willing to give it up for the benefit of the other.
  • Retributive Justice vs. Restorative Justice I believe that the concept of retributive justice is more realistic for the justice system as it dwells on the idea of crime as a malfunction in a governmentally-controlled human social system.
  • The Trial by Franz Kafka and Its Reference to Current Justice System The novel offers a distorted version of the court system, where the readers focus on the trial process, although the opening part of the story already focuses on the ambiguity of the situation.
  • The Instrumental Theory in Criminal Justice In criminal justice, the instrumental theory is based on the idea that criminal justice and criminology is one of the main tools which help to control the poor.
  • Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development in Justice System Burglars, whose predominant level of morality is conventional, tend to consider the opinion of the society on their actions. Kohlberg’s stages of moral development help to identify the problems and find solutions to them.
  • The Youth Criminal Justice Act in Teresa Robinson’s Case 1 of the YCJA is relevant to the article since the offender’s name is still unreported despite the evidence of his involvement in the homicide.
  • Sandel’s “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” From this point, the criteria for judging the book are the following ones: the author’s approach to discussing the theories of justice and attractiveness of the proposed form of narration to the reader.
  • Forensic Linguistics: An Introduction to Language in the Justice System The legal processes indicated above ranges from proceedings in the courts to investigations conducted by the police and also to the management of prisoners.
  • Psychologists’ Role in Criminal Justice In addition to research, the accumulation, and application of knowledge, psychologists can also participate in assessing the effectiveness of legislation. In this setting, basic scientists conduct theoretical research on the effectiveness of police and court […]
  • Justice in “Letter From Birmingham Jail” by King The main topic of the letter is the discussion of the issue of justice and injustice.Dr. In the discussion of just and unjust laws, Dr.
  • Justice in “The Trial” by Franz Kafka One of the central themes in The Trial is the theme of bureaucracy, law, and an individual’s utter powerlessness against them.
  • Social Justice in Education With a clear distinction between justice taught in class and justice allowed to thrive in the school environments, teachers can be able to observe how their students perceive and response to social injustices in the […]
  • Aristotelian Defense of Justice: Strengths and Weaknesses The first aspect of Aristotelian defense of justice, which is crucial to discuss, is the fact that, according to the philosopher, justice is relative to others.
  • Liberty Upsets Patterns: Justice Approach The freedom will skew any system or pattern of perfect equality as demonstrated by his basketball player example, resulting in the need to formulate new patterns of distribution.
  • Criminal Justice Ethics of Traffic Police Officers The police officer had the choice to take the children to a juvenile center home and arrange for a person to take care of the baby and then take the woman to jail as she […]
  • Justice in Errol Morris’s The Thin Blue Line Film Harris was able to convince the court that Adams was in the car with him on that night, and moreover, that he was the driver and the shooter.
  • Advocating for Social Justice in Healthcare However, health care is also often related to the idea of social justice a term that describes the allocation of resources and benefits to people according to their needs and abilities.
  • Ethical Decision Making: Restorative Justice Thus, the restorative justice process offers the victims a meeting with the offender to determine the validity of the judgment based on the involved moral grounds.
  • Crime Scene Investigation in Criminal Justice In the process of controlling the crowd and maintaining order with the aid of the police officers, I took some photographs of the surrounding and then approached the main spot of event. I managed to […]
  • Criminal Justice Internship Report The primary goals of the course are to expose students to new contexts and environments, broaden and deepen knowledge of key concepts and theories relevant to the field, and improve an overall learning experience.
  • Youth Justice Conferencing as a Government Hybrid Technique The main rationale of introducing the youth justice conferencing is to provide for a safe and conducive environment in which both the offender and the victim are given equal opportunity to present facts about the […]
  • Criminal Justice as an Open System The same society and government also receive the output of the law enforcement organizations, meaning that the activity of the criminal justice system is never focused unto itself.
  • Criminal Justice Agency Organizational Behavior In terms of organizational behavior studies, a criminal justice agency is seen as a system organization based on legal, social, and moral values, visions, and social environment.
  • Forensic Psychology in the Criminal Justice System To evaluate the competency of a defendant, the forensic psychologist is guided by the scientific principles espoused in the field of psychological science.
  • Cybercrime Impact on Global Criminal Justice System Reports show that the crime is on the rise because more people have access to computers and the internet than ever before.
  • “Death and Justice” by Edward I. Koch Although the issue of the death penalty is quite controversial, it is the most effective deterrence and the fairest justice that can be done to the victims of the most serious offenses.
  • Jay-Z’s Contribution to Hip-Hop and Fight for Social Justice One should admit that the crime rate among black people in some poor areas is really quite high, and that is another problem Jay-Z covers in his music.
  • Violence and Justice in Mahabharata The intelligent man should advocate for non-violence as it is a show of one’s value for one’s life and seeing that life in the life of the others.
  • A Defence of Thrasymachus Concept of Justice As they argue with Socrates on the issue of injustice, Thrasymachus says that justice “is nothing more than the advantage of the stronger”. According to them, the cardinal aim of Thrasymachus is to prove that […]
  • Socrates’ Conception of Law and Justice Socrates advocated the idea that justice was good, and that meant that injustice was equal to evil. The point he makes here is that justice is the cure for evil, and that a man who […]
  • Justice and Inequality in Oedipus Rex and Antigone For instance, in the case of Oedipus Rex, the origin behind the tragedy can be traced to the belief of King Laius in the words of an oracle.
  • The Promotion of Justice The actual question in justice is whether the consideration to be made is first of all for the overall justice of the society or the individual.
  • Deterrence: Reflections on the Economics of Criminal Justice Therefore, deterrence is meant to ensure that punishments are so harsh that members of the public will fear committing a crime that will lead them to the same punishment.
  • Criminal Justice Inequality in Conflict Theory Other examples of inequality in terms of criminal justice are international corporations’ frauds and embezzlements on a grand scale by politicians that remain even unnoticeable while ordinary people are sentenced to imprisonment for less serious […]
  • Net Widening in the Juvenile Justice System Thus, net widening can be a rather problematic phenomenon as more and more people are placed under the control of the justice system.
  • Challenges in the Juvenile Justice System Therefore, the juvenile justice system was established which was aimed at diverting the children from the trauma of going through the adult court and the influences of adult prisons.
  • Kafka’s “The Trial” Compared to the Justice System Since the first stages of the evolution of the civilized world, there have always been multiple debates about the just character of regulations that are taken as basic ones for the life of particular communities.
  • What Is Social Justice? To my mind, the two most important principles of justice that should be used to govern within a just society are the selection of highly virtuous state leaders and government representatives to put in charge […]
  • Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice Process The purpose of this paper is to present, define, and propose restorative justice as the best model for addressing the challenges affecting the effectiveness of the United States’ criminal justice process.
  • Gang Violence: Criminal Justice Research The primary purpose of the article in question was to explore “processes and mechanisms” that contributed to the escalation of gang violence as well as its spread. The researcher tried to answer the question concerning […]
  • Criminal Justice: Punishment and Sentencing The representatives of the general public got used to the fact that one party is to be punished, and another one is to provide punishment.
  • Modern Justice System Peculiarities Hence, the existence of juvenile and adult justice systems could also be considered one of the main peculiarities of the modern age.
  • Effective Communication in Criminal Justice Settings The officer should also package information in a way that it is easy to decode and understand. Such communication enables police officers in charge of the inmates to access important information from them.
  • Global Justice in Modern World The Concept of Globalization Globalization can be defined as the minimization of the differences between people of the world and the maximization of their similarities through interactions, cooperation and communication.
  • The Criminal Justice System On the other hand, the executive branch is mandated with the role of furnishing the criminal justice system with judges and heads of law-enforcing agencies.
  • House Arrest in Juvenile Justice Although the form of punishment has proven to be beneficial for adults, house arrest for the youth is associated with higher risks due to the unhealthy environment at home in the majority of cases.
  • Violence and Justice in The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell Considering this, the novel conveys the overall impact of the brutality on the minds of human beings, as part of society, by raising a question of the justifiable murder.
  • Social Justice: The Catholic’s Social Teachings on Justice The church also seeks to instill value in the prisoners’ lives through teachings and practices that accept prisoners as people who deserve to be treated with dignity.
  • Juvenile Justice: The Role of Empathy He reported the incident to the police and the county attorney’s office, who got in touch with him if the offender was found; there were criminal law experts who interacted with the victim in this […]
  • Comparative Criminal Justice System Advantages The central values of the US criminal justice system are to protect the rights of citizens and ensure the safety of a society in which everyone is equal before the law.
  • Social Justice From the Biblical Point of View Furthermore, all oppressed and poor people are considered to be “righteous” in the Bible because it “is a reflection of God’s faithful love in action and his desire for justice and righteousness in this world”.
  • Criminal Justice Leadership: Strategies and Practice They have to execute good leadership and management in order to provide reforms and change and to affect the kind of justice that the community needs.
  • Justice in the Old and New Testament As such, it is prudent to compare the two definitions in detail to understand the overt and underlying differences between the two halves of the Christian canon better. Both the Old and the New Testaments […]
  • Organizational Justice: Identical Treatment for All Employees This paper will study the concept of organizational justice in Saudi Arabian Oil and Gas Company. The research project is valuable as it may help to understand the concept of organizational justice and its components.
  • US Criminal Justice System, Theories and Methods To begin with, I would like to state that my opinion on the criminal justice system has changed due to additional knowledge that I gained during the course with the help of additional materials that […]
  • Community Corrections and Criminal Justice Community corrections are the topic that has been the easiest to understand because, unlike other aspects of criminal justice, this is the area of the administration of punishment that is the most familiar to me.
  • Logical Fallacies in Criminal Justice The misrepresentation of the original argument is not taken into account, and the key objective of this fallacy is to confuse the opponent and form one’s opinion on the wrong argument.
  • Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? by Sandel The book “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” by Michael Sandel is a masterpiece trying to explore the major ethical and moral issues affecting humanity. The purpose of this essay is to describe the […]
  • Ethics and Professional Behavior in Criminal Justice One of the most important components of the criminal justice system is a code of ethics, which governs the behavior and conduct of professionals working within the system.
  • Justice in Dante’s Poem “Inferno” It is possible to consider three sins and the way the sinners are punished to see Dante’s idea of justice and the way it is similar to the contemporary concept of justice.
  • Financial Management in Criminal Justice Systems Criminal justice departments are touted to be one of the most inefficient and morally impaired sectors of the government. Therefore, discipline in law enforcement officers and other members of the criminal justice system is essential […]
  • Young Offenders and the Criminal Justice System This is attributed to the fact that juvenile courts are predisposed to have the best interest of the children or youths in consideration and offer some form of defense and rehabilitation for the children in […]
  • Promoting Social Justice Through Serving God Therefore, serving God in action correlates with the promotion of social justice and reflects the importance of Christian teachings about kindness towards others.
  • Criminal Justice Ethics Definition Criminal justice ethics involves all the codes as well as standards that apply to all the concerned parties in the criminal justice system for example attorneys, prosecutors, and the other entire professionals in the criminal […]
  • Adr Impact on the Substance of Justice 2 Relevance of the ADR as an alternative method of settling disputes The ADR process facilitates the involvement of the affected party in making new agreements that can prevent future occurrences of a dispute.
  • The Justice System: the Case Carroll vs. United States After the enforcement of the automobile exception in 1925, courts recognized the difference between the searches of buildings and searches of ships, automobiles and wagons which can be quickly moved from the location before the […]
  • Stress Among Criminal Justice Workers The criminal justice system is aware of the seriousness of the current problem and is trying to adapt to the emerging trend.
  • Discretion in Decision Making in Criminal Justice The role of discretion is to provide the capacity to make official judgments based on logic and judgment in the criminal justice system.
  • “The Quest for Peace and Justice” by Martin Luther King King states that poverty is one of the main problems for the global community, both in developing and economically developed countries.
  • Punishment and Justice: The Arizona Department of Corrections When a person receives a penalty, it causes the offenders to reflect on their actions and the gravity of the crime, how it is not acceptable in society, and understand their imprisonment.
  • System of Justice in Kaplan’s Movie “The Accused” In the movie, the conventional retributive system of justice is used to deal with the case of sexual assault. Taking into consideration the seriousness of the crimes, it seems not relevant to apply the restorative […]
  • Jury System in Different Criminal Justice Contexts The first argument to support the idea that the jury system should be spread widely in the world countries is that the jury system is the key to the unbiased and effective court decision-making that […]
  • Order, Freedom, Equality, & Justice In order to include all the necessary points into the new constitution it is advisable that the already existing constitutions of the developed countries are consulted and the works of the reputable scholars in the […]
  • Justice and Society: Meritocracy The notion of Meritocracy can be challenged as the cause of structural inequalities in society in the sense that the socially disadvantaged are never given a chance to reorganize in also becoming competitive like the […]
  • Justice and Injustice in Genesis 4: The Story of Cain and Abel According to the Bible, both Cain and Abel brought their offerings to the Lord, but only the latter gained respect, provoking such feelings as envy and anger in the former, which made the Lord an […]
  • Criminal Justice System Representation in Media In the television shows and films examined in this paper, the creators attempt to display various aspects of the criminal justice system realistically and positively.
  • Community Psychology: Social Change and Justice The story highlighted in the article is related to the community psychology concept of social change in several ways. The community psychology concept that is relevant to the article is the concept of social justice.
  • Martin Luther King and Thomas Hobbes on the Subject of Justice This paper discusses the subject of justice and specifically holds the view that justice is to follow one’s consciousness, and not to obey the unjust law.
  • Justice and Social Equity In a nutshell, the concept of justice and social equity is inevitable when it comes to public administration and thus of high importance.
  • Juvenile Justice and status offence: enforcement, sentencing and prosecution The role of the intake worker is to find the reason for the minor behavior and to determine whether the case should be dismissed, go for full trial or handle by the social worker and […]
  • Nozick Entitlement Theory of Justice It is from deduction of this principle that gives rise to the third principle of rectification in which Nozick brings forth suggestions of solutions that should be adopted to rectify the unjust distribution and ownership […]
  • The Criminal Justice System Practitioner The practitioner relied on the presented professional values, worldview, and philosophy to identify, handle, and support the rights of the identified clients.
  • Cosa Nostra and Transnational Criminal Justice As a result of the criminal allure it exudes, the Cosa Nostra maintains connections with all of the major criminal groups, both in Italy and across the world.
  • Ethical Behavior in Criminal Justice In the CJS, judges are the determinants of the sentencing and verdict of a criminal. Wilson that considers the health of the defendant and the safety of the community.
  • Restoring Justice Through the French Revolution However, the role of breakthroughs, which spurred the rise of capitalism and the bourgeoisie with its intentions to change order within the country, led to the French Revolution, which restored justice.
  • Domestic Trials and Amnesties: Peace vs. Justice The examples of Argentina, Spain, and Brazil illustrate the complex nature of amnesties and the potential consequences they may have. The pardon sparked a public outcry and led to a push for accountability and the […]
  • Measures Addressing the Principle of Justice It can be concluded that the authors of the article adhered to the established ethical principles of fairness in conducting their research.
  • Freedom and Social Justice Through Technology These two remarkable minds have made significant contributions to the debates on technology and how it relates to liberty and social justice.
  • The Issue of Racial Justice in the Media In conclusion, this study aimed to understand the impact of media portrayals of racial justice protests on public perception and attitudes toward the movement.
  • Professional vs. Personal Life Dilemma in Criminal Justice As a member of a police force, Badpenny belongs to the soldier class in Plato’s classification, making courage her virtue. Overall, Badpenny’s decision to hide her boyfriend’s identity can only be morally justified from the […]
  • Virtue and Stoic Ethics in Criminal Justice The lack of ethical grounds for the behavior of criminal justice officials makes the application of the law unreliable. As an employee of a juvenile correctional colony, I will be guided by the principles of […]
  • Police Culture: Criminal Justice Ethics The set of values and standards in police culture shapes the perceptions of law enforcement officers about policing and the delivery of services. Therefore, police culture is similar to other customs and habits that guides […]
  • The Juvenile Justice System Evolution Process The notion of due legal process, in turn, implies the maturity and autonomy of the person involved in the due process.
  • Human Rights and Justice Sector: Article Review The central problem is the complex of new African American control institutions made up of the carceral system and the ruins of the dark ghetto.
  • Factors of Strategic Management of Social Justice Starting to talk about economic and technological changes that affect the sector of social justice, it is possible to observe tendencies of the level of development of the country from social policy.
  • The Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program The policy reflects social control, ensuring that members of society are compliant and follow the rules to ensure community safety and sustainability.
  • Technology and Learning in Criminal Justice It is a two-way avenue that includes both the student and the educator and leads to knowledge and capacity growth. A third and somewhat uncommon motivating method is the inclusion of a genuine chance for […]
  • Philosophy: Justice Through Two Lenses However, the matter of justice must be perceived as an amalgamation of the two points. The only similarity of the lenses is their emphasis on the role of the government.
  • Justice Through Educational Lenses However, the question arises of how significant the social contribution to the development of justice is. To maintain the political and social system, justice must be universal.
  • Justice Through the Lenses of Social Science and History In both social sciences and history lenses, the human factor predominates, that is, a person acts as the main source of both injustice and justice.
  • “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” in Support of Contemporary Social Justice Efforts Martin Luther King Jr’s letter provides a timeless and invaluable model for contemporary social justice efforts by emphasizing the power of nonviolence, unity, and coalition building to bring about lasting change.
  • Justice Through Both Lenses: Conceptions of Justice From Earliest History to Islam However, justice can be analyzed through the lenses of assumptions made by these philosophers, who share certain similarities and yet tend to be opposite in beliefs due to the extent to which the masses are […]
  • Social Justice from a Philosophical Perspective Although their theories of justice were significant, they would not have existed without Plato’s influence and the contribution that their ideas of justice have made to political philosophy.
  • Justice Through Social and Natural Sciences Lenses In the case of justice, the application of history, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences lenses presents different points of view on the topic of justice and its meaning.
  • Social Justice in the Modern World The main link in social relations is a measure of social justice, a derivative of the equality of people’s opportunities to realize their potential.
  • John Rawls’ Theory of Justice Analysis One of the questions to ask Rawls would be whether non-social goods and ills ought to be included in the distributional profiles that establish justice judgments, as well as whether it is possible to create […]
  • Restorative Justice and the Death Penalty Draft thesis: The death penalty, when viewed under the retributive justice framework and as a part of the existing justice system, is an effective deterrent and punishment measure irrespective of impractical and irrelevant restorative justice […]
  • New Imaginings in Racial Justice from Perceptive of Erased African History As in Figure 2, The African Slave Trade Account portrays the attitude of the Europeans to the dehumanization of Africans in the slave trade.
  • Domestic Violence: Criminal Justice In addition, the usage of illegal substances such as bhang, cocaine, and other drugs contributes to the increasing DV in society.
  • Ethical Dilemma Analysis: Criminal Justice Case The publicity of the case added another layer of complexity to the decision, as either verdict would alienate a part of the population.
  • Racial Discrimination and Justice in Education An example is the complaint of the parents of one of the black students that, during the passage of civilizations, the Greeks, Romans, and Incas were discussed in the lessons, but nothing was said about […]
  • The Issue of Economic Justice John Rawls argued that in order to have justice there must be fairness in all levels of society. It can be achieved without resorting to socialism.
  • Social Justice in Counseling Psychology The other barrier which is likely to arise in the process of integrating social justice in the workplace is legal and ethical issues.
  • Social Justice and Vulnerability Theories When the country’s economic analyzers assess the status of the economy, the older people are regarded as the first group of the population that is pulling the economy backward because they are entirely dependent.
  • The Concept of Economic Justice The idea behind procedural justice is that, for those involved in decision-making processes, the steps taken to reach conclusions are important predictors of satisfaction independent of the impact of the results.
  • The Climate Justice Movement The main contribution to the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere was made by the developed countries, who exchanged damage to the environment for their rapid industrial development.
  • Categories of Crime in Current Justice System A stable and effective legal system work is one of the fundamental aspects necessary for the evolution of society. The severity of the crime is determined by the damage done to a person and the […]
  • Social Justice in Social Work Practice The moral approach of social work is fundamentally based on the idea of social justice. Despite the numerous risks associated with advocating for social justice, criticizing injustice is one of the few courageous ways to […]
  • Solving Problems of Criminal Justice For example, the theory can be applied to better understand the problem of social inequality problem described in the cited documentary.
  • The H.O.L.L.A Healing Justice Movement Racism and sexism are the major issues faced by the youths featured in the film. The trauma led to drug abuse by the affected youths and increased hatred against other races in the U.S.
  • Texas Justice System and the Cameron Todd Willingham Case The majority of states support the ability to condemn someone to death on specific occasions, while Texas is one of the states that use the death penalty the most.
  • Researching the Concept of Social Justice A special kind of justice is social justice, the subjects of which are large social groups, society as a whole, and humanity.
  • Contemporary Criminal Justice Issues When it comes to the dependent variable, it means the effect, and that means the reduction of infectious diseases will be the effect that the independent variable will determine.
  • Negligence in the Criminal Justice System The last category of negligence is the most dangerous, and essentially stems to injury or death caused by the actions or lack thereof by the employees of the criminal justice system.
  • Administration of Justice Organizations It can provide helpful knowledge for understanding the legal system of the state and how this aspect affects the development of the country and society.
  • Ethical Obligations in Criminal Justice These criteria also include those that promote the values of honesty and compassion and the rights to life, bodily integrity, and privacy, all of which are defined as ethical standards. Empathy for others is the […]
  • Domestic Violence Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice Various ethical issues such as the code of silence, the mental status of the offender, and limited evidence play a vital role in challenging the discretion of police officers in arresting the DV perpetrators.
  • Research in Criminal Justice: Crime Solvability Factors In the sphere of criminal justice, inquiry can doubtlessly assist in the formulation of improved and more progressive laws and institutions.
  • Criminal Justice in Relation to the Number of Criminals The main goal of my work is to build evidence that the number of criminals is not proportional to the severity of the crime and that despite a large number of crimes, not all of […]
  • The Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019–21 The Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019 21 marks a crucial turning point in our effort to improve the juvenile justice system and lower the number of juvenile offenders and repeat offenders in Queensland.
  • Collective Responsibility for Climate Justice Being part of the team that contributed to the formulation of the climate adaptability plan, the policy also outlines the strategies for the protection of critical infrastructure.
  • Restorative Justice Aspects Analysis When considering the adult criminal court, it is not recommended to be applied in lieu of a sentence. In conclusion, restorative justice should only be applied in these circumstances: the offender is a minor, and […]
  • “The Role of Virtual Reality in Criminal Justice Pedagogy” by Smith The journal is titled “The role of virtual reality in criminal justice pedagogy: An examination of mental illness occurring in corrections”.
  • Crime Problems and Criminal Justice Notably, except for the last one, all listed procedures can be applied to crime issues discussed above and seem practical in preventing law violations.
  • COVID-19 and Juvenile, Criminal Justice Legislation The measures may help to reduce overcrowding in prisons, prevent the spread of the disease, and decrease federal and state expenses on COVID-19 preventive measures and protective equipment in correctional facilities.
  • Pretrial Procedures in Criminal Justice Therefore, studying the processes that take place before the trial is important for understanding the overall delivery of criminal justice. Before the trial begins, the defense attorney and the prosecutor must prepare for it.
  • Sustainable Partnerships with Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions However, they will focus on the relations with the public in order to reinforce achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 16 and 17.
  • European Court of Justice Case Analysis Therefore, the company’s vehicles that featured the defeat device in the engine were prohibited per Article 5 of Regulation No 715/2007.
  • David Lammy on Climate Change and Racial Justice However, Lammy argues that people of color living in the global south and urban areas are the ones who are most affected by the climate emergency.
  • Criminal Justice Intervention in Case of Elderly However, the government has not been able to respond effectively to the abuse of older adults, with little information and statistics available to show the vulnerability of the elderly to abuse.
  • Goals of Workers’ Justice vs Environmental Justice Dignity can be promoted in the Workplace by acknowledging everyone’s dignity, listening to and encouraging others’ opinions, among others Another goal of workers’ justice which is known to work hand in hand with environmental justice […]
  • Police-Minority Relations: Criminal Justice Occasionally, charges of police misbehavior, such as the tragic killings of Black individuals at the hands of police in Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, spark public unrest.
  • Alexander & Ferzan’s Arguments on Criminal Justice The penal code has evolved in such a way that it only allows the system to blame offenders based on the nature of the eventual result or outcome.
  • Rawls’s Conception of Economic Justice
  • Criminal Justice: Burglary, Theft, and Criminal Trespass
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act
  • Global Issues, Climate Justice, and Human Overpopulation
  • Code of Criminal Justice: False Imprisonment
  • Cultural Identity and Justice in Early Learning Space
  • Social Justice and Importing Foreign Nurses Evaluation
  • The Crime and Justice Impact on New Media
  • Leadership in the Criminal Justice System
  • The Criminal Justice Core Competency
  • Criminology and Its Significance in Criminal Justice Fields
  • Criminal Justice System Development
  • Promoting Social Justice With Head Start Program
  • Civil Justice Legal Case: Tanzin v. Tanvir
  • Global Economic Justice: The Natural Law and Virtue Ethics Theories
  • California’s Criminal Justice Realignment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment as a Tool of Environmental Justice
  • Social Justice and Mental Health
  • Criminal Justice System Deterring Illicit Drug Use
  • Department of Justice Project on Organized Crime
  • The Influence of Wealth and History of the Criminal Justice System
  • Criminologists’ Views on Crime and Justice Issues
  • Religion, Politics, and Social Justice
  • Social Justice and Its Relevance in This Century
  • Social Justice Arts as a Remedy for People
  • Plato’s “Republic” and the Issues of Justice
  • Criminal Justice & Security: Measuring Crime Statistics
  • Norwegian Versus Texan Criminal Justice Systems
  • Social Justice, Diversity and Workplace Discrimination
  • Social Justice: Why Do Violations Happen?
  • Motivation for Juvenile Justice System
  • Hypothesis Testing in Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • The Modern Criminal Justice System: Discriminatory Practices
  • Statistics in Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Jones Girls Juvenile Justice Facility
  • Media and Gender Stereotypes Against Females in Professional Roles Within the Criminal Justice
  • Impacts of the Overlaps Between Communication and Criminal Justice for Police-Suspect Interactions
  • American Justice System and Christianity
  • Justice Department Seeks to Enjoin Merger Between WorldCom and Sprint Corporation
  • King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail on Justice
  • Faith and Justice in the City. Seek for Justice
  • Restorative Environmental Justice and Its Interpretation
  • Justice Research in the News
  • Humanities and Justice Studies
  • The Practice of Judicial Justice: The Courts
  • Management of Criminal Justice Agencies
  • The Federal Grand Jury in the Criminal Justice System
  • The Feminist Theory, Prostitution, and Universal Access to Justice
  • Criminal Justice Agency Accountability and Liability
  • Juvenile Justice System of USA
  • Ethics of Elected Officials: Keeping Politics Out of Justice
  • US Criminal Justice System Analysis
  • Environmental Justice Movement
  • Ethical Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice Research
  • Criminal Justice: The Ban-the-Box Law
  • Definition of Social Justice and Social Justice in Leadership
  • Future of the Juvenile Justice System
  • United States Department of Justice
  • Employment Practices of the United States Department of Justice
  • Racial Politics of Urban Health and Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Worldviews & Environmental Justice
  • Criminal Justice Career
  • Tort of Negligence Law and Balance of Justice
  • The Effects of the Criminal Justice System
  • Euthyphro: Plato’s Notion of Justice in Stratified Societies
  • Punishment and Restitution: Models of Justice
  • Criminal Justice System: Child Abuse
  • Criminal Justice Standards for the Defense Function
  • Medical Anthropology: Teammates in the Support of Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Social Justice Leadership and Supervision
  • Rawls’ Theory of Justice and the Veil of Ignorance
  • The Food Justice Social Movement
  • Ethics of Justice: Making the Right Decision
  • Criminal Justice & Criminology Research Methods
  • Restorative Justice for Juveniles: Ethical Guidelines
  • Uganda’s Economic Planning and Social Justice
  • Ideal Theory as a Practical Component of Global Justice Theory
  • Theories of Justice: Rawls Attitude
  • Special Corrections Issues in the Justice System
  • Rise of Mental Social Justice
  • Social Justice in the US Healthcare System
  • Conceptualizing Supervision in Search of Social Justice
  • The Expanding Role of the Prosecutor in Juvenile Justice
  • Building a Career in Criminal Justice
  • The Impact of Performance Appraisals on Job Satisfaction of Criminal Justice Personnel
  • Meta-Analysis of the Ethics of Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Juvenile Justice
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Juvenile Justice
  • The Pitfalls of Criminal Justice Budget Cuts: An Administrator’s Perspective
  • Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections: The Case of Colleen M.
  • Researching HIV, AIDS and Social Justice
  • Policing Duties: Criminal Justice
  • Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and Consumer Contracts
  • Justice Miscarriages Negative Impacts on Individuals and Society
  • Equal Pay Convention Ratified by New Zealand and Ensuring Social Justice
  • Criminal Justice Research: Homicide
  • Communication Within the Criminal Justice System: Probation Organisation
  • Criminal Justice: Racial Prejudice and Racial Discrimination
  • Criminal Justice Ethics: Kant’s and Bentham’s Views
  • “Ethics in Criminal Justice: In Search of the Truth” by Souryal
  • To Make Things Right: Restorative Justice Process
  • New Technology & Criminal Justice
  • Significant Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Criminology: Modern Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Professionals: What They Should Know
  • Historical Justice Policy Comparison
  • Neuroscience and Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice: Prosecution & Judicial Proceedings
  • Criminal Justice: Cases of Offenders in Trafficking
  • The Juvenile Justice System: Corrected Perpetrators
  • Essentials of Criminal Justice
  • Leadership Fostering Collaboration Within the Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Ethical Observations of Criminal Justice System
  • Juvenile Justice and Defence Attorney’s Role
  • Criminal Justice Ethics: Ethical Observations
  • Criminal Justice Policies and Theories
  • Response Paper on Book “Criminal Justice Management”
  • Bribery as a Critical Criminal Justice Violation
  • An Ethical System in Criminal Justice
  • Need for Policy Reform in the Criminal Justice System
  • Inclusion in the Justice System of Elements of Correction
  • Criminal Law: Reforms in the Judicial Justice
  • Criminal Law: Media and Its Influence on Criminal Justice Policy
  • Public Opinion and Criminal Justice Policy
  • An Application of the Criminal Justice System
  • Influence of Socioeconomic Status and Social Justice on Health in the US
  • Criminal Justice: Over Institutional Organization
  • Learning Theory Implications on Criminal Justice Practices
  • Criminal Justice Workplace Observation
  • Deterrence in Criminal Justice Practices
  • Administration of Criminal Justice – Elements of Planned Change Administrators
  • Police, Justice and Law: Knights in Shining Armor
  • Research Process and Terminology: Criminal Justice
  • Between the Social and the Medical Justice
  • Suicide in People With a Criminal Justice History
  • Criminal Justice System: “Lucky” by Alice Sebold
  • Positive and Negative of Evidence-Based Criminal Justice Policymaking
  • Key Elements of Criminal Justice System
  • Achieving Real Justice: Funding Criminal Justice Reform
  • The Criminal Justice System in the US
  • Ethics Behind Technology Implementation in Justice System
  • Impact of Diversity on Criminal Justice
  • Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • A Criminal Justice Approach to Suppressing Terrorism
  • Web Research in Criminal Justice
  • Expected Changes in the Criminal Justice Field Over the Next 50 Years
  • Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes
  • Cultural and Racial Prejudices in the Criminal Justice System
  • Court Decisions that Influence Juvenile Justice System
  • Restorative Justice Program
  • Technical Communication Methods and Practices of Criminal Justice
  • Can Writing Really Do Justice to the Experience of Violence?
  • Leadership Issue in the Criminal Justice Field
  • Changes Introduced to the Inquisitorial Criminal Justice in Italy
  • Procedures in the Justice System in Maryland
  • Social Justice Perspective
  • Hacking Government Website From the View of Right and Justice
  • Criminology: Bring Community Justice To Corrections
  • Rape and Its Justice Literature Reference
  • Global Justice and Africa in the Contemporary World
  • The Concept of Justice Reinvestment
  • Organizational Justice and Its Three Components
  • The Justice Manifesto: The Environmental Security
  • Communication Databases and Criminal Justice System
  • Mapping Environmental Justice: Water and Waste Management
  • Guilt and Justice in Lord Byron’s Manfred
  • Violence, Gender and Justice Review
  • Deaf Youth: Social Justice Through Media and Activism
  • Remedies, Legal Way of Getting Justice for Criminals
  • Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Latin America
  • Plato’s Concept of the State: The Philosophy of Justice
  • Philosophical Theory of Law and Justice and Problem of Crime and Justice
  • Law. Women and the Justice System
  • Justice and Ethical Responsibility in Society
  • Psychiatric and Psychoanalytic Methodologies: The Problems of Use in Justice
  • Girls and the Juvenile Justice System
  • Judgment and Social Interaction in “The Lady Justice”
  • How the Lady Justice Has Defeated a Silver Chinese Dragon
  • Aspects of Justice in Plato’s Republic
  • The Definition of Universal Justice
  • Restorative Justice: Justice Programs for Inmates, Parolees
  • Justice in America: Constitution, Laws and Reality
  • Providing Justice for Victims, Offenders and Community
  • Lynching History of African Americans: An Absurd Illegal Justice System in the 19th Century
  • The Philosophy of Justice and Its Complete Analysis
  • Justice and the Concept of Global Citizenship
  • Reconciliation, Justice and Trauma-Healing
  • Natural Law & Justice and Good Governance
  • Relevance of Gender to Global Justice: Gender, Sexuality, Nationality and Cultural Variations in Concepts of Justice
  • Socrates` Defense of Justice in the Context of a Human Being
  • Justice in Society in the Movie “The Ox-Bow Incident”
  • Uniform Code of Military Justice
  • “The Republic”: Socrates Defense of Justice
  • The Criminal Justice Ethics Principles
  • Re-Examining Criminal and Social Justice Systems: Reducing Incarceration Rates in the US
  • The Problem of Justice Highlighted in American Literature
  • Problem Analysis in the Criminal Justice System
  • Criminal Justice for Physically Injured Crime Victims
  • Criminal Justice: Term Definition
  • Criminal Justice: Recidivism and Corrections
  • Justice in America Based on Famous Speeches
  • Risk Management in Justice and Security Organizations
  • Washington County Court Services
  • The Theory of Justice Need a Theory of Citizenship
  • Effects of Technology in Criminal Justice Systems
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • The Best Principle in Distributive Justice
  • Social Justice and Ethics: Beneficiaries of U.S. Welfare Programs
  • Justice as Guarantee Fairness in the Society
  • Role and Composition of the European Count of Justice
  • European Union & Court of Justice
  • Criminal Justice Correction Professions and Careers
  • Criminal Justice: Race, Age, and Gender Factors
  • Principles of Justice: Serial Killers and Rapers
  • Social Justice and Feminism in America
  • Equality of Opportunity and Social Justice: Affirmative Action
  • Juvenile Justice in America
  • Justice in America: “It Is Not Fair”
  • The Coordination and Sharing of Information Between Government, Justice Agencies and Others
  • Money and Justice: High-Profile Cases
  • Administration of Justice: America History
  • The Management of Organizational Justice by Cropanzana et al.
  • Justice of Execution of R. Ludman & King Louis XVI
  • The Concept of “Justice” in All Its Manifestations
  • Truth and Justice in “Anil’s Ghost” by Michael Ondaatje
  • Contemporary Criminal Justice Leadership
  • Theory of Justice According to Plato
  • Christianity Religion and Asian World: Social Justice
  • Ethical Issues of the Juvenile Justice Policy Reform
  • The World Court or International Court of Justice
  • Juvenile Justice System vs. Adult Prosecution
  • Crime, Justice and the Media Relations
  • The Ministry of Justice of the UAE: Creativity and Innovation
  • Relationship Between the Supreme Court and the High Court Justice
  • Crime of Genocide: Justice and Ethical Issues
  • Justice and Injustice in Medea’s and Socrates’ View
  • Correctional Education: An Incomprehensible View on Justice?
  • Determination of Professionalism in Criminal Justice Organizations
  • Social Justice for Indigenous Women in Canada
  • The Code of Hammurabi: The King of Justice
  • Juvenile Justice System: Correction and Sentencing
  • In the Pursuit of Justice: Dale and Mike Parak’s Case
  • Appiah’s Ideas of Racism, Equality, and Justice
  • The State of American Juvenile Justice
  • Justice in Islamic and Western Societies
  • Forensic Science in the Criminal Justice System
  • Justice for the Mentally Ill
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • The Cab Rank Rule and Access to Justice
  • Environmental Justice in Different Communities
  • Justice Administration and Ethical Considerations
  • Racism Effects on Criminal Justice System
  • Ethical Criteria in Decision-Making: Utilitarian, Justice, Rights
  • The United States Juvenile Justice System
  • Applied Research in Criminal Justice Profession
  • Conventional Food System: Justice and Security
  • Politics and Justice Challenges in American Society
  • Ethical Conduct in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Policy Development and Implementation
  • Social Justice in Quality Health Care
  • Americans With Disabilities in Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Diversity Training for Criminal Justice Employees
  • Criminal Justice Employees’ Rights and Laws
  • Empathy, Equality and Justice as Reflective Values
  • Public Shaming and Justice
  • Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Policy and Criminal Justice
  • Military Justice Issues: People’s Rights and Freedoms
  • Social Justice: Philosophy of Employment
  • Juvenile justice: Redeeming Our Children
  • Justice: A Natural Law or a Social Construction?
  • The Relation Between Poverty and Justice
  • Regional and International Justice Mechanisms
  • Organizational Justice Theory and Its Application
  • Criminal Justice Administration and Police Functions
  • Crime and Criminal Justice News
  • Cancer Alley: Environmental Justice Analysis
  • Women Working in the Criminal Justice System
  • “Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection” by Henry Shue
  • Criminal Justice System and Inequilty in America
  • American Women’s Movements for Social Justice
  • Justice and Conflict & Cooperation and Competition
  • Justice and Ideal Society in Plato’s Republic
  • Juvenile Justice and Punishment in Public Opinion
  • Criminal Justice Systems: Saudi Arabia, Germany and the US
  • Social Justice Group Work for Homeless Young Mothers
  • US Juvenile Justice System’s Issues and Imperfections
  • Research Inquiry Methods in Criminal Justice Project
  • Criminal Justice: Balancing in Philosophy and Practice
  • Juvenile Justice Agencies, Their Challenges and Solutions
  • Racial Disparities in American Justice System
  • American and Russian Justice Systems and Legislation
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice and Fuller’s Principle
  • Women and Minorities Recruits in Criminal Justice
  • Readings for Diversity and Social Justice: An Anthology
  • Health Care Services: Social Justice Analysis
  • Criminal Justice Careers in the Modern Society
  • Criminal Justice Process in the US
  • Military Trials: The Criminal Justice Procedures Violations
  • Criminal Justice Administration Issues
  • Johnnie Cochran’s Leadership in the Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice System: Racial Policy Change
  • Leadership Issues in the Criminal Justice System
  • The Common Good: Justice and Entitlement
  • Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption
  • Pretrial Detention and Trial Outcome
  • Juvenile Justice System and Recommendations
  • Criminal Justice System Enforcement Issues
  • Key Criminal Justice Issues
  • Justice Department Ends Era of Pushing Police Reform
  • Criminal Justice System Reforms
  • Criminal Justice From the Historical Perspective
  • Social Justice Issues: Elderly Minority Groups
  • Juvenile Justice in Brazil, India, South Africa
  • Criminal Justice in the Film “Gideon’s Trumpet”
  • Criminal Justice: Investigating Problems
  • Restorative Justice Programs’ Criticisms
  • Justice in “Letter to Ren An” by Sima Qian
  • Criminal Justice Policy in Action
  • ”Crime and Justice in the United States” by Bohm & Haley
  • Black Lives Matter and Social Justice
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice: Moral Aspects
  • Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice
  • Psychology in Criminal Justice
  • Violence and Juvenile Justice
  • Domestic Violence in International Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice System: Supervision and Recidivism
  • Criminal Justice Systems in the US, the UK, Norway
  • Juvenile Justice: Major Principles and Problems
  • Presentation Methods and Techniques: Juvenile Justice
  • The American Juvenile Justice System
  • Mental Health: Challenge of the Juvenile Justice System
  • Mental Health as the Juvenile Justice System Challenge
  • Juvenile Justice and Race
  • Stereotyping Individuals in the Criminal Justice System
  • Justice of Punishment in “The Book of Job”
  • Capital Punishment, Its Ethics and Infair Justice
  • Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
  • Stanford Prison Experiment and Criminal Justice
  • Right and Wrong in Justice in ‘A World of Ideas’
  • Media Influence on Criminal Justice and Community
  • Ethnicity and Justice in the United States
  • Criminal Justice Process and Investigation Changes
  • Reintegrative Shame Theory in the US Justice System
  • Psychologist’s Roles in Criminal Justice System
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  • Ethics and Social Justice in Education Policies
  • Criminal Justice: Discipline, Liability and Labor Relations
  • Administrative Constitutionalism and Social Justice
  • Criminal Justice Policy Formulation Participants
  • Criminal Justice in Fisher vs. University of Texas
  • Bureaucracy and Criminal Justice Policies
  • Illicit Drugs Policy and Criminal Justice
  • Counselors as Social Justice Advocates
  • International Criminal Justice and Atrocity
  • US Supreme Court’s Role in Criminal Justice System
  • The United States Constitution and Criminal Justice
  • Post-Apartheid Restorative Justice Reconciliation
  • International Justice for Human Rights Violation
  • The International Fields of Justice
  • Justice Responses to Sexual Harassment Cases
  • The Environmental Justice Concept
  • Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Trends
  • Criminal Justice From a Global Perspective
  • U.S. Postal Service’s Ethics and Social Justice
  • Antiterrorism Response Unit in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Step to Justice in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by H. Beecher
  • Rawls and Marx on Distributive Justice
  • Justice in Ethics: Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls
  • Justice Trends: From Retributive to Restorative
  • Criminal Justice Employees’ Duties and Rights
  • US Criminal Justice Policy: History and Future
  • US Criminal Justice Information System
  • European Court of Justice and Regional Integration
  • Globalization and Criminal Justice Policy
  • David Miller’s Theory of Desert in Social Justice
  • Technologies in Canadian Criminal Justice System
  • Society’s Response to Crime Impacts on Justice
  • “Justice, Gender and Family” by Susan Okin
  • Justice in War: Arguments For and Against
  • The Criminal Justice’ and the Drug Policy’ Relations
  • The Criminal Justice System Network
  • Justice: a Natural Fact or a Social Construction?
  • First Amendment in the US Modern Justice System
  • What Is the Difference between Justice and Vengeance?
  • The Criminal Justice System Effective Communication
  • Criminal Justice in Canada
  • Philosophy Terms: Justice, Happiness, Power and Virtue
  • Justice of Immigration in the United States
  • Human Justice in All Religions
  • Justice in Human Gene Transfer Therapy: Plato Views
  • Supreme Court and State of the U.S. Justice System
  • Price Gouging and Virtue: “Justice” by Michael Sandel
  • Environmental Justice and Air Pollution in Canada
  • Religion View on Compassion and Justice
  • Justice Kennedy: Writing for the Majority Opinion
  • Criminal Justice Workplace Management
  • Urban Environmental Justice
  • ”Reform Without Justice” by Alfonso Gonzalez
  • Ecological Consciousness, Justice and Science
  • United States Government and Infinite Justice
  • Organizational Behavior Concepts in the Criminal Justice
  • Environmental Justice and Minority Groups
  • Justice in the Education System in the US
  • Historical Criminal Justice Theories
  • Literature Studies: Justice and Guilt in Hrafnkels Saga
  • Realms of Restorative Justice and Wrongful Conviction
  • Economic Justice for All in the United States
  • Informal Justice Systems in England and Wales
  • Ethics Issues: Social Justice
  • Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
  • Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
  • Innocence and Justice: The Comparison of Characters from Shen Congwen and Huang Chun-ming’s Works
  • Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?
  • Law and Justice in Ancient Societies
  • Criminal Justice System. Deterrence and Incarceration
  • Faith, Justice, War – and Human Rights in the Realm of the Present-Day World
  • BHP Waste Managements: Environmental Justice
  • Cultural Anthropology Article: A Balance Between the Social, Political, and Environmental Justice
  • Forensic Psychology Guidelines for Criminal Justice
  • Death Penalty Role in the Criminal Justice System
  • Criminal Justice System Role in Curbing Crime Rates
  • Education and Social Justice
  • Natural Catastrophes and Environmental Justice
  • ‘International Institutions’ Contribution to Justice After War or Political Violence’
  • Structural Violence Theory and the Role of Justice in the Reconciliation Process
  • The Justice System: Prison Congestion
  • Occupy Wall Street – Movement for Social and Economic Justice
  • Social justice and the black – white achievement gap
  • People With Disabilities and Abuse of People With Disabilities and Criminal Justice
  • Economic Justice versus Political Participation
  • Restorative Justice regarding current Egypt situation
  • Do Justice Perceptions Influence Styles of Handling Conflicts With Supervisors?
  • Politicization of Criminal Justice & its Influence on Penal Policy: A Critical Discussion
  • Sandel’s Proposals on Justice
  • Poor, Minorities & Justice
  • Setting an Agenda for Social Justice
  • The Justice Process for a Felony Criminal Charge
  • Environmental Justice and Water: Quality, Affordability and Sustainable Use. Facing the Dilemmas of the XXI Century
  • The Language of Justice to Excuse the Violence of Those in Power
  • Environmental Justice Concern Of Groundwork Lawrence
  • Prosperity and Social Justice
  • Social Justice: Wray’s Essential Aspects of Biblical Law and Justice
  • First Nations/Aboriginal People and Justice System
  • Does the Death Sentence Offer Justice to the Criminal?
  • The Death Penalty in the US Criminal Justice System
  • Social and Criminal Justice Responses to Sex Work
  • Juvenile Justice Case Management
  • Theories Required to be Successful in Supervisory Practices in the Criminal Justice Field
  • Procedures in the justice system
  • The Justice System: the Right to Counsel
  • Procedures in the Justice System: Plea Bargaining
  • Foster Care in the Criminal Justice System
  • Juvenile Justice System Challenges
  • Social Justice and the Australian Indigenous People
  • Organizational Justice and the Psychological Contract
  • Extent to Which the UN Can Shape Order and Ensure Justice in World Politics
  • Death Penalty: Every For and Against
  • The Supreme Court: Justice Clarence Thomas
  • The Concept of Justice
  • Justice Theories and American Immigration System
  • Racism in U.S. Criminal Justice System
  • Justice and Leadership as Expressed by Plato and Ibn Khaldum
  • International Court of Justice in Hague
  • Is Social Justice the Same Thing as Political Egalitarianism? An Analysis from a Theory of Justice Perspective
  • Justice as the Advantage of the Stronger: Thrasymachus’s Ideas (plato’s the republic) vs. Charles Darwin’s Principle of Natural Selection: a Comparison
  • The Many Faces of Criminal Justice: What Concerns Students Face Most Often
  • Islam, Modernity, and Justice for Women
  • Environmental Justice Issues Affecting African Americans: Water Pollution
  • Techniques for Influencing Criminal Justice System Change
  • All three levels of justice
  • Justice and Vengeance in Films
  • Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action
  • Socrates on the Justice and Injustice
  • Justice for Socrates and Augustine
  • Epicurus’ Perception of Pleasure and Justice
  • Sacco-Vanzetti Case: Justice on Trial
  • Criminal Justice Department
  • Statements about Justice
  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  • Running Head: Juvenile Justice System and Rehabilitation
  • Justice on guns control
  • A Theory of Justice: Society and Individual
  • A Short Guide to the Criminal Justice System
  • John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice
  • Delphi Survey Method in the Criminal Justice System
  • Social Justice and Gay Rights
  • Justice in Law: Treating People Justly and Fairly
  • Criminal Justice
  • Juvenile Justice System in “Sleepers” Film by Barry Levinson
  • Anarchy Titles
  • Civil Disobedience Essay Topics
  • Bureaucracy Paper Topics
  • Civil Law Paper Topics
  • Domestic Violence Paper Topics
  • Criminal Procedure Titles
  • Fifth Amendment Essay Ideas
  • Human Rights Essay Ideas
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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Human Rights Careers

15 Social Justice Issues We Must Address

Social justice is built on the pillars of human rights, equity, participation, and access. When a society is just, everyone is respected, supported, and protected. Achieving social justice isn’t easy as there are many issues that need to be addressed. Here are 15 examples:

#1. The gender pay gap

Around the world, the gender pay gap is one of the slowest-moving social justice issues. There’s been progress, but according to the World Bank’s Women, Business, and the Law 2022 report , around 2.4 billion women of working age aren’t getting equal economic opportunities. 95 countries don’t ensure equal pay for equal work. When it comes to lifetime earnings, how big does that gap end up being? Globally, The World Bank Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnership says women make about $172 trillion less than men . Some areas are doing better than others. According to the WE Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report , only five countries got scores higher than 0.800 on wage equality for similar work: Albania, Burundi, Algeria, Iceland, and Singapore. Unfortunately, wage equality for similar work has gone down since 2021 in seven countries, including China and Cambodia.

#2. Income inequality

The gender pay gap contributes to income inequality, but it’s not as if all men are doing well financially. Income inequality concerns people within states and the wealth between states. When the pandemic struck, global income inequality got worse and even undid some of the progress of the past 20 years. While the global economy rebounded in 2021, the World Bank estimated that global growth would decelerate from 5.5.% in 2021 to 3.2% in 2023. Inflation is also a major issue. However, while people fall into poverty, the world’s ten richest men more than doubled their fortunes during the first two years of the pandemic, earning an average of $1.3 billion a day. It’s hard to think of something more unequal than that.

#3. Climate change

Many factors drive climate change, such as agriculture, offshore drilling, fracking, and more. Despite decades of warnings and serious events like drought and hurricanes, fossil fuel emissions are not improving. The past seven years were the warmest on record. Scientists agree that if significant change isn’t made, temperatures will continue to rise. Extreme weather events will become more frequent and billions will be at risk. Fighting climate change is important because it affects other issues, such as food security, poverty, gender equality, and more.

#4. Food insecurity

With climate change, supply chain issues, and inflation, food insecurity is an ever-present issue. Things got especially dire in 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine and blockaded Ukrainian ports, cutting off grain exports to the rest of the world. While events like war trigger food insecurity, increased hunger has been on the rise for years. The 2022 edition of The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) report found that hunger affected around 828 million people in 2021 , which reflects a 46 million people increase.

#5. The refugee crisis

According to the UN Refugee Agency , over 2 million refugees will need to be resettled in 2023. That’s a 36% increase from 2022. There are a few reasons why, including the pandemic, climate change, conflict, and more. Women and children are especially vulnerable to trafficking and violence. According to a report from Save the Children, “likely all children” migrating to Europe through the Balkans faced violence. Police and smugglers were the most common perpetrators. Both the resettlement and safety of refugees as they migrate are must-address social justice issues.

#6. Universal healthcare

“Good health and well-being” is the third Sustainable Development Goal . It’s closely linked to other goals such as clean water, sanitation, and zero hunger. To achieve this goal, universal healthcare is essential. The need for it was made blatant during the COVID-19 pandemic, but healthcare systems around the world were already failing many people. According to the WHO , over 930 million people spend at least 10% of their household income on healthcare. Because of out-of-pocket spending, 100 million people fall into poverty each year. Universal healthcare, which ensures everyone has access to all the healthcare they need without financial hardship, is one of the most urgent social justice issues.

#7. Poverty

The world has been trying to deal with poverty for many years, but according to the World Bank , it’s unlikely to end extreme poverty by 2030. COVID-19 was a big reason why. In 2020, 70 million people fell into extreme poverty. This number represents the largest one-year increase since 1990 when the world started monitoring global poverty. Extreme poverty, which is defined as earning less than $2.15 a day, concentrates in areas where it’s hard to address, such as rural areas, Sub-Saharan Africa, and areas with conflict. Ending poverty is complex and involves addressing other social justice issues, such as low-quality education, inferior healthcare, gender inequality, and so on.

#8. Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is a global issue. According to the WHO, about 30% of women have endured physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. Most violence is perpetrated by an intimate partner. This type of violence affects a person’s sexual, mental, emotional, and physical health. The violence can also be fatal. Around the world, around 38% of murdered women were killed by their intimate partners. Reports, like the one released by the United States Institute of Peace , found that COVID-19 made gender-based violence worse. How can gender-based violence be addressed? It requires a multi-faceted approach. Improved gender equality, early education, better legal protections for women, and more are essential pieces of the puzzle.

#9. State violence

Violence perpetrated by the state is a growing concern. We’ve seen several examples in just a few years. In 2020, U.S. protests against police brutality were met by more excessive force in places like New York City, where police officers trapped protesters. Unable to leave, the protesters were trapped until the start of the city-wide curfew, after which the police began attacking them without warning. A report by Human Rights Watch stated that “the police response to the peaceful Mott Haven protest was intentional, planned, and unjustified.” In 2022, Iran (which already has a long history of state violence) responded to peaceful protests with brutality. While exact numbers are hard to come by, hundreds of protesters could have been killed, including many children.

#10. Threats to the trans community

The LGBTQ+ community as a whole is vulnerable to violence and discrimination, but the trans community has been facing an increasing number of threats. The United States provides many disheartening examples. In Florida , the state board of medicine agreed to start the process of barring minors from receiving puberty blockers, hormone therapy, or surgeries to treat gender dysphoria. This goes against organizations like the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which support gender-affirming care for young people. Meanwhile, in Keller, Texas , a school board voted to ban all books that even mention gender fluidity. Actions like this represent a concentrated effort to roll back rights for LGBTQ+ people.

#11. Eroding democracy

Freedom House, an organization that conducts research and advocacy on democracy and political freedom, has found that global freedom is declining. In their 2022 report, they found that while only 25 countries improved their democracy, 60 countries got worse. 2023 could be worse for places like Southeast Asia where in Myanmar, the junta continues to rule. Freedom is also threatened in Afghanistan where the Taliban have once again taken over. In November, the Taliban ordered judges to impose its interpretation of Sharia Law, which could open the door to even worse human rights violations.

#12. Political extremism

Eroding democracy is closely linked to political extremism, which is becoming an increasingly urgent problem. On January 6th, 2021, a riot of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol in an attempt to stop the electoral vote count. This represents a trend of overtly violent political extremism, which has included a mass shooting in Buffalo and an attack on the husband of Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. Political extremism isn’t limited to the United States. A ProPublica article published not long after the insurrection outlined a growing international network of right-wing extremists. It’s been happening for years. While the world focused on Islamic extremism following 9/11, right-wing extremism grew fairly unhindered .

#13. Cybersecurity threats

According to the WEF’s Global Risks Report 2022 , cybersecurity vulnerabilities are a major concern. In wake of the pandemic, many economies underwent rapid digitalization. While useful, that has increased the risk of cyberattacks. 2022 saw some significant attacks, including in Costa Rica, where a cyber gang known as Conti disrupted financial operations. The Ministry of Finance was targeted, leading the country to declare a national emergency . What does this have to do with social justice? Cybersecurity is closely related to issues of privacy and safety, which are social justice issues. Who gets access to the best cybersecurity measures is also a social justice issue. As this blog post by Merritt Baer points out, cybersecurity is a wealth discrimination issue.

#14. Reproductive rights

Reproductive rights are linked to other social justice issues like gender equality, healthcare, poverty, LGBTQ+ rights, and more. While it’s not the only reproductive right, the right to abortion remains a significant concern. Worldwide, the laws vary , though many countries only allow abortion to save the mother’s life. In places like the Philippines, Iraq, Andorra, Congo, and Egypt, abortion was prohibited completely at the time of writing (2022). Abortion rights can also be taken away. In June, the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, saying that abortion was not a constitutional right. In an even more concerning move, some states are already targeting birth control .

#15. Racism

Racism takes many forms, but it remains a persistent social justice issue. Throughout 2020, a wave of anti-Asian hate crimes surged around the world. An article in Time collected various statistics from places like New Zealand, which found that 54% of Chinese survey participants had experienced discrimination. In the UK, hate crimes against Chinese, East, and South East Asians rose by as much as 300% compared to data from 2018 and 2019. Racism against Black people is still prevalent, too. The National Urban League released its annual report in 2022 , reporting that while Black Americans made economic and health gains, white people were still ahead in education, social justice, and civic engagement. These are just two examples of racism and why it needs to be addressed.

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The Great Migration: History, Causes and Facts

About the author, emmaline soken-huberty.

Emmaline Soken-Huberty is a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon. She started to become interested in human rights while attending college, eventually getting a concentration in human rights and humanitarianism. LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and climate change are of special concern to her. In her spare time, she can be found reading or enjoying Oregon’s natural beauty with her husband and dog.

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160 Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Students in 2024

April 3, 2024

The skill of writing an excellent argumentative essay is a crucial one for every high school or college student to master. In sum, argumentative essays teach students how to organize their thoughts logically and present them in a convincing way. This skill is helpful not only for those pursuing degrees in law , international relations , or public policy , but for any student who wishes to develop their critical thinking faculties. In this article, we’ll cover what makes a good argument essay and offer several argumentative essay topics for high school and college students. Let’s begin!

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that uses research to present a reasoned argument on a particular subject . As with the persuasive essay , the purpose of an argumentative essay is to sway the reader to the writer’s position. However, a strong persuasive essay makes its point through diligent research and emotion while a strong argumentative essay should be based solely on facts, not feelings.

Moreover, each fact should be supported by clear evidence from credible sources . Furthermore, a good argumentative essay will have an easy-to-follow structure. When organizing your argumentative essay, use this format as a guide:

  • Introduction
  • Supporting body paragraphs
  • Paragraph(s) addressing common counterarguments

Argumentative Essay Format

In the introduction , the writer presents their position and thesis statement —a sentence that summarizes the paper’s main points. The body paragraphs then draw upon supporting evidence to back up this initial statement, with each paragraph focusing on its own point. The length of your paper will determine the amount of examples you need. In general, you’ll likely need at least two to three. Additionally, your examples should be as detailed as possible, citing specific research, case studies, statistics, or anecdotes.

In the counterargument paragraph , the writer acknowledges and refutes opposing viewpoints. Finally, in the conclusion , the writer restates the main argument made in the thesis statement and summarizes the points of the essay. Additionally, the conclusion may offer a final proposal to persuade the reader of the essay’s position.

How to Write an Effective Argumentative Essay, Step by Step

  • Choose your topic. Use the list below to help you pick a topic. Ideally, a good argumentative essay topic will be meaningful to you—writing is always stronger when you are interested in the subject matter. In addition, the topic should be complex with plenty of “pro” and “con” arguments. Avoid choosing a topic that is either widely accepted as fact or too narrow. For example, “Is the earth round?” would not be a solid choice.
  • Research. Use the library, the web, and any other resources to gather information about your argumentative essay topic. Research widely but smartly. As you go, take organized notes, marking the source of every quote and where it may fit in the scheme of your larger essay. Moreover, remember to look for (and research) possible counterarguments.
  • Outline . Using the argument essay format above, create an outline for your essay. Then, brainstorm a thesis statement covering your argument’s main points, and begin to put your examples in order, focusing on logical flow. It’s often best to place your strongest example last.
  • Write . Draw on your research and outline to create a first draft. Remember, your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect. (As Voltaire says, “Perfect is the enemy of good.”) Accordingly, just focus on getting the words down on paper.
  • Does my thesis statement need to be adjusted?
  • Which examples feel strongest? Weakest?
  • Do the transitions flow smoothly?
  • Do I have a strong opening paragraph?
  • Does the conclusion reinforce my argument?

Tips for Revising an Argument Essay

Evaluating your own work can be difficult, so you might consider the following strategies:

  • Read your work aloud to yourself.
  • Record yourself reading your paper, and listen to the recording.
  • Reverse outline your paper. Firstly, next to each paragraph, write a short summary of that paragraph’s main points/idea. Then, read through your reverse outline. Does it have a logical flow? If not, where should you adjust?
  • Print out your paper and cut it into paragraphs. What happens when you rearrange the paragraphs?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School, High School, and College Students

Family argumentative essay topics.

  • Should the government provide financial incentives for families to have children to address the declining birth rate?
  • Should we require parents to provide their children with a certain level of nutrition and physical activity to prevent childhood obesity?
  • Should parents implement limits on how much time their children spend playing video games?
  • Should cell phones be banned from family/holiday gatherings?
  • Should we hold parents legally responsible for their children’s actions?
  • Should children have the right to sue their parents for neglect?
  • Should parents have the right to choose their child’s religion?
  • Are spanking and other forms of physical punishment an effective method of discipline?
  • Should courts allow children to choose where they live in cases of divorce?
  • Should parents have the right to monitor teens’ activity on social media?
  • Should parents control their child’s medical treatment, even if it goes against the child’s wishes?
  • Should parents be allowed to post pictures of their children on social media without their consent?
  • Should fathers have a legal say in whether their partners do or do not receive an abortion?
  • Can television have positive developmental benefits on children?
  • Should the driving age be raised to prevent teen car accidents?
  • Should adult children be legally required to care for their aging parents?

Education Argument Essay Topics

  • Should schools ban the use of technology like ChatGPT?
  • Are zoos unethical, or necessary for conservation and education?
  • To what degree should we hold parents responsible in the event of a school shooting?
  • Should schools offer students a set number of mental health days?
  • Should school science curriculums offer a course on combating climate change?
  • Should public libraries be allowed to ban certain books? If so, what types?
  • What role, if any, should prayer play in public schools?
  • Should schools push to abolish homework?
  • Are gifted and talented programs in schools more harmful than beneficial due to their exclusionary nature?
  • Should universities do away with Greek life?
  • Should schools remove artwork, such as murals, that some perceive as offensive?
  • Should the government grant parents the right to choose alternative education options for their children and use taxpayer funds to support these options?
  • Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling for children’s academic and social development?
  • Should we require schools to teach sex education to reduce teen pregnancy rates?
  • Should we require schools to provide sex education that includes information about both homosexual and heterosexual relationships?
  • Should colleges use affirmative action and other race-conscious policies to address diversity on campus?
  • Should public schools remove the line “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance?
  • Should college admissions officers be allowed to look at students’ social media accounts?
  • Should schools abolish their dress codes, many of which unfairly target girls, LGBTQ students, and students of color?
  • Should schools be required to stock free period products in bathrooms?
  • Should legacy students receive preferential treatment during the college admissions process?
  • Are school “voluntourism” trips ethical?

Government Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should the U.S. decriminalize prostitution?
  • Should the U.S. issue migration visas to all eligible applicants?
  • Should the federal government cancel all student loan debt?
  • Should we lower the minimum voting age? If so, to what?
  • Should the federal government abolish all laws penalizing drug production and use?
  • Should the U.S. use its military power to deter a Chinese invasion of Taiwan?
  • Should the U.S. supply Ukraine with further military intelligence and supplies?
  • Should the North and South of the U.S. split up into two regions?
  • Should Americans hold up nationalism as a critical value?
  • Should we permit Supreme Court justices to hold their positions indefinitely?
  • Should Supreme Court justices be democratically elected?
  • Is the Electoral College still a productive approach to electing the U.S. president?
  • Should the U.S. implement a national firearm registry?
  • Is it ethical for countries like China and Israel to mandate compulsory military service for all citizens?
  • Should the U.S. government implement a ranked-choice voting system?
  • Should institutions that benefited from slavery be required to provide reparations?
  • Based on the 1619 project, should history classes change how they teach about the founding of the U.S.?
  • Should term limits be imposed on Senators and Representatives? If so, how long?
  • Should women be allowed into special forces units?
  • Should the federal government implement stronger, universal firearm licensing laws?
  • Do public sex offender registries help prevent future sex crimes?
  • Should the government be allowed to regulate family size?
  • Should all adults legally be considered mandated reporters?
  • Should the government fund public universities to make higher education more accessible to low-income students?
  • Should the government fund universal preschool to improve children’s readiness for kindergarten?

Health/Bioethics Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should the U.S. government offer its own healthcare plan?
  • In the case of highly infectious pandemics, should we focus on individual freedoms or public safety when implementing policies to control the spread?
  • Should we legally require parents to vaccinate their children to protect public health?
  • Is it ethical for parents to use genetic engineering to create “designer babies” with specific physical and intellectual traits?
  • Should the government fund research on embryonic stem cells for medical treatments?
  • Should the government legalize assisted suicide for terminally ill patients?
  • Should organ donation be mandatory?
  • Is cloning animals ethical?
  • Should cancer screenings start earlier? If so, what age?
  • Is surrogacy ethical?
  • Should birth control require a prescription?
  • Should minors have access to emergency contraception?
  • Should hospitals be for-profit or nonprofit institutions?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics — Continued

Social media argumentative essay topics.

  • Should the federal government increase its efforts to minimize the negative impact of social media?
  • Do social media and smartphones strengthen one’s relationships?
  • Should antitrust regulators take action to limit the size of big tech companies?
  • Should social media platforms ban political advertisements?
  • Should the federal government hold social media companies accountable for instances of hate speech discovered on their platforms?
  • Do apps such as TikTok and Instagram ultimately worsen the mental well-being of teenagers?
  • Should governments oversee how social media platforms manage their users’ data?
  • Should social media platforms like Facebook enforce a minimum age requirement for users?
  • Should social media companies be held responsible for cases of cyberbullying?
  • Should the United States ban TikTok?
  • Is social media harmful to children?
  • Should employers screen applicants’ social media accounts during the hiring process?

Religion Argument Essay Topics

  • Should religious institutions be tax-exempt?
  • Should religious symbols such as the hijab or crucifix be allowed in public spaces?
  • Should religious freedoms be protected, even when they conflict with secular laws?
  • Should the government regulate religious practices?
  • Should we allow churches to engage in political activities?
  • Religion: a force for good or evil in the world?
  • Should the government provide funding for religious schools?
  • Is it ethical for healthcare providers to deny abortions based on religious beliefs?
  • Should religious organizations be allowed to discriminate in their hiring practices?
  • Should we allow people to opt out of medical treatments based on their religious beliefs?
  • Should the U.S. government hold religious organizations accountable for cases of sexual abuse within their community?
  • Should religious beliefs be exempt from anti-discrimination laws?
  • Should religious individuals be allowed to refuse services to others based on their beliefs or lifestyles? (As in this famous case .)
  • Should the US ban religion-based federal holidays?
  • Should public schools be allowed to teach children about religious holidays?

Science Argument Essay Topics

  • Would the world be safer if we eliminated nuclear weapons?
  • Should scientists bring back extinct animals? If so, which ones?
  • Should we hold companies fiscally responsible for their carbon footprint?
  • Should we ban pesticides in favor of organic farming methods?
  • Should the federal government ban all fossil fuels, despite the potential economic impact on specific industries and communities?
  • What renewable energy source should the U.S. invest more money in?
  • Should the FDA outlaw GMOs?
  • Should we worry about artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence?
  • Should the alternative medicine industry be more stringently regulated?
  • Is colonizing Mars a viable option?
  • Is the animal testing worth the potential to save human lives?

Sports Argument Essay Topics

  • Should colleges compensate student-athletes?
  • How should sports teams and leagues address the gender pay gap?
  • Should youth sports teams do away with scorekeeping?
  • Should we ban aggressive contact sports like boxing and MMA?
  • Should professional sports associations mandate that athletes stand during the national anthem?
  • Should high schools require their student-athletes to maintain a certain GPA?
  • Should transgender athletes compete in sports according to their gender identity?
  • Should schools ban football due to the inherent danger it poses to players?
  • Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports?
  • Do participation trophies foster entitlement and unrealistic expectations?
  • Should sports teams be divided by gender?
  • Should professional athletes be allowed to compete in the Olympics?
  • Should women be allowed on NFL teams?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should sites like DALL-E compensate the artists whose work it was trained on?
  • Should the federal government make human exploration of space a more significant priority?
  • Is it ethical for the government to use surveillance technology to monitor citizens?
  • Should websites require proof of age from their users? If so, what age?
  • Should we consider A.I.-generated images and text pieces of art?
  • Does the use of facial recognition technology violate individuals’ privacy?
  • Is online learning as effective as in-person learning?
  • Does computing harm the environment?
  • Should buying, sharing, and selling collected personal data be illegal?
  • Are electric cars really better for the environment?
  • Should car companies be held responsible for self-driving car accidents?
  • Should private jets be banned?
  • Do violent video games contribute to real-life violence?

Business Argument Essay Topics

  • Should the U.S. government phase out the use of paper money in favor of a fully digital currency system?
  • Should the federal government abolish its patent and copyright laws?
  • Should we replace the Federal Reserve with free-market institutions?
  • Is free-market ideology responsible for the U.S. economy’s poor performance over the past decade?
  • Will cryptocurrencies overtake natural resources like gold and silver?
  • Is capitalism the best economic system? What system would be better?
  • Should the U.S. government enact a universal basic income?
  • Should we require companies to provide paid parental leave to their employees?
  • Should the government raise the minimum wage? If so, to what?
  • Should antitrust regulators break up large companies to promote competition?
  • Is it ethical for companies to prioritize profits over social responsibility?
  • Should gig-economy workers like Uber and Lyft drivers be considered employees or independent contractors?
  • Should the federal government regulate the gig economy to ensure fair treatment of workers?
  • Should the government require companies to disclose the environmental impact of their products?
  • Should companies be allowed to fire employees based on political views or activities?
  • Should tipping practices be phased out?
  • Should employees who choose not to have children be given the same amount of paid leave as parents?
  • Should MLMs (multi-level marketing companies) be illegal?
  • Should employers be allowed to factor tattoos and personal appearance into hiring decisions?

In Conclusion – Argument Essay Topics

Using the tips above, you can effectively structure and pen a compelling argumentative essay that will wow your instructor and classmates. Remember to craft a thesis statement that offers readers a roadmap through your essay, draw on your sources wisely to back up any claims, and read through your paper several times before it’s due to catch any last-minute proofreading errors. With time, diligence, and patience, your essay will be the most outstanding assignment you’ve ever turned in
until the next one rolls around.

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Social Justice Essay Examples

Social Justice - Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

Social justice is the concept of promoting equity and fairness within society. It is based on the belief that everyone deserves equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of their race, gender, socioeconomic status, or other attributes. The goal of social justice is to create a society where all individuals, regardless of background, can live a dignified life with equal opportunities and access to resources. It involves addressing issues such as systemic discrimination, poverty, and inequality through policies and practices that seek to level the playing field for marginalized groups.

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  • ⚡ Simple & Social Justice Easy Topics
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  • 📖 Essay guide on Social Justice
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  • Social Injustice
  • Social Justice and Compassion in Medicine
  • Social Justice
  • Examining Social Justice And Equality Politics
  • We Need to Change Social Justice
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  • Foster Care: a Social Injustice
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  • Racial and Social Injustice in Schools
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  • Social Inequality
  • Social issues in Criminal Justice Profession
  • The Importance of the Concept of Compassion, Fairness, Equality, Love, and Social Justice in the Perspective of Christianity on Homosexuality
  • Social injustice and poverty arises in the story Les Mis?rables
  • Who am I and why do I want to be a social worker?
  • Social Stratification and Classism
  • The Profession of Social Work from Past to Present to Future
  • Film “Morning Sun” by Carma Hinton with the Theme of Social Justice
  • The Problem of Social Injustice in the novel “Invisible Man”
  • Black Lives Matter Social Movement
  • The Social Context of Sylvia Plath’s Late Poems
  • Preparing Social Workers for Helping LGBT Community
  • Peace is an intricate process that is predisposed by social
  • Social Work and NASW Code of Ethics
  • Social Contract
  • The Evolution of Social Work
  • The Social Media And Politics Media
  • “The Hate U Give” Explores Issues of Racism and Social Injustice

Social Justice for Homeless Community

While being homeless was traditionally viewed as a personal failure and personal inequality, through the stories written in the book, readers can see that the most marginalized people were inherently disadvantaged under social, cultural, economic and political conditions. They are elderly people, disabled people, people with mental disease and people with traumatic, abused histories, etc. Individual efforts from charity organizations such can only temporarily relieve some hard conditions of the homelessness population. The measures that structurally address the social determinants of homelessness are recommended, and the governmental and political responsibilities are emphasized in this paper. Expansion of affordable housing and establishment of federal housing assistance programs and solutions to alcohol and substance abuse epidemic in America are especially essential to solve homelessness problem in the long-term.


“Stories from the Shadows” is collection of short stories about homeless people in Boston, written by Dr. O’Connell, who treats and advocates for people of the streets of Boston for over 30 years as a street physician. People in the books are victims of rotten childhood, victims of family abuse, victims of mental illness, victims of substance abuse disorder, victims of violence, victims of old age, victims of unemployment, victims of learning disability, etc. They struggle to survive, battle for hope, build up resilience and optimism under the worst conditions. At the same time, gifted, compassionate and empathic healthcare providers, hospitals and shelters work together to treat and care these people at no cost. However, most of these people did not have a happy ending after treatments. In most cases, they were discharged directly to the streets and then they were brought back to hospitals again. The circle of hospital and street was unceasing until they died. Although the book does not offer solution to solve the homeless problem, the author expresses his opinion that caring the homeless people is a commitment to social justice, not charity. This paper is inspired by the author’s social justice commitment and stories of the homeless community and explores the importance, compulsoriness to treat homelessness as a social justice issue to solve homelessness problem as well as interventions to prevent the homelessness in the long run.

Social Determinants of Homelessness

Social determinants play an important role in the production of homelessness. We traditionally view the homelessness as a personal failure and personal inequality, and claims it takes saints to give them help. However, through the stories written in the book, readers can see how the most marginalized population were not born “equally” and how the life did not deal those people “equally’. Besides personal circumstances, homelessness in America is mostly caused by social inequality and system inadequacies, such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, failure of social support system, failure of pain management and pain medication prescription system.

First, poverty is the basic cause of homelessness. Most characters in the book were poor. Poverty significantly damages them physiologically, psychologically, behaviorally, and socially, and makes it hard for them to become secure financially. When children are born to poor parents and live in unhealthy living conditions, such as toxic exposure of mold, lead or other environmental pollution, poor nutrition, exposure to violence, and parental insecurity, they have suboptimal cognitive, emotional and behavioral development, which leads to poor school performance and low education attainment and thus poor job prospects as an adult (Harkness& DeMarco, 2016). Poverty also put them at higher risk for unhealthy behaviors, which make them more vulnerable to alcohol, drugs and violence (Harkness& DeMarco, 2016). Poverty makes the poor poorer, the vulnerable more vulnerable.

Secondly, the lack of affordable housing and housing assistance programs directly causes some of the homelessness problems. The lack of governmental housing support is well evidenced in the book. Some people were forced to the streets because they were the most disadvantaged and have nowhere but the streets to live in. Some used to have stable place to live at but were also forced to live on the streets when they experience personal crises due to the lack of emergent housing assistance. This usually happens when divorce, domestic abuse, the onset of acute or chronic diseases and pain, or an addiction challenge is involved, and they have no other resources to turn to for help. They are forced to give up their house or get evicted from the rented apartment because housing cost takes a big portion of their income and they must spare housing expense for more critical and urgent needs, such as food and clothing. After they are thrown into the streets, being homelessness will worsen their previous problems. They unfortunately became chronically homeless.

Third, alcoholism and substance abuse accelerate and worsen the production of homelessness. There is a stereotype that people are homeless because they are alcoholics or drug addicts. In the book, we do find a high percentage of homeless population have addictive disorder. But addictive disorder and homelessness are both causes and effects of each other. For homeless people, alcohol or substance are like “nectar and nemesis” (O’Connell, 2015, p. 148). On the one hand, alcohol or substance destroy their relationship, damage their health and jeopardize their job, and subsequently cause them to lose housing; on the other hand, people in the streets use drugs to self-medicate themselves for pain and they also use drugs to cope stress and depression. Homelessness cannot be conquered without solving the alcoholism and substance abuse disorder.

In conclusion, the production of homelessness reflects a complicated interaction between social environments, systems failures, and individual circumstances. Homelessness, poverty and sustenance abuse are inextricably twisted. Few people can do better if he/she face the same situations under same living environments and similar health conditions. It is time to stop blaming individuals and it is time to face it

as a social justice issue.

The Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP), where Dr. O’ Connell practices, was born 30 years ago, and became the largest and most comprehensive homeless program in America, serving 12,000 people and have 400 full-time employees. Health care providers there are dedicated to the welfare and justice of homeless people (O’ Connell, 2015). BHCHP not only demonstrates to the public the imperatives to solve the homeless problem in America but also provide precious lessons and enormous experiences on how to take care of the homeless people efficiently.

Interventions to Homelessness

Just as California Newsreel claimed that social problems have significant effect on both people’s life and people’s organs (2008), most of the homelessness can be traced to unequal economic and social statuses, and “are systemic and avoidable — and thus inherently unjust and unfair” (California Newsreel, 2008). If we perceive homelessness as an issue of social injustice, then the solution to it will be obvious: we need broader interventions that not limited on the individual level efforts such as giving away blankets in the cold winter, offering free hot meals on holidays, and the society and government must take responsibilities to address the problems structurally and systematically at the all levels.

The most direct solution to end homelessness is the expansion of affordable housing and federal housing assistance programs. First, more government funding is needed for the existing programs. According to the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, among those eligible for federal housing assistance, only 25% households receive assistance, and only three affordable rentals available on the market per ten households in extremely need (2018), which is far behind demands. Prevention of homelessness is important, or it will cost the governments more money indirectly through medical bills and shelters management costs. Second, the governments may consider offering low-income housing voucher to reduce the gap between rental cost and income so that people who work can afford a place to live in. In addition, governments can offer emergency housing assistance for those people in urgent needs. Emergency housing assistance can prevent people from becoming homeless at the first place. Finally, stable housing- first policy for homeless community will help reduce the case of chronic homelessness. We read from the book that some people keep trying to stay sober for several months and show huge resilience and optimism. However, after they go back to unstable environment, they start to use alcohol to solve their problems again. Dr. O’ Connell stated that according to the Medicaid report, 119 homeless individuals visit emergency room for 18384 times in a five- year period (2015). Dr. O’ Connell claimed that the main reason for readmission is that homeless people were discharged to the streets because no stable place was offered after they released from the hospital or detoxification center.

The other important method to solve homelessness problem is to solve alcohol and substance abuse epidemic. One critical time for preventing alcohol abuse and drug addiction is during adolescence (NIH,2018). Thus, it is essential that the school, community and society provide intensive alcohol and substance abuse teaching, counseling, and consultation among children and adolescent on regular basis along with social resources to help young people cope with a variety of life stresses. In America, increased prescription pain medications also have contributed dramatically to the epidemic of substance use disorder (NIH, 2018). Thus, stricter federal regulations are needed to overwatch pain medication prescription. For example, all the patients should be informed the risk of addiction and sign the consent form that educates about risks of the opioid pain medication has been given and understood before prescription; all the pain medications must be prescribed through network database to prevent patients from shopping around; only special trained pain specialists can prescribe opioids.

“Stories from the Shadow” calls for a shift in thinking about homelessness from the view of personal inadequacy to social injustice. Poverty, lack of social support system, especially housing assistant system, alcoholism and substance abuse epidemic in America all largely contribute to the production of homelessness. Subsequently, in order to solve homelessness, social and governmental level interventions rather than individual-focused case management are justified. Strategies to end homelessness include expansion of governmental affordable housing program, initiation of housing voucher and establishment of emergency housing assistant system for poor people, and creation of stable place for the homeless community. Measures to fight against alcoholism and substance abuse epidemic are also essential, which include primary prevention among young people through education, counseling, and consultation, and which also requires public surveillance of opioid prescription. The society has paid price for the neglect of homelessness and it is time to face it.

FAQ about Social Justice


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Argumentative essay topics involving social justice.

Teaching 6th grade at the elementary level.

With everything going on with Asians being targeted and BLM, I want to focus our next writing piece on something related to social justice. Argumentative essays are our next essay, but I'm having trouble thinking of prompts. Any suggestions?

Purpose: I want them to be more involved in what is happening in the world and in their communities. Connecting real world events to their writing.

The Transformative Power of 1960s Social Movements

This essay discusses the transformative social movements of the 1960s, focusing on the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Liberation Movement, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement. It highlights how these movements challenged systemic injustices and achieved significant legislative and cultural changes. The Civil Rights Movement fought against racial discrimination, leading to landmark laws like the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Women’s Liberation Movement addressed gender inequality, achieving milestones such as the passage of Title IX. The Anti-Vietnam War Movement opposed U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, influencing public opinion and policy. These movements, interconnected in their fight for justice, set a precedent for modern activism and continue to inspire contemporary social and political efforts.

How it works

The 1960s were a decade of unprecedented social change, driven by movements that challenged deeply rooted injustices and reshaped the societal landscape. These movements were not just isolated struggles; they were interconnected waves of activism that left a lasting impact on American society. Among the most influential were the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Liberation Movement, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement. Each of these movements had unique objectives and methods, yet all shared a common desire to create a more just and equitable world.

The Civil Rights Movement was a powerful force in the fight against racial inequality. Sparked by the persistent discrimination and segregation faced by African Americans, this movement aimed to dismantle systemic racism and achieve true equality. The movement’s leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, became iconic figures whose speeches and actions inspired millions. The use of nonviolent protest, civil disobedience, and legal challenges were central tactics. Landmark events like the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Freedom Rides, and the March on Washington were pivotal in drawing national attention to the plight of African Americans. The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were monumental achievements that marked significant progress in the fight for racial justice. These laws not only ended legal segregation but also paved the way for future civil rights advancements.

At the same time, the Women’s Liberation Movement emerged, challenging the traditional roles and expectations placed on women. This movement sought to address a wide range of issues, including workplace discrimination, reproductive rights, and access to education. Influential figures like Betty Friedan, whose book “The Feminine Mystique” highlighted the dissatisfaction of many housewives, helped to ignite the movement. Organizations such as the National Organization for Women (NOW) played a crucial role in advocating for policy changes and raising awareness about gender equality. The movement achieved significant milestones, such as the passage of Title IX in 1972, which prohibited sex-based discrimination in education. Additionally, the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, which legalized abortion, was a major victory for women’s reproductive rights. The Women’s Liberation Movement not only brought about legislative changes but also shifted societal attitudes towards gender roles and equality.

Simultaneously, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement became a powerful voice of dissent against U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. This movement drew participants from various backgrounds, including students, intellectuals, veterans, and ordinary citizens. The opposition was fueled by the growing awareness of the human cost of the war and the questionable motives behind U.S. intervention. Massive protests, teach-ins, and acts of civil disobedience became common forms of resistance. The movement gained momentum with events like the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests and the tragic Kent State shootings in 1970, where four students were killed by the National Guard. The sustained pressure from the Anti-Vietnam War Movement played a crucial role in shifting public opinion and eventually led to the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 1973. This movement not only impacted U.S. foreign policy but also fostered a broader skepticism towards government actions and military interventions.

These movements, while distinct, were interconnected in their fight for justice and equality. The Civil Rights Movement’s strategies of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience influenced both the Women’s Liberation and Anti-Vietnam War movements. The success of these movements demonstrated the power of grassroots activism and collective action. They showed that ordinary people, when united by a common cause, could bring about significant social change.

The legacy of these movements is evident in contemporary society. The Civil Rights Movement laid the groundwork for ongoing efforts to combat racial inequality, influencing movements such as Black Lives Matter. The Women’s Liberation Movement’s impact is visible in the continued fight for gender equality and the rise of movements advocating for women’s rights and protections against sexual harassment and assault. The Anti-Vietnam War Movement’s critique of military interventionism resonates in modern debates over U.S. foreign policy and military engagements.

Reflecting on these movements, it’s clear that the courage and determination of countless activists were crucial to their success. Many of these individuals faced significant personal risks, yet they persisted in their efforts to create a more just and equitable society. Their stories serve as a reminder of the power of collective action and the importance of standing up against injustice.

The 1960s were a time of profound social upheaval, and the movements of that era set a powerful precedent for how ordinary people can unite to challenge injustice and shape the course of history. The transformative power of these movements lies not only in their achievements but also in their demonstration of the potential for collective action to create a more just and equitable world. Today, as we continue to grapple with issues of racial, gender, and social justice, the lessons from these movements remain as relevant as ever. They remind us that meaningful progress often requires sustained effort and a willingness to challenge deeply entrenched systems of power and inequality.


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100 Thought-Provoking Argumentative Writing Prompts for Kids and Teens

Practice making well-reasoned arguments using research and facts.

Parents should be punished for their minor children’s crimes.

Writing a strong argumentative essay teaches students to make a case for their own point of view without relying on emotion or passion. These argumentative essay topics provide options for kids of all ages, including controversial subjects and some that are just for fun.

School and Education Argumentative Essay Topics

Science and history argumentative essay topics, life and ethics argumentative essay topics, social justice and civics argumentative essay topics, more argumentative essay topics, what’s the difference between argumentative and persuasive essays.

These two types of essays are similar, but there are some subtle and important differences .

  • Author’s purpose: In an argumentative essay, your job is to simply convince the reader that the point of view you’re presenting is valid, even if it doesn’t change their mind. Persuasive essays seek to sway the reader to adopt your point of view over any others.
  • Method: Argumentative essays rely heavily on well-researched facts and logical assertions. In a persuasive essay, the writer may use a blend of emotion and facts to win over the reader.
  • Audience: Persuasive essays require a specific audience, since the writer must acknowledge and attempt to overcome their potential objections. The writer of an argumentative essay is simply making a statement, so knowing their audience is less important.
  • Viewpoint: A persuasive essay writer should believe their point of view is the only correct one, and try to persuade the reader to agree. Argumentative essays acknowledge other points of view, but use reason and logic to argue that the writer’s point of view is best.

Persuasive and argumentative essay topics often overlap. The difference is in how the writer approaches the topic. When you assign one of the topics below as an argumentative essay, remind students to use research, reason, and logic to make a strong but dispassionate argument.

  • Should physical education be part of the standard high school curriculum?
  • Schools should require recommended vaccines for all students, with very limited exceptions.
  • Should all students have the ability to attend college for free?
  • What one class should all high schools students be required to take and pass in order to graduate?

What one class should all high schools students be required to take and pass in order to graduate?

  • Do you think homework should be required, optional, or not given at all?
  • Students should/should not be able to use their phones during the school day.
  • Should schools have dress codes?
  • If I could change one school rule, it would be 

  • Is year-round school a good idea?
  • Which is better, private schools or public schools?
  • Should every student have to participate in athletics?
  • Do you think schools should ban junk food from their cafeterias?
  • Should students be required to volunteer in their communities?
  • What is the most important school subject?
  • Are letter grades helpful, or should we replace them with something else?

Are letter grades helpful, or should we replace them with something else?

  • Should schools be allowed to ban some books from their libraries?
  • Which is better, book smarts or street smarts?
  • Are single-gender schools better or worse for students?
  • Are computers making teachers obsolete?
  • Students who fail a test should be given a chance to take it again.
  • Is it acceptable to use animals for experiments and research?
  • Vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco.
  • Do we really learn anything from history, or does it just repeat itself over and over?
  • Is it OK to keep animals in zoos?
  • Should we ban plastic bags and bottles?
  • Should we still consider Pluto a planet?

Should we still consider Pluto a planet?

  • It’s important to spend tax dollars exploring space, instead of on other things.
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Who was the best/worst American president?
  • Should vaccines be mandatory?
  • Are GMOs more helpful than harmful?
  • Is animal cloning ethical?
  • Should human cloning be legal?
  • Should we use stem cells from human embryos for scientific research?
  • Is it better to provide drug addicts with treatment instead of punishment?

Is it better to provide drug addicts with treatment instead of punishment?

  • Should we ban the use of fossil fuels?
  • Can we truly do anything about human-caused global warming?
  • Are electric vehicles better than gas-powered ones?
  • Was life really better “back in the day”?
  • Choose a foreign conflict (e.g., Vietnam or Afghanistan) and argue whether or not the United States was justified in getting involved.
  • The most important challenge our country is currently facing is 
 (e.g., immigration, gun control, economy)
  • Does social media do more harm than good?
  • The best country in the world is 

  • Are men and women treated equally?
  • Is it better to be vegetarian/vegan than to eat meat?
  • Should little kids be allowed to play competitive sports?
  • Who faces more peer pressure, girls or boys?
  • Should kids have set bedtimes or just go to bed whenever they’re sleepy?

Should kids have set bedtimes or just go to bed whenever they’re sleepy?

  • Which is better, artificial Christmas trees or real ones?
  • Playing violent video games is bad for kids and teens.
  • Parents should track their kids using their cell phones.
  • Are paper books better than e-books?
  • All kids should play on the same sports teams, regardless of gender.
  • All paper documents should be replaced with electronic versions.
  • Is conflict necessary for change?
  • Is war ever justified?
  • A strong middle class is vital to the economy.

A strong middle class is vital to the economy.

  • Is the local minimum wage truly a living wage?
  • Should we do away with gender-specific public bathrooms?
  • Is a progressive income tax better than a flat tax?
  • Capital punishment does/does not deter crime.
  • Would it be better to legalize, tax, and regulate all drugs (including alcohol and cigarettes) instead of banning them?
  • Parents should be punished for their minor children’s crimes.

Parents should be punished for their minor children’s crimes.

  • The government should provide free internet access for every citizen.
  • Is democracy the best form of government?
  • Is capitalism the best form of economy?
  • Should all Americans be required to vote?
  • Should we change the minimum driving age in the United States?
  • Do you think the government should find a way to provide free health care for everyone?
  • School-age children should be allowed to vote.
  • We should/should not abolish the electoral college.
  • Are “Stand Your Ground” laws effective?
  • Supreme Court judges should be appointed for fixed terms.

Supreme Court judges should be appointed for fixed terms.

  • Does segregation still exist in the United States?
  • We should/should not continue building a wall between the United States and Mexico.
  • Will stricter gun control laws help control mass shootings?
  • Should we make the path to American citizenship easier?
  • Is the American justice system inherently racist?
  • Should we redirect some or all police force funding to social services?
  • Should the United States implement a universal basic income?
  • Choose a fictional character and explain why they should be the next president.
  • What animal makes the best pet?
  • Who is the world’s best athlete, present or past?
  • Which is better, reading books or watching TV?
  • Is a taco a sandwich?
  • Should kids be allowed to stay up as late as they want?

Should kids be allowed to stay up as late as they want?

  • What’s the best video game system?
  • Kids shouldn’t have to go to school on their birthdays.
  • Is video gaming a sport?
  • Are beauty pageants sexist?
  • Should kids get participation trophies for sports?
  • Are stereotypes ever right?
  • Is there any benefit to teaching proper grammar and spelling, or should we allow language to be descriptive instead of prescriptive?
  • All teenagers should have part-time jobs.
  • Should kids have limits on screen time?
  • Is it better to read fiction or nonfiction?
  • Should kids have to eat everything on their plate, even if they really don’t like something?

Should kids have to eat everything on their plate, even if they really don't like something?

  • Is it better to spend an hour a day reading or exercising?
  • Is graffiti an act of vandalism or an art form?
  • Should society hold celebrities to a high moral standard?

What are your favorite argumentative writing prompts? Come share your thoughts in the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook .

Also check out 100 intriguing cause and effect essay topics for students ..

Use these thought-provoking argumentative essay topics to teach students to write well-researched and convincing compositions.

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85 Synthesis Essay Topics for College Students

synthesis essay topics

Synthesis essays are a key component of AP Language and Composition courses, providing students with an opportunity to delve into various sources, combine ideas, and present a cohesive argument. These essays require students to evaluate information, identify relationships between different sources, and construct a well-supported thesis. This article will provide an in-depth exploration of synthesis essay topics, including examples and tips for selecting good synthesis essay topics, and cover how to write an AP Lang synthesis essay. By the end, you'll be equipped with a wide array of synthesis topics and understand how to approach your next essay with confidence.

Understanding Synthesis Essays

Before diving into topics, it’s crucial to understand what a synthesis essay entails. A synthesis essay involves combining information from multiple sources to support a central argument or thesis. This type of essay requires you to:

  • Analyze various sources: Evaluate the credibility and relevance of each source.
  • Identify common themes: Look for overarching themes or ideas that connect the sources.
  • Formulate a thesis: Develop a clear and concise thesis statement that reflects your synthesized understanding.
  • Support your argument: Use evidence from the sources to back up your thesis, while also considering counterarguments.

Tips for Choosing a Good Synthesis Essay Topic

Selecting a good synthesis essay topic is essential for a successful essay. Here are some tips to help you choose a topic:

  • Interest and Relevance: Choose a topic that interests you and is relevant to your course or current events.
  • Availability of Sources: Ensure there are enough credible sources available on the topic.
  • Debatability: Select a topic with multiple perspectives to facilitate a well-rounded argument.
  • Scope: Avoid topics that are too broad or too narrow. Aim for a balanced scope that allows for thorough exploration without overwhelming you with information.

75 Good Synthesis Essay Topics

Here are some synthesis essay topics across various subjects:

Social Issues

  • The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health: Analyze how social media platforms influence mental well-being.
  • Abolishment of Capital Punishment
  • Income Inequality and Its Effects on Society: Discuss the causes and consequences of income inequality.
  • The Role of Education in Reducing Poverty: Explore how education can be a tool for poverty alleviation.
  • The Influence of Pop Culture on Youth Identity: Examine how pop culture shapes the identities of young people.
  • The Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws: Debate the effectiveness of existing gun control measures in reducing violence.
  • The Relation of Black Lives Matter to "Nineteen Eighty-four" by George Orwell
  • The Impact of Refugees on The Countries in Which They Settle
  • How Political Correctness is an Attack on The 1st Amendment
  • Discussion on Whether America Should Repeal The 2nd Amendment

Arts & Culture

  • The Reasons Graffiti Should Be Legalized
  • Is It Possible to Make a Neutral Question
  • Influence of British Colonialism on Indian Culture in The 19th Century
  • Creativity is not enough in the Modern World
  • Analysis of The Evolution of Vampires Approaching The Twenty-first Century

Environmental Issues

  • Climate Change and Its Global Impact: Assess the various ways climate change affects the planet.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Practices: Investigate the benefits and challenges of sustainable farming.
  • The Role of Renewable Energy in Reducing Carbon Footprint: Discuss the potential of renewable energy sources in combating climate change.
  • Deforestation and Its Consequences: Analyze the causes and effects of deforestation on ecosystems.
  • Daylight Saving Time: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Controversies
  • The Impact of Plastic Pollution on Marine Life: Examine how plastic waste affects ocean ecosystems.
  • The Evolution of Wind Farms
  • The Unintended Consequences of The Plastic Straw Ban
  • Earthquake and Its Devastating Effects
  • Global Warming: Impact of Melting Snow
  • Discussion on Whether It is Right to Treat Water as a Commodity

Technology and Innovation

  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Explore the potential benefits and risks of AI advancements.
  • The Ethical Implications of Genetic Engineering: Debate the ethical considerations surrounding genetic modification.
  • The Role of Technology in Education : Assess how technology is transforming the educational landscape.
  • Cybersecurity Threats in the Digital Age: Analyze the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats and how to mitigate them.
  • The Impact of Automation on Employment: Discuss how automation and robotics are changing the job market.
  • The Impact of Technology on Communication
  • The Negative Effects of Smartphones on an Individual's Cognitive Abilities
  • Smartphones as Huge Educational Tools
  • The Importance of Honor Codes in Higher Education
  • STEM Education: Benefits, Challenges, Strategies, and Future
  • Why Free College Tuition is Rather a Financial Burden, not a Breakthrough
  • The Possibilities of Offering Fine Arts in Rural Schools
  • The Need for Repeating Policy in Educational Institutions
  • The Importance of Sex Education in Schools
  • The Impact of College Tuition Payment on Graduation Rates
  • Online Vs Traditional Classes: is One More Effective than The Other
  • Evaluation of The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiber Optic Transmission
  • Discussion on Whether College Should Be Tuition-free

Health and Medicine

  • The Opioid Crisis in America: Examine the causes and potential solutions to the opioid epidemic.
  • Vaccination and Public Health: Debate the importance of vaccination in preventing disease outbreaks.
  • The Benefits and Risks of Medical Marijuana: Analyze the medical uses and potential downsides of marijuana legalization.
  • The Issue of Legalization of Cannabis in Canada
  • Approving Drugs as a Solution to the War on Drugs
  • Mental Health Stigma in Society: Discuss the impact of stigma on mental health treatment and support.
  • The Future of Telemedicine: Explore the potential of telemedicine in improving healthcare access.
  • The Debate Over Free Healthcare and Universal Healthcare in America
  • The Effectiveness of Narrative Medicine in Health Care Practice
  • The Effect of Mental Illnesses on Art Throughout Different Time Periods
  • Effects of Stress on The Body: How It Affects Physical and Psychological Health
  • Analysis of Marijuana's Benefits and Dangers from Medical and Social Points
  • The Ever-Evolving American Dream
  • The Pros and Cons of Eminent Domain
  • The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Income Inequality
  • The Political Consequences of Rising Economic Inequality
  • Negative Impact of Coal Mining on The Environment

Politics and Governance

  • The Effectiveness of Democracy in the Modern World: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of democratic systems.
  • The Role of International Organizations in Global Governance: Analyze the influence of organizations like the UN and WHO.
  • The Impact of Political Polarization on Governance: Discuss how political divides affect governmental effectiveness.
  • Discussion on Whether Governments Should Subsidize The Arts
  • The Influence of Lobbying on Legislation: Examine the impact of lobbying on the legislative process.
  • Immigration Policies and Their Socioeconomic Effects: Debate the benefits and drawbacks of various immigration policies.
  • Analysis of The Causes of The ISIS Epidemic Spreading Across The Globe

Law, Crime & Punishment

  • Is Domestic Violence a Widespread Problem
  • The Second Amendment – Support Or Abolish
  • The Link Between The Cruelty of Animals and Humans
  • Racial Discrimination in The US Criminal Justice
  • Positive Psychology and Restorative Justice to Reduce Recidivism in Youth Offenders
  • How The Criminalization of Prostitution Impacts Essential Human Rights
  • Drug Policy in America: The Issue of Marijuana Legalization

AP Lang Synthesis Essay Example

To better understand how to write a synthesis essay, let’s look at an example prompt and outline the approach.

Example Prompt:

"Evaluate the impact of social media on interpersonal relationships. Use at least three sources to support your argument."

Step-by-Step Approach:

  • Analyze the Prompt: Understand the key elements of the prompt. Here, the focus is on the impact of social media on relationships.
  • Gather Sources: Collect at least three credible sources that discuss social media and interpersonal relationships.
  • Identify Common Themes: Look for recurring themes in the sources, such as communication patterns, emotional effects, and social dynamics.
  • Formulate a Thesis: Develop a thesis statement that reflects your synthesized understanding. For example: "While social media can enhance communication, it often leads to superficial interactions and decreased face-to-face engagement, ultimately affecting the quality of interpersonal relationships."
  • Create an Outline.

Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

Argumentative synthesis essays require you to take a stance on an issue and support it with evidence from multiple sources. Here are some topics to consider:

  • Should College Education be Free for All?
  • Is the Death Penalty an Effective Deterrent to Crime?
  • Should Governments Regulate Social Media Platforms?
  • Is Universal Basic Income a Viable Solution to Poverty?
  • Should Animal Testing be Banned in Scientific Research?
  • Is Climate Change Primarily Driven by Human Activity?
  • Should Healthcare be Considered a Human Right?
  • Is Censorship Justifiable in the Age of Information?
  • Should Voting be Mandatory in Democratic Societies?
  • Are GMO Foods Safe for Human Consumption?

Final Thoughts

Crafting a synthesis essay involves not only selecting a compelling topic but also synthesizing information from various sources to support a coherent argument. By understanding the components of a synthesis essay and exploring the wide array of synthesis essay topics provided, you can develop a strong foundation for your next essay. Whether you’re tackling social issues, environmental concerns, technological advancements, health matters, or political debates, the key is to stay organized, critically evaluate your sources, and present a balanced argument.

By leveraging these topic ideas provided, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of synthesis essays and achieving academic success.

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