Manager Resume Objectives with Examples

If you’re a manager, your resume objective is an important part of your resume because it introduces your career goals and unique qualifications to an employer. This is important since management is such a competitive and broad field. For this reason, you may want to develop your resume objective so that it is strong and compelling. In this article, you can review some examples of resume objectives for different kinds of management roles.

Why focus on your management resume objective?

Your resume objective is important because it could be the first thing your employer sees on your resume. It’s designed to provide the most practical and relevant information about your skills and experience in a brief format that is easy to read quickly. It’s estimated that recruiters give each resume a matter of seconds to consider whether or not the candidate moves on to the short-list of interviewees. With such a short amount of time to make an impression, an impactful resume objective can help managers advance into their next leadership role.

Examples of resume objectives for managers

Here are some example resume objectives for different types of management jobs: 

Resume objective for a general manager

Your resume objective is a high-level display of your skills and experience. A good resume objective for a general manager acknowledges the kinds of skills needed to complete tasks necessary to be successful. Tasks that general managers may need the skills to deal with include things like handling customer service situations, performing operational duties, creating schedules, budgets and more. 

Examples for a general manager:

  • ‘I’m currently seeking the role of general manager at Urban Textile Company to demonstrate my skills in customer service, retention and strategic sales planning.’
  • ‘My objective is to obtain a general manager position at Madison’s on 5th, where I will be valued for my leadership skills as well as my ability to use data to impact business agility.’
  • ‘Looking to work as a general manager for Big Balloon Company to demonstrate how effective communication skills increase overall productivity in the showroom and lead to greater revenue.’
  • ‘With more than a decade of experience in marketing operations management, I can bring strategic oversight and visionary direction to the general manager position at Bellhop’s Deli.’

Resume objective for a retail manager

When writing your resume objective as a retail manager, it helps to put yourself in the position of the hiring manager, mentally, before you start. Consider what it is a retail hiring manager is looking for in a floor manager. Some ideas that come to mind are probably mastery of customer service, inventory management, basic math skills, knowledge of common point of sale software, opening and closing procedures, people management, scheduling and more. 

Examples for a retail manager:

  • ‘With strong leadership and prioritization skills, I’m looking for a career as a retail manager for Baha Corp to use my customer service skills and training abilities to help the company achieve its short-term and long-term goals.’
  • ‘Natural extrovert, people leader and strategic thinker, looking for an opportunity to assist Swordfish Skateboards by offering visionary oversight, expert people management, mastery of scheduling practices and more.’
  • ‘Expert mediator and customer service problem-solver poised to help the retail team at Sonny’s Day Spa grow sales by more than 10% if given the opportunity to become a retail manager.’
  • ‘With excellent organization skills, my leadership as a retail manager will promote efficiencies. I have experience with plan-o-grams, retail reporting, profit and loss and more.’

Resume objective for a hospitality manager

When drafting your resume objective for becoming a hospitality manager, it’s important to highlight skills that are relevant to the position. Skills required in hospitality management are multitasking, organization, strategic leadership, people management, flexibility, adaptability and industry awareness.

Examples for a hospitality manager:

  • ‘Seeking a hospitality management role at La Royala Hotel where I can utilize my existing customer service and operations skills to exceed guest expectations and drive favorable results.’
  • ‘Looking to become employed as a restaurant manager at Jet’s Deli because I have the industry knowledge of fast-casual dining as well as practical operations skills like scheduling, training and team management.’
  • ‘With an expert-level knowledge of point of sale software and a customer-first attitude, I’m looking for employment as a hospitality manager for Oyster Bay Bar & Grille at Reno Inn.’
  • ‘Currently seeking a hospitality management position for Aspen Hills Resort so I can use my mastery of customer journey marketing and warm personality to drive more people to the resort during peak season.’

Resume objective for an office manager

Skills required to be a strong office manager include reliability, adaptability, computing and technology knowledge, ability to create budgets, phone etiquette, friendliness, scheduling knowledge, appointment setting, reporting and analytics, vendor management, operations management, leadership, attention to detail and more. On a resume designed to secure an office management job, it’s important that your objective clearly connects your abilities to some of these key skills. 

Examples for an office manager:

  • ‘I’m a motivated person looking for an office manager position where I can use my skills in computing and data analytics, as well as my customer service and leadership skills.’
  • ‘Currently looking for an office manager position with Pear Prosthetics because my ability to coordinate with clients, vendors and insurance companies will help customers get faster service and will help the company exceed goals.’
  • ‘Results-oriented, customer-service-driven individual looking for an office manager position with ABC Learning Co. that allows for my time management and multitasking skills to be used on a daily basis.’
  • ‘I desire to secure an office management position within Last Pass Amusement Parks so I can demonstrate the knowledge and skills I’ve gained over a 12-year career in office management for the entertainment industry, including performing duties like scheduling, training and collaborating with other employees and managers.’


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