1. 14 Video Games That Will Improve Your Problem-Solving and Strategy

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  1. Solving PC Power Problems Easily at Home

  2. What If Building Snowmen Was A PUZZLE GAME?

  3. You Can Only Move 0-9 Times, Then You Die

  4. Simple Game, MINDBLOWING Difficulty!

  5. Escaping the Cops on a Highly Guarded Train!

  6. This Massive Puzzle Takes HOURS To Solve!


  1. The best puzzle games in 2023

    Release date: 2008 | Developer: 2D BOY | Steam Like all the best puzzle games, World of Goo's core concept is simple: Use elastic, adhesive (and sentient) balls of goo to build structures that ...

  2. The Best Puzzle Games for 2024

    The Swapper. 4.5. $14.99 at Humble Bundle. See It. Imagine a game soup flavored with chunky bits of old-school 2D Castlevania, Portal, and BioShock, and you still wouldn't get close to describing ...

  3. The best puzzle games on PC

    But there's a dark, almost Lovecraftian layer to The Room 4 as well, with many puzzles requiring the use of a magical eyepiece to see runes and symbols instrumental to understanding the solutions. There are tentacles. Old Sins is the most complicated but most satisfying of all the Room games yet. 22. The White Door.

  4. 47 Best puzzle games on PC as of 2024

    The game challenges your brain to use portals, cubes, and other mechanics to solve simple or complex puzzles in interesting ways. Trying to figure out the best placement of entrance and exit portals in order to gain access to (perceived) inaccessible places takes a lot of thought, especially in the later game. See More.

  5. Best puzzle games on PC 2024

    The best adventure games on PC 2024. Grab 2023's best city builder and much more cheap in this big PC sale. Return to Monkey Island dev teases Maniac Mansion return. Return to Monkey Island ...

  6. The Best Puzzle Games On Steam

    However, it's increasingly harder to find good puzzle games in a market where the majority of titles are either RPGs or adventure games. So, here is a collection of the best puzzlers that Steam has to offer, all of which will keep you glued to your screen.. Updated on May 9, 2024, by PJ Molloy: Steam is still the best place to look for innovative puzzle games, and we've added a new ...

  7. 29 Best PC Puzzle Games of All Time

    Human Fall Flat is a "light-hearted" puzzle game where you'll create a clumsy character and then set them out into the world. You'll have 22 levels to traverse, each with a unique ...

  8. The 20 Best Puzzle Games on Steam

    The Room is a BAFTA-winning 3D puzzler from Fireproof Games where you immerse yourself in a world of strange contraptions and alchemical machines. This game takes you to a setting where machines meet myth. You will follow a trail of cryptic cards and solve numerous unusual devices in even more extraordinary places.

  9. Best Puzzle Games for Windows 10

    Fusion Dots is a Windows 10 puzzle game inspired by the 2048 style of puzzles. The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and challenges you to shuffle colored dots around the gaming ...

  10. Best Puzzle Games On Steam That Deserve More Attention

    3 Ori and the Blind Forest. Ori and the Blind Forest is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Ori and the Blind Forest is a puzzle-action platformer. It is a story-driven ...

  11. Best Games For Solving Mysteries

    15 Twisty Mystery Games On PC ... Complex problem-solving can be more rewarding than a big explosion or a dramatic boss fight, and the best mystery games can be role-playing, story-based, or ...

  12. The Best Co-Operative Puzzle Games

    22 Boxboy + Boxgirl. Platforms. Nintendo Switch. Number of Players. 1-2 players (local co-op only) Part of the Boxboy series and at least as good as the other games, Boxboy + Boxgirl is a co-op puzzle platformer where you create boxes to overcome obstacles and complete levels.

  13. Steam Curator: Logic Games

    Connect and guide your varying goo balls to solve ever more difficult and interesting challenges in a world dripping with atmosphere. -50%. $14.99. $7.49. Recommended September 23, 2014. More accurately a "rouge-like puzzle" game, the mechanics boil down to a deep, complex and rewarding open ended puzzle with many (many, many) challenges ...

  14. Best Puzzle Games To Play On PC in 2022

    If you want something that's going to challenge your powers of deduction instead of just the speed you can press the dodge button, you've come to the right p...

  15. Best Puzzle Games on PC 2022

    Get your thinking caps on, because it's time to look at the best Puzzle Games releasing on PC in 2022. From meditative puzzle experiences to open world adven...

  16. Best Games That Reward Creative Problem-Solving

    5 Games That Reward Creative Problem-Solving. As video game technology advances, puzzles have become more open-ended, allowing for creative solutions and multiple outcomes. Games like Portal 2 and ...

  17. Puzzle Games

    Puzzle games are types of games that focus on problem-solving. They often require the player to come up with logical solutions to challenges. Puzzles can be solved in all kinds of ways, from simple math and word challenges to taking perfectly framed photos according to an assignment. They can be 2D, 3D, and even VR.

  18. 20 Best Co-Op Puzzle Games

    77/100 ( PC ) Related Nintendo is well known for its great co-op experiences, with Cuphead and It Takes Two being just two of the best co-op games on Switch. Unrailed! is a race against time as players frantically work to build train tracks for a moving train.

  19. Free Online Mind Games

    Everyday 8 new different Tracks levels to solve. 192. Play the best free Mind Games online with brain, math, crossword and word games, sudokus and memory games. Visit our Puzzle Games site for more Puzzle games.

  20. 13 (Secretly) Educational Video Games That Kids Will Actually Like

    Check out our list of mobile apps, PC and video games that can educate and entertain your kids. Minecraft. What your kids will learn: creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, reading, math and more

  21. Brilliant

    Guided interactive problem solving that's effective and fun. Master concepts in 15 minutes a day. Get started Math Data Analysis Computer Science Programming & AI ... game-like progress tracking, and friendly reminders. Guided courses for every journey. All of our courses are crafted by award-winning teachers, researchers, and professionals ...

  22. 15 Co-op Puzzle Games to Play Online with friends and family during

    Trine Enchanted. Trine Enchanted is the remake of the original game Trine. This game brings back the physics-based puzzles and adds outstanding 3D visuals of nature and deadly castles, in a fairytale world. The game features an interesting 3-way co-op where each player has their own unique qualities.

  23. Best Co-Op Puzzle Games

    2-Player Online Co-Op. See at Steam. Portal 2 is rightfully hailed as one of the best single-player puzzle games of all time, and it completely deserves that reputation. However, Valve's project ...

  24. How I Fixed This xDefiant PC Problem With One Annoyingly Simple Trick

    About Kotaku and games. Games and Kotaku. They'd be one in the same in every lexicon on the planet if it were humanly possible. Whether it's the latest info on a new game, or hot gossip on the ...

  25. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ISEKAI Chronicles

    Check out the latest trailer depicting the game's Opening Animation. ... S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). ... and tears as Rimuru and his friends work together to solve residents' problems and ...

  26. Whales Have an Alphabet

    The Daily is made by Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Stella Tan ...

  27. Diablo 4 oyunu problem

    Thank you for making many players, including me, hate you by ignoring what many players have encountered since Season 4 and expecting your support for a solution. Although there have been lags and freezes since Season 4, from the moment you chose an existing character and entered the game, you did not find a solution or even made a suggestion. I don't know if you are aware of this, but we ...