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10 Top and Best Overseas Educational Consultants in Bangalore

10 Top and Best Overseas Educational Consultants in Bangalore

L K Monu Borkala

Embarking on a journey to study abroad can be a life-changing experience for Indian students. It offers a chance to expand horizons, gain global exposure, and pave the way for a successful future. However, the process can be overwhelming without the guidance of the best overseas educational consultants. In this article, we will explore how top consultants can simplify your study abroad aspirations, provide a list of the best study abroad destinations, outline available scholarships, and highlight the numerous benefits of studying abroad.

Guiding Your Study Abroad Journey: The Crucial Role of Study Abroad Consultants

A study abroad experience is a wonderful way to experience a new culture, broaden one’s horizons, and receive a top-notch education. Without the right support and advice, managing the challenges of studying abroad can be overwhelming. In order to guarantee a seamless and fruitful study abroad experience, study abroad consultants are essential.

They are professionals who focus on assisting students at each stage of their overseas education experience. They are priceless resources for prospective overseas students due to their expertise and experience in the subject. The suitable study overseas program may be chosen, and consultants can help with university applications, visa procedures, and pre-departure planning. Their comprehensive advice is personalized for each student’s needs.

Consulting with overseas educational consultants has many benefits, one of which is their extensive knowledge of numerous best study abroad destinations and programmes. They are knowledgeable about the academic opportunities, subtle cultural differences, and distinctive qualities of various cultures. Consultants take the time to learn about students’ academic objectives, professional aspirations, and personal preferences before assisting them in choosing the study abroad destination that best suits their needs.

Study overseas consultants are essential in streamlining the frequently challenging application procedures. They offer insightful tips on how to prepare application documents, compose compelling statements of purpose, obtain solid letters of recommendation, and adhere to deadlines. With their knowledge, students may confidently negotiate the challenging application processes, improving their chances of being accepted into the universities of their choice.

Students may find the immigration and visa procedures intimidating, but study overseas advisers also provide advice and support in this area. They support students in understanding visa requirements, gathering required paperwork, and efficiently completing the application process. Students can avoid potential difficulties and guarantee a hassle-free visa experience by working with a consultant by their side.

Another vital component of the study abroad preparation is pre-departure planning, and study abroad advisors excel at offering crucial advice. They provide useful information on cultural acculturation, housing possibilities, healthcare options, and other practical elements of living abroad. Consultants give students the tools they need to take full advantage of their international experience by assisting them in preparing for the possibilities and obstacles they may face while studying abroad.

Study abroad consultants frequently have a wide network of relationships with colleges, scholarship sponsors, and alumni networks in addition to providing these essential services. They can help students research financial aid and study abroad scholarships, which can improve their chances of finding money for school. Hiring consultants is a great way for students to get in touch with current or previous study abroad students who can provide them advice based on their own experiences.

Study Abroad Benefits:

  • Cultural Immersion: By immersing students in a foreign culture, study abroad helps students develop a greater understanding and respect of various traditions, customs, and lifestyles. Students that travel for their studies will experience amazing new cuisines, cultures, traditions, and social settings. They’ll discover that they have a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the culture and history of the country. They will get the chance to see a totally different way of living.
  • Global Networking: This is one of the most distinctive study abroad benefits. Students have the opportunity to engage and develop worldwide networks with classmates, instructors, and professionals from around the world, forging important bonds that will open up doors for future collaborations and employment opportunities. Students greatly expand their network of contacts while also gaining a few new friends. Some connections could ultimately point them in the direction of exciting future opportunities in research, education, or work. Some might even turn into commercial or professional partners. The more people in their network, the more probable it is that they will find personal and professional fulfillment.
  • Language proficiency: Studying and living abroad offers a special setting for developing language proficiency. A student’s ability to learn a language can improve ten times more than it did before they got the chance to study abroad. This may also open up employment chances, as businesses frequently prefer to hire people who speak native language.
  • Academic Excellence: Many study abroad programs give students access to prestigious universities and academic institutions, giving them access to cutting-edge teaching techniques and a high-quality education.
  • Expanded Academic Possibilities: Students have the chance to explore a variety of academic fields, specialized courses, and research possibilities that might not be accessible to them in their native country.
  • Personal Development: As students traverse foreign situations, adjust to new cultures, and overcome obstacles, study abroad fosters personal development, self-discovery, and independence.
  • Global Mindset: Learning about many cultures and viewpoints helps to develop a global mindset, which encourages tolerance, open-mindedness, and international understanding. Students who study abroad figuratively become citizens of the world. This is because obtaining a degree abroad allows them the opportunity to explore a wide range of different career options. They gain new perspectives on the world and gain crucial self-management skills. Having a global perspective can lead to many opportunities.
  • Enhanced Employability: Employers value graduates who have opted to pursue their education overseas. Employers respect study abroad-related qualities including adaptability, cross-cultural communication, and problem-solving aptitudes, daring, cultural sensitivity, and understanding of other people’s perspectives which makes graduates more marketable while looking for a job. The advantage over the competition when applying for internships and jobs is increased by this experience.
  • Intercultural Communication Skills: By connecting with people from various backgrounds, students build excellent intercultural communication skills that promote productive communication and collaboration in a variety of contexts.
  • Expanded employment chances: Employers generally seek out employees with international experience and cultural awareness, thus study abroad benefits can increase employment opportunities globally.
  • Personal Independence: Living abroad allows students to develop their independence, flexibility, and self-assurance in their decision-making skills. For the majority of students, college represents a challenging learning curve towards independence. However, going overseas for education encourages students to grow as people on a far deeper level. Students pursuing overseas education actually grow into independence because they are given the freedom to think independently.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Study abroad increases cultural sensitivity and knowledge, encouraging appreciation for difference and dispelling misconceptions.
  • Expanded Worldview: Students get a stronger grasp of various social, economic, and political contexts as a result of gaining a larger perspective on international concerns. Improves cross-cultural competency as well as many other abilities by learning to understand and appreciate people from other cultures.
  • Personal resiliency: Overcoming difficulties in a new setting fosters resiliency, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to adjust to strange circumstances.
  • Friendships Across Cultures: Being able to socialize with new people from various backgrounds is priceless. Overseas education makes it easier to build friends for life with people from other cultural backgrounds, creating a worldwide support system.
  • Experiential Learning: Students have the chance to participate in practical learning activities, fieldwork, internships, or volunteer work in various cultural contexts, strengthening their educational journey.
  • Personal and Professional Confidence: Developing confidence to overcome any obstacles is one of the many study abroad benefits. Students put themselves to the test by being in an unfamiliar setting. They instantly become more aware of their surroundings and vigilant. They develop their ability to observe, something they won’t do if they remain in their comfort zone. Confidence in oneself and one’s abilities to succeed in a new environment, as well as in a foreign educational system, increases both personally and professionally.
  • Better Global Awareness: Students have a thorough awareness of global issues and are inspired to take action to address social problems on a global scale.
  • Adventure and exploration: Study abroad gives students the chance to discover other cultures, new cities, and natural and historical landmarks while making lifelong memories.
  • Self-discovery: The chance for self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth offered by education abroad The chance for self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth offered by study abroad helps students develop a more comprehensive awareness of their own identities, values, and objectives.helps students develop a more comprehensive awareness of their own identities, values, and objectives.

10 Best Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore

Many students aspire to study abroad, and making this decision requires careful consideration and planning. The ideal study abroad program and university can be difficult to choose because there are so many possibilities available. Overseas educational consultants can help with that. They make the process easier and less stressful by providing students who want to study abroad with professional advice and assistance.

Here’s a list of top ten overseas education consultancy services in Bangalore. Each consultant specializes in giving students who want to study abroad exceptional services. These consultation services are the first choice for students seeking for trustworthy direction and assistance during their preparation for studying abroad because of their extensive experience, solid partnerships with universities, and successful track records. Let’s examine the notable qualities and capabilities of each consulting service:

1. Collegemarker Study Abroad

Collegemarker Study Abroad is one of the best overseas educational consultants in Bangalore, Collegemarker Study Abroad is renowned for its extensive service offering and tailored approach. Their team of knowledgeable consultants is committed to offering professional advice on study abroad programs, university selection, and application processes. They value giving each student their undivided attention, and they adjust their services to suit that requirements and goals. Collegemarker Study abroad, Overseas Educational Consultants give students access to a variety of study abroad opportunities due to a large network of partner universities. They have a well-deserved reputation as one of Bangalore’s top international education consultants as a result of their dedication to student success and client happiness.

They are dedicated to making the desires of students who want to study in foreign universities a reality by understanding their hopes and aspirations. They provide individualized and comprehensive services to assist students in navigating the challenges of studying abroad with their years of experience and knowledge. Their committed team will help students at every stage, from choosing the best study abroad destinations, programs to obtaining scholarships and managing visa applications. They have solid relationships with well-known universities all around the world, guaranteeing that they have access to the best options for study abroad.

2. Study Next Overseas

Leading consultancy firm Study Next Overseas Study Abroad Consultants has a track record of providing students with good outcomes. Their team of knowledgeable consultants has a wealth of information on best study abroad destinations and programs. They offer personalized counseling and advice based on the academic qualifications, professional objectives, and preferences of each student. The consultants at Study Next Overseas who specialize in studying abroad can help with university selection, application preparation, and visa application support. They place a high value on student happiness and go above and beyond to make sure that students receive complete support during their overseas education experience. Study Next Overseas study abroad consultants have successfully assisted many students in attaining their goals because of their knowledge and dedication.

3. Edwise International

With more than 25 years of experience, Edwise International is a top overseas educational consultant for international education. Students looking to study abroad might receive personalized counseling and direction from them. They have a group of knowledgeable counselors that can offer professional guidance on study abroad opportunities, colleges, and scholarships. Additionally, they provide help with test preparation and visa applications. In Bangalore, Edwise International has made a name for itself as a reliable consulting firm. They provide a variety of services, such as career guidance, university selection, application support, and visa support. Their team of professionals makes sure that students are knowledgeable about programs and study abroad scholarships. Edwise International gives students access to the best study abroad programs and locations through their strong partnerships with universities throughout the world.

4. Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities offers a specialized strategy to help students realize their aspirations of studying abroad. They are aware that every student has individual objectives and desires, and they cater their services appropriately. Their knowledgeable study abroad consultants help with selecting the best study abroad program, putting together application materials, and obtaining study abroad scholarships. Global Opportunities is one of Bangalore’s top overseas educational consultancy services because of their track record of placing students in prestigious colleges. They provide complete services to students wishing to study abroad and have a network of more than 100 universities throughout the world. They offer counseling, help with visas, advice on scholarships, and test preparation. They also provide help with housing and travel plans.

5. Study Metro

Study Metro is a reputable overseas educational consultant firm in Bangalore that has a reputation for offering thorough support and direction to students. Expert guidance is provided on study abroad programs, admission requirements, and visa procedures by their team of knowledgeable advisors. Additionally, they help students with test preparation and offer language training courses to improve students’ language skills. To guarantee that students have access to the greatest overseas education possibilities, Study Metro makes use of their wide network of partner colleges. Study Metro has built a solid reputation among parents and students alike for delivering reliable information and customized support. It is one of the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore that provides knowledgeable advice on colleges, programs and best study abroad destinations. They have a group of qualified counselors who offer students individualized counseling. They also provide aid with lodging, travel, and visa applications.

6. The Chopras

The Chopras are a well-known name in the world of study abroad consultants. They have more than 25 years of experience and provide a variety of services for students interested in studying abroad. They offer test preparation, help with visas, advice on scholarships, and counseling. To advise students about study abroad opportunities and universities, they also host educational fairs and seminars. They are dedicated to giving students the tools they need to realize their dreams of studying abroad. They provide a wide range of services, including professional advice on picking the best study abroad destinations, appropriate study abroad programs, and application process navigation. Students receive assistance from their team of knowledgeable consultants in creating compelling applications that reflect their abilities and goals. In order to make international study more affordable for students, they also offer insightful information about study abroad scholarships and funding choices. They guarantee that students have access to a wide variety of study abroad alternatives catered to their interests and goals with the help of their robust network of partner universities. The Chopras is a reliable choice for students in Bangalore because of the individualized attention and dedication to student development.

7. IDP Education

IDP Education is a leader in providing overseas educational consultancy services. They provide professional advice on institutions and study abroad programs in addition to help with visa applications and English proficiency exams. It is a recognised consulting firm that has earned a reputation for providing thorough help and direction throughout the study abroad process. Their staff of knowledgeable advisers provides insightful advice on study abroad scholarships, college selection, and programs possibilities. They assist students to ensure a smooth transfer because they are knowledgeable about the complexities of visa application processes. The pre-departure support provided by IDP Education helps students get ready for their new academic and cultural surroundings, enriching their study abroad experience. IDP Education offers a wide variety of overseas education opportunities to students with its extensive network of partner universities. They are a popular option for students in Bangalore due to their focus to ensuring student satisfaction and their commitment to offering all-around support.

8. Krishna Consultants

Students seeking to study abroad can benefit from a wide range of services offered by Krishna Consultants, a reputable international education consultant in Bangalore. They offer counseling, exam preparation, visa help, and scholarship advice, among other things. They also provide help with housing and travel plans. Krishna Consultants lives up to its name by providing knowledgeable direction and assistance to students interested in studying abroad. Their team of knowledgeable counselors has a thorough understanding of the admissions procedures, programs, and visa requirements. They offer individualized guidance to aid students in making decisions about their preparation for education abroad. To ensure a simple and hassle-free application process, Krishna Consultants offers support with university selection, application preparation, and documentation. Krishna Consultants have made an identity for themselves as a top overseas educational consultants in Bangalore with regard to their dedication to giving accurate information and their emphasis on the unique needs of each student.

9. Study Overseas Global

Study Overseas Global is an overseas education consultancy services that helps students fulfill their dreams of studying overseas. They provide thorough advice and assistance, including with choosing universities, with applications, and with visa applications. Their staff of advisors stays up to date on the most recent developments in global education and offers insightful advice on study abroad possibilities and scholarship chances. Students will receive individualized attention and assistance from Study Overseas Global during their study abroad preparation. They give students a variety of study abroad choices that they can choose from due to their extensive network of partner universities. Their experience, tailored approach, and dedication to the academic achievement of each individual student has established Study Overseas Global as a reputable consultant in Bangalore. Study Overseas Global, which has offices in more than 30 countries, provides knowledgeable advice on study abroad programs and colleges as well as help with visa applications and housing.

10. Global Reach

Global Reach is an overseas education consultant that distinguishes out for its dedication to giving students thorough and customized instruction. They provide a wide range of services, such as university selection, help with applications, standardized exam preparation, and visa assistance. Their staff of knowledgeable counselors offers individualized guidance based on each student’s academic history, career objectives, and interests. Strong collaborations between Global Reach and universities around the world give students access to the best study abroad opportunities. They are a respectable option for students in Bangalore due to their commitment to guaranteeing student satisfaction and their track record of successful placements. It is one of the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore. They offer specially tailored advice and counseling to students looking to study abroad. To advise students about study abroad opportunities and universities, they also host educational fairs and seminars.

  • What are the benefits of studying abroad ?

With study abroad benefits students can broaden their horizons, experience new things, discover other cultures, and learn things by studying abroad. Additionally, it can help them grow personally and professionally. Studying abroad provides prospects for increased self-confidence, academic excellence, job success, personal development, and absorption in a foreign culture. It also improves language abilities.

  • In what ways might overseas education consultants benefit Indian students?

Top overseas education consultants offer individualized advice, help choosing an institution, admissions support, visa and immigration advice, and pre-departure orientation.

  • Which are some of the best study abroad destinations for Indian students?

Best study abroad destinations for Indian students include the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

  • Are there scholarships available for Indian students to study abroad?

Yes, there are study abroad scholarships specifically designed to support Indian students in pursuing their dreams of studying abroad. Consultants can provide information and guidance on scholarship opportunities.

  • What services do study abroad consultants offer?

Study abroad consultants offer expertise in study program selection, university admissions, visa and immigration assistance, and pre-departure preparation.

  • How does studying abroad help you develop in your career?

Through international experience, cross-cultural communication skills, and a global network of professional connections, studying abroad improves employability.

  • What valuable talents may you pick up from studying abroad?

Intercultural communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are just a few of the talents that may be developed by study abroad.

  • Can studying abroad foster personal development and confidence?

Yes, studying abroad enables students to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zones, face obstacles, and increase their self-confidence.

  • How can overseas education broaden one’s outlook?

Students who study abroad have a deeper awareness of the world by being exposed to a variety of cultures, traditions, and viewpoints.

  • What are some illustrations of overseas education experiences that are immersive in learning?

Field trips, internships, research projects, and involvement with the community are a few examples of immersive learning opportunities.

  • Why should I consult with an overseas education consultancy services?

Students  may choose the best study abroad program and university with the help of an overseas education consultant, who can also help with visa applications, scholarships, and other crucial aspects of studying abroad.

  • Which is the best overseas educational consultant in Bangalore?

Collegemarker Study Abroad consultancy is one of the best overseas educational consultants in Bangalore. They offer a wide range of services, including counseling, visa assistance, scholarship guidance, and assistance with travel arrangements.

  • How can I finance my study abroad course?

Study abroad scholarships, grants, student loans, or  personal savings are all possible choices for funding overseas education.

  • What qualifications are necessary to study abroad?

Depending on the program and university, different requirements apply for studying abroad. However, the majority of programs demand a minimum GPA, proficiency in English, and standardized test results.

  • How much time does it take to complete overseas education?

The length of a study abroad program varies by university and program. The majority of programs, however, run one to four years.

  • What documentation is needed to study abroad?

Depending on the country and program, different visas are needed for students who wish to study abroad. But for the majority of programs, students will need a student visa, which they may get through the embassy or consulate of the country where they want to study.

  • Can I work while I’m abroad studying?

Yes, a lot of study abroad programs permit participants to hold down a part-time job. However, depending on the program and the country, different types of occupations and a different number of hours are permitted.

  • How much does it cost to live when studying abroad?

Depending on the program and the country, different living costs apply to studying abroad. However, one should allocate money for travel, lodging, food, and other incidentals.

  • How can I get ready to study abroad?

Studying abroad can be prepared for by learning about the university and program, the local culture, and customs, as well as by honing one’s language skills.

  • How can I choose the right study abroad program?

Students can choose the right study abroad program by considering their interests, career goals, and personal preferences. Top overseas educational consultants in Bangalore will guide students to choose the right study abroad  program and would also offer a wide range of services, including counseling, visa assistance, scholarship guidance, and assistance with travel arrangements.

  • How can I submit an application for an overseas education?

Overseas education consultancy services will  help you apply and submit applications for foreign universities and colleges.

  • How can I increase my chances of receiving a study abroad scholarship?

Maintaining a high GPA, taking part in extracurricular activities, and writing a compelling scholarship essay can all help students increase their chances of receiving a scholarship for studying abroad.

  • What are the benefits of consulting an overseas education consultant near me? 

You can get personalized advice and support as well as assistance with the application process, scholarship guidance, visa assistance etc by consulting with overseas educational consultants near you.

  • How can I choose top overseas educational consultant firms for overseas education?

By investigating the company’s reputation, experience, and services provided, students can select the best foreign education consultancy services. Additionally, read reviews and seek out advice.

  • What is the role of an overseas education consultant?

A crucial part of helping students through the full process of studying abroad is played by the best overseas educational consultants. They offer thorough support and direction, assisting students in making decisions regarding their educational and professional aspirations.

  • Can foreign education experts help with different countries’ study abroad programs?

Yes, Overseas education experts are knowledgeable about study abroad programs all around the world. They are able to assist students in selecting the best study abroad program based on their preferences and academic objectives because they have knowledge about colleges and institutions in various countries.

  • How can a consultant for international education assist me in choosing the ideal study abroad location?

When recommending the top study abroad locations for you, international education advisors take into account your academic background, professional goals, financial constraints, and personal preferences. They give you information about the standard of living, way of life, chances for employment, and cultural facets of various nations, assisting you in making an informed choice.

  • Are international education consultants up to date on the most recent requirements and trends for studying abroad?

Yes, overseas educational consultants stay current on new trends in study abroad, modifications  to admission standards, changes to visa procedures, and other pertinent information. They frequently participate in training sessions, workshops, and seminars to make sure they are giving students accurate and current advice.

  • Can an overseas educational consultant near me provide personalized guidance?

Yes, overseas educational consultants can provide you with personalized guidance.

  • Can overseas educational consultants offer advice on chances for work opportunities following studies abroad?

Yes, advice on post-study job opportunities abroad can be obtained from overseas education advisors. They are knowledgeable with the labor market, rules governing work permits, and employment opportunities abroad. Choosing study programmes with opportunities for post-study employment, such as graduate programmes with post-study work visas, is something consultants can advise on.

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for students to gain new experiences, learn about different cultures, and expand their horizons. However, the process of choosing the right study abroad program and university can be overwhelming. That’s where overseas education consultants come in.

If you’re looking for the best overseas educational consultants in Bangalore, consider Collegemarker Study Abroad consultancy. They offer expert guidance and support to students seeking to study abroad, making the process smoother and hassle-free.

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Videsh Educon" tie up with World Top International Universities for various courses. It has World wide offices like USA,UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Georgia, Philippines, Russia, Nepal, Malaysia & Mauritius. SERVICES: Passport guidance, Visa processing, Documents translation, Invitation/Admission, Travel insurance, Bank loan finance assistance, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, German ... less

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Established in 1993, Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd. has helped overseas education students’ dreams come true. The institute offers various academic programs for SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc. The institute has strong tie-ups with 30+ countries and the best universities worldwide. Jamboree also has the best in-faculty team holding 10+ years of experience in overseas coaching. Jamboree is also partnered with banks like IDFC, Axis Bank, Prodigy, etc.

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We are a leading overseas education consultancy, providing a one-stop solution for aspiring students like you and all partner institutions. Our goal is to make your whole study abroad process easy and free of hassles and towards this end, we provide our services to students free of cost. we provide professional career counselling/consulting services to students in India who would like to pursue further education abroad in countries like Canada, N ... less

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"As a parent, I couldn't be happier with the services provided by Golden Compass Global Education Pvt. Ltd. They guided my child through the entire process of studying abroad, from choosing the right university to visa assistance. The team is highly knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly supportive. Their expertise and dedication made this often complex journey a smooth and successful one. I highly recommend Golden Compass Global Education Pvt. Ltd, to any parent looking for top-notch educational consultancy."

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Single Minded Eduserve Private Limited

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SINGLE MINDED EDUSERVE PRIVATE LIMITED have experienced in this business for 24 years . We are providing services for_Entrance Exam Coaching , Overseas Education. We have 10 working staff with us.. You can reach us between Sunday to Saturday.. Kindly Visit Us for better experience.......... less

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Fantastic treat from counsillors, having a depth knowldge in processing , helped a lot. thanks

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Enquiries on Top Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore 2000+ Users enquired about Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore over the last 2 months

  • Study destination: Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, New Zealand
  • Course level: Postgraduate
  • Preferred course of study: Medicine/MBBS
  • Study destination: Canada, UK, USA, Germany
  • Course level: Undergraduate
  • Preferred course of study: Engineering
  • Study destination: UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand
  • Preferred course of study: Hotel Management
  • Study destination: South Korea

Study Abroad and Build a Bright Career with the Best Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore

If you are planning to pursue higher studies abroad, seek expert guidance from the best overseas education consultants in Bangalore. Out of numerous colleges and courses available for a candidate’s choice, the study abroad centers help students get through the best ones with their strong networking with the prestigious educational institutions overseas. Whether you want to study MBBS abroad, pursue an MBA degree or any field of specialization, the study overseas consultants can make the entire process hassle-free for you. At Sulekha, find the best from 1090+ abroad education consultants in Bangalore. Make your dream come true today!

Why do I need to consult overseas education consultants to study abroad?

Study Abroad or Overseas Education consultants who facilitate students for international education to study overseas, and guide students to get entry into universities outside their home countries. When planning to study overseas, there are several factors that need to be taken care of. A person with inexperience may not know the admission procedure, visa application process, accommodation requirements or fee structure necessary to pursue higher studies in a new country. In this scenario, only experienced abroad consultancy in Bangalore can assist you with proper guidance to help fulfill your dream. They have the knowledge, expertise and networking with premier colleges and universities overseas, and can best guide you in getting admission in your course of choice.

Can study abroad consultants in Bangalore help me prepare for the entrance exams?

Yes; premier study abroad consultancies provide test coaching at par with industry standards. They have dedicated coaching classes to help the students prepare for and achieve high rankings in IELTS , SAT , TOFEL , GRE or GMAT . Their experienced faculty members also provide valuable tips and tricks to help crack the internationally recognized exams.

How can I find the top overseas consultancy in Bangalore on Sulekha?

To start with it, fill up the form above mentioning your preferred study abroad destination. The results on Sulekha will be sorted likewise. You can also filter the search based on location and type of course. Our experts will assist you in making the right choice. Shortlist and compare the abroad consultancy near me based on their reviews, ratings, fee structure, service quality, experience, etc.

Can I apply for the course of my choice through overseas education consultants in Bangalore?

You may have a particular preference in terms of choosing from courses to study abroad. However, to be able to apply for that course, you need to have the required GPA or Grade Point Average. While some private universities in India grade students based on the GPA system, others don’t. If you have completed a course from a university that does not use the GPA system for grading students, you have to make sure that your preferred foreign university recognizes and acknowledges your degree. Certain international universities may not acknowledge your degree. In that case, you would have to appear for a bridge course and give another examination for which you would be graded using the GPA system.

How much GPA do I need to have to be considered for studying in a foreign university?

If you want to study in the most premier institutions, you need to have a minimum GPA ranging from 3.00-4.00. For other colleges, minimum GPA requirements may range from 2.50-3.00.

Do I need to submit additional documents to the foreign university where I want admission?

What documents you need to submit to the foreign university or college of your choice depends completely on the university itself. You should speak thoroughly to the consultants to know all about the documents that you have to submit. Certain documents that you may have to submit to the foreign university of your choice include Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, and documents stating your overall educational and professional work experiences.

Do I need to appear for any competitive examination to increase my chances of studying at my preferred foreign university?

If you want to study in an English-speaking country such as England, Australia, or the USA, you may have to appear for competitive examinations such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). While not all universities require you to secure a good ranking in these tests, some do. It’s best to talk to your overseas education consultant to know whether you would have to appear for these examinations to study at the University of your choice.

How soon do I need to apply for studying a course at the foreign university of my choice?

Not all countries follow the academic session pattern that is supported by colleges and universities in India. Different countries follow different patterns, which means academic sessions begin at different times. To ensure a prompt application to your preferred foreign university, you should have a detailed discussion with your overseas education consult and start preparing for your application as early as possible.

Why has Canada emerged as a popular destination for Indian students who want to pursue their higher studies abroad?

Talk to any quality overseas education consultant in Bangalore, and they would surely suggest Canada as one of the countries that you could consider for your foreign studies. Thousands of Indians are presently pursuing their foreign studies in Canada, and the emergence of Canada as a major educational hub for Indians has several reasons. Firstly, Canadian universities are held in high regard around the world. They have been producing outstanding professionals in various fields for many years now and judging by their ever-increasing standards; they are sure to produce many more in the near future. Secondly, studying in Canadian universities is much cheaper for Indians when you compare educational expenses in Canadian universities to that of universities in England, Australia, or the USA.

Is it possible to stay back in a foreign country after completing my course?

A lot of Indians studying abroad often fall in love with foreign countries such as the USA and Canada. These students want to stay back after they complete their courses. However, whether they can back or not entirely depends on their visa status. If you get a job, you would get a work visa, which would permit you to keep staying in the country. However, if you don’t, and your visa expires, you have to return to India. If you don’t adhere to your visa rules and regulations, you might face action from legal authorities.

How much do I have to pay overseas education consultants in Bangalore for their services?

Different overseas education consultants have different charges. However, typically, charges of Bangalore based overseas education consultants range from Rs. 10,000 – 30,000. The work that they would do for this money includes suggesting possible foreign universities based on your preferences and also helping out with your student visa. If you want the consultant to provide additional services, he may charge more.

What is the immigration process for Indian/International Students?

To apply for immigration online, the students must log on to the immigration portal of the country. To apply for immigration offline, the students can visit centers set up by the embassies of different countries. Certain significant factors that should be considered while applying for an immigration visa are funding status, bonafide documents, SOP stating the genuineness of the visa requirement, personal ties with the home country, and health checkups. The immigration process for Indian students can be completed in a few simple steps,

  • Apply and get accepted by a reputed educational institution
  • On receiving the acceptance letter, make arrangements for the financial requirements
  • Apply for a student visa at the nearest study abroad consultancy in Bangalore or the embassy of the country
  • Submit proof of medical check-ups and vaccinations
  • Pay the visa fee, submit biometrics, and attend the visa interview
  • Wait for the visa processing and receive the student visa
  • To eliminate the hassle of completing all the processes, Sulekha lists expert overseas consultancy in Bangalore.

What is the Top 5 Study Abroad Scholarships?

A major factor that plays a role in the decision-making process of overseas studies is the expense that it would incur. These expenses would include student fees, boarding fees, and cost of living abroad. There is a huge amount of study abroad scholarships that will help cover your costs such as:

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

When you enroll yourself in an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, you could receive a full scholarship covering your living costs and student fees. This lasts between one and two years and the programs would suggest two participating universities. This program covers multiple universities across Europe.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Qs leadership scholarship.

This scholarship is worth US$10,000 and it is awarded to postgraduate students who exhibit exceptional leadership qualities and those who have contributed to a cause or community. You would have to submit a short essay and be on the lookout for the QS World Grad tour.

QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence

The QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence is worth US$10,000 and it goes to students who show extraordinary academic excellence and can contribute to his or her field. The award amount can be used for the student’s masters or Ph.D. program anywhere in the world.

QS Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship award US$10,000 for tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree in a university in any of the QS ranking. If you need to avail this scholarship, you would have to submit a short essay explaining how your life and ambitions have been impacted by an inspirational person. These are just a few out of many scholarships that would help you leap over financial limitations. You can also use the help of an educational consultant to figure out the process.

What are the costs to study at a foreign university?

Studying in a foreign university can be an expensive affair. However, the cost depends on factors such as the course expenses, personal lifestyle, and living costs in the preferred country. Indian/International students can enjoy much lower course fees at state universities than at private universities. In any case, it is ideal to seek assistance from your overseas education consultant, as abroad consultancy are the best people to compare and give conclusive advice on the best. The following chart enlists the estimated costs that you would have to incur in some popular countries for Indians pursuing foreign studies:

Study in UK

  • Undergraduate Courses : Rs. 14,00,000 – 40,00,000
  • Post-graduate Courses : Rs. 10,00,000 – 50,00,000

Study in USA

  • Undergraduate Courses : Rs. 18,00,000 – 30,00,000
  • Post-graduate Courses : Rs. 30,00,000 – 80,00,000

Study in Australia

  • Undergraduate Courses : Rs. 10,00,000 – 20,00,000
  • Post-graduate Courses : Rs. 12,00,000 – 22,00,000

Study in Canada

  • Undergraduate Courses : Rs. 7,00,000 – 25,00,000
  • Post-graduate Courses : Rs. 5,00,000 – 25,00,000

FAQ - Best Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore

Which consultancy is best to study abroad.

To find the best study abroad consultancies, visit Sulekha, as we have listed over 10,000+ verified consultants near you. The listed partners offer career counseling by experts with expertise. They also provide various other customized services based on the need. These are our top 10 study-abroad consultants in Bangalore.

  • Azent Overseas Education Ltd.
  • International Training and Consulting Services Private Limited
  • Caston Consultancies LLP
  • Turito India Private Limited
  • Phoenix Global Resettlement Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nationwide Immigration Services Private Limited
  • The Hope Overseas Education Consultants
  • Career Gyan Pvt. Ltd.

Do I need a consultant to study abroad?

It is not mandatory to opt for a consultant to study abroad. However, there are various benefits one could reap while seeking help from consultants, as they take care of various essential things and make the process hassle-free. The consultants offer career counseling, financial aid & scholarships, entrance coaching, visa assistance, pre-departure services, and more.

What questions should I ask an overseas education consultant near me?

Some of the significant questions that you should ask an overseas education consultant near you are,

  • Which course and county will match your needs and profile
  • When exactly should you apply for the course
  • Basic requirements and eligibility to apply for the course
  • Which entrance should you take to seek admission and scholarships offered
  • Living expenses and student accommodation in the chosen country

Which is the cheapest country to study abroad in?

There are a lot of countries that are cheap for students to study in. Some of the top ones are as follows:

  • Norway: Here, students are given high-quality education at public universities free of cost, irrespective of their nationalities.
  • Germany: Germany has many reputed institutes that offer education at relatively low costs. There is no tuition fee for UG and Ph.D. students at some public universities.
  • Taiwan: Apart from offering education at low costs, the cost of living in this place is also considerably low
  • France: Despite being an expensive country, France is popular with international students for its cheap tuition fee. 

Which course has high demand abroad?

A lot of courses have a high value when pursued abroad. Some of the high-demand courses and the countries where one can study them are as follows:

How long is the IELTS score card valid?

The duration of validity for the IELTS score is two years. This duration is calculated from the date of the result announcement. With this IELTS scorecard, the candidates can apply for higher education and jobs in countries like New Zealand, the UK, USAM Canada, and Australia.

  • Business Administration: USA and UK 
  • Engineering: USA, Germany, and Australia 
  • Data Science: UK and USA
  • Architecture: UK and Australia
  • Law: Australia and Canada

What services do overseas education centres in Bangalore offer?

Top-notch abroad education consultants offer comprehensive services to help meet the unique needs of the students aspiring to get overseas education. Typically, they offer the following overseas education services like:

  • Career counselling
  • Course selection guidance
  • Entrance exam coaching
  • Admission guidance in colleges/universities abroad
  • Visa assistance
  • Education loan
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Travel & FOREX assistance
  • Accommodation/hostel facility support

In which countries can overseas consultants help me study abroad in Bangalore?

The best overseas education consultants in Bangalore can assist you to get admission in leading colleges and universities at top study abroad destinations like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland and other countries.

How much does it cost to study overseas?

The cost of studying overseas includes the tuition fee, living expenses and cost of visa and flight tickets. The tuition fees may widely vary from one educational institution to another based on their popularity, course type and duration of the study. The cost will also depend on the city/country chosen, quality of accommodation, etc.

Can I combine work and studies when I go abroad through overseas education consultants in Bangalore?

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