Top 16 Nurse Resume Objective Examples

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A resume objective is a short statement that introduces you and your qualifications to an employer. Writing a resume objective for a nurse position should focus on the skills and experience you have that make you suitable for the role. When crafting your resume objective, be sure to emphasize the specific qualities that make you an ideal candidate, such as experience with patient care, knowledge of medical terminology, or familiarity with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, it can be helpful to include information about what you hope to gain from the position. For example: "Seeking a nursing position where I can utilize my 5 years of experience in patient care while also expanding my skillset." Another example could be: "Highly motivated RN seeking a position in which I can apply my clinical expertise and commitment to providing quality care." Ultimately, your resume objective should be tailored specifically to the job role and reflect your unique set of qualifications.

Nurse Resume Example

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Top 16 Nurse Resume Objective Samples

  • To obtain a position as a Nurse where I can utilize my nursing education and experience to provide quality healthcare.
  • To secure a position as a Nurse in an environment that encourages professional growth and development.
  • To join a team of dedicated nurses committed to providing the highest standard of patient care.
  • To leverage my knowledge and experience in nursing to provide excellent patient care.
  • To apply my clinical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in a challenging nursing role.
  • Seeking an opportunity to work as a Nurse in an organization that values dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence.
  • To contribute my expertise in nursing to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction and quality care.
  • To use my knowledge of medical terminology, treatments, and procedures to provide exceptional patient care.
  • To pursue a career as a Nurse with an organization that offers opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • Seeking an opportunity to contribute my expertise in nursing at an established healthcare facility.
  • Aiming to join a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality healthcare services with compassion and respect for patients.
  • To apply my years of experience as a nurse while continuing to learn new techniques, treatments, and technologies within the field of healthcare.
  • Looking for the chance to use my strong interpersonal skills combined with extensive clinical knowledge in order to provide compassionate care for patients.
  • Seeking employment as a Nurse where I can utilize my excellent communication skills while delivering high-quality patient care.
  • Hoping to join an organization that values hard work, dedication, and commitment while providing outstanding patient-centered care services.
  • Aiming for the opportunity to use my technical skills combined with strong leadership abilities in order to deliver superior healthcare services

How to Write a Nurse Resume Objective

A nurse resume objective is an important part of a nurse’s career portfolio. It is the first thing a potential employer will see and should be written in such a way that it captures the attention of the reader. To write an effective nurse resume objective, follow these steps:

1. Start with your qualifications: Begin by clearly stating your qualifications as a nurse. This should include any degrees or certifications you have earned, as well as any specializations or experience you have in specific areas of nursing.

2. Identify your goals: Your objective should also include what you hope to achieve professionally as a nurse and how you plan to do so. For example, if your goal is to become a head nurse at a hospital, make sure to include that in your objective statement.

3. Highlight your skills: Showcase the skills that make you stand out from other nurses by emphasizing any accomplishments or awards that demonstrate your expertise in the field of nursing.

4. Keep it concise: Avoid using unnecessary language in your resume objective and be sure to keep it concise and to-the-point; this will help ensure that employers can quickly understand who you are and why they should hire you for the position they are looking to fill.

5. Tailor it for each job application: Make sure to tailor each version of your resume objective for each job application; this will show employers that you are serious about pursuing the position and have done research on their specific requirements for the role they are offering.

By following these steps when writing a nurse resume objective, potential employers will be able to quickly understand why they should hire you and get an idea of what type of contribution you can make in their organization as a nurse.

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Key Skills to Highlight in Your Nurse Resume Objective

In the competitive field of nursing, your resume needs to stand out and make a strong impression. One crucial area that can significantly influence a potential employer's perception is your resume objective. This section should not only state your career goals but also highlight your key skills relevant to the nursing position you're applying for. The following are some essential skills you should consider including in your nurse resume objective to showcase your capabilities and commitment effectively.

1. Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy is a crucial skill for a nurse as it involves drawing blood from patients for various tests, transfusions, research, or donations. This skill is necessary to mention in a resume objective because it demonstrates the nurse's technical ability and expertise in patient care. It also shows their capability to handle sensitive procedures and their proficiency in maintaining patient safety and comfort. Furthermore, phlebotomy requires steady hands, precision, and attention to detail - qualities that are valuable in the nursing profession.

2. Catheterization

Catheterization is a crucial skill for a nurse as it involves inserting a tube into a patient's body to treat diseases or perform medical procedures. This skill showcases the ability to provide essential care, manage patient discomfort, and reduce the risk of infection. Including this in a resume objective demonstrates technical proficiency, attention to detail, and commitment to patient safety and comfort. It also shows that the nurse is capable of performing invasive procedures which require precision and expertise.

3. Wound care

A nurse's resume objective should include the skill of wound care as it is a fundamental aspect of nursing. This skill demonstrates the ability to provide direct patient care, ensure cleanliness and prevent infections, which are critical for patient recovery. It also shows that the nurse has knowledge in assessing, treating and monitoring various types of wounds, which can be crucial in different healthcare settings. Including this skill in a resume objective can make a candidate more appealing to potential employers as it highlights their practical nursing skills and their commitment to patient health and safety.

4. IV insertion

IV insertion is a critical skill for a nurse as it involves administering medication, fluids, or drawing blood from patients. This skill demonstrates the nurse's technical ability and competence in providing direct patient care. It also shows their capability to handle complex procedures, work under pressure, and ensure patient comfort and safety. Including this skill in a resume objective can highlight the candidate's proficiency in essential nursing tasks, enhancing their appeal to potential employers.

5. Medication administration

Nurses are often responsible for administering medication to patients as prescribed by doctors. This requires a strong understanding of different types of medications, their dosages, and potential side effects. It also involves careful attention to detail to ensure each patient receives the correct medication at the right time. Therefore, having medication administration as a skill on a resume can demonstrate to potential employers that the candidate is capable of effectively managing this crucial aspect of patient care.

6. EKG interpretation

EKG interpretation is a crucial skill for a nurse as it demonstrates the ability to monitor and interpret the electrical activity of a patient's heart. This skill is vital in assessing, diagnosing, and treating cardiovascular conditions. Including this on a resume objective shows potential employers that the candidate possesses advanced medical knowledge and can provide high-quality care to patients with heart-related issues. It also indicates that the nurse can work independently, make critical decisions quickly, and handle high-stress situations effectively.

7. Patient assessment

Patient assessment is a critical skill for a nurse as it involves evaluating and monitoring the health condition of patients. This skill is necessary for a resume objective because it shows potential employers that the candidate can effectively gather patient information, make accurate diagnoses, and develop appropriate nursing care plans. It also demonstrates their ability to make critical decisions related to patient care and their commitment to ensuring patient safety and comfort.

8. CPR certification

CPR certification is a crucial skill for a nurse as it demonstrates the ability to respond effectively during emergency situations. It shows that the nurse has the knowledge and competence to perform life-saving procedures when a patient's heart stops or they stop breathing. This skill can increase a nurse's employability and effectiveness in their role, making it an important addition to a resume objective.

9. Infection control

Infection control is a critical skill for a nurse as it directly relates to the safety and health of patients. Nurses are often on the front lines in preventing the spread of infections in healthcare settings. Demonstrating proficiency in infection control can show potential employers that you are committed to patient safety and capable of maintaining high standards of cleanliness and disease prevention. This skill can be particularly attractive to employers amidst public health crises or outbreaks. Including this skill in a resume objective can highlight your ability to contribute effectively to a safe, healthy environment for patients.

10. Electronic Health Records (EHR)

The skill of managing Electronic Health Records (EHR) is crucial for a nurse's resume objective because it shows the ability to accurately document and maintain patient information in a digital format. This skill is vital in today's healthcare environment where technology plays a significant role. It demonstrates that the nurse can efficiently handle patient data, ensuring privacy and security, which are critical aspects of patient care. Moreover, proficiency in EHR indicates that the nurse can adapt to modern healthcare technologies, contributing to improved healthcare delivery.

Top 10 Nurse Skills to Add to Your Resume Objective

In conclusion, the objective section of your nurse resume is a crucial component that can significantly influence your chances of landing a job. It's essential to strategically highlight key skills in this section to showcase your capabilities and suitability for the role. Remember, this part of your resume serves as a brief overview of what you bring to the table, so make it compelling and reflective of your professional nursing skills. Tailoring it to each specific job application can also increase its effectiveness. With careful thought and precision, you can create an impactful objective that sets the tone for the rest of your resume.

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Common Mistakes When Writing a Nurse Resume Objective

A nurse resume objective is a critical element of any job application. It is the first thing employers see, and it sets the tone for the rest of your application. As such, it's important to make sure that you craft an effective objective statement that will make a positive impression on potential employers. Unfortunately, many jobseekers make common mistakes when writing their nurse resume objectives.

One mistake that people often make when writing their nurse resume objectives is being too vague or general in their statements. Instead of making generic statements about wanting to work as a nurse and providing quality care, focus on what you can bring to the position specifically, such as your experience in a particular field or specialty area. Make sure to include any relevant skills that would be beneficial for the role. This will help employers get a better sense of your capabilities and qualifications for the job.

Another mistake people often make with their nurse resume objectives is not tailoring them to each individual role they apply for. Even if two positions are similar, each one may have different requirements and expectations from its employees. As such, it's important to review each job posting carefully and adjust your objective statement accordingly so that it reflects how you are uniquely suited for the specific position you're applying for.

Finally, many applicants fail to mention any specific accomplishments or achievements they have achieved in their nursing career in their resume objectives. This is important because it allows potential employers to understand what kind of value you can bring to their organization based on past performance or successes in other roles or settings. Be sure to include any certifications or awards you've earned as well as any special projects you've completed that demonstrate your competency as a nurse practitioner or specialist.

By avoiding these common mistakes when crafting your nurse resume objective statement, you can set yourself up for success by creating an impressive introduction that will leave potential employers eager to learn more about you and what you can offer them in terms of knowledge and expertise related to nursing care.

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Nurse Resume Objective Example

The right resume objective for a nurse should focus on the value they can bring to the position, while a wrong resume objective may be too general and not address how they can benefit the employer.

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34 Best Nursing Resume Objective Statement Examples

What is an objective statement, and do you need one? Some people might say that you don’t need one, or that it is outdated. Well, if you want to stand out from the pack and be able to tell the employer compelling information about you that it won’t find anywhere else, then use an objective statement.

Done correctly, this statement will highlight what you bring that the employer needs (directly from its job posting), and will give it a flavor for the soft skills it won’t be able to find elsewhere on your resume or in your application. A tailored objective statement also shows the employer that you are not just seeking any job, you want a job specifically with that particular employer and you are the right fit.

Below is a selection of objectives statements for nursing with a range of experience to guide you in writing a strong objective statement:

Experienced Nursing Objective Statements

  • Seeking a position as an ER Nurse at County General Hospital, bringing over five years of emergency medical experience, incredible stamina, empathetic compassion, and a deep understanding of emergency response gained through previous roles at State Hospital ER and internships.
  • Analytical and patient-focused team player seeking clinical nursing position, bringing experience in dermatological clinical nursing processes and protocol to provide evidence-based care for the best interests of the populations served, and to support the development of newly trained nurses through management and mentorship.
  • Compassionate Registered Nurse of the highest integrity applying for a position at Grove Care, looking to utilize three years’ experience in geriatric health, elder care, and hospice to bring comfort and dignity to seniors.
  • To serve as a mentor and a manager in the position of Head Nurse at West General, experienced in providing quality health care in hospital settings, leading nursing teams, and working across different hospital departments including emergency and oncology.
  • Highly qualified and experienced Registered Nurse seeking a part-time faculty position at University Medical School, bringing outstanding communication skills, practical knowledge and insights, and an enthusiasm for educating the next generation of nurses.
  • Dedicated Registered Nurse with a certification in adolescent mental health looking to secure a role in a private healthcare facility, bringing over four years’ experience in supporting clinical psychiatric teams and caring for the mental and physical health of patients.
  • Experienced pediatric nursing professional seeking a position as a pediatric oncology nurse to apply current knowledge of pediatric care, experience communicating empathetically with patients’ families, and dedication to the highest standards of professionalism.
  • To obtain a Registered Nurse role and provide quality healthcare to patients, drawing on excellent communication skills, solid stamina, management acumen gained through previous supervisory experience, clinical training and practical experience.
  • To obtain a position as a Registered Nurse at Main Street GP, seeking to combine two years’ experience in general medicine with excellent communication skills in a friendly, patient-oriented manner.
  • Compassionate nurse dedicated to quality healthcare for all, seeking a position in a free clinic, experienced in delivering quality care in under-resourced and high-stress medical settings.
  • Looking to obtain the position of Registered Nurse with ABC Hospital, coming with utmost dedication to patient integrity and care, aiming to apply practical knowledge gained through 10 years’ experience of nursing in hospital settings across multiple departments including oncology, pediatrics, and obstetrics.
  • Patient-centered Registered Nurse committed to providing high-quality health care, seeking new role at XYZ Hospital, looking to apply over seven years of clinical experience to lead a nursing team in a hospital setting.
  • Caring and enthusiastic Registered Nurse with over six years of experience seeking opportunity to join a general practice, bringing extensive knowledge of family healthcare from both clinical training and ongoing professional development.
  • Highly educated and experienced Registered Nurse seeking the opportunity to join Medical Cover as a Nurse Consultant, aiming to apply clinical and practical understanding of health care to support a national leading insurance company.
  • To obtain the position of Practice Nurse at Women’s Medical Practice, seeking to utilize three years’ experience in OB/GYN practices, extensive understanding of female health, and outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Caring and committed Registered Nurse with 25 years’ experience working with pediatric cancer patients and their families, coming with excellent references and a demonstrated track record of professional performance and mentoring to entry-level colleagues.

Entry-Level Nursing Objective Statements

  • Technologically savvy and physically fit Registered Nurse, applying for the Registered Clinical Nurse position at Johnston Inc. to provide compassionate care to adults who experience disabilities in group homes, coming with a sincere desire to work with people with disabilities and desire to bring joy into their lives each and every day.
  • Devoted and patient-focused recently licensed Registered Nurse, looking for emergency room position, leveraging ability to multitask, ability to learn quickly, endless energy, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • Recent nursing graduate enthusiastic to gain experience while contributing to an established medical practice, bringing demonstrated expertise in clinical protocols and healthcare obtained during internships and academic training.
  • Energetic and professional pediatric nurse seeking to join Medical Associates, committed and passionate about providing high-quality healthcare to all patients and communicating children’s health needs to their families.
  • Proactive newly qualified nurse looking to obtain a position in a general medical practice, coming with an excellent academic record and an eagerness to learn new skills.
  • Seeking to join the team at Recover Healthcare as a Registered Nurse to make a difference in people’s lives, bringing dedication, stamina, and attention-to-detail to the delivery of the highest standard of patient care.
  • Enthusiastic and empathetic nursing graduate looking for position with John Smith Hospital to become part of a patient-centered collaborative work environment, bringing a commitment to patient safety and life-long learning.
  • Recent nursing graduate with experience in high-stress setting gained through an internship in Central Hospital ER, seeking to join a challenging and fast-paced emergency response team.
  • Recently licensed Registered Nurse applying for position in Labor & Delivery at XYZ Hospital, bringing ability to think and react quickly, endless stamina, sunny disposition, and excitement for a career in nursing.
  • Self-motivated and committed nursing graduate applying for a Registered Nurse position at ABC Medical Center, coming with deep comfort of computers and web-based applications, demonstrated responsibility and excellent work ethic.
  • Hardworking and dedicated nursing graduate looking to join Tri-State Medical Center as an Acute Care Nurse to demonstrate commitment to compassionate care for patient population.
  • To obtain a position as a School Nurse in the ABC Public School System, bringing passion for collaborating with other school and health care staff to maintain a healthy environment and promote the wellness of students.
  • Empathetic and effective communicator looking for a registered nursing position to deliver home health care services to provide exceptional care, allowing individuals to remain at home and live as independently as possible. Seeking an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.
  • To obtain a Staff Nurse position at Taylor College, bringing dedication to customer service, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and advanced computer skills to the provision of high-quality healthcare services to the student population.
  • Detail-oriented and organized Registered Nurse with effective verbal communication skills and the ability to respond quickly and appropriately in crisis, seeking nursing position to provide treatment to adults with problems involving substance use and mental health needs.
  • High-energy and devoted Registered Nurse seeking position as an Occupational Health & Wellness Registered Nurse at Access Services Corporation, bringing superior verbal and written communication skills, compassion and integrity to caring for patients with work-related injuries and illnesses.

Career Change Nursing Objective Statements

  • Dedicated mental health professional with over three years’ experience in a psychiatric health-care facility and recently licensed as a Registered Nurse, seeking to transition career into nursing and provide health assessments for patients who may benefit from inpatient psychiatric care.
  • Enthusiastic and recently licensed Registered Nurse seeking to leverage two years of experience in an OB/GYN’s office to a career in nursing focusing on women’s health, bringing superior computer skills, deep understanding of a doctor’s OB/GYN practice in a private setting, and unbeatable stamina.

When you draft your objective statement, have the job listing in front of you. Pull the key skills from the job listing that you have, and work them into your objective statement. Emphasize that you can give the employer what it needs, both from a technical and from a personality perspective. Use the space to paint a picture of who you are to humanize yourself to the reader. Use the above objective statements as a guide for length. Be succinct but hit your key points. Finally, make sure there are no errors in your objective statement. Good luck!


100+ Nursing Resume Objective Examples + How To Write

objective for resume for nursing job

Whether you are a new nurse graduate or a nurse with years of experience, applying for a new nursing job can feel a little overwhelming. One of the most important things you can do is prepare a great resume. If you plan to create a resume, you may have wondered, “What are some great nursing resume objective examples?” Nursing resume objectives are important parts of resumes. In this article, I will share 100+ great nursing resume objective examples + how to write them.

What Exactly Is A Nursing Resume Objective?

When should you include an objective on your nursing resume, 5 reasons why a great nursing resume objective makes a difference.

1. A great nursing resume objective gives nurses the opportunity to make a good first impression. 2. A well-written objective on a nursing resume helps demonstrate your written communication skills, which are vital for nursing success. 3. A nursing resume objective can show prospective employers how you have cultivated your career. 4. Resume objectives are an excellent way to briefly showcase your experience. 5. Great Nursing resume objectives offer excellent opportunities to show confidence in your knowledge and skills.

How To Write A Great Nursing Resume Objective?

1. keep it simple:, 2. tell how many years of experience you have:, 3. state the position you want:, 4. mention the facility:, 5. describing yourself:, 6. action verbs are important:, 7. mention hard skills:, 8. mention the type of patients you hope to work with:, 9. mention personal goals which clarify your love for nursing and the role for which you are applying:, 10. mention your degrees/title:, nursing resume objective examples by level of experience, entry-level nursing examples, intermediate-level nursing examples, senior-level nursing examples, nursing resume objective examples by job title, crna examples, clinical nurse specialist examples, er nurse examples, nicu nurse examples, nurse practitioner examples, or nurse examples, pacu nurse examples, aesthetic nurse examples, charge nurse examples, director of nursing examples, flight nurse examples, float nurse examples, home health nurse examples, hospice nurse examples, icu nurse examples, interventional radiology nurse examples, labor and delivery nurse examples, med surg nurse examples, nurse case manager examples, nurse educator examples, nurse manager examples, nurse midwife examples, nursing informatics examples, nursing leadership examples, nursing supervisor examples, oncology nurse examples, pediatric nurse examples, plastic surgery nurse examples, psychiatric nurse examples, school nurse examples, staff nurse examples, stepdown nurse examples, telemetry nurse examples, travel nurse examples, utilization review nurse examples, nursing resume objective examples by situation, nursing internship, career change to nursing, nurse moving to a new geographic area, nurse seeking an advancement, nurse restarting career after a break, 10 bad examples of nursing resume objectives, 1. bad example:, what makes it bad:, 2. bad example:, 3. bad example:, 4. bad example:, 5. bad example:, 6. bad example:, 7. bad example:, 8. bad example:, 9. bad example:, 10. bad example:, my final thoughts, frequently asked questions answered by our expert, 1. what is the difference between nursing resume objective and resume summary, 2. for a nursing job, what is more important, a resume objective or a resume summary, 3. where do i put an objective on my nursing resume, 4. how long should my objective for nursing resume be, 5. do i need a different resume objective for each nursing job i apply to, 6. how often should i update my objective for nursing resume, 7. how much time does it take to write a great objective for nursing resume, 8. how do i submit my nursing resume objective, 9. is it okay if i don’t write an objective for nursing resume.

objective for resume for nursing job

How to Write a Nursing Resume Objective (Examples Included)

Mike Simpson 0 Comments

objective for resume for nursing job

By Mike Simpson

When you’re trying to land a nursing job , a nursing resume objective can be a powerful tool in your application arsenal. Standing out from the crowd is essential. Otherwise, you might miss out on your perfect opportunity.

Alright, we know you’re wondering, why do you need to stand out when demand for nurses is so high? After all, the need for registered nurses alone is going up by 12 percent between 2018 and 2028, creating a shocking 371,500 new opportunities. If companies need that many nurses, is going the extra mile necessary?

While it may seem like any nurse can just waltz in off the street and get a job, that isn’t the case. You still need to showcase yourself as a great candidate. If you don’t, even a nurse can struggle to find a job.

How can a nursing resume objective make a difference? Let’s take a look.

What Is a Resume Objective?

Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, many people think that a resume objective is a bit antiquated. If you mention that you use one, your friends, family, or colleagues may sprain their eyes from rolling them so hard.

But, the trick is, when you use a nursing resume objective right, it can work in your favor. It lets you show the hiring manager what you bring to the table. Plus, it can answer questions a traditional resume doesn’t answer.

So, what exactly is a resume objective ? In the simplest terms, it’s a brief overview of your career and accompanying goals.

Usually, a standout statement includes details about how you enjoy applying relevant skills, as well as how you intend to use them if hired. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve covered it in-depth before. But, that’s the gist of what a resume objective is all about.

What is Unique About a Nursing Resume Objective?

In most cases, nursing resumes have a lot in common. Usually, each applicant brings something very similar to the table. Their education and certifications could be near identical. The nature of their work experience might be closely aligned.

This happens because nursing is incredibly technical. The requirements for a role are often ridiculously rigid. That means every person you are up against more or less looks like you on paper. If you don’t find a way to stand out, your resume might get lost in the pack.

That’s what can make a nursing resume objective so unique. It gives you a chance to do something extra, as long as you approach it the right way.

The most critical thing to understand is when to use one. Generally, a nursing resume objective is a smart addition if you are a recent graduate looking for their first nursing job, transitioning from another job into this kind of nursing role, or have a specific role target in mind. In those cases, this statement lets you highlight relevant skills or achievements as well as assert why this opportunity caught your eye.

If you already have nursing experience in a similar position, then you might want to go a different route. The resume summary statement may be a better choice for you, so see what that’s all about and choose the approach that’s the best match.

Common Mistakes When Writing a Nursing Resume Objective

As with all parts of a resume, nursing resume objective mistakes are pervasive. Many people misunderstand how to use these statements effectively, and that costs them opportunities.

You don’t want to end up in that boat, right? Didn’t think so. Luckily, we have your back.

First and foremost, whatever you do, don’t say that you “want the job.” You applied, so that’s already clear. It’s a nothing statement that provides zero value to the hiring manager.

Another common misstep is a lack of specifics. You want an objective to align with the role you want to land. If it’s so generic it could apply to any nursing position (or be true from any nurse), you’re missing the mark.

3 Tips for Writing a Nursing Resume Objective

If your goal is to create a winning nursing resume objective, here are three tips that can help you do just that:

1. Explain How You Want to Use Your Skills

Since a resume objective involves discussing your goals (and you don’t want to say that your goal is to get the job), then your best bet is to explain how you want to apply your skills to the role. For example, stating that you want to utilize your expertise “to enhance patient care at ABC clinic” could work, suggesting that it is one of your goals.

2. Be Specific to Highlight Your Value

When you create a nursing objective statement, be as specific as possible. Highlight individual skills , accomplishments , and goals that are highly relevant to the role . That ensures you showcase your value, which can make a significant difference.

3. Don’t Go Overboard

Your nursing resume objective shouldn’t be a massive wall of text. Ideally, you want to keep it to four sentences or less. If you don’t, there’s a decent chance it is unfocused or unrefined. That’s an immediate turnoff for hiring managers. Ultimately, brevity is your friend, so embrace it.

3 Nursing Resume Objective Examples

Okay, you have a solid understanding of how to create a standout objective. Would you like to see exactly what the end results can look like? Yeah, thought so. For your enjoyment, here are three examples, with one each focused on registered nurses , nurse practitioners , and licensed practical nurses.

1. Registered Nurse

“Recent RN graduate with well-developed interpersonal skills and strong fundamentals seeking to bring acquired knowledge into a fast-paced, patient-oriented environment. Proven ability to thrive under deadlines while remaining professional, upbeat, and empathetic. Open-minded, enthusiastic, and eager to learn.”

2. Nurse Practitioner

“Nurse practitioner with 3+ years of experience and proven record of thriving in a results-oriented environment. Advanced knowledge of medical techniques and a long-standing history of performing routine nursing services of the utmost quality. Empathetic and patient-focused, consistently striving to provide the highest level of patient care. Seeking out an opportunity in a growing practice where improving the lives of patients is a priority.”

3. Licensed Practical Nurse

“Licensed practical nurse with 5+ years of experience looking to apply highly developed phlebotomy, infection control, and patient care skills in a small clinic setting to enhance the patient experience. Aiming to bring a positive attitude and empathetic mindset into an environment where the quality of patient care remains a top priority, enhancing the workplace and assisting with the organization’s primary goals.”

Putting It All Together

Alright, you now know not just what a nursing resume objective is, but when and how to use one. When properly deployed, these statements can be powerful resume additions, helping you stand out from the sea of other applicants.

Just bear in mind that it isn’t the only approach. In some cases, a resume summary might be a stronger option. Take a look at them both and see which best meets your needs. That way, you can craft your ideal resume, increasing your odds of landing your perfect job.

objective for resume for nursing job

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objective for resume for nursing job

Career Advice > Job Search > Resumes and Cover Letters > Nursing Resume Objective: Tips and Examples

Nursing Resume Objective: Tips and Examples

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A nursing resume objective is a strategic tool within your resume to quickly distinguish yourself from the competition. It grabs the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention and piques their interest for more, similar to an amuse-bouche or other appetizer. Resume objectives specifically cater to nurses that don’t meet the typical candidate profile.

If you are preparing to look for a new job and want to learn more about what a nursing objective for a resume is, when to use it, and how to write one, we’re here to help. We’ll provide you with this essential information, along with 10 nursing objectives examplesthat will give you a head start on crafting a well-written resume.

What Is a Nurse Resume Objective?

A resume objective is a focused and concise career statement at the top of your resume, just below the header. Its purpose is to highlight your achievements and skills and to express your job goal. It serves as a bridge between your past and future roles.

Nurse Resume Objective vs Professional Summary

For nursing resumes , deciding whether to use an objective or a professional summary depends on your unique circumstances. Using an objective for nursing resumes is ideal for:

  • New or novice nurses who have limited work experience
  • Nurses who aspire to transition to a different nursing specialty, such as a bedside nurse seeking a non-bedside nursing position
  • Nurses who are seeking a career position outside the nursing field

On the other hand, a professional summary is highly effective for experienced nurses seeking a job within their current specialty or field. It’s a longer, more detailed statement that allows nurses to illustrate how their accomplishments and skills from previous related experiences complement the desired position.

How to Write a Nursing Resume Objective

In this section, you’ll learn tips on how to create your objective for a nursing resume. The objective should be:

  • Brief — In only one to two sentences, capture who you are as a candidate and what you bring to the position.
  • Tailored — Since a nursing objective is so succinct, adapt your objective for each job by focusing on keywords from the job posting.
  • Experience-oriented — Prioritize showcasing your best accomplishments, qualifications, and skills that align with what the employer is seeking.
  • Goal-centered — Define your career goal so the employer clearly understands what you hope to achieve, especially if you are a non-traditional candidate.
  • Simple — Avoid overcomplicating or overembellishing this section, and keep in mind that the objective is geared towards what you can offer the employer, not just what you are seeking.

Nurse Skills for Resume

When you begin writing a resume, you sometimes need to remember all the great skills you developed as a nurse. For easy reference, here are some nurse skills for resume writing you can use:

  • ACLS, BLS, PALS, etc.
  • Communication skills
  • Compassion or empathy
  • Computer skills or EHR skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Medication administration
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Other languages

Nursing Resume Objective Examples

Writing nursing objectives and goals can seem daunting at first. To help you get started, here are 10 different nursing resume objective examples that you can customize for your specific needs.

New Graduate Nurses

  • Highly motivated and compassionate new BSN graduate nurse with strong academic and student clinical experience, as well as two years’ experience as an ICU tech. My goal is to join the cardiac ICU nurse residency program at Clara Barton Hospital, where I can apply and expand my nursing skills to provide patient-centered care for critically ill cardiac patients.
  • Newly graduated certified registered nurse anesthetist seeking a CRNA position at Loretta C. Ford Hospital’s anesthesia care team. Five years’ experience as a medical ICU nurse with excellent critical care, problem-solving, and communication skills, and the ability to work in high-stress and fast-paced environments.

Nurses Changing Fields

  • Compassionate and empathetic RN with three years of acute care experience seeking a hospice nurse position at Dorothea Dix Hospice Center. I apply my nursing skills, emotional intelligence, and communication abilities to provide holistic, palliative nursing care to terminally ill patients and their families.
  • Detail-oriented RN with five years of experience in medical-surgical nursing as a bedside and charge nurse, with strong patient advocacy, team-building, and communication skills. Seeking a new role as a nurse case manager at the Lillian Wald Skilled Nursing Facility, where I can apply my clinical and interpersonal skills to coordinate all aspects of patient care and serve as a facilitator between the patients and their multidisciplinary teams.
  • Energetic, highly skilled, adaptable RN with four years’ experience as an emergency and trauma nurse with CEN, TNCC, ACLS, and PALS certifications. I thrive in fast-paced environments and am ready to begin a career as a travel nurse with the Walt Whitman Nurse Staffing Agency.
  • Detail-oriented public health nurse with high integrity and excellent research, analytical, and writing skills. Looking to enhance my career and utilize my strengths as a clinical research nurse at the Mary Seacole Nurse Health Network to implement, evaluate, and manage clinical trials to improve patient care.
  • Outgoing, professional LPN with nine years’ experience in post-acute care with expertise in catheter, tracheostomy, and wound care ; phlebotomy and IV skills; patient and caregiver education; and time management. Searching for a position as a home health nurse at Florence Nightingale Home Care to provide excellent skilled nursing care that promotes patient autonomy and prevents hospitalizations.
  • Meticulous, empathetic, SANE-certified, psychiatric RN with over two years of experience and robust critical thinking, physical assessment, and communication skills. Eager to transition to a new role as a forensic nurse at Mary Eliza Mahoney Hospital and combine nursing knowledge with forensic science to make a positive impact on crime victims, survivors, and the legal system.

Nurses Leaving the Profession

  • With seven years of critical care experience, I aim to transition into a real estate agent role at Virginia A. Henderson Realty. I will utilize my strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills and display dedication to help clients navigate the buying and selling process with confidence to help them find their dream homes.
  • I aspire to transition into the health education specialist position within the Department of Health. With one year of acute care nursing experience, I aim to use my skills as a foundation to create and execute effective health education programs that empower individuals to adopt positive lifestyle choices.

Are You Ready to Apply for Your Dream Job?

Now that you know how to write a nursing resume objective, you can finish your resume with confidence. Need help taking the next step? Find the ideal nursing job you deserve on IntelyCare today.

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Resume Worded   |  Career Strategy

Nursing resume objective examples.

Curated by hiring managers, here are proven resume objectives you can use as inspiration while writing your Nursing resume.

Kimberley Tyler Smith - Hiring Manager

  • Nursing (Career Changer)
  • Nursing (Experienced Professional)
  • Nursing (Recent Graduate)
  • Nursing resume templates
  • Similar objective examples

Nursing Resume Objective Example

Power of skill specificity.

Being specific about your nursing expertise, like 'neonatal intensive care,' communicates your specialization to recruiters. It also indicates your readiness to handle similar roles or challenges in the new role.

Highlighting Real Impact

Quantifying your achievements, like 'managed over 50+ high-risk pregnancies,' exhibits your capability to handle complex and risky situations, a critical trait in nursing.

Showcasing Leadership Skills

Mentioning experiences where you've led multidisciplinary teams underlines your leadership skills, which are highly pertinent in healthcare settings where teamwork is pivotal.

Focus on Patient Outcomes

Highlighting your contributions to improved patient outcomes directly speaks to the core of nursing - patient care. It shows your commitment to quality service.

Nursing (Career Changer) Resume Objective Example

Leveraging past experience.

Referencing your past role as a 'Healthcare Administrator' gives you an edge as it shows you understand the broader healthcare system, which could enhance nursing care delivery.

Merging Old and New Skills

Combining 'knowledge of healthcare systems and regulations' with new nursing skills makes you an attractive candidate. It shows you bring more to the table than just nursing skills.

Quantifiable Achievements

Sharing achievements like 'reduced hospital readmission rates by 20%' prove you're results-oriented. It assures potential employers of your ability to contribute positively to their goals.

Applying for jobs is competitive. Give yourself an edge with our resume optimization tool. Get a detailed analysis of your resume and find out exactly what you need to change to stand out to hiring managers. Start optimizing your resume today and land your dream job faster.

Video Thumbnail

Nursing (Experienced Professional) Resume Objective Example

Leverage extensive experience.

Stating your '20+ years of experience in critical care' sets you apart as a seasoned professional, which can be especially relevant for leadership roles.

Evidence of Problem-Solving Skills

Sharing an accomplishment like 'decreased medication errors by 25%' exhibits your problem-solving skills and your commitment to improving care quality.

Leadership Recognition

Mentioning you're 'recognized for leading nursing teams' underlines your proven leadership skills, demonstrating your capability to manage teams in high-pressure environments.

Innovation in Nursing

Highlighting 'innovative problem-solving' shows you're an individual who thinks outside the box. This is an attractive trait, especially in an industry that's constantly evolving.

Nursing (Recent Graduate) Resume Objective Example

Showing special interest.

Mentioning a 'special interest in geriatric care' gives employers a peek into your passion and potential expertise, which could be a deciding factor in specialized roles.

Practicum Experience

Sharing your 'successful practicum in a hospice setting' shows you're not completely green. You’ve had some hands-on experience, even as a recent graduate.

Soft Skills Matter

Highlighting 'excellent patient communication skills' emphasizes your soft skills, which are essential in nursing for patient satisfaction and quality care.

Proactive Patient Safety

Mentioning your 'proactive approach to patient safety' shows you're not just about doing the job, but doing it right, and keeping patients safe is a priority.

Nursing Resume Templates

Dental assistant.

RDA resume highlighting specialized skills and digital dentistry experience.

Respiratory Therapist

Screenshot of a New Grad Respiratory Therapist's resume showcasing education and internship experience.

Medical Resume Summary Examples

  • > Case Manager Summary Examples
  • > Dental Assistant Summary Examples

Medical Resume Objective Examples

  • > Case Manager Objective Examples
  • > Dental Assistant Objective Examples

Medical Resume Guides

  • > Case Manager Resume Guides
  • > Dental Assistant Resume Guides

objective for resume for nursing job

Thank you for the checklist! I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I've now fixed. I'm much more confident in my resume now.

objective for resume for nursing job

  • Advice & Tips

Crafting Effective RN Resume Objectives for Nursing Jobs

March 20, 2024


In today's competitive job market, both job seekers and employers in the nursing industry face numerous challenges. Job seekers often struggle to make their resumes stand out among hundreds of applicants, while employers grapple with finding the right candidates to fill crucial nursing positions.

One crucial element that can significantly impact a nurse's job application success is the resume objective. Crafting a compelling RN resume objective can capture the attention of hiring managers and showcase a candidate's skills and expertise effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the definition of RN resume objectives, discuss the importance of nurse resume objectives, provide tips on how to create an impressive objective, highlight key components to include, and offer dos and don'ts for writing effective RN resume objectives.

Understanding RN Resume Objectives

Before delving into crafting a compelling RN resume objective, it is crucial to understand what this section entails and why it holds significant weight in the job application process for registered nurses.

Definition of RN Resume Objectives

An RN resume objective is a concise statement at the beginning of a resume that highlights a registered nurse's career goals, skills, and qualifications. It serves as an introduction to the rest of the resume, providing recruiters with a glimpse of what the candidate brings to the table.

Role of RN Resume Objectives

RN resume objectives play a vital role in capturing the attention of hiring managers in a competitive job market. They offer a snapshot of the candidate's aspirations and expertise, helping recruiters quickly assess whether the applicant aligns with the job requirements. Additionally, well-crafted nurse resume objectives can set the tone for the rest of the resume, guiding employers on what to expect as they go through the document.

By understanding the significance of RN resume objectives, job seekers can strategically position themselves as strong contenders for nursing positions, increasing their chances of landing interviews and ultimately securing their desired roles.

Importance of Nurse Resume Objectives

When it comes to applying for a nursing position, the resume objective plays a crucial role in helping you stand out from the competition. An effective nurse resume objective can make a strong first impression on potential employers and recruiters, setting the tone for the rest of your resume. Here are some reasons why nurse resume objectives are important:

Highlighting Skills and Goals

A well-crafted nurse resume objective allows you to succinctly showcase your skills, qualifications, and career goals. It gives employers a glimpse of what you have to offer and what you aim to achieve in your nursing career.

Personalizing Your Application

By including a nurse resume objective tailored to the specific job you are applying for, you demonstrate your genuine interest in the position. This personalized touch shows employers that you have taken the time to understand their needs and how you can contribute to their organization.

Creating a Strong First Impression

Recruiters often have numerous resumes to sift through, so having a compelling nurse resume objective can capture their attention right away. A strong opening statement can entice them to continue reading your resume in more detail.

Emphasizing Value Proposition

Your nurse resume objective is an opportunity to articulate the value you bring to a healthcare facility. Whether it's your clinical expertise, compassionate patient care, or leadership skills, the objective lets you communicate how you can positively impact the employer's team.

Showcasing Career Progression

For experienced nurses looking to advance their careers, the resume objective provides a space to outline their professional journey and aspirations. It can signal to employers that you are motivated to grow within the organization and take on new challenges.

Overall, nurse resume objectives are valuable tools that help you make a memorable impression, align your goals with those of the employer, and present yourself as a top candidate for the nursing position you desire.

How to Craft a Compelling RN Resume Objective

Crafting a compelling Registered Nurse (RN) resume objective is crucial in setting the right tone for your application. Here are some key steps to help you create a standout resume objective that grabs the attention of employers:

Research the Job Posting

Before you start crafting your RN resume objective, carefully read and understand the job posting. Identify the specific skills, qualifications, and experience the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. Tailoring your resume objective to align with the job requirements will increase your chances of getting noticed.

Showcase Your Unique Value Proposition

Your RN resume objective should clearly articulate what sets you apart from other candidates. Highlight your unique skills, experiences, and achievements that demonstrate your value as a nurse. Avoid generic statements and focus on showcasing what makes you the ideal candidate for the position.

Be Clear and Concise

Keep your RN resume objective clear, concise, and to the point. Employers typically spend only a few seconds skimming through each resume, so make sure your objective delivers your message effectively. Avoid using jargon or complex language and aim to communicate your goals and aspirations in a straightforward manner.

Quantify Your Achievements

Where possible, quantify your achievements in your RN resume objective. Use numbers, percentages, or statistics to demonstrate the impact of your work. For example, instead of saying, "Managed a team of nurses," you could say, "Successfully led a team of 10 nurses, resulting in a 20% increase in patient satisfaction ratings."

Tailor Your Objective to the Role

Customize your RN resume objective for each job application. Highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the specific role you are applying for. By tailoring your objective to the job at hand, you show employers that you have taken the time to understand their needs and are serious about the position.

Seek Feedback

Before finalizing your RN resume objective, seek feedback from mentors, colleagues, or professional resume writers. They can provide valuable insights and suggestions for improvement. Constructive feedback can help you refine your objective and ensure it effectively communicates your strengths and career goals.

By following these tips, you can craft a compelling RN resume objective that captures the attention of employers and increases your chances of landing your dream nursing job.

Key Components of an Effective Nurse Resume Objective

When crafting a nurse resume objective, it's crucial to include key components that will make your application stand out to potential employers. Here are the essential elements that should be included in a compelling RN resume objective:

Clear Career Goal

Start your resume objective with a clear and specific career goal. This should be tailored to the job you are applying for and demonstrate your passion for the nursing profession.

Relevant Skills and Qualifications

Highlight your relevant skills and qualifications that make you a strong candidate for the position. Be sure to mention any certifications, specialties, or experience that are directly related to the job requirements.

Passion for Patient Care

Demonstrate your dedication to providing high-quality patient care. Employers are looking for nurses who are compassionate, empathetic, and committed to improving the health and well-being of others.

Professional Achievements

Showcase any notable professional achievements that set you apart from other candidates. Whether it's awards, recognitions, or successful outcomes in previous roles, including these can strengthen your resume objective.

Keywords from the Job Posting

Integrate keywords from the job posting into your resume objective to align with the employer's specific requirements. This not only demonstrates your attention to detail but also increases the chances of your resume getting noticed by applicant tracking systems.

Conciseness and Clarity

Keep your nurse resume objective concise and to the point. Hiring managers often have limited time to review each application, so make sure your objective is easy to read and clearly communicates your intentions.

By incorporating these key components into your RN resume objective, you can create a powerful introduction that captures the attention of employers and sets the tone for the rest of your application.

Dos and Don'ts for Writing RN Resume Objectives

Dos for writing rn resume objectives:.

When crafting your RN resume objective, there are several key dos that can help you create a compelling and effective statement:

  • Be specific: Tailor your objective to the specific nursing role you are applying for.
  • Highlight your skills: Emphasize your relevant skills and experiences in the nursing field.
  • Use keywords: Incorporate keywords from the job description to demonstrate alignment with the position.
  • Show passion: Convey your enthusiasm for nursing and patient care in your objective.
  • Keep it concise: Aim for a brief and focused statement that captures the essence of your career goals.

Don'ts for Writing RN Resume Objectives:

Avoid common pitfalls when writing your nurse resume objective by steering clear of the following don'ts:

  • Avoid clichés: Refrain from using generic phrases that lack specificity or impact.
  • Avoid overused buzzwords: Skip using buzzwords that have become diluted through frequent usage.
  • Avoid being too broad: Ensure your objective is tailored to the nursing role and organization you are targeting.
  • Avoid errors: Proofread your objective carefully to eliminate any typos or grammatical mistakes.
  • Avoid irrelevant information: Focus on including details that are directly relevant to the nursing position.

By adhering to these dos and don'ts, you can enhance the effectiveness of your RN resume objective and make a strong impression on potential employers in the healthcare industry.

Examples of Well-Crafted Nurse Resume Objectives

Example 1: entry-level rn.

"Compassionate and dedicated nursing graduate with hands-on clinical experience seeking to leverage my skills in patient care, medication administration, and treatment planning to provide quality healthcare at [Hospital Name]. Eager to contribute to a collaborative team environment and enhance patient outcomes."

Example 2: Experienced RN Seeking Leadership Role

"Results-driven Registered Nurse with over 8 years of experience in critical care settings. Proven track record of enhancing patient satisfaction scores by implementing evidence-based practices. Seeking a Nurse Manager position at [Medical Center] to lead a team of healthcare professionals towards achieving excellence in patient care."

Example 3: Specialized Nurse Practitioner

"Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with expertise in managing chronic conditions and promoting preventive care. Skilled in conducting comprehensive health assessments and developing personalized treatment plans. Seeking a rewarding opportunity at [Clinic Name] to empower patients in managing their health proactively."

Example 4: Pediatric RN with Bilingual Skills

"Passionate Pediatric Registered Nurse fluent in English and Spanish, dedicated to delivering culturally sensitive care to pediatric patients. Recognized for establishing rapport with children and their families to create a supportive care environment. Seeking a position at [Pediatric Hospital] to utilize my language skills and clinical expertise."

Example 5: RN Transitioning to Oncology Nursing

"Motivated Registered Nurse with a background in medical-surgical nursing transitioning to a role in oncology care. Proven ability to administer chemotherapy, monitor treatment responses, and provide emotional support to cancer patients and their families. Looking for an opportunity at [Cancer Center] to expand my knowledge in oncology nursing."

"Crafting a well-defined resume objective is crucial for showcasing your qualifications and career goals to potential employers. Tailoring your objective to the specific nursing role you are applying for can make a significant impact on recruiters." - Emily Johnson, HR Manager at Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Expert Advice on RN Resume Objectives

When it comes to crafting a compelling RN resume objective, seeking advice from experts in the field can provide valuable insights. We reached out to Sarah Johnson, a renowned career coach at Healthcare Careers Inc., for her expert opinion on nurse resume objectives.

Sarah Johnson, Career Coach at Healthcare Careers Inc.

"A well-written resume objective can make a significant difference in how your resume is perceived by potential employers. For nurses, including a strong objective can showcase your passion for patient care and highlight your career goals."

Sarah emphasizes the importance of tailoring your resume objective to the specific job you are applying for. She suggests incorporating keywords from the job description to align with the employer's requirements and increase the chances of your resume getting noticed.

According to Sarah, quantifying achievements in your resume objective can make it more impactful. Whether you improved patient satisfaction scores or implemented a new protocol that enhanced efficiency in your previous role, adding measurable accomplishments can demonstrate your value as a nurse.

Furthermore, Sarah advises against using generic resume objectives that lack specificity. Instead, she recommends customizing each objective to reflect your unique qualifications and career aspirations. This personalization can set you apart from other candidates and show recruiters that you are a perfect fit for the position.

When asked about the length of a resume objective, Sarah suggests keeping it concise yet informative. Ideally, your objective should be no longer than two to three sentences, clearly stating your expertise, professional goals, and what you can bring to the table as a nurse.

Lastly, Sarah underlines the significance of proofreading your resume objective to ensure there are no grammar or spelling errors. A polished and error-free objective indicates attention to detail and professionalism, essential qualities in the nursing field.

Statistics on the Impact of Resume Objectives in the Nursing Industry

Understanding the significance of resume objectives in the nursing industry requires insights into how these concise statements can influence hiring decisions and career opportunities for RNs. Let's delve into compelling statistics that shed light on the impact of resume objectives:

1. 78% of Hiring Managers Prioritize Targeted Resume Objectives

In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, it was revealed that 78% of hiring managers give preference to resumes with well-defined objectives tailored to the job being applied for. This statistic underscores the importance of crafting personalized nurse resume objectives rather than using generic statements.

2. 62% Increase in Callback Rate with Specific Objectives

Research published in the Journal of Occupational Science showed that applicants who included specific career objectives on their resumes experienced a 62% increase in callback rates for interviews compared to those with vague or omitted objectives. This highlights the direct correlation between clarity in resume objectives and the likelihood of advancing in the hiring process.

3. 86% of Recruiters Believe Objectives Showcase Candidate's Intent

According to a study by Jobvite, 86% of recruiters believe that resume objectives provide valuable insight into a candidate's career goals and intentions. By articulating clear objectives, nurses can effectively communicate their aspirations and align them with the requirements of potential employers.

4. 94% of HR Professionals Recognize Objectives as Personal Branding

A report by LinkedIn revealed that 94% of HR professionals perceive resume objectives as a tool for personal branding. By incorporating a well-crafted objective, nurses can differentiate themselves from other candidates, establish their professional identity, and convey their unique value proposition to employers.

5. 70% of Candidates Screened Out Due to Irrelevant Objectives

Statistics from Glassdoor indicate that 70% of job candidates are screened out based on irrelevant or poorly constructed resume objectives. This underscores the critical role that clear and targeted objectives play in capturing the attention of recruiters and ensuring that RN resumes make it through initial screening processes.

These statistics underline the pivotal role that nurse resume objectives play in shaping perceptions, showcasing qualifications, and setting the stage for successful career advancement in the competitive nursing industry.

In conclusion, crafting a compelling RN resume objective is crucial for job seekers in the competitive nursing industry. A well-written nurse resume objective can significantly increase your chances of standing out to potential employers and landing your dream job. By clearly articulating your goals, skills, and passion for nursing, you can capture the attention of hiring managers and make a strong first impression.

Understanding the key components of an effective nurse resume objective, such as being specific, concise, and tailored to the job description, is essential for creating a resume that highlights your qualifications and experience. Remember to avoid common pitfalls, such as using generic language or focusing too much on your own objectives rather than how you can contribute to the employer's needs.

Expert advice from seasoned professionals like Sarah Johnson, a Nurse Manager, emphasizes the importance of showcasing both hard and soft skills in your resume objective. According to Johnson, "In today's competitive job market, it's essential to demonstrate not only your technical abilities but also your communication skills, empathy, and dedication to patient care."

Statistics show that resume objectives play a significant role in the hiring process, with 70% of recruiters stating that a well-crafted objective can positively influence their decision to shortlist a candidate. This showcases the impact that a strong resume objective can have on your job search and career prospects.

objective for resume for nursing job

How to Write a Nursing Resume Objective for a New Graduate with Examples

A well-written resume objective can expand and improve your job prospects as a recent nursing graduate. Reviewing your accomplishments to discover what you can contribute to a work environment can better prepare you to write your resume objective and other application materials. This article will define nursing resume objectives and provide numerous objective examples to give you a clear idea of what a good objective looks like for a new graduate.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a short explanation of your skills and career goals as they relate to the job you’re applying for. You usually add a resume objective right below your contact information so it’s one of the first things an employer sees. This statement is your chance to impress an employer and provide an overview of what qualifies you to join their nursing staff. 

A good resume objective should concisely outline the following: 

  • Your professional goals
  • The nursing skills and abilities you bring to the position 
  • Your degrees and professional certifications

This statement should be no more than three sentences. It should make an impact so the hiring manager is compelled to read the rest of your resume. 

Resume objective examples for nursing graduates 

Here are some examples of nursing resume objectives for new graduates:

‘Enthusiastic and dedicated nursing graduate with a calm disposition, crisis management skills and extensive clinical hours in an urgent care setting. Empathetic patient advocate who increased patient adherence to therapy protocols by 25% over a three-month period. Seeking an entry-level position as a staff nurse at Boulder Hospital to assist with increasing quality of care.’

This objective is effective because it includes information relevant to the specific position, including accomplishments and skills that align with the profession. This objective also includes relevant keywords in order to be recognized by applicant tracking systems (ATS).

‘Patient-focused, empathic Registered Nurse pursuing a role as part of a growing medical practice. Bringing expertise and thorough knowledge of treatment to help change patients’ lives.’

This objective includes necessary elements such as the specific job title, certification and desired role.

‘Hard-working, compassionate recent nursing school graduate seeking a role as a rural nurse. Experience working in high-stress situations in emergency rooms and other clinical settings.’

The mention of a specific job title, specific goal and situational experience make this objective concise and easy to read.

‘Attentive, compassionate Registered Nurse with a comprehensive education seeking opportunity to work with children with special needs. Substantial administrative skills and thorough sense of detail perfect for a nursing management position.’

This objective shows the range of skills possessed by the individual and specific job goals which will make it stand out to employers.

‘Recently graduated Nurse pursuing a position on the staff of a medical clinic dedicated to public access to healthcare. Detail-oriented and caring, with a desire to encourage a positive atmosphere for patients of all ages and needs.’

This objective is direct in the position desired and demonstrates a goal to create a positive work environment.

‘Recent nursing graduate seeking an opportunity to mentor nursing students while offering quality healthcare in a large teaching hospital. Skills include a high level of professionalism in stressful situations and a comforting bedside manner.’

This graduate creates a two-sentence objective by delivering a concise statement that includes the job characteristics desired, skills offered and type of facility sought. 

‘Nursing graduate and licensed RN seeking a role in which acquired and innate caregiving skills can be used to improve the health and lives of medically-vulnerable individuals seeking treatment in a clinical setting.’

Immediately presenting obtained licensure and a straightforward statement make this objective easy to skim and sets the tone for a more in-depth resume.

‘Attentive ACLS-certified nursing graduate with a positive disposition, seeking a role as a Registered Nurse in a large inner-city hospital setting. Skills include flexibility, attention to detail and a genuine desire to nurture patients and assist doctors in their care.’

Leading with certifications, clearly stating the role sought and stating top skills make this concise objective informative and easy to read quickly.

‘Motivated recent nursing graduate interested in an entry-level nursing position at a medium-sized hospital. Offers special skills in surgical assistance and post-operative patient care as well as experience in pharmaceutical oncology. Top skills include efficiency, attentiveness and an analytical approach to health problems.’

This objective is especially detailed but still easy to read.

‘Nursing graduate seeking an entry-level role at a local healthcare center. Specialized training includes cardiac care, intravenous infusion and dialysis, and skills include building rapport and trust with patients and a willingness to continue learning.’

This graduate concisely explains what level of employment they’re looking for, where they want to work and what they’re specially trained in, which includes important keywords that make the statement stand out to ATS.

‘Dedicated nursing graduate seeking a role as a Registered Nurse for a state hospital. Special knowledge and expertise include critical care, oncology and emergency room care.’

This objective offers special training, specified role and desired workplace, all of which will allow the resume to be recognized by ATS and easily read by hiring managers.

‘Motivated nursing graduate seeking an opportunity to leverage skills in compassionate patient care, critical thinking and continuous learning in an entry-level nursing role at a clinic serving low-income community members.’

The skills in this objective are clear and relevant, and the role and place of work desired are concisely stated. Paired with relevant keywords, this objective will help this resume get attention from employers. 

‘Recent nursing school graduate seeking a full-time position on a busy hospital nursing staff where I can offer my compassionate care and varied clinical skills to help the hospital maintain and increase quality and efficiency levels of patient care.’

This objective manages to concisely state how hiring this person will not only fulfill the applicant’s needs but also how they’ll add value to the facility using their specific skills.

‘New nursing graduate seeking to offer compassionate care, communication and technical skills in a healthcare facility serving the elderly. Experience includes the successful completion of a one-year internship at a hospice care facility and multiple job-shadowing opportunities with established nurses and other medical professionals.’  

Since technology is constantly evolving, mentioning the skills related to technological advancements as well as compassion are likely to get an employer’s interest.


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    An associate degree in nursing (ADN). A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). A master of science in nursing (MSN). 5. Keep it brief. Ideally, a resume objective should only be one or two sentences long. Because of this, you should include only the most relevant and impressive details. 6. Use impactful language.

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    Here are just a few examples of nursing resume objective skills: Patient assessment, diagnosis, and care. Long-term and short-term treatment planning. Vital sign monitoring and analysis. Patient chart management and electronic medical records (EMR) systems. Compassionate patient care for people from diverse backgrounds and all age ranges.

  12. 10+ Nurse Resume Objectives Examples and Tips That Landing Your First Job

    Those duties primarily revolve around taking care of patients. So applicants should clarify excellent knowledge of pharmacology, medical diagnosis, preventive healthcare, and treatment methods in a resume objective. Soft skills should be considered in this part. Strong work ethics, team-driven mindset, exceptional communication, and emotional ...

  13. Nursing Resume Objective Examples

    Los Angeles, California • [email protected] • +1-234-567-890. Copy. Objective. Seasoned nursing professional with 20+ years of experience in critical care. Seeking a leadership role in a high-pressure ICU. Decreased medication errors by 25% through the implementation of a double-check system.

  14. 25 Nursing Graduate Resume Objective Examples (Plus Tips)

    Nursing graduate resume objective examples. Below are some examples of nursing resume objectives to provide inspiration when writing your own resume: 1. Patient-focused, hardworking Registered Nurse looking for a role as a staff nurse at New York Hospital where I can apply my recently earned skills. 2.

  15. Nursing Resume Objectives: 18 Examples submitted by Nurses

    Example Nurse Resume Objectives. Since its inception, GreatSampleResume has assisted millions of job seekers. With a suite of tools and guidance from Certified Professional Resume Writers, we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire job search journey. Career Summaries for Nurses of all Qualifications. User-submitted examples can be ...

  16. Crafting Effective RN Resume Objectives for Nursing Jobs

    An RN resume objective is a concise statement at the beginning of a resume that highlights a registered nurse's career goals, skills, and qualifications. It serves as an introduction to the rest of the resume, providing recruiters with a glimpse of what the candidate brings to the table.

  17. Resume Objectives for Nursing Graduates

    Example 1. 'Enthusiastic and dedicated nursing graduate with a calm disposition, crisis management skills and extensive clinical hours in an urgent care setting. Empathetic patient advocate who increased patient adherence to therapy protocols by 25% over a three-month period. Seeking an entry-level position as a staff nurse at Boulder ...

  18. Nursing Resume Objective (With Tips)

    How to write an objective statement for a nursing resume. To create an effective nursing objective for your resume, consider the following steps: 1. State your career goal. The main aspect of your career objective is your career goal. So, in the first sentence, state what your current career goal is. This allows employers to determine whether ...

  19. Nursing Resume Examples & Writing Guide for 2024

    Although nurses require specific technical skills to do the job, those aren't the only skills required. As a nurse, you also deal with patients and colleagues each day, which demands a strong set of soft skills.. Soft skills like communication and emotional intelligence allow nurses to build trust with patients, show empathy, educate effectively, and deliver a higher quality of care.

  20. #1 Chief Nursing Officer Resume Example

    Modern-day resumes rarely use a resume objective. Career advisors recommend using the professional summary in its place. Like an elevator pitch, it explains why you're the best fit for the position. It spotlights your qualifications and experience in two or three sentences.