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The best screen recorders offer image and video capture for what’s on your computer monitors.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a surge in video conferencing and webinars in the workplace, making it essential to be able to produce and share screen recordings for training sessions and other reference material.

Many screen recorders are now paying lip-service to the best video editing software with their feature-sets. Quality production value is now easier than ever to get right, allowing you to produce informative material without worrying about the technical side.

Screen recorders are standout choices for simple piece-to-camera content such as workplace announcements, but are also capable of cutting and exporting YouTube videos, and outputting live streams to larger audiences.

To help you find the right software solution for your needs, we’ve picked out the best screen recorders across Windows, Mac, and Linux, reviewing user interface, experience, accessibility to newcomers, and value for money.

And if you’d like to do some testing of your own, we’ve listed the best free screen recorders , too.

Best screen recorder overall

1. camtasia.

Our expert review:


Reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

TechSmith’s Camtasia is one of the best screen recording tools we’ve reviewed. It is as easy to set up as the developers could make it, the recording is flawless, the editing capabilities are incredibly powerful, and truly set it apart from most of the competition. The fact it works on both Macs and Windows is just icing on the cake. 

As well as capturing what's on screen, this fully fledged video editing solution features plenty of extras and edits on top too. Whatever you want to record, from PowerPoint presentations to games, Camtasia performs well. You're given a huge amount of control over what's recorded. For example, you can strip out or include audio, or add a webcam feed. Annotations, extra media files, transitions, titles and more can then all be dropped in with your footage. And for all that, the top screen recorder never feels too overwhelming. 

However, the best tools come with premium price tags. Camtasia is no exception, with a one-off lifetime license fee, and the option to subscribe for annual updates. Alongside the next major revision of the software, it also includes support and access to training videos. So, best for power-users and professional organizations. 

This might indeed sound like a lot, but if you’re serious about screen recording, you should definitely give this one a try, and take advantage of its generous 60-day free trial (you only need to register a free account in order to download it and check it out). Read our full Camtasia review

Best screen recorder for Mac

2. screenflow.

Apple macOS actually comes with some  of the best screen recorder tools built in – but ScreenFlow is a serious upgrade on what Apple's screen recording software can do on its own. Plus, it adds plenty of features and extra video editing tools.

With ScreenFlow, you can crop, pan, and zoom around different parts of your video recording. You're free to add annotations and callouts on top of the captured footage. It's a fully featured and intuitive video editor, as well as a comprehensive screen recording app.

As for the actual capturing part, it couldn't be any easier to use. Select your video and audio sources, and away you go. Footage from your webcam can be easily added into your main video, and the whole process is slick and streamlined throughout. A free trial is available.

Read our full ScreenFlow review

Best free screen recorder

3. obs studio.

OBS Studio is our pick for best screen recorder that's free and open-source - and with good reason: available on Windows, Linux, and Mac, the screen recording and streaming software lets you effortlessly blend different sources and audio tracks together, packing in professional-grade features typically only found in expensive, premium capture tools.

Built with gamers in mind, live streaming options feature prominently, but you can just as easily save your recordings to disk. On top of that you get advanced features like noise reduction (for your voiceovers) and the ability to set transitions between your scenes. 

All of this is overkill if you just want to record a quick clip – and to the complete beginner, OBS Studio perhaps isn't the best screen recorder for you. 

When we tested out the product recently, we thought it was a great tool, though hampered by frustrating design choices and minor glitches. We also felt the user interface could overwhelm newcomers to the software. 

During our review, we wrote: "It’s a bit like you have to wrestle with its way of working, until you capitulate and have to work on its terms. It feels like there’s always one too many clicks to get the work done."

So, it's not as intuitive to set up or use as some rivals. But OBS Studio is free, open-source, and has just about every tool you need to make capture, stream, and create content. You just need to get used to the interface.

Read our full OBS Studio review

Best screen recorder for small businesses

4. easeus recexperts.

EaseUS RecExperts offers one of the best screen recorders for Windows and Mac. 

Packed with useful features, including a scheduler and GIF creator, the software can capture footage at up to 4K /60fps. That makes it a good screen capture tool for delivering presentations, webinars, gaming or just quickly showing how to perform a specific task on a computer. 

When we tested out the screen recorder, we highly rated how easy it was to set-up and use. In addition to capturing your screen (or an area of it) and system sounds (if you select it), RecExperts auto-detects any connected webcams and microphones. 

Because of this, you shouldn’t need to fiddle around in the settings to capture everything you need. It’s very straightforward, with an interface built for seamless navigation. 

Unfortunately, like FlashBack Express, RecExperts offers no meaningful post-production editing  tools (you can trim, watermark, and add intros and outros, but not much else). 

The free version of the tool is also little more than a trial - with a severe one-minute recording restriction. However, monthly and annual subscription plans offers unlimited screen capturing and all other tools. 

Read our full EaseUS RecExperts review

Best screen recorder for photos

5. techsmith snagit.

Techsmith’s Snagit is a versatile multi-platform screenshot tool with an extensive range of post production annotation capabilities. 

You can also record your screen, including your webcam, and this is where the bulk of the improvements come in Snagit 2024.

The new features include being able to stitch clips together, giving you a form of rudimentary video editing, and alleviating the need to create the perfect video in a single take. There’s also a way to visually highlight your cursor, including a nice animation when you click on something, making it much easier for viewers to see and follow it. It’s also now possible to connect to Screencast, Techsmith’s online collaborative service.

It’s an excellent tool, well implemented, and brilliant. The screen capture side is improving nicely, if gradually, and might be more than enough in its current state if your needs are simple.

You can try Snagit for free for 15 days, and you can purchase it for $63, which includes a year of support and upgrades (further upgrades are $35).

Read our full TechSmith Snagit review

Best screen recorder on a budget

6. ashampoo snap.

Ashampoo’s Snap is a PC-only screen capture tool that aims to let you take images and videos of your desktop, and any software you might choose to run on it.

The image capturing side of things is great, with numerous options both before and after taking the shot, and the editor is filled with tools to let you customize your photo as much as you’d like.

By contrast, the video section feels more like a work in progress, with limited tools, and few options. Even the toolbar works in a different way here (it disappears when taking an image, but remains on the screen during video capture), making both sides of this software feel like two separate entities bolted together against their will.

Still, it is good value at $13 per year for three computers, or a one-off fee of $40 for a single device.

Read our full Ashampoo Snap 14 review  

Best basic screen recorder

7. icecream screen recorder.

Icecream Screen Recorder is ideal when you don't need the the hefty feature sets of the likes of Camtasia or OBS Studio. This screen capture software, available on Windows and Mac, is a more compact and friendly alternative - especially for those searching for the best screen recorder for low-end PCs. . 

Fire it up, click the record button, select the part of the screen to record, and you're off.

Choosing your recording area and saving your footage couldn't really be any easier, though frankly, it's not the most precise tool. The screen recording software lets you draw on your footage, add a webcam feed, zoom during captures, and select final video quality.

The free version has limits - including a five-minute time restriction. Upgrade to the Pro version to end this, and access more output formats, convert between formats, add watermarks, and schedule screen recordings. All features that can come in handy.

Best screen recorder for ease of use

8. tinytake.

TinyTake is a really simple screen recorder for Windows and macOS. It has all the features you're likely to need, none of the fluff you don't, and it's one of the best screen recorders when it comes to sharing videos and photos with others.

As for the main capturing process itself, once you've created an account (which isn't optional), you can be recording your computer screen in a couple of clicks. Map the area you want to capture, click the start button, and TinyTake effortlessly handles the rest.

And that really is all there is to it. Like Icecream Screen Recorder, it's a great if you're capturing on a low-end PC or laptop. 

if you want to add annotations, or record anything longer than five minutes, you'll need to upgrade to the paid-for version of TinyTake. For simple screen recording and easy sharing to places like YouTube, though, it's ideal.

Best screen recorder browser extension

9. screencastify.

Screencastify is a screen recording browser extension for Chrome - the perfect capture tool if you're running a low-end PC or don't want to install software on your computer.

Just because Screencastify is a Chrome add-on doesn't mean you're restricted to recording browser windows, although you can do that if you want. The tool is able to record in full-screen mode as well, and supports audio from your system or a microphone.

The extension is even smart enough to embed a feed from your webcam as well. On-screen drawings and annotations are supported, too.

So you've got lots of flexibility, even if you don't get quite as many bells and whistles as you do with other programs. To use the screen recorder without a watermark and for more than 10 minutes at a time, a paid upgrade is required.

Best screen recorders: FAQs

What is screen recording.

Screen recording lets you capture the action happening in individual windows, the whole desktop, or selected area of your computer using software, an app, or a browser add-on. There are plenty of reasons you may need to capture your screen - they’re essential tools for content creators and live-streamers, but just as useful for sharing projects with colleagues, creating tutorials, or just grabbing content from a website for later use. 

How do I record my screen on a PC or laptop?

There are two main methods for screen recording on a PC or laptop: dedicated software or a browser extension. Browser extensions are lightweight, and typically have limited options beyond which window or area you want to capture. As a browser-based tool, they work best when you’re connected to the internet. Screen recording software tends to offer a lot more options, tools, and control over your screengrabs. Many offer useful features like highlighting screengrabbed images and editing videos. 

How do I screen record on my Android or iPhone?

Most modern phones have screen recording and screen capture tools built in. For example, on the latest Android phones, pressing and holding the power button lets you take a quick screenshot, with a screen recorder option tucked in the notification area. With it being this easy, casual users may not need a screen recorder app for their mobile device. Regular users, however, will find several great options in the App Store and Google Play Store - just make sure you trust the developer and check what data the apps capture.

How to choose the best screen recorder for you

When choosing which screen recorder is best for you, there are five main areas you’ll need to explore. 

+ Use Identify what you need to capture. Some of the best screen recorders are ideal for a specific purpose - for example, OBS Studio is the best for recording games, but might not fit in the workplace. 

+ Platform Decide which device is capturing footage. While most desktop options have screen recorders for Windows 10 and Mac available, you’ll need to find separate alternatives for iOS and Android.

+ Budget Work out how much your budget is. Top-end screen capture tools like Camtasia offer professional-grade recording and features, but those perks come at a premium. 

+ Extras Many of the best screen recording software tools let you annotate, add text and cursor actions. Others come loaded with video editors. Find which has the tools you need included. Always check which parts of the screen can be recorded, and the output resolution and format. 

+ Experience The best screen recorder is the one you enjoy using most - and that’s entirely subjective. Look for the capture app that best fits your workflow, needs, and experience level. 

How we test the best screen recorders

Testing the best screen recorders, we start by assessing how well the software performs. During operation, we expect to see the very best screen capture tools running smoothly on the device it’s intended for; exported videos should play perfectly and stutter-free. 

We evaluate how closely the screen recording software meets the needs of its target user-base. Those looking to record meetings have different requirements to Let’s Play-ers, and the software should be designed with those users in mind. 

User experience, and the interface, is important. It’s about finding a balance between powerful features and intuitive use. 

More complex recording software, like OBS Studio, should be accessible, even if the learning curve is steep, while streamlined tools like Screencastify and TinyTake should still properly record footage, even if the interface is simple or sparse.

The best apps also pack in plenty of features, to help craft professional-looking videos. We’re not simply looking for the largest toolset - users expect the largest useful toolset, with features that help them achieve their goals. Again, these should be clear and accessible to all users, and function above and beyond what’s expected.  

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How to Record a Presentation with Webcam, Narration, and More

Vibrant illustration of a presentation recording setup, featuring a stylized web browser window with an icon of a person gesturing and two speech bubbles, symbolizing an interactive online presentation. The design uses a bright blue to green gradient background with dynamic lines and shapes, suggesting movement and digital communication. This image is ideal for content related to creating and recording digital presentations, webinars, or instructional videos.

Everyone has, at some point, put a load of time and effort into creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation, only to use it once or twice. But isn’t it a shame for all that hard work to be discarded so quickly? Is every slide deck destined for deletion after just a couple of uses? 

Isn’t there a better way to make the most out of your presentations? Well, yes. Yes, there is. 

Rather than simply creating and presenting your work once or twice, recording your presentations can give them a new lease of life. Whether it’s a data report or a self-recorded PowerPoint, you can record a presentation in real-time, or in advance to make it available on-demand.

In this guide, we’ll explore two distinct ways of recording your presentation. First, we’ll discuss how to record a presentation from PowerPoint with audio and webcam, and then we’ll look at how to turn your .ppt slides into a video.

Benefits of Recording a Presentation 

As well as there being many different ways to record a presentation, there are also many benefits of recording them. So, before we show you the ‘how,’ let’s talk about the ‘why.’ 

  • Encouraging asynchronous communication : One key benefit is fostering asynchronous communication . By recording presentations, you’re letting your audience engage with the content in their own time, breaking the constraints of time zones and scheduling conflicts. This also ensures your viewers can absorb information at their own pace, and revisit it as needed.
  • Boosting SEO : You can use your presentation to create a YouTube video and share it on your website to increase your online visibility and attract prospective customers. This can be a great way to expand your audience, increase web traffic, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Perfecting your presentation : Whether it’s in-person or over Zoom, you don’t get second chances with live presentations. However, a pre-recorded keynote lets you perfect the content and the narration before anyone sees it. This is a great way to combat stage fright while honing your presentation skills and building confidence.

With this in mind, turning your slides into a video is a no-brainer. It’s an easy way to grow your audience and make the information you’re sharing more accessible and easier to digest.

Record your presentation today!

Download a free trial of Snagit to quickly and easily record your presentation.

Snagit icon

How to record your presentation (with Snagit)

Depending on your audience and the type of presentation you need to deliver, TechSmith’s Snagit could just be the perfect tool for recording your PowerPoint. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Snagit is ideal for capturing top-notch presentation videos, in just a few clicks. 

Now, there’s no denying that presentations are better when you can see the presenter… Fortunately, Snagit lets you capture your screen and webcam at the same time to create a Picture-in-Picture video.

In this section, we’ll guide you through the steps to record your presentation and webcam with Snagit. 

Step 1: Open video capture 

First, open Snagit and navigate to the Capture window. Select the Video tab, and start by clicking the big red Capture button.

Step 2: Select a recording area

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose which parts of your screen you want to record. Use Snagit’s orange crosshairs to select a specific region, window, or your entire screen. 

Step 3: Configure recording settings

With the Video Recording toolbar, you can set options like Cursor Capture and Effects, System Audio, and Webcam. 

If your webcam isn’t showing, click on the webcam icon. If you have an external webcam, select the one you want to use by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the webcam icon. 

Step 4: Adjust your webcam

Next, adjust your webcam options to ensure your Picture-in-Picture recording looks how you want it. Here you can change the Picture-in-Picture placement as well as the shape and size of your webcam recording. You can even toggle between Picture-in-Picture and fullscreen webcam modes as you like.

The best part? You can make these adjustments even while recording.

Step 5: Manage recording

When you’re ready to roll, hit the Record button and click the Stop button when you’re finished. It’s that simple! 

And remember, if there’s an interruption (like an unexpected visit from the mailman), just hit Pause. It’s okay to take a break — your video won’t be ruined by a little interruption.

Step 6: Edit your video

Once you’ve finished recording, Snagit will automatically open your video in the Snagit Editor, which is super easy to use. From here, you can make light edits to the footage as needed. 

For example, if you need to cut or trim your footage , you can! Here’s how: 

  • Set Start Point : Drag the Start handle (green) on the timeline to your desired starting point.
  • Set End Point : Similarly, drag the End handle (red) to where you want to end the cut.
  • Review the Segment : Before making any cuts, you can review the segment by dragging the Playhead (white) left and right across the timeline. This ensures you’re only cutting the footage you intend to.
  • Make the Cut : Once you’re satisfied with the selection, click the Cut button, which will pop up once you’ve made a selection.

And that’s all there is to it! If you want to go the extra mile, you can also use Snagit to save individual frames of your video as images , which can be used to create a thumbnail for your video . 

How to record a presentation from PowerPoint with audio and webcam

Now, Snagit is great for recording less formal videos in a flash, but if your presentation is intended for a particularly large or important audience, you might be looking to create something more polished. This is where TechSmith’s Camtasia comes in. 

Camtasia is one of the smartest and most intuitive pieces of editing software out there, but it also makes for a pretty nifty screen recorder too. Camtasia is great for recording presentations when you need more control and editing powers over the final product. 

But best of all, Camtasia streamlines the process by letting you record your presentation and voice over directly within PowerPoint. 

Step 1: Set up your presentation video recording

If you’re a Windows user, you’ll have the option to include a PowerPoint Add-in Toolbar when you install Camtasia. While this feature isn’t currently available on MacOS, the Camtasia Add-in Toolbar allows you to start, stop, and control your recordings from within PowerPoint — so you don’t need to switch between applications.

Screenshot of how to record a powerpoint presentation with the Camtasia add-in toolbar

Just open the presentation you want to record and locate the Add-in toolbar under the Add-ins tab. 

Don’t see the add-in toolbar? Go to File > Options > Add-ins, to enable it. Click on the Manage drop-down, select Disabled Items, then click Go. If the Camtasia Add-in is listed, select it, and click Enable.

If you’re an Apple user, don’t panic! You can still record your screen (with audio) on a Mac using Camtasia, and it’s just as easy. Alternatively, you can skip ahead to the next section and import your slides directly into Camtasia. 

Step 2: Customize your recording options

Now let’s walk through each of the options on the toolbar before we begin recording.

Screenshot of the Camtasia add-in toolbar to record powerpoint

Record audio

The microphone button controls whether or not audio is recorded as part of your presentation. When you enable it, you’ll be able to record your narration using a microphone.

If you are planning to record audio, this is where you’ll select your microphone. If you want to record great audio , we suggest using an external microphone, rather than the one that’s built into your laptop. 

Some of the best microphones for recording video are likely to be less expensive than you think. But, if you’re on a shoestring budget, even the mic that’s built into your headphones could produce better audio than your laptop. 

Once you’re set up, be sure to test the mic and adjust the volume slider as needed. You’ll also need to decide whether or not to record your system audio, which is any sound that comes out of your speakers, such as email notifications. 

Record webcam

If you have a webcam, you can also record your camera during the presentation to create a Picture-in-Picture clip — just as you can with Snagit! 

screenshot of adding webcam to a presentation recording

To customize even more of the recording settings, click the Recording Options button. Here you’ll find settings that let you record with a watermark and adjust your video frame rate . There are a few more options too, but the default settings should work just fine.

When you’re ready, click OK to close this window and save any changes made.

Step 3: Record your presentation

The final step is as simple as clicking the Record button in the toolbar. This will launch your slides into the Presentation Mode and start recording.

When you exit Presentation Mode or reach the end of your slideshow, you can either continue recording your screen, or stop recording and save your file. Pretty easy right? 

Before you get started, let us show you another way to turn your presentation into a video, without recording your desktop . 

How to turn your PowerPoint presentation slides into a video

Another way to create a video from your presentation is to import your PowerPoint slides into Camtasia. This way you can adjust how long each slide appears on screen, as well as add Behaviors and Annotations to personalize your presentation and highlight important information. 

By importing your slides into Camtasia, and recording your voice over separately, you get a lot more flexibility with the editing process, which means you have more control over the finished article. 

If you do decide to record your audio separately, you might want to take a look at TechSmith’s Audiate . This advanced audio recorder will transcribe your voice over in real-time and let you edit the audio file as if it were a text-based document. We don’t want to brag, but it’s probably the best way to add a voice over to a PowerPoint . 

Regardless of how you decide to narrate your PowerPoint, here’s how to turn your presentation into a video: 

1. Import your PowerPoint slides

First, start by importing your PowerPoint slides directly into Camtasia. Once your media is imported, you can edit it by dragging your slides into the Editing Toolbar.

screenshot of how to add powerpoint slides into camtasia

You can now add the images to the Timeline, and edit them like any other media in a Project. 

screenshot of powerpoint slides in the camtasia media bin

If you drag your slides to the Timeline, the slides will be placed in the order of the presentation, each with a default 5-second duration.

screenshot of powerpoint slides in the camtasia timline

With your presentation on the timeline, use Ripple Move to create space in between slides to adjust the timing of each one. To do this, hold shift, then click and drag.

screenshot of how to adjust the timing of powerpoint slides in the camtasia timeline

Once you’ve imported your slides and adjusted the duration of each one to correlate with your voice over, it’s time to start editing. 

How to edit a presentation video (in Camtasia) 

Add behaviors.

Firstly, add some visual interest with Camtasia Behaviors . A Behavior is an animation that brings movement to your slides, making them stand out on screen. This is a great way to bring parts of your presentation to life and take it from ordinary to extraordinary — because nobody likes a boring presentation . 

To add a Behavior, click and drag the Behavior you wish to use onto the slide you want to animate. Once added, you can adjust the Behavior using the Properties tab.

Add annotations

Another good way to grab and direct your audience’s attention is to add some Annotations, which are great for highlighting important information.  

To insert an Annotation, click the Annotation tab on the left side of the screen and drag it into the designated slide. You can then re-position and edit the Annotation in the Properties tab as needed.

Recording a PowerPoint Presentation, the FAQs

Absolutely! Both Snagit and Camtasia are excellent choices for recording a professional and polished presentation. Snagit is perfect for no-fuss recording and editing. If you require more sophisticated editing capabilities, Camtasia is the ideal choice, offering the added convenience of recording your slideshow and voice over directly within PowerPoint.

Click the Record button in the toolbar to launch your slides into the Presentation Mode and start recording. When you exit Presentation Mode or reach the end of your slideshow, you can either continue recording your screen or stop and save your file.

If you’re planning to record audio, select your microphone in the recording options. The microphone button controls whether or not audio is recorded as part of your presentation. If you have a webcam attached to your computer, you can also record your camera to create a Picture-in-Picture clip, perfect for showing the presenter during the presentation.

With Snagit, you can conveniently record your voice over as you go through your presentation, capturing both the audio and visuals in one go. If you’re looking for more advanced recording and editing options, you might also consider using Camtasia, which allows you to record your voice over while presenting. For even more control, use Audiate to record your audio separately and then import it into Camtasia for fine-tuning.

best app to record video presentation

Justin Simon

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12 Best Video Presentation Software to Try in 2023 (Reviews & Rankings)

Last Updated: 10/25/2023

Photo of author

By Scott Winstead

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best video presentation software

With the explosive growth of virtual learning and remote working, video presentation software platforms are quickly gaining in popularity.

Video creation software applications play a key role in creating engaging personalized content in education, business training, and knowledge transfer of any kind.

Do you need to create a video presentation?

The good news is that creating video presentations doesn’t have to be difficult. And you don’t need to be an experienced video editor or someone with a lot of technical know-how.

You just need the best video presentation software.

Here’s the truth:  the platform you choose will determine the quality and effectiveness of your video presentation.

Use the wrong program and your presentation might not turn out the way you want, turning your project into a failure.

But with the right video presentation maker and screen recording software, you can create a video that’s engaging and effective at getting your message across.

In this guide, I’ve ranked and reviewed the best video presentations software platforms  available in 2023 based on numerous factors, including ease of use, editing capabilities, pricing, support, and more.

At the end of this guide, you’ll also learn more about how to choose the right video creation software for your unique needs.

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost for you, we might get a commission if you click the link and purchase.

What are the Best Video Presentation Software Platforms?

Here are my picks for the best video presenter software options to try in 2023:

1. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a comprehensive authoring toolkit that works right in PowerPoint and allows you to create high-quality videos with no special skills.

With iSpring Suite , you can easily create video lectures and tutorials in PowerPoint using your screen, webcam, or both.

The tool has all the features to make them look professional. For instance, you can easily delete unwanted portions, remove noise, and set up smooth transitions.

To highlight key concepts, you can add titles, captions, and shapes, or insert images.

iSpring Suite also enables you to combine video narration with a PowerPoint presentation. You can upload a ready-made video or record new narration with your webcam right in the toolkit. To maintain eye contact with the audience and sound confident, you can put your script into slide notes and read along. After recording, you can sync your video narration with slides and animation effects with ease.

However, iSpring Suite can do more than just video production. It allows you to create engaging online courses, smart quizzes, role-plays, and interactions effortlessly.

ispring suite

Key Features

  • Edit your videos easily. You can change speed, add intro slides, and insert images, audio recordings, and infographics.
  • Record high-quality screencasts. You can choose the recording area, add voice narration or your webcam video, and automatically add visual hints when you click, enter, or use hotkeys.
  • Shift between speaker and slides. When creating video narration for slides, you can select the player layout for each slide and show both the speaker video and slide simultaneously, or switch between them as needed.
  • Create online courses. iSpring Suite allows you to turn PowerPoint slides into engaging online courses with branching scenarios and simply upload them to an LMS or share on the Web.
  • Doesn’t require any tech skills
  • Supports all PowerPoint effects and animations
  • Easy publishing to YouTube or in an LMS
  • Output in MP4 or HTML5 format
  • Works in PowerPoint, not a standalone solution
  • Doesn’t work on MacOS

You can choose from two subscription options: iSpring Suite and iSpring Suite Max, which comes with a content library and an online collaboration tool.

  • iSpring Suite — $770 per user/year
  • iSpring Suite Max — $970 per user/year

The vendor provides special discounts for freelancers and academics: they can get iSpring Suite and iSpring Suite Max for $490 and $470 per user/year, respectively.

A free 14-day trial is available.

loom website

Loom is a free video presentation software that makes it super easy to create, edit, and share your videos with your audience.

With Loom, you can add audio to your Google Slides , PowerPoint , or other presentation, including voiceovers, speaker bubbles, and other touches by recording your screen and narration.

Whether you’re making a video presentation for marketing, sales, employee training , online courses, or any other purpose, Loom makes it super easy to do with just the click of a button.

You can make videos on your computer, web browser, or even mobile device.

Record your video presentations with Loom’s browser extension (on Chrome only right now), or use their desktop and mobile apps, and then share them with a single click.

  • Quickly create great video presentations
  • Works on PC, Mac, and mobile devices
  • Chrome users don’t have to download anything if they use the browser extension
  • Securely share your videos with your audience and track metrics
  • Totally free to use
  • Create video presentations by recording your screen and adding voiceovers to Google Slides, PowerPoint presentations, and other presentations
  • Make instantly shareable video
  • Track views of your videos easily
  • Edit your video to create a great final product
  • Lacks some advanced video creation features
  • Could use more editing tools

Loom pricing includes an excellent free plan as well as some very affordable paid plans that have additional features.

Click here to try Loom for free .

3. Camtasia


Camtasia is a fantastic all-in-one screen recorder and video presentation software. This tool makes it super simple to create and edit videos on Windows and Mac.

Camtasia is one of the most popular video presentation makers with a huge user base.

Ease of use is the huge selling point here, and it’s the reason it’s ranked so high on our list of best video presentation software. This program is super quick to learn and doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how.

Camtasia’s screen recording software makes it easy to capture specific windows or your entire desktop. You can also easily upload your media files and place them in the order you want on the timeline.

Adding intros, outros, text overlays, whiteboard animations , voiceovers, and music is also incredibly easy and requires basically no technical skills.

The editing capabilities of Camtastia’s video presentations software are also extensive and simple to understand. Easily crop your videos, cut parts you don’t want, and adjust the audio to create the final product you envisioned.

  • Edit audio and video with ease. When the recording is over, Camtasia will pigeonhole the output so you can edit system audio, video, cursor, and mic separately.
  • Use your webcam. Just activate your webcam when screencasting, and Camtasia will save your live recording as a separate track.
  • Add as many tracks as you want. Camtasia offers an expandable multi-track timeline that may include screen content, several audio tracks, effects, callouts, etc.
  • Easy trimming and cropping of video clips . Cut and join video fragments in just a couple clicks.
  • Noise removal and leveling. Make the sound better by removing background noises or adjusting the levels.
  • Closed Captioning. Camtasia provides both open and closed captioning abilities. Plus, you can easily export captions for translation.
  • Rich video effects. Keep your audience focused and entertained by adding callouts, quizzing, zooming, etc.
  • No time limits whatsoever. Camtasia really stands out from the crowd in this respect. Lengthy videos are no problem at all since both scalability and performance are up to standard. It’s great for those who need to create presentations that are longer than average.
  • Great editing options. Camtasia is a bundle of screen recorder and video editing software. There is a diversity of editing options inside, from manipulating visual properties to adding transitions, captions, and quizzes. Camtasia has it all.
  • High compatibility. Camtasia file formats are interoperable between Mac and PC, and you can always save the project in good old .avi.
  • Good support for PowerPoint presentations. Just integrate the Camtasia toolbar into PowerPoint and start recording presentations in a familiar format. This is a great way to enhance your presentation and then share a PowerPoint slide show with your audience.
  • Easy to publish and share. You can share the output on YouTube, Google Docs, MyPlaces, and others – right from the program dashboard.
  • No web-based option. Unlike many online video presenter solutions, Camtasia is a heavy piece of software that requires installation and some space on your HDD.
  • No support for a digital camera. Camtasia was designed to work with USB webcams, not digital cameras, so TechSmith makes no promises here. Some DV cameras were reported to cooperate smoothly with Camtasia but it’s still a matter of chance.

Camtasia Studio is free to try . A standard one-user license will set you back at $299.99. An upgrade to the latest version costs $149.50. Check out our Camtasia pricing guide for more info.

Vyond (formerly known as GoAnimate) allows you to easily create your own animated videos for training, eLearning, or even marketing.

Vyond includes libraries with numerous backgrounds, characters, props, royalty-free music tracks, and sound and video effects with uses across hundreds of industries and topics.

The customer support from Vyond is also exceptional. The team is very proactive in making sure you have all the info and training you need to quickly start creating great videos, and they’re great at answering any questions that might come up along the way.

  • Wealth of capabilities for tweaking and customization. Add characters, change the background, match your content with a specific style – all with an intuitive interface.
  • Nifty character builder . Vyond lets you recreate learners, customers, or yourself using an easy character creator in their video presentation software. It’s fun!
  • Publish content in a single click . Share your videos across multiple hosting sites, authoring tools, and social media. Alternatively, download your video presentation as a high-quality MP4 file.
  • Automatic lip-sync. You can allocate a voice track to specific characters and watch them lip-sync to the track.
  • Animated infographics. A great combination of animated video clips and infographics.
  • Media import . Use import to upload images, music, voice tracks, video clips, and screen recordings.
  • Easy to use, easy to publish.
  • Hassle-free voice recording.
  • Performance glitches. For instance, Vyond doesn’t load YouTube too quickly.
  • A raspy synthetic voice that may sound frustrating.
  • There is a limitation of one character speaking or moving at a time.
  • Any customizations require an upgrade from free to paid.

There is a free trial available. Vyond offers several paid plans from $649-$999 a year.

5. Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a popular video presentation software that helps you transform slides into interactive eLearning content.

One cool feature teachers will love is you can add quizzes to your video presentations, making them interactive and more engaging.

Creating HD videos is pretty easy with this program, and it has screen recording functionality that lets you capture video directly from your desktop. You can also create videos using your webcam.

  • HTML5 support for PowerPoint. You can publish PowerPoint content directly to HTML5, but make sure your animations are safe after the transition.
  • Engaging quizzing. A smart collection of quiz templates and components to help educators test retention.
  • Smart learning interactions. Employ interactive elements to customize the content. Hangman, Jigsaw, Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion…there is a diverse set of options to pick from.
  • Characters. Select your actor, corresponding gestures, and background, and enliven the video with a personal touch.
  • Scenario templates. Weave scenario-based training into your methodology. Predefine learners’ paths and what happens next based on their inputs.
  • Universal standard compatibility. Adobe Presenter content can be published across multiple systems. It works smoothly with SCORM in case you’d like it to playback in LMSs.
  • Slide branching. Master slide navigation and develop sophisticated slide branching to guide users through the content.
  • HD quality video. No need for third-party hardware to make a nice-looking video. This video maker helps you balance colors, eliminate noises, and boost overall video quality.
  • Video add-ons. A great selection of introductory and concluding clips, zooming, custom videos, and logos for branding purposes.
  • Automatic closed captioning. Adobe Presenter’s speech-to-text conversion functionality helps you automatically generate closed captions for audio tracks.
  • Audio and video streaming. You can enjoy adaptive video and audio streaming if you host your course on Adobe Connect Server.
  • Moderate price combined with elaborate functionality
  • Adapted to mobile devices
  • Support for PowerPoint leaves much to be desired (effects, animations and other PowerPoint features may get lost during conversion)
  • In HTML5 publishing, text and images convert into images
  • There’s no way to view the presentation on a mobile device offline

A monthly subscription is offered at the affordable rate of $14.99.


With Wideo, you can easily create professional animated videos and presentations in just minutes. You don't need any video editing skills or experience. This is a great choice for beginners looking for an easy video presentation app.

With Wideo (free trial) , you can easily create animated videos in just minutes. This video presentation software might be the quickest to use to create a finished product.

The way it works is Wideo has a number of templates you can use and fit to your project, allowing you to more quickly make your videos for everything from quick lessons to marketing videos to social media clips and more.

Just choose the template, drag and drop your graphics (use your own or choose from their huge stock library), and then publish and share your videos with one click.

If you’re looking to make animated videos quickly and without spending a lot of money, this is a great choice. Of course, if you’re looking for something that allows for much more customization, Wideo might not be your ideal video presentation maker as it does really heavily on its templates.

  • Quickly create high-quality animated videos
  • Choose from pre-made templates and tweak to your desire
  • Easy-to-use interface compared to other video presentation software
  • Big graphics library
  • Very intuitive interface.  Create your videos with no previous video editing software experience required.
  • Great templates to choose from.  Make your video quicker by using Wideo’s templates.
  • Create a video in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Add your own video files or choose from a huge library of stock footage. The choice is yours.
  • Use of templates makes this video presentations software less customizable than some other options
  • Lower subscription packages have pretty strict limitations, include video length

Limited free version available. Basic plan is $19/month ($228 billed annually), Pro is $39/month ($468 billed annually), and Pro+ is $79/month ($948 billed annually). Paying month-to-month will have higher rates than those above. Click here to try Wideo free .

PowToon is freemium intuitive video presentation software that helps create animated slides combined with audio, narration, and embedded videos.

If you’re looking to turn written materials into quick explainer videos, PowToon’s video presentation software offers an intuitive, easy way to deliver a nice-looking message to your audience.

There’s no experience needed to create videos with PowToon. The whole process is pretty simple and straightforward, and the results are professional. However, some features on this video maker are a bit limited depending on which plan you use.

  • Easy interface. It somewhat resembles PowerPoint but turns out much simpler. The user just has to pick a template, go through the editing screen, add items from the image library (figures, backgrounds, speech bubbles, etc.) – and voila!
  • Timeline. This feature matches the animation panel in PowerPoint, with a number of obvious limitations. For instance, slides can only be 20 seconds long. Also, the selection of animations is pretty poor — just 12 options. Nothing to write home about.
  • Sounds. PowToon allows you to use one sound per presentation. You have to pick whether to go with a background theme or a voice narration.
  • Transitions. PowToon’s dynamic transitions are fun to deal with. Transitions make the presentation flow smooth and the outcome more engaging.
  • Usability. PowToon is really great for somebody who lacks skills in designing slides. Developing a deck in PowToon is as easy as dragging and dropping items on the screen and tweaking the timeline. No frills, no resource-hungry extras.
  • Free and easy to use video presentation software
  • A bunch of ready-made templates
  • Easy content sharing
  • Very sparse functionality compared to some other video makers
  • There is no auto-save feature or the ability to save an offline version
  • Loading someone else’s content may take a while.

PowToon offers 3 different plans:

  • Pro: $20 per month billed annually or $89 month-to-month
  • Pro+: $60 per month billed annually or $197 month-to-month
  • Agency: $100 per month billed annually (no monthly option available)

8. iSpring Presenter

iSpring Presenter is a handy alternative to Adobe’s product, offering an easy solution for transforming a PowerPoint deck into a video presentation. This is important because over 90% of presentations are made in PowerPoint!

With the iSpring Presenter, you can add a narrator/talking head to your video, quizzes, and more.

This is a great video creator for educators and business training professionals and one of the best PowerPoint add-ins available.

It’s worth noting, however, that the iSpring Presenter video presentation maker does come at a pretty high cost ($470/year)  in comparison to some competitors.

  • Create courses in PowerPoint. iSpring saves all PowerPoint effects, including animations, transitions, and embedded objects in the output.
  • Build quizzes and surveys. Test your students’ knowledge and receive feedback on your course right away. Plus, you can collect results and view statistics of the learners’ progress.
  • Narrate and sync with slides. Film your live presentation with a webcam or embed a pre-recorded video and synchronize it with slides and effects.
  • Add YouTube videos. Choose a video from the web and insert it into your content effortlessly.
  • Record voiceovers. Use the built-in Narration Editor to record a voice-over or import audio files from your hard drive.
  • Add navigable web pages, files, and links. Any web pages, links, or documents including XLS, PDF, or DOCX – toss any content into the pot!
  • Customize a presentation player.  iSpring offers a customizable presentation player so you can play the course back in a native environment.
  • Publish with a single click. Convert your presentation into HTML5, MP4, or an LMS-compliant format and reach a global audience.
  • Upload to YouTube. Place a video version of your slide deck on YouTube right from the iSpring Presenter interface.
  • Lossless PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion
  • Full support of PowerPoint effects, transitions, animations, etc.
  • Extended LMS support
  • Granular reporting for assessments and courses
  • Easy publishing to video, easy sharing on YouTube
  • Requires MS PowerPoint to use
  • Lack of advanced editing features compared to other video presentation software
  • No screen recording feature

A one-year subscription is available at $470 per author for academic purposes (business plans are more expensive).

Moovly is yet another online video creator tool you can use to create lessons, tutorials, and professional presentations.

Like the other reviewed programs, this web-based video creator makes it pretty easy to create short clips and videos.

There are plenty of editing tools, free graphics you can incorporate in your videos, music and sounds, and other features to help you create a quality video with minimal fuss.

The interface is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take much time to learn. Even if you’re not an experienced video creator, you should be able to use this without having to learn too much.

Moovly is also a web-based video presentations creator that needs no software installation.

  • Flipped classroom with Moovly. The solution enables you to develop Khan Academy-style courses and animated videos. Moovly can be used by instructors and students alike to create explainers, project overviews and other visual content.
  • Rich standard libraries. Get a quick start by employing ready-made items: animated graphics and templates, or personal assets such as images, sounds or video clips. There is a bunch of animation effects including hand drawing, dragging, move and zoom effect, etc.
  • Advanced features. The paid version broadens teachers’ and learners’ horizons in terms of data sharing, uploading of personal assets, using extra content libraries and downloading videos in HD quality.
  • Publisher extensions. Instructional designers can customize Moovly to add special object libraries that comply with school-certified publisher materials.
  • Nice effects library
  • Easy to use compared to some video presentation software apps
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Web-based, no installation required
  • A standalone solution that falls behind content authoring suites
  • Limited free functionality for those wanting to create presentations that stand out
  • Limited publishing options.

Moovly is available in Free, Pro ($24.92/month), and Max ($49.92/month) editions. Educators can access the software at reduced costs of $8.25 and $20.75 per month for the Pro and Max versions respectively. The extended plans encompass greater storage capabilities, video quality and export features, and remove the length limitations of the free version.

10. Animoto

Animoto is a popular video creator that has both free and paid plans available for users.

The free version is actually pretty good for what it is. You can easily create pretty good animated videos in a short amount of time, but there are some drawbacks. Free videos have the Animoto watermark on them, fewer customization options, and only come in standard definition (720p).

The paid version of Animoto has more customization options available, including access to over 3,000 music tracks, over a million licensed stock photos and videos, tons of fonts to choose from, and more.

Animoto’s video presentation maker doesn’t require a ton of technical know-how to use, but it definitely works best when you have a clear vision for what you want your video to look like.

  • Tons of licensed music, photos, and videos to choose from
  • Dozens of professional fonts for text overlays
  • Easy to use
  • Available on desktop and iOS
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Easy to use with no experience required
  • Excellent library of music and images to enhance your video
  • Affordable plans, including a free level
  • Video editing software features can feel limited for those trying to make more involved videos
  • Not as much customization as some other competitors

Animoto pricing is as follows: there’s a free edition, a Basic plan for $8/month, Professional plan for $15/month, and Professional Plus for $39/month, billed annually. If you wish to pay month-to-month for the paid plans, the cost will be a bit higher.

11. Animaker

Animaker describes its app as “A platform for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create Animation and Live-Action videos for every moment of our life.”

One of the things I like about this video creation software is you can make both animated and live-action videos. A lot of these programs usually only allow one or the other. This gives you the flexibility to create the exact type of video you want for your individual project.

This cloud-based program is super easy to use. There’s drag-and-drop functionality for adding things to your video, a massive library of 100 million images and videos to pull from, over 1,000 templates you can use to quickly make a video, easy resizing for various platforms, and even 4K capabilities.

  • Create both animated and live action videos
  • 4K definition capabilities
  • Gigantic library of stock images and videos
  • Tons of templates available for creating your video
  • Cerate just about any type of video
  • Very easy to use
  • Create videos in as little as 5 minutes
  • Lots of customization options
  • Better video quality than most competitors
  • Excellent customer support
  • Because it’s a web-based video presentation software, you can’t work on your videos if you’re having internet issues
  • Sometimes lag issues due to web-based application

Animaker pricing is between $10-$49 a month, depending on which plan you choose. Free trials are available for testing out this video editing program.

Lumen5 is an AI-powered online video maker with a simple drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy for people of all skill levels to create videos.

The real feature and selling point here is Lumen5 can take your text — say from a blog post, article, or training — and convert it into a video.

The process of uploading your text, choosing the format of your video, selecting themes, and building out your final product is pretty seamless.

Lumen5 will choose images and highlighted quotes from your content to use in the video slideshow, but you can easily edit these selections if you’re not happy with them.

All in all, the videos you can create with Lumen5 are pretty basic, but they can be great for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Turn articles and blog posts into engaging videos
  • Drag-and-drop functionality requires no experience or tech savvy
  • Web-based service, so you don’t have to download anything
  • Solid library of royalty-free images
  • Creating videos is very quick
  • Good for creating fairly basic videos, but not ideal for more intricate projects
  • Rendering can be slow at times

Limited free version available . Other plans range from $19/month (individual creators) all the way up to $149/month (businesses).

What is Video Presentation Software?

Video presentation software allows you to create and edit videos for a wide range of applications. From educational videos to corporate training films to marketing clips, video presentations come in all different types.

The style of video presentations can also vary greatly. Some programs allow you to create animated, cartoon-style videos while others are great for using real-life, live-action video.

What to Look for When Choosing Video Making Software

Finding the right video presentations software is essential to creating a successful final product that meets your needs.

While all of the options above are great, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. What works for one user might not be ideal for another.

Some of the key things to consider when choosing video making and screen recording software include:

  • Will the software allow you to create videos with your existing equipment? You don’t want to have to invest in a ton of extra equipment just to use the video presentation software.
  • What level of knowledge and experience do you have with video editing?  Many of the best video presentation software programs are super easy to use and require little to no technical knowledge.
  • What kind of videos do you want to create — animated video, live action, slideshows, or something else?  The best video presentation software varies greatly depending on the type of videos you need to create. So choose one that fits your needs.
  • What features do you need for your video — text overlays, voiceovers, animations, stock footage, slide transitions, etc.?
  • What format do you need your video to be in — HD, standard def, Instagram or Facebook dimensions, etc.? Here’s a great guide to video formats for different social platforms.
  • What’s your budget?  Just because an app is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. The best video presentation software for your needs might in fact be cheap or even free!

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can find a video presentation program that best suits your specific needs.

A Final Word on Video Presentation Software

As this roundup reveals, video presentation software is, indeed, a thriving segment in the modern content authoring ecosystem.

It’s not easy to make a choice, yet the criteria are rather simple. Make sure the solution fits your everyday needs and doesn’t exceed a reasonable budget.

Otherwise, it’s all about the content and making sure you have the public speaking skills to deliver that content effectively when you create a video presentation.

Want to share your video presentation on a live conference with your audience? Check out our guide to the best virtual conference platforms .

Have any questions about finding the right video presentation software for your project? Comment below to let us know.

The 19 Best Home Studio Monitors (2023 Reviews & Rankings)

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13 Best Screen Recording Apps for 2022 (Tried and Tested)

best app to record video presentation

6. Adobe Captivate

13. obs studio, wrapping up.

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The best thing about screen recording tools is that there are so many ways to use them. From creating YouTube videos , tutorials , product demos for your prospects, and courses for your students or employees, and you can even rely on some to support your articles with GIFs.

Nowadays there are online meeting apps that offer a range of features to enhance your virtual meetings, from screen sharing to real-time collaboration, ensuring productive and efficient communication with your team.

With most screen recording apps you can record everything you do on screen (or on a section of your screen). Some tools also allow you to edit the recording, turn it into a full-fledged presentation or course, and even stream it. On top of this, you’ll want to consider the complexity of the app, available assets libraries, collaboration options, and integrations with tools you’re already using.

We’ve tested 12 of the best screen recording apps for Mac, Chrome, and Windows to help you decide which one is best suited for your needs. But first, let’s have a look at the general points to keep in mind.

Tips for choosing a screen recording app

When making your initial list of best screen recording software, go through these steps:

  • Decide which features you need. Divide these into must-have and nice-to-have features.
  • Opt for multi-platform tools if you have a large team or just need the tool to be available anywhere. Once you’re on a tight budget, also pay attention to how many users you can add to one plan.
  • Give the trial version a test before making the purchase. Note that some tools won’t allow you to test all features for free so reach out to their customer support team to see if they can offer a demo.
  • Don’t worry too much about sound editing options . You can use Krisp noise cancelling app to remove background noise and echoes on your recordings.  Along with its HD voice feature, it will ensure your recordings sound just like studio ones,— without requiring post-production sound quality editing. You can also use Krisp to cancel noises during your remote meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, and more.

Best screen recording apps for Mac

1. camtasia .

best app to record video presentation

Camtasia is your first go-to screen recording editor tool. With Camtasia, you can record virtually anything on your computer screen whether it be websites, software, video calls, or presentations.

It has a built-in editor so you won’t need to export your videos to another software for editing. For new users who are afraid of slow learning curves, Camtasia provides clear and easy-to-understand tutorial videos that take you through everything you need to get started.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS

Pricing: $249.99 one-time fee.

Why you need it:

  • Camtasia comes with advanced screen recording and presenting features, even allowing you to add interactive quizzes to your videos. There’s also a built-in assets library you can use for intros, backgrounds, icons, etc.

Where it lacks:

  • It’s one of the most expensive choices on this list but the price is motivated by its complexity. So while you won’t have to worry about missing features, it’s not a fit if you don’t regularly use it.

2. CloudApp 

best app to record video presentation

CloudApp provides end-to-end visual communication with its screen recording, GIF creating, and screenshot capturing product.

Its screen recording feature offers quick controls to enable full-screen recording, audio-only, or webcam-enabled recordings. When you finish your screen recording, a link is made available for you to instantly share in Slack, Google Suite, Asana, Trello, or anywhere else you collaborate with your co-workers.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome

Pricing: Paid plans start at $9.95/user/month.

  • It’s a quick solution if you need to create GIFs often. There’s also lots of handy extra features you can use (video annotations, advanced analytics, do-not-disturb mode, etc.) so you don’t need other third-party tools.
  • Limited free plan that only allows 90 seconds/recording.

3. FonePaw Screen Recorder


FonePaw Screen Recorder is a powerful screencasting software for Windows and Mac computer. It has all the features that you may need in capturing a high-quality video clip of your actions on computer screen, which can be used in many cases, like gameplay, online meeting, and live stream recoding.

It allows you to simultaneously record with microphone and system sounds, add annotation to the recording, clip the recordings, export as multiple formats, etc. Task Schedule and Set record length features also make recording easier.

Platforms : Windows, Mac

  • Trial Version: Free; 
  • Paid plans start at $29.95/year.
  • FonePaw Screen Recorder provides 3 minutes for free trial version without watermark. Moreover, all recording features and settings are easy for users, even the beginners. 
  • It doesn’t provide more advanced features for editing the recordings.

4. DemoCreator

best app to record video presentation

Need a quick solution to record and edit demos, tutorials, presentations, and games? Wondershare’s DemoCreator was created primarily for use in a professional setting for showcasing expertise and creating how-to tutorials or demos. Hence the name.  

The editing options are extensive, allowing you to add cursor sounds, create text animations, position your webcam footage anywhere within the recording, and much more. All of this comes within a modern UI you’ll sure enjoy using.

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Pricing: Starts at $32.99/year.

  • DemoCreator’s onboarding takes you through what each feature does so you’ll be able to use the software as soon as you enter it for the first time.
  • The existing library of elements is limited but you can import your own media files.

best app to record video presentation

Struggling to take full-page screenshots that extend below the fold? Snagit is by far the best choice for this. Even if you need video recordings.

You can create full screenshots of landing pages, emails, websites, and more in literally seconds. There’s also quite a few editing options to turn to after, including stamps, arrows, and more tools and effects. Note that when you first open the editor you won’t see all of these in the editing bar. Go to Image on the top bar to select which features you need displayed.

Platforms: Mac, Windows

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49.99/user for a one-time fee.

  • There are loads of effects and tools you can use by default for any type of screenshot you need.
  • It’s not exactly the easiest tool to learn as there are multiple ways of taking the same screenshot format. They recently introduced a tutorial you’ll go through when you want to take your first screenshot to help with this.

best app to record video presentation

Adobe Captivate is a screen recording app for Mac and Windows that was designed for e-learning. In fact, it’s more of a video/course creation tool you can use for online tutoring . Companies also use it to create compliance and soft-skills courses for their employees through interactive slides and videos. 

The best part? You can create multi-module branched courses and use out-of-box assets for supporting learner interaction and quizzing. I recommend going through the free webinars and the Adobe Captivate Certification Program beforehand to make sure you’re using the tool to its full capacity.

Pricing: Starts at $33.99/month/subscription or you can buy an unlimited license for $1,299.

Why you need it: 

  • Includes features you won’t find with other tools like converting PowerPoint presentations into videos and even setting up VR walkthroughs and mobile-ready courses.
  • The download process is super slow compared to the other options on this list so it shouldn’t be your first choice if you need to use the tool over the next hour.

Best screen recording tools for Chrome

best app to record video presentation

Loom is one of the few screen recording tools that allow you to pause/resume recording whenever you desire. When you finish recording your video, you can export it to Loom’s cloud storage where all users have unlimited video storage. If you’re the type that creates a lot of customer support videos, you won’t have to worry about memory space.

Loom also allows you to trim away unnecessary video segments from the beginning, middle, or end of the recording. When you’re done recording and editing there’s an incorporated slack feature that allows you to share your video links to specific groups right from your Loom dashboard.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome

Pricing: Paid plans start at $8/creator/month.

  • Requires virtually no learning time and the screen recording feature works on all devices.
  • The free version is limited to five minutes/recording so there’s not much use to Loom in a professional context.
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8. Screencastify

best app to record video presentation

For Screencastify you don’t need to download any software, only a lightweight Google chrome extension, that you can domicile on your browser.

If you’re looking for something with an easy learning curve and a clean interface then you’re in luck because you can set everything up in one to two minutes.

Screencastify does all of the basics: it records your screen and allows you to record yourself via the webcam while at it. Kind of like Loom.

Platforms: Chrome

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49/month.

  • Very simple to use even when compared to other screen recording apps..
  • The pricing gets quite complicated. On one hand, the free version can be used only for up to five minutes of recording time. Also, the tool’s pricing is divided into three categories (Record, Edit, Submit) and you need to purchase these independently.

best app to record video presentation

Droplr works similarly to the other Chrome extensions in our list of best screen recording apps. The interface is also similar but the very first feature that stands out is the option to capture the entire page. Similar to Snagit.

There’s also basic image editing options so you can add text, highlights, emojis, and more.

Platforms: Chrome, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Edge, iOS

Pricing: Paid plans start at $7/month/user.

  • Easy to use even without prior training.
  • This screen recording extension has one of the shortest free trials, standing at just seven days.

Best screen recording software for Windows

10. easeus recexperts .

best app to record video presentation

EaseUS RecExperts is a multi-purpose screen recording software that records anything happening on your Windows PC with ease. It can record your screen, audio, webcam, and gameplay. 

You can use it to build tutorials, lectures, product demonstrations and guides, thanks to its real-time annotation feature. Additionally, it is also a good choice for recording Zoom meetings, presentations, live stream and many more.

It also supports scheduled recording. Simply set the start time, duration, and other recording parameters, then let EaseUS RecExperts do the rest.

Pricing: You can opt for monthly plans which start at $19.95 or a one-time license at $69.95.

  • The tool’s a good choice for beginners who aren’t looking for complicated dashboards and editing tools.
  • The editing features are limited as you’ll have to purchase a separate product to edit them with advanced options.

11. Apowersoft Unlimited

best app to record video presentation

In addition to recording your PC screen, Apowersoft Unlimited can also capture videos of your mobile screen, that’s of course if you buy the unlimited package.

Both phone screen recorder apps (Android and iOs) provide settings such as, resolution control, camera configuration, frame rate selection, and bit-rate throttling. These settings aren’t found in other apps that record phone screens.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Pricing: Starting at $59.95/year.

  • The package comes with a subscription to all the 17 Apowersoft apps and they can all be launched from a single dashboard.
  • Its built-in editor isn’t the best, but you’ll definitely be able to tweak things like brightness, contrast, and saturation.

12. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

best app to record video presentation

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is another screen recording app with a pretty intuitive interface that’s easy for new users to figure out. And it does all the things that most screen recording apps do.

However, one thing that sets it apart from the competition is that it supports scheduled captures. 

With this tool, you can record video calls, webinars or live streams even if you’re away from your computer and by clicking the clock icon you can set the duration you want the app to record for, this tells the program to automatically stop recording after a specified amount of time.

Pricing: Starting at $49.95/year.

  • Simple to use.
  • The Movavi Screen Recorder tool doesn’t offer video editing options independently. For this, you’ll have to purchase their Video Editor software.

best app to record video presentation

Have a favorite streamer? They’re probably using OBS Studio . This is the best free screen recorder that even facilitates live streaming — directly from the desktop app. 

The screen recording software comes with transitions and scene actions you can use on your recordings. OBS Studio has thousands of users worldwide who regularly contribute to adding new resources to the community . You can also use their API to create your own functionalities or integrations.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Pricing: Free.

  • Despite the fact there’s no cost involved, the tool’s features are advanced, allowing for multiple scene recording and high-performance audio mixing.
  • The outdated UI makes it difficult for new users to get used to the tool.

Tip: Check out how to remove background noise in OBS .

Ever used any of these apps before? Now it’s your turn, please share your best screen recording software choice and experiences with these tools (whether good or bad).

Also are there any really fantastic screen recorder apps you think I left out? If yes, please hit the comments section.

Bonus: Would you like to know how to have more productive conference calls? Read more in our conference call etiquette guide . And don’t forget to give a try to Krisp for noise-free meeting experience.

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13 Best Video Presentation Software in 2024

By Eva Williams 10 days ago, Software reviews

best app to record video presentation

With proper video marketing strategy and the best video presentation software, your brand and business will be developing. There is a strong demand for bringing personalized content to education and business training. The best choice for creating screencasts and authoring is animated educational videos and informative webinars.

Top 13 Video Presentation Software

  • Powtoon - Free animated presentation software
  • Prezi - Free non-linear live video presentation software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - Slideshow video presentation software for Windows
  • Biteable - Universal presentation maker
  • Google Slides - Free presentation software for all Google account holders
  • Keynote - Free software for Mac and iOS
  • Animaker - The best video presentation software
  • TechSmith Camtasia - Supports screen recording
  • Pitch - Beautiful presentation templates
  • iSpring Suite - For video courses development
  • Vyond Studio - For DIY animated video presentation with characters
  • Wideo - The easiest online tool for creating video presentations
  • Animoto - Simple video presentation maker from photos

Presentation video software helps you create a presentation that effectively tells your story without your participation. Video presentations can also be formatted as video ads in email newsletters, video graphics in social networks, video stories and video banners: you only need to change the size.

Video presentations provide a visual and compelling way to deliver content for commercial, educational and technological purposes. The best way to engage your audience is with eye-catching visuals and smooth animations that can unleash your creativity and produce a vivid presentation.

1. Powtoon – Our Choice

  • Free and intuitive with Drag’n’drop
  • Ready-made templates
  • Easy content sharing
  • Customizable characters, animations
  • Media without license fees
  • Limited free version

Verdict: This cloud-based online tool creates animated slides with audio, comments and embedded videos. Slides are used to control and drag elements from the image library (dynamic transitions, shapes, backgrounds, speech bubbles). The familiar Powtoon interface has an editor with content settings in the template and a creator with many other options.

This video presentation software integrates with Google Disc and Fiverr to hire a professional composer. It is suitable for voice-over or recording music directly in the software. There are thousands of animated characters and graphics, icons, shapes and video clips.

You can use charts as data visualization tools and import PowerPoint presentations. Videos can be embedded and uploaded in MP4, PPT or PDF formats, published in social networks or shared.

  • Animated or live presentations
  • Easy and smooth to use
  • Collaborative video editing
  • Unique dynamic formats
  • Talking head video
  • No chat for co-authors
  • Makes it difficult to visualize structured data

Verdict: Prezi suggested an alternative to the slide show format for correcting a typical corporate presentation. This live video presentation software gives you one giant canvas in a mind map style.

If you need to jump around a lot of content, Prezi lets the speaker easily proceed to any part of the presentation by moving around the canvas and zooming in with the virtual camera. The difference is in adding animated paths from one part of the canvas to another.

Some viewers may find the flight animation style unusual. You can use it to create interactive presentations, talking head videos and more. You can add blocks of text and images, or create miniature slides, record your speech and add graphics. Prezi is an excellent alternative to traditional slide decks.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

  • User-friendly interface, QuickStarter
  • Collaboration, cloud storage
  • Detailed analytics
  • Corporate identity with logo and template
  • No restrictions on the duration
  • Doesn’t correspond to the formats compatible with LMS
  • No sharing via social networks or email

Verdict: It is a robust multi-functional platform for digital slide show presentations with various design themes, collaborative real-time editing, as well as an array of creative transition tools, animated titles and glossy effects. Use any of the classic templates or download them from specialized sites. You can manage access rights and permissions, track statistics via filtering by slides, views or tasks.

In this free presentation software you can save the presentation as an mp4 or .mov video. The output is played in a browser that supports HTML5. There are many visual elements: shapes, images, text animations, tables, charts, graphs and 3D models.

You can import data from Excel or enter it. Import audio files or voice-over recordings directly into the platform. The smart design section offers visual element templates: flowcharts, loops and other types of layouts.

4. Biteable

  • Professional video templates
  • Easy-to-use helpful guide
  • Ready-made templates, media library
  • Unlimited video duration
  • Integration with social networks
  • Restrictions in the free version
  • No undo, redo, or data visualization tools

Verdict: Biteable refers to its cloud-based software as the easiest creator of marketing video presentations and animated infographics from your materials or hundreds of pre-designed templates.

The library of images and videos offers thousands of ready-to-use photos and clips from Unsplash. Styles range from animated graphics to live performances, covering ads, presentations, invitations, logo animation and slide shows.

This online video maker is divided into text, video and music tracks. A simple drag-and-drop timeline is easy to set up. It is possible to add a watermark, upload fonts and brand colors. Biteable offers a standard sound, but you can upload your own. Videos can be published on the Internet or uploaded in .mp4 format to social networks.

5. Google Slides

  • Free in Google Docs
  • Import of new templates
  • Reliable collaboration features
  • Ability to send questions to the audience, integrated chat
  • User-friendly
  • Without importing audio, exporting to video
  • Limited templates, transitions and effects

Verdict: Being a part of the Google G Suite cloud office package, it helps you edit and collaborate on presentations. This video presentation software supports embedding videos, creating charts and adding animation to slides. You can import hundreds of additional templates or create your own ones. Several people can work on a slideshow at the same time. Besides, there is an integrated group chat.

One of the strengths of Google Slides is that you don’t need to install, pay or learn much. With a Google account, you can create a slideshow, collaborate with others on it, present it quickly and easily. Also, Slides offers several bonuses, such as the ability to generate a unique URL where the audience can send questions to the speaker in real time.

  • Appealing, customizable templates
  • Intuitive UI
  • Tight integration with macOS
  • No restrictions on duration
  • Cancellation and refund options
  • MP4 isn’t supported for export
  • No library or integration with social networks

Verdict: This video presentation app comes free for all Apple devices. Windows users can get Keynote with an Apple iCloud account. Great templates and close integration with Apple apps cover a simple, no-frills interface. There are several templates available, and you can import any template from third-party sites, such as Envato.

Visual elements in Keynote are icons, graphs and charts in three different styles: flat, three-dimensional and interactive. All available visual effects can be animated. Images, audio and video can be downloaded from your device. There are no audio files available within the app, but you can record a voiceover using a microphone. You can upload video presentations in .mp4 or animated GIF format.

7. Animaker

  • No time limit
  • Two versions of the interface
  • Many templates, tools and resources
  • Extensive character animation options
  • Animated or live video
  • No data visualization, branding, undo and redo tools
  • Not the easiest video editing process

Verdict: Animaker provides a platform for corporate teams to create professional video presentations using the drag-and-drop interface. It has a full and lightweight version of the interface with switching: all the tools for creating scenes, parameters for animated characters, and frame editing. With 8 visual tools, multi-user collaboration features and the largest animated library, it is the best video presentation maker for businesses.

Animaker offers millions of image templates and animated video clips, audio files, shapes, icons, text layouts, customizable characters and scene effects in animation or live-action format. The video can contain music or voiceover. You can also upload audio files.

With one of the best YouTube intro makers , video presentations can be published on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, uploaded to certain social networks, such as Slack and Flickr, with optimization for each channel.

8. TechSmith Camtasia

  • No duration limit
  • Multiple video editing options
  • Integration with PowerPoint, social networks
  • Support for major media formats
  • Interactive video, built-in hyperlinks
  • No web option, heavyweight
  • No digital camera support

Verdict: If you need to record your actions on a monitor, consider Camtasia as the best video presentation software. The function of capturing and displaying screen activity is powerful and convenient, with high-quality recording. For presentations, there is a special add-in panel that lets you control the recording process: open the file in PowerPoint, launch the presentation and start recording. Then you can add graphics and music, titles, animations, transitions, edit audio and video.

Camtasia offers an expandable multi-track timeline that, thanks to the drag-and-drop approach, can include screen content, recordings of streaming webcams , multiple audio tracks, effects, callouts, etc.

When recording is finished, Camtasia will mark the output so that you can edit the system sound by removing background noise and adjusting the levels; video, cursor and microphone separately. The software provides open and hidden subtitles. Also, you can export captions for translation.

  • Feature-rich
  • Web, desktop, and mobile versions
  • Impeccable security
  • Limited storage
  • Some features are unavailable in a free version

Verdict: Using Pitch , it is possible to make bite-size clips and add them to presentations to attract more viewers. The best part is that you can create slides on any device and at a convenient tempo.

There is a library replete with stylish presentation templates that you can use to embed your videos. Just choose a suitable template and start customizing it. It is great that you can alter pre-designed elements and even set the playback speed.

Another advantage of Pitch is that it comes with multiple integrations, even if you use a free plan. Besides, all processes are straightforward, so even beginners will understand how to make a catchy presentation. You can insert tables by providing links to Google Sheets, or metrics by linking Google Analytics. Moreover, it is even possible to add video content from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as images from Unsplash and Giphy.

10. iSpring Suite

  • Converts PowerPoint to Flash/HTML5
  • Integration, support for PowerPoint effects
  • Detailed reporting on grades and courses
  • Easy publication in social networks
  • MS PowerPoint is required for recording
  • No advanced video editing, screen recording features

Verdict: If you need to improve your slides with a speaker, iSpring Suite is an effective way to convert PowerPoint slides into an interactive video presentation. It expands the possibilities of video communication and interaction with the audience.

The integrated editor lets you add videos from the Internet or a live presentation using webcams for YouTube , record voiceover or import audio files, and sync it with slides and effects.

In this presentation video software, you can add tests, Flash videos, web pages with navigation, files, documents and links to your slides. The output file is converted to a browser-friendly Flash, HTML5, MP4 or LMS-compatible format.

11. Vyond Studio (GoAnimate)

  • Excellent combination of video and infographics
  • Customizable charts, font import
  • Online guide, integrated learning
  • Lip auto-sync, camera movement
  • Undo and redo, preview
  • Limitations of the free version
  • Requires some skills

Verdict: Vyond offers cloud-based features for creating custom animated videos using drag-and-drop tools. The main visual effects are characters, props, backgrounds and music. Characters are customizable, including the face angle and animated actions. The software includes libraries with numerous backgrounds, characters, interactions, props, tracks, sound and video effects.

When you select a template, Vyond opens the start scene with an expandable timeline editor that lists scenes, frames and objects in the order of animated settings. There are hundreds of props and scenarios that can be infinitely combined with characters and backgrounds. If you want to make a flipbook in addition to a presentation, have a look at the tool by Flipsnack .

  • Preview of a single scene or the entire video
  • Unlimited length video in the premium version
  • Horizontal, square, vertical orientation
  • Detailed control of animations and transitions
  • Ability to embed
  • Restrictions in the free trial
  • No data visualization, branding

Verdict: Wideo is a simple cloud-based video presentation software that lets you activate social media campaigns using professional videos. The interface of the video editor appears neat and has enough space to work from a template or from scratch. At the bottom, there is the timeline editor, which controls one scene at a time, and there are undo and redo controls.

You have a choice of about a hundred video presentation template options. If that isn’t enough for you, head to the TemplatesWise resource and download more cool templates there. You can still add slides to the selected template. Besides, Wideo offers visual effects and elements – backgrounds, images, videos, text effects, and scenes with animated text.

13. Animoto

  • A quick way to make a video from photos
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Access to over a million stock assets
  • Universal professional templates
  • You can’t control the properties of a video
  • You can’t edit one section of a video separately

Verdict: Making a short family video will require a few photos and minutes, as well as your creativity. You don’t need to know anything about video editing, because Animoto will do everything for you. Just mix the photos, add a soundtrack and click the “Create video” button. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, the software offers other mixing options.

This online slideshow maker meets the needs of the business. You can add video frames and text frames to your photos, making your project more attractive, and quickly apply styles.

In addition, you can create video clips for marketing purposes with minimal effort and cost. This lets any video creator work productively in social networks.

  • Top video presentation software
  • With free trial

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The best screen recording apps: Software that makes capturing easy


With the rise in popularity of remote work in a post-COVID world, we are spending a lot of time at home. That means most people are spending a lot more time on their computers and gaming stations, making it all the more important that you have the right tools. 

We analyzed the market to bring you the best screen recording software for your needs, whether it is capturing that staff meeting or highlighting a new gaming technique. This is the best screen recording software of 2023.

Best screen recording software overall


Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Camtasia is a user-friendly screen recording software that includes a ton of video editing tools. It works with several formats, recording video calls, websites, and software with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to easily perfect your recording. To give your video that extra touch, there are royalty-free assets available. When you are finished, your exported video easily works with YouTube, offering additional compatibility to simplify your life. It is easy to use for beginners with video tutorials to help you make how-to videos and demos that can help convert your customers. There are templates provided to help you get started, plus there is the option of adding special effects to your recording. It is a program that is super easy to navigate, thanks to provided themes and libraries, in addition to shortcuts and favorites for all of the tools and settings that you use the most. 

Camtasia subscription plans:

  • Simple to use
  • Excellent library of templates
  • Plays nice with other tools
  • Subject to bugs
  • Animation can be troublesome
  • Limited commands

Best screen recording software for online sharing


Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

Founded in 2015, today Loom is a screen recording software used by such giants like HubSpot, Netflix, and Lacoste, boasting a total number of 14 million users and 200 companies that use its services. Loom's shining feature is that it includes several methods of recording, whether it is your screen, camera, microphone, or internal audio. Videos are automatically saved to the cloud for easy access when you need to view them later. This is a type of software that is designed for easy collaboration, offering viewers the option to interact with you through time-stamped comments and fun emoji reactions. You will also receive a notification every time there is viewer activity on your account, so you do not ever miss a comment. You can also access a mobile-friendly library on the go so you can access your videos even when you are not at your computer. Security controls keep you in control, too, giving you detailed viewer information so you can improve your videos over time. There is a free plan for the occasional user, or you can upgrade to a paid plan if you plan on staying busy. 

Loom subscription plans:

A 14-day trial of Loom Business is included.

  • User-friendly
  • Chrome extension
  • Added convenience features
  • Requires strong, stable internet
  • Some audio issues reported
  • Limited recording under free plan

Best screen recording software for Mac users


Movavi is a screen recording software that offers far more tools than the typical video editing app with movie and music editing, special effects, titles, and even slideshows. Still, it manages to remain user-friendly and easy enough for even young users to enjoy. It has an intuitive interface that is simple to navigate but does not compromise the powerful editing tools needed to create several different types of media.

Movavi is a photo editing app made up of several parts:

  • Clips: allows you to edit the videos you have on your mobile device
  • Picverse: for photo editing on your mobile device
  • PDFChefScanner: an easy way to add documents to your device by utilizing a mobile scanner right within your device.
  • Video Suite: is a full video editor that allows you to perfect your videos quickly and easily.
  • Video Editor Plus: for advanced editing tools

Movavi price: $89.95 with a 7-day free trial

  • Chroma keying
  • Music editing tools
  • Slower rendering
  • Limited compatibility
  • Not the best option for professionals

Nvidia ShadowPlay

Best screen recording software for gaming.


Compatibility: Windows

Nvidia ShadowPlay is a screen recording software option only for Windows users, but it is a powerful tool if you can use it. It is unique in that it is designed specifically to work with gaming, boasting the ability to preserve your game highlights, including those clutch kills automatically. ShadowPlay allows you the option to record gameplay at either 8K HDR at 30 frames per second or up to 4K HDR at 60 frames per second. The program is hardware accelerated, which means that it will not interrupt gameplay -- even if you leave it running. You can make your own GIF from any ShadowPlay video with easy uploading to Google, Facebook, or Weibo. Grab a screenshot and enjoy up to 8K clarity with the option to upload to Facebook, Google, or Imgur. Or, if you are feeling social, go live with a broadcast available for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch. 

Nvidia Shadowplay price:  Free

  • High-quality broadcasts
  • Highlights feature
  • Excellent for recording gaming
  • Complaints about lack of support

Best free screen recording software


Compatibility: Linux, Mac, Windows

OBS Studio is a versatile screen recording software program that works with a variety of formats and comes without a fee. This allows you to mix and match several different forms of media, including screen captures, images, text, Internet windows, and webcams. With Studio Mode, you can preview each individual scene before you begin to piece it all together. There is no limit to the number of scenes you can switch between, plus there is a special modular UI tool designed to rearrange the video until you find the perfect layout for your needs. Audio delivery is outstanding, thanks to an Intuitive audio mixer with included extras like noise suppression and VST plugin support -- perfect your video with the Streamlined Settings tool that allows you to polish the final product. 

OBS Studio price:  Free

  • Free to use
  • Great compatibility
  • Broadcasting capabilities
  • Subject to lagging
  • Cumbersome setup 
  • It can be confusing to new users

What is the best screen recording software?

The best screen recording software is one that combines functionality with easy navigation. Cost is an important factor, too, to ensure that it is an affordable tool that is accessible. Our list of the best screen recording software in 2022 is a fantastic place to begin your search.

Which is the right screen recording software for you?

Camtasia is ZDNet's top choice, but one size doesn't fit all. If you find yourself overwhelmed in your search for 2022's best screen recorder, these are our expert recommendations to help you find the right one for you. 

How did we choose these screen recording software options?

When looking for the best screen recording software, there were a number of factors that we considered that could also be a help to you when shopping for the perfect software. 

  • Tools : Whether it is a tool to help you with screen captures or one that perfects your audio, the kind of tools that a program offers is important in order to ensure that you can create the type of video you want.
  • Editing : Consider the kind of edits that you would like to make. While some programs allow you to simply edit video length, others may give the option to add music, subtitles, or special effects.
  • Sharing: Once your project is complete, it is time to share. Some programs may allow you to share via an online link, while others may offer a broadcasting feature that lets you go live for your viewers.
  • Compatibility: Most programs work with a variety of different platforms, but not all do. While some only work with Windows, others may restrict their services to Mac. Be sure to check system requirements before choosing the best screen recording software for your needs.
  • Cost:  Budget is a concern for most users, which is why we consider cost in our analysis. Some apps do not charge anything for their services, while others can cost $100 per year or more.    

What is screen recording software?

Screen recording software is a program that allows you to capture items on your screen. You can use editing tools to add text, rearrange clips, and add special effects to make the best video or presentation possible.  

What is the difference between a desktop screen recorder vs. online screen recorder?

Online screen recorders operate very similarly to a desktop screen recorder, except that it requires an Internet connection to record. Desktop screen recorders do not require an Internet connection.

Are there alternative screen recording software and apps worth considering?

In our search, we found many other options that may be worth your consideration. These are some of the programs that almost made our list of 2022's best screen recording software:


AZ Screen Recorder: Recommended for Android


Bandicam: Great for gaming


Icecream Screen Recorder: A straightforward tool


Record It!: For Apple devices


Screencastify: A helpful web extension


Screencast-O-Matic: An affordable alternative


VEED Screen and Webcam Recorder + Editor: A solid all-in-one option

While you are on your computer, consider our top picks for 2022's best gaming PC , best budget gaming laptop , and the best computer in 2022!

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The best smart notebooks you can buy, according to our hands-on testing


The best portable monitors you can buy


The best network-attached storage devices: Store more for less

One video is worth a thousand words

Easily record and share AI-powered video messages with your teammates and customers to supercharge productivity

More than 21 million people across 200,000 companies choose Loom


Loom 2023 in Review

Learn how 25+ million people around the world use async video to improve focus, clarity, and connectedness.

The easiest screen recorder you’ll ever use

Record in a few clicks. Share anywhere. Collaborate better.

Lightning fast screen recording

Easily record your screen and camera. Record on any device using Loom’s Chrome extension , desktop app or mobile app .

So much more than a screen recorder

best app to record video presentation

Share or embed video anywhere you work

From Google Workspace to Slack, Loom videos seamlessly integrate with hundreds of tools you use every day.

Background code in Visual Studio code editor

Interactive videos improve async collaboration

Achieve your goals faster when you add tasks, CTAs, comments and emojis to your video. Transcripts and captions in 50+ languages enable remote teams to connect on their own time.

best app to record video presentation

Add a personal touch to your video

Easily create customizable videos for every audience, public or private – no editing skills required. Tailor your video to your brand, trim, and stitch your videos, or add a custom thumbnail.

Keep your content safe

Enterprise-grade security to keep your data and your customer’s data private and secure. We offer SSO, SCIM as well as custom data retention policies and privacy settings.

Video messaging for all use cases

best app to record video presentation

Personalize your pitch with video outreach to close more deals.

best app to record video presentation


Add visual context to your code to accelerate your sprints.

best app to record video presentation

Customer support

Troubleshoot over video to reach resolutions faster.

best app to record video presentation

Share ideas and provide feedback over video to enhance designs.

Powerful features for easy, custom recordings

Screen and camera recording

Easy sharing and embedding

Trim and stitch video clips

Download and upload

Transcriptions and closed captions

Video privacy controls

Custom background

Video and viewer insights

From our blog

How to use async video messaging to improve communication

When to choose synchronous vs. asynchronous communication.

This guide explores the intricacies of sync vs. async communication, helps you decide which is the best for your workflow, and introduces how screen recording like Loom bridges the gap between these communication styles.

7 Tips for Overcoming Camera Anxiety

It can feel vulnerable to record a video message — almost like public speaking — especially if you’re not getting feedback from another person in real life. Here are 7 tips for overcoming camera anxiety, so you can communicate with greater clarity, and build stronger relationships at work.

Loom for Enterprise

Loom for Enterprise helps teams securely manage and organize async video communication at scale

best app to record video presentation

Loom enables us to maximize our impact as a distributed company by helping us collaborate and share ideas more easily.

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds Design Lead , MetaLab

‘Loom has been the light of my life since you showed me it.’ – I never tire of hearing this from folks. Not even an investor... yet.

Alexis Ohanian as a isometric illustration

Alexis Ohanian Founder , SevenSevenSix

Loom allows me to connect more personally with people without having to do 75 different one-on-one calls, which is just impossible at scale.

Katie Burke

Katie Burke Chief People Officer , HubSpot

My teammates and I love using Loom! It has saved us hundreds of hours by creating informative video tutorials instead of long emails or 1-on-1 trainings with customers.

Erica Goodell

Erica Goodell Customer Success , Pearson

Loom amplifies my communication with the team like nothing else has. It's a communication tool that should be in every executive's toolbox.

David Okuinev

David Okuinev Co-CEO , Typeform

My new daily email habit. Begin writing an email. Get to the second paragraph and think 'what a time suck.' Record a Loom instead. Feel like 😎.

Kieran Flanagan

Kieran Flanagan VP of Marketing , HubSpot

Best Video Capture Software For Making Video Presentations

Making screencasts from your PowerPoint presentation slides, documents, images and applications can be done by using a video capture software which may record your on-screen proceedings, as you explain the details with a voice-over and sometimes, also with recording from your cam.

There are a number of handy tools which can help you make a video presentation by recording your desktop, voice and cam. Here are a few free and paid video capture software for making professional video presentations.

Related: Best Methods for Making Video Presentations on Mobile Devices

Best video capture software for presentations

BB FlashBack Express (Free)

This is one of the best free screen recording applications you are ever likely to find. It comes with built-in features that enable recording the desktop and a player to preview your recording before you can save it as an AVI or FLV video file. While the free version of this software works perfectly, you can also opt for the paid editions to get more enhanced features such as the ability to edit your recorded videos.

This software is compatible with all major versions of Windows, even the latest Windows 10.

Learn More about BB Flashback Express here.

BB FlashBack Express Player

Free Screen Recorder (Free)

This is another easy to use free screen recording software for Windows based operating systems. It is fairly simple to use with some extra options which allow you to adjust the brightness, darkness, contrast, noise effect, etc. Moreover, you can choose to rotate the screen and apply grayscale, sepia or reverse colors.

You can find out more about this free video capture software from the link below which provides the download link for the software, with a detailed review of how to use Free Screen Recorder.

Note: This application tries to install a lot of extra apps and for this reason, it might be identified as malware by your anti virus. This is because lately adware supported apps are being identified as threats because they install unwanted software. You can avoid installing the accompanying software by clicking ‘Decline’ when you are asked to install such apps during the setup.

Go to Download Free Screen Recorder

Recording video using free screen recorder software

Screenr (Free)

This is not a desktop software but a web app which makes it perfect for use across various operating systems. All you have to do is to visit the Screenr website to begin recording your desktop. However, it is worth pointing out that this web app works only with Java-powered devices.

Once the video is recorded and encoded it can be downloaded offline or uploaded online.

Go to Screenr


Camtasia Studio (Premium)

With versions available for Mac and Windows, this is one of the most famous screen recording applications. It is a complete suite for recording and editing screencasts, with a plugin for PowerPoint that supercharges your slides with the ability to record your screen, audio and camera.

Go to Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio

Lectora Inspire (Premium)

After Camtasia it would have been no surprise to mention Snagit , which is another video capture software by the same developer, i.e. TechSmith; however, we decided to mention something even better. Lectora is a premium video recording suite that integrates Camtasia, Snagit and Flypaper software to provide you the best of all three applications. While you get screen capture and comprehensive editing options via Camtasia and Snagit, you also get the utility to play with flash and other types of video files using Flypaper. You can learn all about Lectora from the link to our review (given below).

Go to Lectora Inspire

Camtasia Studio, Snagit And Flypaper

Articulate Storyline (Premium)

This is an application suite for making e-learning courses , a video presentation and animated content. With Articulate Storyline you can create elaborate animations with animated characters by creating your scenes like a PowerPoint slide. You can also import content from PowerPoint, insert quizzes and export your projects to HTML5, Flash and iPad compatible (Articulate Mobile Player) format. Furthermore, you can also publish your projects to the web.

Go to Download Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline Story View

Create Screencast with PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a Screen Recording feature that allows you to record screens easily. If you don’t want to rely on any of the previous screen recording tools, you can use the latest version of Microsoft 365 and enjoy the screen recording feature.

Record Screen PowerPoint

Final Words

With these tools reviewed above, you can make screencasts easily (without hassle) from your PowerPoint presentation slides, documents, images and applications. Aside from the tools reviewed, PowerPoint also added functionalities to record your screen.

Browse Templates

  • Best PowerPoint Templates
  • Accounting & Finance
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Popular Topics

PowerPoint Infographics 100% editable

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8 Ways To Make Online Presentations Smoother

best app to record video presentation

PowerPoint Recorder

Record your PowerPoint presentations online

best app to record video presentation

Powerful Online PowerPoint Recorder

Make your presentations look professional using VEED’s online PowerPoint recorder. It’s fast, easy to use, and gives you access to video editing tools to make your presentation stand out. You can upload your slides or record your screen while you are presenting. Add yourself to the scene by recording your webcam and audio as well.

No need to install software. Open your browser and start recording! Choose from different layouts and customize your video after you record. You can also edit your recording using our professional video editor.

How to Record Your PowerPoint Presentation:

1 upload slides and select a layout.

Select from our list of layouts (you may need to click to ‘Allow’ permission to access your screen, camera, or microphone). You can record just your screen, your webcam, or both at the same time! You can either upload your slides or record while you’re presenting.

2 Start recording

Click the red button to start recording! You'll see a countdown before the recording starts. Don't worry if you mess up. You have unlimited time and unlimited retakes. You can navigate to other pages, and don't worry, you are still recording.

3 Review, edit, and export

You can playback your recording to review it, click ‘Share’ to share with friends and colleagues, or ‘Edit’ to edit your video (perfect for adding text, subtitles, and professional touches to your screen recording)

How to Record Screen.png

‘PowerPoint Recorder’ Tutorial

Webcam Recording Tutorial

Highly customizable PPT recording software

VEED lets you easily customize your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation recordings. Select from different layouts and backgrounds. You can record your screen, webcam, audio, and upload your PowerPoint slides to present while recording. If you choose to record your entire desktop, you can easily switch the view between your presentation slides and other windows. When you’re finished, edit your video using our free video editor, where you can also add royalty-free music from our Stock Library.

All the things you need in a screen recorder

Our video capture software is packed with features that will help you create professional-looking recordings. When you press record, the countdown timer will appear to prompt you when your recording starts. To make sure that your audio is being picked up, check the little microphone icon on the bottom of your screen. It should be animated to indicate that your audio is being recorded. It only takes a few clicks. It’s the best app to record your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Fast, free, and easy-to-use screen recorder software

Our screen recorder and video editor are free to use and beginner-friendly. However, if you need to record longer videos, you may need to subscribe to our premium plans. Check out our Pricing Page to see which plan suits your needs. It is super easy to use. It only takes a few clicks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft does allow you to record your presentation as well as your voice or audio. But you might be limited because you can’t switch screens. Use VEED to record your entire desktop and switch between windows.

With VEED, you can record your audio, webcam, screen, and presentation slides all at the same time!

To add yourself or your camera to the recording, select the layout that includes “webcam.” Choose the size and positioning of your camera feed and start recording!

Although there are many screen recorders out there, VEED is your best choice when it comes to recording your PC screen! It’s free and online. No need to install software. Plus you can use our free video editor to enhance your recording even more.

What they say about VEED

Veed is a great piece of browser software with the best team I've ever seen. Veed allows for subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and many more advanced features that other editors just can't compete with. The free version is wonderful, but the Pro version is beyond perfect. Keep in mind that this a browser editor we're talking about and the level of quality that Veed allows is stunning and a complete game changer at worst.

I love using VEED as the speech to subtitles transcription is the most accurate I've seen on the market. It has enabled me to edit my videos in just a few minutes and bring my video content to the next level

Laura Haleydt - Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

The Best & Most Easy to Use Simple Video Editing Software! I had tried tons of other online editors on the market and been disappointed. With VEED I haven't experienced any issues with the videos I create on there. It has everything I need in one place such as the progress bar for my 1-minute clips, auto transcriptions for all my video content, and custom fonts for consistency in my visual branding.

Diana B - Social Media Strategist, Self Employed

More than a PowerPoint recorder

VEED is a complete browser-based tool that lets you do so much more than just record and share your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You can annotate your videos to make your presentation more informative. Edit your recording to add images, subtitles, and more. It is a professional all-in-one video-creation and editing software that’s great for beginners and pros alike. Create professional-looking videos in just a few clicks. You don’t need any video editing experience. Create stunning videos that you can share on social media in just minutes. Try VEED to create professional PowerPoint recordings today!

VEED app displayed on mobile,tablet and laptop

B2B Marketing Blog | Webbiquity

The B2B Marketing Blog

The 15 Best Screencasting and Online Presentation Tools

April 18, 2017 by Tom Pick

Revised June 29, 2022 Revised September 1, 2021 Revised August 12, 2020

Screencasting tools are great for explaining how a software application works; demonstrating how to use it; or illustrating any online process. Combined with presentation tools, they’re also ideal for enhancing online meetings, as well as broadcasting and recording presentations.

Best screencasting and online presentation tools

Which tool is “best” depends upon your specific needs. Some are designed primarily for creating software demos and tutorial videos, while others offer more sophisticated functionality for developing graphically rich marketing content.

Whatever your objectives, here are 15 of the best tools for recording onscreen actions, editing the screen video, adding text and other graphical elements, converting among screen capture video formats, and sharing the final output with your target audience.

Screencasting Tools

1) CamStudio Google Review Count:  206

CamStudio can record screen and audio activity on your computer as AVI or SWF video files.  You can add screen captions to recordings, use custom cursors, and record your whole screen or just a portion of it.

Sample review:  “CamStudio is a free software solution for creating on screen tutorials and other types of screencasts. CamStudio allows you to generate optimized streaming Flash videos — SWF files — of your recordings.” — Web Marketing Today

Pricing:  free

Showcase reviews: Web Marketing Today

2) Google Review Count:  200

A screencast storage and sharing site. Upload and store high-quality screen capture video, share via link / widget / RSS feed, host in any format (Flash, WMV, Quicktime, etc.). Owned by TechSmith, works well with Jing and Camtasia (see below) as well as SnagIt .

Sample review:  “ is a resource for sharing your tutorials and demonstrations once completed. A free account allows for 2 gigabytes of storage, and 2 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth transfer.” — Web Marketing Today

Pricing:  free or $10 per month

3) Jing Google Review Count:  196

Jing has been eliminated as a standalone product and absorbed in to TechSmit’s SnagIt screen capture tool .

4) Camtasia Google Review Count:  192

Record your screen actions or import camera footage then edit with the drag-and-drop video editor. Add titles, animations, music, animated backgrounds, icons, and transitions.

Sample review: “A really powerful and intuitive video screen capture platform that allows you to easily edit your videos to zoom in on certain areas of the screen, add annotation, callouts, and voice over, among other options.” — SnapApp

Pricing:  $199 per license; discounts for volume purchases

Showcase reviews: BuzzBlogger, RazorSocial (Online), SnappApp

5) ScreenFlow Google Review Count:  182

Screencasting, screen recording, video editing software for Mac

Sample review: “Screenflow (is a) powerful video editing tool…best for a Mac…When you record, you can easily add in an introduction slide at the start and the end, add in music, cut out clips, combine clips and much more.” — RazorSocial (Online)

Pricing:  $99

Showcase reviews: RazorSocial (Online), RazorSocial (Social)

6) Wink Google Review Count:  154

Wink is presentation creation software, primarily for creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for desktop or web apps). You can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles, etc., and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users. Exports in a variety of static graphic formats (e.g., BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG) but only Flash for motion video.

7) Screencast-O-Matic Google Review Count:  151

Record screen or webcam video up to 15 minutes long, and with the Pro version, edit video, draw and zoon, and publish to Google Drive, Vimeo, and/or Dropbox.

Pricing:  free or $15 per year

8) Ezvid Google Review Count:  135

Free screen recorder software to capture, edit, and share on-screen action video.

9) Webinaria Google Review Count:  121

A tool to record software demonstrations and how-to tutorials, publish in Flash, and share and receive ratings. Add narration, save and edit recordings, and optionally add text.

10) Freeseer Google Review Count:  80

A free, open source, cross-platform application that captures or streams your desktop. Though originally designed for capturing presentations, it can also be used to capture demos, training materials, lectures, and other videos. It’s most useful for presenters at events, conference staff (for recording presenters), and instructors.

11) RecordIt Google Review Count:  62

Simple, downloadable, screencast recording tool. Record all of the action on your entire desktop or select just a specific area of your screen for recording.

Sample review: “Make your content stand out with animated screencasts. Record quick videos with Recordit and then turn them into animated gifs that you can put in your blog post. It’s a great way to make your article stand out from the rest. These also work well on Google Plus.” — BuzzBlogger

Pricing:  free or $29 one-time

Showcase reviews: BuzzBlogger, HubSpot (Animated)

12) whatfix Google Review Count:  17

Create interactive guides for training programs to get employees or users up to speed more quickly on software workflow processes. Design your guide, insert pop-ups and instructions, and measure effectiveness with analytics.

Sample review: “WhatFix lets you create quick flows showing steps users should take. You can embed the widget on your web page or send your users to the “live” version of the link that will play all the steps on your actual web page…the process is so easy. Just click the links on your page and type in the instructions for each link. The extension will record everything and immediately put together a widget for you.” — HubSpot (Animated)

Pricing:  contact vendor for pricing

Showcase reviews:  HubSpot (Animated)

Presentation and Screen Sharing Tools

1) Prezi Google Review Count:  243

Deliver dynamic, engaging virtual presentations with Prezi Video by showing you and your content together on screen in live video conferences and recorded video. Start from an existing Prezi Present or PowerPoint presentation and interact with your content as if you were presenting in person. Easily create and add your own custom charts, images, infographics, and more with Prezi Design.

Sample review: “Prezi has become very popular as a way to visually enhance your presentations and make them more dynamic. While it can take some planning and creativity to create a truly effective Prezi presentation, this could be a great tool for re-purposing existing presentations into something more interesting.” — Online Marketing Institute

Pricing:  individual version at $5/$13/$20 per month; business team version starting at $2,400

Showcase reviews: Online Marketing Institute

2) Google Review Count:  194

Host meetings, share your screen, conduct webinars. lets you present an interactive whiteboard, and integrates with popular tools for scheduling, productivity, sales and CRM.

Pricing:  free, $20 or $25 per user per month

Showcase reviews:  Johnny Lists, Siasat

3) Haiku Deck Google Review Count:  184

Create presentations on the web, iPad or iPhone. Choose from a large collection of predesigned templates, photos, fonts, and image filters.

Sample review: “If you’ve ever had to create a PowerPoint or SlideShare presentation in a pinch, you’ll wish you knew about Haiku Deck. This tool helps you quickly find simple layouts, beautiful images, and great fonts.” — HubSpot (Content)

Pricing:  $10 or $30 per month for individuals; $500 per year for teams

Showcase reviews: HubSpot (Content), Kathryn Aragon Media, Quick Sprout

AnyMeeting Google Review Count:  208

A full-featured platform for hosting conferences of two to 30 people or webinars of 30 to 2,000 attendees. Functions include HD video broadcasting, video and screen sharing, slides, event registration, surveys, and recording. The company was acquired by Internmedia in September 2017.

Pricing:  four levels from $78 to $298 per month

Xtensio Google Review Count: 136

Create beautiful responsive documents and presentations

Pricing: free; $15/$25 per month; enterprise pricing by quote

VideoSolo Google Review Count: 123

A suite of tools for converting video and audio files between different formats; capturing PC screen activities as video; converting DVD and Blu-ray discs to digital video files; cloning DVD discs; and burning DVDs from digital video files. All programs are available in free trial versions, so you can try them out before buying.

Pricing: tools pricing individually or bundled from $25 to $97

Digideck Google Review Count: 94

A cloud-based presentation platform that enables users to easily add rich multimedia such as video, motion graphics, animated GIFs and high resolution images to increase engagement, while enforcing brand design standards. For sales presentations, it alerts sellers the minute a prospect opens their sales presentation or proposal and can choose to engage in a chat, video conference, or co-browsing experience with them within minutes.

Pricing: contact vendor

My Screen Recorder Pro Google Review Count:  87

Professional screen motion capture and editing tool

Pricing:  $130 (one-time purchase)

StoryXpress Google Review Count: 42

The fastest way to capture your screen and share it with anyone

Pricing: free; $8/$15/$45 per user per month

CloudApp Google Review Count: 40

Screen recording software that lets you record your screen as a video with your face and voice; capture and annotate a screen shot image; or record a GIF to instantly share. Add a human touch to your digital content by adding your face and voice to screen recordings. Create a video with your webcam to make any communication more personal. Easily upload and share large files.

Pricing: free; $10/month (individual); $8/user/month (teams); enterprise pricing by quote

RecordCast Google Review Count: 24

A free online screen recorder and video editor, with no watermarking and nothing to download. Capture your whole screen, an application window, or any browser tab. Record on-screen actions with audio. The built-in video editor lets you add titles, annotations, effects, and more.

Pricing: free

Simple Slides Google Review Count: 7

Get access to a large library of professionally designed infographics and slides, thousands of icons, plus world-class training. Slides and templates are optimized for use with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote, enabling you to quickly create professional-looking presentation decks. Templates and infographics can be easily edited to fit your brand and presentation.

Pricing: $15/$30/$40 per month

Fatcap Google Review Count: N/A

A mobile-native app (iOS and Android) that enables users to create visual slide decks in minutes. Presentations can be viewed on desktops or mobile devices and easily shared. Fatcap integrates with Slack and Dropbox, and can save presentations to PDF files.

Showcase Reviews

BuzzBlogger HubSpot (Animated) HubSpot (Content) Johnny Lists Kathryn Aragon Media Online Marketing Institute Quick Sprout RazorSocial (Online) RazorSocial (Social) Siasat SnapApp Web Marketing Today

This was the 41st post in the Best Online Business Tools series.

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' src=

April 18, 2017 at 5:57 am

Just after downloading camstudio i captured one small video and it worked but in the next attempt the file was crashed and did not worked

' src=

April 18, 2017 at 7:49 am

Yikes, that’s not good! Sorry to hear that. Did you contact the vendor?

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best app to record video presentation

5 Best Video Presentation Software of 2024

best app to record video presentation

Table of contents

Easily scale your video production in 120+ languages.

best app to record video presentation

Giving a presentation in real-time is challenging, whether you’re delivering it in person or online.  

You’re nervous. There’s never enough time to rehearse. Are people even following along? Is it clear what you’re trying to say?

We’ve all been there, and it’s no surprise that video presentations are gaining popularity . 📹

They’re just like “normal” presentations, except they can save you quite a lot of time (and stress). 

They’re still highly effective as they engage multiple senses – and what’s also great is that they allow for asynchronous communication. 

In this article, we'll analyze the 5 best video presentation software programs for different use cases and help you choose the one to take your video presentation game to the next level.

  • Synthesia → best for video presentations with AI presenters
  • Loom → best for recording yourself giving a presentation
  • Powtoon → best for presentations with animated characters
  • Canva → best if you want to choose from a lot of templates
  • Vyond → best for cartoon-like video presentations

1. Synthesia - video presentation software for videos with lifelike presenters

Ever thought about making a video presentation with a human presenter?

Including a talking head in your video presentation is a great way to make it more engaging , but many of us struggle with being on camera. 

When creating video presentations in Synthesia , you can choose from more than 140 AI avatars – lifelike presenters – to add to your slides. 

And that’s not all – each of these diverse characters can speak more than 120 languages in different voices and accents.

And the best part?

‍ Research shows that we respond to video presentations with AI avatars similar to the ones with real humans. 🗣

All you have to do to make a video presentation is type in your script (or generate it with AI within the tool), select your presenter, and edit your presentation so it fits your style. If you want, you can also start by uploading your existing slides. 

Editing your video is as easy as creating a PowerPoint deck, and the tool also offers stock imagery and the option to upload your own assets. 

Here’s how making video presentations with Synthesia looks like: 

Sharing your video presentations made with Synthesia is also a breeze, as they can be shared as a link, embedded on a website, or downloaded as an mp4. 

Key features

  • ‍ 140+ AI avatars : You can choose from a wide range of human-like AI presenters that establish a human connection with your viewers.
  • ‍ Microgestures : You can make the avatars more expressive by using microgestures such as winks, frowns, head shakes, and head nods.
  • ‍ 120+ languages : You can turn text to speech in different accents, voices, and languages.
  • ‍ 60+ templates : You can start creating your video presentation from scratch or use any of the 60+ professionally designed and customizable templates .
  • ‍ Animation markers : You can easily create sleek animations and transitions for different elements of your video presentation.
  • ‍ Screen recorder : You can record your screen directly from the online video editor, without having to use a separate tool.
  • ‍ Assets library : You can choose from millions of stock assets (music, videos, images, fonts…) or upload your own assets that match your brand.
  • ‍ Team collaboration : You can collaborate with your team within the tool by adding comments, tagging people, and creating the perfect video presentation - together.
“The simplicity of creating the content, animations, timing, library, screen recording, intuitive control and many other great features. It is very easy to work with the tool and create great presentations without any need to have some special skills.” Jorge G. on G2

Synthesia offers three paid plans . The Starter plan costs $29/month for up to 10 minutes of video clips; the Creator plan is priced at $67/month, while the Enterprise plan offers individual pricing for different users.

Additionally, there is a free demo available on their website for users to test the platform before committing to a paid plan.

Find more details on pricing options pricing here .

2. Loom - video presentation software for recording your screen and camera

Loom is an excellent video presentation software for creating video presentations that require the speaker to be visible on screen.

It’s great for more detailed presentations and quick team updates. With its desktop app or Chrome extension, users can start recording themselves speaking in just a few clicks. 

This software offers a wide range of features to make interactive video presentations more engaging, including screen sharing, the ability to draw on the screen to emphasize a point, and interactive features to respond to videos. 

With over 200,000 companies using Loom, it has become a popular tool for remote teams, educators, and marketers alike.

Key features: 

  • ‍ Screen recorder: You can record your screen, camera, or both directly from Loom's desktop and mobile apps or Chrome extension.
  • ‍ Calls-to-action: You can add links to relevant files and resources for your viewers to reference or to help them take the next step when the presentation is over.
  • ‍ Engagement insights: You can see who watched your video, how long they watched, and monitor CTA performance to get insights into the effectiveness of your video presentations.
  • ‍ Rich reactions: You can enable comments and reactions with emojis, allowing viewers to share their thoughts and feedback on your video presentation.
“I simply share a deck/slides and talk through whatever I want. It's so much more engaging than sharing boring presentations - people can see my face and hear my voice which converts way better on social platforms too.” Tina B. on G2  

Loom has a free version limited to 5 minutes per video, and also offers premium Business and Enterprise plans for advanced recording, analytics, admin, and security.

3. Powtoon - video presentations with animated characters

Powtoon is an online animated video presentation maker that enables users to create engaging and visually appealing video presentations. 

With pre-designed templates and the option to start from scratch, Powtoon makes it easy to create animated videos without any prior experience or technical knowledge.

This makes it a great video presentation software for educators, marketers, and businesses who want to create high-quality video clips that captivate their audience. 

And the main reason Powtoon made it to our list of best video presentation software? 

Their character builder !

With endless options for clothing, skin tones, hairstyles, and accessories, it's super easy to create characters that align with your brand's image and message.

You can even animate them by using 35 different poses and expressions . 

  • ‍ PowerPoint to video: You can import your existing PowerPoint presentations and enhance them with animated characters and stock footage, upload your own media, and add audio files.
  • ‍ Character Builder: You can customize the animated characters with endless clothing combinations, skin tones, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • ‍ Powtoon Capture: You can record your screen, webcam, or both using Powtoon Capture and enhance your animated videos by adding your logo, text overlay, visuals, and other features.
  • ‍ Templates: You can choose from over 40 video presentation templates for different use cases. Super handy if you’re not a designer. 😉
  • ‍ Collaboration: You can collaborate with others on your video presentations to effectively share ideas and boost creativity, regardless of your account level.
“ Powtoon has excellent features for audio and video editing and presentation for sales and marketing. Share feature helps multiple people to work and collaborate at the same time.” Ranuak A. on G2  

Powtoon offers a free version with basic features, but videos created with it will have lower resolution, a Powtoon watermark, and limited download options.

For access to higher quality videos, pricing starts at $15 per month.

4. Canva - video presentation software for different use cases

If you don’t live under a rock, you probably know about Canva .

But it’s not just a design tool as one might think; it’s also a great video presentation software!

When creating a presentation, you can drag and drop elements, crop, trim and resize clips, and choose from an extensive media library of music and audio tracks.

Canva also offers numerous templates, collaboration features, and built-in recording to make it easy to create and share your presentations.

Once you're done, you can easily download your video in mp4 format or share it using a generated link. 

Key Features

  • Templates: You can choose from a variety of pre-designed presentation templates that make creating a professional-looking video presentation really easy.
  • User-friendly interface: Canva offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to put together a visually appealing presentation quickly.
  • Collaboration features: You can share your video presentations with your team for real-time editing and commenting.
  • Recording Studio: It allows you to easily set up your camera and microphone, record your presentation with notes in Presenter's View, and pause and resume your recording as needed.
“I love the thousands of templates it has for presentations, documents for us to edit, the varied elements it has, the ease of use and the easy design. Besides the fact that I can share with one or more people, so we can work together.” Talita A. on G2  

Canva has a free version, but with some limitations.

The Pro plan is available for $12.99/month or $119.99/year, offering extra features such as access to more templates, the ability to upload custom fonts, and saving templates as brand kits.

5. Vyond - video presentation software for animated video presentations

Vyond is another video editing software for creating animated videos and video presentations.

Its features include the ability to create relatable characters and add your own dialog and sound. The software also allows for video editing with customizable templates, characters, and props to keep the message on-brand.

You can share your video presentations by providing a link with view only, copy only, edit, or full access permissions. Additionally, you can download videos in HD.

  • ‍ Visual styles: You can choose from three different visual styles - contemporary, business friendly, and whiteboard - to set the tone for your animated video presentation.
  • ‍ Templates library: You can access Vyond's library of templates to save time and avoid starting from scratch when creating your animated video presentations.
  • ‍ Audio and lip syncing: You can record audio in Vyond or use an external platform, and then assign the audio to a character for lip syncing.
  • ‍ Shared spaces and libraries: You can easily share folders and media assets with your team from the account level, and securely share your video presentations with relevant collaborators.
“I like that you can change out characters and scenes with two clicks without it affecting or moving your characters out of alignment. Other powerful features include a wide range of animations for characters and a good selection of assets.” Laureen B. on G2

Vyond has a free trial available for users to test the software. The "Essential" plan costs $25/month but includes a Vyond logo watermark in the bottom left corner of each video. Other plans start at $54/month.

Well, that would be our analysis of the best video presentation software of 2023. 🙂 

Naturally, your choice depends on several factors, but we hope this article helped you make the right decision. 

➡️ Synthesia: best AI presentation maker to convert text to speech in 120+ languages with AI avatars as presenters.

➡️ Loom: great video presentation software if you want to record your screen as well as yourself presenting.

➡️ Powtoon: great if you want to build animated characters to personalize your animated video clips.

➡️ Canva: video presentation maker with numerous templates that also allows you to add a recording of yourself if needed.

➡️ Vyond: choose from three visual styles and add animated characters to your video presentations.

‍Want to dive deeper?

Start with Synthesia and create a FREE demo of your first video presentation with an AI avatar here →

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best app to record video presentation

The best presentation software in 2023

These powerpoint alternatives go beyond the basics..

Hero image with logos of the best presentation software

The latest presentation apps have made it easier than ever to format slides and create professional-looking slideshows without giving off a "this is a template" vibe. Even standard PowerPoint alternatives have updated key features to make it easier than ever to collaborate and create presentations quickly, so you can spend more time prepping for your actual presentation.

If, like me, you've been using Google Slides unquestioningly for years, it's a whole new world out there. The newest crop of online presentation tools go way beyond the classic slideshow experience, with new features to keep your audience's attention, streamline the creation process with AI, and turn slide decks into videos and interactive conversations.

I've been testing these apps for the past few years, and this time, I spent several days tinkering with the top presentation software solutions out there to bring you the best of the best.

The best presentation software for AI-powered design

Prezi for non-linear, conversational presentations

Powtoon for video presentations

Genially for interactive, presenter-less presentations

Pitch for collaborating with your team on presentations

Zoho Show for a simple presentation app

Gamma for generative AI features

What makes the best presentation app?

How we evaluate and test apps.

All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog .

When looking for the best presentation apps, I wanted utility players. After all, slideshows are used for just about everything, from pitch decks and product launches to class lectures and church sermons. With that in mind, here's what I was looking for:

Pre-built templates. The best presentation tools should have attractive, professional-looking templates to build presentations in a hurry.

Sharing and collaboration options. Whether you plan to share your webinar slides later, or you just want to collaborate with a coworker on a presentation, it should be easy to share files and collaborate in real-time.

Flexibility and customization options. Templates are great, but top presentation apps should enable you to customize just about everything—giving you the flexibility to build exactly what you need.

Affordability. Creating compelling presentations is important, but you shouldn't have to bust your budget to make it happen. With capable free tools on the market, affordability is a top consideration.

Standalone functionality. There's no reason to use multiple tools when one can do it all, so I didn't test any apps that require and work on top of another presentation app like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Familiar, deck-based UI. For our purposes here, I only tested software that uses slides, with the familiar deck-based editor you expect from a "presentation" tool (versus, for example, a video creation app).

While many apps now offer AI features in one way or another, I found many of these features to be lacking still—they're often slow, struggle to pull in relevant imagery, and yield wildly inconsistent designs. For that reason, I opted not to make AI features a strict requirement (for now!), and I've still included apps that don't offer AI. (Of course, if you opt for one of those, you can still easily get AI-generated images from a separate tool and copy them into your presentation app of choice.)

Beyond that, I also looked for presentation apps that brought something unique to the table—features above and beyond what you can get for free from a legacy solution like PowerPoint or Google Slides. (And I opted not to test any brand new apps that are still in beta, since there are so many established options out there.)

Here's what my testing workflow looked like:

I went through any onboarding or guided tutorials.

I created a new deck, scanning through all available templates, noting how well-designed they were (and which were free versus paid).

I added new slides, deleted slides, edited text and images, and played around with other content types.

I changed presentation design settings, like color schemes and background images.

I reviewed and tested the sharing and collaboration options.

I tested out presenter view (when available).

After my first round of testing, I went back into the top performers to test any unique or niche features like AI, brand settings, interactive content, and more. With that, these are the best presentation apps I found—each one really brings something different or radically easy to the table.

The best presentation software: at a glance

The best free presentation software, canva (web, windows, mac, android, ios).

Canva, our pick for the best free presentation app

Canva pros:

Excellent free plan

Tons of amazing templates for all use cases


Canva cons:

The Magic Design AI tool is still inconsistent and not super impressive

Canva offers one of the most robust free plans of all the presentation apps I tested. The app delays account creation until after you've created your first design, so you can get started building your presentation in seconds. Choose from an almost overwhelming number of beautiful templates (nearly all available for free), including those designed specifically for education or business use cases.

Anyone who's accidentally scrolled too far and been bumped to the next slide will appreciate Canva's editor interface, which eliminates that problem altogether with a smooth scroll that doesn't jump around. Choose from a handful of preset animations to add life to your presentations, or browse the library of audio and video files available to add. And Canva also has a number of options for sharing your presentation, including adding collaborators to your team, sharing directly to social media, and even via QR code.

Present directly from Canva, and let audience members submit their questions via Canva Live. Once you share a link to invite audience members to your presentation, they can send questions for you to answer. As the presenter, you'll see them pop up in your presenter view window, so you can keep the audience engaged and your presentation clear. Alternatively, record a presentation with a talking head bubble—you can even use an AI presenter here—to share remotely.

Canvas has added a number of AI-powered tools , but I wasn't super impressed by them yet. When I asked the Magic Design tool to generate a presentation from scratch, for example, the result was a bunch of unrelated images, inconsistent design, and surface-level copy. These features will likely improve in time, but for now, you're better off starting from one of Canva's many great templates.

Canva pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $119.99/year for 1 user and include additional features like Brand Kit, premium templates and stock assets, and additional AI-powered design tools.

The best presentation app for AI-powered design (web, mac, windows). pros:

True AI design

No fussing around with alignment

Still allows for customization cons:

No free plan

Generative AI features aren't great yet

If you're like me, editing granular spacing issues is the absolute worst part of building a presentation. uses artificial intelligence to take a lot of the hassle and granular design requirements out of the presentation process, so you can focus on the content of a presentation without sacrificing professional design. If I needed to make presentations on a regular basis, this is the app I'd use.

Many apps have recently added AI design features, but has been doing it for years—and they've perfected the UX of AI design, ensuring the tool's reign as the most streamlined and user-friendly option for AI design.

The editor is a little different from most presentation apps, but it's still intuitive—and you'll start off with a quick two-minute tutorial. When creating a new slide, scroll through "inspiration slides" to find a layout you like; once you choose, the app will pull the layout and automatically adapt it to match the design of the rest of your presentation.

With 10 themes, several templated slides, over 40 fully-designed templates, and 23 different color palettes to choose from, strikes a perfect balance between automation and customization.

While doesn't offer a free plan, paid plans are reasonably priced and offer sharing and collaboration options that rival collab-focused apps like Google Slides. And speaking of Google, you can connect with Google Drive to save all your presentations there.

Note: I did test the newly released generative AI feature (called DesignerBot) and felt it wasn't much to write home about. It's great for adding individual slides to an existing presentation—automatically choosing the best layout and matching the design to the rest of the deck—but as with most other apps, it struggled to generate a quality presentation from scratch. pricing: Plans start at $12/month for unlimited slides, AI content generation, viewer analytics, and more. Upgrade to a Team plan for $40/user/month to get extra collaboration and workspace features and custom brand controls.

If you're a founder looking for an AI presentation tool for your pitch deck, Slidebean is a great alternative for startups. The app offers a number of templates; a unique, content-first outline editor; and AI design help that you can toggle on or off for each slide. I didn't include it on the list mainly because of the price: the free plan is quite limited, and the paid all-access plan starts at $228/year.

The best presentation app for conversational presentations

Prezi (web, mac, windows, ios, android).

Prezi interface

Prezi pros:

Doesn't restrict you to standard presentation structure

Lots of customization options

Prezi Video lets you display a presentation right over your webcam video

Prezi cons:

Steep learning curve

Struggling to squeeze information into a basic, linear presentation? Give Prezi a try. Unlike nearly all other presentation apps on the market, Prezi Present doesn't restrict the structure of your presentation to a straight line. The editor focuses on topics and subtopics and allows you to arrange them any way you want, so you can create a more conversational flow of information.

With the structural flexibility, you still get all the same customization features you expect from top presentation software, including fully-editable templates. There's a learning curve if you're unfamiliar with non-linear presentations, but templates offer a great jumping-off point, and Prezi's editor does a good job of making the process more approachable.

Plus, Prezi comes with two other apps: Prezi Design and Prezi Video. Prezi Video helps you take remote presentations to a new level. You can record a video where the presentation elements are displayed right over your webcam feed. Record and save the video to share later, or connect with your video conferencing tool of choice (including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet) to present live.

Prezi pricing: Free 14-day trial and a free plan that includes up to 5 visual projects; paid plans start at $5/month and include additional features like private presentations and Prezi Present.

The best presentation app for video presentations

Powtoon (web, ios, android).

Powtoon pros:

Timing automatically changes based on the content on the slide

Can toggle between slideshow and video

Can orient presentation as horizontal, vertical, or square

Powtoon cons:

Limited free plan

Powtoon makes it easy to create engaging videos by orienting the editor around a slide deck. Editing a Powtoon feels just like editing a presentation, but by the time you finish, you have a professional video. 

You can edit your slides at any time, and when you hit play, a video plays through your deck—the feel is almost like an animated explainer video. Each slide includes the animations you choose and takes up as much time as is needed based on the content on the slide. Powtoon figures the timing automatically, and you can see in the bottom-right of the editor how much time is used on your current slide versus the total presentation. If you ever want to present as a slide deck, just toggle between Slideshow and Movie.

You'll likely need to subscribe to a paid plan to get the most out of Powtoon—like creating videos longer than three minutes, downloading them as MP4 files, and white-labeling your presentations—but doing so won't break the bank. Plus, you'll unlock tons of templates complete with animations and soundtracks.

One of my favorite Powtoon features is the ability to orient your video: you can choose horizontal orientation (like a normal presentation) or opt for vertical (for mobile) or square (for social media). When your presentation is ready, you can publish straight to YouTube, Wistia, Facebook Ads, and any number of other locations.

Powtoon pricing: Limited free plan available; paid plans start at $20/month and include white-labeling, priority support, additional storage, and more.

The best presentation app for interactive presentations

Genially (web).

Genially, our pick for the best presentation app for interactive presentations

Genially pros:

Don't need a presenter (it's interactive)

You can set universal branding guidelines

Unlimited creations on the free plan

Genially cons:

Free plan has some limitations worth looking into (e.g., can only make public presentations)

While many presentation apps are built for presenter-led decks, Genially 's interactive features and animated templates make it easy to build a self-led presentation. A variety of interactive buttons allow you to show viewers additional context on hover, have them skip to any page of your deck, and let them navigate to external links.

This presentation program offers a bunch of searchable templates, including some for business proposals, reports, social media presentations, and more (though most of those are available on premium plans only). Genially also includes Smart blocks —templated blocks of content for elements like data visualizations and image galleries.

My favorite feature is the brand settings. Premium users can set universal branding guidelines that include your logo, color scheme, fonts, images, and backgrounds, among other options. Think of them like a custom template, created and customized by you, that the whole team can use. Once set, your team can easily create on-brand presentations that automatically apply your brand settings, without even thinking about it.

Plus, Genially supports additional content like training materials, infographics, and interactive images—all subject to your brand presets.

Genially pricing: Free plan available with unlimited creations and views and access to templates; paid plans start at $7.49/month and include additional download options, privacy controls, offline viewing, premium templates, and more.

The best presentation app for collaborating with your team

Pitch (web, mac, windows, ios, android).

Pitch, our pick for the best presentation software for collaborating with your team

Pitch pros:

Google levels of collaboration

Assign slides to specific team members

Start live video calls straight from decks

Pitch cons:

User interface is a little different than you're used to

Need to collaborate on presentations with your team? Pitch is a Google Slides alternative that gets the job done. As far as decks go, Pitch includes all the beautifully-designed templates, customizability, and ease of use you expect from a top-notch presentation tool. But the app really shines when you add your team.

The right-hand sidebar is all about project management and collaboration: you can set and update the status of your deck, assign entire presentations or individual slides to team members, plus comment, react, or add notes. Save custom templates to make future presentations even easier and faster.

You can also invite collaborators from outside your company to work with you on individual decks. And if you opt for a paid plan, Pitch introduces workspace roles, shared private folders, and version history.

The "Go live" feature is a personal favorite—with just a click on the camera icon in the top-right, you can start a live video call. Any team members who open the presentation can hop in and collaborate in real-time. 

Pitch pricing: Free plan offers unlimited presentations, custom templates, and live video collaboration; paid plans start at $8/user/month for additional workspace features, presentation analytics, and more.

The best simple presentation app

Zoho show (web, ios, android, chrome).

Zoho Show, our pick for the best simple presentation app

Zoho Show pros:

Simple and easy to use

Version history and ability to lock slides

Completely free

Zoho Show cons:

Templates are pretty basic

If you're looking for a simple, yet capable presentation app that's a step up from Google Slides, Zoho Show is a great option. It's completely free to use, offers a clean, intuitive editor, and includes a number of great templates.

While the handful of "Themes" offered are on the basic side, Zoho templates boast a more modern and professional design than much of what Google Slides or PowerPoint offer. And I love that you can set the font and color scheme for the whole template, right from the start.

The app doesn't skimp on collaboration or shareability either. You can invite collaborators via email or shareable link, and comments and version history make it easy to work together on presentations. Once you're ready to share, you can even broadcast your presentation to a remote audience right from within Zoho. Plus, you can one-click lock slides to prevent any more editing or hide individual slides to customize your presentation for different audiences.

You can even connect Zoho Show to Zapier , so you can do things like automatically create a presentation when something happens in one of the other apps you use most.

Zapier is the leader in no-code automation—integrating with 6,000+ apps from partners like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Build secure, automated systems for your business-critical workflows across your organization's technology stack. Learn more .

Zoho Show pricing: Free

The best presentation app for generative AI

Gamma (web).

Gamma, our pick for the best presentation app for generative AI

Gamma pros:

Creates fully fleshed-out presentations from a prompt

Chatbot-like experience

Can still manually edit the presentation

Gamma cons:

Not as much granular customization

I tested a lot of apps claiming to use AI to up your presentation game, and Gamma 's generative features were head and shoulders above the crowd.

Simply give the app a topic—or upload an outline, notes, or any other document or article—approve the outline, and pick a theme. The app will take it from there and create a fully fleshed-out presentation. It's far from perfect, but Gamma produced the most useful jumping-off point of all the AI presentation apps I tested. 

Here's the key: Gamma is much more geared toward the iterative, chatbot experience familiar to ChatGPT users. Click on the Edit with AI button at the top of the right-hand menu to open the chat, and you'll see suggested prompts—or you can type in your own requests for how Gamma should alter the presentation.

Once you've done all you can with prompts, simply close the chat box to manually add the finishing touches. While you do sacrifice some granular customizability in exchange for the AI features, you can still choose your visual theme, change slide layouts, format text, and add any images, videos, or even app and web content.

Gamma pricing: Free plan includes unlimited users, 1 custom theme, 400 AI deck credits, and basic view analytics; upgrade to the Pro plan ("coming soon," as of this writing) for $10/user/month to get additional AI credits, advanced view analytics, custom fonts, and more.

What about the old standbys?

You might notice a few major presentation players aren't on this list, including OGs Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. These apps are perfectly adequate for creating basic presentations, and they're free if you have a Windows or Mac device or a Google account.

I didn't include them on the list because the presentation space has really developed in the last several years, and after testing them out, I found these behemoths haven't kept pace. If they weren't made by Microsoft/Apple/Google, I might not even be mentioning them. They're pretty basic tools, they're behind the curve when it comes to templates (both quantity and design), and they don't offer any uniquely valuable features like robust team collaboration, branding controls, video, and so on.

Some of these companies (think: Microsoft and Google) are openly working on some pretty impressive-sounding AI features, but they haven't been widely released to the public yet. Rest assured, I'm watching this space, and the next time we update this article, I'll retest tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides to see what new features are available.

In any case, if you're reading this, you're probably looking for an alternative that allows you to move away from one of the big 3, and as the presentation platforms featured above show, there's a ton to gain—in terms of features, usability, and more—when you do.

Related reading:

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This post was originally published in October 2014 and has since been updated with contributions from Danny Schreiber, Matthew Guay, Andrew Kunesh, and Krystina Martinez. The most recent update was in May 2023.

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best app to record video presentation

3. Bandicam

4. ispring suite, 5. camtasia, 5 best powerpoint recorder to record presentations with audio.


Surya - September 7, 2021 Leave your thoughts. -->

best powerpoint recording tool , how to record a powerpoint presentation with audio , how to record powerpoint with audio , powerpoint recorder , record powerpoint with voice and narration

One doesn’t need to introduce PowerPoint presentations. Such has been the impact of PowerPoint presentations in today’s internet era. Powerpoint revolutionized how presentations were made right from a classroom lecture to a board-level meeting. Approximately 35 million PowerPoint presentations are made every day across the globe by over 500 million users. Such is the magnitude of Powerpoint presentations usage every day. 

But as we become more and more technologically advanced and time-sensitive, the time spent in presentations has been put under the microscope. This has led to a new way of presentations to be created popularly known as “ video presentations ”. In this blog, we’ll look at the best PowerPoint recorder to record video presentations with audio and video. But just before that, let’s also further understand what video presentation is, how it has become popular.

What is a PowerPoint video presentation?

A PowerPoint video presentation is nothing but a video version of the slides from a PowerPoint where the presenter narrates the presentation slide by slide by adding voice, video, or both. 

Why has PowerPoint video presentations become very popular?

Spending a lot of time is quite not feasible and also it is incredibly hard to get all stakeholders for a meeting at the same time. Secondly, big presentations are tough to follow and even easier to lose track of the information shared by the presenter. 

Video PowerPoint presentations on the other hand enable the presenter to clearly explain each slide effortlessly and share it with everyone.For those looking to elevate the quality of their slides, consider using PowerPoint slide templates . Video presentations also allow the attendees to look back at the video PowerPoint presentation and recollect the data, discussion precisely.

  • Ability to record microphone, system audio, and the presentation.
  • 4K HD recording for higher clarity 
  • Cloud uploading of the video presentation for easy access
  • Customizable webcam overlay 
  • Video collaboration 
  • Social sharing 

How have we classified the five best PowerPoint recorders for creating video presentations in 2023 ?

The below list of the five best PowerPoint recorders is based on the availability of features listed above, free plan availability, ease of usage, and few other factors.

Five best PowerPoint recorders for creating video presentations in 2023:

  • Vmaker 
  • Techsmith Camtasia

best app to record video presentation

Vmaker is one of the best PowerPoint recorders currently available. The app is from the creators of Animaker. Vmaker has been carefully developed and created to enable users to create videos effortlessly. The app is easy to set up and use, users can get started to record PowerPoint presentations for free in just a few clicks. 

Vmaker presentation lets you record both the system audio (Audio coming from the presentation through videos, audio clips, etc) and the Mic (Presenter’s audio) along with a webcam overlay. If you’re wondering how to record audio on PowerPoint then this is how you do it using Vmaker.

The best thing about Vmaker is the balance between ease of recording and features that enhance the quality of the recording.

Vmaker has a webcam overlay that is effectively floating, you can move around the bubble freely, change the frame and filter of it, add custom background to make your video part of the PowerPoint video presentation engaging. The screen annotation feature enables you to add notes to particular slides which get erased automatically as you move on to the next one. 

Once you’re done recording the full presentation the PowerPoint video presentation will be automatically uploaded to the Vmaker cloud dashboard instantly irrespective of the size of the recording. Users can download the recording, share it with teammates through Vmaker shared workspace, or even better embed the video via email and share it with the concerned people. 

  • 4K HD presentation video recording 
  • Presentation recording with both system and microphone audio 
  • Video and voice recording 
  • Unlimited cloud storage for saving PowerPoint recording
  • Screen annotation, frames, and filters to make recording engaging 
  • Shared workspace for team collaboration
  • Direct Gmail video embed via email 

Sign up for free powerpoint recorder

How to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio

The below video perfectly explains how you can record a PowerPoint presentation with audio .

best app to record video presentation

The easy to setup nature and the ability to record PowerPoint videos for free without having to worry about the file size puts Vmaker PowerPoint recorder one of the top solutions to record powerpoint videos. 

Panapto is another screen recording tool that also functions well as a PowerPoint video recorder. Panapto is a more advanced screen recording solution that is used in businesses, schools, and universities thanks to its advanced features including a unified library, powerful search engine. Panapto also has 4K HD recording, the ability to add multiple video streaming options along with the PowerPoint presentation, custom backgrounds to record a highly clean and intuitive PowerPoint video recording. 

  • Ultra 4K HD recording 
  • Active smart camera
  • System and microphone recording
  • Multiple video modes to supplement the video presentation recording including streams

Although Panopto comes with some of the best industry features that enable you to record, collate and store PowerPoint videos. The app is more suited for sophisticated usage in big business and educational organizations. It’s not a handy solution especially if you’re looking for a tool to easily record your PowerPoint video presentations.

best app to record video presentation

Bandicam is another screen recording tool that enables users to record and create PowerPoint video presentations through screen recording . The application is very popular and has been in the market for a very long time. Users can record PowerPoint videos for a long time without any issues as Bandicam assures even over 24 hours of continuous recording. Bandicam too offers all of the essential features required for recording a PowerPoint presentation including 4K ultra HD recording, system, and microphone audio capture, screen annotations. Here’s a lit of key features offered by the Bandicam PowerPoint recorder.

  • 4H HD recording upto 3840*2160 
  • Screen plus webcam recording mode
  • System and microphone audio recording 
  • Direct YouTube uploading 
  • Zoom in and out option 

Although Bandicam is a great screen recording tool that has almost all the essential features for recording PowerPoint videos there are few drawbacks. The app doesn’t have all watermark-free recording and it restricts free users to record not more than 10 minutes in a free plan. This is a major drawback as most of the PowerPoint presentation videos go beyond the 10-minute mark. Also, the application can be purchased on a lifetime license and not a monthly/yearly basis. 

Ispring suite, unlike the three other options listed above, isn’t a screen recorder but a courseware creator based on PowerPoint that offers screen recording functionality as well. This naturally means the PowerPoint recorder has some advanced features including adding external videos, adding narration to the PowerPoint presentation, and syncing it with the slides, multiple layouts, to organize videos, presentation separately. Enabling users to create high-quality PowerPoint presentation videos. 

  • Record audio and video separately 
  • Add voice narrations and sync with the video presentation 
  • Multiple layouts to showcase the video and presentation 
  • Customizable presentations to suit your needs
  • Quizzes in between the presentation recording 

ispring suite is a great PowerPoint video lecture creation tool that allows you to create high-quality presentation videos. The features allow you to not just record PowerPoint videos but also to enhance them to a level wherein the videos can be used for elearning, training, and development. The application costs a huge sum of 970$ per user for a year. If your plan is to just quickly record presentation videos then ispring might not be the solution as it’s expensive and requires some amount of training to get started. 

best app to record video presentation

Camtasia is a powerful screen recorder and video recorder with added features to support PowerPoint recording. Camtasia lets you record PowerPoint videos in three different ways. Users can record their PowerPoint presentations by using the Camtasia Add-in which will by default appear if you have Camtasia installed on your computer. The other two ways include directly importing the presentation into Camtasia which copies only the slides and not PowerPoint’s UI, the last mode to record PowerPoint presentations using Camtasia is by recording screen traditionally with webcam overlay. 

  • Multiple recording options 
  • Video editor to enhance PowerPoint recording post-recording 
  • Screen annotations and enhancements while recording 
  • Built-in add-in on PowerPoint for easy recording 

Camtasia offers a diverse range of creating PowerPoint videos. Users can decide to record videos based on their requirements. However once again the main problem here is that Camtasia doesn’t come with a free version and offers only a free trial which has time limits and watermark restrictions. The paid plan is offered on a lifetime basis and is quite expensive to take the plunge right away. 

All of the above PowerPoint video recorder applications are quite versatile and offer their own set of features and benefits. Selecting one of them as the best will not be the best solution. Feel free to choose the best based on your recruitment. Do let us know in the comments section if you have come across any other PowerPoint recorders. We’ll review them and add them to the list if the app warrants the same.

Sign up for Vmaker free powerpoint recorder

If you enjoyed reading the above article, then here are a few cherry-picked ones you might be interested in reading further!

How to record PowerPoint presentations?

How to record Google slides presentation?

How to Record Online Video Lectures for Free | Lecture Recorder

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Presentation Guru

Presentation Guru

Create the best video presentations with these innovative tools.

best app to record video presentation

While there is a multitude of uses for video programs, the ability to record your presentation and share it across the web afterwards is paramount in the digital age. We’ve detailed the importance of good streaming services for presentations before, and we’ve also shown how products like GoReact can help you improve your presenting ability by watching yourself after you present. Here, Farshad has compiled a list of the top video presentation programs, so you can be sure your next speech reaches as many people as possible. 

While PowerPoint is the common choice for millions of presenters around the globe, some prefer to opt for video presentations. A video presentation might include a demo or a short video shared online via a platform like YouTube or even played during a Live presentation.

Benefits of M a king a Video Presentation

There can be a number of benefits for making a video presentation. This might include the utility to present a complex process or concept with the visual aid of animations and simulations and interviews of experts on the subject matter. For example, you might want to show your audience how effective your product is; using video footage proving the effectiveness of using your brand, or you might simply be looking to show a short animation to talk about a presentation topic to cover various complex details using a short video.

Many products and services now have their own dedicated YouTube channels, with tons of product demos, persuasive advertisement, and how-tos; all of which can more or less be deemed video presentations.

Unlike Live presentations, or PowerPoint decks shared online, video presentations can have a more profound impact. This is because they tend to contain footage, animations and audio that can be more effective in conveying a message , instead of mere text and verbal explanation of a presenter. Furthermore, some presenters like to record their Live presentations and make them available online in the form of videos to have a wider outreach via online video sharing platforms.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best tools for making video presentations. Staying true with our tradition of not shunning non-PC users, we have picked various cross-platform tools, with a list that has something for everyone. Including desktop and mobile users, as well as people who prefer cloud based platforms.

1) Office Mix (PC)

According to some estimates, there are as many as 30 million presentations made each day using PowerPoint. While you can add audio and video clips to PowerPoint slides, as well as export your presentations to video formats like WMV and MP4, Microsoft has provided presenters with something even more special.  Office Mix is a PowerPoint add-in for authoring videos using PowerPoint. With this easy to use add-in, you can create video tutorials, video presentations and even create interactive presentations by including quizzes, polls and apps from the Office Store.

With Office Mix you can create video presentations by recording your screen, cam & audio to produce anything from online lessons to product demos, marketing videos and the like. You can also upload your ‘mixes’ online or save them offline. Office Mix also comes with built-in annotation options, making it easy for you to create a mix using conventional PowerPoint slides.

Office Mix is currently only available for PC users and works with PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 and later editions like PowerPoint 2016.

2) Camtasia (PC & Mac)

Before Office Mix, there was Camtasia ! In fact, many people are calling the former the ‘Camtasia Killer’. Having said that; Camtasia still has its own charm. There are various software recognized by the brand name ‘Camtasia’. These include Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac, each of which is a complete suite for recording, editing and uploading videos online.

Camtasia comes with a plethora of handy options that can help you create video presentations, including a PowerPoint add-in which works pretty much like Office Mix. Unlike Office Mix, Camtasia isn’t free, however, the wide array of video authoring features provided by the suite are worth the cost. Moreover, arguably Camtasia can help author better quality videos.

Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac can be used for recording your PC or Mac screen, with a voice-over, cam input and the option to create lessons using quizzes, surveys, annotations, callouts, etc.

While Camtasia is a paid suite, you can download it on a trial basis to test its features.

3) Snagit (PC & Mac)

Snagit is another tool that can be used for making video presentations. Snagit has been developed by the same developer as Camtasia, i.e. TechSmith. Unlike Camtasia, Snagit has fewer video authoring features. It provides some basic screencast features, with the utility to perform basic editing for your recorded videos.

With Snagit, you can capture your entire desktop, a single window or a specific part of your screen. Snagit provides the option to make videos using your on-screen recordings, screenshots, annotations and effects.

Snagit is a paid tool, which has versions available for PC and Mac users, as well as a Chrome extension.

4) Lectora (PC & Web)

Lectore Inspire is a video authoring suite which is a combination of three applications, i.e. Camtasia, Snagit and Flypaper. This all-in-one suite is best known as a platform for authoring e-learning content. With Lectora you can create video presentations, online training courses, as well as convert PowerPoint presentation to e-learning content.

While Lectora Inspire and associated tools like Lectora Online and Lectora Publisher are great for making lessons and video presentations, using Lectora can be a bit confusing. This is because Lecotra’s applications tend to be filled with so many features that it can be difficult to initially make sense of them. This is also one of the reasons we have Lectora down at number 4 on our list of recommended tools for making video presentations.

5) Articulate (PC & Web)

This is another amazing video authoring tool, best suited for making e-learning courses, including interactive lessons. Articulate includes a number of video authoring products, including: Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio and Articulate Online.

Depending upon which Articulate product you are using, you can create online courses using PowerPoint, with rich media content, quizzes, as well as record video presentations with your screencasts, with the addition of on-screen explanations via webcam and voice-over. Needless to say, you can also publish your courses online.

Articulate products also come with characters that you can incorporate in your presentations. Furthermore, you can publish your videos in formats like Flash and HTML5. Articulate also supports publishing videos to be seen via the Articulate Mobile Player app for viewing content optimized for iPads.

6) PowToon (Web)

If you ever wanted to make video animations but know nothing about using complex graphic designing applications like Maya, Softimage or 3D Studio Max; PowToon is the next best thing! It is an easy to use web app which gives readymade templates and animated characters that you can use for making animated video presentations by designing your scenes like PowerPoint slides.

You don’t need to be an expert in graphic designing or even an advanced computer user to use PowToon. This is because you can create your animated video presentations using a step by step wizard, and a number of easy to use PowerPoint like features.

You can get started with PowToon by trying out the service via free trial. And if you find it worth your money, you can opt for a package as low as $19 to fulfill your dreams of making presentations in the form of video animations like a pro.

7) Adobe Presenter Video Express (PC & Mac)

Adobe Presenter Video Express is a video authoring software for Windows and Mac for recording videos for presentations, product demos, tutorials, etc. With Adobe Presenter you can create screencasts, change background of your webcam recording video without the need to use green screen, as well as use videos, images and desktop screen capture as background for your videos.

Adobe Presenter also supports quizzes and annotations, with the utility to publish videos in MP4 and HTML5 format.

What’s great about Adobe Presenter is that you can create studio quality video presentations, tutorials and learning courses without spending a fortune on buying or renting video recording and editing equipment. This makes Adobe Presenter a cost-effective tool for authoring videos for professional use.

8) Adobe Spark Video (iOS)

Despite being an Android guy myself, I have to admit, if there is any mobile hardware good enough for making high quality video presentations, it belongs to Apple’s iOS devices. Adobe Spark Video is an app for iOS, which can help you create studio quality videos using an iPhone or iPad device.

Adobe Spark Video borrows many features from Adobe After Effects. It combines motion graphics, audio, text and images to help you create short videos. These can include video presentations, tutorials and narrations.

9) BB FlashBack Express (PC)

BB Flashback Express is a free screen recording tool for making screencasts. I personally used this tool a few years back to create a series of short PowerPoint tutorials and it worked perfectly.

With BB Flashback Express you can record your desktop, add audio commentary, with the option to include webcam video input. Furthermore, you can schedule recordings, upload videos to YouTube from within the app, or export your videos to WMV format. The paid editions of BB Flashback also supports additional formats like MP4 and Flash.

If you’re looking for more advanced video authoring features, you can opt for the paid versions of the BB Flashback app. Below is an introductory video for BB Flashback Screen Recorder, which is the premium edition of BB Flashback.

10) Ezvid (PC)

Ezvid is a another free software for PC users which comes with a few basic options to help you create screencasts. As the name suggests, the software provides an easy mechanism for recording your videos. Ezvid also comes with basic video editing features, with the option to upload your videos to YouTube.

Ezvid has some very basic options and the interface itself is quite self-explanatory. If you’re looking for a free PC software for recording your screen, audio and webcam for making video presentations for YouTube, then Ezvid is as easy to use as it gets.

The recommended tools listed above not only include standalone apps for authoring video presentations but also software suites and web apps which can help you create different types of interesting videos using screen recordings, video footage, animations and images.

We have tried to create a list which not only includes expensive video authoring tools but also free and affordable software that you can use to create professional looking presentations. There are however, many other tools which provide similar features to the ones in this list. Our picks included tools based on rating, reputation, and ease of use to recommend the most reliable platforms for making video presentations; ranging from very complex to basic video authoring tools.

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best app to record video presentation

Bhadresh Tandel

11th October 2017 at 3:55 pm

Thanks for the amazing Video tools!

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Rosie Hoyland

12th October 2017 at 8:58 am

You’re welcome Bhadresh! Hopefully you found something to suit your needs.

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21st December 2017 at 8:25 pm

Have a question which type of sound effects u are using for ur presentations ? Here is my bundle

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11th February 2019 at 9:23 am

Where we can create computer based training online on low-priced?

' data-src=

Mike Morrow

1st January 2020 at 9:29 am

Hello Rosie I would appreciate your advice on the best tool to use to present a series of around 30 x MP4 videos as part of a charity lecture series. Each clip is around 3-8 minutes long and it is sometimes necessary to skip to another clip in the series. All clips have sound. Until now I have been showing these from a prepared DVD (burned on my desktop) via a standard DVD player but really need a replacement for this now ageing technology. Thank you and best wishes, Mike

best app to record video presentation

9th January 2020 at 2:43 pm

Hi Mike I put the question out on Twitter and got this reply back. Hope it helps. I’d think any kind of media player would work. Anything that lets you make a playlist, basically. VLC Media Player seems to do well with this type of thing, but I’m certain there are many others!

' data-src=

Kevin Hernandez

11th March 2020 at 6:47 pm

Hi Rosie! I have used Articulate and Powtoon in the past, and they worked out great for me! Recently, for a particular client I started using Wideo, for product and business presentations, and I’m just loving it. The templates they have ( ) are quite useful, and you can add your own photos, sounds and clips to them. What are your thougts? Have you tried it yet? Thank you, and best wishes, Kevin

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Mahargha Mohanta

20th May 2021 at 8:54 am

Thanks for the amazing Content

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Os melhores aplicativos para Android, iPhone, iPad e Mac OSX, tutoriais, análises e reviews, notícias e muito mais.

The 50 best apps to record videos right now!

  • Por Luciano Larrossa
  • 13/08/2021 às 18:28 atualizado em (13/08/2021 às 18:28)
  • 19min de leitura

It’s not exactly news that videos have become the main way to consume content on the internet. That doesn’t mean that other formats like text, images, and podcasts don’t have their space, just that videos will retain their dominance over web content for a long time. That’s the reason why you absolutely need to know some apps to record videos!

You might have a YouTube channel you want to gain subscribers on or maybe you use videos in your strategies to gain followers on Instagram . Regardless of your goal, trying out different types of apps can improve the quality of your productions, add cool effects, or give you more control over your content.

So check out some of the best apps to record videos down below, and be sure to check out some great Instagram post ideas too if you want to start practicing!

1. Movavi Video Suite

Ideal for those who prefer to create their videos on their computer. Movavi Video Suite is a set of multiple programs rolled into one.

With it, you can edit your videos, convert videos to different formats and even record videos from your PC screen . Movavi also makes your work easier by having an easy mode, which automatically creates videos from your files.

Learn all about Movavi Video Suite and improve the quality of your videos via the link .

Movavi Video Suite

2. Apowersoft

Perfect for anyone who needs to make videos more focused on what happens on the computer screen, such as tutorials or streaming video games. Apowersoft is free and records videos right from your browser, although it can also be downloaded as a program for Windows.

Among its features, we highlight the possibility to choose to record only a part of the screen, insert annotations, graphic elements , or subtitles in the video, among many other options.

Click on the link to start using video recording software right now!

3. Camtasia


One of the most complete apps to record videos you can use to capture your computer screen, Camtasia allows you to create a wide range of content for your YouTube channel or social media profile.

In addition to making video recording easy, it has a library full of effects, filters, and transitions. Within all its editing tools, it has all the basics, such as cutting, moving excerpts, and speeding up or slowing down video playback.

Click on the link now to start trying Camtasia!

4. FilmoraGo

This app brings a wide range of possibilities, and could even be compared to video editors in other platforms.

It lets you create presentations with your mobile phone files – images, slides, and music -, in addition to bringing all the basic tools for editing, such as cropping, resizing, and a library of effects, sounds, and elements to include in your productions. Download FilmoraGo on Android or iPhone .

5. VideoShop

This iPhone video editor was created for people who are new to editing. It comes with a wide range of quick editing tools. It allows its users to add music, apply filters and merge multiple videos into one, among many other options. Click on the link to discover VideoShop.

6. Apple Clips

Another iPhone exclusive, Apple Clips is an app to record videos ideal for those who need to create content that is not very complex. It allows you to record and take photos, in addition to placing different types of filters, music, and animated texts, among others.

Apple Clips makes it easy to share your recorded videos on social media. That is, you can record your video, make small edits and upload it directly to your profile. Click on the link to download Apple Clips.

A simple and efficient editor on iPhone and iPad, Splice lets you create videos from your mobile media. Just select your photos, music, and video clips, and from there, add elements and text to your heart’s desire!

You can also make minor edits such as trimming, changing playback speed, and changing clip order. Find out more about Splice through the link .

For Android users who are not satisfied with the number of Android exclusives in this list of apps to record videos, Quik is one of the best options.

Created by the makers of GoPro cameras, it’s also incredibly simple to use. Just choose your photos and videos and it will automatically create the clips. You can add transitions, effects, music, and text then post it to social media. Click the link to download Quik.


9. VivaVideo

Not only does it belong to the category of apps made to record videos, but it also makes it possible to create presentations and video edits. Its interface is in the form of a storyboard, allowing you to have a preview of how your video will look.

From there, you can import recordings, add elements, overlay text, and change speed, among others. VivaVideo is also exclusive to Android and can be downloaded from this link .

10. Camera+

To shoot better videos on your iPhone, being limited to just the basic camera app might not be enough, but Apple itself offers a solution with Camera+. The app is paid but expands your camera’s capabilities exponentially.

Among the features, Camera+ has advanced tools for camera control and image editing, as well as continuous flash and up to 6x digital zoom. Learn more about Camera+ via the link .

Camera+ is an option that serves as a photography or video recorder app. iMovie, on the other hand, is the ultimate app for anyone looking for apps to record videos. Despite being more complex than most of the apps shown here, it’s also one of the most complete – and entirely free!

It has all kinds of functions, such as Apple-exclusive filters, slow motion and fast-forward, and other effects like split-screen, among many others. Download iMovie for free on your iPhone .

12. RecordCast

Allowing you to record your computer screen and edit your videos online, RecordCast is completely free to use. To make use of it, just click this link in your favorite internet browser and create your account. Again, free of any cost.

Other features of RecordCast include the possibility to add different effects and to capture only the audio. In other words, it is also a nice pick for those who want to record and publish podcasts.

13. Magisto

Magisto is the ideal app for video editing that involves photos . Just choose your best images and put them in the right sequence and the app will create a video featuring each one. It’s worth noting that you can also add transition effects and music to make your presentation more elaborate.

Download Magisto on your Android or iPhone .

14. 8mm Vintage Camera

Have you ever had the idea of recording videos as if they were old movies? If you did, then 8mm Vintage Camera is the ideal option to do that on the iPhone.

The app offers several period options, including creating videos as if they were recorded in the 70s or even in the 20s, in the early days of cinema.

Just choose your favorite theme, decide which film era you want to simulate, and start recording with the app right away! Click on the link to download from the App Store.

15. Vintage 8mm Video

With an app as cool as the 8mm Vintage Camera on the iPhone, we couldn’t leave Android users out. This is Vintage 8mm Video, exclusive to Android .

Like the previous app, you can also choose which decade you want to simulate, and you can also include special effects characteristic of those periods.

Vintage 8mm video

16. Vintage Retro Camera

Another alternative among apps to record videos in the style of old-timey films. Vintage Retro Camera brings along everything an old camera would do at the time. Besides, it has effects like photos in the old Polaroid format and several filters to apply to your videos. Click on the link to download it on Android.

17. Boomerang

One of the most used Instagram apps when creating Stories , it uses your smartphone’s camera to take a quick burst of photos. It then creates a video that plays back and forth over and over, much like the boomerang that gives the app its name. Download Boomerang on Android or iPhone .

18. VideoShow

VideoShow is among the select few award-winning apps to record videos apps on both Android and iPhone . The title isn’t just for show, as it makes life much easier for those who make videos for social media.

It has a wide range of themes and templates that you can use to insert your recorded videos, the possibility of dubbing and placing handmade drawings, among many others.

19. Nception

With a name like that, we find it hard to be surprised that this entire app inspires strangeness. Nception takes a different approach to creating videos. Through various filters, you can add effects such as mirrored reproduction, that is, with its reflection right next to it.

Other tools include the ability to speed up or slow down the video, which makes you able to create pretty weird conceptual videos, if that’s a type of content your audience is interested in. Click on the link to download it to iPhone.

20. PowerDirector

A robust video editor for Android, PowerDirector is best suited for intermediate users. It takes some time to get used to the interface, but the app allows you to create videos at a professional level once you learn how to properly use it.

Click on the link to find out more about PowerDirector, exclusive to Android.


21. Stop Motion Studio

Do you know what a stop motion video is? These are animated movies that use photos in sequence to tell a story. And Stop Motion Studio is a perfect app to do that.

With this app, you can import the images that will be part of the animation, apply special effects, paint and draw, add sound effects, and create credits screens. In other words, everything to create your first animated film using the technique. See more about Stop Motion Studio on its Google Play or App Store pages.

22. KineMaster

A complete and professional editor for Android and iPhone . It allows you to make a number of adjustments that are not normally available in other apps to record videos.

Among them, you can add subtitles to videos and use multiple layers for editing. Other features include volume control and the ability to check a preview while editing.

23. Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX is ideal for anyone who needs special effects worthy of Michael Bay movies. With it, you can add different types of explosions, sound effects, and creatures to your videos. Action Movie FX is exclusive to iOS and can be downloaded via the link .

24. Camera MX

Following this list of apps to record videos, we have Camera MX. Exclusive to Android devices, it allows users to create content in multiple resolutions.

In addition, you can also add effects such as time-lapse and various filters and special effects. After recording, you have basic editing tools, allowing you to record and edit right away. Click on the link to download Camera MX.

25. Motion Stills

Ideal for those who create short videos, Motion Stills automatically summarizes videos in a kind of “best moments” style of compilation. You can also put emojis and text on the photo that will be turned into animation, and you can easily share them on social media. Motion Stills can be downloaded on Android or iPhone .

Another application for recording videos aimed at beginners, InShot is one of the easiest to use. Just import your photo, video, and music files, place them on the timeline, and let the app do the dirty work.

In addition, it also allows you to include text and other music from your own collection. InShot is available for Android and iPhone .


27. CineGraph

With a proposal similar to Motion Stills, CineGraph is also ideal for creating short videos with your photos, especially if made with the Live Photos feature. It lets you control the display speed and focus of the video, provides editing tools, and supports video in 4K quality. Click on the link to download it to iPhone.

If instead of recording videos, you want to livestream, YouNow can be an interesting option. It makes it easy to create chats to interact with people who are following you and follow other content creators, as if it were its own social network.

YouNow is available for Android and iPhone .

29. WeVideo

If you prefer to edit your videos from your computer, WeVideo might be the best option for you. Available on the web and accessed via browsers , WeVideo lets you upload your videos – even those posted on social media – or even use the free video collection in its creations.

It allows you to export your videos at different quality levels, including 4K. The highlight is the possibility to start editing your video even before it finishes being sent, streamlining your work. Discover WeVideo by accessing the link .

30. Artisto

Ideal for creating short videos, you can upload a sequence of images or videos recorded by your mobile phone and create an animation from them. What sets Artisto apart are its filters, inspired by works of art, as we’ve already seen in Prisma. Artisto is available on iOS and Android .

31. ImgPlay

Despite being one of the apps to record videos being cited here, ImgPlay really shines in creating GIFs. You can upload any type of image or video to make your creations. Then you can add text, make cuts or add filters from the app’s library.

ImgPlay is free and can be downloaded on iPhone or Android .

32. Wondershare Powercam

Another app from Filmora, specializing in video editing software. In this case, Powercam is aimed at recording these videos with higher quality than the native camera app for Android.

With this app, you can record your videos and quickly edit it on the spot. Among the possibilities, you can make cuts, add free filters, rotate, and resize your content. Find out more about what Wondershare Powercam can do by clicking on the link .

Wondershare Powercam

33. Lapse It Pro

Have you ever heard of time-lapse? The technique consists of taking several photos in a very short interval, forming a video from this sequence. Instagram’s Boomerang does something similar, but goes a bit further by including the back-and-forth effect.

Lapse It Pro does it differently. It doesn’t come back, creating a sequential animation. You can also edit this work, making cuts, changing the playback speed, and applying a zoom effect. Lapse It Pro is downloadable on both Android and iPhone and iPad .

34. Burstio

An ideal option for those who want to create animations from moving photos. Burstio optimizes your iPhone’s camera and improves its ability to take pictures where there is a lot of movement going on.

After that, it allows you to change the video speed, cut sections and create GIFs from those videos. Click on the link to learn about the app.

35. Night Vision Video Recorder

We all know that creating videos at night and outdoors is complicated. With the lack of light, it is hardly possible to do quality work. Night Vision Video Recorder is an app that seeks to solve this problem.

Exclusive to Android, it was created to keep the original colors of objects taken in the photo or recorded on video. In other words, don’t expect to see that green fill from the night vision goggles in spy movies.

Discover Night Vision Video Recorder by accessing the link .

Night Vision Video Recorder apps to record videos

36. Stop-Motion Studio

Another app for recording videos in stop motion, this app by the famous toy company Mattel was created for Minecraft aficionados. With it, you can use game characters and create original movies. It may not be very useful professionally, but it will definitely amuse the kids.

Stop-Motion Studio can be downloaded on Android . If you’re a Minecraft fan, don’t miss our article with the 20 most important item recipes in Minecraft !

37. Top Camera Lite

Originally an iPhone photo app , Top Camera Lite is good enough to make its way to our list as one of the apps to record videos.

You can zoom the recording without loss of image quality and other adjustments during recording, such as exposure, saturation and contrast, among others. Click on the link to learn more about Top Camera Lite.

38. Filmic Pro

Considered one of the 10 best apps to record videos on iPhone and aimed at professionals, it allows you to use your phone as a camera to record videos and is ideal in situations where a camera cannot be used.

Among the various features, it allows its users to control focus and exposure, zoom control, gives you access to its own cloud to store your recordings, and adjustments to saturation, shadow and lights, among many others.

See the full feature list of Filmic Pro on its App Store or Google Play page for Android users.

Filmic apps to record videos

39. Movie Maker

Specializing in creating and editing videos for YouTube and Instagram, Movie Maker lets you record and edit your content quick and easy! In other words, you don’t need to be an Instagram influencer to use the app.

Movie Maker allows you to make small edits, such as cuts and changes to the recording order. In addition, you can also add various effects, music and videos, making creating videos for social media easier. Click the link to download it on Android.

40. SVR – Secret Video Recorder

Without many features, Secret Video Recorder serves only one purpose – secretly recording videos. With it you can record videos without leaving a trace, such as camera sounds. You can also lock your phone screen and continue recording.

Click on the link to download Secret Video Recorder on your Android.

One of the most expensive apps to record videos on the App Store. On the other hand, it is one of the most complete apps you can find out there available to download.

MAVIS comes with advanced tools like real-time color vectorscope and waveform exposure, plus the ability to customize your movie’s frame rate. These are just some of the tools to adjust your video recording, in addition to the audio controls, where MAVIS truly shines.

Learn all about MAVIS’ advanced video recording tools on its App Store page .

42. VidTrim

Perfect for anyone who needs to edit videos in a short amount of time. VidTrim has basic functions like trimming pieces of video, joining multiple recorded clips, rotating the image, and even saving screenshots of the video. You’ll also be able to transform videos into MP3 . VidTrim is exclusive to Android and can be downloaded via the link .

Vidtrim apps to record videos

43. AZ Recorder

Another Android-only app, AZ Recorder is not designed to record video with the camera. In fact, it records your cell phone screen. That is, you can use the app to create tutorials or display the gameplay of your Android games . Learn more about AZ Recorder on Google Play .

44. DU Recorder

It also allows you to edit images and broadcast live via Twitch , Facebook, or Youtube . DU Recorder can be used on both iPhone and Android.

Ele também permite fazer edição de imagens e transmissões ao vivo pelo Twitch , Facebook ou Youtube. O DU Recorder pode ser usado tanto no iPhone quanto no Android .

Tip: Check out the 10 best screen recorders for Linux!

45. Movie Pro

Another option for those looking to do professional work through the iPhone camera. Not as expensive as Filmic or MAVIS, Movie Pro still comes with an extensive range of advanced tools.

In other words, the app is very suitable for those who are already familiar with other apps to record videos with a mobile phone. You can manually adjust almost every aspect of the video, ranging from lighting, sounds, and playback speed, among others. Click on the link to learn about Movie Pro.

46. VideoRama

Aimed at those who need to produce videos for social media, Videorama is an iPhone-only app that brings simple editing tools to their productions.

It brings an ideal resolution model for Instagram Stories, in addition to allowing you to combine or cut video sequences, create presentations from images and change the video playback speed. Click the link to learn more about VideoRama.

Videorama apps to record videos

47. Mobizen

Another application to record videos from your mobile screen, Mobizen is a good alternative for Android users. It allows recording in 1080p resolution (FullHD), and also records the sounds of the application you are using, and allows you to insert a recording of your face in the middle of the video, essential for anyone who makes gameplay videos.

Learn more about Mobizen through the link .

48. Cinema FV-5

A great choice among apps to record videos of professional quality for those who want to shoot their own movies with an Android smartphone is Cinema FV-5. Just like Filmic or Movie Pro on iPhone, it lets you manually adjust almost every camera setting.

It allows you to record videos in 4K quality and apply zoom effects without loss of quality, among many others. Click on the link to know the Cinema FV-5.

49. PocketVideo

Pocket Video is ideal for anyone working with YouTube or Stories. It allows you to edit videos in square, horizontal and vertical formats. It brings complete tools for editing videos without the need to use other apps.

It has an extensive collection of free music and sounds to use, as well as it adjusts the volume on its own. That is, you can increase or decrease the sound when you want to focus or defocus the sound elements. Learn more about PocketVideo on the App Store .

50. Open Camera

Open Camera apps to record videos

An app initially designed for taking pictures on Android , it’s also proficient at recording videos. Open Camera brings automatic stabilization to your images and videos, manual focus adjustment, and the option to take screenshots in the middle of the video, among others. Click on the link to learn about Open Camera.

Which of these apps to record videos is your favorite?

A lot of options on this list, and hopefully some of these apps to record videos were exactly what you were looking for! Did you like this list? Did we forget any apps that should definitely be here? Comment down below, let us know!

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Your New Year's Eve TV Guide 2024: How to Watch 'Rockin Eve,' 'Nashville's Big Bash,' more

best app to record video presentation

The end of the year means New Year's Eve celebrations.

So, if you'd prefer to skip the night on the town at a crowded club, bar, or busy restaurant, here's a list of some New Year's Eve celebrations that you can tune into from the comfort of your own home.

This year's festivities feature not only musical performances but also comedic shows and even an attempt to break a Guinness World Record. Here's how to watch Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper, and other hosts ring in the new year.

' New Year's Rockin' Eve' with Ryan Seacrest

  • Watch it on ABC starting at 8 p.m. EST/PST

This year Ryan Seacrest will be joined by Rita Ora to host “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2024" from New York's Time Square.

The nation's most-watched New Year’s Eve celebration features performances from LL Cool J and DJ Z-Trip. The hip-hop icon is slotted to perform just before midnight at Times Square. Female rap artist Cardi B will perform from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

This year, the special has some new segments. Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Matt Friend, Ms. Pat, and Sebastian Maniscalco will provide commentary on the past year in a comedic show.

Content creator Airrack will also attempt to set a Guinness World Record by visiting the most fast food restaurants in 24 hours. Airrack will make the record attempt even more challenging by only visiting counter-service pizza shops.

Other performances include Megan Thee Stallion, Jelly Roll, Jessie Murph, Tyla, and Sabrina Carpenter.

Jeannie Mai will also co-host in Hollywood. Aqua, Doechii, Ellie Goulding, Green Day, Janelle Monáe, Loud Luxury x Two Friends with Bebe Rexha, Ludacris, Nile Rodgers & Chic, Paul Russell, Reneé Rapp with Coco Jones, and Thirty Seconds to Mars will perform from Los Angeles.

Another host, Dayanara Torres, will also be helping Spanish speakers ring in 2024 from Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican superstar Ivy Queen, dubbed the “Queen of Reggaeton," will perform.

Post Malone will also perform from the brand-new Fontainebleau Las Vegas, and K-Pop group NewJeans will perform “Super Shy” and “ETA” in South Korea.

The show will also air across 150 iHeartRadio stations nationwide and be available on the iHeartRadio app. 

' New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash ' 

  • Watch it on CBS and Paramount+ starting at 7:30 p.m. EST/PST

CBS is ringing in the new year with hosts Grammy-nominated artist Elle King and Entertainment Tonight’s Rachel Smith.

Tune in to see performances from the biggest country stars, including Old Dominion, Elle King, Thomas Rhett, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Lainey Wilson and Trace Adkins, Grace Bowers, Kane Brown, Jackson Dean, HARDY, Cody Johnson, Parker McCollum, Megan Moroney, Brothers Osborne, Jon Pardi, Carly Pearce, Blake Shelton, Trombone Shorty, Morgan Wallen and Bailey Zimmerman.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper's 'New Year's Eve Live'

  • Watch it on CNN starting at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen return as co-hosts of CNN's New Year celebration for the seventh year. CNN correspondents will report on celebrations across the world. Richard Quest will join from Times Square, Stephanie Elam from Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Randi Kaye from Key West, Florida, Gary Tuchman and his daughter Lindsay from Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Boris Sanchez from Miami, Florida. 

The show will have performances from Enrique Iglesias, Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers, Flo Rida, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker and Rod Stewart, as well as interviews with Patti Labelle, Jeremy Renner, Neil Patrick Harris, Bowan Yang & Matt Rogers.

At 12:30 p.m. ET, Sara Sidner and Cari Champion will take over as co-hosts from Austin, Texas. Sidner and Champion will be taking over a slot previously held by Don Lemon, who was fired by the network in April.

Fired: Don Lemon says he doesn't believe in 'platforming liars and bigots' after CNN firing

“Who Can Forget 2023”

  • Watch it on Fox News starting at 10 p.m. EST/7 PST

Join Fox News hosts who will welcome 2024 by looking back at this year's most memorable moments, including Barbenheimer, ChatGPT, and the fight for Speaker of the House.

The celebration will also feature a debut special headlined by Gutfeld! co-host, wrestler, and New York Times bestselling author Tyrus. Michelle Tafoya, Sean Duffy, and comedian Tyler Fischer will join Tyrus to look back at 2023's most viral trends and songs.

The show will also give viewers a look into the White Continent when Zach Greig, a plant operator for the Australian Antarctic Division, joins the show to discuss the unique aspects of ringing in the new year from Antarctica.


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    OBS for advanced recording tools and live streaming Movavi Screen Recorder for screen capture when you're away from your desk Zappy for quickly sharing screen recordings from a Mac ScreenPal for affordable editing features What makes the best screen recorder for PC or Mac? How we evaluate and test apps

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    Camtasia Studio (Premium) With versions available for Mac and Windows, this is one of the most famous screen recording applications. It is a complete suite for recording and editing screencasts, with a plugin for PowerPoint that supercharges your slides with the ability to record your screen, audio and camera. Go to Camtasia Studio

  15. The Best Way To Record A PowerPoint Presentation

    With Panopto Express, the most advanced free video and screen recorder available today, it's easy to record yourself and your PowerPoint slides side-by-side with just your laptop and its built-in webcam and microphone. Just open Panopto Express in your web browser, select the media you want to record, press the red button and present!

  16. PowerPoint Recorder

    1 Upload slides and select a layout Select from our list of layouts (you may need to click to 'Allow' permission to access your screen, camera, or microphone). You can record just your screen, your webcam, or both at the same time! You can either upload your slides or record while you're presenting. 2 Start recording

  17. Webcam & Screen Recorder: Record in your browser online

    When you edit a design on your browser or Canva app on your desktop, use your facecam or webcam recorder to take a video of yourself or your surroundings. Share your screen Add visual cues to your data that'll help your audience pick up multiple pieces of information.

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    Screencasting Tools 1) CamStudio Google Review Count: 206 CamStudio can record screen and audio activity on your computer as AVI or SWF video files. You can add screen captions to recordings, use custom cursors, and record your whole screen or just a portion of it.

  19. 17 Presentation Apps and PowerPoint Alternatives for 2024

    If you're looking for apps for interactive presentations, Visme is also your best bet. Try the various interactivity options, like hyperlinked elements, video embed, audio upload and recording features.

  20. 5 Best Video Presentation Software of 2024

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  21. The best presentation software in 2023

    Canva for a free presentation app. for AI-powered design. Prezi for non-linear, conversational presentations. Powtoon for video presentations. Genially for interactive, presenter-less presentations. Pitch for collaborating with your team on presentations. Zoho Show for a simple presentation app.

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    Five best PowerPoint recorders for creating video presentations in 2023: Vmaker Panapto Techsmith Camtasia Ispring Bandicam 1. Vmaker Vmaker PowerPoint recorder Vmaker is one of the best PowerPoint recorders currently available. The app is from the creators of Animaker.

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    Watch it on ABC starting at 8 p.m. EST/PST. This year Ryan Seacrest will be joined by Rita Ora to host "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2024" from New York's Time ...