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Disclaimer: Please remember that while MyGradeMate is a powerful tool for providing initial feedback on your essays, it should not be considered the final authority on your writing. The suggestions and feedback provided by MyGradeMate are to enhance your writing skills and to give you a general idea about areas of improvement. They do not necessarily reflect how a teacher or professor would grade your essay. Always use the feedback given by MyGradeMate as guidance for further improvements and not as the absolute final grade. Your best critique will always be a thorough read-through and careful consideration of your own work, as well as the input of your educators and peers. Happy Writing!

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Revolutionize Your Writing Process with Smodin AI Grader: A Smarter Way to get feedback and achieve academic excellence!


For Students

Stay ahead of the curve, with objective feedback and tools to improve your writing.

Your Virtual Tutor

Harness the expertise of a real-time virtual teacher who will guide every paragraph in your writing process, ensuring you produce an A+ masterpiece in a fraction of the time.

Unbiased Evaluation

Ensure an impartial and objective assessment, removing any potential bias or subjectivity that may be an influence in traditional grading methods.

Perfect your assignments

With the “Write with AI” tool, transform your ideas into words with a few simple clicks. Excel at all your essays, assignments, reports etc. and witness your writing skills soar to new heights

For teachers

Revolutionize your Teaching Methods

Spend less on grading

Embrace the power of efficiency and instant feedback with our cutting-edge tool, designed to save you time while providing a fair and unbiased evaluation, delivering consistent and objective feedback.

Reach out to more students

Upload documents in bulk and establish your custom assessment criteria, ensuring a tailored evaluation process. Expand your reach and impact by engaging with more students.

Focus on what you love

Let AI Grading handle the heavy lifting of assessments for you. With its data-driven algorithms and standardized criteria, it takes care of all your grading tasks, freeing up your valuable time to do what you're passionate about: teaching.

Grader Rubrics

Pick the systematic frameworks that work as guidelines for assessing and evaluating the quality, proficiency, and alignment of your work, allowing for consistent and objective grading without any bias.

Analytical Thinking



Focus Point

Write with AI

Set your tone and keywords, and generate brilliance through your words

app that grades your essays

AI Grader Average Deviation from Real Grade

Our AI grader matches human scores 82% of the time* AI Scores are 100% consistent**

Deviation from real grade (10 point scale)

Graph: A dataset of essays were graded by professional graders on a range of 1-10 and cross-referenced against the detailed criteria within the rubric to determine their real scores. Deviation was defined by the variation of scores from the real score. The graph contains an overall score (the average of all criterias) as well as each individual criteria. The criteria are the premade criteria available on Smodin's AI Grader, listed in the graph as column headings. The custom rubrics were made using Smodin's AI Grader custom criteria generator to produce each criteria listed in Smodin's premade criterias (the same criteria as the column headings). The overall score for Smodin Premade Rubrics matched human scores 73% of the time with our advanced AI, while custom rubrics generated by Smodin's custom rubric generator matched human grades 82% of the time with our advanced AI. The average deviation from the real scores for all criteria is shown above.

* Rubrics created using Smodin's AI custom criteria matched human scores 82% of the time on the advanced AI setting. Smodin's premade criteria matched human scores 73% of the time. When the AI score differed from the human scores, 86% of the time the score only differed by 1 point on a 10 point scale.

** The AI grader provides 100% consistency, meaning that the same essay will produce the same score every time it's graded. All grades used in the data were repeated 3 times and produced 100% consistency across all 3 grading attempts.

app that grades your essays

AI Feedback

Unleash the Power of Personalized Feedback: Elevate Your Writing with the Ultimate Web-based Feedback Tool

Elevate your essay writing skills with Smodin AI Grader, and achieve the success you deserve with Smodin. the ultimate AI-powered essay grader tool. Whether you are a student looking to improve your grades or a teacher looking to provide valuable feedback to your students, Smodin has got you covered. Get objective feedback to improve your essays and excel at writing like never before! Don't miss this opportunity to transform your essay-writing journey and unlock your full potential.

Smodin AI Grader: The Best AI Essay Grader for Writing Improvement

As a teacher or as a student, writing essays can be a daunting task. It takes time, effort, and a lot of attention to detail. But what if there was a tool that could make the process easier? Meet Smodin Ai Grader, the best AI essay grader on the market that provides objective feedback and helps you to improve your writing skills.

Objective Feedback with Smodin - The Best AI Essay Grader

Traditional grading methods can often be subjective, with different teachers providing vastly different grades for the same piece of writing. Smodin eliminates this problem by providing consistent and unbiased feedback, ensuring that all students are evaluated fairly. With advanced algorithms, Smodin can analyze and grade essays in real-time, providing instant feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

Improve Your Writing Skills with Smodin - The Best AI Essay Grader

Smodin can analyze essays quickly and accurately, providing detailed feedback on different aspects of your writing, including structure, grammar, vocabulary, and coherence. By identifying areas that need improvement and providing suggestions on how to make your writing more effective, if Smodin detects that your essay has a weak thesis statement, it will provide suggestions on how to improve it. If it detects that your essay has poor grammar, it will provide suggestions on how to correct the errors. This makes it easier for you to make improvements to your essay and get better grades and become a better writer.

Smodin Ai Grader for Teachers - The Best Essay Analysis Tool

For teachers, Smodin can be a valuable tool for grading essays quickly and efficiently, providing detailed feedback to students, and helping them improve their writing skills. With Smodin Ai Grader, teachers can grade essays in real-time, identify common errors, and provide suggestions on how to correct them.

Smodin Ai Grader for Students - The Best Essay Analysis Tool

For students, Smodin can be a valuable tool for improving your writing skills and getting better grades. By analyzing your essay's strengths and weaknesses, Smodin can help you identify areas that need improvement and provide suggestions on how to make your writing more effective. This can be especially useful for students who are struggling with essay writing and need extra help and guidance.

Increase your productivity - The Best AI Essay Grader

Using Smodin can save you a lot of time and effort. Instead of spending hours grading essays manually or struggling to improve your writing without feedback, you can use Smodin to get instant and objective feedback, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Smodin is the best AI essay grader on the market that uses advanced algorithms to provide objective feedback and help improve writing skills. With its ability to analyze essays quickly and accurately, Smodin can help students and teachers alike to achieve better results in essay writing.

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Grade essays quickly and efficiently using our AI enabled grading tools

In addition to grading, get access to magic ai tools to help you with your school activities, useful features for all teachers.

app that grades your essays

Essay Feedback

Error identification.

app that grades your essays

Customize your rubrics

Summarizer and ai detector.

app that grades your essays

Bulk Upload and Class Organizer

Magic school ai tools for your daily school tasks.

app that grades your essays

Why Teachers Choose

Time-saving, reliability, convenience, cost-effective, our pricing, frequently asked questions.




Welcome to EssayGrader – where innovation meets education! 📚

In the realm of education, where the demands on teachers seem endless, EssayGrader emerged as a beacon of relief, born from a singular vision: lightening the grading burden for teachers. Picture this: educators faced with a daunting 200-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio for a single writing assignment. It's a challenge we understand all too well. With the power of artificial intelligence at our fingertips, we crafted a solution that not only eases this load but transforms the entire grading experience.

At the heart of our journey are two passionate individuals: Payton, a visionary software engineer, and Ashley, a dedicated English teacher. Together, they embarked on the mission to revolutionize how teachers approach grading. The result? EssayGrader, a groundbreaking product meticulously designed to save time and energy. It's astonishing: what used to take an average of 10 minutes per essay can now be expertly handled in just 30 seconds, marking a phenomenal 95% reduction in grading time.

EssayGrader is more than just a tool; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to educators. We've witnessed the exhaustion that plagues classrooms, and we set out to create something impactful. Through relentless dedication and numerous iterations, we've developed a product that resonates deeply with teachers – a tool they love and trust.

But our journey doesn't end here. EssayGrader is a dynamic creation in constant evolution. We are not merely satisfied; we are driven to refine, improve, and adapt. How? By engaging with our users, the lifeblood of our community. Your insights fuel our innovation. We are steadfast in our promise to listen, learn, and implement changes that empower both educators and students. Together, we're not just envisioning the future of education; we're shaping it.

Join us on this transformative expedition. Be a part of the EssayGrader family, where every click signifies progress, every grade transforms a student's journey, and every educator finds the support they deserve. Together, let's redefine education. Together, let's make a difference.

Meet the team

Payton Burdette

Payton Burdette is the Founder of EssayGrader and writes all the code behind the product. He has over 10+ years of coding experience and loves what he does. If there are any new features added or bugs fixed, he is the guy that's making those changes.

In his free time you can catch him playing video games, working out or spending time with his family. He also loves to go fishing and watch Clemson football games.

Ashley Burdette

Ashley Burdette is the Product Manager of EssayGrader. She helps Payton out by mapping a path forward for EssayGrader to make it a product loved by all teachers. Given her experience teaching for over 10+ years, she brings a lot to the table and knows what our users need to make their lives easier.

In her free time she loves watching TV, spending time with her family and going out with friends. She also loves vacations, especially going to the beach and hunting for shark teeth.

CoGrader is your AI Essay Grading tool

CoGrader helps teachers save 80% of the time grading with instant first-pass feedback & grades on your students' essays, based on your rubrics.

Cograder platform

Pick your own Rubrics to Grade Essays

We have +30 Rubrics in our Library - but you can also build your own rubrics.

Argumentive Essays

Rubrics from 6th to 12th Grade and Higher Education. Grades Claim/Focus, Support/Evidence, Organization and Language/Style.

Informative Essays

Rubrics from 6th to 12th Grade and Higher Education. Grades Clarity/Focus, Development, Organization and Language/Style.

Narrative Essays

Rubrics from 6th to 12th Grade and Higher Education. Grades Plot/Ideas, Development/Elaboration, Organization and Language/Style.

Analytical Essays

Rubrics from 6th to 12th Grade and Higher Education. Grades Claim/Focus, Analysis/Evidence, Organization and Language/Style.

AP Essays, DBQs & LEQs

Grade Essays from AP Classes, including DBQs & LEQs. Grades according to the AP rubrics.

+30 Rubrics Available

You can also build your own rubric/criteria.

Your AI Essay Grading Tool

It's a never-ending task that consumes valuable time and energy, often leaving teachers frustrated and overwhelmed

With CoGrader, grading becomes a breeze. You will have more time for what really matters: teaching, supporting students and providing them with meaningful feedback.

First Screen of Cograder application

Meet your CoGrader

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get First-Pass Feedback on your students' assignments instantaneously, detect ChatGPT usage and see class data analytics.

Save time and Effort

Streamline your grading process and save hours or days.

Ensure fairness and consistency

Remove human biases from the equation with CoGrader's objective and fair grading system.

Provide better feedback

Provide lightning-fast comprehensive feedback to your students, helping them understand their performance better.

Class Analytics

Get an x-ray of your class's performance to spot challenges and strengths, and inform planning.

Google Classroom Integration

Import assignments from Google Classroom to CoGrader, and export reviewed feedback and grades back to it.

Canvas and Schoology compatibility

Export your assignments in bulk and upload them to CoGrader with one click.

Used at 1000+ schools

Backed by UC Berkeley

Berkeley logo

Teachers love CoGrader

Avatar Image

How does CoGrader work?

It's easy to supercharge your grading process

Import Assignments from Google Classroom

CoGrader will automatically import the prompt given to the students and all files they have turned in.

app that grades your essays

Define Grading Criteria

Use our rubric template, based on your State's standards, or set up your own grading criteria to align with your evaluation standards, specific requirements and teaching objectives. Built in Rubrics include Argument, Narrative and Informative pieces.

app that grades your essays

Get Grades, Feedback and Reports

CoGrader generates detailed feedback and justification reports for each student, highlighting areas of improvement together with the grade.

app that grades your essays

Review and Adjust

The teacher has the final say! Adjust the grades and the feedback so you can make sure every student gets the attention they deserve.

app that grades your essays

Want to see what Education looks like in 2023?

Get started right away, not sure yet, frequently asked questions.

CoGrader: the AI copilot for teachers.

You can think of CoGrader as your teaching assistant, who streamlines grading by drafting initial feedback and grade suggestions, saving you time and hassle, and providing top notch feedback for the kids. You can use standardized rubrics and customize criteria, ensuring that your grading process is fair and consistent. Plus, you can detect if your student used ChatGPT to answer the assignment.

CoGrader considers the rubric and your grading instructions to automatically grade and suggest feedback, using AI. Currently CoGrader integrates with Google Classroom and will soon integrate with other LMS. If you don't use Google Classroom, let your LMS provider know that you are interested, so they speed up the process.

Try it out! We have designed CoGrader to be user-friendly and intuitive. We offer training and support to help you get started. Let us know if you need any help.

Privacy matters to us and we're committed to protecting student privacy. We are FERPA-compliant. We use student names to match assignments with the right students, but we quickly change them into a code that keeps the information private, and we get rid of the original names. We don't keep any other personal information about the students. The only thing we do keep is the text of the students' answers to assignments, because we need it for our grading service. This information is kept safe using Google’s secure system, known as OAuth2, which follows all the rules to make sure the information stays private. For a complete understanding of our commitment to privacy and the measures we take to ensure it, we encourage you to read our detailed privacy policy.

CoGrader finally allows educators to provide specific and timely feedback. In addition, it saves time and hassle, ensures consistency and accuracy in grading, reduces biases, and promotes academic integrity.

Soon, we'll indicate whether students have used ChatGPT or other AI systems for assignments, but achieving 100% accurate detection is not possible due to the complexity of human and AI-generated writing. Claims to the contrary are misinformation, as they overlook the nuanced nature of modern technology.

CoGrader uses cutting-edge generative AI algorithms that have undergone rigorous testing and human validation to ensure accuracy and consistency. In comparisons to manual grading, CoGrader typically shows only a small difference of up to ~5% in grades, often less than the variance between human graders. Some teachers have noted that this variance can be influenced by personal bias or the workload of grading. While CoGrader works hard to minimize errors and offer reliable results, it is always a good practice to review and validate the grades (and feedback) before submitting them.

CoGrader is designed to assist educators by streamlining the grading process with AI-driven suggestions. However, the final feedback and grades remain the responsibility of the educator. While CoGrader aims for accuracy and fairness, it should be used as an aid, not a replacement, for professional judgment. Educators should review and validate the grades and feedback before finalizing results. The use of CoGrader constitutes acceptance of these terms, and we expressly disclaim any liability for errors or inconsistencies. The final grading decision always rests with the educator.

Just try it out! We'll guide you along the way. If you have any questions, we're here to help. Once you're in, you'll experience saving countless hours and procrastination, and make grading efficient, fair, and helpful.


Free Essay Grader Tool



Today all the students can save their time and effort using the proofreading and plagiarism checker online. They can use an AI essay grader available on iTunes or in the web for free. The customers, using it, affirm: “It is so easy and fast to rate my paper now!” It really helps students to save their time and effort to do something very important.

When you use paper rate tool and plagiarism checker, you learn how to write essays with no mistakes. Each time you get the paper rate, you can take your time to think over all your mistakes (if y they exist) or enjoy your success (if no mistakes are found).

We recommend all the students using the paper grader or an essay rater by StudySaurus.

“Grade My Essay”: How it Works

Just paste your text or upload the file containing the text of your essay and the smart paper rater will analyze it. In the report, you will get the mark for your level of spelling, grammar, “bad phrases” (inappropriate words and clichés) and style.

The results will be given in The average sentence length will be measured the level of academic vocabulary usage and the tips and prompts as well.

At the end of the rating your essay, it will be graded. For instance: “Grade 81 B” or “Grade 97 A”. It is proved: students, regularly using the smart checker of paper rater or an essay grader, show the better results in their education.

University students ought to possess certain skills to get grades they need in their classes. One skill that is vital for getting excellent grades is the ability to produce a good piece of writing. Some people have an inborn ability to write essays well and need little to no aid. If you are one of those students who do a great job when it comes to the research aspect, but the writing process is rather challenging for you, you may want to tap into our online paper grader.

Who Is Going to Rate My Paper?

Our Essay Grader is an intelligent tool that leverages the most advanced proofreading algorithms to produce accurate examination eliminating plagiarism and grammar mistakes. Our website that grades essays is available 24/7, we do our job in the most proficient way so that you could save your personal time and money. If you have created an assignment but doubt whether it is good enough thinking “I need to grade my paper” – we are the ones who can do it perfectly.

How Do We Grade Your Paper?

Our essay rater service combines automatic algorithms, as well as manual evaluation by professional editors possessing higher education in English language and/or literature. After having checked language aspects, your text will be transferred to the specialists in the field related to the topic of your assignment to check the content. We have a staff consisting of linguists from different parts of the world so that we can provide assistance to all rate my paper related inquiries on short notice if needed. It does not matter whether you live in Europe, USA, Canada or New Zealand, our smart algorithms will start analyzing your writing immediately after you have submitted your request. We can satisfy the needs of our consumers most efficiently.

What Is The Best Essay Grader?

Before you discover the advantages of the tool, you might be curious about how specifically our rator functions. The thing is that you do not simply ask it to “grade my essay” and then expect it to come back with a grade on it. Let us explain to you how the service works.

The process of using a paper rator is quite straightforward. The initial thing that you need to do is write your assignment. You will need to follow the instructions to submit the document into our rating tool.

While proofreading, there will take place an assessment of your spelling and grammar. An additional parameter that is typically subject of analysis is the use of your language in the essay as well as transitions. It is also worth mentioning plagiarism, which is another item our paper rator tool checks. The reason being that copying someone else’s work without giving them due credit is not acceptable in higher institutions or the real world for that matter. After your assignment is given back to you, you may want to take the necessary time required for making revisions of your creative papers. Having made all the essay corrections, you may now submit it to your teacher and get an excellent mark.

If you have difficulty getting excellent marks for your essays, you now have the option to get professional assistance in the matter. We can not only write papers for you, but we can also grade them so that you find out your areas for improvement. After using our paper rater service with your essays, you will be aware of the changes you need to make to get a desirable grade from your teacher. Do not leave your grades to chance. Double-check to walk an extra mile to improve your marks by using our paper rater tool.

Our Benefits:

  • Quality Assurance. All the papers undergo smart algorithms, which prior to sending you the final version, check it for plagiarism, spelling mistakes, punctuation and much more.
  • Confidentiality Policies. Our tool does not disclose any personal data to third parties. We guarantee that no one will ever know that you have had your paper rated using our tool.
  • Free. Since students do not have substantial financial resources.
  • Support. Our technical support team works around the clock and is ready to answer any questions by phone, mail or chat. We provide help to students as quickly as possible.

Knowledge is power, and it is the key message that we’re trying to put across. If you are ready to work hard without making up excuses, it means you are prepared. The same goes for successful academic writing. If you can predict a mark that your teacher is going to give you and you are not happy with it, you have all the means to change the situation. So submit your paper for “rate my essay” analysis and see how your university life changes for good!

About StudySaurus

Community. knowledge. success..

StudySaurus is run by two uni-students that still get a kick out of learning new things. We hope to share these experiences with you.

Ideas ,  concepts ,  tutorials,   essay papers  – everything we would’ve liked to have known, seen or heard during our high-school & UNI years, we want to bring to YOU.

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Essay Grader

Get comprehensive evaluations for your essays, including feedback on structure, clarity, and grammar.

The text may not be longer than 1800 words


Answer the prompts

Essay Grader - Best Essay Checker for Teachers and Students

Welcome to our revolutionary essay grading tool powered by advanced AI. It's not just a checker – it's your partner in achieving writing excellence.

Designed for both educators and students, this free AI essay grader offers comprehensive evaluations beyond grammar and style. Seamlessly blending advanced technology with insightful analysis, it's your compass for effective assessment.

Try our AI essay grader for teachers and students free today and experience its insightful reviews.


What is an Essay Grader?

An AI-powered essay checker or grader is an advanced tool that goes far beyond the confines of spell checks and grammar fixes. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to evaluate your writing, providing feedback on elements like coherence, structure, vocabulary richness, and even the emotional tone conveyed in your words.

It's like having a teacher, editor, and writing coach rolled into one, available whenever you need it.

Whether you're a student striving to enhance your academic papers or a teacher dedicated to delivering thorough assessments, our essay grading tool stands as your steadfast companion on the journey toward achieving writing excellence.

How Can an Essay Checker Help Students?

When aiming for a graded performance, your writing must undoubtedly be of high caliber. At the very least, this entails employing correct grammar, accurate spelling, and proper punctuation.

Our tool is here to assist you in accomplishing all of these aspects, and did we emphasize that it's available for free?

Here’s all you get:

⏱️ Speedy Evaluation

Our AI swiftly assesses your writing by comparing it against a vast array of existing texts, offering nearly instant feedback.

✍️Unwavering Consistency

When personally proofreading, certain errors or style choices might slip through the cracks. Our tool ensures uniformity throughout. Say goodbye to capitalizing a term in one paragraph and neglecting it in another.

🎯 Pinpoint Accuracy

Often, seeking help from a friend or family member leads to overlooking common errors. With our essay checker, rest assured that every mistake is spotted and resolved.

📚Learning Opportunity

Are recurrent mistakes hindering your progress? Our free paper checker identifies patterns, assisting you in recognizing and rectifying them. Even errors that escaped your notice are brought to light, allowing you to refine your writing skills.

👍Academic Integrity

Unlike unethical essay writing services, our free online essay checker empowers you to produce your own work and earn the rightful grade.

🍰Piece of Cake

Simplifying the process, our essay checker eliminates the overwhelming stress that often accompanies paper writing.

How Can Teachers Benefit From Our Essay Grader?

Simplify your workload while maximizing impact – it's time to revolutionize the way you guide and inspire your students.

💯Spend Less Time Grading

Embrace efficiency and instant feedback through our advanced tool, meticulously designed to save you time while delivering impartial and fair assessments, maintaining a uniform and objective feedback approach.

🧑‍🎓Connect with a Larger Student Base

Effortlessly upload documents in bulk and establish personalized assessment parameters, ensuring a tailored evaluation process. Amplify your influence and connect with a wider range of students.

🧑‍🏫Pursue Your Passions

Let AI Grading shoulder the assessment load for you. With its data-driven algorithms and standardized benchmarks, it manages all grading duties, liberating your precious time to focus on what truly drives you: teaching.

How to Use Our Essay Grading Tool?

Prepare to be amazed by its user-friendly nature!

Simply copy and paste the text you wish to have reviewed. Additionally, you can input a rubric for the desired evaluation – though this is entirely optional.

Don't fret if a specific rubric isn't available. Our AI-powered tool will autonomously assess it based on renowned grading standards employed across institutions, guaranteeing a comprehensive evaluation of the text.

What Can Be Checked Through’s Essay Grader?

Our essay checker makes it simple to catch usual writing blunders – like misplaced commas, mixing up "their" and "there," or leaving sentences unfinished.

But there's more to great writing, and many free tools fall short. Here are a few examples of higher-level mistakes that our tool can help you find:

Fluency Issues

For those who speak English as a second language, you might wonder if your wording sounds natural to native speakers. Use our AI essay grading tool to address this concern. It even accommodates various English variations, like converting US English to UK English.

Tricky Plurals

Did you know "thesis" becomes "theses" in plural? "Analysis" turns into "analyses" (also the UK English spelling of "analyzes"). "Genus" becomes "genera." knows them all!

Grammatical Errors

Leave no room for mistakes. We catch grammar slip-ups, from verb tense inconsistencies to subject-verb agreement issues.

Sentence Structure Issues

Achieve smooth readability. Our Essay Grader highlights problems like awkward sentence structures, enabling you to perfect your flow.

Extra Spaces

Still adding double spaces after periods? Let our paper checker identify and remove excess spaces. It highlights instances within sentences or at paragraph endings.

Repetitive Content

Our tool scans for repetition, ensuring your writing stays fresh and engaging without echoing the same ideas.

Unnecessary or Missing Capitalization

Accurate capitalization enhances clarity. Our tool pinpoints instances of improper or missing capitalization, refining your text's professional appearance.

Wordy Content

Trim the excess from your writing. This paper-checking tool identifies wordiness, helping you express ideas concisely and maintain reader engagement.

Provided Rubric Evaluation

If you have specific grading criteria, we've got you covered. Our tool follows your rubric closely, ensuring a customized and comprehensive assessment.

Types of Papers PerfecEssayWriter’s AI Essay Checker Assess

No matter what type of writing you're working on, adapts to provide the necessary edits and feedback for improvement. Such as:

  • Argumentative papers
  • Expository essays
  • Narrative compositions
  • Descriptive essays
  • Textual analysis
  • Coursework assignments
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Presentations
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers

Comparing Our AI Grader With Real Grades

In 86% of cases*, our AI grader aligns with human scores!

essay grader

Graph: A set of essays received scores from professional graders on a 1-10 scale, cross-referenced with rubric criteria for accuracy. The deviation was calculated as score variations. The graph displays overall and individual criteria scores using Smodin's AI Grader's premade criteria.’s tool matched human scores 82% of the time.

Exciting Range of AI Writing Tools by

In addition to helping you check essays, we can also offer customized writing and research help through the following tools.

Homework Helpline

Ai essay writer.


Your 24/7 Homework Ally for All Subjects!

Instant tutoring, interactive problem-solving, subject diversity, and personalized learning combine to create a versatile homework-helping tool that enhances understanding and fosters academic success. With 24/7 availability and a user-friendly interface, you can access real-time assistance and resources at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should it take to grade my essay.

The time it takes to grade your essay with typically lasts less than 60 seconds, regardless of the length or complexity of your essay. Our grading tool works efficiently to provide timely feedback, ensuring that you receive accurate and insightful evaluations promptly.

Can you guarantee the safety of my personal information?

Yes, we prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your personal information. adheres to strict privacy protocols and utilizes advanced security measures to safeguard your data. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.

How does the grader evaluate my essay? uses advanced AI algorithms to evaluate your essay comprehensively, covering grammar, punctuation, coherence, organization, clarity, and more. Additionally, you can provide the rubric for assessment based on your specific needs.


Free Online Paper Grader Calculator: Rate Your Essay In Seconds

Use our ultrapowerful, fully free paper rater to accurately grade your essay before submitting it. Get deep and extensive feedback for perfecting your written assignments.

Free Online Paper Grader Calculator: Rate Your Essay In Seconds

How to Use Our Free Essay Revisor Online?

Now you can revise essay online free without registration or spending money. Follow these three simple steps.


Do you see this big area in the middle? Type in or copy-paste your text into the box. Check whether your text meets size requirements.

Online essay revision free is done automatically in the background. After evaluation, results and grades will appear on the screen.

Evaluate your mistakes, correct them, and improve your writing skills! Feel free to edit your essay right in the input window.

Get Expert Help


StudyCrumb is a globally trusted company delivering academic writing assistance. Backed by qualified writers, we provide unique academic papers tailored to clients specific needs.


Take your writing to a whole new level with our editing and proofreading services. Our academic proofreaders will fine-tune your essay and make it impeccable.

Why Choose StudyCrumb


Why Choose Our Free Online Essay Grader Tool?

Finding a good free essay grader online is a real pain for each student. Some services provide miserably small feedback. Others are too detailed and overloaded. During the development of our tool, we did our best to eliminate all mistakes of our competitors. Here are four reasons to choose our tool.


Feel free to score essays online without breaking a bank. It even gets better – do all that and much more without spending a single penny.


Beautifully crafted design of our automatic essay grader free online is a true feast for the eyes. A refined and intuitive interface is miles ahead of the competition.


Grading papers online has never been so fast. Blazing speeds with the professional quality of assessment. Enjoy the best of both worlds right after the input.


Big brother is surely watching, but will never know that you grade essay before sending it. No data is stored on servers or sold away.


Features of Free Paper Grader for Students

Just like with pokemons, paper grader online free services have their own unique features. Choosing the right one can significantly increase your writing efficiency and skills. If you want your papers and essays to be amazing, you have to select our writing rater. Here are some features of it to back us up on this:


Grammar grader is one of the core functions of our tool. Without correct spelling and sentence construction, even the smartest text will look boring. Smart algorithms and advanced Artificial Intelligence see tiny little mistakes in words and sentences.


Improve originality of your work by checking it in our essay revisor free of charge! Enormous databases and the latest advancements in machine learning can find even the slightest resemblances between essays. So, pay attention to what you’re copying.


Can our online essay scorer free people from boring texts? Yes, it can. Investigate your essays even further with readability scoring. Try keeping your text on point at all times. Brevity is the soul of wit, as they say.


Complete analysis and assessment are available in the final online essay review. Just glance at it and get precise and in-depth information about your writing skills. With some time and effort, you will definitely get better!

Grade My Essay for Free, StudyCrumb

One of the most popular searches among students is “grade my essay free”. It is not hard to understand scholars. Colleges from all over the world are now loading their pupils with absurd amounts of essays. Tens of research papers per studying year, writing all day long. And with all that pressure students are forced to maintain good grades. Essay topics never change, but they expect original thoughts from students. How is it fair? Let’s imagine a situation. I am a college student. Each day I wake up at 6 am and start writing. Finally, three hours of hard labor finally bore fruit – an essay. I can’t submit it straight away. I have to rate my essay online so I can fix all problems and resolve all issues. Only after I grade my college essay on a trusted website I can send it to my professor and be sure of getting a good grade.

Reasons to Use Our Grade My Paper Calculator 

I can grade my paper free online! Yes! It finally happened! (We hope you don’t mind us continuing our monologue from the perspective of a student.) But why exactly would I use this particular website that grades papers?

  • Three-in-one solution I can finally check what grade is my writing going to get, evaluate the readability of my essay, and grade my paper for plagiarism at the same time! It's like readability checker , plagiarism checker and writing checker in one paper grading tool.
  • No registration Finally, a decent service that does not require your passport details and the names of your pets to operate. At least somewhere my private life stays private.
  • I pay nothing No fees or hidden payments – my money stays in my pocket. With that measly sum, I have each month for expenses, I can buy more food. God bless those altruists for helping students of the world!
  • Easy to use My computer can’t handle another app, no space on a hard drive. All that hustle and fuss are long gone. Now I can check my texts everywhere, without downloading anything. One second and I know everything I need to know.

Use Student Essay Scorer Online to Improve Your Writing

Now you have found a perfect grader tool for free essay scoring. After you write something, just insert your final version into the box on our website that grades your essay.  Based on received feedback and smart suggestions, you will be able to fix typing mistakes, spelling errors, increase the readability and quality of your work. The writing was never an easy thing to master, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Especially if that help comes at the right time and provides the right amount of information.  This exact balance makes our tool so great. It does not overpower you with red markers and warning signs. It casually and friendly says “here are some of the mistakes I’ve noticed. Would you like to solve them?” Finally, you can stop looking for other ways to “score my essay”.

Haven't started writing? Delegate your " do my essay " task to StudyCrumb and get supreme academic service. 

Rate My Paper Free: Grade Any Type of Academic Writing

“Help me rate my writing! Please, rate my paper grammar!” That’s how one morning began for us a few years back. An email from a student, depicting the unjust reality of college academic writing. We saw it as an opportunity to help, so the development of a proficient online content checker began. After a number of sleepless hours connecting AI to machine learning, it was done. Finally, a beautiful unicorn. The one and only, friendlier one among paper raters. Now, our software is capable of proofreading, plagiarism and grammar checking, and formatting every type of written document there is. Any level of difficulty, fully automatic rating, available 24/7. Here are some short descriptions of our most popular grading tasks.

Automatic Essay Grading

Free essay review online is completely automatic now! No more need to press those prehistoric buttons, everything happens in the background. It happens so fast, that results will appear on the screen faster than you say “review my essay free please”. Advanced information technologies and algorithms are always ready to serve you.  Essay evaluator online is free, easy to use, and yields fantastic results. It will show your weaknesses, and show smart suggestions on how to improve your writing. Isn’t that what every student wants? Clear and unobtrusive experience. Modern product to satisfy somewhat redundant needs and fit annoying requirements.

There is only one case when your won't need a paper grader. Academic works delivered by our college paper writing service are so great that you won;t need any essay rater.

Online Research Paper Grader

Access this research paper rater free online and get your article professionally assessed in a blink of an eye! No more “where can I grade my paper free” questions – you have the website, you know what to do. Do it! Don’t even try submitting your article without checking it. No commission will allow you to fix your mistakes after the submission. And what if the plagiarism percentage is too high? Trust us, you don’t want all that. Do you want a clean entry with high scores? Then use our free college paper grader to improve your texts right now! In case you haven't written your project, try our research paper services . This way you will get a high-quality paper that eets all requirements. 

Thesis Grader

“I am a happy student now, my favorite thesis rater can now rate my thesis!” Those words we expect to hear from you on short notice. Your thesis is getting closer, and we hope you have started working on it already. If you have not, don’t wait for too long and hire an experienced thesis writer . Time is running out, as always. After you type the last letter, take some time to evaluate your thesis. Check for mistakes, spelling errors, assess plagiarism and readability. Fortunately, you now know just the right place to do it – StudyCrumb! Check it, improve it, and get your A+!

Who Can Use Our Essay Rater to Grade Papers

Who do you think uses our essay tester? Aliens? No! Average people, just like you. There are plenty of people who need their texts checked and corrected. Since it’s hard to find a part of modern life or profession where the writing of some sort is not involved, just about everyone uses it. Parents are using it as a school paper grader to help their kids. Teachers and professors use it as college essay grader. No modern education institution can live without essay or paper rating. However, it is necessary to discuss specifics, get to those details, look in every nook and cranny. Let’s have a glimpse at three main categories of our users.

Online Paper Grader for Students

Grading college papers is a pain for every student out there. But writing those papers is even worse. You have to come up with an idea, turn an idea into words, words into sentences, and so on. And even after you’re done, you have one more step – grading paper. You can ignore it, but how would you know your weaknesses? Please, use our grading papers calculator to check your essays so you could always get the best marks and stay on top!

Free Essay Grading Software for Teachers

Almost every teacher has a lot of essays to check, so essay grader for teachers free must change the game! No need to check them manually, just copy and paste a student's text to our website and get the instant score.  Paper grader for teachers can become the main way of evaluating students. Also, a teacher can specify which service students should use so everyone will be on the same page when it comes to essay or paper quality.

Online Paper Rater for Writers

Writers rarely need to rate essay. Paper graders free are also not their choice. Writers need a powerful instrument that can evaluate on a far more complex level and provide deep insights, and the tool should account for that. However, we managed to tune our tool just about right so writers could use it for their needs without being slapped in the face with the truth. Now, thousands of writers check their texts here and improve them with our help.


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FAQ About Automatic Paper Grader

Some of you probably have some questions left regarding automated essay scoring online. Please, check these answers below:

1. Is your essay grader free?

We are a proud fully free website that grades essays. We strongly believe that every student must have the ability to grade and rate their essays before sending them. Our tools also serve another purpose – improving writing quality among teachers and scholars of universities and colleges.

2. Who can revise my paper for free?

Our paper grader for free will do it! Instead of employing editors and writers, we gave this job to intelligent machines. The quality is better, more tasks can be done simultaneously, and we manage to keep our tool absolutely and utterly free! Looking forward to working with you!

3. Do I need to register to grade my writing?

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4. How to make my paper better?

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All you have to do is type in or paste your text below this instruction and click Check text to get all the results. Click on the highlighted spelling error or grammar improvements

app that grades your essays

Best Essay Writing Apps: Exploring the Top Choices

app that grades your essays

Did you know that the average person spends about 23 days per year on their phones? With the prevalence of mobile devices, integrating essay-writing apps into your routine allows you to make the most of your time and boost productivity. So, if you're a student seeking to enhance your composition skills, search no more! This article serves as your ultimate resource for exploring exceptional apps for essay writing that will simplify your academic life.

Our essay service experts will present a curated assortment of user-friendly apps that can assist you with grammar, spelling, plagiarism detection, and even citation generation. You will encounter well-known examples such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and EssayPro and discover how mobile apps enable you to work on your essays from anywhere.

Criteria for Assessing Essay Apps

Here are the criteria we used to evaluate the best essay writing apps:

  • User-Friendly: Is the app easy to navigate and use with different tools?
  • Writing Metrics: Does the app have essential features like spell-check, proofreading tools, and word count?
  • Features: Can you write and edit in Cloud systems like Dropbox? Is there an offline mode? Or can you place ‘ write my essay ’ orders quickly?
  • User Interface: Does the app offer customizable UI, language settings, themes, styles, and formatting?
  • Compatibility: Can you easily export your work and share it on platforms like WordPress?
  • Ratings: What are the app's ratings on Google Play and the App Store? What's our own rating?
  • Price Structure: Is the app download worth the fee it charges for writing?

Top Essay Writing Apps

With a plethora of essay apps to choose from, catering to various needs like note-taking, planning, and grammar checking, selecting the perfect app can be overwhelming. To simplify your decision-making process, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best essay apps for you.

EssayPro App

Available on Android and iOS , Essaypro an app that writes essays for you, stands out as one of the best apps for essay writing. It simplifies essay creation, organization, and formatting. With access to a vast collection of essay samples, students can easily tackle any assignment, from argumentative to persuasive essays.

Users can save time with this pocket-sized software. Orders can be placed quickly, generating pricing offers in no time. On average, customers spend 22 minutes using the app.

To cater to user requests, Essaypro introduced a dark theme as a new feature. Additionally, users can respond to writer inquiries via the chat tool, ensuring they don't have to pause their activities, even while taking care of their children. For a comprehensive mobile solution to excel in academic tasks, you can confidently choose the EssayPro App.

essaypro app

  • The app offers advice on improving current writing and using better editing techniques. It even features a plagiarism detection tool, guiding you on how to avoid plagiarism .
  • Users get access to an author's biography, his areas of expertise, and - most crucially - reviews of the writer.
  • ‍Users can top up their own accounts, making it easy to subsequently order fresh works.
  • ‍100% plagiarism-free papers - Each task is unique.
  • ‍Timely delivery - Get your paper as soon as you need it.
  • ‍Unlimited revisions - In case you need to add any info or you want us to rewrite some paragraphs - you are free to ask us!‍
  • Top quality - We have a team of top-notch writers who will definitely deliver exceptional tasks for you.‍
  • 100% money-back guarantee - You can get your money back if you don't like the paper.

Grammarly is an ideal app for catching grammar mistakes in essays. It even detects errors in complex sentences. It works on all systems and devices - PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. While the interface can be crowded, and it may not be as effective for long-form writing, Grammarly remains one of the top options.


  • Enables you to work in your preferred writing style, including academic papers.
  • Helps you avoid automatic writing mistakes, including misspellings, improper punctuation, and other issues.
  • Enhances your writing skills
  • Congested user interface and a lack of effectiveness for long-form composing

Streamlining the writing process, this essay helper app simplifies the crucial task of editing. Utilizing a range of colors and accents assists in eliminating unnecessary words and achieving sentence conciseness. Available for download on both Mac and Windows desktop platforms, it offers convenient accessibility for users.


  • Automatically catches errors like misused words or awkward sentences so you can spend more time perfecting your essay
  • Develops pieces that are compelling and simple to read
  • Serves as a digital editor and suggests suitable types of tone in writing .
  • Pricey desktop and distracting colors for visitors


ProWritingAid may assist you in identifying formatting errors, fixing bugs, and correcting punctuation in writing. With the premium edition of this paper writing app, you can improve sentence length and choice of words and eliminate clichés.

Meanwhile, if you're searching for an excellent essay topic for students , make sure to explore our comprehensive list!


  • Simple to use UI
  • There are several integrations offered
  • There are almost twenty writing analysis reports available
  • Just a few hundred words may be read at once in the free plan
  • Adjusting to the number of functions might take a while

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is among the few free word processors that are compatible with all the leading operating systems. With the help of this paper writing app, you may obtain a wide range of data, such as the number of words and characters. Moreover, the application uses RTF to save its information. Most other word processors can accept this, so you may edit your writing on different platforms as needed.

In the meantime, you might be intrigued to explore an excellent AI detection tool that assists in creating content free from Artificial Intelligence.

  • Provides you with key text analytics while you type
  • Powerful word processor for those on a budget
  • No advanced features are offered

Cold Turkey Writer

Cold Turkey Writer is one of the ideal essay apps since it prevents interruptions. It also provides several layouts, structuring, and flow choices. This essay-writing tool effectively transforms your desktop into a typewriter, leaving you with no option other than to write your essay topics .


  • You can track time and word count by using the progression indicator at the top
  • Provides an environment without interruptions
  • Encourages the usage of other programs once more
  • Not available in offline mode

Ulysses is an excellent distraction-free writing app available for iOS users only. It's a perfect choice for both short articles and long research papers. In addition, it allows sharing your work instantly on WordPress and Medium and quickly converts words into PDFs.

  • It has a text editor with markup support and a library for arranging notes, writing goals, and publishing choices
  • It's among the best user-friendly essay writing applications
  • Ulysses can transform your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, ebooks, and even blog posts
  • Not as good for outlining as other programs

Being one of the best essay writing apps, Scribus is a free, accessible digital production tool that aids in creating aesthetically pleasing structures. It includes a lot of capabilities, like the ability to modify an item at several levels of a document, excellent painting options, node editing techniques, and more.

  • Best suited for papers with innovative visuals
  • Strong sketching tools 
  • Doesn't come as a mobile app

Trello is a versatile and intuitive project management application that allows individuals and teams to effectively organize and collaborate on tasks and projects. It offers a visual and customizable interface that utilizes boards, lists, and cards to streamline project workflows and track progress.

Even if you're on the hunt for summer jobs for college student , Trello can streamline project workflows, making it easier for you to track your progress and manage your summer job applications efficiently.

  • The User-friendly interface makes it simple for individuals of all technical abilities to start using the app immediately.
  • Trello excels in fostering collaboration within teams. Real-time updates ensure everyone stays informed and aligned on project progress.
  • It may not fulfill the needs of more complex projects
  • The steep learning curve for larger projects


LivingWriter is a versatile writing application designed to streamline the writing process for authors and content creators. With a user-friendly interface and a host of features, it aims to enhance the overall writing experience.


  • Collaborative writing capabilities.
  • Innovative story planning tools.
  • Cloud-based accessibility for flexibility.
  • Subscription-based model.
  • The learning curve for advanced features.

Novlr is a dedicated writing application designed to meet the needs of novelists and long-form writers. It provides a distraction-free environment with features tailored to enhance the novel-writing process.


  • Offers a distraction-free writing space.
  • Enables seamless work synchronization across devices.
  • Provides diverse export formats for easy file transfer.
  • Operates on a subscription model.
  • Some users may find features limited compared to other platforms.

Readable is among the top essay writing apps designed to enhance the readability and clarity of written content. It incorporates features aimed at improving the overall quality and comprehension of text.

be readable

  • Enhances content clarity.
  • Provides guidance on writing style.
  • Easy navigation and use.
  • Requires subscription for full access.
  • Functionality affected without a stable connection.

Is Writing Not Your Best Quality?

Then Essaypro’s professional writers are the best choice who are available for assistance 24/7

Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a mobile writing app designed for simplicity and convenience, providing essential features for on-the-go writing and note-taking.

writer plus

  • Offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface.
  • Ideal for quick writing and note-taking on mobile devices.
  • Allows writing even without an internet connection.
  • May lack advanced features compared to more comprehensive writing applications.
  • Primarily designed for mobile use, with limited desktop functionality.

ByWord is an AI-powered article-generation tool. It focuses on efficiently generating large volumes of high-quality, SEO-ready content. Users can input a few words, click a button, and within minutes, have a fully formed article with an accompanying image ready for publication on their site. This tool adapts to the changing world of SEO with the help of artificial intelligence and offers a feature to stay unnoticed by any AI detection tool .


  • ByWord swiftly creates SEO-ready content.
  • A comprehensive tool for efficient long-form content creation.
  • Enables rapid publication of fully-formed articles and images.
  • May have fewer customization options for a streamlined process.

Coggle is a web-based mind-mapping tool that allows users to create visually engaging diagrams to organize and represent their ideas.


  • Facilitates the creation of visually appealing mind maps and diagrams.
  • Supports real-time collaboration for team brainstorming and planning.
  • Features an intuitive design for easy navigation and diagram creation.
  • Some advanced features may be restricted in the free version.
  • Requires a stable internet connection for seamless collaboration and saving.

Wrapping Up

Whether you're just starting with academic writing service or already have advanced skills, these college student applications are here to make the process easier and better. From Essaypro's free writing software, where you can even buy an essay , to Grammarly's essay editing apps, there's a tool for everyone. By adding these platforms to your toolkit, you can create high-quality papers more efficiently and with confidence. So, try them out and see which ones work best for you!

Do You Easily Get Weary From Writing?

Hire experienced writers for your upcoming assignments and focus on what matters most to you!

What Are Some Good Essay Writing Apps for Students?

How can i choose the right essay writing app for my needs and academic level, what are the benefits of using an essay-writing app, is there an app that can create essays for students, related articles.

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app that grades your essays


15 Best Essay Writing Apps For Students And Academics

Suman Samal, Asst. Marketing Manager

Table of contents

Essays are an important part of every academic life. Whether you are trying to get into the college of your dreams or finishing a project report, a well-written essay can be the difference between success and failure for students. 

In this blog, we have compiled a list of 15 best essay writing apps for students and academics. 

How did we assess the essay writing apps? 

There are many AI writing apps out there, and it can get very confusing to choose the right one for all your essay-related needs. In order to pick the best from all of them, we evaluated these apps that write essays for you based on the following criteria:

  • How easy is it to use and navigate the essay writing service's many tools and features?
  • If the program offers fundamental functions like spell-check, tools for proofreading, word count, etc.
  • The essay writing app's ability to customize language options, themes, styles, formatting, etc.
  • If the essay writing applications allow you to effortlessly export your work and publish it on other sites like WordPress.
  • If the essay-writing software has positive reviews and comments from users. 
  • Whether investing in the app’s subscription is worthwhile, given the cost of producing essays through it.

It is based on these factors that we have created the following list of paid and free apps that write essays for you. Let’s look at some of the best AI writing apps that can help you craft insightful and impactful essays.

Cruise Mode AI Writer by Scalenut 

app that grades your essays

Cruise Mode AI Writer by Scalenut is an amazing app that will write essays for you. It helps students create in-depth and insightful essays. You simply have to give a few basic inputs, and the Cruise Mode AI Writer will generate high-quality first drafts of your essay for you. 

Once you have the first draft, you can export your essay to the AI editor and refine your essay by referring to an in-depth competitive analysis of the top sources of information on that topic.

Individual: $29/month

Growth: $79/month

Pro: $149/month

  • The tool is user-friendly with a very short learning curve, so practically anybody can start using its features instantly. 
  • The streamlined writing process of the Cruise Mode AI Writer ensures students can follow a step-by-step process to create impactful essays within minutes. 
  • It comes with an integrated SEO editor for finetuning your essays with inbuilt features for research, planning, and content creation. 
  • The WordPress integration of the Scalenut platform allows you to publish your work on WordPress directly.
  • The AI writer may produce average-quality content at times, but all you have to do is hit the refresh button to generate new content.

app that grades your essays

Paper Owl is an easy-to-use and free paper writing app. For example, it takes the first few sentences of your essay and turns them into a strong thesis statement. Other Paper Owl writing tools you can use are the plagiarism checker, citation generator, conclusion generator, essay title generator, and paraphrasing tool. The Paper Owl platform also offers students a talented pool of academic writers that can help with their essays.

  • No registration is required, meaning no sign-ups and constant promotional emails for Paper Owl in your inbox. 
  • The tool produces three outputs every time, giving students options for the kind of content they want in their essays.
  • You must already know your thesis, which means you must have done some research before.
  • You need to input one or two sentences for the AI to generate entire paragraphs, introductions, conclusions, or thesis statements.

app that grades your essays

Coggle is a mind-mapping tool that can help you choose a topic for your essay, organize your ideas, and see how your ideas connect. Coggle can be used on iOS and Android devices and as an extension on Google Chrome.

Free forever: $0/month

Awesome: $5/month

Organization: $8/month

  • It can be used as a website tool, a browser add-on, or an app.
  • Work with as many as three other students and create the best essays for your team.
  • Make unlimited mind maps to strategize and create well-researched essays.
  • You can get a PDF or picture of your map to share with your peers, friends, or teachers.
  • Coggle has a public library of mind maps to inspire new users. Therefore, most of your mind maps will be available to the public.

app that grades your essays

Hemingway acts as a digital proofreader by highlighting words that are hard to understand. This makes it easier for you to write an English essay that is clear, simple, and powerful.

Desktop app: $19.99/-

  • Hemingway looks at your homework in detail and makes suggestions about spelling, grammar, punctuation, adverbs, passive voice, and word choice.
  • The software uses different colors and accents to help you get rid of unnecessary words and keep sentences short.
  • Does not offer AI content generation features.
  • Costs a lot for the desktop version.
  • Users may find the colors too much.

Focus Writer 

app that grades your essays

You may use FocusWriter, a free and open-source writing program, to write, take notes in class, generate texts, and create essays on whatever device you choose. This isn’t an app that writes essays, but it will help you focus on your essays.

  • Word counts are updated in real-time, so you don't have to run word counts manually to monitor your progress constantly.
  • It's a terrific alternative if you require a blank page to concentrate on your work because of its interface, real-time statistics, spell-checking, and document tabs.
  • As far as formatting goes, it doesn't provide anything.
  • The tool does not offer AI content generation as a feature.

Essay AI Lab 

app that grades your essays

The Essay AI Lab will scour the web for you, compiling all the pertinent data into a coherent essay. Provide a title and a prompt, and it will figure out the rest.

  • References and citations in MLA or APA format are available to use in your essays.
  • You can use the paraphrase function to avoid plagiarism completely.
  • To save or download your work, you must register.
  • Word meanings can be altered by rephrasing.

My Assignment Help Essay Typer

app that grades your essays

My Assignment Help Essay Typer generates unique plagiarism-free paragraphs for your essay with just a few basic inputs. Apart from generating the content, you can also hire a professional essay writer at any time to help you with your writing.

  • Users can create citations in MLA or APA format.
  • Free summary and paraphrase generators are also included.
  • The content generated by the essay typer is average at times.


app that grades your essays

Simplenote is a free, streamlined, and sophisticated note-taking app to help you with the research for your essay. It's a fast and convenient method to take notes. Users can search through all their notes archives to find insightful info, written months or even years ago, to use in their essays.

Basic: Free

Premium: $19.99/month

  • The program enables you to tag notes, facilitating easy searching and grouping of related ideas.
  • You cannot add photos and to-do lists in your notes. 
  • When it comes to text formatting, there is just one option: markdown.

Cold Turkey Writer

app that grades your essays

The Cold Turkey Writer is a simple and unique essay writing app that locks you into writing, preventing you from doing anything else on the computer while you're trying to compose an essay. 

Writer free: $0/month

Writer pro, lifetime access: $4.90/-

  • The remaining time/words shown on the top is a great way of motivating yourself and committing undivided attention for a specific time to your essay writing.
  • It provides a wide range of customization possibilities in terms of the structure and presentation of your essay.
  • No offline functionality is available.
  • It does not offer research capabilities. 
  • It does not offer content generation features. 

Living Writer 

app that grades your essays

Living Writer is a one-of-a-kind piece of software that may be used by authors of fiction and nonfiction alike. Writing an essay is not a simple task; it requires a lot of note management and research. Living Writer helps users by providing an easy-to-use platform for arranging all your essay-related research and drafts in one place.

Monthly: $9.99/month

Yearly:  $96/year

  • The tool has some useful features, such as a progress graph, simple annotations, shared documents, and data visualization to track your progress.
  • The program offers several modes to facilitate writing, including Dark Mode, Focus Mode, the ability to drag and drop, and a sidebar where one may jot down notes.
  • The tools it offers are not enough for scholarly work.
  • There are no content generation features that many other tools have. 

Paper Typer 

app that grades your essays

After you provide Paper Typer with the topic for your paper, it will create the entire essay for you. This AI essay writer tool also adds the necessary formatting to your content. To ensure that you are covering everything in your essay, it provides suggestions for headings and subheadings to include in your essay.

  • Create an entire essay in a few seconds
  • There is no need to register.
  • Sessions and edits are limitless
  • The citation generator by Paper Typer supports APA, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE, MLA, and Turabian citations.
  • The tool is only effective in creating high-quality content for simple topics.
  • To ensure accurate citations, a fact-check is necessary.
  • Edits are necessary to avoid plagiarism.

app that grades your essays

Wordtune uses AI algorithms to improve your academic papers with expert writing. With this text editor, phrases and paragraphs up to 280 characters in length may be rewritten using AI. The ideal uses for this technique are to strengthen opening or closing phrases or to state a complex idea succinctly.

Free: 10 rewrites/day

Premium: $24.99/month

  • Accessible as a Google Chrome plugin with a free version.
  • The customer support team of WordTune is very responsive and quick with resolving user issues.
  • Restricted free membership; only offers 10 rewrites/day, which isn’t enough.
  • Essays won't be produced for you; merely enhances previously written content

app that grades your essays

Readable can help you raise the readability rating of your writing with its proprietary content readability analyzer. Your writing's readability reflects its complexity. For instance, college essays frequently have readability ratings greater than those written for high school. 

Content pro: $8/month

Commerce pro: $48/month

Agency pro: $138/month

  • The tool shares your word count as you write and grades your essay based on the ease of understanding for the readers.
  • Assess your essays on the Flesch-Kincaid grade level (a reliability scoring method that indicates how difficult or easy your essays are to understand.)
  • The free version has extremely few features
  • A user account is necessary to download your work

app that grades your essays

AIWriter is another essay writing app that can generate entire paragraphs based on your input. It helps users create the best essays with a competitive analysis of the top content on the internet related to the topic of the essay.

Basic: $29/month

Standard: $59/month

Power: $375/month

  • It has a two-minute turnaround, which makes it an ideal tool for finishing your essays quickly.
  • Compared to starting from scratch and writing the entire essay all by yourself, AIWriter helps you reduce the time by 50% with its content generation capabilities. 
  • Supports only English
  • Membership is required for generating content and using the platform.
  • The writing, according to reviews, is of poor quality.

Writer Plus 

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WriterPlus is another popular essay writing mobile app that helps users create content on the go. This is much like SimpleNote and helps users jot down inspirations as and when they strike.

  • The app's robust folder support gives users the ability to store and organize their work.
  • To make writing more convenient, it supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can write in several languages with Writer Plus.
  • There are no productivity or goal-tracking features in this app.

Write the best essays with Scalenut 

As a student, our lives revolve around finding the most credible sources of information and writing essays that showcase our learning. 

Scalenut AI Writer is an ideal partner in all your academic endeavors. From finding the best sources of the latest facts and figures and generating thought-provoking essays, to editing and formatting your work to the highest academic writing standards, you can create some amazing essays with Scalenut.

Here are a few free tools that can help you with your essays:

  • Blog introduction generator for creating a compelling introduction to your essay. 
  • Paragraph generator for generating engaging paragraphs of text on a topic. 
  • Blog conclusion generator for giving your essays the best possible endings.

It's not just essays. AI-enabled content tools are changing the way we market products and services online. From product descriptions and blogs to in-depth ebooks, there are many AI content marketing tools that can help you with every aspect of content creation and SEO. 

Whether you are looking to build your personal brand or market your start-up, there is an AI tool for all your needs. 

If you are looking to find the best AI writing tool in the market, we have an in-depth Scalenut blog on the 15 best content marketing tools you should use in 2023 .

About Scalenut

Scalenut is an all-in-one AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that helps marketers worldwide create high-quality and competitive content at scale. From research, planning, and outlines to ensuring quality, Scalenut helps you do your best at everything. 

Elevate your content optimization game with us. Sign up on Scalenut and climb the search engine ladder today.

app that grades your essays

ABout the AUTHOR

Suman Samal is a Asst. Marketing Manager at Scalenut. She is a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in content marketing and SEO. She truly believes that with the right set of tools every organization can improve the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. She spends her time managing content operations at Scalenut and ensuring that everything we publish is of the highest quality.

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app that grades your essays

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app that grades your essays

Colleges Rates and Requirements

Find the right college for you., core college requirements for competitive acceptance rates.

As you start thinking about which colleges to apply to and how to put together your college applications, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with current admissions requirements and acceptance trends. You may have seen recent headlines about college acceptance rates and how low they were for students who applied to the most selective colleges and universities. It’s important to remember that while admissions requirements for the most competitive schools didn’t change, the number of students applying to these types of institutions has gradually increased. As a result, acceptance rates of colleges, particularly elite universities, decreased. You should also keep in mind that due to the covid-19 pandemic, most institutions saw a spike in applications. This has caused acceptance rates to further decrease.

The headlines shouldn’t deter you from moving ahead with the application process. Although it might feel seem like there’s more competition than ever before, it’s important to remember two things: Acceptance rates vary among colleges, and most colleges accept two-thirds of applicants. Once you understand what college entrance requirements are and how to interpret college admission rates, you'll be better prepared to find the right school for you.

Understand These Key Requirements for College Applications.

Each college uses its own formula when evaluating applicants, and these practices vary from school to school. In addition, many colleges over the last few years have begun instituting "test optional" and "test flexible" policies for the SAT and ACT. Despite these factors, colleges still look for certain key requirements. You can learn more about admissions requirements for individual colleges in College Search .


Standard Core Curriculum and Beyond

All colleges emphasize GPA requirements, but they focus particularly on performance in core subject areas such as mathematics, science, English, and history. Colleges look at your grades, curriculum, and the courses you take as indicators of your ability to be successful in college. To get a better understanding of which colleges might be the best fit for you, research the GPA requirements for colleges you’re interested in. Also look at the range of GPAs accepted at those institutions on the BigFuture College Search tool. Consider taking more advanced coursework such as AP courses if it fits with your career goals and if your school offers them.


Extracurriculars are where you can really stand out, especially from others with similar grades. Extra academic activities show off your personal strengths and interests to admissions officers. Ideally, they want to see students who were deeply involved in school activities outside of the classroom and held leadership positions. Learn more about how extracurriculars matter to you and colleges .

Application Essay

For colleges that require it, the application essay can be a very important part of your application and is your pitch to the university. This is your opportunity to show the school of your dreams the unique individual you are, something that may not necessarily be conveyed in your transcript. It indicates how your talents will contribute to their community. Find tips for writing your college essay here.

Standardized Test Scores

Though the trend in some U.S. colleges has been to put less emphasis on SAT scores, make no mistake: They still play an important role in the college admissions process. Test scores are still used by many colleges for course placement and merit aid. High test scores can also help you stand out and strengthen your college application. If you’re not sure if you should submit your scores, talk to your school counselor or the college’s admissions officer for guidance.

Letters of Recommendation

Although not required by all colleges, letters of recommendation can give admissions counselors insight into who you are beyond just your grades and activities. If letters are required by the institutions you’re applying to, the college will let you know who they want letters from. It’s usually a teacher or counselor. Pick someone who knows you well.

Keep on Top of College Application Deadlines.

Application deadlines can sneak up on high school seniors like a tiger in the night. It’s of utmost importance that you double-check your prospective school’s application deadlines and submit everything you need sooner rather than later. Most college application deadlines fall into the following categories:

Understand the College Application Platform.

There are two main types of college applications : The Common Application and the Coalition Application, which allow students to apply to multiple schools using a single application platform. You should check with the institutions you’re interested in applying to see which application platform they prefer.

How Do College Acceptance Rates Work?

A college’s acceptance rate is actually a ratio. It's the total number of applicants in relation to the number of students who were accepted. For example, Harvard received applications from 61,220 students in 2022─the highest-ever number of applicants to the school. Of those, only 1,214 received admission, leading to the school’s lowest-ever acceptance rate of 3.19%.

This illustrates the point earlier that college acceptance rates are on a decline as the number of applicants increases, saturating the pool with more competition than ever before.

Acceptance rates are based on the number of spots available at a college. This is a set number of applicants who can be admitted to that class of graduates, and it's not subject to change based on the volume of applicants. As you can imagine, more competitive schools, such as Ivy League colleges and universities, have fewer spots available and are thus affected more by the number of applicants.

This same logic applies to private and public colleges. Public colleges, which are characteristically larger institutions, will admit greater numbers of students, leading to higher acceptance rates. However, public colleges have also been impacted by a larger number of applicants. When you’re building your college list, it’s advisable to include a balance of reach, match, and safety schools to improve your chances of acceptance.

It's important to keep in mind that college admission rates don’t necessarily reflect the quality of education or the quality of students who apply, and you shouldn’t be discouraged from applying to schools based on these numbers.

What is the Difference Between Admission Yield and Enrollment Rate?

Admission yield is the percentage of students who accepted enrollment into a college after being granted admission. These vary significantly from school to school. For example, the University of California, Berkeley’s yield rate for 2022 was just 40% while the yield rate for Yale was a whopping 83%.

As students apply to greater numbers of colleges and have more options, yield rates decline.

Review the Latest College Acceptance Rate Stats.

Students faced competitive acceptance rates in 2022. Common Application public colleges and universities saw a 24% surge of applicants since 2019-20 and 17% for private institutions. Meanwhile, the acceptance rates continue to decline. For example, Emory University’s acceptance rate fell 8 percentage points between 2020 and 2022.

Students who are eyeing colleges with highly competitive acceptance rates must focus more than ever on the things that will set them apart: exceptional performance beyond the standard core curriculum, strong extracurricular participation, powerful application essays, letters of recommendation, and excellent standardized test scores. However, even with all of these differentiators, it’s important to remember that none of these can guarantee acceptance, especially at selective institutions. Be sure to build a balanced college list that gives you options.

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What Do Admission Committees Look For in College Applicants?

What Do Admission Committees Look For in College Applicants

When it comes time for your college or graduate school search, the application process can be the most daunting part. From asking for recommendation letters to writing a stellar essay, applying to college is no walk in the park, especially when you're juggling multiple applications at once. After finally submitting your application, you may be ready to take a deep breath and relax. But even still, you may find yourself asking questions such as, what will the admissions committee think of my application? Was my application good enough? Understanding what admissions looks for in applicants can help you craft a stellar application.

What Do Admissions Committees Look For in College Applicants?

College applications ask for a variety of information and materials, which may initially feel overwhelming. However, it's essential to view this process as your opportunity to personalize your application and showcase your unique strengths, interests, and experiences. College admissions officers typically look for a combination of academic achievements, extracurricular activities, personal qualities, and unique experiences, taking a holistic approach to evaluating college applicants. In this blog, we'll go over each criteria the admissions committee considers when reviewing college applications so that you can feel confident in your submission.

1. Academic performance

As you probably already know, a key component to a college application is academic performance . Whether you're applying to college from high school or looking to earn your master’s degree, there are several grade criteria that admissions take into consideration. Not only is your GPA considered, but the types of courses you took plays an important role. Taking rigorous courses such as AP courses in high school or upper-level courses in college will strengthen your academic profile. The admissions committee wants to see evidence of strong academic performance and the ability to handle college-level coursework.

Academic performance

2. Essays and personal statements

Essay prompts and personal statements are a common aspect of a college application. Personal statements and essays allow you as an applicant to showcase your personality, passions, interests, and writing abilities. These writing assignments are an excellent opportunity for you to show why you’d be a great fit for the college program you’re applying to. Admissions officers look for essays that are authentic, well-written, and demonstrate self-reflection. They also look to determine how the program will help you meet your goals. Be creative and most importantly, be yourself so that your essay can be compelling, memorable, and an accurate reflection of who you are.

3. Letters of recommendation

A letter of recommendation is your chance to further support your application from a different perspective. Letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, coaches, supervisors, or mentors provide insights into an applicants' character, work ethic, and potential for success in college. A recommendation letter can offer anecdotes, examples, and observations that test scores and essays can’t. When requesting recommendation letters , ask academic or professional sources that you have developed a meaningful connection with and who can provide positive insights about your character and abilities. Strong letters of recommendation can help applicants stand out.

Letters of recommendation

4. Extracurricular activities

Being involved in extracurricular activities can help demonstrate your well-roundedness and passions, which will further strengthen your application. Admissions committees will get a greater sense of who you are and what you are interested in, which can help them determine whether you’d be a good fit for the program. They also look to see how you are able to balance activity involvement with academics. If you’re involved in a few extracurriculars, be sure to highlight them in your application, whether it's a sports team, student club, volunteer work, or an internship.

Extracurricular activities

5. Demonstrated interest

Another important factor that admission committee’s take into consideration when evaluating college applications is the students interest in the school and program they’re applying to. The committee wants to see a student’s demonstrated interest as it can help them determine that the student will fit with the campus culture and community, and that they are more likely to enroll in the school. Applying early, expressing your eagerness in your essays, showing off your knowledge of the school or program you're applying to, and attending college events such as open houses or information sessions are all ways you can demonstrate your interest to the committee.

Demonstrated interest

Tips for Crafting a Standout College Application

Now that you have a better understanding of what goes on in the admissions process, here are a few tips to help you craft a standout college application.

1. Make your application strong where you can

Overall, the review of college applications by admissions is typically a holistic process and no single factor determines admission. If you feel that your application might be lacking in an area or two, you can likely compensate for it by showcasing strength elsewhere. If you have great writing skills, be sure to write a stellar essay. Or, if you participated in different extracurricular activities, highlight your accomplishments in your application. Be sure to make your application as strong as possible where you can.

Make your application strong where you can

2. Proofread

It may seem simple, but proofreading not just your essay, but all of your application material is a crucial part of your college application. Be sure to read over your personal statement, resume, essays, and any forms you fill out for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Having a second pair of eyes can be helpful to catch any mistakes you may have missed, so don’t hesitate to ask a friend, family member, or teacher for help.


3. Stay organized

Chances are you aren’t applying to just one college. You may have a few top choices for universities you’d like to attend on your radar, and a few backup options for extra measure. Having several applications you're working on is even more reason to stay organized. Keep track of application deadlines, requirements, and submission materials for each college you're applying to. You can create a checklist or use a planner to stay organized throughout the process.

Stay organized

Create an outstanding college application

Crafting a great college application can be challenging, but understanding key components and guidelines can make the process easier and less stressful. When completing your application, try to do your best for each component and emphasize your strengths. All in all, the admissions committee simply wants to see if you’d be a good fit for the school, and having a strong application that aligns with your goals and the program will help you stand out. If you’re ready to begin the next step in your academic journey, apply to one of NJIT’s top-STEM programs today .


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    Or, if you participated in different extracurricular activities, highlight your accomplishments in your application. Be sure to make your application as strong as possible where you can. 2. Proofread. It may seem simple, but proofreading not just your essay, but all of your application material is a crucial part of your college application.