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Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics

June 18, 2021 by Prasanna

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11

Though speech is essentially an essay, it is significantly different. Whereas an essay or an article is read by people at a distance in time and place, a speech is delivered ‘live’ to an audience. This fact determines, to a great extent, the language and style of the composition.

A speech consists of the words spoken by a person to a gathering. The speaker could be a leader, a learned man, a man in a position of power and authority or an ordinary person, a student. The ‘address’, the language and style are determined by the occasion and the audience.

This grammar section explains  English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English  will help you to write better answers in your Class 11 exams. Because the Solutions are solved by subject matter experts.

(a) Address the gathering, e.g., Respected Principal, teachers, students, Good Morning. (b) Speech in three or four paragraphs. (c) A speech ends with Thank you. The speaker thanks the listeners for their patient hearing. Content:

According to the occasion, you may include quotations. Organise the speech into introduction, main points and conclusion.

Language and style should be a mingling of the serious and conversational modes.

Question 1. You are Mukesh/Mukta of Saket. You have been reading the news items on Nithari killings. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be given in the morning assembly, stressing the need of keeping a close vigil on the anti-social elements of the locality and taking care of young children of the area so that they don’t fall prey to bad characters. Answer:

Crimes Against Children by Mukta (XIA)

Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends. Good Morning. I am Mukta of Class XI. Today I would like to share my views with you on crimes against children. It is a horrifying reality with which we have to contend.

Some recent tragic events have opened our eyes to the magnitude of crimes against children. Mostly, children are kidnapped for ransom if they are from rich families, or for begging and stealing if they are from ordinary families. Cases of child abuse are growing in alarming proportions.

The most disgusting and horrifying of these cases was the one discovered at Noida, where the owner- servant team carried out dastardly crimes against children behind closed doors. Investigations are unveiling horrible acts.

In such a scenario, it is imperative that parents take good care of their children. Children should be trained not to.trust strangers.

The security of a neighbourhood depends on the alertness of the citizens. We have a tremendous responsibility towards our youngsters.

I hope my words will make you think about the matter. Thank you

Question 2. Children usually come to school without taking breakfast in the morning and eat junk food from the school canteen. This habit affects adversely the performance of students in academics and sports. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be given in your school assembly about ‘How Health is Affected by Lifestyle’. Answer:

How Health is Affected by Lifestyle

Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends,

Good morning, I am Mamta of XI A, and I wish to speak to you on a very important matter. I wish to speak to you on how our health is affected by our lifestyle.

Yesterday, a class VI student fainted in the assembly. The reason was that she had not taken her breakfast of porridge, fruit and milk. She wanted noodles only with coffee!

Friends, the breakfast her mother had prepared was nutritious, it would have given her energy for the whole day. If we fill our stomach, meal after meal, with junk food, how shall we grow tall and strong? How will we get the energy for mental work?

Like food, rest is an important part of our lifestyle. My friend Roshan was unable to answer his English paper in the unit test; he was feeling sleepy. He had studied till 3 a.m. because he thought English could be studied in a few hours. Had he been regular in work and study, he would have done well, for he is very intelligent.

My last word is for my obese friends who form almost 30% of our student body. Exercise, exercise and regular exercise is the answer to your problems.

I sincerely hope you will improve your lifestyle to be healthier and stronger.

♦ Analysis:

Question 3. A recent survey by the Ministry of Health shows that the growing tendency of obesity among children today is caused by addiction to junk food and lack of physical exercise, and it adversely affects their learning power. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly of the school highlighting the importance of good health and motivating the children to eat healthy, balanced diet. Answer:

Side Effects of Junk Food

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, and dear friends. Good morning.

I am grateful to the Principal, Dr N. Ravi, for giving me this opportunity to speak on a matter that is close to the heart of all teenagers.

As I stand here, I can see about eight to ten overweight students in each class line. Surely, they are embarrassed and have become the butt of jokes. To look fit and trim is vital for a good personality.

Friends, I want you to look at your daily routine and see what you are doing to get this bulky figure. Are you excessively fond of cold drinks, pizzas and hamburgers? Do you love to sit before TV and munch wafers and packaged chips of all brands ? Is your favorite snack during the long break everyday a spicy oily ‘samosa’ or ‘bread pakora’?

Later in the evening do you just sit indoors and work on your computer, complete your homework or watch TV ?

If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, you know why you have this ungainly figure. In order to be slim and athletic, you need to eat right, exercise briskly in fresh air and live a disciplined life. The food that your mother prepares is what you should consume rather than junk food.

Question 4. With the visual media technology overtaking the print-media, you have observed a decline in the people’s interest in reading books. You are disturbed by this excessive dependence of the young on television and computer games as the source of entertainment. Write a speech in 150-200 words for your school magazine on the “Pleasures of Reading” or “The Company of Books. ” Answer:

The Pleasures of Reading by ABC

Reading affords pleasure like no other activity. It is deeply fulfilling and satisfying. While reading, the reader is in direct communication with the writer, however distant he may be in time or space. The reader is fully focussed and enjoys the content as well as the beauty and power of language. Reading offers an infinite variety according to one’s taste. Knowledge, imagination and the reader’s own appreciation of the written word are some of the rewards of reading. If one is adventurous, one can venture into unknown cultures through books. For example, a reading of Tolstoy or Chekhov gives us an insight into the life of the Russians as a reading of Dickens gives us of the British, particularly of London dwellers.

Reading makes us more sensitive to human greatness as well as human suffering. A reading of Premchand’s short stories acquaints us with the strengths and weaknesses of human character. The classics of literature are eternal in their appeal.

Unfortunately, today most of us visit the celluloid version of Sharat Chandra’s ‘Devdas’ three four times, and the original printed one not even once.

Question 5. The world that we are living in is under a great threat of extinction. Large scale pollution, deforestation and industrialization are suffocating the environment. You, as a concerned citizen, want to share the causes and effects of global warming. You would also like to give a few suggestions on how to contribute to the making of a better world. As Vivek/Vineeta Arora, Head Boy/Girl of the school, prepare a speech on this issue for the morning assembly under the heading “The Hazards of Global Warming”. (150-200 words) Answer:

The Hazards of Global Warming

This morning, I wish to draw your attention to the catastrophe that is slowly and surely coming towards us. I am talking about the hazards of global warming.

Some of my friends may not be aware of ‘global warming’. This term means the rise of the temperature of the atmosphere surrounding our planet. This is happening because of over industrialisation, large-scale pollution and deforestation. Hot emissions from industry and release of chemicals in the air are making the atmosphere of the earth warmer.

What are the hazards of global warming? Already, the polar ice caps have started melting. This can bring disaster to the world. Huge glaciers in the Himalayas and other mountains are shrinking. This will cause a rise in the sea level and will eventually lead to the flooding of coastal areas. Global warming will also bring about changes in the world climate. There will be excess rains, floods, unbearable heat and cold. These changes will surely bring disaster to the flora and fauna of our planet.

What can we do about this problem? The countries need to exercise discipline ajpout putting up industries. Effective measures to control pollution are needed.

Friends, I have tried to acquaint you with the problem the whole world is facing.

Question 6. You are the Class Representative, Class XI of Gandhi Memorial School, Pushp Vihar. You have been asked to prepare a speech on the need to imbibe principles of truthfulness, gentleness and cooperation to counter the growing violence in today’s world. Write this speech in 150-200 words. Answer:

Today, I wish to speak to you on the very familiar subject of values like truthfulness, gentleness and cooperation. If we wish to counter the growing violence around us, these values are the only recourse open to us. (Develop these points).

Truthfulness – the basis of social stability – will rid society of deceit and fraud – example of Gandhiji! who could defeat the mighty British with the weapon of truth.

Gentleness – tolerance of the other colour, religion and caste, patience and compassion advocated by Buddha and Mahavir.

Cooperation – inevitable in the era of globalization.

Question 7. You are Rajini/Rajat Gaur. After seeing some obese children in your school, you are worried about the craze for junk food and electronic gadgets in students. Write a speech to be read out in the morning assembly highlighting the need to have good eating habits and the benefits of outdoor activities. (Word limit: 150-200 words) Answer:

Respected principal, teachers and dear friends. Today I am standing before you to express my views on the topic “obesity among school children”. Obesity has become a cause of concern for one and all. With the entry of companies like McDonalds, Kentucky chicken, wimpeys, Pizza Huts, etc. the concept of fast food has spread like a wild fire. More and more school children have taken to chocolates and soft drinks without worrying for colories. The result is obesity increasing by leaps and bounds among school children.

‘Junk food’ appeals to our taste buds but our digestive system repels it. Oil and extra fat harm our liver. We put on flesh and increase our weight. Fresh home cooked meals are hygenic, better and full of vitamins. Minerals can be easily digested. Our food should consist of coarse cereals, green and leafy vegetables, fruits, and pulses, etc. To keep ourselves agile, energetic and robust, we must do physical exercises, play games like football, badminton, kabbaddi, volleyball, etc.

By eating healthy food, doing regular physical activities not only our body will be healthy and toned our minds would remain active. I hope you all will give some consideration to my suggestion and try to instil it in your daily routine.

Thank you all for giving me a patient hearing.

Question 8. Yoga is beneficial. Speak about the benefits of yoga in the morning assembly. (Word limit: 150-200) Answer:

Respected Principal, teachers and friends, a very good morning to one and all. Today I am standing before you to express my views on the benefits of practising yoga.

Many of us perform yoga but do we know what this entails and why is it performed? Basically yoga is a means to attain balance in our body, i.e., gaining strength, increasing flexibility and attaining spirituality. Postures and asanas are an indispensable part of yoga. These are performed keeping in mind all the body parts, combining breathing practices, and include guided mediation, Yoga is a union between body and mind. In other words, we can say it is a balance between mind and helps us keep ourselves fit and fine.

Yoga has the potential to cure many diseases like respiratory problem, abdominal problem and diseases related to the nervous system. Yoga helps in releasing toxins, reduces stress and increases concentration. In short, yoga helps us keep disease-free, happy, wealthy, wise and toned up. Yoga is a never-ending process. The deeper you delve into it the more fruitfull will be the results.

I would like to end my speech on this note.

Speech Writing, Format, Topics, Examples for class 11, 12_00.1

Speech Writing Format, Topics, Examples for class 11, 12

Speech writing on any particular topic requires a lot of research. Speech writing also has to be structured well in order to properly get the message across to the target audience.

Speech Writing, Format, Topics, Examples for class 11, 12_30.1

Table of Contents

Speech Writing

Speech writing involves employing appropriate language and expression to communicate with the reader. Speech writing is not all that different from other narrative writing styles. However, there are specific punctuation and writing style strategies that pupils should be aware of while speech writing. Even though it may be difficult to write the perfect speech, using the right speech writing framework can guarantee that you never fail.

Speech is a means of spreading a message to other people. It is a means of expressing your opinions on a subject or demonstrating your vehement opposition to a particular notion. You need a powerful, authoritative voice to give a speech that is effective, but what you say is more crucial than how you sound. The preparation of a speech writing is just as important as the delivery of the speech to your audience.

Speech Writing Format

The speech writing format is as follows:

Let’s take a closer look at each component of the speech writing format.


The introduction ought to grab your attention after the greetings. Get everyone’s attention right away. Engaging the audience and persuading them to believe or act in your favour are the two main objectives of a speech. Effective introductions must contain the following:

Start off by making a statement about the room or a tale, quotation, fact, or joke. It shouldn’t go past three or four lines. (For instance, “Mahatma Gandhi once stated…” or “This subject makes me think of a certain occurrence or tale…”) This section is crucial since it’s at this point that your audience will determine whether or not to pay attention to your speech. Maintain a factual, captivating, and persuasive introduction.

It is the most crucial section of every speech. If you want to persuade the audience to agree with you, you should offer a variety of justifications and arguments.

A crucial part of speech writing is handling objections. A speech is a monologue, thus there is no time for queries or concerns. An effective speech will handle any issues that may arise during it. As a result, you’ll be prepared to react to queries that the audience may have. You can organize the information into a flow chart to make speaking easier.

The finish ought to leave the audience with something. It might serve as a reminder, a rallying cry, a synopsis of your speech, or a narrative. As an illustration, “It is up to us to decide the future of our planet, our home, by starting waste management at our personal areas.”

Add a few sentences thanking the audience for their time after you’ve finished.

For instance, “Thank you for being such a great audience and for your time. I hope you learned anything from this speech.

Speech Writing Examples- Samples

One of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most well-known speeches is “I Have A Dream.” Its effects have persisted for many generations. Using the aforementioned strategies, the speech is written. Here are a few instances:

“still cruelly bound by the chains of racism and the manacles of segregation” emotional Language

In a way, we’ve travelled to the capital of our country to cash a check. – Making the speech more unique

A call to action: “to stand up for freedom together.”

This is an important illustration of how to write a speech with the audience in mind. The rhetoric used in the speech, which was delivered in 1963, was popular with a particular audience.

Example: You are Rajendra Kumar, a social worker. You read an article in The Hindu on ‘Health Care for Indian Workers’. Write a speech in 125-150 words on the importance of health care to be delivered at a public function to create awareness among the workers. (Delhi 2014)

Unfortunately, the health care options accessible to Indian workers are by far the worst, despite the fact that they make up the majority of the population.

Good morning to all! As a social worker, Rajendra Kumar, I’ve come before you all to discuss the value of health care for Indian employees.

I firmly believe that there is a noticeable lack of a comprehensive and long-term plan that meets the health care demands of Indian employees. Despite India’s significant economic progress, its advantages have not been shared equally, and there are still significant gaps in the workers’ health care in our nation. It is necessary to address the disparities in health care access between demographic groups within the population. It is a known truth that a sizable portion of our workforce is prevented from not only rising over the poverty line but is also lowering a large portion of their lot below the line due to out-of-pocket medical expenses brought on by a lack of access to quality public health care.

The general public must now exert pressure on our various political representatives and hold them responsible in order to ensure that they prioritise improving the health care provided to Indian workers.

How to write a good speech?

Speech Writing Topics for classes 11, 12

Some speech writing topics for classes 11, 12 are given here:

Speech Writing FAQs

Que. What is speech writing?

Ans. Speech writing involves using appropriate punctuation and expression to convey a thought or message to the reader. Similar to other forms of narrative writing, speech writing. However, there are a few key punctuation and writing structure strategies that students should be aware of.

Que. What is the importance of speech writing?

Ans. Writing down a speech is essential since it allows you to better understand the subject, organize your ideas, avoid mistakes in your speech, become more comfortable with it, and raise the overall caliber of the speech.

Que. How do you write up a speech?

Que. How do I start writing a speech?

Ans. Start off by making a statement about the room or a tale, quotation, fact, or joke. It shouldn’t go past three or four lines. (For instance, “Mahatma Gandhi once stated…” or “This subject makes me think of a certain occurrence or tale…”)

Que. What is basic speech?

Ans. Introduction, body, and conclusion are the three fundamental components of speeches and presentations.

Sharing is caring!

What is speech writing?

Speech writing involves using appropriate punctuation and expression to convey a thought or message to the reader. Similar to other forms of narrative writing, speech writing. However, there are a few key punctuation and writing structure strategies that students should be aware of.

What is the importance of speech writing?

Writing down a speech is essential since it allows you to better understand the subject, organize your ideas, avoid mistakes in your speech, become more comfortable with it, and raise the overall caliber of the speech.

How do you write up a speech?

Know why you are giving the speech: Before you start writing, you must be aware of why you are doing it. Determine whether the speech needs to be motivational, entertaining, or just informative. Decide who your audience is: The main factor to consider while writing or giving a speech is your audience. You cannot write a strong and suitable speech unless you are aware of your target audience. Set the speech's duration: Whatever the subject, make sure to keep it concise and direct. A speech will become repetitive and uninteresting if it is longer than it has to be. Reviewing and practising the speech is important since you might have missed a few small flaws when you first wrote it. Until you are certain that you have it right, edit and revise. Make as much practise as necessary to avoid stammering in front of your audience. Mention your main points after the speech: The key themes that have received a lot of attention and have the potential to change are called takeaways. Always leave your listeners with a concept or idea to consider when you finish speaking.

How do I start writing a speech?

Start off by making a statement about the room or a tale, quotation, fact, or joke. It shouldn't go past three or four lines. (For instance, "Mahatma Gandhi once stated..." or "This subject makes me think of a certain occurrence or tale...")

What is basic speech?

Introduction, body, and conclusion are the three fundamental components of speeches and presentations.

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speech writing topics for class 11

speech writing topics for class 11

Speech Writing Format for Class 11 and 12, Topics and Examples

Speech Writing Explained

Your guide for writing the perfect speech in your class 11, 12 examinations. In this article you will learn all about speech writing, Format of Speech writing, examples and also solutions to previous years English  question papers. Don’t miss out the tips for writing a great speech in English.

Speech Writing Tips for Class 11 and 12

Speech writing examples.

speech writing

What is a speech?

Speech refers to a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience.

Speech writing Class 11,12 

Speech Writing – In an examination, nothing is written purposelessly. All the writing tasks have a purpose. Before writing a speech, make sure you are writing to inform people, to persuade them, to convince them, or to entertain them. Clarity of purpose will ensure clarity in the choice of style and vocabulary.

In the writing section (Section-B of Class 12 English paper ), Speech writing comes as a Very long answer type question (5 marks) with the maximum prescribed word limit of 120-150 words.

Generally, there is a choice (internal) between the following:-

1. Debate writing

2. Article writing

3. Speech writing

4. Report writing 

Talking about marks, it comes as a 5 marks question. The breakup of marks for class 12 English writing skills – speech writing (as per CBSE Marking scheme ) is as follows:-

Speech Writing Format Class 11, 12 

Speech Writing Format – In order to write a perfect speech, we must be well acquainted with the topic and must possess a wide range of vocabulary, a thorough knowledge of the subject, some research, and excellent organizational skills. Here are the ideal format and tips to help you write your perfect speech.

A perfect speech must consist of:-

1. HEADING – The heading should be catchy and in not more than 5-6 words. You can go as creative as you want with this one just make sure you do not devote too much time to it in the exam.

2. OPENING LINE- This includes salutations, introduction, and the topic. Make sure you do not mention your personal details (name, school name, etc.).

Speech writing Example – Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends! Today, I (the name is given in the question) stand before you all to speak on the topic “(given in the question)”.

OR you could start with a quote related to the topic and then go with the salutations and introduction.

1. BODY- It is the main part of your writing piece.

2. It is always prescribed that you begin with a short introduction on the topic, it’s meant to be precise.

3. Then you need to explain the current situation, the problems (if any), and whether after any corrective actions, betterment in the situation has been observed or not.

4. It may include advantages/ disadvantages depending upon the topic in question.

5. Now here, it is important you follow a sequence. It is possible that you have too many points or very few points. When you have a lot of varied points, it is better you choose a few best ones and write a line on each. In case you have very few already, explain them in at least two lines each.

6. You have to strictly follow the prescribed word limit in a limited time frame so just do not go on writing and writing.

7. MOST IMPORTANT- Always begin with your strongest point. You can accommodate the weaker ones in between and end with another strong point.

8. Feel free to give your personal opinion in one or two lines.

9. It is very important that you do not deviate from the topic. There are chances you may get ideas linking from one to another that may deviate you from the main point. You have to refrain from doing so.

10. SOLUTION/CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH- Now, it is to be remembered that wherever you elaborate a problem, you always have to mention the steps being taken to improvise the situation and suggest a few solutions as well.

Now, it would be great if you could add a few quotes relating to motivating the people to take action.

Here also, the rule of STRONG-WEAK-STRONG applies.

1. Last but not the least, the concluding line, thanking the audience for their cooperation and their patience. It is very important to conclude what you’ve started. Never leave a speech or for that matter, any of your answers open-ended.

Below is an example from the Sample Paper by CBSE.


Suggested value points:

• Importance of Cleanliness – School, home & Surroundings • Present status • Prevents diseases • Need to practice? • Reflects the character of the nation • Benefits of Cleanliness • Conclusion

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Tips on Speech writing – Here are a few valuable tips for you to attempt the class 12 English writing skills – speech writing question in a better way-

1. Make sure you use language which is suitable for the audience you are addressing. Usage of complex vocabulary for addressing children is not advisable.

2. Usage of quotes is highly recommended. Quotes can be used at the time of commencement or as an ending statement. A quote in the middle of the speech would also be fine.

3. Make sure you write in paragraphs.

4. Practice previous year question papers.

5. Read as many samples as you can. It will give you an idea as to how they are actually written.

6. Read newspaper editorials or opinions. They give new ideas and opinions that may help during exams.

7. Plan before you pen. Just make a list of all your important points on the rough sheet (last sheet of your answer booklet) so that you do not forget relevant points while writing. This also helps you in maintaining a sequence, which is very important.

8. The presentation is very important.

9. Make sure you double-check for grammatical accuracy and spellings. They carry marks.

10. Leave an adequate number of lines between paragraphs to make it look clean.

11. Underlining the main points is very important. But it is advised to do it after finishing your exam. Use a pencil and scale for underlining.

12. Always have a few general quotes in handy. They help in the presentation and show that you’re prepared.

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Speech Writing Question Answers – Previous Years solved questions (Sample)

Below are a few solved questions for you so that you get an idea as to how to attempt class 12 English writing skills – speech writing question well. Remember, the more you read and practice, the better it is. As per, CBSE guidelines, it should not exceed the prescribed word limit of 150-200 words.

1. As Mukul / Mahima of Alps Public School, write a speech to be delivered in school assembly highlighting the importance of cleanliness suggesting that the state of cleanliness reflects the character of its citizens. (150-200 words) (10) (CBSE Sample Question Paper 2018-19)


In the words of the great John Wesley, “Cleanliness is next to godliness” Good Morning respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Today, I, Mukul/Mahima, stand before you all, to highlight the importance of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is the state or quality of being clean or being kept clean. It is essential for everyone to learn about cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and the various diseases that are caused due to poor hygienic conditions. It is crucial for physical well-being and maintaining a healthy environment at home and at school. An unclean environment is an invitation for a lot of mosquitoes to breed in and spread deadly diseases. On the other hand, not maintaining personal hygiene leads to a lot of skin problems and decreased immunity.

The habits learnt at a young age get embedded into one’s personality. Even if we inculcate certain habits like washing hands before and after meals, regular brushing and bathing from a young age, we are not bothered about keeping public places clean. For this, on 2nd October, 2014, the Indian Prime Minister launched a nation-wide cleanliness campaign, “ Swachh Bharat” to provide sanitation facilities to every family, including toilets, solid and liquid waste disposal systems, village cleanliness, and safe and adequate drinking water supply. Teachers and students of schools are joining this ‘Clean India Campaign’ very actively with great fervour and joy.

Good health will ensure a healthy mind, which will lead to increased overall productivity resulting in higher standards of living, thus developing the economy. It will boost India’s international image. Thus, a clean environment is a green environment with less people falling ill. Cleanliness, hence, is defined to be the emblem of purity of mind.

2. You are Ali/Alia, Head girl / Head boy of your school. You are deeply disturbed by the rising cases of aggressive behaviour of students in your school. You decide to speak during the morning assembly about it. Write a speech on ‘Indiscipline in Schools’. (150 – 200 words) (10) (CBSE ALL INDIA Board 2017-18)


It has been reported that number of fights and cases of bullying has gone up tremendously in the last few months in our school. Good morning to one and all present here. Today, I, Ali/Alia, your head boy/girl stand before you to throw light upon the grave issue of “Increasing Indiscipline in Schools”.

It has been brought into lime light that disobedience of teachers, bullying, fights with peers, truancy and insults is becoming a common trend. Not only this, there have been complaints of parents witnessing a shift in their children’s attitude. This is resulting in a lot of children getting hurt emotionally, mentally and physically. The impact this attitude is having on kids at early age is disastrous and irreversible.

Not to forget the damage that has been done to the school property. Stealing chalks, scribbling on desks, walls and washroom doors, destroying CCTV cameras and the list goes on. By doing this, we are only letting us deprive ourselves of the amenities being provided to us.

After a lot of meetings, lack of proper guidance, excessive use of social media and peer pressure have been observed to be the root causes of the problem. The counsel is taking steps to improve the situation. Life skill classes are being made mandatory for everyone. Teachings will include counselling, motivation and inculcating friendly values. Seminars for parents and students will be regularly organised. A counsellor to help you all share your feelings, grudges and sharing your personal problem is being made available. We are doing everything we can and expect the same from you.

So, let’s join our hands together and build an environment where we encourage, motivate, help and be kind to each other for we are good and civilised beings capable of a lot of love.

3. The recent rise in incidents of violent behaviour of students is a matter of concern for all. The problem can be curbed if students learn how to manage anger. Write a speech on the topic in 150-200 words to be delivered in the school morning assembly. (10) (CBSE COMPARTMENT JULY 2018)


Honourable Principal, Respected teachers and my dear friends, today I would like to share with you few “Ways to Manage Anger”.

The growing intolerance among the new generation resulting in violence towards teachers is a matter of grave concern. The old-age guru-shishya parampara is losing its sheen. Aggressiveness in students may be triggered by several things: as a self-defence reaction, stressful situation, over-stimulation or lack of adult supervision.

It has become the need of the hour to curb the situation. Life skills classes shall be inculcated in the time-table. Teachers should be given training to handle such defiant and hostile behaviour. Meditation and deep breathing also helps and thus, should be practiced every morning. Students must be taught to count till 10 before reacting in anger. Also, sessions on anger management and it’s far-reaching importance must be held.

Remember, Anger is one letter short of danger. It makes it all the more important to be able to diffuse one’s anger. It’s never too late to begin because a wise man once said,

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of your peace of mind.”

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4. Write a speech in 150-200 words on ‘Benefits of early rising’ to be delivered by you in the morning assembly of your school. You are Karuna/Karan, Head Girl/Head Boy. (10) (CBSE 2016)


Honourable Principal, Respected teachers and my dear friends, today I, Karuna/Karan, your Head Girl/Head Boy stand before you all to highlight the far-reaching “Benefits of Early-rising”.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”

The words of Benjamin Franklin have been backed by science. It has been proved that morning people are persistent and proactive. It leads to better performance, greater success, and higher standards of living. Rising up early also relieves stress and tension because it gives you the time to squeeze in a workout before you get distracted. This is why; morning people tend to be healthier and happier as well as have lower body mass indexes.

For this, one needs to maintain a proper schedule and has to go to bed on time. You should restrict the usage of gadgets immediately before going to bed and these tiny steps will help you become an early riser. Researchers have also said that early morning is the best time to study and gain knowledge. This will help you in staying ahead in the class and keep your grades up. Most entrepreneurs are early risers as they believe it is the key to a successful, happy and content life.

Hence, if you don’t develop a habit of waking up before the rest of the world, you won’t be able to change the world.

5. Your PGT English Ms. Geetha is a short story writer also. ‘Sky is not Far’ is a collection of her latest short stories. This book has won a national award. Write a speech in 150 – 200 words you will deliver in her honour in the morning assembly. (10) (CBSE DELHI – 2017)


Good morning everyone! Today, I stand before you all to bring into limelight the “Commendable Achievements of our PGT English teacher Ms. Geetha”.

Ms. Geetha has made all of us proud by winning the National Award for her book “SKY IS NOT FAR”. The book is all about the infinite possibilities in life and that there is no such word as “impossible”. The word itself says, “I M POSSIBLE”. Nothing is unachievable if we have decided what we want and are working for it. It is very important to have a positive outlook and be fearless.

Through her book, she has given us all hope and motivation.

We all know what an articulate writer she is; she masters the art of short story-writing. She has contributed immensely and profoundly to the school’s literary society. Her works have a special place in the school library. A versatile writer, as she is, she has written books on various themes. Her other books are a work of triumph.

Thus, we congratulate her on this very special occasion. It is a proud moment not only for her, but for the entire school. She has set an example for all of us. Indeed, the sky is not far.

Once again, Congratulations, ma’am! Today is your day.



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Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics

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Question 1: The increasing amount of time spent playing indoor games has been a major cause of decreasing the outdoor appearance of children. With this concern, write a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly in 150-200 words. You are Parag/Pragati. Answer: Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers and dear friends, I am Parag of Class Xl-A. Today I want to share my views on the topic ‘Indoor games vs. Outdoor games’. Modern gadgets like computers, gaming consoles, video games and mobile phones have made us crazy as well as lazy. In our spare time, we can be either seen surfing the internet or sending SMS on mobile phones. We have forgotten hide and seek, cricket and football, all of which make us physically active and alert.

Outdoor games strengthen our physique and heip us to remain healthy. When we play outdoor games we grow enthusiastic, we agree and disagree and fight. We make more friends, which broadens our social circle. On the other hand, when we play alone on computers, we are damaging our eyes, polluting our minds and turning into couch potatoes which is not good for our health. Outdoor games inculcate values like team work, coherency and zest for living in us. On the other hand, playing indoor games only makes us isolated and self-centred. Considering all these, it can be said that while outdoor games carry joys in their basket, indoor games do not in any way. So, we should adopt outdoor games and come out to play them more often.

Question 2: You are Ankit/Ankita. You have to deliver a speech on the topic “Education Gives One Power”. You have jotted down the following notes: Education trains mind—sharpens skill and abilities—Education: a source of power— improve self—be independent—earn money—ignorance to knowledge—removes superstition—develops a free spirit—important for women: gives them freedom from social ills—independent—responsible. Write your speech in 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! Education provides us knowledge. It trains our mind and sharpens our skills and abilities. Education refines our tastes and temperaments and builds our thought process. Vocational courses help young boys to earn and learn together. They provide means of earning livelihood and open the route to employment. Professional courses, as is evident from the name itself, equip us for adopting various professions. Some of these highly skilled professionals seek placements or jobs in esteemed companies and business concerns. Thus education is important for our survival. Decent living is impossible without good income or high salary. Education improves the quality of our life and frees us of superstition, foolish, meaningless mind-blocks and rituals. If women are educated the whole family benefits qs the food is hygienically prepared, children are healthy, well-mannered and disciplined. Education gives us power over our environment. We can control the situation and shape our destiny. Education spreads awareness among people and gives them freedom from social ills. It makes people independent by providing them means to learn their living. They become responsible citizens and realise their rights and duties. In short, education gives one power. Thank you.

Question 3: You are Priya/Piyush. You are a member of the Environment Club of your school. After visiting many places you have realized that it is the need of the hour to protect environment. You decide to create awareness among the students. Write a speech in 150-200 words on ‘Environmental protection’ to be delivered in the morning assembly. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! Global warming has accelerated the rise of temperature on earth. The sea level is also rising and glaciers’ are melting away. Natural calamities are taking a toll of life on earth. Floods and scanty rainfall result in a crunch of food products, drinking water and disturb normal living conditions. The drought in Rajasthan has led to deaths and famine. Man is himself to blame for the deterioration of ecosystem. Depleting forests, industrial pollution, toxic-wastes, vehicular pollution, cutting of trees in cities, and lack of green cover are some of the contributory factors. The entire process of environmental pollution is becoming a vicious cycle. The urgent need of the hour is to protect environment. School children have begun to create awareness by compaigning against polythene bags and recycling waste material. Let us join hands to protect our forests, grow more trees, check toxic pollutants and change our lifestyle. Thank you.

Question 4: You are Anshu/Anita. You have secured 95 per cent marks in English. Your English teacher has persuaded you to share the secret of your success with your schoolmates. You decide to deliver a speech ‘English is an extremely scoring subject’ in the morning assembly. Write the speech in about 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! English is an extremely scoring, provided one follows a few rules, such as a good reading habit and the ability to be brief and specific in one’s answers. As far as the lessons in the CBSE textbooks are concerned, a thorough reading is essential. Questions asked from these lessons can be from any part of the chapter/story and could be about any minute detail. Remember the complete name of main characters and the author’s name. Your answer has to be in the same tense as the question. Secondly, the answer should be relevant and to the point. In order to get high marks in the comprehension passages and writing tasks, a student must have good communication skills as well as good reading habit. In article/report writing, questions on current affairs are often asked. Reading comes in very handy while writing such compositions. A report should always be written in the passive voice. In note-making, do not give more than five points. Give sub-points for each main point in a logical sequence. On the basis of the points, write a summary and give a title. In letter writing, be brief and accurate. Adopt the block format. Try to be creative while writing advertisements. The phrases/language should be catchy. These are*some points that may stand you in good stead. Thank you.

Question 5: Manish has to speak in debate supporting the motion that life in the country (a village) is preferable to life in the city. Below you can see his notes. Use the information to develop Manish’s speech in 150-200 words. COUNTRY (A VILLAGE) peace and quiet—soothing air—fresh and pure green fields all around—lovely sight helpful neighbours CITY vehicles—smoke industries—smoke-pollution crowded streets people hurry—never relax Answer:


Respected Chairperson, Members of faculty and dear Friends! I stand before you to support the motion that life in the country side is preferable to life in the city. At the outset I will like to remind the audience about the numerous advantages that the villages offer. In fact life in the country has so many advantages over life in the city that I don’t think any one present would disagree with me. The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet and has a soothing effect. The air is fresh and pure. Green fields which can be seen all around are a lovely sight. In the country people are friendly and the neighbours are helpful. On the other hand, cities are full of vehicles giving out smoke and creating atmospheric pollution. There is also air pollution from the chimneys of industries spewing off smoke. Moreover, the streets in the city are always crowded with people. Everyone is in a hurry and never finds time to relax. Village life is tension free. There is no undue hurry and excitement. The villagers may be poor in terms of income but they live a far happier life than the city dwellers. Hence I conclude that life in the countryside is preferable to life in the city. Thank you.

Question 6: Arun Kumar is a resident of Kalkaji. He is an active member of citizens’ forum. He is shocked to read the news that the Government has decided to increase the prices, of petroleum products with immediate effect. He wants to enlighten fellow citizens about the impact of Government decision on common man. Draft Arun’s speech in about 150-200 words highlighting the impact of the hike in prices of petroleum products on the life of common man. Answer:


Respected Chairman and dear friends! The decision of the Central Government to hike the prices of Petroleum products has shocked all the consumers. The salaried classes and the middle-income group are the worst affected. As a common man, I resent this harsh decision of the government. The increase is not only sudden but steep also. The common man is already reeling under the spiralling prices. The recent hike in the cost of petroleum products will push the expenditure graph up by 30 to 40 per cent. The increase in the prices of diesel and petrol will not only increase the expenditure on one’s own vehicle, but also increase the freight of goods and their initial cost will. The essential commodities will get dearer. Fares of buses, autos and taxis will have an upward swing. Shopkeepers will enhance the prices of even those articles which are produce locally. This sympathetic rise in prices of commodities will make it difficult to five within a fixed income. This escalation will mean cutting down the necessary expenditure by curbing some needs of the family. I urge the Finance Minister to reconsider the decision which is bound to hit hard millions of working classes and salaried people besides, creating a vicious circle of spiralling prices. It is earnestly hoped that my views will merit some consideration at the hands of the authorities. Thank you.

Question 7: You are Navneet, a member of school Literacy Club, which has organised literacy classes in villages and city slums under the adult education programme. Draft a speech in 150¬200 words highlighting the importance of educating the illiterates. Answer:


Respected Chairperson, distinguished guest and dear friends! Education provides all round development of our personality—body, mind and soul. Unfortunately, a vast number of our population remain uneducated. The rate of school drop-outs is increasing fast. To overcome the ever increasing number of illiterates Adult Education programmes have been launched by the Ministry of Education. Many voluntary and social organisation have also come forward to render service. The National Literacy Mission is an organization engaged in Adult Education. It has helped to eradicate illiteracy in India to a great extent. School and college students can also help in the noble mission. They can offer voluntary service during their free period, that is, vacation. They can organize adult literacy classes in their streets or villages. It is hoped that these educated villagers will prove helped in the development of the nation. Education will give them awareness and knowledge. They will gain information, dignity and self-respect. They will become good citizens of the nation. They will become free from the social bondage, exploitation and humiliation. Education will not remain ornamental. It will become a part of their personality. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 1


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! The problem of brain-drain has assumed serious proportion in the last thirty years or so. The nation spends its hard earned meager resources on the education and training of its doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. But these highly talented and trained men and women of genius migrate to developed countries. They desert the ranks for the lure of money, better facilities and living conditions. Some of them get opportunities for fulfilment of their ambitions and development of personality as there is full scope for it. They enjoy unlimited freedom for experiments and research and fear no resources crunch. The parent countries become poorer by the depletion of resources as a result of migration of trained and talented persons. The migrants too feel maladjusted in the new country where they are considered second grade citizens. Living and working in an alien culture among foreigners, they find themselves cut off from their own social modes and customs. They do suffer emotional vacuum as the memories of friends and relatives in their country haunt their minds. India too has been facing this problem. We must take steps to ensure them better facilities, improved living conditions, freedom for experimentation and research. In addition to this, their talents must be utilised for proper work and their work must be given due recognition. These measures, if adopted seriously, can check the problem effectively. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 2


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! First Aid is of immense help in case of an emergency or accident when the victim is to be given immediate help before some qualified doctor arrives or the victim is shifted to some nearby clinic or hospital. The importance of first aid can be judged from the fact that many precious fives are saved because they had been administered proper first-aid before the patients received attention from a professional medical practitioner. The knowledge of first aid proves handy in a crisis. A person receiving bum injury, a victim of accident bleeding profusely, a drowned casualty or someone suffering from poisoning need urgent and immediate attention. Administration of immediate first aid provides the necessary relief till the case is attended by a competent doctor. Thus first aid can sometimes give a second life to a person. Hence it is always beneficial to get acquainted with the basic fundamentals of first aid. It is our moral duty to help the people in distress. But the aid rendered by an untrained person may sometimes prove harmful. Hence it is essential to have proper knowledge of first aid. Mere reading of books will not be sufficient. You must know the practical application too. Careful and correct use of first-aid can be beneficial as it can save precious human lives from the jaws of death. Hence I exhort my colleagues to get the requisite knowledge by joining first aid classes. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 3


Respected Chairperson, teachers and dear friends! Examinations are the tools in the hands of the teacher to assess the performance of the students. Tests provide information regarding the student’s grasp of the subject as well as achievement. Like any other object, examination too, has two sides—the brighter side and the darker side. Let us concentrate on the positive aspects or the advantages of examinations. Examinations are essential at school and college level as they help to test the efficiency of the students. The promotion of the students to the next class depends on their qualifying the lower class. Thus the examinations provide the students a stimulus to work regularly and punctually. The annual examination is usually held at the end of the academic year, i.e., in March or April. The students know that they must cover their syllabus within the prescribed time-frame. Examinations provide a visible proof of the students grasp of knowledge and reproduction. Examinations inspire the sense of competition and increase the efficiency of the students. Regular examinations inculcate good values among students. They learn to become regular, systematic, methodical and punctual in their studies. Random or irregular testing is self-defeating because it tests the ignorance of the students rather than their knowledge. The students are caught unawares. Thus irregular tests should be discarded as a wastage of time and energy. They serve neither as a test of comprehension nor as test of achievement. These days it has become fashionable to talk about doing away with examinations altogether. If there were no examinations, the students would lose interest in studies and become non-serious. This “holiday from examinations” will promote idleness, carelessness and irresponsibly. Hence, to conclude, we must agree that objective periodic and regular testing is helpful to the student’s as it ensures the real assessment of his worth and personality. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 4


Respected Chairperson, teachers and students! Twentieth century has witnessed a revolution in the field of science and technology. Everyday we hear of numerous latest gadgets produced to make our life easy and comfortable. Recently, however, some cases have come to fight where criminals and unscrupulous elements have misused the gadgets of science for their selfish and refarious ends. Committing dacoity, kidnapping or murders using stolen vehicles has become a routine. Telephone is misused by anti-social elements. Young Romeos misuse the telephone for eve-teasing. Rash driving, honking of horns and playing loud music are some other tricks used by them. Unscrupulous operators of cable network screen vulgur films depicting glorification of violence and sex. These films directly encourage evils like smuggling, drinking and drugs. The hard-core terrorists use bombs hidden in toys to hit their targets. Remote control comes handy to them to accomplish their plan. The powerful beams of lasers are used by modem day criminals to break the safest safe. The remedy does not fie in banning the gadgets, but in arousing public consciousness. Police and administration must exercise effective vigilance. Law enforcement should be strict and law-breakers be given exemplary punishment. Thank you.

Question 12: You have to speak in the school’s morning assembly on ‘The Harm that Mobile Phones and Smartphones are Creating in Students’ Lives’. Write the speech in 150-200 words. You are Javed/Jyotsana of class XI-A. Answer: Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Javed of class XI-A, will highlight the harm created by easy availability of mobile phones and smartphones, particularly for students.

Today science and technology has progressed tremendously, but this progress is a mixed bag. Mobile phones, and particularly smartphones, have made life comfortable for all, but they are causing untold harm to students.

Each and every child possesses a mobile phone. The games in it distract the children. The message packs offered by the telecom companies have provided them with the facility of sending messages at very cheap rate, with the result that the students are always messaging for taking part in competitions, sending greetings to friends, forwarding jokes and other such trivial activities.

Internet facility on smartphones is another big distraction. Camera facility is misused by the immature minds of children and adolescents. These phones are an extra cost burden on the parents who buy these, phones to be in touch with their children. The demand of the students is more for expensive smartphones with fancy features. It has now become a headache because of its excessive use of non-essential activities. I hope all my friends are listening.

Question 13: Swati attended a seminar where speakers narrated their experiences of the adverse impact of modern gadgets on our daily life. She has also experienced how these gadgets fail when needed most she decides to enlighten her school mates on this helpless state by delivering a speech in the morning assembly on the topic ‘Modern gadgets have made us slaves to machines’. Write her speech in 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected chairperson, honourable judges, members of the staff and my dear Mends! Today I stand before you stoutly and wholeheartedly to speak on ‘Modem gadgets have made us slave to machines’. We have become so dependent upon machines for everything that out life would come to a stand still without them.

Science and technology have transformed the life style of modem man. In fact, the modem civilization has become highly mechanised. Right from the time we get up to the time we go to bed, we depend on one or the other modem scientific gadget. He uses a fridge to store food and keep it cool. Fans, room coolers, and air conditioners keep him cool. The telephone increases the range of his voice whereas the car multiplies the speed of his legs and now he can fly even like a bird.

In his office to he dictates letters on a dictaphone, which his secretary types on a typewriter, another device of modem science. Now he can store information on a computer. Mobile phones, television, and cable network have become quite common. Most of these gadgets are based on electricity.

Now think of a day when electricity fails. All the activities of the morning are shelved or delayed. There is no hot water for shaving or bathing. No tea or sandwich for breakfast. No computer, television or air conditioner can work without electricity. We feel miserable because we have become so used to them.

The modem gadgets have helped the world to leap forward to a glittering civilization. They have provided tremendous power and unlimited knowledge to man. In fact the modem gadgets have revolutionised every phase of man’s life. Man has become so dependent upon them that it is impossible to conceive of modem man’s life without these gadgets. Hence, we can safely conclude that modem gadgets have made us slaves to machines. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 5


Respected members of the faculty and dear friends. It is indeed shocking that even after more than five decades of independence, we have failed to spread the fruit of literacy among the masses. It is most unfortunate that even today almost half the population of India is illiterate.

It is disheartening to note that in the last thirty years the literate population has risen by a mere three thousand lakhs and in the last fifty years the literacy rate has gone up by 38 per cent. Since the population of the country is increasing fast, we have to take immediate and urgent steps to spread the fruits of literacy among the masses. The lamp of knowledge should be taken to the farthest nook and comer of the far-flung villages as well as the nearby slums.

Let us not lose our patience while engaged in the noble task of spreading literacy. Let us adopt literacy as a mission and as our obligation towards society and the nation. The students of schools can play a very effective and constructive role in educating the illiterates. “Each one teach one’ should not remain a mere slogan. It should be translated into reality. The young students should come forward and accept it as a challenge.

I therefore call upon each one of you to take a solemn pledge to educate at least one illiterate per year. I hope that all of you will rise to the occasion and take up cudgels to remove the blot of illiteracy from the fair name of our nation. Thank you.

Question 15: Harsh is deeply upset to read a report of the death of people in thousands due to hunger and homelessness. He wonders why these homeless persons couldn’t be provided shelter at night in educational institutions and places of worship. Harsh decides to deliver a Speech in the morning assembly to motivate the students, teachers, and Principal to take pity on the plight of the homeless and provide them night shelter. Write his speech in 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! I invite your attention to a social cause. Every year thousands of homeless people die of extreme cold. It is the responsibility of the state and the citizens to provide facilities to houseless persons to sleep indoors during chilly weather.

Since creating new shelters is both time-consuming and costly, we must find enough shelters for homeless people in all our cities from the existing stock of buildings. A large number of spacious buildings at prime locations are vacated every night. These are schools, colleges, offices and places of worship that lie empty every night. There is no reason why these buildings can’t be additionally redeployed with small modifications as night shelters for. the homeless.

You may ask why school and college premises should be deployed additionally as shelters at night. It is not just that most school and college teaching spaces are vacant at night and the same space can be used by dispossessed people who do not have a place to sleep, without any-extra cost. Far more important is the fact, that this step would provide these educational institutions an opportunity to fulfill their social commitments as responsible social institutions and teach children and young people first-hand social empathy and social responsibility.

I do hope that the authorities of our school would realize the plight of these homeless persons and open the doors of our schools to them at night. It will show fight to the entire country. Thank you.

Question 16: You are Mehak/Mahesh. Read the newspaper report below. Then write a speech on ‘Water-Borne Diseases—A threat’ to be delivered by you at the occasion of ‘World Health Day’. Write this speech using information from the report together with your own ideas. You may use not more than 200 words.


Samples of drinking water drawn from the municipal limits of the district were found to be contaminated. The samples collected by the district health authorities from the municipal councils and the public health water resources of these towns were found to contain unacceptable levels of bacteria and were unfit for human consumption. The district civil surgeon admitted that the bacteria in water might be the source of various diseases including diarrhoea, cholera, hepatitis and typhoid. The contaminated water is more harmful for visitors than the locals.


Respected Principal, distinguished guests, teachers and friends! The report published in the newspaper is shocking. It brings to the fore the callous attitude of the administration. It is a total failure of the Water-Board to provide clean, safe water to the people, a basic necessity. The report categorically says that this water is unfit for human consumption.

What are we going to do about this? Are we going to get together and fight or let water-borne diseases like cholera, hepatitis, and typhoid spread? Contaminated water can cause these deadly diseases which can cause large scale deaths, if not treated immediately. These water samples must be shown to the Municipal Commissioner and an explanation demanded. On the one hand, we celebrate World Health Day, on the other hand, the basic commodity-water-is impure, I’m sure the concerned authorities will look into the matter and ensure clean and safe drinking water for the public. Thank you.

Question 17: On festival days students burst fire-crackers not knowing how much pollution they cause. You are Suresh/Sudha the Head boy/Head girl of your school. You wish to tell them some facts about bursting fire-crackers and the other sources of pollution. Prepare a detailed speech to be delivered in the school assembly. You may use the following hints and your own ideas. You may use not more than 200 words.

(a) Increase in air pollution because of suspended particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, etc. (b) Increase in respiratory diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, Heart attacks, etc. (c) Increase in noise—pollution causing deafness.


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! Good Morning! Today I would like to talk about a subject that we all do know but scarcely pay any heed to it. On the days of festivals, most of us burst firecrackers not realizing the amount of pollution they cause. Thus we are ourselves degrading the environment. The bursting of firecrackers increases atmospheric pollution. The suspended particulate matter like nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide are added up when a cracker is burst.

The increase in atmospheric pollution gives rise to respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. The cases of heart attacks and strokes multiply. The noise pollution created by bursting of crackers may cause deafness as well.

We may enjoy the bright light and the sound of explosion for a few seconds, but we ignore the permanent damage caused by bursting of crackers. We ourselves inhale the extremely harmful particles as we ignite the crackers.

Hence it becomes the duty of each one of us to keep our environment clean and refrain from bursting crackers. Let us put an end to this wasteful exercise of burning our hard-earned money. Thank you.


Question 18: You are Hemant/Harsha the Head boy/Head girl of your school. The following photo adverts caught your attention in a newspaper. You decide to make the school population aware of the pollution caused by plastic bags. Prepare a speech you intend to deliver in the morning assembly the next day giving useful suggestions and write it in not more than 200 words.


Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 6


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! Good morning to you all! While going through the morning newspaper today, I came across two photo advertisements. These highlight the major problem created by the steady use of harmful polybags made of recycled plastic. The government agencies as well as voluntary organizations have made a number of efforts to propagate the harmful effects of plastic bags. However, it seems that habit die hard.

Most of us still prefer to ignore the gravity of using plastic bags. Advertisements, it is said, are far more effective than the written speech. One of the advertisements reads “Kill the plastic bag before it kills your future.” It strikes the nail on the head. It clearly indicates the extreme harmfulness of these plastic bags. Let me elaborate the point further. The plastic bags are made of harmful and toxic chemicals that contaminate the environment. The things that we keep inside them become unhealthy. A single plastic bag is enough to choke the whole drainage system. If these bags are discarded carelessly, some animal may eat them. These get stuck in their bodies.

A little effort and awareness on our part now can save us from a lot of future problems. Let us start using cloth or gunny bags and completely boycott the use of plastic bags. Once we revert to the old cloth/gunny bags we can convince the shopkeepers not to use plastic bags. This step will enable us to keep our environment clean, green and healthy. Thank you.

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Respected teachers and dear friends! It is good that our school is celebrating the Vana Mahotsava Day. It is only recently that man has realized the importance of afforestation and growing more trees. In these days of ever-increasing pollution, trees are the best friends of human beings. The importance of planting more and more tree lies in the fact that the number of trees preserved is quite low as compared to the number of trees planted. Some of the trees wither away due to lack of proper nourishment and care and some are cut down. Two random examples are sufficient to prove the point.

The number of trees planted in 2003 was 4000. Of these more than 1000 dried (withered) of the old trees about 2500 were cut. Thus the loss of trees was just 500 less than the plantation that year. However, due to preservation of the old trees the number of preserved trees stood around 1500. Let us consider another example. The highest number of trees 8000, were planted in the year 2007. But in the same year 3000 trees withered and 5000 were cut. Only 4000 trees survived. These figures clearly indicate that the loss of trees due to cutting or withering is almost equal to fresh plantation. This is not a healthy sign.

Hence our endeavour should be not only to plant more and more trees every year, but also to preserve them in greater number. Proper care and nourishment is as necessary for trees as for children. Let us look after these tender saplings as we look after our young brothers and sister and guard them from every danger—natural or man-made.

I am confident that the willing co-operation of all my young friends will certainly make this programme highly successful. Thank you.

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Respected teachers and dear friends! The population of our country is increasing at a tremendous speed and along with it the number of illiterates, especially in the rural areas, is shooting up. This tendency is a cause of concern for all the enlightened citizens who are busy in developmental activities or welfare programmes.

Knowledge or education makes a person civilized, cultured and self-dependent. Education is a medium to transmit knowledge from one person to another over time and space. Today the world is on the threshold of a revolution. National boundaries are breaking up and the nations of the world are coming closer. The world is becoming well-knit. The rich and developed countries are making rapid advances due to their advanced science and technology. The poor and undeveloped countries are lagging behind in this race of progress simply because their people are illiterates and uneducated. In order to convey one’s thoughts and feelings and to understand others, education is essential. Literacy is the first step in this direction.

Poverty and lack of opportunity have hindered majority of poor persons from attaining formal education. The percentage of illiterates is far higher than that of matriculates or graduates. Concerted efforts have been made during the last twenty-five years to take the lamp of knowledge to every nook and comer under the National Literacy mission.

School teachers, students, social workers and voluntary agencies have come forward to lend a helping hand in this noble mission. The Government of India has launched Adult Education Programmes. With the constant efforts of dedicated workers the pace of literacy has picked up. Students have adopted the slogan ‘Each one, teach one’ in its real meaning.

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Respected Chairperson and dear friends! The cartoon given above reveals the cartoonist’s sense of humour at the recent hike in the prices of petroleum products. These prices are a gift of the new government to the already over-burdened common man. Though the price-rise varies from ₹ 2 per litre in case of petrol to ₹ 1.50 per litre of diesel, the consumers are adversely affected both directly as well as indirectly. The rise in the prices of diesel will lead to a hike in the bus fares and freight of goods. Everyday consumable articles will become costlier. The hike in LPG prices is enough to raise the ire of the harassed housewife who doesn’t know how to balance her meagre budget against this onslaught.

In fact, the effects of price-hike will percolate to all sections of society—commuters, transporters, farmers, traders, consumers, etc. Increase in cost of tariff will make goods dearer and people will face the shortage of essential items or they will have to shell out more. This will indirectly boost hoarding and black-marketing. Corruption and black money will increase and the means of the common man will shrink.

The government must reconsider this hike and roll back the increase on LPG and diesel. No one will protest if more tax is levied on luxury items such as big cars, air conditioners, supercomputers, air-travel, etc. Frequent rise in prices is not good governance. Thank you.

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Respected Principal, teachers and students! During the first decade of the millennium a disturbing trend was noticed in the society. The peace-loving citizens of locality were rocked by a spurt in cases of violence and social unrest. A close scrutiny of the ‘Violence’ graph reveals a hundred per cent increase during the year 2003-2004. The upward swing went on mounting higher steadily during the next year and showed no sign of abatement. It stuck to a steady level during 2006 as well. Perhaps it was due to some strict measures adopted by the law enforcing agencies. It might also be the proverbial lull before the storm as the violence graph touched the peak in 2007 and maintained the same level during 2008.

Violence against women and misbehaviour with them are manifestations of sexstarved male chauvinism to assert their Supermacy and dominance. The elimination of potential rivals during elections is the bane of politics. Apart from these murders or those committed by extremists to cause panic or by hardened criminals for extortions at the behest of their masters. The net result is the same heinous extermination of a particular individual/ group or section of society.

It is high time urgent steps were undertaken by the state as well as society to curb anti-social elements as well as propagators of violence. Deterrent punishment and speedy disposal of cases can be an effective curb on the nefarious designs of these offenders against state and society. Thank you.

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Respected Chairperson and distinguished guests! Tourism is a thriving business for earning valuable foreign exchange as well as providing an opportunity for cultural exchange and generating employment. India has a rich heritage of art, sculpture, music, dance and drama. Many European countries have promoted tourism as a trade. In some countries it is run like an industry. We, in India, are running it in a non-professional or amateurish manner as is evident from the troughs is the graph of domestic as well as foreign tourists.

It is high time we regarded travel and tourism as an industry and launched action plans to accelerate the growth of tourism. A nodal financial institution catering to the specific needs of tourism industry should be established.

The main stumbling blocks in the development of tourism at present are lack of infrastructure, inadequate ways of reaching hotels, tourist sites, gateways, etc., paucity in the number of coaches and cars (specially air-conditioned ones), ill-maintained roads. Conferences, cultured exchanges, tourism exchanges, leisure trips, education trips, holiday trips or business trips should be segregated and facilities available be publicized as an attractive package.

The need and aspirations of the various categories of tourists should be carefully analysed and adhered to in the sphere of accommodation, food, entertainment and guided tours. Last but not the least the hotel industry should adopt a business-like attitude in greeting and sending off the visitors with a smile. Give them a pleasant experience and prepare them to undertake a repeat visit soon. Thank you.

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Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Basic  English Grammar  rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

A speech is an effective way of communicating a message to a large audience. It is one of the ways of spreading awareness regarding social issues or giving information regarding other important issues. As a form of writing, a speech is similar to an article except that it begins with a formal address to the audience, is more conversational in tone and concludes with a ‘Thank you’. A speech is written for a specific purpose like informing, persuading, convincing or entertaining an audience.

Components of a Speech Introduction

Introduction It begins with greeting the Chief Guest / Principal / teachers and other listeners. It may include a striking statement, short anecdote, a saying or anything else which will immediately make the audience interested. Then the topic of the speech will be announced along with the occasion, if required.

Elaboration of the topic It will include a sequence of ideas to build up to the summing up and conclusion. You may include examples, evidence or data to support the ideas. You can paint verbal pictures and dramatise or personalise the information.

Summing up Summarise the most important points in your speech but do not repeat them.

Conclusion. Depending on the purpose of your speech, conclude with a call for an action, an appeal, a warning, a request and an expression of thanks.

Points to be Kept in Mind

Speech Writing Format for Class 11 CBSE

Speech Writing Class 11 Examples with Answers CBSE Pdf

Question 1. In order to promote reading habits in the students, your school has organised a Library Week. You are Ranjan/Reena. You have to speak in the morning assembly and inform the students about the week-long programme. You have noted the following points:

Write your speech in 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Principal,-Vice-Principal, teachers, and friends! It gives me great pleasure to speak to you about the Library Week that our school has organised from 2nd to 9th September this year. This week is slightly different from the others. Here we have to shift the focus to mental attainment. The aim of celebrating this week is to inculcate reading habits among students. Reading, you know makes a man perfect. So new arrivals in the reference section such as the encyclopedia and dictionaries as well as general books will be displayed. National Book Trust and Oxford University Press are putting up an exhibition. We have invited Dr. Kailash Vajpayee to inaugurate the exhibition. He will autograph the books and interact with students. Other authors like Khushwant Singh and Ruskin Bond will also pay us a visit. During the week, a quiz competition will be organised. The Reading section will have more new magazines for teenagers’ interest. I appeal to all of you to spend as much free time in the library as you can. Thank you.

Question 2. Media has a stronghold on society. Write a speech in 150-200 words, on how media influences public opinion, to be delivered in the school assembly. Answer: Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers and my dear friends, I, Mehak Prasad of class Xl-C, will enlighten you today on the fact that the media has a stronghold on society.

It influences public opinion significantly because people consider true whatever the media depicts, whether it is the electronic media like TV and Radio, social media like Facebook and Twitter, cyber media like the Internet and e-mail, or the print media like newspapers and magazines. However, in some cases, the actual situation is totally different from what is depicted in the media. Media dramatises the information to serve its own ends, and usually to gain popularity.

Everybody, yes everybody, are exposed to different forms of media. People are not always able to separate fact from opinion and believe or disbelieve what they see, hear, or read. This moulds their opinions and actions, thus enabling the media to have a stronghold on society.

Over reporting as well as under-reporting can lead to misinformed opinions. It is for the journalistic community to take initiative and seek to address the various concerns regarding the profession. The public also should be discerning enough to separate facts from opinions and form one’s viewpoint accordingly.

Speech Writing Exercises with Answers for Class 11 CBSE

Question 1. Peer pressure is useful for the development of an individual. If there is no peer pressure at all then there would be no goal or aim to succeed. Write a speech on the topic -‘Is Peer Pressure Beneficial or Not?’to be delivered on account of the Children’s Day celebration in your school. (150-200 words) Answer: Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers, and my dear friends, on the occasion of Children’s Day, I am going to present my views on the topic ‘Is peer pressure beneficial or not?’

Peer pressure is beneficial as long as we know our limits. It is all upto us to be so strong, so firm, so unshakable, and filled with conviction of not going on the wrong track.

Peer pressure is not always bad. Peers may teach you good habits and encourage you to follow them. Looking at what others do can help you bring a positive change in your way of thinking. Your peers, their choices, and ways of life give you a glimpse of the world outside the four walls of your house. What they think about things in life, how they perceive situations, how they react in different circumstances can actually expose you to the world around them. Being part of a larger group of peers exposes you to the diversity in human behaviour. This makes you reflect on your behaviour and know where you stand. Peer pressure can lead you to make the right choices in life.

Your peers can, thus, influence the shaping of your personality in a positive way. Moreover, it’s not pressuring every time, sometimes it’s an inspiration, which makes you change for good.

Question 2. Racism is bad. Anyone and everyone can be exposed to racism. Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic ‘Racism’ to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school. Answer: Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers and my dear friends, good morning!

Why must I choose whom to befriend according to the colour of their skin? Is there anything written anywhere that makes one race above another? I am going to present my views on the topic ‘Racism’ today.

I am nobody to judge other people. In fact, we all are unique in our own way and we all should be judged on our individual and personal qualities.

We have lots of people who are filled with hatred-hatred pointed especially at the colour of the skin. But where does all this hatred come from? God has never conceived hate. Did he make us different just to see hatred and war? I don’t think so. Why can’t we carry out Martin Luther King’s dream about a world in peace and without any kind of racism?

Racism works against the principle of being equal and the right of all people to be treated fairly. Hating people because of their colour or other factors is wrong. We all have to stay together and thus, we need to make the effort to embrace and accept other cultures. This can start with the simple act of friendship. Let us start today.

Question 3. The actions and behaviour of senior college and university students are a far cry from the normal, decent and civilised. It’s all the more reprehensible because even girls are subjected to indecency and vulgarity. Write a speech on the topic ‘Ragging’ in 150-200 words for your school’s morning assembly. Answer: Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers and my dear friends, good morning!

Ragging deserves severe condemnation and needs to be consigned to the dustbin of discarded ideas. Today I am going to present my views on the serious issue of ‘Ragging’.

The practice has now become a source of uncivilised behaviour, which brings to the fore animal instincts of the practising youth. It deserves to be curtailed, curbed and ultimately abolished. It calls for strict action and punishment. Any mildness in this regard amounts to giving it a further fillip.

The raggers may put forth unsustainable arguments that it is meant to bring the freshers into the mainstream of campus life, that it helps in rounding up the angularities of the freshers who are awkward and uninitiated in the ways of college and university life. The supporters of ragging also hold forth that this results in understanding and mutual liking, which blooms into friendship.

On the contrary, many ragging incidents result into attempted suicides. Youngsters are subjected to unwholesome and unhealthy practir 3. Such actions breed hostility and a strong desire to seek revenge. The ragged youngster nurses th„* numiiiation in mind and next year, will take it out on a newcomer. The practice, thus, continues.

Hence, it calls for condemnation and a total ban of this practise of ragging.

teachers and my dear friends. Today, I, Shrishti of class XI wili give my vision of The Ideal Indian’.

I have always dreamed of India to be a great country which will be a role model for other countries of the world. It will be a place where everybody is honest, trustworthy, caring and respectful so that the common man lives his life without any fear and has access to all the basic amenities required to lead a happy and * comfortable life.

Principles of basic education and employment will be followed here so that every citizen is both educated and employed. The Indian of my dreams will execute his responsibilities first and then only assert his rights. This will lead to a society where law and order will be maintained and people with good deeds will be appreciated, whereas the wrongdoers will be punished. This will inturn lead to an inspiring and empowering feeling in the minds of the citizens. Moral values, culture and heritage will be preserved here and passed on to future generations. That is the India I dream of. The ideal Indian will try to shun all malpractices and help the government in furthering the causes of national integration and maintenance of law and order.

Question 2. You are Ashok, studying in class XI-B. You have been asked by your Principal to speak in the morning assembly on ‘The Importance of English’. Draft the speech in 150-200 words. Answer: Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Ashok of class Xi-B, will highlight the importance of English in today’s scenario.

English is a universal language which is now needed to be known by everyone. Without English, one feels handicapped. If you travel to any part of the world, and even to some parts of India, knowledge of English sees you through. That is why most public schools in cities are teaching in the English medium. The primary reason is that parents want their children to be fluent in English.

To get a reasonable job, it is a must to be able to write, understand and speak English, as it is the language of communication. Due to this, most of the interviews for good jobs and even admission interviews for colleges are conducted in English.

Many people wish to study or work abroad. To know the local language may be difficult and learning it would take time, but if one knows English, it comes to one’s rescue. Even the best study materials for research work are available only in English, Computers which are widely used can usually be used only with knowledge of English.

Thus, English is a must in today’s scenario.

Question 6. Advertisements exercise a lot of influence on the common man. They have invaded man’s life through media. You have to speak on ‘The Effects of Advertisements on Consumers’ in the morning assembly. Write your speech in 150-200 words. You are Sana/Suresh of class XI-B. Answer: Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Suresh of class XI-B, will speak on The effects of advertisements on consumers’.

These days media is everywhere, be it TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet and other media. These media channels solicit advertisements to pay for their costs. The media is so full of advertisements that after every few minutes or pages, what you find is another round of advertisements. These repeated advertisements create a psychological effect on the viewers or listeners so that the product gets imbibed into their subconscious mind.

It is this excessive advertising that the consumers should be careful of, otherwise they will land up buying a heavily advertised product which may not be good. Young consumers specially children and teenagers are carried away by varied choices and end up spending a lot of money on buying products which they may not use at all.

Consumers need to be careful and must enquire before buying any product by researching and taking other people’s opinions who have already used a particular product. They should also utilise the available resources on social media through friends and other means before committing to any buying decisions.

The better informed consumer will not be carried away by advertisement alone and will judge a product in a balanced manner before buying it.

Question 7. You are the first speaker in the Inter-House Declamation contest being held in your school. The topic chosen for the contest is ‘Ban Child Labour’. Write your speech in 150-200 words. You are Ashwini/Anuradha. Answer: Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Anuradha of Patel House, will speak on the given topic ‘Ban Child Labour’.

Child labour typically refers to employment of children below a certain age in organisations and industries with or without their legal permission. This problem is more acute in developing countries rather than developed countries primarily because of three reasons, namely low cost associated with child labour, the need of poor families to make their children work to get money and lack of will power for implementation of labour laws. Even within developing countries, it is the unorganised sector like shoe-making, safety matches, handmade clothes, bangles, carpet weaving etc that has a higher percentage of child labour.

The more disturbing part is the way children are treated during their employment. They are made to work long hours, not given proper food, deprived of basic sanitation and often exposed to hazardous chemicals during the course of their work. This results in lack of growth, injuries or at times, even death of children. It also deprives the children of tender care, right to basic education, love and time to play.

To stop child labour, the government must strictly implement labour laws and severely punish employers found guilty of illegal child labour. Then only we can promise a better future for the children of this country. The government must find ways to end poverty which is one of the root causes of child labour.

We all know that ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. To maintain this good health, we should live in a healthy environment and surroundings. The most important of these are the sanitary conditions. We should not throw our litter or waste material anywhere, but use the dustbins provided by the Municipal Corporation outside the home and waste bins inside our homes. Garbage should be properly disposed off otherwise it will spread all kinds of diseases.

We should also try to ensure that all drains are covered. Stray animals should not be allowed in the colonies so that they do not dirty the drains and other areas with their excreta. Slum dwellers should be made aware of the necessity of healthy surroundings. Also, the Municipal Corporation sanitation staff should be taken to task if they neglect their work.

Friends, it is our responsibility to keep our town clean. Each one should do his/her bit; then only will it pay off.

Question 9. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is a well-known saying. You are Kavi/Kavita of class XI. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the school morning assembly on the benefits of rising early. Answer: Good Morning respected Principal Sir, teachers and my dear friends.

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is a famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the famous American scientist. How right he was! So today, I, Kavita of class XI, will speak about the benefits of rising early.

According to research conducted recently, students who consistently wake up early each day actually scored better in tests and overall grade points than those who woke later on. Of course, this is not simply a result of waking up early, but when you wake up early, you’re more likely to take part in a fixed routine, and most importantly, you will eat a good breakfast. Late risers tend to skip breakfast to make up for the lost time, but this is a bad idea because your body needs those nutrients in the morning for energy and focusing on your tasks. Some of the most successful people in the world are early risers. It’s simple: if you wake up early, you get more time to get things done. There are less distractions in the early hours of the day and your brain is charged and ready to work hard. You are at your efficient best and will get things done quickly and efficiently. When a man is healthy and wealthy, he automatically grows wise. Early morning is the best time for the students and other intellectual workers to go about their work. They are fresh after the night’s rest and there is not much noise at this time to disturb them.

Question 10. Shweta has to deliver a speech in the morning assembly on the topic: ‘The Generation Gap is destroying family life’. Write her speech in about 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Chairman, honourable judges, members of the staff, and my dear Mends! I stand before you to speak my mind on “The Generation Gap is destroying family life’. There are many points to support this contention. The generation gap has caused à chasm between the old and the young. There is a clash of ideas and ideals, tastes, ways of thinking, and lifestyle. The young hanker after luxury, comfort, and material happiness. They believe in full enjoyment and complete freedom. The elders insist on moral and spiritual values. They advocate renunciation and control of desires. The children think that their parents are slaves to customs.

The generation gap is evident in behaviour and manners of the two classes. The elders believe in strict obedience to a superior authority. They want that children must respect their elders and learn to be polite. The children pine for freedom. They resent all sorts of curbs. They demand freedom of expression. They want to have a say in family affairs. They insist that their views must be given proper consideration. This leads to bickerings, heart-burning, and tension in the family.

The elders insist on discipline and strict compliance of their orders. They advocate smiling acceptance of punishment meted out for breach of discipline. The young insist on unrestrained freedom and frankness. They advocate freedom of self-expression and are unwilling to tolerate any interference in their personal affairs—career, love-affair, or marriage. Thus there is a wide gap between the two generations. This difference in their way of thinking and behaviour is destroying family life. Hence, I conclude that ‘The generation gap is destroying family life’. Thank you.

Speech Writing Self Assessment Class 11 CBSE Pdf

1 Eating disorders are not a fad diet or an experiment to lose weight, but they are serious complex disorders that may take years to recover from. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in a seminar on } ‘Health and Fitness’ on the topic ‘Eating disorders’.

2 You have to speak on ‘How to Avoid Being Cyber Bullied?’ Prepare your speech to he delivered at the Inter-School Declamation contest being organised as a part of the annual cultural festival of your school. You are Darpan/Deepika. (150-200 words).

3 Write a speech to be given in the morning assembly of your school on the topic ‘Evil of Casteism in our country’ in 150-200 words.

4 You have been chosen for representing your school at the regional level Inter-School Debate Contest. Prepare a speech in 150-200 words for the same on the topic ‘Newspapers Ought to Contain More News and Fewer Advertisements’.

5 Parents play an important role in children’s education. Strangely enough, the same parents who complain of drawbacks in the education system during the early years of their children’s education, suddenly realise the importance of exams, results, percentage, coaching and competitions when their children come to class XI-XII. Write a speech on the topic ‘Role of Parents in Children’s Education’ in 150-200 words.

6 Despite rising taxes and increasing restrictions against tobacco use, there are still approximately 250 million smokers in India and the number is going up. Prepare a speech in 150-200 words on the topic ‘Quit Smoking not Life’ for a group of young smokers urging them to quit smoking. ”

7 The success of any business or consumer product in today’s world depends in part on the target market’s ability to distinguish one product from another. Branding helps consumers to ultimately identify a product from those of the competition. Write a speech for the morning assembly on the topic ‘Brand Names Cost More-But is the Quality Better?’ You are Suresh/Smita. (150-200 words)

8 Road accidents are a common sight. Further, people are often seen shouting at and threatening the people who have annoyed them in other ways. Even overtaking them quite legally can enrage them. Write a speech on the topic ‘Road Rage’ in 150-200 words.

9 Narcotics Control Bureau is organising a declamation contest in your school as part of its observance of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic ‘Youth and Drug Abuse’.

10 On the occasion of National Consumer’s Day, you have to speak on the topic ‘Consumer Rights and their Protection’. Draft the speech in 150-200 words.

11 The Delhi Government has banned the use of polythene and plastic bags as they are non-biodegradable and harmful to every living being and the environment. But still people are using them for carrying things. Write a speech, to be delivered in the morning assembly, on the topic ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’ in 150 – 200 words.

12 India is a country of festivals. There is a series of festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. They reflect our culture and bring us closer. Based on the visuals given below, write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in your school’s morning assembly on this topic. You are Kiran, class XI-A.

13 Games play an important role in our lives. They are not only a means of entertainment but also keep us physically fit. Some like indoor games and other outdoor. Write a speech in 150-200 words for your school’s morning assembly on the topic ‘The Importance of games in our Life’.

14 The Internet has become essential in our lives today. Some browse for many hours at a stretch every day. However, we know that excess of anything is bad. So by doing this, they not only waste their time but spoil their health also. Write a speech to be delivered in an Inter-Class Declamation Contest in 150-200 words on the topic ‘The Harms of Excessive Internet Browsing’.

15 High buildings, the Metro train, shopping malls, big parks, wide roads, etc attract people to live in metro cities. However, traffic jams, pollution, crime, and insecurity disappoint them. Basing your ideas on the picture given below, write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly on the topic ‘Disadvantages of Living in a Big City’.

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Speech Writing for Class 11

Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Basic  English Grammar  rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

We also providing Extra Questions for Class 11 English Chapter wise.

Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

Purpose of making a speech:

The speech must be written in the appropriate format and style. Remember to keep within the word limit.

Speech Writing Sample Example for Class 11

Speech Writing Class 11

A large number of advertisers are using children to sell their products. You are against the concept of children being used in advertisements. Write a speech to put forward your views. You are Dinesh/Divya of Government Model School, Karnal. Use the clues given.

Honourable judges, respected teachers, and my dear friends, a very good morning to all. Today I, Divya of Government Model School, Karnal (a) ………………………………… on ‘Should We Use Children to Advertise Goods?’ (b) ………………………………… all those advertisements which use children to target other children for marketing their products. There are two reasons for this. (c) ………………………………… . Advertisers show teenagers jumping from the bridge to pick up a bottle of a popular brand of soft drink or performing daredevil acts on motorcycles. Children try to emulate these models and often get hurt or, worse still, even lose their lives.

The second reason is that (d) ……………………………….. . They do not have access to information, so when their favourite actor says, “Yehi hai right choice, baby’, they’re ready to accept it as the right choice. Kids love a particular brand of juice because the girl in the advertisement says, “I love you juice.” It becomes the favoured drink though it does not have any nutritive value as it is not fruit – based. Monosodium glutamate, an essential ingredient of a popular brand of instant noodles, is known to cause brain damage and obesity. But the advertisements are so powerful that children will eat no other brand.

(e) ……………………………….. . They realise kids have ‘pester – power’. (f) ………………………………… till they buy them the branded shoes or jeans that they have seen children wearing in advertisements and (g) ……………………………….. .

The Advertising Standards Council of India lays down the code for advertising as follows, ‘Advertisements addressed to children shall not contain anything, whether in illustration or otherwise, which might result in their physical, mental or moral harm, or which exploits their vulnerability.’ (h) ………………………………… that this code is being flouted openly? I feel there should be a committee to review all advertisements using children. Answer: (a) stand before you to share with you my views (b) I strongly condemn as unethical (c) One is the fact that children are more vulnerable (d) it violates the right of informed choice (e) I feel that advertisers are exploiting children by using them in advertisements (f) They pester their parents (g) the manufacturers laugh all the way to the bank (h) But, friends, don’t you agree with me when I say

Speech Writing Class 11 Practice Examples

1. You recently read the following newspaper article:

Shocked by the recent study that shows how computers are killing childhood by making redundant a host of skills which a child would otherwise acquire naturally, you decide to speak in the morning assembly at your school, advising students not to lose themselves in virtual reality. Write the speech in 150 – 200 words.

2. You are Ratan/Radha of Class XI. You have been asked to write a debate on the motion: ‘Extracurricular Activities Should Be Accorded Equal Importance as Academics’. Write a speech for the motion. (150 – 200 words)

35. Write a debate for the motion: ‘Politeness and Courtesy are Outdated in Today’s World’. You are Gautam/ Gargi of St Mary’s School.

3. While science is a good slave, it can be a bad master. Write a short speech to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school, advising students not to let gadgets and gizmos drive them, but to employ these to their advantage.

4. Write a speech against capital punishment.

5. You are Preeti/Pawan, Head Girl/Boy of your school. Write a speech to be delivered at the career counselling session for students of classes IX-XII of your school advising students on the benefits of thinking seriously about their goals and aptitudes before choosing a stream of study.

Speech Writing Class 11

As a volunteer of the National AIDS Foundation, deliver a speech for the students of classes IX-XII on the causes, spread, and prevention of this disease. You are Uday Man Singh.

7. In the latter part of the 20th century, “Team Building’ became recognised by many companies as an important factor in providing a quality service and remaining competitive. What are the qualities required to be a good team member? Write a speech to be delivered to the students of classes IX-XII about the importance of team – building and how to be a team – member.

8. In a meeting of the World Water Forum at Kyoto, the 24,000 delegates from 182 countries focused on the escalating global water crisis. Global water consumption has increased tenfold in the last century, largely due to growing population, industrial development, and expansion of irrigated farming. The speakers said that water or Blue Gold will be the next object of conquest by the year 2020. You are Anamika/Anuj Sinha, Head Girl/Boy of Loyola School, Patna. Deliver a speech in the school assembly on the need to conserve water.

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Question 1 - Speech - Writing - English Class 11

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Youngsters can perform a significant role in curbing corruption. Write a speech to be given in the morning  assembly on the same topic.

You may include points like:.


  Role of Youth in Curbing Corruption  

1️⃣A very good morning to the respected Principal, teachers and my fellow students. Today, I, “XYZ” of class XI,  am going to present my views on the topic  “Role of youth in curbing Corruption”. 2️⃣Corruption is a habit and hence  everyone who holds an important position, is susceptible to it. There are people who can compete for certain jobs with greater chances of corruption and those who don’t have the chance, expect to minimise the corruption and keep complaining about it. 3️⃣But preventing and eradicating corruption is an absolute requirement for a better public life. As personal integrity is at stake, adolescents must rise to the fight against corruption on a personal level. Education is the key to eradicating corruption. 4️⃣Young people must say "no" to donations and private lessons. We need to promote a system of job selection based on merit, not bribery. Higher education is the key to eradicating corruption in our country. 5️⃣Ultimately, it is to form a national character. Nationality is nothing but a collective consciousness combined with courage. Don't turn young people into money machines. We must commit today to ending corruption at all levels.  

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speech writing topics for class 11

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speech writing topics for class 11

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speech writing topics for class 11

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speech writing topics for class 11

English Speech Topics for Students

' src=

english speech topics for students

Writing an exciting and thoughtful speech requires one to select a good topic, research it thoroughly and formation of individual opinions to express the same. School students are usually asked to speak on a contemporary topic to help them become good public speakers as well as learn the art of expressing oneself in front of an audience. While many speech competitions often allot topics beforehand, you might also have heard of extempore where topics are given on the spot for speech. This blog brings you a list of common English speech topics as well as some helpful tips and tricks that can assist you in effectively expressing your thoughts and opinions in front of an audience.

speech writing topics for class 11

Quick Read: English Speaking Books

This Blog Includes:

List of best english speech topics, 1-minute speech topics, 2-minute speech topics, easy speech topics in english, english speech topics on environment, english speech topics on social issues, english speech topics on important days & events, english speech topics on greatest leaders in india & around the world, english speech topics on proverbs, english speech topics on education, miscellaneous speech topics, types of persuasive speech topics, tips for writing and speaking a speech.

Speeches are all about one’s thoughts. It should not be copied from somewhere. It is all about what the speaker thinks of any given topic. Take a look at the following list of English Speech Topics on different contemporary issues as well as concepts.

Exploring English Speech Topics? You must also take a look at Extempore Topics !

Quick Read: TOEFL Speaking Topics

Check out this list of all the important national and international days in 2021 !

To know what to mention in such speech topics, explore the Great Personalities in the World !

Explore these proverbs & their meanings through this blog on Difficult Phrases !

Check Out: Synonyms List

While exploring persuasive English speech topics, you must make sure that they are stimulating, engaging, concise and clear. There are three main types of Persuasive Speech topics which are:

1. Factual Persuasive Speech : These topics include facts, figures and statistics to thoroughly analyse the given topic and assess whether it’s true or false.

2. Policy Persuasive Speech : Discussing policies, laws and reforms, these speech topics critically examine the advantages and disadvantages of the given policy or law and suggest the improvements that can be made.

3. Value Persuasive Speech : Mainly focusing on social or political issues, these speech topics present the critique and argument of whether certain actions are morally right or not.

While speaking on a particular topic, there are certain things which you must keep in mind to make your speech expressive and effective. Before providing you with a comprehensive list of English speech topics, let’s take a look at some useful topics that help you in acing any topic you are speaking on.

tips for writing and speaking

While preparing for English Speech topics, you must also check out IELTS Speaking Topics !

speech writing topics for class 11

Juvenile delinquency is acceptable. Prostitution should be legal. Underage driving should be punishable by law. Beauty pageants for children should be banned. Prisoner’s right to vote. Voting rights should not be universal. Guns should be banned from college campuses.

A three-minute speech is undoubtedly a wonderful starting point for public speaking. This is because you need to communicate with your audience more effectively when you just have a short amount of time. In addition, the speech ought to be concise, pertinent, and clear.

Life is the gift of God in the form of trust that we will make it meaningful in whatever we can. We are all unique individuals. No one is born like you and no one will ever be, so cherish your individuality. Many times, I come across people accusing God of things that they don’t have. They always cursing their lives.

Thus, we hope that this list helps you in preparing for different English speech topics. Gearing up for IELTS ? Sign up for an online demo session with our experts at Leverage Edu and we will assist you in preparing for its different sections as well as improving your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to ensure that you ace the exam with flying colours!

' src=

Team Leverage Edu

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I take english speaking classes, please provide me sone more material to help student’s.

Here are some articles on books and study material that will help your students- https://leverageedu.com/blog/english-speaking-books/ https://leverageedu.com/blog/books-by-charles-dickens/ https://leverageedu.com/blog/best-books-by-george-orwell/

I want topic on students and online classes

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speech writing topics for class 11

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speech writing topics for class 11

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speech writing topics for class 11

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speech writing topics for class 11

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speech writing topics for class 11

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Class 11 & 12 Speech Writing Sample and Example

Some Solved Examples of Speech Are:-

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Ans. Good morning everyone. Today I am here to discuss the growth of the tourism industry. One can easily notice that there are noticeable changes in the character of Indian tourism, from a trip of pilgrimage to pleasure trips. A sort of organized tourism in India started in the 1950s and over the years, the Indian tourism industry has grown considerably as is indicated by the arrival of foreign tourists. The number of foreigners has substantially increased over the years.

This industry’s every sector, including hotels, lodging services, retail market, warehousing, transport, finance, insurance, food and beverage industry is flourishing. I assure you that tourism will contribute to the country’s GDP to a great extent and will provide more and more employment opportunities.

 Ans.                                                                Corruption

Respected principal, worthy teachers and my dear friends: today I am going to express my views on the topic; “Corruption is an Evil and the Need to Crush it”.

 What could be the causes for indulging in corruption? These could be lust for power, money, property and prestige. It is a ladder of success through which people reach the top using undue favours and means and disregarding the regulations and norms.

Corruption starts from the bottom and reaches the top, thus it needs to be curbed at the ground level. There should be a monitoring committee with excellent vigilance to keep a check on corrupt officials and activities. There should be strict penalty and punishment for corrupt people. We need to make more and more people aware and help them to raise their voice and curb corruption.

3. As an active member of the Science Club of your school, write a speech on the topic ‘Advantages of Nuclear Power’. You are Raghav/Ramita of S.P. International school.

With the advent of the technology of nuclear power, there is a commendable increase in the development of the medical sector. A complex disease like cancer, leprosy, etc. can be treated using nuclear power technology. This has saved many lives in an easy and less complex manner.

 In the field of agriculture and industry, production has increased manifold with the use of nuclear technology, It has helped this sector to progress and prosper a lot. If we talk about defence, the surveillance capacity has improved a lot with the use of this technology. Now we have more weapons and devices which operate on this technology. Thus, nuclear power is safeguarding the nation. In the field of basic amenities, this technology works in the form of reverse osmosis which purifies water and spares us from the till effects of unsafe water. The most important contribution is electricity. The electricity supply has increased drastically with the advent of nuclear power reactors.

It should serve mankind.

Some More Examples Are:-

4. “Reality of Reality shows featuring children” 5.Advising  students to keep the school neat and clean 6.Observe Metro Manners 7.’How to Protect Your Eyesight’ 8.’How Media Influences public  ‘Opinion’ 9.`The role of a teacher in society’ 10.Accidents due to mobile phones 11.’The Importance of Power’


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