College Sports | Cheat sheet: What the Name, Image and Likeness…

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College Sports

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College sports | bay area weather: after thunderstorms and hail, snow could be on the way this weekend, college sports | cheat sheet: what the name, image and likeness legislation means for the ncaa and the pac-12, how does nil work which teams stand to benefit.

College sports will change forever on July 1, when the NCAA’s traditional definition of amateurism crumbles and student-athletes are permitted to earn paychecks based on their prowess on the fields and courts of play.

Many are heralding the moment; some are dreading it; no one is exactly sure how it will play out over time.

But we know this much:

The implementation of Name, Image and Likeness legislation across the country is extraordinarily confusing, largely because the NCAA wasn’t prepared for a moment years in the making.

Here’s a cheat sheet for fans to better understand the rapidly changing world of college sports.

*** What is NIL?

Name, Image and Likeness describes the process by which college athletes are allowed to receive financial compensation through marketing and promotional endeavors — from autograph signings to product endorsements to social media posts.

*** What’s the origin of NIL?

The legislation traces its origins to a class-action lawsuit filed in the late 2000s by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon, who argued that college athletes should be compensated for the use of their name and image in video games.

The process lurched forward in the fall of 2019, when California enacted the Fair Pay to Play Act allowing athletes to be paid for promotional opportunities.

Passage of Fair Pay to Play sparked similar legislation in other states and forced the NCAA to accept a new reality.

Fearing the passage of slightly different NIL rules in each of 50 states, the NCAA asked Congress for a federal law that (shockingly) has yet to come.

*** When does the new NIL rule take effect?

Because the legislation was scheduled to begin on July 1 in six states (Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and New Mexico), the NCAA has approved NIL for athletes at all colleges and universities on that date.

In the states without specific NIL laws on the books, an interim policy will permit athletes everywhere to pursue  opportunities.

That policy is expected to be approved by the NCAA’s Board of Directors on Wednesday and includes these guidelines:

— College athletes can engage in NIL activities that are consistent with the law of the state where the school is located. Colleges and universities are responsible for determining whether those activities are consistent with state law.

— Student-athletes who attend a school in a state without a NIL law can engage in this type of activity without violating NCAA rules related to name, image and likeness.

— College athletes can use a professional services provider for NIL activities.

— Student-athletes should report NIL activities consistent with state law or school and conference requirements to their school.

If Congress doesn’t eventually craft a federal law, the NCAA will formalize its policy.

*** Who can pay the athletes?

The courts have explicitly stated that payments for athletic-related performance cannot come from the universities themselves but instead from the business world.

For example, a local car dealership could pay the starting quarterback $25,000 for the right to display his image on billboards around town.

Social media companies could pay athletes $1 (or more) for every follower they have.

Technology companies could pay athletes to endorse their products and services.

*** What is the maximum payment allowed?

There are no limits on the compensation.

A Heisman Trophy candidate could earn $10,000 for a one-hour autograph session.

A backup tailback could receive $10 or per month for promoting a local pizzeria.

*** How will NIL impact recruiting?

For the NCAA and its universities, the most concerning aspect of NIL is the potential for exploitation of recruiting rules —for car dealerships in different cities to effectively bid for a standout prospect in order to lure him or her to the local school.

The interim policy adopted this week by the NCAA maintains the commitment “to avoid pay-for-play and improper inducements tied to choosing to attend a particular school.”

Many schools likely will create rules similar to the one announced recently by Florida, which states that boosters “may not compensate or arrange compensation to a current or prospective intercollegiate athlete for her or his name, image, likeness.”

(The NCAA broadly defines boosters as “representatives of the institution’s athletic interests.”)

Exactly how NIL compensation will be kept separate from the recruiting world is anyone’s guess.

Many within college sports view NIL as a form of legalized cheating.

*** Which schools will benefit?

Altius Sports Partners was created last year to help athletic departments across the country navigate the world of NIL.

The Hotline asked CEO Casey Schwab the following question:

Does NIL benefit universities located in college towns, where there is deep fan affinity and recognition of the athletes, or in big cities, where more and wealthier businesses exist?

In other words, is Arizona basketball better positioned to take advantage of NIL than UCLA basketball? Is Washington football in better position than Oregon football? And how does NIL impact the Pac-12 generally compared to the Big Ten and SEC?

“The football programs that invest in NIL in a long-term manner and don’t make quick promises they can’t keep are the ones that will be successful,” Schwab said.

“It won’t be long before these deals are made public — it’s advertising, and we’ll see it. So if schools overpromise and underdeliver, the kids will see it and leave (through the transfer portal).

“Really, it depends on how the schools tap into their local resources and culture. In L.A., it might be the music scene. In Alabama, it might be hosting a golf tournament.

“The key is making sure the athletes understand the scope of the opportunities available in person and through social media and how well the schools tap into the local approach.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.”

Support the Hotline: Receive three months of unlimited access for just 99 cents. Yep, that’s 99 cents for 90 days, with the option to cancel anytime. Details are here , and thanks for your support.

*** Send suggestions, comments and tips (confidentiality guaranteed) to [email protected] or call 408-920-5716

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Jon Wilner | College sports reporter

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What Is NIL in College Sports? The NCAA Rules Explained.

portrait of Joseph Rios

Editor & Writer

report nil meaning

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It has been one year since the NCAA implemented its policy allowing college athletes to make money off their name, image, and likeness (NIL). But as the NIL era enters its second year, the policy — and what it means for college sports — remains fluid.

NIL allows athletes to make endorsement deals, cash in on social media, and get paid for such things as making personal appearances, signing autographs, and even endorsing political candidates .

However, NIL doesn't allow pay-for-play, and the NCAA continues to forbid improper inducements intended to attract students to a particular school.

Here's what you need to know about the NCAA’s name, image, and likeness policy, how it's played out in its first year, and how it will impact college sports in the 2022-23 season.

The NCAA Was Forced to Implement NIL

Before June 30, 2021, the NCAA considered college athletes amateurs, and they were forbidden to compete if they'd taken pay for endorsements or to play.

One year ago, the governing boards for all three NCAA divisions approved what they termed "a uniform interim policy" that suspends previous rules regarding endorsements for all incoming and current student-athletes in all sports.

"This is an important day for college athletes since they all are now able to take advantage of name, image, and likeness opportunities," NCAA President Mark Emmert said at the time .

The NCAA’s decision on name, image, and likeness was announced one day before laws in more than a dozen states were set to take effect that provided the same standards as the new policy.

The decision also came weeks after a unanimous Supreme Court decision in NCAA v. Alston that found the NCAA cannot bar colleges from making education-related payments to college athletes. The decision affirmed two previous rulings by lower courts that held that such actions by the NCAA were in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

"The NCAA is not above the law," Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in a June 21, 2021, opinion . "The NCAA couches its arguments for not paying student athletes in innocuous labels. But the labels cannot disguise the reality: The NCAA's business model would be flatly illegal in almost any other industry in America."

Here's How the NCAA's NIL Policy Is Playing Out

The NCAA's name, image, and likeness policy allows for individuals to engage in activities that are in accordance with the law of the state where a school is located.

As of June 17, 43 states have enacted or are considering laws in compliance with the NCAA's NIL policy. If a state doesn't have laws addressing college sports, schools are responsible for creating their own rules.

"The new policy preserves the fact that college sports are not pay-for-play. It also reinforces key principles of fairness and integrity across the NCAA and maintains rules prohibiting improper recruiting inducements," Division II Presidents Council chair Sandra Jordan said in a release that announced the NIL policy. "It's important that any new rules maintain these principles."

Student-athletes are required to report name, image, and likeness activities consistent with state law or school and conference requirements to their school, according to the NCAA. They're also allowed to hire a professional services provider for NIL activities.

In year one, a wide range of college athletes got paid for a wide range of endorsements.

University of Tennessee at Martin quarterback Dresser Winn inked what is believed to be the first NIL agreement between a college athlete and political candidate. Drew Timme, Gonzaga University's 6-foot-10 mustachioed forward, linked up with the Dollar Shave Club to serve as the company's first "chin-fluencer" during the NCAA basketball tournament.

University of California, Los Angeles gymnast Samantha Sakti earned $10,000 from Sam's Club simply because her name is Sam.

Women college athletes have benefited greatly from name, image, and likeness, with some crediting it for further forging gender equity in college sports.

University of Oregon basketball star Sedona Prince told a virtual panel discussion hosted by U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy that she and other athletes are benefitting from the opportunity to run their own lives.

"Without NIL, I would not have as many opportunities," Prince said. "I would kind of be forced into this path of going to the WNBA, earn about $60,000 a year, and just run my body down until I'm not able to walk in my 50s, which is so sad that it is such a reality that we have to face as women athletes.

"So now I have that freedom where I can just live the life that I want and invest my money correctly, doing well and get money to put to the future. It is incredible," she added.

Not every college athlete can make money through name, image, and likeness deals, however. More than 21,000 international students are included in the NCAA's interim NIL policy, but because most of these athletes are in the U.S. with F-1 visas, their opportunities to earn an income are strictly limited .

Students with F-1 visas are only allowed to work on-campus jobs for up to 20 hours per week and are barred from all off-campus jobs in their first year. After the first year, these students are only allowed to do practical training related to their study, like a paid internship.

Duke University's men's basketball team, meanwhile, is embracing the NCAA's new name, image, and likeness era by creating a new position to help players capitalize on it.

The team this month announced the hiring of Rachel Baker as its first-ever general manager. She's tasked with helping players market themselves and profit from their fame and apparently the nation's first NIL general manager.

Other schools are likely to follow Duke's lead. Purdue University, for instance, recently posted a director of NIL engagement position on the NCAA's job website .

Regulations on Recruiting, College Boosters Required

During the first year of the NIL era, the NCAA issued several guidelines limiting college boosters and recruiting, and it appears fine-tuning rules over recruiting activities will be a priority in year two — especially for big-time sports such as football and basketball.

In May, the NCAA took the first steps to crack down on booster-led collectives that use name, image, and likeness deals to recruit high school athletes and transfer students to their schools.

Under the new guidance, boosters — anyone who donates time or money to a school's athletes or athletic department — are not allowed to make contact with prospective student-athletes, their families, or their representatives.

Jere Morehead, president of the University of Georgia and chair of the NCAA's Division I Board of Directors, called the new guidance a significant step to addressing some of the challenges and "improper behaviors" that exist in the NIL policy.

"While the NCAA may pursue the most outrageous violations that were clearly contrary to the interim policy adopted last summer, our focus is on the future. The new guidance establishes a common set of expectations for the Division I institutions moving forward, and the board expects all Division I institutions to follow our recruiting rules and operate within these reasonable expectations," Morehead said in a statement.

Current football recruiting controversies show why the NCAA is keen on shoring up its policy for the future seasons.

For instance, in May, University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban said Texas A&M manipulated NIL to pay players. Texas A&M beat Alabama for the country's No. 1 recruiting class in 2022.

"A&M bought every player on their team. Made a deal for name, image, and likeness," Saban said . "We didn't buy one player. I don't know if we're going to be able to sustain that in the future because more and more people are doing it."

Texas A&M head football coach Jimbo Fisher denied Saban's accusations.

Meanwhile in South Florida, University of Miami mega-booster John Ruiz is part of one of the NCAA's first inquiries into NIL and recruiting practices, according to CBS Sports . Ruiz said he voluntarily met with NCAA enforcement staff this month to discuss mega deals he helped broker for the university.

According to the Miami Herald , Ruiz has struck name, image, and likeness deals with more than 115 Miami athletes, including Jaden Rashada, who's poised to become the second-highest rated quarterback recruit in the school's history.

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report nil meaning

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Future of work and learning: the big blur.

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Null vs. Nil – Difference Explained (Helpful Examples)

We all know how vast the English language is. Inevitably, some words overlap in meaning or differ only in function. Sometimes, words don’t even differ by meaning but just by what field they’re used in. Take ‘nil’ and ‘null’ for example. How are they different? Let’s see.

What Is the Difference Between ‘Null’ and ‘Nil’

‘Null’ and ‘nil’ essentially mean the same which is having zero, nothing, or a nonexistent value. Essentially, the two words only differ in what field we often use them.

In the sentence above, ‘nil’ indicates that the score of the home team is ‘nil’ which means zero or nothing.

While the two words are grammatically correct and are still used by some, both words are not as commonly used today. Most use other synonymous terms like ‘zero’ or ‘nothing’ especially since they are more flexible in terms of usage.

‘Null’ and ‘nil,’ though they have specific usages, are generally interchangeable as they essentially mean the same. Unless the context requires a specific word, ‘null’ and ‘nil’ are interchangeable. An example where the two are not interchangeable is when we are talking about legal matters since we only use ‘null’ for such context.

Please enable JavaScript

‘Nil’ is a term that means nothing or zero. We usually use this term in sports and games, when talking about the score of someone. An example is saying ‘the team lost by 3-to-nil’ meaning that the score is 3-to-0. However, we also use ‘nil’ in other contexts as well.

Which Is Used The Most?

According to the Google Ngram Viewer , ‘null’ is generally used more often than ‘nil.’ While there was a short uprise in the use of ‘nil’ in the 1910s, ‘null’ was used more often again in the 1950s and the gap has continuously enlarged as of today .

Final Thoughts

The Content Authority

Nill Vs Nil, Meaning Of Each Word And Sentence Examples

Nill Vs Nil, Meaning Of Each Word And Sentence Examples

Just in case you were wondering, the differences between nill and nil extend beyond a simple letter difference. This article exposed the differences between them and explained how to use them in a sentence.

First of all, let's talk about meaning. "Nill" means to feel an aversion to something and not be willing to do something, reject or refuse. On the other hand, "Nil" means nothing, zero or non-existent.

Here we also talk a bit about the origins of "nill" and "nil" and the etymology of both words, some synonyms, and antonyms, as well as some examples and differences between them. So look for a pen and notepad and take some notes, so you know how to use both terms in the future.

For the word "nill," the first use dates back to the 12th century. This word's origin is from the Middle English word "nilen." Similarly, "nillen" comes from the Old English word "nyllan"; this word is the contraction from the combination of "ne," which means not, and "wyllan," which means to wish.

Contrary to this, the word "nil" started to be used in the mid 19th century as a contraction of "nihil," a Latin word that means nothing. There is not an exact origin of this word.

These words have a few expressions that are similar in meaning; here you have the list for each one:

Like most words, "nill" and "nil" have a few words that are opposite in meaning. Here you have the antonyms for each word:

How People Use Them

The word "nill" is considered to be archaic these days. This word was often used to express thoughts about not being willing to do something. "Nill" acts as an auxiliary verb in some situations; this means it is used to support other verbs and cannot be used independently. However, when it is used as refuse, it can be used alone.

In the case of "nil," people tend to use this word in certain games and sports events to refer to the score. Additionally, a Latin phrase says "nil desperandum," which means nothing is to be despaired of. This phrase is used as a way of saying never give up.

In addition to that, "nil" is a term used in accounts and bookkeeping to talk about canceling. In certain computer languages, it refers to no assigned value or those different from the value zero.

Differences and similitude

The difference between these two very similar words is more than an extra "l." The first difference we saw was the meaning of each word. Another difference is the type of word. "Nill" is a verb, while "nil" is a noun or determiner. Sometimes "nil" is used as a noun when applied to canceling in accounting and bookkeeping.

There are other definitions for the word "nill," one is used to reference the sparks thrown by melted brass. Furthermore, it describes the scales of hot iron when it is forged.

In concerns of the pronunciation of each word, here you can find videos of the pronunciation of nill and nil:

Here are some examples so you can see in what scenarios you might use nill and in which ones you would have to use nil.

Final words

Even though these words are similar in spelling and pretty much equal, they are used in entirely different situations. "Nill" means not being willing to do something, refusing, or rejecting. On the other hand, "nil" means zero or non-existent.

The origins of these might not be pretty clear. Nevertheless, what is completely clear is that "nill" doesn't seem to be used as often anymore. In contrast, "nil" is not that common, but it is not obsolete.

After reading this article, we hope you have a clearer mind regarding the uses of these words. Next time you hear someone using "nill" or "nil," you will realize that each of them has a different meaning, depending on the context.

Shawn Manaher

Shawn Manaher is the founder and CEO of The Content Authority. He's one part content manager, one part writing ninja organizer, and two parts leader of top content creators. You don't even want to know what he calls pancakes.

What doe nil mean on a pap test result?

Dr. Charles Whiting

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers — it's anonymous and free!

Healthtap doctors are based in the u.s., board certified, and available by text or video., ask your cytopathology question free, talk to a primary care doctor now for a personalized answer to your cytopathology question, trusted by millions since 2010, similar questions, my pap test result was a "false positive." what does this mean.

Dr. John Armstrong

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Content on HealthTap (including answers) should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and interactions on HealthTap do not create a doctor-patient relationship. Never disregard or delay professional medical advice in person because of anything on HealthTap. Call your doctor or 911 if you think you may have a medical emergency.

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Get the free app for doctors, work with us, why trust us.

Accurate Termite and Pest Control

How to Read Termite Inspection Reports

by Isaac Camacho | 5 comments

How to read termite inspection reports

It is not uncommon to talk to a person who deals with multiple termite inspection reports on a daily basis who still doesn’t know how to read them or how to answer basic questions about the information being reported.

First, it should be noted that most termite control companies will follow the same basic format and template for their termite inspection reports. That’s because the state agency that governs all of us, the Structural Pest Control Board, has given direct and specific guidelines that all termite inspection reports in California have to follow. 

I f you have ever seen a termite inspection report you know that they are ugly, difficult to read, and almost impossible to understand unless you have been specifically trained on how to read them.

It is not uncommon to talk to a person who deals with multiple termite inspection reports on a daily basis and still doesn’t know how to read them or how to answer basic questions about the information being reported.

First, it should be noted that most termite control companies will follow the same basic format and template for their termite inspection reports. That’s because the state agency that governs all of us, the Structural Pest Control Board, has given direct and specific guidelines that all termite inspection reports in California have to follow.

The only reports you’ll see that differ from the guidelines established by the Structural Pest Control Board are from companies that either think they are too cool to play by the rules or can’t afford the cost to upgrade their software to meet the current industry standards.

So, don’t blame the termite control company for how difficult it is to navigate through one of these reports.

The good news is that most reports are standardized. Keep reading and you will be able to answer at least 80% of questions on any termite inspection report that is formatted to follow the current guidelines set by the Structural Pest Control Board.

Let’s start with the first page. Here is an example of a real termite inspection report with redacted address and contact information to protect customer privacy:

wood destroying pest report

Let’s take findings 2A and 2B as examples:

Sction 1: Drywood termites report

Amazing post, thanks for sharing this article

Thanks for providing a such great article with us, We are also help with the identity and management of termite pest control.


Are costs legally required to be a part of the report with the recommendations for repairs or should they be listed separately (i.e. like an estimate)?


This exceⅼlent website definitely has all the info I needeԀ concerning thiѕ subϳect and didn’t know who to ask.

Alice Carroll

Thanks for explaining that there are also codes to follow when trying to get rid of termites. I’d like to hire termite pest control services soon because I have been seeing some deterioration on some of my wooden pillars. Upon closer inspection, they look like bit marks from insects.

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Closing Escrow in HOA's

What does the term NIL mean and why is it so important to college sports?

Up until a few months ago, the term NIL had little meaning to those interested in college sports -- unless you were on the soccer team (and then it means "zero", literally).

But now, NIL -- which stands for name, image, likeness -- is about to change the world of college athletics as we know it. 

As of Thursday, the NCAA's policy changes will allow athletes to better make money from their image or name, just as legislation in several states, including Florida, either will take effect or soon will.

The NCAA's move is a dramatic one, breaking from decades of not permitting said money-making opportunities.

What does the NCAA's NIL ruling mean for athletes?

Basically, if a college athlete lives in a state where legislation has been passed, they can profit from their name, image, or likeness according to state law. 

If the college athlete doesn't live in a state with a NIL law on the books, the individual school must come up with the policy for athletes to follow. According to ESPN , the NCAA's guidelines on this are few: Don't allow boosters to pay athletes and don't let endorsement deals influence recruiting.

This move, according to The Athletic, is seen as a stopgap until federal legislation is passed. It allows schools in those states without laws on the books to have a more even playing field, provided the schools enact a NIL policy.

A huge day: NCAA adopts temporary policy on name, image and likeness in seismic shift for college sports

Opinion: After NCAA's NIL ruling, college sports will never be the same and that's a good thing

What's Florida's NIL law?

The state's NIL law , which takes effect Thursday, allows intercollegiate athletes to earn compensation for the use of her or his name, image and likeness, and prohibits post-secondary institutions from preventing athletes from earning money or goods. The schools themselves can't compensate athletes for their name, image or likeness.

At one point this year, this law was pushed back to July 1, 2022, but was shifted back to 2021 on April 30 .

New frontier:   Athletes across Florida excited for chance to profit off NIL law

FSU quarterback outraged: Florida lawmakers delay student-athletes profiting from name, image

... And now taking advantage:   McKenzie Milton, D'Eriq King co-found NIL venture

Ready to make a move: Six Florida Gators players ready to capitalize on NIL this year

So can athletes now accept money for endorsements?

In Florida, as of today, yes.

Athletes in Florida, and 11 other states, are now able to gain compensation. In 12 others, it will be state law over the next few years. (Until then, the NCAA's ruling of allowing schools to come up with guidelines would be in effect.)

Why is NIL legislation so important?

Going back decades, the NCAA maintained itself a bastion of amateur sports, even as its member schools were making millions, sometimes hundreds of millions, from the athletes' labor. 

The athletes themselves weren't allowed compensation beyond a fully paid education.

This changes that, allowing athletes to see a share of money for their hard work and athletic prowess. USA Today referred to it as a change as big as that of Title IX in 1981, which made the NCAA sponsor women's athletics championships. 

What made the NCAA change its stance?

The Supreme Court ruled June 21  that the NCAA's rules restricting education-related benefits were illegal. The court was unanimous.

While the decision did not mean all student athletes could start signing endorsement deals, it did question whether any restrictions on acceptable benefits would stand up to scrutiny of future challenges on antitrust regulations.

“Nowhere else in America can businesses get away with agreeing not to pay their workers a fair market rate on the theory that their product is defined by not paying their workers a fair market rate,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in a concurring opinion to the court's decision. “And under ordinary principles of antitrust law, it is not evident why college sports should be any different. The NCAA is not above the law.”

Nil reports definition

Examples of nil reports in a sentence.

Nil reports will also be rendered which will be watched by AN/IV Section.

Nil reports R5.4 If waste has not been transported from the premises in any reporting period as set out in R5.3, the EPA must be advised in writing by the licensee, by the dates referred to in R5.3 in lieu of reporting as defined in R5.2.


Nil reports 5.4 Sustainable EnvironmentNil reports 5.5 High Performing Organisation5.5.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of Audit & Risk Committee MeetingResponsible Officer Executive Manager Governance & StrategyAuthor Nicole North-Vanner, Internal Assurance and Governance AdvisorAttachments1.

Nil reports 8.4 Corporate & Strategy’s Report No’s CPS01.15 to CPS04.15 CPS01.15 List of Accounts Paid – November 2014 Committee10 February 2015Council24 February 2015ApplicantCity of NedlandsOfficerRajah Senathirajah – Manager FinanceDirectorMichael Cole – Director Corporate & StrategyFile ReferenceFin/072-17Previous ItemNil Regulation 11(da) – Not applicable – Recommendation adopted.

Nil reports are mandatory for all entities that do not have financial accounts to report for any given year.

Third, social cohesion in a society is a breeding ground for political innovations.

It is important to understand how SDGs should be reported to be able to analyse them comprehensively.

The report indicated that the lead concentrations in five (5) of the nine (9) waste samples, and two (2) of the sediment samples in the unnamed tributary of the South River, exceeded the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) regulatory limit for lead (5 mg/L).

Nil reports tabled which is consistent with prior years and due to NSLHD budgets being finalised.

Related to Nil reports

SOS Reports means the official reports from the Secretaries of State of each Collateral State, Chief Executive Office State and the Borrower State and other applicable federal, state or local government offices identifying all current security interests filed in the Collateral and Liens of record as of the date of such report.

Financial Reports means the Annual Financial Statements and the Interim Accounts.

Environmental Reports means “Phase I Environmental Site Assessments” as referred to in the ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate, E 1527-05 (and, if necessary, “Phase II Environmental Site Assessments”), prepared by an independent environmental auditor approved by Lender and delivered to Lender in connection with the Loan and any amendments or supplements thereto delivered to Lender, and shall also include any other environmental reports delivered to Lender pursuant to this Agreement and the Environmental Indemnity.

Reports means the reports described in Schedule B as well as any other reports or information required to be provided under LHSIA or this Agreement;

MI Report means a report containing Management Information submitted to the Authority in accordance with Framework Schedule 8 (Management Information);

GLJ Report means the independent engineering reserves evaluation of certain oil, NGL and natural gas interests of the Company prepared by GLJ dated February 11, 2022 and effective December 31, 2021.

Collateral Reports means the reports with respect to the Collateral referred to in Annex F.

Parent Reports has the meaning set forth in Section 4.5(a).

Call Report means the Call Report(s) (as defined in Section 4102(4) of the SBJA) of the IDI Subsidiary(ies); and (b) if there are multiple IDI Subsidiaries, all references herein or in any document executed or delivered in connection herewith (including the Certificate of Designation, the Initial Supplemental Report and all Quarterly Supplemental Reports) to any data reported in a Call Report shall refer to the aggregate of such data across the Call Reports for all such IDI Subsidiaries.

Required Reports means, collectively, the Servicing Report required pursuant to Section 6.08(b), the Servicer’s Certificate required pursuant to Section 6.08(c), the financial statements of the Servicer required pursuant to Section 6.08(d), the tax returns of the Borrower and the Servicer required pursuant to Section 6.08(e), the financial statements and valuation reports of each Obligor required pursuant to Section 6.08(f), the annual statements as to compliance required pursuant to Section 6.09, and the annual independent public accountant’s report required pursuant to Section 6.10.

Geotechnical report means a scientific study or evaluation conducted by a qualified expert that includes a description of the ground and surface hydrology and geology, the affected land form and its susceptibility to mass wasting, erosion, and other geologic hazards or processes, conclusions and recommendations regarding the effect of the proposed development on geologic conditions, the adequacy of the site to be developed, the impacts of the proposed development, alternative approaches to the proposed development, and measures to mitigate potential site-specific and cumulative geological and hydrological impacts of the proposed development, including the potential adverse impacts to adjacent and down-current properties. Geotechnical reports shall conform to accepted technical standards and must be prepared by qualified professional engineers or geologists who have professional expertise about the regional and local shoreline geology and processes.

Company Reports has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1(kk).

Final Report means the final report summarizing the outcomes of the Project, to be completed by the Applicant in the standard form no later than thirty (30) days after the Project Completion Date. The Final Report must provide accounting for all Project revenues and expenses, and include a concise summary of what the project has achieved, and compare the outcomes and performance of the Project with reference to the desired outcomes specified by Alberta Innovates, and the desired Project outcomes as stated in the Application and in this Investment Agreement;

Financial Report means the Group's annual audited financial statements or quarterly interim unaudited reports, which shall be prepared and made available according to Clauses 11.1(a)(i) and 11.1(a)(ii).

Monthly Reports is defined in Section 4.1(m).

Quarterly Reports The Contractor shall submit a Quarterly Report electronically to the Participating State/Entity within 30 days of the end of the quarter. The Participating State/Entity reserves the right to require the Contractor to provide additional reports within 30 days written notice as mutually agreed to by the parties. Failure to provide the Quarterly Report or other reports requested by the Participating State/Entity may result in the Contractor being found in default and may result in termination of this Addendum. Sales will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Should no sales be recorded in two consecutive contract quarters, the Participating State/Entity may terminate this Addendum. The reporting periods coincide with the State of Florida’s fiscal year which is July 1st through June 30th of each year. The quarters are divided as follows:  1st Quarter – July 1st through September 30th  2nd Quarter – October 1st through December 31st  3rd Quarter – January 1st through March 31st  4th Quarter – April 1st through June 30th

Operating Statement Analysis Report format substantially in the form of and containing the information called for therein for the Mortgage Loans, or such other form for the presentation of such information as may be approved from time to time by the CREFC® for commercial mortgage securities transactions generally.

Annual Statement of Compliance As defined in Section 3.13.

Environmental Report The environmental audit report or reports with respect to each Mortgaged Property delivered to the related Mortgage Loan Seller in connection with the origination or acquisition of the related Mortgage Loan.

Progress Reports The Progress Reports as required by the individual Task Work Orders issued pursuant to this Agreement. Responsible: Responsible or Responsibility means the financial ability, legal capacity, integrity and past performance of Contractor and as such terms have been interpreted relative to public procurements. See NYS Finance Law § 163(1)(c).

MI Reporting Template means the form of report set out in the Annex to Framework Schedule 8 (Management Information) setting out the information the Supplier is required to supply to the Authority;

Pick Up Report means the report detailing the number of sleeping rooms per day actually used out of the Program’s room block.

Technical Report means a report prepared and filed in accordance with this Instrument and Form 43-101F1 Technical Report that includes, in summary form, all material scientific and technical information in respect of the subject property as of the effective date of the technical report; and

Company’s Reports means (a) audited financial statements of the Company included in the SEC Reports for the years ended December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019; (b) unaudited financial statements of the Company included in the SEC Reports for the period ended March 31, 2021; and (c) the Company’s reports for the period ended June 30, 2020 and the year ended December 31, 2020 as filed with the FRB as required by regulations of the FRB.

CMSA Operating Statement Analysis Report means a report substantially in the form of, and containing the information called for in, the downloadable form of the "Operating Statement Analysis Report" available as of the Closing Date on the CMSA Website or in such other form for the presentation of such information and containing such additional information as may from time to time be approved by the CMSA for commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions generally.

Engineering Reports has the meaning assigned such term in Section 2.07(c)(i).

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Use the word nil to mean "zero," especially when you're talking about scores in a sporting event: "the final score was twelve- nil ."

Saying nil instead of zero or nothing is much more common in Britain than in the United States. In the U.S. you might hear a tennis score include the word nil , while in the U.K. it's a common term for cricket and football scores as well. There's also a common British medical usage, " nil by mouth," a doctor's instruction not to eat or drink before surgery. Nil is a contraction of the Latin word for "nothing," nihil .

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NIL Money: How Lucrative are NIL Endorsements?

Want to talk to the author about your NIL questions?

After a decades-long battle petitioning for changes to NCAA policies, athletes finally have a viable option for earning NIL money.

As a result, universities and major brands across the country have been scrambling to understand what the changes mean for them as sporting institutions.

Athletes have also been eager to know exactly what they can and cannot do as a result of the new NIL rules.

While there is plenty of information about athletes signing NIL endorsement deals, it’s difficult to know exactly how to acquire one, or how valuable these deals are.

This begs the question – how do you as an athlete get a piece of the lucrative NIL pie, and how much is that slice worth?

In this guide, we’ll examine the many different ways you can earn money from NIL deals, how much you can expect to make, the tax implications related to NIL, and everything in between.

What is NIL money?

Broadly speaking, NIL money refers to the money that you can now earn by signing NIL deals and marketing your name, image, and likeness .

The exact amount of NIL money that you can expect to receive is going to vary depending on your social media following, market value, and the sport you play.

Football and basketball players receive the largest compensation when it comes to NIL endorsements, but there are plenty of NIL opportunities for other sports as well.

How can athletes earn NIL money?

There are many different types of NIL deals available. These include:

Accepting direct payments for promotional activities

Receiving free or sponsored products in exchange for promotion

Receiving free or sponsored services in exchange for promotion

Earning affiliate money from social media promotion

Becoming an ambassador for a brand or business

Appearing in commercials, ads, and digital content

Over 450,000 student-athletes across the United States have already found ways to earn an income with their NIL by partnering with local businesses on promotions. 

Some have found work with big brands running training clinics. Others are making appearances for autograph and photograph opportunities for fans or corporate events.

And a few college players are starring in commercials for local restaurants and businesses. 

But perhaps the fastest and easiest way that athletes are making NIL money is by leveraging their social media influence.

Depending on the size of your following, it’s possible to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month by posting sponsored content. 

Even nano-influencers – athletes with about 10,000 followers – can profit off of their social media followings. 

The Vitamin Shoppe, for example, recently worked with 14 college athlete influencers – all of whom had less than 10,000 followers – for a social media campaign and paid them with free products in exchange for social media engagement.

How much money can I expect to make from a NIL endorsement?

In terms of licensing, the annual NIL value for a student-athlete could generally range from about $1,000 to $10,000 , although there are exceptions where athletes could earn substantially more. 

This huge variance is due to a variety of factors, including what sport you play, your potential for success, and your social media following.

For example, sophomore Alabama quarterback, Bryce Young – who has almost 200,000 Instagram followers – has already earned over $1 million from NIL endorsement deals . 

Unfortunately, not all NIL deals are this lucrative, but you can still expect to make a decent sum of money if you have a healthy following and navigate the NIL waters prudently.

According to NIL market platform Opendorse, the average compensation for NIL activities during the first six months of the new NCAA laws looked like this:

$4,923 per agreement for a multi-activity endorsement

$5,557 per year for licensing rights

$522 per Instagram post

$933 per YouTube video

$1,736 per hour for an appearance

$457 per interview

Maximizing your worth

While it’s clear that there are many ways of earning NIL money, there are a number of things you should consider to increase your earning potential.

Firstly, before you sign an NIL deal, it pays to speak to a qualified team of financial and legal experts to vet your contract and ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal.

Not only will a qualified team ensure that you have complete power over your brand going forward, but they will help you invest your NIL money effectively, and minimize your tax liability. 

Secondly, it’s vital to stay NCAA compliant and be aware of NIL state laws and your own college’s policies and guidelines. 

While the new NIL laws can be vague and confusing, breaking NCAA guidelines can result in a number of penalties and fines which could affect your earnings significantly. 

If you’d like to know more about staying NCAA compliant and maintaining eligibility, check out our article explaining the NIL rules.

What is the best way of finding NIL endorsements?

The new NIL rules have opened the doors for innumerable novel endorsement opportunities, and many of them are digital. 

NIL platforms

While traditional endorsement deals are still on the table, finding brand partnerships has become much easier thanks to the surge of NIL platforms that connect student-athletes with sponsors.

Matchpoint Connection , for example, is an app that lets you find and talk to brands that you’re interested in working with and explore an entire network of potential NIL opportunities.

Jonathan Pixley, the founder of Matchpoint Connection, discussed these opportunities in a recent episode of the Athlete Wealth Podcast . He also explained how the platform could benefit student-athletes looking for NIL endorsements:

“Most of the platforms are set up to where ultimately a brand pitches a talent and that's it. But athletes on our app can reach out to businesses, both locally and nationally, and submit offers to them. And once the offers are submitted, then it's up to the other side. They'll receive a push or an email notification letting them know that they got an offer waiting on them.”

Marketing agents

Another new method for finding endorsements is through the use of a marketing agent. 

Under the previous NIL rules, student-athletes weren’t allowed professional representation, and they are still prohibited from working with a sports agent. But now you’re free to work with a marketing agent to help you find sponsorships and negotiate with companies that want to work with you.

Of course, you would have to pay them a small percentage of your earnings, but it might be more profitable than going at it alone if the agency can connect you with lucrative deals.

Doug Fillis, founder of Accelerate Sports Ventures, an NIL education and consulting firm, spoke at length about this topic in a recent Athlete CEO podcast episode .

Alternative NIL streams

There are many ways to earn NIL money outside of conventional methods. Student-athletes are already taking advantage of the near-limitless opportunities that the internet offers.

University of Miami Athletics football player Al Blades Jr, for example, has become a well-recognized streamer on the streaming-platform Twitch and receives consistent financial support from his viewers. 

There’s also Ben Wiegman, a baseball player for the University of Louisville Athletics, who writes and produces music under his rapper alias, WIGZ. 

Wiegman uses his social media presence to promote his music and drive up the number of monthly streams that his songs get. But it was NIL money that allowed him the freedom to focus on his music and promote it freely in the first place.

These are just two examples of student-athletes self-promoting their own work and being able to pursue more forms of income thanks to the NIL changes, but there are many more opportunities available. 

Fangage , for example, is one of the more interesting promotional platforms and allows fans to submit a photograph and get it digitally signed by a rising star or celebrity.

While all of these novel ways of making money sound appealing, Jonathan Pixley cautions against getting carried away by NIL opportunities at the expense of your actual athletic career.

“Your performance on the field, on the court, in the pool, on the track, wherever it is, NIL needs to be a by-product of that. The minute you put NIL ahead of that, that's when what really matters suffers. It's the reason NIL exists is for college athletes.”

What taxes do I have to pay on NIL money?

Just as with any sort of income, there are a number of tax implications that you will have to deal with once you start earning money from your NIL.

Taxes on NIL income are seen as self-employment. So if you earn over $600 for a deal, then you’ll have to fill out a 1099 form from the company that paid you.

Here are a few more things to note regarding NIL taxes:

Income over $12,550 is subject to Federal tax

You will owe tax to the state where you earned the income, as well as potentially the state you are living in

Self-employment tax is necessary to pay because NIL deals are considered a form of self-employment. This will end up around 12-15% for the first $140,000 you earn.

Maximize NIL potential with the right team of experts

This information might seem overwhelming, which is why it’s important to work with a team of financial experts who can take care of all the heavy lifting for you. 

At AWM we have years of experience working with elite performers at every stage of their athletic careers. We are perfectly positioned to help you make decisions that will set you up to own your wealth as a professional athlete and beyond. 

If you want to learn more about maximizing your NIL potential, get in touch with Will.

Article by Will McGuffey, CFP® - Private Wealth Advisor at AWM Capital, Licensed Attorney

report nil meaning

Pro Football Network

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What is “NIL”? An explanation of college athletics name, image, likeness era

What is the name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal, and how has NCAA v. Alston affected collegiate athletics since its ruling?

Cam Mellor

Collectively, college athletics (most notably, college football ) saw a massive overhaul to its previously-unchanged business model over the past calendar year. The name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal is what spurned the change as the Supreme Court leveed its ruling against the NCAA in June of 2021. So, what is the NIL, and where are we as a sport centered around amateurism since its inception?

What is the meaning of NIL?

Name, image, and likeness is the common term for the ruling of the NCAA v. Alston case centered around whether the NCAA could limit education-related payments to student-athletes. At its heart, the case revolved around whether or not athletes could earn compensation based on their likeness and their athletic or public prowess. NCAA vs. Alston followed a similar suit from 2014 titled NCAA v. O’Bannon which was the ultimate downfall of the popular NCAA Football video game series as well as other officially licensed collegiate items that utilized players’ likeness.

In NCAA v. Alston , the NCAA lost the case on a unanimous vote, and the NIL was born, essentially stating students could now earn profits from their names, images, and their likeness. The ruling only dealt with education-related payments and failed to address any restriction on the compensation payments to the student-athletes or prospective student-athletes themselves. The ruling against the NCAA came as several states had passed laws or were near to passing laws that gave student-athletes more control over their likeness.

The NCAA, with the assistance of the American Athletic Conference, consolidated two petitions into the Supreme Court ruling essentially banning pay-for-play efforts at the college level as well as banning quid pro quo. Basically, student-athletes wouldn’t be allowed to be compensated for their performances and recruits couldn’t sign any NIL deals with a contingency plan set in place for attending a certain university.

How does the NIL help collegiate athletes?

With the NIL ruling set in place, it finally allowed student-athletes to be compensated for their likeness. It allowed student-athletes to obtain sponsorships. To be paid for social media posts. It allowed student-athletes to sign endorsement deals. To sign with agents.

The student-athletes now could earn money based on their athletic stature or just simply their presence. The NIL essentially ended amateurism in a sense.

For far too long, student-athletes sat back and watched as colleges and universities prospered due to their efforts. Schools sold their jerseys, and the athletes didn’t see a penny. Teams promoted their efforts and athletes never benefited one iota. The power was solely in the college or university’s hands. The NCAA v. Alston ruling put the power back in favor of the student-athlete.

Say what you will about student-athletes being given an education, room and board, books, etc. Far too many student-athletes come from backgrounds where that simply isn’t enough. No two student-athletes are the same or hail from the same background. The name, image, and likeness ruling leveled the playing field for those student-athletes. It makes it more fair, and ultimately, makes collegiate athletics more fun.

What is a NIL agreement?

There is a bevy of potential NIL agreements. From signing with an agent prior to culminating their amateur career to sponsoring a nutrition bar, the NIL deals across the country are incredibly unique and diverse.

A NIL agreement is essentially a contract set in place for the student-athlete to earn fair compensation for their time and effort. To market their likeness. A NIL agreement could also be an endorsement deal on a local or national level.

In some cases like at BYU, it could be a deal set in place by Built Bar where every Cougar athlete earns a certain compensation based upon a proprietary contract.

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  1. Nil Definition & Meaning

    Nil Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster nil noun ˈnil Synonyms of nil : nothing, zero nil adjective Synonyms aught cipher goose egg naught nought nothing o oh zero zilch zip See all Synonyms & Antonyms in Thesaurus Example Sentences

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    Because the legislation was scheduled to begin on July 1 in six states (Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and New Mexico), the NCAA has approved NIL for athletes at all colleges and ...

  3. What Is NIL in College Sports? The NCAA Rules Explained.

    NIL allows athletes to make endorsement deals, cash in on social media, and get paid for such things as making personal appearances, signing autographs, and even endorsing political candidates. However, NIL doesn't allow pay-for-play, and the NCAA continues to forbid improper inducements intended to attract students to a particular school.

  4. Null vs. Nil

    'Null' and 'nil' essentially mean the same which is having zero, nothing, or a nonexistent value. Essentially, the two words only differ in what field we often use them. We use 'null' often in math, programming, business, and legalities. However, we can use the term in other fields as well. Take a look at the example below.

  5. Nill Vs Nil, Meaning Of Each Word And Sentence Examples

    "Nill" is a verb, while "nil" is a noun or determiner. Sometimes "nil" is used as a noun when applied to canceling in accounting and bookkeeping. There are other definitions for the word "nill," one is used to reference the sparks thrown by melted brass. Furthermore, it describes the scales of hot iron when it is forged.

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    List of 94 best NIL meaning forms based on popularity. Most common NIL abbreviation full forms updated in February 2023. Suggest. NIL Meaning. What does NIL mean as an abbreviation? 94 popular meanings of NIL abbreviation: 50 Categories. Sort. NIL Meaning 6. NIL. None. Weather Forecast, Tsunami, Aviation. Weather Forecast, Tsunami, ...

  7. What doe nil mean on a pap test result?

    Obstetrics and Gynecology 29 years experience Negative: I'm not a big fan of these type of abbreviations. To be sure, I'd have to see the report for context; however, NIL probably means "Negative for Intraepithelial Lesion ". Negative for Intraepithelial lesion means that nothing abnormal was found. Best wishes!

  8. Nil Report Definition

    Nil Report means a Remitter 's Report or Sub -Remitter's Report containing no data, filed by a Remitter or Sub-Remitter in respect of a Data Period in which no EEE was supplied; Sample 1 Based on 1 documents Examples of Nil Report in a sentence

  9. What is NIL? Everything to know about the NCAA rule allowing ...

    NIL stands for name, image, and likeness. The definition of NIL is simple: It is the possibility of compensation paid to NCAA student-athletes to promote, partner, or represent brands. The mutually beneficial relationship is built off the athlete's fame in order to grow a business.

  10. How to Read Termite Inspection Reports

    Each letter refers to an occurrence or type of finding and is unique to each report. A type of finding of Drywood Termites can basically fall into two categories; (1) finding a Drywood Termite infestation and (2) finding damage caused by a Drywood Termite infestation.

  11. nil report

    In terms of transparency, a "nil" report is as important as a report on actual transfers. MultiUn. "Nil" report for all seven categories of the equipment covered by the Register. UN-2. Note: "Nil" report on procurement through national production. UN-2.

  12. How to report a nil remittance

    You need to report a nil remittance if you do not have any source deductions to remit to the CRA for a remitting period. This could happen if you have no employees for a period of time this includes if your employees are on leave have seasonal employees If I have no remittances, when is my nil remittance report due to the CRA?

  13. What does NIL mean? Here's why it's important to NCAA athletes

    Up until a few months ago, the term NIL had little meaning to those interested in college sports -- unless you were on the soccer team (and then it means "zero", literally). But now, NIL --...

  14. Nil reports Definition

    Related to Nil reports. SOS Reports means the official reports from the Secretaries of State of each Collateral State, Chief Executive Office State and the Borrower State and other applicable federal, state or local government offices identifying all current security interests filed in the Collateral and Liens of record as of the date of such report. ...

  15. Nil

    Nil is a contraction of the Latin word for "nothing," nihil. Definitions of nil noun a quantity of no importance "reduced to nil all the work we had done" synonyms: aught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, nada, naught, nix, nothing, null, zero, zilch, zip, zippo see more Think you've got a good vocabulary? Take our quiz. choose the best picture for pupil

  16. Nil return definition and meaning

    Nil return definition: a reply of zero to a request for a quantified reply | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  17. What does NIL stand for?

    What does NIL mean? nothing, nil, nix, nada, null, aught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, naught, zero, zilch, zip, zippo (noun) a quantity of no importance see more » Popularity rank for the NIL initials by frequency of use: NIL #1 #636 #12977 Couldn't find the full form or full meaning of NIL? Maybe you were looking for one of these abbreviations:

  18. NIL Medical Abbreviation Meaning

    What is NIL meaning in Medical? 20+ meanings of NIL abbreviation related to Medical: Vote. 3. Vote. NIL. Non-Inflammatory Lesion. Dermatology. Dermatology.

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    nil noun [ U ] uk / nɪl / us nothing or zero: At best, the economic impact is nil. (Definition of nil from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Examples of nil nil Their recruitment rates were virtually nil prior to, and 1.6-3.2% for intervals following, the four cyclones. From the Cambridge English Corpus

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    Search nil report and thousands of other words in English Cobuild dictionary from Reverso. You can complete the definition of nil report given by the English Cobuild dictionary with other English dictionaries : Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster ...

  21. NIL Money: How Lucrative are NIL Endorsements?

    What is NIL money? Broadly speaking, NIL money refers to the money that you can now earn by signing NIL deals and marketing your name, image, and likeness. The exact amount of NIL money that you can expect to receive is going to vary depending on your social media following, market value, and the sport you play.

  22. What is "NIL"? An explanation of college athletics name, image

    What is the meaning of NIL? Name, image, and likeness is the common term for the ruling of the NCAA v.Alston case centered around whether the NCAA could limit education-related payments to student-athletes. At its heart, the case revolved around whether or not athletes could earn compensation based on their likeness and their athletic or public prowess.

  23. nil report definition

    n. 1 an account prepared for the benefit of others, esp. one that provides information obtained through investigation and published in a newspaper or broadcast. 2 a statement made widely known; rumour. according to report, he is not dead. 3 an account of the deliberations of a committee, body, etc.

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    With the athletes, the NCAA, legislators and the courts all still involved, expect more twists and turns in the name, image and likeness debate. Check back here for all the latest news.

  25. NCAA name, image and likeness FAQ

    EA Sports issued this statement after the new NIL rules went into effect: "We are watching the recent developments regarding student-athlete name, image and likeness very closely.