What to expect on the Professional Review day

So you've made it to the big day.  What does it consist of?


Communication Task

1. Presentation

The review will start with a 15 minute presentation which you will need to have prepared before the review day.  The presentation needs to be based on one aspect of your Professional Review report but should not repeat what you have already included in the report, nor be a summary of your CV or report.  It is also not advisable to attempt to cover all the attributes within this presentation - you will not have enough time to do this.

For face-to-face reviews, you may use visual aids less than A3 in size or use a laptop computer.  For online reviews, I would recommend using a powerpoint presentation - however, if your presentation contains lots of photos creating a large file size, it may be worth converting to pdf instead.  Please refer to the ICE guidance for remote reviews.

2. Interview

The next stage of the review is the interview with your two reviewers.  Their role is to confirm that you have achieved the required level of competence as shown in your report.  If they believe that your report has not demonstrated sufficient evidence for a particular attribute, they will ask specific questions to draw out your knowledge and experience.  You may be required to sketch out diagrams to answer certain questions.

For CEng candidates, the interview will last approximately 60 minutes.  For IEng, this will be 45 minutes.

3. Communication Task

After a short break, you will be required to undertake a Communication Task.    This will be based on current issues within the industry and you will need to respond as a civil engineer, not a technical expert. 

For CEng, the ICE will be testing your ability to take a piece of information, dige st it,  organise your thoughts and present them logically and clearly.  You will be set two scenarios, and you will have to choose one to  respond to, you will also be given a style in which to provide your response, e.g. a blog post,  a letter to a government office/local residents group, a news article etc.  You will have 90 minutes to complete the task.

For IEng, the objective is to ascertain that you can produce straightforward documents without  assistance from others, and you have the ability to report factual information clearly . You will be set two questions and you will have to  answer one, you will have to produce your response as a technical memo or technical note.  You will have 60 minutes to complete the task.  ​

More details on the Communication Task can be found here .

You will be informed of your result within 6 weeks of your professional review.

If you are unsuccessful, your email will include commentary on each attribute with an explanation on why you have not passed.  For those candidates that did not pass the Professional Review, do not give up!  I would be happy to discuss where you went wrong and to give you advice on how to make sure you pass the next time.



Professional Review Interview

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ICE Review tips for the Presentation


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ICE Professional Review

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ICE West Midlands GSNet evening meeting March 2020, tips for delivering the Presentation at a Professional Review


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When the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what worked for your business and what didn’t. A year-end review presentation can help you find solutions for any issues, and implement a strategy for company growth moving forward. Your end of year review presentation is a vital tool for presenting your findings to investors, upper management, or employees during all-hands meetings. 

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Create a Memorable Year-End Review

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Title Slide

Pro Tips for Your Year-End Review Presentation

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At the beginning of your year-end review presentation, include an overall summary of the company’s mission, values, culture, and so on. It’ll provide context for the rest of your slides.

Celebrating company successes not only boosts morale, it gives you valuable insight into strategies you might use for the coming year.

Your end of year review presentation should begin with a company overview, talk about what you accomplished in the past year, then outline your goals for the coming year.

Even if your team didn’t meet the goals as expected, you can count those as learning experiences. Use them to adjust your plans and goals for the future.

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ICE Presentation | Presentation by sandeep.patel

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professional review presentation


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Preparation for the Professional Review Examination in Engineering

Published by Deirdre James Modified over 7 years ago

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What is civil engineering?

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About us

Professional Review

This page explains how the Professional Review process works. Find out what you'll have to do for the submission stage and on the day of your Professional Review, where you can sit your review, and how much it costs.

This is where you prove that you’ve developed all the skills, knowledge and experience needed to become a professionally qualified member.

Your Professional Review includes the review submission and review day.You'll be assessed by two experienced civil engineers (your reviewers).

Professional Review submission

You’ll need to send us several documents, including your Professional Review report, CV and continuing professional development (CPD) records.

Your Professional Review report should describe how you have the attributes needed to become professionally qualified. It will need to go into detail about your skills, knowledge and experience, including the projects you’ve worked on and the responsibility you've had.

Professional Review day

This involves three activities: a presentation, an interview and a communications task, which take place on the same day.

How can I find out more?

We’ve prepared a guidance document which outlines all you'll need to know to help get you ready and apply for your Professional Review.

Already MICE or IEng MICE and looking to get Chartered? Follow the Progressive route to find out how you can gain CEng MICE.

Professional Review dates

View our key dates page to find out when the next Professional Reviews will take place.

How much does it cost?

You’ll need to pay a non-refundable fee when you apply, please see our fees page for more information.

Document checklist

Help with ICE elearning

For help and assistance in completing your application, watch our online videos hosted by membership experts.

Got a question?

If you've got any questions about the Professional Review, or you're struggling with an application, then we're here to help.

professional review presentation

Finalize and review

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For example, you could email the presentation file to others on your team and ask for comments. Then, view the comments here.

Up next, we’ll prepare and run the presentation.


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The Civil Engineering Exam

ICE Professional Review Presentation – Other Tips and Advice

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