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How would you like to read the best content marketing case studies ever published?

More importantly, how would you like to copy the best practices for a good content strategy that are based on real-world examples and not just theory.

If that sounds, good then you’ll get a lot of value out of this post.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 21 content marketing case studies along with the results and key findings from each example. By studying these content marketing case study examples and applying the lessons learned in your own content strategy, you can hopefully achieve similar results to increase your return on investment (ROI).

When you’re done reading these content marketing success case studies, make sure to check out my other SEO case study page to find data on improving organic search engine optimization, this PPC case study for paid search examples, email marketing case study examples, social media marketing case study page, digital marketing case study list, and this affiliate marketing case study page for expert data on that type of business.

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Table of Contents

Content Marketing Case Studies

Appsumo grew organic traffic 843% & revenue 340% – omniscient digital content marketing case study.

Learn how Omniscient Digital used a four-part approach to grow AppSumo’s organic website traffic by 843% and the revenue from that traffic by 340$. Includes details on the research process, content strategy development, content production, and building backlinks to those web pages.

50% of Sales Come from Weekly Emails for Your Therapy Source – Active Campaign Content Marketing Case Study

In this case study, you’ll learn how the owner of Your Therapy Source made a simple change in how she approached her content marketing strategy with email. And set up basic abandoned cart automation to recapture lost sales for her digital products. Overall, the owner experienced these gains: 2,000% return on investment for her Active Campaign subscription, 30% revenue from the automation sequence, and 50% sales from weekly emails.

40,000 Social Shares & 40% Increase In Traffic for Busbud – Fractl Content Marketing Case Study

The top goals for this content marketing case study were to gain the attention of more local publishers and increase website traffic. To do that, Fractl used Instagram for the content strategy by pulling data from Instagram’s API to identify places where people take the most photos. The agency then turned that data into a series of infographic charts and shared some of the best Instagram photos in the published article. This resulted in around 40,000 social shares, a 40% increase in organic search traffic, and 300 story placements on local and national websites like Yahoo, AOL, Business Insider, Fast Company, NBC News, Pop Sugar, The Daily Mail, Today, Boston.com, the Chicago Sun-Times, The Palm Beach Post, and the Houston Chronicle. You can see the example content here: The Most Instagrammed Locations .

From 0 to 100,000 Visitors Per Month – Optimist Content Marketing Case Study

In this case study, you’ll learn how Optimist took a startup called College Raptor from 0 to 100,000 organic sessions per month. It focuses on the big-picture strategy that was used to achieve that result and explains why it worked. You’ll learn what successful content creation and promotion for startups look like in this example.

American Kennel Club Increased Traffic by 30% – Contently Content Marketing Case Study

If you’re in the pet niche and looking for content marketing case studies that can help you grow your animal website, then this article by Contently can help. Inside, you’ll learn how the company used a content strategy to increase website traffic by 30% for the American Kennel Club to attract both new puppy owners and seasoned dog-lovers which resulted in $26.6 million in content value.

eLearning Experience 77% Growth In Visitors – Influence&Co Content Marketing Case Study

In this content strategy case study, you’ll discover how eLearning Industry worked with Influence&Co to develop a guest posting strategy for SEO that increased website traffic by 77% and year-over-year growth of 227%.

3,532 New Beta Users for alwaysAI – Beacons Point Content Marketing Case Study

Beacons Point partners with B2B companies in software and technology to execute results-driven content campaigns. Here, you’ll learn how this company discerned the right market for alwaysAI software company, target those people with the content they wanted, and transform the audience into an avid user base using a well-researched strategy and content planning process. In the end, alwaysAI got 3,532 new beta users, 20,000 monthly website sessions, and a 2,021% increase in traffic in 10 months.

AEB Sees a 22% Improvement in SEO Traffic – Rise Interactive Content Marketing Case Study

Check out this case study to find out how the American Egg Board (AEB) worked with Rise Interactive to develop a content-based strategy involving a site-wide keyword strategy and website architecture to maximize the brand’s search engine rankings. As a result, the AEB had a 22% improvement in website traffic, an 87% increase in mobile traffic, and a 39% rise in recipe sharing.

Integrated Content Marketing Strategy Drives 452% Increase in Organic Traffic – Top Rank Case Study

In this case study, you’ll learn how Top Rank Marketing used a combination of several marketing resources (e.g., content, SEO, social media, and influencers) to help Introhive get more organic traffic to its site to create a higher demand for its SaaS product and improve the brand’s overall digital visibility. This campaign generated an increase in 452% organic search traffic and an uplift of the average session duration by 155%.

2 eBooks Improved Monster Supplement’s Search Visibility – Click Consult Content Marketing Case Study

This shows the power of using eBooks in your content strategy to increase SEO search visibility and produce strong, shareable content that improves brand awareness.

Client Case Studies – Proximity Marketing Content Marketing Case Study

Proximity Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps clients gain new customers, generate new sales leads, and increase brand exposure online. This page includes a list of the top content marketing case studies along with the approach and key results from each campaign.

B2B Content Strategy Case Studies – Madison Mile Media Content Marketing Case Study

This is another case study examples page with B2B business results from Madison Mile Media. It includes in-depth details for all types of content marketing for brands like Texas Instruments, Aventis Systems, Barron Designs, U.S. Dermatology Partners, and more.

350,000 Unique Visitors & 1.8 Million Shares – ContentGrip Content Marketing Case Study

This is one of the best content marketing case studies available online that shows the true power of using the storytelling approach using owned media rather than paid marketing channels. In this case study, you’ll discover how Capgemini used customer-centric content to based on a simple solution: answering customers’ questions in a way that was also enjoyable to read. The results? A microsite that attracted more than 350,000 unique visitors who stayed for an average of 4 minutes and more than 1.8 million content shares on LinkedIn.

Small Business Success with Blogging – Mark Shaefer Content Marketing Case Study

1,230,000 total visits using content – foundation content marketing case study.

This is a short case study that reveals how Foundation helped a CRM company generate 1,230,000 total visits from content alone. Other interesting statistics include gaining more than 4,500 links from DA40+ sites and increasing monthly organic search traffic from 92,000 to 322,000 per month.

Helping Ridester Grow 487.1% – Intergrowth Content Marketing Case Study

Ridester is a B2C website that provides in-depth guides on the rideshare and delivery industry. The competition was increasing and their online growth was staggering, so Intergrowth used a three-pronged approach to improve the business. Learn about those data-backed strategies that were based on SEO, new content ideation, updating old articles, and building backlinks.

$50,000+ From A Single Blog Post – Apollo Digital Content Marketing Case Study

As the title of this content strategy case study suggests, Apollo Digital walks you through the entire process of how this digital marketing agency earned $50,000 from a single blog post. Inside, you’ll learn how to create epic content, everything it did to promote the article, and get a copy of the 10+ step content promotion checklist.

Creating a Remarkable Brand with Starbucks – CoSchedule Content Marketing Case Study

Inside this case study, you’ll find out core principles behind the Starbucks marketing strategy that nearly any brand can borrow and implement. Includes tips on the effectiveness of branding, content, and consistency.

What Is a Content Marketing Case Study?

A content marketing case study explains the process a business went through with a client to help them achieve specific results. Content marketing case studies provide a detailed examination of a particular content strategy within a real-world context to prove how effective it was for the client.

Are Case Studies Good for Content Marketing?

Case studies are good for content marketing because you can learn how to do content marketing in a more effective way. Instead of just studying the theory of content marketing, you can learn from real content strategy campaigns to find out what methods deliver a higher return on investment.

Content Marketing Case Study Examples Summary

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best content marketing case studies that are based on real-world results and not just theory.

As you discovered, the content marketing case study examples above demonstrated many different ways to implement an effective content strategy. By studying the key findings from these examples, and applying the methods learned to your own business and website, you can hopefully achieve the same positive outcome with your content marketing efforts.

New content strategy success case studies are being published every month and I’ll continue to update this list as they become available. So keep checking back to read the current sources of information on content marketing.

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28 Case Study Examples Every Marketer Should See

Caroline Forsey

Published: March 08, 2023

Putting together a compelling case study is one of the most powerful strategies for showcasing your product and attracting future customers. But it's not easy to create case studies that your audience can’t wait to read.

Marketer writing a marketing case study

In this post, we’ll go over the definition of a case study and the best examples to inspire you.

Download Now: 3 Free Case Study Templates

What is a case study?

A case study is a detailed story of something your company did. It includes a beginning — often discussing a conflict, an explanation of what happened next, and a resolution that explains how the company solved or improved on something.

A case study proves how your product has helped other companies by demonstrating real-life results. Not only that, but marketing case studies with solutions typically contain quotes from the customer. This means that they’re not just ads where you praise your own product. Rather, other companies are praising your company — and there’s no stronger marketing material than a verbal recommendation or testimonial. A great case study is also filled with research and stats to back up points made about a project's results.

There are myriad ways to use case studies in your marketing strategy . From featuring them on your website to including them in a sales presentation, a case study is a strong, persuasive tool that shows customers why they should work with you — straight from another customer. Writing one from scratch is hard, though, which is why we’ve created a collection of case study templates for you to get started.

Fill out the form below to access the free case study templates.

Case Study Kit + Templates

Fill out this form to access free case study templates..

There’s no better way to generate more leads than by writing case studies . But without case study examples to draw inspiration from, it can be difficult to write impactful studies that convince visitors to submit a form.

Marketing Case Study Examples

To help you create an attractive and high-converting case study, we've put together a list of some of our favorites. This list includes famous case studies in marketing, technology, and business.

These studies can show you how to frame your company offers in a way that is both meaningful and useful to your audience. So, take a look, and let these examples inspire your next brilliant case study design.

These marketing case studies with solutions show the value proposition of each product. They also show how each company benefited in both the short and long term using quantitative data. In other words, you don’t get just nice statements, like "This company helped us a lot." You see actual change within the firm through numbers and figures.

You can put your learnings into action with HubSpot's Free Case Study Templates . Available as custom designs and text-based documents, you can upload these templates to your CMS or send them to prospects as you see fit.

case study template

1. " How Handled Scaled from Zero to 121 Locations with the Help of HubSpot ," by HubSpot

Case study examples: Handled and HubSpot

What's interesting about this case study is the way it leads with the customer. That reflects a major HubSpot cornerstone, which is to always solve for the customer first. The copy leads with a brief description of why the CEO of Handled founded the company and why he thought Handled could benefit from adopting a CRM. The case study also opens up with one key data point about Handled’s success using HubSpot, namely that it grew to 121 locations.

Notice that this case study uses mixed media. Yes, there is a short video, but it's elaborated upon in the other text on the page. So while your case studies can use one or the other, don't be afraid to combine written copy with visuals to emphasize the project's success.

Key Learnings from the HubSpot Case Study Example

2. " The Whole Package ," by IDEO

Case study examples: IDEO and H&M

Here's a design company that knows how to lead with simplicity in its case studies. As soon as the visitor arrives at the page, they’re greeted with a big, bold photo and the title of the case study — which just so happens to summarize how IDEO helped its client. It summarizes the case study in three snippets: The challenge, the impact, and the outcome.

Immediately, IDEO communicates its impact — the company partnered with H&M to remove plastic from its packaging — but it doesn't stop there. As the user scrolls down, the challenge, impact, and progress are elaborated upon with comprehensive (but not overwhelming) copy that outlines what that process looked like, replete with quotes and intriguing visuals.

Key Learnings from the IDEO Case Study Example

3. " Rozum Robotics intensifies its PR game with Awario ," by Awario

Case study example from Awario

In this case study, Awario greets the user with a summary straight away — so if you’re feeling up to reading the entire case study, you can scan the snapshot and understand how the company serves its customers. The case study then includes jump links to several sections, such as "Company Profile," "Rozum Robotics' Pains," "Challenge," "Solution," and "Results and Improvements."

The sparse copy and prominent headings show that you don’t need a lot of elaborate information to show the value of your products and services. Like the other case study examples on this list, it includes visuals and quotes to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company’s efforts. The case study ends with a bulleted list that shows the results.

Key Learnings from the Awario Robotics Case Study Example

4. " Chevrolet DTU ," by Carol H. Williams

Case study examples: Carol H. Williams and Chevrolet DTU

If you’ve worked with a company that’s well-known, use only the name in the title — like Carol H. Williams, one of the nation’s top advertising agencies, does here. The "DTU," stands for "Discover the Unexpected." It generates interest because you want to find out what the initials mean.

They keep your interest in this case study by using a mixture of headings, images, and videos to describe the challenges, objectives, and solutions of the project. The case study closes with a summary of the key achievements that Chevrolet’s DTU Journalism Fellows reached during the project.

Key Learnings from the Carol H. Williams Case Study Example

5. " How Fractl Earned Links from 931 Unique Domains for Porch.com in a Single Year ," by Fractl

Case study example from Fractl

Fractl uses both text and graphic design in their Porch.com case study to immerse the viewer in a more interesting user experience. For instance, as you scroll, you'll see the results are illustrated in an infographic-design form as well as the text itself.

Further down the page, they use icons like a heart and a circle to illustrate their pitch angles, and graphs to showcase their results. Rather than writing which publications have mentioned Porch.com during Fractl’s campaign, they incorporated the media outlets’ icons for further visual diversity.

Key Learnings from the Fractl Case Study Example

6. " The Met ," by Fantasy

Case study example from Fantasy

What's the best way to showcase the responsiveness and user interface of a website? Probably by diving right into it with a series of simple showcases— which is exactly what Fantasy does on their case study page for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They keep the page simple and clean, inviting you to review their redesign of the Met’s website feature-by-feature.

Each section is simple, showing a single piece of the new website's interface so that users aren’t overwhelmed with information and can focus on what matters most.

If you're more interested in text, you can read the objective for each feature. Fantasy understands that, as a potential customer, this is all you need to know. Scrolling further, you're greeted with a simple "Contact Us" CTA.

Key Learnings from the Fantasy Case Study Example

7. " Rovio: How Rovio Grew Into a Gaming Superpower ," by App Annie

Case study example from App Annie

If your client had a lot of positive things to say about you, take a note from App Annie’s Rovio case study and open up with a quote from your client. The case study also closes with a quote, so that the case study doesn’t seem like a promotion written by your marketing team but a story that’s taken straight from your client’s mouth. It includes a photo of a Rovio employee, too.

Another thing this example does well? It immediately includes a link to the product that Rovio used (namely, App Annie Intelligence) at the top of the case study. The case study closes with a call-to-action button prompting users to book a demo.

Key Learnings from the App Annie Case Study Example

8. " Embracing first-party data: 3 success stories from HubSpot ," by Think with Google

Case study examples: Think with Google and HubSpot

Google takes a different approach to text-focused case studies by choosing three different companies to highlight.

The case study is clean and easily scannable. It has sections for each company, with quotes and headers that clarify the way these three distinct stories connect. The simple format also uses colors and text that align with the Google brand.

Another differentiator is the focus on data. This case study is less than a thousand words, but it's packed with useful data points. Data-driven insights quickly and clearly show how the value of leveraging first-party data while prioritizing consumer privacy.

Case studies example: Data focus, Think with Google

Key Learnings from the Think with Google Case Study Example

9. " In-Depth Performance Marketing Case Study ," by Switch

Case study example from Switch

Switch is an international marketing agency based in Malta that knocks it out of the park with this case study. Its biggest challenge is effectively communicating what it did for its client without ever revealing the client’s name. It also effectively keeps non-marketers in the loop by including a glossary of terms on page 4.

The PDF case study reads like a compelling research article, including titles like "In-Depth Performance Marketing Case Study," "Scenario," and "Approach," so that readers get a high-level overview of what the client needed and why they approached Switch. It also includes a different page for each strategy. For instance, if you’d only be interested in hiring Switch for optimizing your Facebook ads, you can skip to page 10 to see how they did it.

The PDF is fourteen pages long but features big fonts and plenty of white space, so viewers can easily skim it in only a few minutes.

Key Learnings from the Switch Case Study Example

10. " Gila River ," by OH Partners

Case study example from OH Partners

Let pictures speak for you, like OH Partners did in this case study. While you’ll quickly come across a heading and some text when you land on this case study page, you’ll get the bulk of the case study through examples of actual work OH Partners did for its client. You will see OH Partners’ work in a billboard, magazine, and video. This communicates to website visitors that if they work with OH Partners, their business will be visible everywhere.

And like the other case studies here, it closes with a summary of what the firm achieved for its client in an eye-catching way.

Key Learnings from the OH Partners Case Study Example

11. " Facing a Hater ," by Digitas

Case study example from Digitas

Digitas' case study page for Sprite’s #ILOVEYOUHATER campaign keeps it brief while communicating the key facts of Digitas’ work for the popular soda brand. The page opens with an impactful image of a hundred people facing a single man. It turns out, that man is the biggest "bully" in Argentina, and the people facing him are those whom he’s bullied before.

Scrolling down, it's obvious that Digitas kept Sprite at the forefront of their strategy, but more than that, they used real people as their focal point. They leveraged the Twitter API to pull data from Tweets that people had actually tweeted to find the identity of the biggest "hater" in the country. That turned out to be @AguanteElCofler, a Twitter user who has since been suspended.

Key Learnings from the Digitas Case Study Example

12. " Better Experiences for All ," by HermanMiller

Case study example from HermanMiller

HermanMiller sells sleek, utilitarian furniture with no frills and extreme functionality, and that ethos extends to its case study page for a hospital in Dubai.

What first attracted me to this case study was the beautiful video at the top and the clean user experience. User experience matters a lot in a case study. It determines whether users will keep reading or leave. Another notable aspect of this case study is that the video includes closed-captioning for greater accessibility, and users have the option of expanding the CC and searching through the text.

HermanMiller’s case study also offers an impressive amount of information packed in just a few short paragraphs for those wanting to understand the nuances of their strategy. It closes out with a quote from their client and, most importantly, the list of furniture products that the hospital purchased from the brand.

Key Learnings from the HermanMiller Case Study Example

13. " Capital One on AWS ," by Amazon

Case study example from Amazon AWS

Do you work continuously with your clients? Consider structuring your case study page like Amazon did in this stellar case study example. Instead of just featuring one article about Capital One and how it benefited from using AWS, Amazon features a series of articles that you can then access if you’re interested in reading more. It goes all the way back to 2016, all with different stories that feature Capital One’s achievements using AWS.

This may look unattainable for a small firm, but you don’t have to go to extreme measures and do it for every single one of your clients. You could choose the one you most wish to focus on and establish a contact both on your side and your client’s for coming up with the content. Check in every year and write a new piece. These don’t have to be long, either — five hundred to eight hundred words will do.

Key Learnings from the Amazon AWS Case Study Example

14. " HackReactor teaches the world to code #withAsana ," by Asana

Case study examples: Asana and HackReactor

While Asana's case study design looks text-heavy, there's a good reason. It reads like a creative story, told entirely from the customer's perspective.

For instance, Asana knows you won't trust its word alone on why this product is useful. So, they let Tony Phillips, HackReactor CEO, tell you instead: "We take in a lot of information. Our brains are awful at storage but very good at thinking; you really start to want some third party to store your information so you can do something with it."

Asana features frequent quotes from Phillips to break up the wall of text and humanize the case study. It reads like an in-depth interview and captivates the reader through creative storytelling. Even more, Asana includes in-depth detail about how HackReactor uses Asana. This includes how they build templates and workflows:

"There's a huge differentiator between Asana and other tools, and that’s the very easy API access. Even if Asana isn’t the perfect fit for a workflow, someone like me— a relatively mediocre software engineer—can add functionality via the API to build a custom solution that helps a team get more done."

Key Learnings from the Asana Example

15. " Rips Sewed, Brand Love Reaped ," by Amp Agency

Case study example from Amp Agency

Amp Agency's Patagonia marketing strategy aimed to appeal to a new audience through guerrilla marketing efforts and a coast-to-coast road trip. Their case study page effectively conveys a voyager theme, complete with real photos of Patagonia customers from across the U.S., and a map of the expedition. I liked Amp Agency's storytelling approach best. It captures viewers' attention from start to finish simply because it's an intriguing and unique approach to marketing.

Key Learnings from the Amp Agency Example

16. " NetApp ," by Evisort

Case study examples: Evisort and NetApp

Evisort opens up its NetApp case study with an at-a-glance overview of the client. It’s imperative to always focus on the client in your case study — not on your amazing product and equally amazing team. By opening up with a snapshot of the client’s company, Evisort places the focus on the client.

This case study example checks all the boxes for a great case study that’s informative, thorough, and compelling. It includes quotes from the client and details about the challenges NetApp faced during the COVID pandemic. It closes out with a quote from the client and with a link to download the case study in PDF format, which is incredibly important if you want your case study to be accessible in a wider variety of formats.

Key Learnings from the Evisort Example

17. " Copernicus Land Monitoring – CLC+ Core ," by Cloudflight

Case study example from Cloudflight

Including highly specialized information in your case study is an effective way to show prospects that you’re not just trying to get their business. You’re deep within their industry, too, and willing to learn everything you need to learn to create a solution that works specifically for them.

Cloudflight does a splendid job at that in its Copernicus Land Monitoring case study. While the information may be difficult to read at first glance, it will capture the interest of prospects who are in the environmental industry. It thus shows Cloudflight’s value as a partner much more effectively than a general case study would.

The page is comprehensive and ends with a compelling call-to-action — "Looking for a solution that automates, and enhances your Big Data system? Are you struggling with large datasets and accessibility? We would be happy to advise and support you!" The clean, whitespace-heavy page is an effective example of using a case study to capture future leads.

Key Learnings from the Cloudflight Case Study Example

18. " Valvoline Increases Coupon Send Rate by 76% with Textel’s MMS Picture Texting ," by Textel

Case study example from Textel

If you’re targeting large enterprises with a long purchasing cycle, you’ll want to include a wealth of information in an easily transferable format. That’s what Textel does here in its PDF case study for Valvoline. It greets the user with an eye-catching headline that shows the value of using Textel. Valvoline saw a significant return on investment from using the platform.

Another smart decision in this case study is highlighting the client’s quote by putting it in green font and doing the same thing for the client’s results because it helps the reader quickly connect the two pieces of information. If you’re in a hurry, you can also take a look at the "At a Glance" column to get the key facts of the case study, starting with information about Valvoline.

Key Learnings from the Textel Case Study Example

19. " Hunt Club and Happeo — a tech-enabled love story ," by Happeo

Case study example from Happeo

In this blog-post-like case study, Happeo opens with a quote from the client, then dives into a compelling heading: "Technology at the forefront of Hunt Club's strategy." Say you’re investigating Happeo as a solution and consider your firm to be technology-driven. This approach would spark your curiosity about why the client chose to work with Happeo. It also effectively communicates the software’s value proposition without sounding like it’s coming from an in-house marketing team.

Every paragraph is a quote written from the customer’s perspective. Later down the page, the case study also dives into "the features that changed the game for Hunt Club," giving Happeo a chance to highlight some of the platform’s most salient features.

Key Learnings from the Happeo Case Study Example

20. " Red Sox Season Campaign ," by CTP Boston

Case study example from CTP Boston

What's great about CTP's case study page for their Red Sox Season Campaign is their combination of video, images, and text. A video automatically begins playing when you visit the page, and as you scroll, you'll see more embedded videos of Red Sox players, a compilation of print ads, and social media images you can click to enlarge.

At the bottom, it says "Find out how we can do something similar for your brand." The page is clean, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing. It invites viewers to appreciate the well-roundedness of CTP's campaign for Boston's beloved baseball team.

Key Learnings from the CTP Case Study Example

21. " Acoustic ," by Genuine

Case study example from Genuine

Sometimes, simple is key. Genuine's case study for Acoustic is straightforward and minimal, with just a few short paragraphs, including "Reimagining the B2B website experience," "Speaking to marketers 1:1," and "Inventing Together." After the core of the case study, we then see a quote from Acoustic’s CMO and the results Genuine achieved for the company.

The simplicity of the page allows the reader to focus on both the visual aspects and the copy. The page displays Genuine's brand personality while offering the viewer all the necessary information they need.

22. " Using Apptio Targetprocess Automated Rules in Wargaming ," by Apptio

Case study example from Apptio

Apptio’s case study for Wargaming summarizes three key pieces of information right at the beginning: The goals, the obstacles, and the results.

Readers then have the opportunity to continue reading — or they can walk away right then with the information they need. This case study also excels in keeping the human interest factor by formatting the information like an interview.

The piece is well-organized and uses compelling headers to keep the reader engaged. Despite its length, Apptio's case study is appealing enough to keep the viewer's attention. Every Apptio case study ends with a "recommendation for other companies" section, where the client can give advice for other companies that are looking for a similar solution but aren’t sure how to get started.

Key Learnings from the Apptio Case Study Example

23. " Airbnb + Zendesk: building a powerful solution together ," by Zendesk

Case study example from Zendesk

Zendesk's Airbnb case study reads like a blog post, and focuses equally on Zendesk and Airbnb, highlighting a true partnership between the companies. To captivate readers, it begins like this: "Halfway around the globe is a place to stay with your name on it. At least for a weekend."

The piece focuses on telling a good story and provides photographs of beautiful Airbnb locations. In a case study meant to highlight Zendesk's helpfulness, nothing could be more authentic than their decision to focus on Airbnb's service in such great detail.

Key Learnings from the Zendesk Case Study Example

24. " Biobot Customer Success Story: Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida ," by Biobot

Case study example from Biobot

Like some of the other top examples in this list, Biobot opens its case study with a quote from its client, which captures the value proposition of working with Biobot. It mentions the COVID pandemic and goes into detail about the challenges the client faced during this time.

This case study is structured more like a news article than a traditional case study. This format can work in more formal industries where decision-makers need to see in-depth information about the case. Be sure to test different methods and measure engagement .

Key Learnings from the Biobot Case Study Example

25. " Discovering Cost Savings With Efficient Decision Making ," by Gartner

Case study example from Gartner

You don't always need a ton of text or a video to convey your message — sometimes, you just need a few paragraphs and bullet points. Gartner does a fantastic job of quickly providing the fundamental statistics a potential customer would need to know, without boggling down their readers with dense paragraphs. The case study closes with a shaded box that summarizes the impact that Gartner had on its client. It includes a quote and a call-to-action to "Learn More."

Key Learnings from the Gartner Case Study Example

26. " Bringing an Operator to the Game ," by Redapt

Case study example from Redapt

This case study example by Redapt is another great demonstration of the power of summarizing your case study’s takeaways right at the start of the study. Redapt includes three easy-to-scan columns: "The problem," "the solution," and "the outcome." But its most notable feature is a section titled "Moment of clarity," which shows why this particular project was difficult or challenging.

The section is shaded in green, making it impossible to miss. Redapt does the same thing for each case study. In the same way, you should highlight the "turning point" for both you and your client when you were working toward a solution.

Key Learnings from the Redapt Case Study Example

27. " Virtual Call Center Sees 300% Boost In Contact Rate ," by Convoso

Case study example from Convoso

Convoso’s PDF case study for Digital Market Media immediately mentions the results that the client achieved and takes advantage of white space. On the second page, the case study presents more influential results. It’s colorful and engaging and closes with a spread that prompts readers to request a demo.

Key Learnings from the Convoso Case Study Example

28. " Ensuring quality of service during a pandemic ," by Ericsson

Case study example from Ericsson

Ericsson’s case study page for Orange Spain is an excellent example of using diverse written and visual media — such as videos, graphs, and quotes — to showcase the success a client experienced. Throughout the case study, Ericsson provides links to product and service pages users might find relevant as they’re reading the study.

For instance, under the heading "Preloaded with the power of automation," Ericsson mentions its Ericsson Operations Engine product, then links to that product page. It closes the case study with a link to another product page.

Key Learnings from the Ericsson Case Study Example

Start creating your case study.

Now that you've got a great list of examples of case studies, think about a topic you'd like to write about that highlights your company or work you did with a customer.

A customer’s success story is the most persuasive marketing material you could ever create. With a strong portfolio of case studies, you can ensure prospects know why they should give you their business.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in August 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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Showcase your company's success using these free case study templates.

10 Case Studies That Show the Real Impact of Content Marketing

, 10 Case Studies That Show the Real Impact of Content Marketing

[Tweet “As these content strategy case study examples show, even one campaign can yield powerful results when properly executed and promoted.”]

It’s hard to gauge just how effective content marketing can be for a brand or business. Fortunately, we can look at content marketing case studies to fully understand the process and its value.

In the following case studies, you’ll see real examples of the positive impact content marketing can have on a variety of businesses.

Let’s take a look at how strategic content marketing helps our clients secure coverage on top publications, improve brand awareness and SEO, and build authority in an industry.

As these content strategy case study examples show, even one campaign can yield powerful results when properly executed and promoted.

Most Instagrammed Locations

We focused on geographic appeal for our campaign The Most Instagrammed Locations in the United States and Canada . By pulling data from Instagram’s API, we identified the places where people take the most Instagram photos. We turned this data into a series of charts (broken down by the type of place and the actual location where the photo was taken) and shared some of the best Instagram photos in the story.

The Strategy

We know that both the popularity of Instagram and the geographic angle of the campaign would attract attention. Audiences and publishers would be interested in seeing the most popular location in their state. We used this to help our promotion process and pitched publishers by highlighting information related to their state.

The Results

As predicted, the campaign caught the attention of local publishers . The content received regional coverage from Boston.com, the Chicago Sun-Times, The Palm Beach Post, and the Houston Chronicle, and it was even featured on many local television channels. It resulted in close to 40,000 social shares , a 40 percent lift in organic U.S. traffic , and 300 stories with placements on Yahoo, AOL, Business Insider, Fast Company, NBC News, Pop Sugar, The Daily Mail, and Today.

Perceptions of Perfection

For the Perceptions of Perfection campaign, we sent a photo of a woman to 18 freelance designers located worldwide and asked them to “Photoshop and retouch this woman to make her more attractive to the citizens of your country.” We then created a visual asset that showcased the original image along with the versions from each country’s designer.

Photoshopping and body image are hot topics that generate interest. So we built our campaign around those topics and paired them with unique, original visuals that weren’t available anywhere else. The campaign was emotionally compelling and told a story about the standards of beauty from countries around the world, all of which helped the campaign gain mass attention.

By creating a powerful campaign and targeting publishers that would be likely to share the story with their readers, we created ideal content marketing results. The story was picked up by nearly 600 publishers, including BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post. It was mentioned by celebrities such as Sofia Vergara and Lil Wayne and received more than 900,000 social shares and more than 700,000 page views on our client’s site.

Marvel Origins

Our Mapping Marvel Origins campaign for Movoto featured an infographic that presented the background stories of comic fans’ favorite characters. The map infographic connected popular Marvel characters to their homelands by showing their birthplaces across the world.

Marvel-based movies are leading box offices, and comic conventions are more popular than ever; we wanted to capitalize on those trends. We created a graphic that was appealing to comic book fans while remaining true to the client’s core offering of regional real estate information.

By using a popular trend as the central focus of this campaign, the content was shared 9,000 times and featured in 365 stories, including placements on Yahoo, Mashable, MTV, Mental Floss, and Nerdist.  

Average Faces

For our Average Faces of Drug Abuse campaign, we exposed the dangers of drug use in a graphic way. We curated 100 mugshots for each of six drug- or alcohol-related arrests. We then averaged the faces to create one image that would collectively show the physical results of using alcohol or the specific drug.

The six images were featured in a photo series that also shared information, facts, and stats about the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

Knowing that visuals are far more likely to catch attention than text-only content, we focused on creating strong graphics for this campaign. The client wanted to gain authority in the drug treatment industry, so we used an emotionally stirring photo visualization paired with educational tidbits that would get more attention than a lengthy copy feature.

The campaign resonated with high-authority publishers who were eager to share the story. It was featured in over 250 stories and shared almost 9,000 times , which helped the brand get the exposure it wanted.

Twitter Reading Levels

We curated external data to create the core of our Twitter Reading Levels campaign. Using Twitter’s API, we looked at over 500,000 tweets to analyze Twitter reading levels based on geographic location . We published our findings in a report that featured interactive charts of each state’s average reading level based on the language residents used on Twitter.

Curiosity and pride are two high-arousal emotions that often incite social sharing. So we created content that would trigger curiosity (people would want to know how their state-ranked) and pride (people would want to share their state’s results). Plus, we knew content tied to a geographic area would catch the attention of regional publishers.

The campaign was featured in 250 stories , including coverage in regional publications like AccessAtlanta.com, Austin360.com, and MyFoxTwinCities.com. It was shared more than 14,000 times and drove 31,600 page views on the client’s site.

Wealthiest People

For The Wealthiest People in America , we created a static graphic that displayed the richest person in each state. The campaign also featured an interactive infographic that put the wealth into perspective – it showed the gap between the richest person in the state and the state’s average resident.

Data on the wealthiest person in each state were used in infographics published by other brands. But instead of creating just another representation of this dataset, we paired our graphic with an interactive element that showed the data in context. By showing how the richest person in each state compared with the average citizen, we added an emotional appeal that increased interest and helped propel the campaign.

The content received 140,000 social shares and led to 1.4 million page views on the client’s website. The story was picked up by 130 publishers, including Yahoo, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post.

Long-Term Content Marketing Case Studies

While one piece of content can create strong returns, publishing and promoting a series of content over time yields even greater results and a stronger foundation for lasting success.

Six Months: Fanatics

Fanatics, a sports e-commerce website, wanted to offer its audience more reasons to visit and engage with its brand. The client reached out to Fractl for help turning the site into an online destination for sports lovers by launching a blog, growing its audience, and attracting media coverage.

Fractl focused on helping the client achieve these goals over six months with the following strategies:

By publishing content related to both timely trends and stories with lasting value, we helped Fanatics become a web destination for sports lovers. The campaigns resulted in a 1,100 percent increase in organic search traffic and a 230 percent increase in the number of ranking keywords , and it led to features on popular sites like USA Today, MSN, Yahoo Sports, and The Score.

Six Months: Movoto

, 10 Case Studies That Show the Real Impact of Content Marketing

Real estate research and listing website Movoto wanted to improve its brand recognition, so the site teamed up with Fractl to drive traffic and earn links back to its on-site content.

To reach these goals, we created a strategy that focused on:

At the end of our engagement, Fractl helped Movoto establish a name, draw traffic and links back to the site, and build authority in the real estate industry. The campaigns resulted in more than 1.7 million social shares and over 1,700 publisher features on sites like MTV, Mashable, Yahoo, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, and more.

Nine Months: BuzzStream

, 10 Case Studies That Show the Real Impact of Content Marketing

When BuzzStream approached Fractl, it already had brand recognition within the industry but wanted to expand on past success and further establish itself as a leading authority in the SEO space.

We developed a plan that would position BuzzStream as a thought leader in its niche. The strategy focused on:

The partnership helped BuzzStream achieve the industry authority it was seeking. We published 19 research-driven campaigns that resulted in 320 featured stories and close to 66,000 social shares . The on-site content also helped improve website conversions as the client broke its record for new sign-ups.

Three Years: Recovery Brands

, 10 Case Studies That Show the Real Impact of Content Marketing

When Recovery Brands teamed up with us, it was relatively new in the industry. The alcohol and drug treatment resource website was entering a highly competitive space and was looking to boost traffic, authority, and visibility on social media.

We were on a mission to give the client the results it wanted with the following strategies:

Our approach to building authority for Recovery Brands worked. Our series of campaigns increased its organic traffic by 1,100 percent in one year and lead to more than 4 million page views . The campaigns attracted more than 12,500 featured stories and 1.2 million social shares .

Next Steps for Your Content Creation Strategy

These 10 content strategy case studies show how quality content creation and effective promotion tactics can create powerful results. 

Are you ready to use content marketing to bring your brand to new heights? Let’s talk .

See how we can impact your bottom line.

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