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How to Write a Good Article

The first question to ask yourself in writing any communication is: Who is my audience? Really take a moment to put yourself in the place of the person who is going to read what you write. What does s/he care about? What does s/he want to know? How much time is s/he likely to devote to reading this article?   The value of asking yourself these questions goes beyond the obvious. It’s how you begin shifting your focus from the me who is writing to the readership your writing will serve. Most inexperienced writers suffer from self-consciousness, which mars their writing and makes them miserable. So getting me out of the way at the outset is one of the best things you can do for your article.   In the case of VIN articles, your readership will be quite diverse. It will include veterans of the non-profit sector, government agents, idealistic young volunteers, and people just like yourself. Therefore, your article should be substantial and informative, but at the same time entertaining and readable. This may seem like an impossible task, but there are some road-tested techniques for accomplishing it. Read on.

What Do You Want to Say?

  Before you start writing, make a list of the points you want to get across. Some writers find it helpful to make an outline of the material they intend to cover, and if you’re among them then by all means go for it. But by simply listing the main points, you can track your content and check that you’ve covered the necessary ground.   Keep in mind when making your list that your readers don’t need to know every detail of your VIN work. They will soon lose interest if you try to cover it all. What they want to know is the following:

  Once you’ve made your list, arrange the points into a logical sequence. This will help you with your transitions, of which more later.

Tell Us a Story

  Everyone loves a good human story, and VIN has many to tell. Whatever your role in the organisation, you will have encountered people whose lives are being directly affected by VIN’s volunteer projects and programs . The father whose diabetes is now under control, thanks to the Jitpur Health Post; the grandmother whose new sanitary toilet means she need no longer deal with buckets of her family’s excrement; the mother who parlayed a microcredit loan into a lucrative business; the college student whose training in her high school children’s club is helping her handle her business management classes.   Wherever possible, start your article with a story. Keep it brief and concise: tell just enough of it to give your reader a sense of the personality involved and to prepare the way for the information to follow. Your story is not the point of your article—it’s a device to seduce your reader into the substance of what you want her to know. So if your article is about toilet construction, for example, begin by introducing the grandmother, giving a brief description of her and her world, and explaining in a single sentence the difference between her previous experience and her current one. Then make the point that she isn’t alone—VIN has built 150 new sanitary toilets in her village (for example). From there, you can get into the story you want to tell.   The story you start with could also be that of a volunteer working in a program—perhaps even yourself. This is a particularly good way to begin an article aimed primarily at prospective volunteers; but if it’s interesting enough, it can work as well as any other story to draw in the entire spectrum of your readers.

Keep It Crisp

  You may be bursting with enthusiasm about some detail of your program—and if you can convey your enthusiasm in a way that communicates useful information, it can help you make important points. But again, always remember that you’re writing for the reader, not for yourself. Do your best to assess frankly what will interest that person, and practise letting go of personal interests that don’t ultimately add value to your article.   Refer to the list of points you made before starting your article. As you spin each one into a sentence or paragraph, look for the most concise possible way to convey that information. Use as few words as you can.   Two ways to cut your word count are to (a) avoid using the passive case, and (b) keep a tight rein on adjectives and adverbs. a) Use active sentences; avoid passive constructions.   Passive sentences look like this:

  Active sentences look like this:

  Passive constructions use too many words and are tedious to read. When you proofread your article, be on the lookout for them and change them to the active case.   B) Discipline your adjectives and adverbs.   Too many writers rely on adjectives and adverbs to convey a sense of what it was like to be there. But these devices are like spice: a little makes the meal delicious, but too much ruins it. Here are some examples of undisciplined adjective/adverb use:

  The alternative to adjective/adverb overload is to choose the right verbs instead.

  When proofreading, it can be helpful to circle all your verbs and ask yourself whether you can find better choices. A “better choice” is one that lets you dispense with unnecessary adjectives and adverbs.

Use Transitions

  Your reader wants to be led smoothly through your article. When your writing leaps from one thought to another without making an adequate connection, it can jar her into setting the article aside.   Go back to the list of main points you made before you began writing. The points should follow one another so that the overall effect is one of telling a story—in this case, the larger story your article wants to tell.   Although the information you’re presenting may feel sequential to you, it might not to your reader. Remember that s/he hasn’t been there; you have to take her there. To check your transitions, read the last sentence of each paragraph and the first sentence of the following one out loud, as though there was no break between them. Does the information flow? If not, consider:   a)      adding a sentence at either the end of the first paragraph or the beginning of the second, or b)      reorganising your paragraphs into a smoother sequence.   If you run into a break in the natural sequence of your article, mark it with a subheading. Make the subheading brief and descriptive (see those in this article for examples).

Calls to Action

  Some articles are purely descriptive or informational. Others are motivational: they ask readers to volunteer, give money or other resources, spread word of VIN’s activities, etc. In the world of ad copywriting, this is known as the “call to action”.   Don’t make the mistake of pushing your call to action too hard. Place it at or near the end of your article, in the form of a suggestion rather than of a demand or even a request. Ask yourself what benefit the reader might derive from following this suggestion, and present it from that angle. By responding to any of the calls to action listed in the previous paragraph, for example, your reader can become part of a global family of VIN supporters; s/he can contribute to real quality-of-life improvements for women/children/rural folk; or perhaps her support of an educational initiative can make a substantive difference in a child’s life. People do want to contribute, but your reader wants to know that her contribution will count. It’s your job to show her that it does.

Concluding Your Article

  Whether or not you conclude your article with a call to action, you need to close the piece with something that will leave your reader feeling good about having read it. This needn’t be anything glorious; simply ending on an upbeat note will do the job.   As you go over your points, ask yourself what good news arises naturally from the information you’re conveying. It could be something general, such as the fact that the people of Jitpur are living healthier and more satisfying lives with every project VIN introduces. Or it could be something more specific to the topic of your article—the fact that women all over Jitpur have become successful businesswomen—or an uplifting statistic, such as the number of new businesses funded by the Jitpurphedi Cooperative micro lending program.   Finally, it’s best to make your closing statement open ended: that is, have it look to the future. Leave your reader with a sense that the accomplishments you’ve described are driving continued success.

Before You Turn It In

  You’ve seen several references in this article to “proofreading”. This is an absolutely crucial part of writing any piece; don’t neglect it.   Once you finish your article, run a spell check . Some writers think this step is beneath them, but true professionals consider it indispensable. The mispelled words and typos you’ve missed over multiple readings will surprise you.   Next, read your article out loud. This is an amazingly efficient technique for detecting technical errors—but most of all, for assessing how your article flows. Too many people use different language to write than they do to speak, making for awkward writing. Your article should sound conversational, as though you were telling someone your story over a cup of tea. Overly long sentences, formal constructions and clumsily expressed ideas are easily overlooked when you’re silently reading your work, but hard to miss when you’re speaking it. And a word to the wise: $50 words that you would never normally use in conversation don’t make you sound intelligent; they make you sound pompous. Change them to something simpler. On the other hand, don’t be too proud to look up words you aren’t completely sure of. Both you and your reader will benefit from the corrections you make to spellings and meanings.   Don’t stop to fix problems you run across as you read: just mark them on the fly, and come back to them after you finish reading. Once you make your revisions, read the article out loud again. Then, when you feel that you’ve given it your very best shot, submit your piece to your editor.   S/he will thank you for having taken this guide to heart.   By Jennifer Woodhull Volunteer for Buddhist monastery program May-June, 2014

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Your Experience/Setting

On arrival you will be greeted at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and transported to your hotel / hostel (alternative arrangements can be made for those already in Nepal prior to the start of their placement). You will then receive a comprehensive a two to three-day induction, during that time you will be provided with information about your particular project as well as general information, including basic Nepalese language and culture, health and safety. This is also a good time to mix with other volunteers or interns who may be great sight-seeing companions and a source of support during your volunteer placement.

During the induction you will be accommodated in a budget hotel or hostel at VIN. However, a large part of the VIN experience comes from the immersion of a

home stay with a Nepalese host family. While this is an essential part of the experience we also recognize that it can be a challenging one, becoming part of a new culture and becoming accustomed to facilities that will be more basic than those you are used to. However, all our host families are experienced in accommodating volunteers – although their ability to speak English will vary – and you will have 24 hours’ access to contact and support from our staff members during your placement.

Volunteers will be placed in one of VIN’s working areas namely Tarakeshor Municipality of Kathmandu, Taluwa, Thulachhap and Bhadaure of Okhaldhunga, and Okharpouwa, Kaule of Nuwakot district. While at the working site the volunteers are requested to bring their own lunch, water bottle, safety gears, face mask and other essential belongings. As a volunteer you are advised to be in a comfortable and modest attire with preferably long sleeves. If you wish to raise project funds or collect project specific resources, you may contact us.

What VIN offers you in return?

What is excluded? Airfare, VISA ( ), vaccinations, travel & medical insurance, return airport transfer, personal travel and weekend activities expenses etc.

Schedule and Commitment

You will work five to six days a week, up to six hours per day. You may propose your preferred time and hours; however, the working time period will be dependent on the institution you have been placed. A minimum of 2 weeks’ time commitment is expected of a volunteer. The longer you commit, the better impact you can make. You should be willing to commit a certain amount of your free time and energy, show a lot of commitment and be a good listener. You are expected to work constructively and co-operatively maintaining good reputation and standards at all times. Volunteer should abide by relevant security concerns and access procedures. Moreover, you should be receptive and positive to performance appraisal, advice and feedback. Throughout your placement you will have the full support of VIN. Your safety is our highest priority.

Mentoring and Support System

You will receive a clear and concise on-the-job instructions, course of action, context of work and policies/strategies before your placement begins. You will be

provided with ample of guidance and support throughout the placement with trainings / onboarding sessions incase necessary. You will be in a constant communication and regular check-in with the VIN volunteer coordinator. VIN aims to maintain a culture of continuous feedback between the volunteer supervisor at the placement to monitor the performance of the volunteer and ensure the project delivers desired outcomes.

In case of an emergency, you may contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators who will be available anytime for your assistance and support.

Time and Fees

Mid and long term volunteers:.

University Internships:


Desirable/ Common Skills  

Wiki Languages

Article in Nepali

Do you know Article in Nepali? How to use Article in Nepali and how to say Article in Nepali? How to write Article in Nepali ? Now let's learn how to say Article in Nepali language.

Article translate to Nepali meanings: लेख . In other words, लेख in Nepali is Article in English. Click to pronunce

Learning Nepali

Learning All Languages

How to use Article in Nepali?

How to say article in nepali, how to write in nepali, alphabet in nepali, about nepali language, nepali language code, conclusion on article in nepali.

Meaning of Article in Nepali language is: लेख .

Why we should learn Nepali language?

There are many, many reasons why learning a new language is a good idea. It allows you to communicate with new people. It helps you to see things from a different perspective, or get a deeper understanding of another culture. It helps you to become a better listener. It even has health benefits, as studies have shown that people who speak two or more languages have more active minds later in life!

7 reasons to learn a Nepali language

The standard way to write "Article" in Nepali is: लेख

Alphabet in Nepali

See more about Nepali language in here .

Nepali (English: /nɪˈpɔːli/; Devanagari: नेपाली, [ˈnepali]) is an Indo-Aryan language of the sub-branch of Eastern Pahari. It is the official language of Nepal and one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. Also known by the endonym Khas kura (Devanagari: खस कुरा), the language is also called Gorkhali or Parbatiya in some contexts. It is spoken mainly in Nepal and by about a quarter of the population in Bhutan. In India, Nepali has official status in the state of Sikkim and in the Darjeeling District and Kalimpong district of West Bengal. It has a significant number of speakers in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Uttarakhand. It is also spoken in Myanmar and by the Nepali diaspora worldwide. Nepali developed in proximity to a number of Indo-Aryan languages, most notably the other Pahari languages and Maithili and shows Sanskrit influence. However, owing to Nepal's location, it has also been influenced by Tibeto-Burman languages. Nepali is mainly differentiated from Central Pahari, both in grammar and vocabulary, by Tibeto-Burman idioms owing to close contact with this language group..

Writing system in Nepali

Devanagari, Devanagari Braille

Nepali Speaking Countries and Territories

Nepali Speaking Countries and Territories: Nepal, India.

Nepali speaking countries and territories

Nepali native speakers

Nepali native speakers: 16 million (2011 census), 9 million L2 speakers (2011 census).

Nepali language code is: ne.

Now that you have learned and understood the common ways of saying Article in Nepali is "लेख", it's time to learn how to say Article in Nepali. This will hopefully give you a little motivation to study Nepali today.

लेख in Nepali meanings Article in English .

All Dictionary for you

English Nepali Dictionary Nepali

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Hello sir, I am a student of SEE level studying at Nepal police school , Dharan. My passion is to write story poem essay and various texts .Strictly speaking this is the first time I am going to write for someone if u give me the chance to make my writing career. I will be waiting for ur response sir for this irreparable opportunity. Thank u very much and wish for everyone’s goodness forever .

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Hi it’s me sareeta , although I studied in government college I loved writing poems and prose I wanna publish it so I can make myself more confident in this field to hold it as my carrier .I felt glad if you help me .

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6 Websites Where You Can Write Articles For Free In Nepal

This post is for those of you who want to write articles but do not have a blog. Some of you might not know how to set up a website but you just want a platform to write and share your thoughts.

In our previous articles, we have discussed how you can start a website and start blogging in Nepal . But you might not have the time or interest in starting your own blog.

We get it. Not everyone is good with the “techy” stuff. Setting up a blog requires you to learn some basic tech skills.

Don’t worry. There are many websites where you can sign up, write articles, and share them. You can do it all for free.

A Writer’s Job Is To Write

Before we share the free websites, you need to understand why you should write on these free websites.

If you are a writer, your job is to write . It is not to make a website or work on designs. Most bloggers in Nepal say that they want to write articles but they do not know how to start a blog.

If you want to write, you do not need a blog. You just need a platform where you can write.

article writing in nepali

Social media is one of those platforms. You can write a post on Facebook for free and share your thoughts with the world.

Twitter allows you to do the same (but it is limited to only 280 characters). Linkedin allows you to write and publish unlimited articles.

You can write on Instagram as well (in your post captions), although it is a visual platform.

Again, you do not need a blog if you want to write.

The Benefits of Writing And Sharing For Free

Why write articles on these free websites? There are several reasons. New bloggers, listen carefully.

You will learn how to write articles. If you have not written an article before, writing on a free website is a perfect way to learn.

# Saving Money

You will save money. Starting your own blog requires you to pay for a domain name and web hosting. On these free platforms, you can write unlimited articles and share them with the world.

# Building a Network

You can build a network. If you are actively publishing articles on different platforms, people on those platforms are going to notice your work. You will be able to build a strong network from this.

But if you start your own blog, it can be difficult for people to notice you from the start. These websites also have a lot of traffic , which will be good in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

6 Websites To Write Articles For Free In Nepal

Below are the 6 websites where you can write articles for free in Nepal. You can write on any (or all) of these websites and share your work with others online.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social networking site. Unlike other social networking services, LinkedIn is rather a business and employment-oriented service.

Employers can post jobs and recruit employees. And, employees can find jobs and apply for them. Users can also create and post their CVs on LinkedIn.

article writing in nepali

Writing articles on LinkedIn is very easy. You can post pictures, status, and links, just like other social networking sites. But, LinkedIn provides a separate section to post articles.

To start writing articles on LinkedIn, first, you need to sign up and create your profile. Then, you will see a “Write Article” section in your profile.

Click on the “Write Article” button and it will redirect you to a post editor. This is where you write your article. You can add images, links, videos, and embed codes to your article.

Once you are done with writing the article, click on “Publish” and voila , you can share it with your LinkedIn network and anyone you prefer.

Medium is one of the most popular online publishing platforms used by millions of readers and writers all around the world.

With its recent update, you can create your own blog on Medium—along with the personal URL of your blog. Medium also allows users to create publications of their own. It means that if you have a business or a company, you can write content for it in Medium.

article writing in nepali

Writing articles on Medium is similar to that on LinkedIn. You need to sign up and create an account. Once you are logged in, click on your profile and select “Write a story”.

On Medium, articles are called stories .

Then you will see a post editor where you can start writing your article. Publish and share it after you are done writing.

Medium also allows you to follow other writers so that you can read their work. However, you need to sign up for a paid-version to read other writers’ work on Medium.

But you do not need to pay to write. You can write as many stories as you like and share them with others.

Medium also pays writers based on the number of claps ( which is similar to “likes” on other social platforms). Unfortunately, the Medium Partner Program is not available in Nepal.

3. TheBloggersClub

The Bloggers Club is a Nepali platform where writers can write and share articles for free. You can also follow and read the work of other bloggers of Nepal.

the bloggers club nepal

It is just like Medium. You need to create an account, go to “New Article” and start writing. Other users can view it, appreciate it ( similar to “likes”) , and share it.

The benefit of writing on Bloggers Club is that it also pays the writers. Based on your article views, they give you points. When you collect enough points, they will pay you accordingly. Later, you can withdraw your money and transfer it to your account.

You need a minimum of Rs. 500 to make the withdrawal.

4. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. You can start a free blog on WordPress. To do so, go to ( not , create an account, and create your blogging site.

article writing in nepali

The free WordPress platform is a good way to learn how WordPress works. Later, when you start your own blog with this platform, it will be easier for you to use it.

You will have the idea of themes, plugins, posts, and pages. WordPress also pays you to write on its platform. But you need to upgrade to be eligible to earn money.

WordPress is not only useful to write articles but also to work with content management systems (CMS).

An alternative to WordPress is Blogger.

Blogger is another popular blogging platform. It is owned by Google. To start a blog in blogger, all you need is a Google account.

article writing in nepali

There are many bloggers who are using as a platform for their blogs. They are also making money from this platform.

Blogger is also a content management system. You can not only write articles but work with designs and other tools. It helps you to build an entire website for your blog, just like WordPress.

Along with writing articles, if you are also interested in learning how to build a website, you need to sign up for Blogger or WordPress.

Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform. It is not the first place you should go to write articles.

But wait…

Quora can help you get a lot of traffic to your blog. You can get a lot of exposure using Quora.

article writing in nepali

How to write articles on Quora?

There are two ways to do so. The first is to search for any relevant topic that you want to write about. You will find many questions that people have been asking about. Write a post as an answer to their questions. But make sure that your answer is genuine. Later, you can turn that answer into a blog post on other platforms.

Second, you can create quora spaces . These are like communities where readers/writers with similar interests hang out. You can follow relevant spaces on quora and share your articles there.

Which Platform To Choose?

Yes. Write everywhere. Don’t limit yourself to a single platform. Share your work in as many places as you can. There are many benefits of doing so.

You can re-sharing your work on LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, and the Bloggers Club. Doing so will give you more exposure.

But if you are want to work on a CMS platform, choose WordPress and Blogger. ( In the case of a CMS platform, it is better to choose one of them rather than both. You can switch later if you want.)

When To Start A Professional Blog?

In this article, we have shared the benefits of writing for free. But when should you start a professional blog?

Once you are familiar with the writing process and you know how to work with CMS (like WordPress and Blogger), you can start a personal blog.

But, like we said, if you just want to write, you do not need a blog. A blog is necessary when you want more exposure to your work. That can be done through WordPress and Blogger platforms as well.

If your interest is to write, just do it. The fact that you do not know how to build a website should not stop you from writing.

The six websites we mentioned in this article are only a few among many.

Once you have created enough content on these free platforms, it will be easier for you to start a blog. You can simply put the articles on your blog. Then, you will have a nice portfolio of work.

The main purpose of this article was to inspire the bloggers and writers of Nepal to write more. It is not necessary to have a personal blog to write articles. Not everyone will know how to build a website for a blog.

If you are one of those writers, do not stop yourself from writing. With these six platforms, you can write and share your work for free. You can also explore other platforms like Wix and Weebly.

Use Medium, LinkedIn, Bloggers Club, and Quora to write. Learn how to build a website with WordPress or Blogger.

Later, combine the two and you will be ready to start your own blog.

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article writing in nepali

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